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Why Does Jimmy Conner Hate Women?

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Why Does Jimmy Conner
Hate Women

A Documented History of Boorish Behavior Towards Women

In Friday’s Daily Commercial (click here to read the article), Amanda Wettstein wrote a blistering column about Lake County Commissioner Jimmy Conner’s long history of bullying and verbally abusing women in the public domain. There is little doubt that Conner is a misogynist and he will say anything, no matter how classless or degrading, to a woman. Wettstein got riled up because Conner falsely accused her and his opponent in the upcoming election, Wendy Breeden, of being “on the take” for CEMEX—a huge conglomerate, which is trying to build a sand mine in South Lake County.

Stunningly, in making these false allegations, Conner exposed himself because he is the one that accepted multiple campaign contributions from CEMEX in the past, not Breeden. Plus Conner’s campaign contribution list, which we exposed a few weeks ago, includes prominent developers and lawyers from Orange County obviously vying for sweetheart deals.

The real reason why Conner attacked Wettstein is simple—he is sending a message to Wettstein and Breeden that during his campaign he is going to be in charge. In other words, he will be a schoolyard bully. He has obvious contempt for these ladies and is mad as hell because they have the audacity to challenge him in the election.

Then in Sunday’s Daily Commercial (click here to read the article), Commissioner Leslie Campione wrote a column blasting the boorish behavior of Jimmy Conner. It appears Conner does not know how to work with strong women and he resorts to bullying, even at Lake County Commission meetings.

Why does Jimmy Conner hate women? It’s probably just his nature as a narcissist and bully. He is just that type of man.

Are you a woman that has been verbally abused by Jimmy Conner? If so, we would like to hear your story. You can stay anonymous or not, but we would like to share your story with others. Please email us your story or contact information to lakecountygov@lakecountygov.info.

To ask Jimmy Conner why he hates women, call him at 352-874-7892 or email him at ConnerJC@aol.com.

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4 Responses to “Why Does Jimmy Conner Hate Women?”

  1. Conner got most of his woman hating label from the almost four years he spent as BCC Chairman and his antics against then Elected School Superintendent Anna Cowin. All of which we now know was orchestrated by his handlers like Lake self ordained “untouchable” god father and part time retired and running for reelection tax collector Bob McKee to obtain the support of the Lake voters to abolish that elected position and replace same with a puppet selected and hired by McKee and Conner and controlled by at least three member of the school board as opposed to having a strong ethical, elected official responsible only to the voters that elected them. In other words the courthouse mafia staged an ongoing debacle with Cowin for years and in the end even tried to fire her from her elected position.

    Conner and boss McKee even met with their chosen one Susan “Getford” Moxley for lunch and boss McKee was kind enough to provide her interim office space in the historical courthouse in exchange for Moxle elevating his wife Bonnie McKee from assistant to full principal at Umatilla Middle School. A move which enhanced her retirement which she immediately took advantage of when it was exposed that her son and his girlfriend had been exposed in a hot tube incident in Corpus Christi, Tx – whereby the girlfriend was found to be running naked from the hot tub of one Maricio Celis a known Mexican Drug Cartel fake lawyer in the middle of a dark Texas night.
    And of course there is the fact that Jimmy Conner was raised by a single father which of course left a female void in his life. That alone deprived Jimmy of the experiences necessary for a young make child to develop the respect for a female authority in his life.

    When Commissioner Leslie Campione first joined the commission Jimmy was somewhat verbally abusive to her until someone reminded him they don’t call her husband “Doctor Finger” for nothing! Jimmy getting at the age to perhaps need the services of his professionalism seemed to have cooled on that verbal abuse and directed it at others.

  2. While I have my complaints against the Commissioner and currently am searching for someone I can support to defeat him this fall, it’s time we get off this trumped-up (no pun intended) and ridiculous liberal charge of Jimmy “hating women”. That dawg don’t hunt here. The commissioner may be full of himself and even corrupt after 30 years of holding office, but that does not make the man a bully or a boor simply for calling anyone questioning him and his style of politics out. If these women are so strong, why do they hide behind the text of those like the writer of this article? If they are so strong, they should be able to let such charges roll off their backs just like a duck sheds water. Let them answer the charge Jimmy has leveled at their feet rather than use the dagger of a opinion-piece do their dirty work for them. Politics is a blood sport and if these women (and those who support them) wish to enter the ring, they’d better be more like Margret Thatcher and less like Patty Sheehan. That is the difference between being a leader of a nation, and the emotional bag-lady of the United States Congress. Each of these local ladies needs to decide which type of “woman” they want to be. As a man, I would follow Thatcher, Palin and Fiorina through the gates of hell, but I wouldn’t spit on Sheehan or Clinton if they were on fire.

    Enough said.

  3. Let’s face it folks, Jimmy Conner is the poster child for good old boy, special interest, influence peddling, quid pro quo, only men in politics count, help your friends after you help yourself politics.
    Oh yes, Sean Parks is learning from the master also.
    Smarten up and get this joke out of office. Get out and vote !

  4. Name says:

    Jimmy Conner has been a commissioner for way to long and there should be term limits on local government officials. When they are in government for so long they get power driven and can’t see what is happening on the outside. I don’t vote for anyone anymore with less than eight years in office.

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