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We Tried To Warn You.

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We Tried To Warn You.

Conner Lied Again and Again and Again
This week, Lake County Fire Chief John Jolliff said 12 out of 24 stations need to be renovated, half the fire trucks are ten years old, and they could possibly need 18 more people to man the fire stations. He claims they don’t have enough money and that the county should consider raising the fire assessment charges on all properties.

Seriously? How many times can the Political Establishment in Lake County pull the Fire Card on Lake County citizens to raise taxes? When Lake County Commission Chairman Jimmy Conner pushed a special election (one year earlier than necessary) at an unnecessary cost of $440,000 to Lake County taxpayers for the renewal of the Penny Sales Tax, we thought it was to it was to buy fire trucks and build fire stations.

Here is what is happening: Lake County government is taking money that was previously designated for fire protection and spending it on other priorities, such as pickle ball courts. It’s called money skimming. We warned this would happen, yet the people of Lake County passed the renewal of the Penny Sales Tax, ultimately giving a blank check to Jimmy Conner.

This is about the lies being told by our government officials, especially by Conner while he served as Chairman of the Lake County Commission.

Let’s first take a look at the facts and what the average homeowner is charged for fire assessment in Lake County:

  • First and foremost, property taxes were created to provide fire protection for all of its citizens. That is one of the first responsibilities of local government. Most counties and cities in America pay for fire protection out of regular property tax collections.
  • On top of their property taxes, every homeowner and business in Lake County already pays a yearly special fire assessment of $175. Here is a link to Lake County’s Fire Assessment Rate Schedulehttp://bit.ly/20pndKb
  • A 10,000 square-foot medical office pays a yearly fire assessment fee of $4,259.
  • Institutional buildings really get hammered with this assessment. A 20,000 square-foot building pays a whopping $8,522 yearly fire assessment. According to Lake County’s June 23, 2015 Tindale Oliver Study Presentation, institutional properties include retirement/assisted living facilities, hospitals, Boy Scouts, humane society, government property, and religious institutions.
  • Lake County has a fire impact fee for all newly built structures. The fire impact fee for a new home is $390.
  • The fire impact fees on businesses are outrageous. The owner of a new 10,000 square foot doctor’s office will pay a whopping $13,010 in fire impact fees.
  • When Conner jammed a 13.8% property tax increase down the taxpayer’s throats in 2014, he said (among other things) the tax was needed to provide funding for the fire department.
  • Because of the 2014 property tax increase implemented by Jimmy Conner, Welton Cadwell and Sean Parks, Lake County now has the highest property taxes in the area. Don’t think we have lower taxes, because we don’t!
  • During last year’s special rip-off ($440,000) election on the Penny Sales Tax renewal, Conner once again played the Fire Card and said the tax had to be renewed to pay for new fire stations and fire trucks. Renewing the Penny Sales Tax would solve all of our problems.  Here we are, less than three months later, and that has proven to be another lie by Conner.
What in the world is going on?

We told you in October— if you passed the renewal of the Penny Sales Tax and the taxpayers did not force local government to spend the money on priorities that they would be coming back with their hands out saying they needed more money. There is one thing that is not in dispute—Conner lied to you then and he will do it again and again and again—as long as you let him.

It is time to tell them, “No!” and force them to shift money from wants to needs—like the fire department. Lake County taxpayers are not taxed too little—Conner and his gang spend too much.

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3 Responses to “We Tried To Warn You.”

  1. Right Side of the Lake did in fact warn us. For months it gave us the truth about the behind closed doors political posturing and the facts regarding the manipulations of the law and facts by these that call themselves our county “leaders”. Conner, Parks and the others truly have shown their true colors in the deception and outright misrepresentation of the truth over these so many months. The aware segment of the voting community have relied on the information provided by Right Side of the Lake however, and unfortunately, there just were not enough people enlightened to the real crooked politics that are going on within the County Commission. Even more tragic is the apathy of the citizens in not making themselves aware and becoming involved in conditions which have a direct effect on the hard dollars being squeezed out of them by the likes of the Lake County Commissioners. As long as there are the Conner’s and Parks and others in this world relying on the ill informed and unaware voters, they will continue to scam and deceive the populace to obtain what is beneficial to them under the guise of being public “servants”.

  2. Name says:

    The reason why they use a “fire assessment” to justify an increase is b/c they know the local population is heavily reliant on that industry. Our fire department has become the upper middle class of Lake County and everyone is either married to, has family in, or is part of that industry. Any issue connected to increases in their budget will receive community support and pass.

  3. Name says:

    I would very much like to see an independent mileage audit of the fire service. Every day I see multiple trucks parked all over the county with some stations driving several towns over for lunch in their big trucks. How often do those trucks move for a call versus a lunch outing? Any other government vehicle would be subject to strict mileage restrictions and recording. Let these folks who are very well paid and who have plenty of time between shifts take their personal vehicles to Public and/or the restaurant.

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