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Lake County School Board Members Can’t Do Math

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Lake County School Board

Members Can’t Do Math

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It appears the Lake County School Board members can’t do simple math.  They are howling, along with their liberal friends, about the information we brought forward from their own year-end reports they reported to the state of Florida.  We contend, and rightly so, that the Lake County School District has an overabundance of student stations by 8,910.  That is the reason for all of their budgetary woes.  It’s like a landlord having almost one-in-five of his apartments vacant—the district doesn’t get money from the state without students in those seats.The main reason they are howling so loud is that by law school impact fees can only be used for new student stations and the district does not need any.  In fact, right now, Lake County should be like Marion, Sumter, and Citrus Counties with zero school impact fees.  The district’s own numbers show how much of a sham the new impact fee study is that the School Board just paid for.  It only proves you can hire any consultant to manufacture any number you want.For our School Board members and those in the liberal media who struggle with mathematics, let us break down the information provided by the Lake County School District to the state of Florida at the end of this school year (2014-2015).

50, 841  Available Student Stations in the Lake County School District

41,931   Students Enrolled in the Lake County School District

  8,910     Unused Student Stations in the Lake County School District

At the end of the 2008-2009 school year, there were 40,405 students enrolled in the Lake County School District, and at the end of the 2014-2015 school year there were 41,931 students enrolled.

41,931   Students Enrolled at Year-end 2014-2015

40,405   Students Enrolled at Year-End 2008-2009

  1,526   New Students Enrolled in the Lake County School District in the Last 6 Years

If you take 1,526 students divided by 6 years—that equals an average of 254 new students per year.

Here is your algebra problem for the day:

If the Lake County School District has 8,910 unused student stations and they are onlyaveraging 254 new students per year, how many years of student stations do they have available?  To get your answer, take 8,910 unused student stations divided 254 (average number of new students per year), which equals 35 years when rounded.

These pesky facts get in the way, and now you have the School Board members disowning and making excuses for their own numbers that they reported to the state of Florida.  They are making more excuses than a politician caught with a prostitute and a bag of pot.

By law, the Lake County School Board should not be charging school impact fees, because they cannot justify them.  Frankly, the real problem is they have the overabundance of 8,910 student stations in all the wrong places.  Their only solution is to bus kids to the empty student stations, or ask the voters from the area where they want new schools to approve a school bond—a special tax assessment for their area.

This is what happens when you give government officials millions of dollars in tax money with no accountability.

In our view, there is a real case for new homeowners to file a class action lawsuit against the Lake County School District for a refund of school impact fees that have been overpaid over the last few years.  It appears they have knowingly misrepresented the facts.

How can you expect our children to learn simple math when our School Board members and the  administration can’t do it?

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3 Responses to “Lake County School Board Members Can’t Do Math”

  1. Name gianni says:

    It seems that you can’t trust any politicians. They seem to be so corrupt and only filling there pockets at the expense of the pee-on tax payers This whole country is going to hell and nobody cares. Where is Harry Truman when you need him?

  2. Name says:

    George H. W. Bush, cited in the June, 1992 Sarah McClendon Newsletter
    1992 – George Herbert Walker Bush quote cited by White House reporter, Sarah McClendon when she asked him about the Iran-Contra – “If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched.”

    George Walker Bush shortly after September 11, 2001 – “you can fool some of the people all of the time and those are the ones we need to concentrate on.”

    And just think former governor Jeb Bush appointed and/ or anointed a lot of our local so called politicians and judges. Why, he even “endorsed” former State Senator Carey Baker for Property Appraiser over Ed Havill who had been our property appraiser since 1977 – with just FOUR words – “I will support you!”

    Why has Jeb Bush spent so much of his time creating programs to manipulate education? His charter school movement – he had the first charter school in Florida located in Liberty City – costing the taxpayers millions of dollars before he finally filed for bankruptcy. Now is charter school movement is almost totally dominated by the Gulen Charter Schools scattered throughout the US – the largest muslim school organization in the world – operating right here in the USA – many using what is supposed to be our public school buildings and taking operation money right out of our school board budgets without any oversight of their operations by those school boards! People need to get their heads back into the daylight!

  3. Jebco says:

    Florida recently made the list of most corrupt states. Lake County certainly helped contribute to that dubious distinction. It takes well researched articles such as this to hopefully enlighten conscious voters to the tactics of those engaged in politics that directly affect the amount of taxes we are being forced to pay.

    Do not be duped by those in positions of power who perceive the average voter as those who are ignorant of the truth behind this and other important issues which directly affect you and your family. They truly are masters of illusion. Vote NO on the penny sales tax.

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