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The South Lake School District

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The South Lake School District

School Board Member District 3 Marc Dodd (on the left) and
School Board Member District 1 Bill Mathias (on the right)

Mathias Says South Lake County
Controls School Board 

At the Lake County School Board meeting on August 10, 2015, members will vote on whether to put a referendum on the November ballot, asking voters to change from the current at-large elections for School Board members to single-member district elections.  At-large School Board members are elected by all voters in the county, and this opens the door to influence peddling by people from other districts through campaign contributions and transplanting candidates.  Our group believes that representation should be within the district—we support single-member district elections (electing School Board members only in their respective districts).  We support the referendum.

The Lake County School District should be renamed the South Lake School District because most of the attention, money, and efforts are being made to schools in South Lake County.  Currently, you have School Board members who are supposed to be representing districts in the northern areas ignoring the needs of their schools and voters.

This is not our view—this is School Board Member District 1 Bill Mathias’s view.  At the last School Board meeting Mathias said, “How well do you really represent your district? The political environment is South Lake County gets out, they vote, and they control this board. If you are not liked in South Lake, you don’t get elected.  End of the story.”

School Board Member District 3 Marc Dodd, who represents Clermont south to Four Corners, made a stunning admission in a Daily Commercial article when he said, “This has come about because there is a segment of our population that is not feeling represented.  The School Board members elected from their district are not fighting for their needs and so a single member district could potentially correct that.  On the flipside, you also want to make sure you have a model in place where the School Board members have the best interest of the county as a whole.”

Okay, let us translate Dodd’s statement for you.

The “segment of our population” Dodd refers to is code for minorities whose children are stuck in the failing schools in North Lake County.  Right now, Leesburg, Fruitland Park, and Lady Lake need a strong School Board member that advocates for them and not South Lake County.

When Dodd says, “The School Board members elected from their district are not fighting for their needs…” he unwittingly speaks the truth again.  The schools in North Lake County are decaying on many levels, yet the headlines and actions of the northern School Board members are always on what can be done in South Lake County.

Consider the huge economic challenges being faced in North Lake County, yet these School Board members voted unanimously to raise school impact fees to the highest cost in the state of Florida, despite there not being any new school needs in North Lake County.  The area where most of Lake County’s working families live and work, these northern School Board members voted to hurt their own constituency.  There is absolutely no reason why School Board members—Stephanie Luke, Roseanne Brandeburg, and Debbie Stivender—should have supported higher school impact fees when South Lake County can vote on a school bond referendum to build schools in their district.  Essentially, they are forcing North Lake County taxpayers to pay for South Lake County schools.

Finally, Dodd says, “You also want to make sure you have a model in place where the School Board members have the best interest of the county as a whole.”  He is talking about South Lake County—what is in the best interest of his district.

School Board Member District 1 Bill Mathias is correct, it is about the cost of running a countywide campaign, but more importantly it is about representing your constituents.  Do the people of Leesburg want South Lake County politicians deciding who will represent Leesburg?  Under the current system, there is little chance a minority that truly represents the interest of his or her community in Leesburg will ever be elected to the Lake County School Board.

The following is a breakdown of the Lake County School Board members, their district, and a quick description of their district’s geography.  Ask them this one question, “Who do you really represent?”  It will be curious to see which School Board members fear the voters of their district by voting against allowing the referendum be put on the ballot.  Let the people decide what’s best—not the politicians.

District 1—Bill Mathias—South Leesburg, Groveland, Mascotte

District 2—Rosanne Brandeburg—Lady Lake, Leesburg, Fruitland Park

District 3—Marc Dodd—Clermont down to southern county line

District 4—Debbie Stivender—Tavares, Mount Dora, Astatula, Howey-in-the-Hills

District 5—Stephanie Luke—Eustis, Umatilla, North Lake County

On November 3, 2015, Vote Against the Infrastructure Sales Surtax Referendum(Penny Sales Tax Renewal), because the ordinance is badly written, and you don’t want to give the politicians a blank check.  Let’s make them do it right—the ordinance should only be used for new schools, roads, and utilities while protecting Lake County taxpayers and workers.

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5 Responses to “The South Lake School District”

  1. Ed Zackery says:

    “I never see a comment in the news by Commissioner Stephanie Luke. Does she ever voice an opinion on ANYTHING?”

    Please be patient, she is in training to learn to read her teleprompter. Just as soon as she is trained in that art – she will be allowed to speak! Funny how the LCSB Public Information Officer Chris Patton moved on the greener pastures, huh?

    Remember Patton was PIO for the Lake County Board of County Commissioner’s before he went to the School Board.

    It seems Patton became “disgruntled” with the goings on around the county commission and made some remarks regarding same. Insiders said he was going to “blow the whistle”
    on something.
    But, the untouchable god father aka tax collector Bob McKee come along and offered him the job as Public INformation Officer for the Lake County School Board and saved the day!

