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Jimmy Is Sandbagging!


Conner Took Contributions from CEMEX and Out of State Mining PAC

Lake County Commissioner District 3 Jimmy Conner is sandbagging the people of Lake County and he is a political hypocrite. Conner is trying to sandbag the voters in Lake County with a political diversion by creating an issue on sand mines that does not exist. First, none of the candidates in last Thursday’s County Commissioner Candidate Forum voiced support for a sand mine in Lake County and everyone was in unison advocating for protection of neighboring property owners. Conner would have heard that, had he not skipped the forum by playing sick.

In fact, most citizens in Lake County have no idea what he is talking about in regards to sand mines. Conner is a liberal tax-and-spend career politician who is desperately trying create a political diversion, which takes the focus off of his crummy record of raising property taxes 13.8%, reducing garbage service for homeowners, voting for the highest impact fees, shaking down Lake County vendors, and creating an anti-business environment. In addition, Conner’s bullying tactics of women and county employees has grown old with most voters.

This is Why Conner is a Political Hypocrite:

Conner is a political hypocrite because he accuses others of being influenced by mining special interests, but he is the one who has actually taken their money. In his official Campaign Treasurer’s Reports recorded at the Lake County Supervisor of Elections Office, Conner has reported contributions from CEMEX, VulcanMaterials PAC, and C & C Peat.

On November 30, 2011, Conner accepted a $500 check from CEMEX. Now he rails against them as a Mexican company to stir up bitterness. On November 18, 2011, Conner accepted a $500 check from VulcanMaterials PAC, which is based in Birmingham, Alabama, and is the political arm of Vulcan Materials, which does mining to produce concrete materials. Maybe the reason why Conner is not supporting these companies now is they are no longer sending him dollars or pesos.

According to his Campaign Treasurer’s Report, Conner also took a donation from C & C Peat on October 15, 2012, and they are listed as a mining company. We are not sure what product they are mining, but obviously Conner had no problems with companies mining all kind of raw materials in Lake County as long as his campaign contributions were flowing.

These are the obvious campaign contributions from mining interests. Most of the time, when Conner approaches Lake County vendors for campaign contributions, he asks for company contributions as well as contributions from employees. If you look through Conner’s Campaign Treasurers Reports, there is a plethora of various companies and individuals with close ties to heavy construction.

The hard evidence is in Conner’s campaign records—he supported mining in Lake County, as long as the companies were donating dollars or pesos to his campaign. That makes him a hypocrite!

Don’t be fooled by Conner’s Tavares two-step. The truth is when the money ran out, Conner’s support ran out. We have reason to believe that Conner asked the sand mining industry for campaign contributions this year. Why? Because this is his MO—shake down vendors and those with business in front of the Lake County Commission and then punish them if they dare say no.

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10 Responses to “JIMMY IS SANDBAGGING!”

  1. Jimmy the sandbagger will celebrate his partner in crime’s birthday today. Bob McKee, Lake County’s crime boss and appointed Tax Collector since 1996 turns 74 years old according to his finger print card from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office stamped 1976. The preserved probable cause evidence proves beyond any and all doubt that Bob McKee erroneously and with specific intent to defraud the Sheriff’s Office, provided the finger print technician with an alias date of birth of July 14, 1942. Why would a turd from Long Island, New York take the chance of being charged with a felony for providing false information to a law enforcement officer? Naturally because he had no choice. He needed a job badly after being fired from the 9th Circuit State Attorney’s Office weeks before for a dui charge with injuries. McKee’s prior criminal convictions in New York and Texas are attached to his date of birth most often used which is December 31, 1949.

    Perhaps McKee will buy lunch for Sandbagging The Pedophile Jimmy, his Green Isle Ranch child rapping Sheriff Gary Borders, Commissioner Welton Embezzlement Cadwell and the entire Fifth Judicial Circuit of Obstruction. Not to forget Bradley “child rapist are exempt from prosecution” King and the clerk known as Neil “Money Laundering” Kelley. With a criminal enterprise crew like this at McKee’s birthday celebration the bar and prostitute tab alone could devour the half million in Tax Dollars McKee just collected for retirement and the 8 grand he receives every month for life for being the governors collection agent. Not to worry, if McKee breaks the bank on his celebration he’ll just half to bend rover and dig a little deeper into the tax payer’s pocket.

