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Trust is the #1 Reason Why You Should

Vote AGAINST the Penny Sales Tax

Do you believe the Lake County Commission and Lake County School Board are good stewards of your tax dollars, and do you trust them to spend your money wisely?  If you cannot answer, “Yes,” then you should vote AGAINST the Infrastructure Sales Surtax Referendum (Penny Sales Tax), because as it is written you cannot trust the politicians with a blank check for almost $800 million over the next 15 years.  Lake County Commission Chairman Jimmy Conner is the primary architect of this Referendum, which does not have any spending restrictions, because he wants to use his money.  Oops!  He wants to use your money anyway he sees fit.  We don’t trust Conner or the others to do the right thing.

The flaw in this ordinance is there are not any mandates from the people.  For example, if a businessman was negotiating this Penny Sales Tax he would include stipulations like if this tax is passed you can’t raise property taxes for 5 years, or if this tax is passed you’ve got to cut spending by 5% over the next three years.  See, we the people are giving up everything on this tax.  Realistically, next year, the Lake County Commission could sock everyone with another 13.8% property tax increase—like they did last year.

Whether you are a liberal or a conservative, most will agree this bunch of politicians in Tavares haven’t seen a tax or fee they haven’t raised.  They spend money like a teenager with a new credit card—they have little to no fiscal discipline.  Plus, they are asking you to trust politicians who will be put in office 12 years from now.  That is the reason the Penny Sales Tax should only be approved for 5 years.  If you can’t trust the bunch in Tavares now, how in the heck can you trust someone elected 12 years from now?

If you are like us—we don’t trust the politicians on the Lake County Commission or Lake County School Board.  They have failed us too many times.  While there may be a couple of people serving on these boards who exercise good judgment, the problem is—they are in the minority.  Trust is the #1 reason to vote against the Infrastructure Sales Surtax Referendum (Penny Sales Tax).

On November 3, 2015, Vote Against the Infrastructure Sales Surtax Referendum (Penny Sales Tax Renewal), because the ordinance is badly written, and you don’t want to give the politicians a blank check.  Let’s make them do it right—the ordinance should only be used for new schools, roads, and utilities while protecting Lake County taxpayers and workers. 

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  1. The blind trusts of Rick Scott and Jeb Bush own “Collier Resources” which includes mineral rights in the Everglades – The Main Florida Water supply!

    Scott’s stake in oil company tied to Collier drilling riles environmentalists

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott said, “I put everything in a blind trust, so I don’t know what’s in the blind trust.” To avoid conflicts, Scott put his wealth in a blind trust three years ago, and an adviser is assigned to manage Scott’s money without his knowledge. “I put everything in a blind trust, so I don’t know what’s in the blind trust,” Scott said.

    The leader of a citizens group opposed to drilling is one of numerous people alarmed at Scott’s past, and possibly continuing, financial ties to Schlumberger.
    “This makes a huge difference to me,” said Joe Mulé, president of Preserve Our Paradise.
    Learning of the Schlumberger tie, Mulé said he’s more suspicious of DEP’s layoffs of dozens of employees charged with regulating polluters in 2012.
    “It’s very two-faced,” said Alexis Meyer, who runs a Sierra Club program to protect panther habitats in Southwest Florida. “To have a governor who invests our money for Everglades restoration but also supports a company that wants to drill in the Everglades makes me very uncomfortable.”
    Schlumberger helped apply for a DEP permit so that a Texas oil company, the Dan A. Hughes Co., can use a drilling technique that uses acid to create cracks in the rock and then a gel mixed with sand to hold the cracks open.
    “Schlumberger Water Services has been involved primarily in the permitting of the saltwater injection wells for Dan A. Hughes and has assisted with the oil well permit application,” said Stephen Harris, a Schlumberger spokesman.
    Harris said Schlumberger also performed groundwater monitoring and a review of abandoned oil wells on behalf of Collier Resources, which holds the mineral rights to the drill site. Schlumberger has no involvement in drilling operations, he said.
    Hughes has denied it has used hydraulic fracturing to crack limestone, a process known as fracking. The company agreed to a $25,000 fine for an unauthorized second acid treatment and, in a consent order with DEP, agreed to hire an independent expert to monitor groundwater for possible contamination.
    Hughes’ operation has drawn opposition from Collier residents because the drilling is near a residential area known as Golden Gate Estates and close to the Florida Panther Wildlife Refuge.
    The project also has created a major rift between DEP and the Collier County Commission.
    Commissioners have voted to challenge the consent order and claim DEP is not demanding enough oversight of Hughes.
    The county and residents accused DEP of excessive secrecy in its dealings with Hughes.

    Environmentalists said Scott’s investment [And his partner Jeb Bush as well] in an oil services company raises questions.
    “It means that Rick Scott is in this business,” said David Guest, an attorney for Earthjustice. “It changes how you see him if you know he’s an investor in this business.”
    Jennifer Hecker of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida said she’s troubled that a geologist from Schlumberger was hired by Collier Resources to reassure the county that old wells were plugged properly and that no contamination resulted.
    “The only consultant who says it’s safe is the same consultant who worked on the permitting of the project,” Hecker said.
    Scott and the three elected Cabinet members jointly oversee DEP.
    Scott has frequently praised the performance of DEP Secretary Herschel Vinyard.

    Scott’s blind trust received the approval of the state Commission on Ethics in 2011. Last year the Legislature passed a law that regulated blind trusts, and the ethics agency approved Scott’s trust a second time.
    The law is under challenge in a state lawsuit by Jim Apthorp, a former top aide to the late Democratic Gov. Reubin Askew, who says that blind trusts violate the state Constitution’s requirement that officials provide a “full” disclosure of their finances.

