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Bye…For Now

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Since 2007, “Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C.” has been a leading voice in Lake County seeking to promote economic growth,  jobs, and common sense among local politicians.  For more than four years, The Right Side of the Lake has been distributed via email and website postings at least twice weekly with outstanding success. More importantly, the website with its 6,700 plus comments has become a sounding board for those who feel disenfranchised by the political process.  Thousands of people read The Right Side of the Lake weekly, and we are truly grateful.

However, opportunities in different areas offer new ways to serve, and we have made the decision to discontinue The Right Side of the Lake newsletter and accompanying website.  The decision is based solely on the ability to resource time and effort–nothing more.

Here are just a few pieces of advice we would like to share with our readership before we go:

  • You should support politicians who put Lake County’s citizens first.  There are too many politicians in office today who have no loyalty to taxpayers.  Thousands of local citizens could have been employed if local government projects went to local companies.
  • Over the next couple of years, the lack of money in local government is going to get a lot of people crossways with one another as priorities are determined.  Attend government meetings and fight for what you believe is important.
  • The Lake County School District is under performing in many areas, and the people and our children deserve much better.  The District’s callousness when hiring out-of-county vendors and contractors is an insult to every taxpayer.  This is the reason why the one-cent sales tax should be voted down, as well as any property tax increases.
  • Don’t ever believe the nonsense that growth doesn’t pay for itself.  When a house or commercial building is constructed on a piece of raw land, property taxes jump by ten-fold plus for perpetuity.  This Great Recession has taught everyone that growth is needed in order to survive.  If you have doubts, just ask the people of Detroit how the no-growth thing is working for them.
  • When good politicians are elected to office they are corrupted by a system which gives too much deference to staff.  As an elected official, the staff is to offer honest advice and information; however, too many times local officials allow staff to make decisions.  Listen to the people more and staff less for economic growth.
  • Finally, Lake County, its cities, and the School District do not have a revenue problem; rather, they have a spending problem.  The citizens of Lake County should not accept any rationale for a tax hike, especially impact fees, which are merely a scheme to tax a minority of people.

We would like to thank all of our readers and we hope that the information we provided over the years has made a difference.

We wish all the best to Lake County and hope that over the next few years good economic times will come to all.

Good bye…for now.

The Right Side of the Lake is a publication of Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C.

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