    Lake County Constituents be advised, if the wind blows through downtown Tavares today it’s just the sandbagger blowing out his bosses candles. At McKee’s age, he don’t have enough air left in his farts, let alone in his lungs, to blow out 74 candles!

  2. admin says:

    Sorry- but we are local!

  3. Minesand paidby4 says:

    Your lies seem to pile like the s(!? you peddle. This wedsite is the go to sorce for lake county satire. You act as though the sand mine was no big deal because you have not heard of it. I guess that makes perfect sense because you are not from here and are trying to buy an election. People from here know what it is and are glad not to have that here. Keep up the good work! #rightrideofthetake

  4. I saw some publications on the internet about the satanic worshipers in the Republican Party. Apparently there is a dark side organization much like the Bohemian Grove where these state and local politicians all get together and get something on each other that makes them like all blood brothers so to speak. Then I saw Jimmy Conner at the North Lake Tea Party gathering and heard him make that comment about how to take Trump down with a Cruz missile. About that time the former speaker of the US House John Boehner released his obviously emotional remarks about Ted Cruz being satanic.

    Then I found out that the guy from south Florida named Chaz Stevens who was trying to get the Lake Board of Commissioners to allow him to do a satanic opening invocation at the board meetings was really just trying to bring to light that Jimmy and his friends are like Ted Cruz and some of the others in the old Bush gang. People was sending around the links to Sheriff Gary Borders personal facebook page which had a link to something called DDW Studio’s “Desperate Days Will You Survive” in St. Lucie County, Fl – A Satanic Website – owned and operated by the brother of one of Borders Captains Chris Delibro. When you take into consideration that the Bushes used their vote rigging chips twice to put [Not only Gary Borders] but, their CIA brother Obama in the white house and the second time in November 2012 Obama got 141% of the votes cast in St. Lucie County Florida Not to mention his trips to Palm City, as recently as June 3rd staying at Floridian National Golf Club along the St. Lucie River and playing multiple rounds of golf on the private course with Valarie Jarrett’s cousin Cy Walker; and what about that Syrian suicide bomber, the Orlando Gay Club shooter and now we learn the dude that tried to take the cops gun and shoot Trump all trained in St. Lucie County, Florida – why is it most of the time all these facts that come together to connect the dots are always called conspiracy theories? Maybe that’s because if you called them facts they would become evidence and somebody would go to jail and begin to tell the truth, then more would go to jail and the first thing you know all the domino’s would fall – guess they only way to survive “these desperate days” is to called all these things scandals after all. But at least if you take the time to think about it a little it does help one to see why someone like Gary Borders would send his Gestapo Goons out to the home of the man who was making public records requests on the Sandy Hook Hoax and threaten him “bad things are going to happen to you if you don’t stop asking questions about Sandy Hook – because all these “officials” are in the same sack or “rabbit hole” like Bob McKee has been for years now.

    So, if you are tired of the New World Order Gang owning and installing your local candidates and fixing our elections – starting with their early voting and absentee votes they usually have their candidates elected before election day voting – get out there and ask questions – go to the supervisor of elections office daily find out who requested absentee ballots the day before and send them direct mail outs – then follow up and count how many absentee ballots were really returned or how many were shredded in the tunnel. Google and watch “Black Box Voting” where the lady come as close as Volusia County, Florida where she found shredded ballots in the garbage cans. These “officials” will look you dead in the eyes and lie to you while rigging elections to keep their own perverted scum friends in what we use to call our “public” offices.

  5. Let’s be clear, Jimmy Conner is no Republican.

    He may call himself a Republican, but it is just another Jimmy Conner lie.

  6. Kim Jong Un says:

    Yes, Name name. If Jimmy Connor calls himself a Republican, it must be true. I call my nation, North Korea, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. That makes our nation a Democracy, right?

    Sincerely, Little Kim

  7. Ed Zackery says:

    The Communist Columnist from the Out of town rag says “make up your own mind “Citizens Speaking Out” should be called “Special Interests trying to Buy Elections.” Let’s make sure they can’t.” So, Just just who is it among us that is authorized to “make up their own minds?”

