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And Then There Was One

Lake County is on the Right Track… Almost.

Have you noticed how calm and quiet Lake County government has become since the November election?  Gone are Commissioners Jimmy Conner and Welton Cadwell.  Gone are the name calling, bullying, and consternation.  Gone are the intimidation and backroom deals.

Have you also noticed the ugly, manufactured issues from the Conner campaign are gone?  Lake County has not become a huge sand mine or been overrun by developments.  The environment is not dying and there is still plenty of drinking water.  Everything that was said during that campaign in an effort to keep Conner and Cadwell in office was a scare tactic.

For the first time in a couple of decades, the Lake County Board of County Commissioners has grown-ups in charge.  This calm, even-keeled environment is very refreshing.  New Commissioners Josh Blake and Wendy Breeden are serious people who are really trying to do the best for Lake County and not themselves.  Commissioners Tim Sullivan and Leslie Campione were the wall of reason between the absurdity of Conner and Cadwell for the last six years.  We are sure they appreciate more than anyone to have grown-ups join them on the Lake County Commission.

Then there is Commissioner Sean Parks—the Commissioner who shifts with the political wind, whenever it benefits him.  Commissioner Parks is the reason why Lake County has some of the highest impact fees in the state and probably the worst Comprehensive Land Plan.  He has been an active player in every bad decision made in the last six years. Most of Commissioner Parks’ constituents have something in common—he tells them one thing in private and then he says something totally opposite in public.  We guess Parks hasn’t figured out that saying one thing in private then taking a public position that is totally opposite by most standards is a lie, or a least a double-crossing.

Commissioner Parks’ votes and his record of dishonest private versus public positions make him very vulnerable in the 2018 election.  No one thought Conner and Cadwell would be voted out.  However, it appears Lake County voters got tired of the bull.  A lot of business people have become weary of Parks’ ever-changing positions and values.  If Parks has any hope in retaining his commission seat, he may want to look at the other four commissioners as examples of straight talk and integrity.  There is little doubt—Parks has a lot to defend and explain to the voters in 2018..

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March 22, 2017 at 11:46 am

Larry Metz Needs to Represent Lake County

Larry Metz Needs to Represent Lake County

Metz Continues to Make One Bad Decision after Another

When Representative Larry Metz was on the Lake County School Board, he joined Jimmy Conner and other big spending School Board Members to crush the Lake County School District with over $600 million in debt.  Most of the district’s money woes of today and the consternation created by that board still permeates.  Metz was a disaster as a School Board Member.

While in the Florida House, his primary focus was on national and state issues to get attention and when he focused on local issues his decisions were costly.  He led the opposition to the North Lake County Hospital District property tax based on a small group of naysayers and his efforts were soundly defeated in last November’s election.  Yet, he continues to meddle in a matter that the people have spoken on.

Now, he is pushing an effort to undo economic development funding in Florida and defund the state’s tourism department.  His little band in the House calls it corporate welfare despite voting to fund these agencies in the past.

Someone please tell Representative Metz that tourism and economic development is a big deal in the state of Florida and a lot of jobs depend on tourism.  In fact, Lake County’s burgeoning tourism industry is finally seeing some real growth and Metz’s efforts will sledgehammer funding from the state.

You know, it is about time Larry Metz represents the people of Lake County instead of his handful of special interests.

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