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Magistrate Drops All Violations and Fines

All of the code violations and fines levied on Retired Army Sergeant First Class Gene Chaput by the Town of Howey-in-the-Hills were dropped by Magistrate Heather Christman when she sided with the Chaput family as to “no intent.”  The special hearing to impose fines and liens was held this morning by Magistrate Christman at 10:00 a.m. in the Commission Chambers at Town Hall.  When the hearing began, Howey-in-the-Hills Police Chief Rick Thomas suggested the matter be dropped and that a fine of only $20 per tree be levied on Mr. Chaput.  Chaput’s son, Jim, spoke on his father’s behalf and told the Magistrate his father had “no intent” to violate any town statute and suggested his two trips to town hall were proof he tried to follow the rules.  Magistrate Christman agreed with Jim Chaput and dropped all of the violations and fines.

This victory is because of you.  The Right Side of the Lake is the largest conservative website in the Lake County area and this story received the biggest response by far.  Thanks to your willingness to stand with this American Hero by calling town officials, they realized they had gotten caught bullying a real American hero.

We know from conversations that elected officials will be looking for scapegoats to blame this on.  Please do us a favor.  The ladies who work in Town Hall are not responsible for an overzealous code enforcement officer and city officials who do not have clear guidelines for tree trimming.  If the ladies who told Gene Chaput that he did not need a permit to trim his trees are made the scapegoats for this debacle, please let us know—that would be another injustice.

The Town of Howey-in-the-Hills has a leadership problem that its citizens must reconcile.  The Chaput family tried very hard to resolve this matter quietly, but town officials were unresponsive.  Why is it so hard for people in local government to admit they made a mistake?  Even this morning, the Police Chief demonstrated his lack of understanding by asking for a $20 fine for each tree.  Is a bogus fine in the amount of $40 worth your town’s reputation and the disgrace it brings by harassing a real American Hero?

Finally and most importantly, Retired Army Sergeant First Class Gene Chaput—thank you for your service to our country!

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  1. Some definite points of light or darkness can be found in this statement purported to by entered by the Howey Chief of Police. You have turned off the pictures capability – how dare you people who own this website control its content!

    What difference does it make who works for who and why any American who stands up for an abused Veteran chooses to make a decision to expose that abuse. Granted the formerly referred to as “public officials” now receive their training and kudos’s from the dark side secret government, but if they have any sense at all [Very Doubtful!] they should be able to see; it is the intention of the majority of American voters to put an immediate halt to all government sanctioned abuse of the people, including our War Hero’s and Veterans.

    Realizing that most government employee’s these days have no idea that it is we the people for whom they work, we the people from whom they get their bread and butter and not “they” the powerful from up on high from which all things flow. Can anyone out there who has reached the age of 60-70 years recall a “public official” from years ago who would be so arrogant and demeaning to the public for which they are supposed to be serving? This win at all cost attitude with the kangaroo court bought and paid for by city officials using taxpayers dollars to rule against a man who had tried every way possible to follow the Gestapo rules! Then this Chief comes in with a final hit demanding a $20. X – TWO fine – like a spoiled brat child he intended to win come hell or high water. If you can recall one; you will most likely also recall that was the end of their so called government career!

    Today as you might notice everywhere they have dropped the word “public” from before “official. And it is not that they are not entitled to their opinions both public and private it is the narcissistic stance they have taken against the people for whom they work. This is why the silent majority come out in full force for Donald J. Trump – they are sick and tired of their formerly called public officials suddenly becoming enforcers of “the empire.”

    First of all, if the chief admits the city personnel made mistakes, why then were those mistakes not immediately addressed and corrected. Apparently he is referring to the fact that this “victim of overzealous police tactics” had been misinformed when he went to City Hall to inquire as to whether or not his planned tree trimming endeavor would require a permit from city “officials?”
    Wouldn’t a real leader simply have a meeting of the minds with their employee’s and readdress these important laws of the city which were not being followed by his on administration. So the fact it the real violator’s of their city law’s were the government official employee’s! If the truth was know they are probably disgruntled at having to arm rob local citizens for petty BS!

    And, if this breach of such an important law was in fact so important, a real leader might go out and speak face to face with the “alleged offender.” But, this is not the way government of the powerful and for the powerful works these days. Even though we are a lawless nation for the most part – they will enforce BS laws and ordinances – they have to save these little “overzealous police tactics” to keep the non-conformists marching in step with the orders of their masters.
    These trees are apparently located on the private property homestead of the alleged offender. The last time we checked code fines did not attach to homesteaded properties and in fact only attached to non homestead properties where they become enforceable liens. Most likely the overzealous Gestapo has cured this fault so as to enhance their leverage on law abiding property owners.

    This chief like most of the modern “officials” brings to his defense personal “facts” which are not “Germaine” to these issues at hand. Apparently his leadership training has made sure he was trained to point out the fact that he is “Conservative” a word which he has no clue was long ago kidnapped by the Zionist-Nazi’s so it is practically impossible to tell the difference in the political parties from the left to the right. This is why they all met in the middle to destroy Doanld J. Trump.

    The fact is this chief is a;


    Unlike traditional conservatives (who advocate small, gradual change), neo-cons advocate the use of force, manipulation and deception to radically change social policy BACK to the repressive pre-1960s days, while keeping the economy free-market thus enabling large corporations to take over the world.

    Funny thing about real Christians, they never have to self identify, the spirit of Christ glows from the souls of his people who are called by his name.

  2. Mr. Magruder, I should have guessed that your second article would be just as biased and untruthful as your first, since Mr. Chaput’s son works for your company – Romac Lumber and Supply. I too have family members that work for your company and am quite frankly appalled by your actions in this matter. I have broad shoulders and will not attempt to defend myself or the town via social media while you hide behind your blog. However, I would like to say that the officer you are speaking unjustly about and slandering is a real human being with a kind heart that loves and respects all citizens of Howey-in-the-Hills. He is not this “American hero abuser” that you make him out to be. There are a multitude of facts that you either are not aware of, or chose not to share with your public followers regarding this incident. We all had a job to do, and there were clear town ordinance violations in this matter. If any citizen is truly interested in the facts of this case I welcome the opportunity to share and discuss in person all of the facts involved – our faults and those of Mr. Chaput’s. I stand behind my actions and the actions of my officer. My job, as well as the code enforcement officer is to do just that, enforce the law. The same laws apply to all citizens – whites, blacks, Latinos, and yes, even veterans. In your article you comment that the code enforcement officer was overzealous and that I myself demonstrated a lack of understanding. Sadly, you sir know nothing about me, my department, or my officers. Why? Because you choose not to. Mr. Chaput is a fine man that I have personally known for over 20 years, and our actions taken were not personal in nature. Yours however are very personal when they speak to our integrity and actions that you know absolutely nothing about and did not investigate your facts. I have always policed with integrity and I love the citizens of the town I am privileged to protect. I am a Christian and a conservative in that order and I will continue to serve and protect all citizens in my jurisdiction with dignity and the utmost respect. PS – I was going to post a picture of the hat-racked trees since so many people asked to see them on your previous post, but it seems that feature is disabled to the public posting on your page.

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