    Man Oh Man [If you can find one that is!] one would have to have at least a touch of Marxism 101 to decipher this logic! This the same logic the Communists in the Democrat Party and the Nazi’s in the [Far Right] Republican Party are using to refuse to accept Donald J. Trump even though he has received more “Citizens Speaking Out” VOTES than any other candidate in the political history of the USA.

    The Communist Columnist then goes on to say “Mathias said he is worried that the anonymous contributor who thinks lying and backstabbing are acceptable campaign strategies might inject enough money into the contest to affect the outcome. Then, he said, what next? Will they start buying city races? School Board contests? Whoever it is, he said, needs to be exposed, and he’s right. Bill, what planet have you been “staying on?”

    Well now we see what happened in Great Britain when the people spoke out – they threw the New World Orders’ EU – Rothschilds “money changers” to the curb. Now they are afraid “Citizens Speaking Out” will lead to more disaster in other European countries and the USA might even have an awakening and instead of calling for “audit the fed” which most people have no clue is a private corporation owned by the Rothschilds and the American Rockefeller family offsprings and partners.

    Politicks 101 – The Rothschilds Bank of England financed the North in the Civil War while their Bank of France financed the South, It is perfectly acceptable for the Communists-Marxists and the Nazi’s who are well documented to have been present in the USA and New York media outlets – Karl Marx before the Civil War and Leon Trosky during WW1 – to use every corrupted tactic in their propaganda libraries, but when the people rise up peacefully and say enough is enough these establishment minions become worried and try like hell to somehow convert the truth into the lying and backstabbing that has been their acceptable campaign strategies since they incited the Revolutionary War.

    Robert L. Owen, former chairman, Committee on Banking and Currency, United States Senate, explains the matter on page 98 of Senate Document No. 23. He states that when associates of the Rothschild’s asked Franklin how he accounted for the prosperous conditions prevailing in the colonies, he replied : “That is simple — In the Colonies we issue our own money. It is called Colonial Script — We issue it in proper proportion to the demands of trade and industry.”

    Robert L. Owen remarked that not very long after the Rothschilds heard of this they realized the opportunity to exploit the situation with considerable profit to themselves. The obvious thing to do was to have a law passed prohibiting the Colonial officials from issuing their own money and make it compulsory for them to obtain the money they required through the medium of the Banks. Amschel Mayer Rothschild was still in Germany but he was supplying the British Government with Mercenary Troops at £8 per man. Such was his influence that in 1764 he succeeded, through the Directors of the Bank of England, in having laws passed in accordance with his dictates.

    The authorities in the Colonies had to discard their Script money. They had to mortgage the Colonial assets and securities to the Bank of England in order to borrow the money they needed to carry on business. Referring to those facts Benjamin Franklin stated. “In one year the conditions were so reversed that the era of prosperity ended, and a depression set in, to such an extent that the streets of the Colonies were filled with unemployed.” Franklin stated : “The Bank of England refused to give more than 50 per cent of the face value of the Script when turned over as required by law. The circulating medium of exchange was thus reduced by half”.

    Mr. Franklin disclosed the primary cause of the Revolution when he said: “The Colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters had it not been that England took away from the Colonies their money, which created unemployment and dissatisfaction.”

    Dissatisfaction became general, but very few Colonials realized that the taxation, and other economic sanctions being imposed on them, were the results of the activities of a small group of International Gangsters, who had succeeded in obtaining control of the British Treasury, after they had obtained control of the Bank of England. It has already been shown how they jumped Britain’s National Debt from £1,250,000 in 1694 to £16,000,000 in 1698, and increased it progressively to £885,000,000 by 1815, and £22,503,532,372 by 1945.

    On April 19th 1775, the first armed clashes between British and Colonials took place at Lexington and Concord. On May 10th the Second Continental Congress met at Philadelphia and George Washington was placed at the head of the Naval and Military Force. He took command at Cambridge. On July 4th, 1776 Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence.

    For the next seven years the International money-lenders urged and financed the Colonial War. The Rothschilds made plenty of money supplying the British with German Hessian soldiers with which to fight the Colonists. The average Britisher had no quarrel with his American cousins. He secretly sympathized with them.

