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  1. Gee “Name” The First NAME that is – that remark is written like it comes from a true Lake County Conservative Nazi Bush supporter. Remember Conner’s attempt at joking about taking Trump out with a Cruz missile after his leader Jeb Bush was kicked to the curb? Well now their only establishment owned and controlled candidate is the Bush boy’s sister in law Hillary. And to “Name” you might as well have went ahead and mentioned her name in your 180 degree backwards attack on Donald J. Trump. You national and local Marxist-Nazi’s have pulled out every trick not only in the Karl Rove[rer] playbook, but interestingly the Trump attacks come from both sides of the isle. This time Rove[rer] has the full support of his Democrat (Communist) counterpart John Podesta to join forces with. Remember both Rove[rer] and Podesta have had email problems – Rover[rer]’s like Hillary’s went amiss when he and his boss “W” was getting rid of all those disgruntled US Attorney’s that got out of control.

    Apparently this website subscribes to the likes of Bill O’Reilly who espouses most of the stuff on the internet is not true. Well, the truth is the only place to find the truth today is on alternative new sources – the Marxist news networks report what they call news the way their handlers tell them to report it. This is why so many of their facts are soon proven to be non-factual.
    For those who think they know everything and are to lazy and/ or stupid to research and read anything over one sentence;

    School choice sounds like a wonderful thing. Remember Jeb Bush tried like hell to get “parent trigger’ passed and we can thank Alan Hays for stopping that the first time. Jeb Bush even called Villages Gary Lester to have him call Hays to change his vote but it was too late. It tied 20-20 in the Senate twice!

    This empowers the government to use parents support by claiming a school is under performing; then they government hands the school off to their privatized charter school friends along with our tax dollars – taking all oversight away from our school boards.

    The first charter school in Florida was in Liberty City – Jeb Bush and his partner bankrupted it and cost the band over $5 million in loses.

    Many of the charter schools in Florida, Texas and other states are run by Bush family Muslim friends- Research GULEN Charter Schools – like their child abuse havens they use all kinds of different names to keep researchers from connecting them – The one thing they all have in common is they are collecting millions from the sales of Afghanistan poppy fields drugs.
    Common Core was invented by Jeb Bush with the help of the Republican Governor’s Assn. with his Ohio Governor friend John Kasich leading the charge. They even copyrighted it. But, even so in 2014 when Florida Governor and former Dallas, Tx Bush family lawyer and partner Rick Scott was running for re-election he changed the name of Common Core to Florida Standard’s. But he could not change Common Core. Google Fl State Rep Charles Van Zant’s exposure on Common Core in Orlando, Fl Education forum when he said “Common Core is designed to make our children as homosexual as possible.” Disney’s Orlando Channel 9 blew his comments off their website but they are still up and running on YouTube!

    Common Core was first financed by Bush (43) No Child Left Behind Act. His brother Neil of Silverado Savings and Loan bankruptcy fame along with Moma & Poppy Bush, a Saudi Prince Friend and a Russian mobster friend own IGNITE LEARNING! which of course collected millions from that scam. Then Obama (44) come along and propped up their scam with Race to the Top grants. More FREE money from Washington!

    For those who don’t have their heads so far up their rear ends they can’t see daylight. And, don’t like the suspicious actions of Dr. Susan Getford Moxley; remember – School Board Chairman Jimmy Conner spent the better part of four years attacking the last elected school board supervisor Anna Cowin and effectively destroying the voters rights to elect that position and hand it over to a puppet for the school board majority of THREE.

    Then “they” searched the USA over and hired home grown Dr. Susan Getford Moxley for the job before they could get rid of Anna Cowin – Jimmy and his handlers even wanted to fire her – an elected official, but found out they could not.

    Then; Jimmy the great (A legend in his own mind) scheduled lunch with self ordained Lake god father Bob McKee who promptly donated Dr. Moxley interim office space upstairs in the historical court house in exchange for Dr. Moxley elevating McKee’s wife Bonnie from assistant principal of Umatilla Middle School to full principal – can you same salary and retirement enhancement move?

