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The United Bureaucracy of Lake County

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The United Bureaucracy of Lake County

Commissioners Vote to Strengthen The Establishment

The Lake County Board of County Commissioners continue to cede authority to the ousted commissioners by voting 5-0 to hire Jeff Cole as the new County Manager.  Sources close to the Lake County Commission said the actual vote would have been 3-2 if not for a push for a unity vote by the Commission Chairman.  So much for commissioners standing on principles.  This is what the old commission did, so not much has changed.

Our opposition to Jeff Cole is well placed, considering how bureaucratic Lake County government has become over the last 15 years coupled with his background while serving on the St. Johns River Water Management District.  The SJRWMD was considered by most in business and economic development as one of the largest job and business killer in the state of Florida.  Jeff Cole was Chief of Staff at the SJRWMD, and after Governor Rick Scott was re-elected in 2014, Cole was given an opportunity to resign or be fired.  Gov. Scott’s priority was getting Florida back to work, not protect the bureaucracy like they do in Lake County.

Lake County is considered to be one of the most over-regulated and highest fee-laden counties in Florida.  Lake County also has a reputation of being anti-business.  So what does the Lake County Commission do?  They hire a new County Manager whose experience is running a bureaucracy that mastered in killing jobs and business.  Plus, as a bonus, they keep the influence of former commissioners around.

We are a very conservative blog and it chaps us when Republicans who claim to be conservatives with big ideas in elections turn out to be bureaucrats who don’t have the will to stand up against The Establishment and bureaucracy.  In fact, they become part of it.  Have you ever seen a group of grown people who are so scared to change the status quo?  At least have the gumption to vote your conscience and not fall prey to some outdated notion of unity.

I hope we are wrong about Jeff Cole.  However, our prediction is there will be more regulations, more fees, and fewer businesses calling Lake County home.

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One Response to “The United Bureaucracy of Lake County”

  1. Proposed 134% property tax increase….The commission is voting to approve a new fire tax on vacant lots that will increase my tax bill 134%. This is criminal. My $37 tax bill will balloon to $87. Multiply that times 20 vacant lots. A thousand dollars to be assessed annually to protect dirt and the weeds that will grow on it. Criminal. Outrageous. And the balls to do it right before an election.

    How’s that for an in your face ‘SCREW YOU’ from the commission and staff.

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