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We Should be Thankful, but…

Stop Ceding Power to Government

Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. would like to extend to all of its members and readers our heartfelt wish that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  In these days of world tumult, and despite the political leadership in Washington D.C., we still remain a blessed people living in the greatest country in the world.

However, our freedoms and liberties are under assault by those who desire authoritarian control.  We the People have ceded too much power to those in government at all levels.  The corruption and corporate welfare that exist in our country are the worst in our history, because our society has made excuses for bad behavior.  Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent, you should understand that the number one issue for any cause is money—who is getting paid?  Even in Lake County the public corruption of local officials demonstrates how far our political class has lost its way.

As you gather with your family on Thanksgiving, say a prayer for our nation—that we may find the character and morality that has been lost in this new age of technology.  Help us all to stop blurring the lines of right and wrong, but most of all open our eyes and recognize that the political class seeks to divide us by racial, ethnic and cultural lines because it keeps them in control.  Those politicians and government which seek dominion over us, fear a united people more than anything.

Happy Thanksgiving!  God bless your family and the United States of America!

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4 Responses to “WE SHOULD BE THANKFUL, BUT…”

  1. Ben Dover says:

    I guess the entire Lake County GOPer “officials” mob along with a bunch of their hired help[less] are probably in Ocala about now trying to help their Bush messiah get enough people in one building to make a video of his “massive supporters” so his billionaire friends can use it in their PAC ads for him – One of his Saudi Prince billionaire friends is spending untold dollars for him and another billionaire friend Bush and Rick Scott Medicare Frauds partner Mike Fernandez is doing his sahre by pumping in mucho dinero.

    Hummmm, I almost forgot Salvatore Purpura the son of one of Bushes old mob buddies from he horn of Sicily has got that “Right to Rise PAC” pumping in more millions for their next messiah to be anointed to the white house. Last report Jebbie had spent $38 Million on his [Whatever they call this fallacy] and with his Wall Street Walker family and the New World Order gang on his side – they own and control over 96% of the worlds media including most of the polling sites – and all he can get is 3% of the GOPer’s support. They have more people working for the Bush family and the international schemes than that.

  2. I received some emails from the Republican Party of Lake County earlier this year suggesting that making your political contributions locally would be a good thing to do. I considered this and thought that might well be true, so I did make a donation. But after these recent events, especially the penny sales tax issue, but several others, I started thinking that the Republican Party of Lake County must bear some responsibility in the fact that so many members of our local government are registered Republicans, but behave like liberals with their tax and spend mentality. I am curious if the Lake Country Republican Party has been duped like those of us that elected them, or are they supporting these tax and spend liberals?

  3. Ben Dover says:

    It is next to impossible to for moral, honest, ethical people to accept the fact that our entire government structure in this country has been hijacked by the Illuminati – New World Order Cabal and absolutely everything is a scripted event these days.

    Nothing works right anymore and everyone is left to simply wonder why. For decades we the people have thought we could just vote them out and replacement them with moral, honest, ethical people who would do the right thing for one reason or another – maybe because they have offspring and would like to leave this city, county, state and good old USA better than they found it.

    But it hasn’t worked has it? Our local State Senator Alan Hays well known for his remarks about his cousin that died of aids and deserved it – as well as other foot in mouth comments that brought him attention – mostly for failing to be politically correct – like all the rest of the “owned” politicians voted for Common Core – then he got a first hand lesson in Common Core and realized it is nothing less than Nazi programming for America’s youth – made an impromptu appearance before the Lake County School board and begged them not to implement what he and the Illuminati owned Florida legislature had put into law – even though Governor Rick Scott changed the name of Common Core – Scott, the old former Dallas Bush family lawyer and partner with George Walker Bush in the Texas Rangers as well as partners with Jeb Bush in his original family Medicare Fraud International Medical Centers, later names Columbia and then merged into Tenet Healthcare which has been run by Jeb Bush since 2007 and to this day stealing billions from taxpayers. State Rep. Van Zant announced at an educational meeting in Orlando, Fl that Common Core was designed to make our children as homosexual as possible.
    Anyone interested in just how the devil took over our former government agencies can Google Ted Gunderson – the CIA and Satanists – Mr. Gunderson was the former head of the California FBI Headquarters who spent his last days exposing the corruption including the Franklin Scandal which is tied to the child sex abuse facilities runs under hundreds of different names as spin off’s of Straight, Inc. founded by Mel Sembler of Clearwater, Florida . Google “Mel Sembler and how did homosexual pedophiles become defacto politics” for more information on this subject. Then maybe most people will begin to realize how Lake County wound up with Gary Borders for there sheriff.

    By now everyone with their head above ground has begun to realize these dark side perverts control the out come of all elections – issues or office holders.

    Mel Sembler and his friends are responsible for the installation and removal of hundreds of “officials” throughout Florida and many other states I recent years.

    In 2015 there is no excuse for ignorance – just as many factions have come together whose goals are to destroy our way of life as well as the FREE world – Also, hundreds of thousands of people have likewise come together in a lose knit effort to expose those who are destroying us daily.

    Until the people take the time to educate themselves to the organized destruction of our way of life they will never be in a position to figure out hot to legally combat this destruction.

    When the local website exposed Bob McKee’s FOUR different dates of birth he had used on DOE and other government job applications and resumes – no government agency dared to question him. All Bob McKee done was crawl in a rabbit hole – that was before long time Lake Property Appraiser Ed Havill’s death – and if McKee was at Havill’s funeral he was hidden.

    Jeb Bush has had a part in anointing most of Lakes corrupt movers and shakers over the years and now his old family lawyer and partner Rick Scott has a hand in keeping this organized corruption protected from prosecution, like the whole bunch including Rick Scott deserve one more term – 20 years to LIFE!

  4. Start Now says:

    It is the time for all the thinking people of Lake County to go forward from this point on and rid our local government of the corruption within the Lake County Commission.

    For one, if you are not totally outraged by the squandering of $440,000 of our hard earned money on an unnecessary single special election regarding the penny tax then you are not one of those mentioned in the first sentence.

    However, if you are even mildly concerned about the power drunk commissioners and their tax and spend rampages that diminish our quality of life, then it is up to us to replace them when their terms expire.

    Know who these buffoons are and vote them out or utter not a word of dissatisfaction in the future.

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