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Lake County’s Impact Fees Push Habitat to Sumter County

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Lake County’s Impact Fees
Push Habitat to Sumter County

Habitat Home under Construction

Jimmy Conner Refuses to Help Out the Veterans Village Project

Kent Adcock, the President and CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter, Florida, announced in an interview during the “Around the House” radio show aired on WLBE My790AM that his group will no longer plan any new home construction in Lake County because of the high impact fees.  Once the already planned Habitat homes in Lake County are completed all new home construction by Habitat will be constructed in Sumter County, unless the impact fees have been prepaid for a project in Lake County.

“Our board has decided that unless something changes about impact fees, we will move all new home construction to Sumter County,” said Kent Adcock.  He then cited a real example as to why the local Habitat for Humanity board made this decision.  Adcock went on to say, “We are building a four bedroom home right now in Bushnell in Sumter County and the impact fees were a little over $3,000.  We are building the exact same four bedroom home in downtown Eustis and the impact fees are $17,000.”

According to Adcock, the Habitat house in Eustis has $14,000 more in impact fees and the fees represent 20 percent of the home’s total cost.  “It is not financially viable for affordable housing in Lake County,” said Adcock.  He complained about the inequity of Lake County’s impact fees, because the fees are the same for a $500,000 house as they would be for a $100,000 house.  He predicts lower income, working people who support Lake County’s service industry will be forced to move out of the area.

Habitat for Humanity is the nation’s largest private builder and their mission is provide decent, affordable housing to working families who are unable to qualify for a home without assistance.  Habitat does not provide free or low income housing but rather a chance for a homeowner to invest “sweat-equity” in the construction of their home along with volunteers who help these families achieve their dreams.  Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization, which offers a hand up instead of a handout.  Their reputation both locally and nationally as champions for working families is beyond reproach.

Lake County Commissioner Jimmy Conner Led the Opposition against Affordable Housing

Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter, Florida’s quest for impact fee relief for affordable housing and inclusion in Lake County’s $2 million affordable housing program met stiff opposition from Commissioner Jimmy Conner.  Multiple sources told Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. that Commissioner Conner opposed Lake County impact fee waivers for Habitat’s Veterans Village in Leesburg, forcing the group to relocate the project to Umatilla, where impact fees were already paid.

Lake County does not have an affordable housing program and it appears that Commissioner Conner has staked out a position against working families, the poor, and veterans.  For Conner to oppose impact fee relief for a project that would help low income and homeless veterans demonstrates government greed at its worst.

Call Lake County Commissioner Jimmy Conner today and ask him why he doesn’t support affordable housing for working families, the poor, and veterans.  Call him at 352-874-7892 or 352-343-9850.

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3 Responses to “Lake County’s Impact Fees Push Habitat to Sumter County”

  1. Ben Dover says:

    Notice how all these “he men” look and act kinda of funny. Some people are even calling Rick Scott reptilian. I mean Rick Scott, Gary Borders, Charlie Crist, Bill Mathis and a bunch more all look and act a little bit too sissified to really be “he men.”. Some say that all comes from them all slopping at the same trough.

    Around this place everything is “relative.” Sheriff Borders old “buttie” from the Green Isle Boys Ranch board the establishment’s authorized architect Michael Latham of Gator Sktch designed Borders offices in the old hysterical court house.- right down “they say” to installing a huge shower in Borders office. What does Gary Borders need with an over sized shower in his office? Don’t he know what happened to his fellow pervert Jerry Sandusky and them showers?

    Who knows maybe sweet William Mathias designed and installed the kitchen at their Green isle Boys Ranch. Maybe that’s how the establishment chose him to sit on the school board. Stranger things have happened around here, heck Gary Borders run the Green Isle Boys Ranch for the establishment for twenty years and they turned that pile of excrement into a “shuriff.” He can’t say it but he thinks he is one. Boy it sure is quiet down here in the rabbit hole with Bob McKee – it’s getting crowded too! Tavares is already known for far to many explosions – the one we have to worry about down here is Jimmy Conner – Conner even lost his idol’s Bush, Rubio and finally Cruz. Since he’s stopped flapping his jaws so much and his body is not use to that it could lead to a build up of flatulence and since Welton and Gary are smokers that combination could lead to another explosion like the gas tanks that caused half of Tavares to believe they were witnessing the Armageddon and start falling to the ground praying like the did on the parking lot of O’Keefe’s that night. Where is all these sheriff’s candidates? They must be in the rabbit hole too. American’s are coming awake every day now and realizing what the New World Order Mob has been doing to them for a century. The fastest growing segment of society today is “disgruntled.” They can only rob, rape, ,murder, pilfer and steal from so many people before them join the awakening, one victim at a time adds up to millions and millions that realize even common core math don’t make this add up.

  2. defender says:

    I am so tired of hearing people call Bill Mathias a sack of feces. Just because he looks and smells like on is no reason to jump to conclusions.

  3. Ah yes, yet another casualty of the Conner led brain trust that was and is the Lake County Commission. They should all be very proud of denying veterans housing in lieu of pickle ball courts and other special interest projects which compelled them to raise the impact fees to this ridiculous level. You Commissioners know your reasoning don’t you. Just remember folks, after they are no longer on the Commission, they have to live among us, that is unless they move.

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