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Influence Peddling at School District The Veil of Secrecy

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In Tuesday’s column, we presented a disturbing picture of influence peddling, and the withholding of public information by officials within the Lake County School Board and the Educational Foundation of Lake County, Inc. in regards to a private dinner last October with Lake County School Board members, staff, and contractors doing business with the Lake County School District. The story now continues.

A source who attended the private party claims the representative of a large contracting company, who does business with the school district and county, stood up and made a toast to Lake County School District staff congratulating them on how easy it is to do business in Lake County.  Another contractor at the table then seconded the toast. That toast exposed the real purpose of the party. This was no mere social event; rather, it was all business, with the intent to influence school district staff and School Board members.

A huge indicator of this intention is the invitation extended to School Board Member Bill Mathias. Mathias had just been elected to the School Board and had not yet taken office when he was invited to the party. We believe it was to expose him to the financial influence of these big named companies. Clearly, he would not have been invited had he lost the election.

Information developed, which shows School Board Member Jim Miller viewed this private party as an opportunity to solicit money from these big contracting companies to fund a campaign to have the one-cent sales tax re-implemented. When we asked Miller about the issue, he said, “No, but I have thought that they would be prime suspects to help fund a campaign, as they were 12 years ago.  I haven’t yet been able to meet with Debbie about having a campaign.”  When we pressed the issue, Miller stated, “If I brought it up (I don’t think I did), it is because my mind is always working and the idea popped into my head. I did not ask anyone for money that night. I haven’t asked anyone for money for the penny yet. We don’t even know if we are going to make a run at it yet. The SB and BCC aren’t exactly in lock step. Since then, I have talked of soliciting the guy from CPPI as he gives $25,000 to the foundation golf tourney every year.

Miller’s comments that these out-of-town companies were the source of money when the one-cent sales tax was passed in 2002 could suggest the reason why they have been awarded so many contracts by the school district and county. Has the awarding of contracts by the county and school district been done through a staff process of “wink-wink” for the money they donated to get this one-cent sales tax passed?

We suggested to Miller that the entire dinner and circumstances with CPPI had a bad odor.  He responded, “This last election Rosanne got $500.00 from the CPPI guy and he already had her votes.  My guess is that $500 was more against me because I wanted to pull the plug on building Eustis Heights Elementary. The majority of our board basically follows staff’s recommendations.  I spent two years beating my head against that wall.”

The public records in the Lake County Supervisor of Elections Office confirms a $500.00 donation to Rosanne Brandeburg’s campaign on October 20, 2012 from the John Carlson Trust (Carlson is a principal officer of CPPI). That was approximately two weeks after the private dinner party. It appears at least one other contributor to her campaign (maybe more) was also at the dinner party.

Miller also said, “I agree CPPI may get more than their share, but my guess is that is because staff prefers and recommends them. Debbie is working at changing this.  Parker, having two of his underlings voting on the committee gives him a formidable voting block.”  That statement is very disturbing.  It suggests there is a role of money and influence inside the school district.  It confirms what we have been saying for a long time, the selection process in Lake County for vendors and contractors is biased, if not corrupt.

The Veil of Secrecy 

There may have been others at the private party financially and politically linked to the school district but a veil of secrecy surrounds the names of those in attendance.  The toast at the private dinner, along with the attendees and their relationships to the Educational Foundation of Lake County, Inc. appear to be very troubling at best.  The foundation is a quasi government 501(c)(3) corporation, which raises money for the direct benefit of Lake County Schools and resides in an office provided by the school district.  The foundation reports its finances to the Lake County School Board and must submit an audited Financial Statement to the Board. Carman Cullen-Batt is the Foundation’s Executive Director and maintains a Lake County School District email address.

However, when we made a public records request to the Educational Foundation of Lake County, Inc. for a list of contractors attending the private party and list of donors to the foundation, we were told they are a “private” foundation and are not, therefore, subject to the Florida Government-in-Sunshine Law. The foundation used both their lawyer and accountant to beat back our attempts in transparency, citing IRS protections. We believe this is an attempt to shield vendors who do business with the school district and donate monies directly to the foundation on behalf of the district.

We appealed to Lake County Schools Superintendent Dr. Susan Moxley to force the Educational Foundation of Lake County, Inc. to disclose the list of attendees at the party and the list of donors to the foundation, but she said, “this was not a Lake County School Board record” essentially hiding behind the foundation.  Even though the foundation must report its finances to the district and the foundation is housed on district property, Superintendent Moxley claimed she was powerless.

In 2012, The Educational Foundation of Lake County, Inc. received $183,519.00 in direct financial support from the Lake County School District.  According to the foundation’s financial 2012 year end audit, the group had $1,049,125.00 in revenues with assets of $3,703,928.00.

