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Two Years of Failed Leadership—Conner’s Antics Hurting Lake County

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Two Years of Failed Leadership—Conner’s
Antics Hurting Lake County

Conner’s Liberal Tax and Spend Policies Discourage Economic Growth

In December 2013, District 3 County Commissioner Jimmy Conner was appointed Chairman of the Lake County Board of County Commissioners.  As one constituent said, “Conner has probably been the worst County Commission Chairman in the history of Lake County.”  Conner’s demeanor and tone has created an anti-business atmosphere, and his outbursts are an embarrassment to the people of Lake County.  Because of Conner’s boorish and bullying techniques, many prospective businesses to Lake County look to other neighboring counties where investment is welcomed.  Lake County needs a change in its Chairmanship.

Here is the tax and spend legacy of Commission Chairman Jimmy Conner over the past two years.

  • Conner pushed for the increase in property tax millage rates by 13.8% to give county employees a raise.  Lake County’s property tax rate for 2015-16 is 20.2% more than Sumter County and 14.9% more than Marion County.
  • Conner led the way to change Lake County’s garbage service, which increased costs and reduced service to one day per week, benefitting Conner’s political friends.  Lake County is in a contract with open-ended price escalations.
  • In January 2015, Conner voted for a 4-cents per gallon gas tax for 29 years.
  • Conner led the passage of the 1-cent sales tax for 15 years ($800 million).
  • It was Conner’s efforts that raised mobile home impact fees by 172% (to $10,095), directly affecting seniors and the working poor.  These fees are so high that, in many cases, the impact fees will cost more than the lot the mobile home is being placed on.
  • Conner pushed for increases in transportation impact fees to $3,194 per home in South Lake County.
  • Conner presided over the increase in transportation impact fees to $3,080 per thousand square feet of retail space, $2,123 per thousand square feet of office space, and $1,505 per thousand square feet of industrial/warehouse space.
  • Conner voted for fire impact fee increases for most commercial properties to $1,301 per thousand square feet.
  • Since Conner has been named Chairman, there has virtually been no new economic development in good paying manufacturing jobs.
  • Because of Conner, Lake County is being sued by CEMEX for not allowing a sand mine.  The county will probably lose this lawsuit, considering the state of Florida has rejected the county’s Wellness Way Sector Plan folly.
  • It was Conner who got caught shaking down Lake County vendors for a 1% contribution of their yearly contracts to a private Political Action Committee to support the Penny Sales Tax renewal campaign.
  • Conner is responsible for the Special Election on the Penny Sales Tax, which cost Lake County taxpayers an unnecessary $440,000.  This election could have been held for free three times in 2016.

This long list doesn’t include all of the outrageous comments and psychotic, bizarre statements made by Conner since becoming County Commission Chairman.  The best thing the other County Commissioners can do is to vote him out of the Chairmanship, because he has been an absolute failure and disaster for Lake County.

If Lake County ever hopes to attract businesses, Jimmy Conner must be removed as Chairman of the Lake County Board of County Commissioners.

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  1. Let me know who will be running against Jimmy Connors – I would like to work on their campaign.
    We cannot afford any more of Jimmy’s leadership.

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