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And Then There Was One

Lake County is on the Right Track… Almost.

Have you noticed how calm and quiet Lake County government has become since the November election?  Gone are Commissioners Jimmy Conner and Welton Cadwell.  Gone are the name calling, bullying, and consternation.  Gone are the intimidation and backroom deals.

Have you also noticed the ugly, manufactured issues from the Conner campaign are gone?  Lake County has not become a huge sand mine or been overrun by developments.  The environment is not dying and there is still plenty of drinking water.  Everything that was said during that campaign in an effort to keep Conner and Cadwell in office was a scare tactic.

For the first time in a couple of decades, the Lake County Board of County Commissioners has grown-ups in charge.  This calm, even-keeled environment is very refreshing.  New Commissioners Josh Blake and Wendy Breeden are serious people who are really trying to do the best for Lake County and not themselves.  Commissioners Tim Sullivan and Leslie Campione were the wall of reason between the absurdity of Conner and Cadwell for the last six years.  We are sure they appreciate more than anyone to have grown-ups join them on the Lake County Commission.

Then there is Commissioner Sean Parks—the Commissioner who shifts with the political wind, whenever it benefits him.  Commissioner Parks is the reason why Lake County has some of the highest impact fees in the state and probably the worst Comprehensive Land Plan.  He has been an active player in every bad decision made in the last six years. Most of Commissioner Parks’ constituents have something in common—he tells them one thing in private and then he says something totally opposite in public.  We guess Parks hasn’t figured out that saying one thing in private then taking a public position that is totally opposite by most standards is a lie, or a least a double-crossing.

Commissioner Parks’ votes and his record of dishonest private versus public positions make him very vulnerable in the 2018 election.  No one thought Conner and Cadwell would be voted out.  However, it appears Lake County voters got tired of the bull.  A lot of business people have become weary of Parks’ ever-changing positions and values.  If Parks has any hope in retaining his commission seat, he may want to look at the other four commissioners as examples of straight talk and integrity.  There is little doubt—Parks has a lot to defend and explain to the voters in 2018..

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4 Responses to “AND THEN THERE WAS ONE”

  1. Name says:

    First point: Based upon the previous comments, this little blog certainly attracts the whack-jobs. Point two: The Board of County Commisioners is, and has been, wall-to-wall Republican. Could that be the problem?

  2. When I really got to looking into all this crazy stuff and how it seems certain people just float up above everyone else I found a lot of stuff about something called the Montauk Boys.

    Anyone who really cares about why our nation seems to be so divided all the way from home to Washington and how even the so called two parties don’t stick together anymore should research this. It seems many of these so called officials are created from birth to service the sheeple.

  3. What was Operation Paperclip

    Operation Paperclip was the secretive United States Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency program in which more than 1,600 German scientists, engineers, and technicians, including Wernher von Braun’s rocket team, were recruited and brought to the United States for government employment from post-Nazi Germany.

    Why did the Nazis idolize blonde hair and blue eyes when the Nazi leaders were nothing like that?

    Jan 24, 2015 – Lawrence Horner, M.A. in History in South Carolina

    Most of them including Hitler had brown hair, Himmler was short and wore glasses, Goering was fat. Only Heydrich was actually blond and blue-eyed.
    Let’s not forget Dr. Goebbels, who was scrawny, had dark hair, and a club foot.

    As for the Nazi Party’s fixation on purported Aryan features, such as blonde hair and blue eyes, you have to understand that the Nazis did not develop their racial theories from scratch. A lot of their ideas on the supposed superior physical traits of the Aryan or Nordic type, as well as the inferiority of the non-white and Slavic peoples, came from the so-called racialist thinkers and social Darwinists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, including the prominent British philosopher Houston Stewart Chamberlain (1855-1927). So, in effect, Nazi standards of beauty and superior racial traits were based on ideas that were not original to themselves. And, as with many kinds of pseudoscience, there were a number of inconsistencies that presented themselves in reality. As the original questioner points out, many of the top tier of Nazi leaders failed to demonstrate strong Aryan features in their own physical makeup. Some of them, such as Hans Frank and Alfred Rosenberg, even had Jewish sounding names. And the one member of the Nazi hierarchy the original questioner cites as having blonde hair and blue eyes – Reinhard Heydrich – was strongly suspected of having Jewish ancestry in his family tree.