    In the War of 1812, the United States took on the greatest naval power in the world, Great Britain, in a conflict that would have an immense impact on the young country’s future. Causes of the war included British attempts to restrict U.S. trade, the Royal Navy’s impressments of American seamen and America’s desire to expand its territory. The United States suffered many costly defeats at the hands of British, Canadian and Native American troops over the course of the War of 1812, including the capture and burning of the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., in August 1814. Nonetheless, American troops were able to repulse British invasions in New York, Baltimore and New Orleans, boosting national confidence and fostering a new spirit of patriotism. The ratification of the Treaty of Ghent on February 17, 1815, ended the war but left many of the most contentious questions unresolved. Nonetheless, many in the United States celebrated the War of 1812 as a “second war of independence,” beginning an era of partisan agreement and national pride.

    The Civil War was planned in London by Rothschild who wanted two American democracies, each burdened with debt. Four years before the war (1857) Rothschild decided his Paris bank would support the South, represented by Sen. John Slidell, Jew, from Louisiana; while the British branch would support the North, represented by August Belmont (Schoenberg) Jew, from New York. The plan was to bankroll, at usurious interest rates, the huge war debts that were anticipated, using that debt to extort both sides into accepting a Rothschild central-banking system similar to the one that had bled (and is bleeding) the nations of Europe, keeping them in conditions of perpetual war, insolvency and at the mercy of Jew speculators.

    As in pre-Revolution France Illuminati agitators, like maggots attacking a raw wound, were set to work in the North and the South at all levels of government and throughout society to exploit the divisive issues threatening the nation. The International Bankers were successful. All efforts for North-South peace failed.

    Propaganda pushed the issue of slavery to the fore but the actual purpose behind the war…was to drive both sides to accept the same money system Rothschild had fastened on England and the Continent…to bleed the vast productivity of the whole American People.
    WILLIAM G. SIMPSON, Which Way Western Man.

    Edward Mandell House – Author of Phillip Dru Administrator

    Colonel House, who once described himself as a Marxist socialist but whose actions more reflected Fabian socialism, was the author of a 1912 book entitled Philip Dru: Administrator. In this work, House described a ‘conspiracy’ within the United States with the goals of establishing a central bank, a graduated income tax, and the control of both political parties. Two years after the publication of this book, two, if not all three, of his literary goals had been met in reality.

    It is unfortunate, but understandable, that young people in the United States are not taught (in the government’s schools) the history and operation of their country’s most powerful financial institution, The Federal Reserve System. Created in 1910, codified by Congress on December 23, 1913 (along with the personal income tax to pay the interest to the Rothschilds and their partners), this “system” facilitated the US government’s ability to inflame the nation’s citizens for the purpose of supporting the European war of 1914-1918 (World War I). Warfare provides a source of immense borrowing and provides banking corporations with huge profits in the form of interest income. Several of these same Wall Street banks financed Adolph Hitler two decades later. [Prescott Bush and the George Herbert Walker Union Wall Street Banksters from 1939 until 1945 and after Wall Street financed munitions was murdering American soldiers in Hitler’s Germany.] And of course the offspring of these same people have continued to this day to create and finance every war we have ever been dragged into.

    American King James Version – And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that you be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.


  8. Hey Just another trick you are so right.

    Remember in 2012 when Jeb Bush texted Carey Baker four words “I Will Support You” and Baker being a Tallahassee trained repukicrat whose major accomplishment was his failure to outlaw Bulls Jewels from redneck pickup truck trailer hitches turned those four words into two paragraphs found an old picture of him and his wife with his Florida god father and threw it all together for a full fledged endorsement.

    George Walker Bush shortly after September 11, 2001 – “you can fool some of the people all of the time and those are the ones we need to concentrate on.”

    June 1992 – George Herbert Walker Bush quote cited by White House reporter, Sarah McClendon when she asked him about the Iran-Contra – “If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched.”

    Well George a lot of people with brains has figured it out.

    And Name name you too are so right. In fact it should be more transparent now than ever before that there is no difference what so ever in the Communists in the Democrat Party and the Extreme Right Wings AKA Nazi’s in the Republican Party. In fact both will join hands to defeat Donald Trump. I for one will never forget the night old Joe Rottenrow sashayed with enough controlled votes to overtake the Lake County Republican Executive and become its chairman. In fact not long after his original installation by the establishment he stood at the podium and disqualified enough votes against him to reelect himself. No wonder disgruntled Republicans had started the Lake County Republican founders Club. But, like everything else good people do with good intentions the power house always comes along and infiltrates and destroys what they can not otherwise totally control.