    Then of course, last but not least let us all remember it’s just been 10 short years since School Board Chairmen Jimmy Conner and his dark side friends pulled off that scheme to appoint their friend a well known to be and well documented child sexual predator sheriff of Lake County. Why was the school board chairman so aggressively involved in this scheme? Because that is the position who furnishes all the school resource deputies to Lake County Schools – that position is the judge, jury and executioner of every crime committed by every child in Lake County schools (Mt. Dora has reclaimed their school) So when you child is sexually abused by a protect species and the crime is reported to LCSO in most if not all cases nothing will ever happen to the suspect.

    Once again just like 2008 and 2012 before – voters in south Florida and Texas have been reporting their voting machines are RIGGED. When they vote for Trump the machine automatically gives their vote to Clinton.

    And that is the way it is – Hillary Clinton is the last establishment candidate on the ticket. Her adopted brother in law Jeb was their chosen one. His Kennebunkport, Maine – Walker Point mansion along with a house next door for his secret service detail was completed in July. Moma Bush insisted it be built.

    And, all these :officials” around Lake County are quietly telling everyone to vote for Hillary, if they get any resistance they are telling them to vote for Mickey Mouse (effectively cancelling out their vote) because Trump is such a bully; a womanizer; a tax cheat; and likes to grab (****) and what else have I forgotten?

    But, it’s perfectly alright that we have had Gary Borders as sheriff of Lake County for ten years now. It’s been over eight years since several of his jailers gave sworn testimony to two FBI Agents concerning Borders making them deliver a certain jail inmate to his office and according to the FBI at least one jailer give them the gory details of what he saw and heard from that encounter between Borders and the inmate. And it was during this time that five little boys at Borders and friends Green Isle Ranch reported they had been raped over the summer by a boy found pictured with Borders during the time of the rapes. The FBI told informants they were run out of town and told to halt their investigation of Borders – the Villages mouth piece Gary Lester bragged to several people that had in fact made that happen – this lawlessness brings to mind 2016 when we see how FBI Jim Comey has treated Hillary Clinton – to important to jail – to big to fail – to hell with the people they will take the criminal we assign them to have for the office at hand.

    If the United States of America is going to survive without being handed lock, stock and barrel over to the United Nations this is our last opportunity to bring about a peaceful resolution to that goal.

    Just wondering if any of these sexual intellectuals knows what’s going on with the rumor that Boss McKee is thinking about appointing Jimmy Conner to replace Dr. Moxley? Stranger things have happened around this place and beside that would allow Conner to keep his insurance scams with his Brown & Brown “buttie” up and running.

  2. Name says:

    So if we are to believe the prior post, America will be destroyed by the brashness of Trump. But everything will be fine if we just ignore the 50 year history of lies, deceit, corruption and criminality that is the Clinton crime family. I may not like Trumps prior comments but they pail in comparison to the Clinton record of whitewater, porkbellies, Rose Law Firm billing records, travel gate, email server, Vince Foster’s death, Mogodisu, Bengazi, the Iranian Nuke Deal, Waco, Elian Gonzales, the Mark Rich pardon, selling the Lincoln bedroom, the Clinton Foundation, bribing the FBI, being the first president convicted of perjury, impeachment and the perpetual defense of a serial sexual predator! Trump may have said some bad things, but he has never been accused of rape by at least 5 different women. So what does that say about Hillary supports!

  3. Name says:

    I have been a long supporter of your judgment on local issues, now with the endorsement of Trump for President via the above post … you are demonstrating an appalling lack of Trump history of doing business …. “Competence, Integrity, Honor and Credibility” are not words that describe Donald Trumps history of acclaimed acumen. By running for the highest office in this country, he has exposed his shortcoming for all to read about. With a complete lack of empathy fueling his ego drive to the Presidency, we, the people cannot and will not allow any persona of this ilk the power to destroy any nation on a whim, let alone our own. Donald Trump is the consummate “bully” in our ranks … just what does this say about his supporters?

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