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“Conner Sows Seeds of Discontent”

If not for Commissioners Tim Sullivan and Leslie Campione, the renewal of the Penny Sales Tax probably would not have passed.  Every time they spoke on behalf of the renewal they were excoriated by members of the public for the tax and spend policies and boorish behavior of Commissioner Jimmy Conner.  They had to perform a kabuki dance trying to defend the tax while deflecting the harsh criticisms of Conner.

Earlier this month, the Lake County Board of County Commissioners voted on their leadership for 2016.  Commissioner Sean Parks was elected County Commission Chairman for 2016, replacing the bombastic Jimmy Conner.  In a surprising move, Commissioner Tim Sullivan was passed over as Vice-Chairman, as Jimmy Conner united with Commissioners Welton Cadwell and Sean Parks to block Commissioner Sullivan.  This was a snub and disrespect of Commissioner Sullivan who was next in line for the seat.

There are two factions on the Lake County Board of County Commissioners—tax and spend liberals and true fiscal conservatives.  Commissioners Conner, Cadwell and Parks have not seen a tax or regulation they do not support.  These three Commissioners have been the driving force behind every bad decision in Lake County for the last two years and the primary reason the local economy is collapsing.  Businesses and investors are running away from Lake County because of the tax and spend liberals on the Lake County Commission.

Commissioners Sullivan and Campione are the only true fiscal conservatives on the Lake County Commission—and that’s the truth.

As for Commissioners Sullivan and Campione, they fell into the trap of believing that Conner would do the right thing.  They expended their political capital defending him, and this is their payback.  The only way this dynamic changes—having one less tax and spend liberal on the Lake County Commission at the end of 2016.

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2 Responses to “DISRESPECTED!”

  1. Name says:

    So where is the county coming up with the six million dollars to settle the class action lawsuit concerning the original fire assessment? The county used those funds to pay for things which were not allowed by state law. Interesting Sandy Minkoff retired a week or two before the property owners in the unincorporated areas received their notice of settlement.I’m sure Minkoff knew this was coming.

  2. Told Ya So ! says:

    Well the sage continues of the Dirty Duo of Conner and Parks. Cadwell is right there with them in the same sty. Yet more back room political posturing and manipulation from these vile politicians. They are really no different from the garbage we have in Washington DC.

    But keep voting these vermin back and then shake your head at their antics which are always at our expense. Disgusting.

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