    Unlike the Communists who long ago overtook the Democratic party from the ground up – the Nazi’s who infiltrated the Republican Party done so from the top down. They don’t care what the people say or want – it is all about what they want – their goals – and unfortunately these self ordained “leaders” are the scum of the earth and/or the offspring of or sponsored by the scum of the earth.

    IN 2016 Americans have no excuse to be ignorant except the fact that they are too lazy to do their homework and research. The US and World History that we have been denied in the controlled establishment school systems for decades is on the world wide net for the looking.
    The lame stream media will of course tell everyone not to believe anything they see and read on the internet. This is the same media outlets that have been forced to move their nasty dirty runny ink print material to the internet where most now want to charge for their propaganda.

    Don’t forget most of these local elections are decided in the August primary and not the November General election. I hear tell even Donald Trump himself has had investigators in several counties in Florida regarding the use of the Clint Curtis vote rigging chips [Remember Obama got 141% of the Votes in St Lucie County, Florida – the same county the Orlando shooter come from and the same county where Obama played golf over the weekend of June 3rd, 2016 – other counties including Lake and he is well aware of the use of absentee and early voting ballots being used and culled [shredded] and the use of the old underground tunnel between the old sheriff’s office and the back of the supervisor of elections office. In fact in Volusia County they even recovered some of the shredded absentee ballots who voted for the wrong ones.

    Let’s hope 2016 will be the year of the return of ethics in voting – the first step in returning ethics in government and returning these officials to public officials and eventually returning our public officials to realize they are employee’s of the people who finance the government – the government is not a self sustaining employing entity but a leech sucking the taxpayers dry. And when no on in the pecking orders gives a damn about the money they are spending and stealing the people have no one to turn too.

  9. The moment we first started seeing the no sand mine signs with Jimmy’s name in big print on them popping up around Lake County we immediately smelled a rat. In fact it was a familiar smell we have been subjected to for years coming from this politician.

    If it were not such a serious matter it would be almost comical that Conner would actually try to pull a hoax such as this in an effort to appear to the voters (the ones still left who support him) that he is a champion of the people and that he will not allow a dirty dusty old sand mine in his county. Give us a break ! Does he continue to believe that we, the taxpayers, are that stupid and gullible to buy in to yet another scam he has orchestrated ?

    Get this joke out of office at election time for the sake of all of us.

  10. Name name says:

    I’m always amazed by this website…you call Conner a “tax and spend liberal”, liberal being the laughable word…you guys crack me up! We are in a County run by Republicans…I believe one office in Lake County is held by a Democrat (Stegall), at least in offices where party affiliation is recognized (and I’m quite sure that office will also now be filled by a Republican). These people are YOUR people, like them or not. You are the Republican party in Lake County, and these are your product…and an embarrassing product it is! The Republican controlled school board has run this county school system into the ground fiscally (Republicans are fiscally conservative…pfft, what a bunch of crap), while only managing to rank 49th out of 69 in FL, all while having the HIGHEST impact fees in the state! And the County Commission is no better…no money to repair roads, attract decent businesses, care for the environment, etc, etc. We are a laughing stock. The Wellness Way fiasco is indicative of how Republicans have ruined this county. You want to attract “high-tech” jobs, medical jobs, clean energy jobs, etc, you surely won’t do it with the poor state of our school system, mediocre medical facilities, mediocre public facilities, etc. They’re going places like Seminole County. The Plymouth-Sorrento CRA, coupled with Mount Dora’s Innovation District is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the City and County to team up and create something lasting (think Maitland or Heathrow) due to the Expressway work…but we just sit on our hands and do pretty much nothing. We will continue to just be a bedroom community for the metro while slowly drowning in our own mediocrity. And guess what? Republicans, it’s your fault. I dare you to tell me how it isn’t? You have controlled every aspect of this County since I moved here 25 years ago, and it’s not gotten any different. Maybe it’s time for a change. Maybe you should admit you have no idea what the hell you are doing and give someone else a shot, because we are an embarrassment! Come on, change my mind!

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