    And when you follow Collier Resources back through all the various cover up corporation names including Gulf Management you will find Rick Scott and Jeb Bush and the gang used the Bloomfield, NJ offices of their Medical Resources company as the home office of Collier Resources who bought the mineral rights to “frack for oil” in the Everglades! Scott’s campaign spokesman, Matt Moon, said the Schlumberger investment was not made by Scott but by an external brokerage, C.L. King & Associates, that manages part of Scott’s portfolio.

  2. The Donut man! Remember Rick Scott who dragged his mother around by the arm in 2010 and bragged about his donut shops he bought and operated after college?

    Does anyone ever remember him mentioning anything about his decades of involvement with the Bush family? Surely – he must have just forgot to mention that!

    Richard (Rick) Lynn Scott: – Texas License Date:11/06/1978 – Bar Card Number 17909700
    was a partner with Johnson & Swanson (established in 1970) Rick Scott’s Dallas, TX clients list included Tom Hicks and Scott became partner’s with Hicks, Richard Rainwater and George Walker Bush in the Texas Rangers. Representing the Texas Bass Brothers, Rainwater became powerfully famous for his 1984 take over of Disney and his hiring of Michael Eisner as Disney CEO. [Eisner bought ABC, added it to the Disney holdings and Disney became the most powerful media center in the world under Eisner.] Rainwater along with Rick Scott and Jeb Bush was able to pick up the pieces of the South Florida HMO organizations of Miguel Recarey, Jr. (International Medical Centers) and their already organized Medicare Fraud establishment. In 1987 when Recarey fled the US under federal indictment Jeb Bush was able to flip the IMC assets to Humana along with $30 million in Medicare Fraud monthly cash cow dollars – Humana packaged IMC into Galen Hospitals which was then taken over by Rick Scott and Rainwater with Jeb and family secret partners. Originally named Columbia Scott and group added HCA from Senator Bill Frist and brother Tommy of Nashville to become Columbia/ HCA. In 1997 when Columbia/ HCA come under investigation for the largest Medicare Fraud case in US history (second only to Jeb and Recarey’s first [IMC] Medicare Fraud scheme of 1987) Rick Scott fled Columbia/ HCA with $300 million of get away dollars after taking the fifth seventy-five times- Jeb Bush and partners then merged Columbia/ HCA into Tenet Healthcare –another already ongoing Medicare Fraud overbilling and unnecessary operations and procedures controlled by the Bush family. Also, in 1997 Jeb’s cousin Jonathan Bush invented a computer billing system for direct billing and deposit of Medicare, Medicaid and insurance funds – many into offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands – that company is called Athena Health. In May 2007 after officially leaving the governor’s office Jeb Bush become the sole director of Tenet Healthcare based from their Dallas Bush family headquarters.

    By 2013 under the leadership of Jeb Bush, Tenet had paid over ONE BILLION in fines for Medicare FRAUD and to this day continues to commit Medicare Fraud and illegal billings and failure to file proper income tax returns – just like the organized RICO criminal empire it is.

    So, when Rick Scott signed in to law a “bill requiring ultra sound” or embraces mental hospitals he is simply increasing the cash flow for the Scott-Bush and friends hospitals and medical facilities they still own and hold in what he calls a blind trust. Maybe we should see if that Blind Trust is being held by the Bush family Northern Trust conglomerates that George Walker Bush said he did not know who owned it – but Barack Obama knows how to find The Northern Trust – they financed his Chicago home for him.

    Rainwater’s current holdings also include energy, oil rigs, (recently caught oil drilling in the Everglades but “they” covered that up), office buildings and the sumptuous Canyon Ranch resorts. So sprawling are his interests that gamblers can bet in casinos operated by one of his companies or seek treatment for their gambling compulsion at another.
    ”He is a king maker,” said J. Thomas Schieffer, who was a partner with Mr. Bush, Rick Scott, Tom Hicks, Rusty Rose and Mr. Rainwater in the Texas Rangers. It’s like magic!

    And reality is the Kingmaker Richard E. Rainwater has shaped much of Florida politics as well. He made multi-millionaires out of Jeb and George Bush and their partner Rick Scott……….
    And he made a multi-millionaire out of Michael Eisner as well……

    And let us not forget the GOP money men, business partners and movers and shakers – Mel Sembler founder of the national GOP pedophile organization STRAIGHT, INC [Now called Drug Free America Foundation, Inc.[Board member include Jeb and Columba Bush] and president of the World Import-Export Bank under George Walker Bush, Sembler’s partner H. Gary (Schwartz) Morse [Villages developer traveling the world on his yacht” The Cracker Bay” for which he sponsored “SAFE HARBOR” another Sembler inspired pedophile “wayward boys school” on the water in Jacksonville. And, another “religious facility” exempt from DCF licensing and inspections by FS 409.176 created by the Florida legislature for Mel Sembler and friends in high places which gives the sole oversight of these hell holes to The Florida Association of Christian Child Caring Agencies, Inc. who, of course can never find any wrong and is of course operated by the very ownership and management of the hell holes they were created to oversee. Just one big old happy family, stealing and sharing the free wealth with all their friends and family!

  3. This most recent article sums up the issue of the extension of the penny sales tax better than any most of us have yet seen. There has been much input from this source over the past months and all with a firm foundation of truth and accuracy. The undisputed bottom line to all of this is in fact, the truth. Truth which the citizens of Lake County have not seen much of for quite some time. We deserve better than this.

    We are sick and tired of this type of clandestine and unscrupulous form of politics.

    Are the voters in Lake County paying attention ? I think we will find out very soon.

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