  4. For the chameleon Sean Parks who lied and deceived so many people to achieve status for his handler’s – the archives are full of his deceit – just like his minions Conner, Borders, Cadwell and so many more.

    Parks promised many of us, who worked to help get him elected, he would work to bring about change in the county commission. Like Obama, his change is something this county DOESN’T need or did it even change except for the worse. at all. As you can see in this email, this former abused employee is not the only one who has been put through hell by our county government.

    Sent: 12/5/2012 9:49:58 A.M. US Eastern Standard Time
    Subj: Surprise!

    Commissioner Parks – I would bet you are surprised to hear from me again I can’t hold back anymore. Did you shake Jim Condon’s hand after he was forced to retire from the torture that Kristian and Richard LeBlanc did to him? Fortunately he recuperated from when he collapsed due to the constant pressure and harassment he received on a daily basis. You cannot find anyone more loyal than him. Yet another victim. All those promises and no action. Both him and Sam both collapsed and yet they continued to torture them because no one has the courage to stop them.

    You remember Sam don’t you? I told you about him. Another person who was tortured is now off all his medications now that he doesn’t have to endure the “more like of battery (his words)” on a daily basis. Just another one of so many that have been forced out due to the constant mismanagement and controlling issues from Jim Appoloney under the order of Kristian Swenson. They almost killed him. All those promises no action.

    All the others left not because they wanted to, it was because they had to. All those promises to have everything fixed were false. Kristian, Sandy, and Susan Irby are all running the show and you all look like fools as Commissioners. For shame!

    Erin Showe walked out “Too nice to the Employees” – the executioners Susan Irby (of course) and Dave Merrill. She told me personally before she left. Shame on all of you. She was the only asset left in Employee “Services” because she treated people as they should be treated – that’s why she had to go.

    Then there is me. The pain I was experiencing in my back caused me to have the surgery. I might have been able to get through it but the stress was constant as you know.. I also broke TWO bridges in my mouth from grinding my teeth which is pretty much impossible from the stress. When I returned after the surgery they put me in the corner – my back against everyone and then there was Todd – trying to go for a nervous breakdown but I had to walk out because my health was so bad. I am now PERMANTELY disabled. I should have left earlier – the constant stress caused my health to fail. The muscle tension in my back destroyed my back forever. I was told I would be in a wheel chair in two years if I continued to work there. I hung on all those times you told me to. All those promises for the jobs I never received. It all kept me there and now I am have chronic pain FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. It took me a full year to get over the torture, so many tears, so much anger. I know you probably know about the EEOC claim. It is all I can do for now. I really hope justice is served but I know it will not. I will go as far as I have to to get justice. I hope you learned from this. Your false sense of hope and promises destroyed so many,

    I have all the emails telling you and others how terrified I was. That includes everyone. I even sent a message to Leslie and she didn’t respond on facebook. That was probably my biggest disappointment as I idolized her. “Terrified” is a strong word and some sort of action should have been taken to protect ME. Nobody cared. Even my husband went there and was laughed at. Mr. Heath made all these promises to my husbands face. He told him how it was affecting my health They had Sandy call and just laughed about it. County Manager is a perfect position for him! Seems he already got the “memo” on how to treat people. He is just perfect for the County Manager position! I’m sure Sandy is very happy!

    I find it unbelievable and disgusting that Kristian Swenson would get a raise, when he has done so much damage to people and their lives. Again, I believe Sandy still runs the show and until the Commissioners have the courage to fight the favoritism and vindictiveness (that most are aware of) that goes on with this man and the rest of his cronies, the County will continued to have low morale and people being let go without good reason.

    My buddy Todd in Budget as you know. He was tortured out. I will just leave it at that.
    This email is about ME. It makes ME feel better. You made so many promises. I campaigned for you. I told everyone to vote for you. I believed in you. I hung on every word. You taught me not to trust. You taught me that government is evil and it’s okay. For this, you should be asking God for forgiveness because you and your promises destroyed many people’s lives who used to LOVE to go to work and were PROUD to work for the County.

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