    Is Lake County government a good place to work? You bet it is if you are in the right “clique!”

    But if you’re on the outside looking in and paying all these taxes, fee’s and other scheme’s to defraud the public – you might not think Lake is such a wonderful place to live.

    There is something to be said alright for the county that is jammed right in between Mickey Mouse on one end and the states largest waiting room for judgement day on the other end!

  2. PREPARATION H , Lake County Politicians “choice” for temporary relief of those pesky bloggers.

  3. Ben Dover says:

    This is more complicated than you think! They need to hire a text book Czar because they have to have someone locally to oversee such things as the Bush family owned Pearson Publishing’s Prentice Hall “New World History” textbooks that glorify the life of Muhammad while almost totally forgetting to mention Jesus Christ! And then don’t forget every student “must” read the 1970 book by Toni Morrison titled “the Bluest Eye” by their junior year. Can’t be readying the students to be ready for the New World Order world without fully indoctrination into all lifestyles so as they can make their own lifestyle choices – that is for everything but the Christian Religion. The New World Order also demands a one world religion and three guesses [the first two don’t count] as to what the chosen religion is! Remember that other brother Neil? He was the one who with a little help almost singled handedly destroyed the Savings and Loans Associations throughout the US effectively placing all home loan finance right into the hands of the Federal Reserve Wall Street Banksters. Well for a while Neil was partners in an educational scam with the first retired Pope in modern history – now Neil Bush, his mother and father along with one of their Saudi Prince friends and a Russian mobster all joined together to create IGNITE LEARNING!. Effectively collecting millions and millions of free federal dollars from George Walker Bush’s No child Left Behind Act. That was originally created to award the states for jumping on Common Core [created by and copyrighted by Jeb Bush and his Republican governor’s Assn.] without asking any stupid questions. As Nancy Pelosi said “we have to pass it before we read it!” that scheme to defraud was working pretty well but that Bush brother from another mother “Barry O’Bush not only had to finish pumping billions into the Wall Street bailouts for Brother “Dubya” he had to create another scheme to award more states for jumping on Common Core called Race To the Top! Now all the Republicans who have had their noses so far up you know whose behind are trying to convince everyone that Obama invented Common Core. No wonder Donald Trump has spent less than two million bucks and turned the illusion of two political parties – Republican-Democrat into a tizzy. With Trump in the race to two parties can’t stand there and blame each other for what they are all doing. Hey, America has no doubt got the laziest human beings on earth. Millions have bee rewarded, some for centuries for doing nothing but being a pain in someone else’s rear end. God Forbid, if and when the bubble ever bursts it will be survival of the fittest – just like WW2 millions will die of starvation, but this time it will be because the local fast food “joints” are closed, not just for lack of unprepared foods, but because millions are to stupid to even boil water.
    As for the blogger that thinks the school board needs a business –person to run the system; we have a business person who “ruins the school system already! Well at least a “Monkey Business” person that is. Remember when Dr. Susan Getford Moxley and (then) School Board Chairman Jimmy “the mouth” Conner had lunch with the self anointed untouchable god father aka Tax Collector Bob McKee and he “donated” Moxley that office space on the fifth floor of the historical courthouse? Now it seems McKee has “donated the old courthouse to his buddy the sheriff! Remember when McKee’s “chosen contractor” Domenico Scorpio was PPI aka CPPI out of Gainesville? They built the parking garage and the latex paint wore off the directional arrows in two months! And something about some sub-contractor money problems at the Minneola School construction.
    Well man, easy come, easy go. Lake County Schools might have enough student space to last 35 years, but the friends of the friends who “ruin” Lake County can’t share the wealth until they get the cash flow flowing.
    Beside that, we have thousands of new homes in the planning stages for south Lake County now that the Bush boys Saudi friends have acquired so much land around their Villa City project. Humm, why do you think Jimmy “the mouth” and his fellow mobsters voted down the Cemex sand mining request and settle in for a another lawsuit they’ll have to fix? Because they already know the Saudi’s will be bringing their own sand and cement with them and they being hauling it inland on our government owned railroads called CSX. “They” have been working for the last couple of years not only on the tracks but the bridges as well. Is Lake County and USA a great place to live? You bet it is! But, it would be even better if Jeb hadn’t run all of the hog farmers out of the state to make way for his Saudi friends. Stay tuned, remember the opera ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings!

  4. Name says:

    Now I see where the school superintendent wants to hire a Text Book Czar for about $64K. This will compliment the Class Size Czar. What the tax payers need is a business person to run the school system.

  5. Name says:

    I never see a comment in the news by Commissioner Stephanie Luke. Does she ever voice an opinion on ANYTHING?

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