March 30, 2016 at 4:00 pm

The Lake County Chainsaw Massacre


March 22, 2016 at 7:49 am



Jimmy Conner is an Embarrassment to Lake County

At a recent campaign forum hosted by the North Lake Tea Party, Lake County District 3 County Commissioner Jimmy Conner had 90 seconds to introduce his campaign to the group. It is confounding the number of lies and bizarre statements Jimmy Conner managed to say within that 90-second segment. He started off his 90 seconds of lies by holding up a toy chainsaw as a childish prop and then:

  • Conner told everyone how great he is – weird;
  • Conner tried to portray himself as a fiscal conservative when he actually has a liberal tax and spend record – a big lie;
  • Conner told three out-right lies about property taxes;
  • Conner lied about the Sheriff cutting his budget 3 years in a row, a deception he used to try to gain favor from those who support the Sheriff;
  • Conner said Commissioner Cadwell wanted to close a library because he couldn’t read but then said he loved him – strange; and
  • Conner ended by telling a bad joke against Donald Trump about a Cruz missile; an obviously poor attempt to hoodwink the Tea Party to gain their favor.

This video is 90 seconds of proof that Jimmy Conner is nothing but a political hack.

The three out-right lies Jimmy Conner told about property taxes deals with tax rates, taxable values and where to find the information.

  1. The Lake County property tax millage rate in 2008 was 6.0469 and it is 6.8941 in the current 2015-2016. That is a 14.0% increase in property taxes since Jimmy Conner was elected commissioner. Click here to see millage rate charts from the Lake County Property Appraiser’s office.
  2. Property tax values in 2008 were $22.4 Billion and 2016 property tax values are $16.3 Billion. Since Jimmy Conner became Commissioner, the average value of your property declined 28.2%. If some folks have lower taxes, it is because their property is not worth as much as before. You can blame Conner’s failed tax and spend policies for that.
  3. Conner told the North Lake Tea Party they could see how much he saved them on taxes by going to That is a lie. is the Lake County Tax Collector’s website and there is no such comparison to 2008 on that website. He just used the Tax Collector’s website to blow smoke.

In regards to the Sheriff’s budget, Conner told a whopper when he said the Sheriff cut his budget the last three years. The Lake County Budget that Conner just approved says something totally different. The issue isn’t whether the Sheriff’s Department needed the increased budgets; it’s that Commissioner Jimmy Conner blatantly lied to gain favor with the voters.

  1. The total expenditures for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office in 2013 was $56.1 million, it was revised in 2014 to $57.3 million, and the approved budget for 2015-2016 is $62.1 million. The Sheriff’s budget has increased a total of 10.6% within the last three years. The following link, at page F – 179, will show the actual Sheriff’s budget in the overall Lake County Budget (click here).
  2. In the last three years, the Sheriff added 11 new full-time personnel and the current projected staff for the year is 726.
  3. In 2014 and 2015 Sheriff Borders proposed increasing his budget primarily to fund pay increases for personnel.

This 90-second video proves Jimmy Conner will say or do anything to get elected. He is a bizarre person who has no respect for the truth. He simply cannot be trusted.

The citizens of Lake County might just want to call Jimmy Conner and ask him, “Why are you lying about cutting taxes?” You can contact or text Jimmy Conner on his private cell phone at 352-874-7892 or you can use his backdoor private email, This email is where he does most of his county business so he can hide from the public record.

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