Here is the unbelievable part.  All of this money is funneled through the foundation and given back to the school district from anonymous donors who are protected by  (or “the”) foundation, which is now subject to Florida’s Sunshine Law.  The School Board is given a non-detailed audit, which means they have no idea what is going on with the donors or the money.

Is this another reason why out-of-town contractors and other vendors are securing school district contracts because they are giving to the foundation?  Does donating to the Educational Foundation of Lake County, Inc. equate to access and priority consideration when doing business with the Lake County School District?

The Superintendent, School Board, and taxpayers of Lake County should demand that the name and donation amount of all donors, which do business directly or indirectly with the school district, be disclosed in the yearly audit.  The State Attorney’s Office has already advised the Educational Foundation of Lake County, Inc.’s attorney that the group is now subject to Florida’s Sunshine Law.  It is time they put down their IRS shield when it comes to a conflict of interest.

This entire scenario also indicates the people of Lake County were scammed by the one-cent sales tax initiative.  Now might be the time to defund government and put that penny back in our pockets instead of the pockets of out-of-county vendors and contractors!

We support the goals of the Educational Foundation of Lake County, Inc., and their quest for private donations, but there must be transparency.  In our view, any company or person affiliated or related to a company doing business with the Lake County School District who donates to the Foundation should be disclosed.

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17 Responses to “Influence Peddling at School District The Veil of Secrecy”

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  2. The website FREEDOM OUTPOST has an excellent article titled “Obama’s Dream Come True – Nationalizing Education.”

    By following the implementation thought the National Governors Association, NGA Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers one can learn now this monstrosity was developed and manipulated through the system with the connections of all parties involved becoming very apparent. While they might call this “Obama’s Dream Come True” the evidence proves the movement was long ago started by Jeb Bush and his minions by using the governor’s association to accomplish the goal he could not then get congress to establish.

    The copyright ensures that the standards will be the same throughout the nation, creating a de-facto national curriculum. Therefore it is an Obamacare like creation which will demand all or nothing when implemented.

    When you do the roll call and see who all is present and on the same common core bandwagon. It is then easy to see who all is really in bed together.

    For your children’s sake educate yourselves so you can keep the right to educate your children.

  3. COMMON CORE is OBAMACARE for the NATIONAL EDUCATION movement. Remember just two weeks ago Gov Rick Scott announced Florida was not going to follow the Common Core testing standards?

    Every since he made that statement Florida DOE Pam Stewart has been traveling the state announcing Common Core like Obamacare is the law of the land and here to stay. She says we are already three years into implementation of some of Common Core.

    Does anyone really listen to those silly commercials? Well if you do you will see one sponsored by EXXON MOBILE chanting the praises of COMMON CORE and saying it has already been accepted by 45 states. What they fail to tell us is most of these states now smell Common Core for the rat it is. The New World Order oligarchs pushing their Communist-Nazi like programming- training on the youth of America.

    When a majority of the American people does not want Obamacare all we hear is it is the law of the land and Obama got reelected. What we don’t hear is what the majority of the American people want does not matter to the quasi dictatorship and so called officlals. Their goals come first to hell with the American people. They intend to take our children and prepare them for a New World Order that most American’s with brains don’t want any part of either.

    There is no right and their is no left! What there is is an organization that has totally usurped the power of the American people from the voting booths, formerly so called representatives represent themselves and the oppressors they have slowly taken away parents power to have any say so over their own children and their future by intervention of government organizations The Fl Depart of Children and Families under their lies that “it is for the good of the children.

    The truth is they don’t give a flip about our children. All they give a flip about is we allow them to control our children so they can mold this nation into their New World Order.

    Ask yourself one question. What in the hell does EXXON MOBILE “an oil company” have to do with promoting COMMON CORE? If it is so wonderful and 45 states have already signed on to it why are they still trying to hard to sell the American people on it?

    Let your mind wander back in time. Remember when Richard (Rick) Lynn Scott was a Dallas, Texas Oil and Hospital lawyer with the firm Johnson & Swanson which was the largest law firm in Dallas at that time. A major client of Rick Scott was Tom Hicks of HM Capital Partners?

    In identifying the economic and ideological interests of Bush’s donors, researchers kept coming across large contributors who became known as the “Bush Profiteers.” Many of these Bush Profiteers are :

    Corporate welfare kings who derived a portion of their personal wealth from the taxpayers; or
    Donors who appear to have an interest in taking the regulatory cops off the beat.

    In fact, many large Bush donors straddle both camps, seeming to want the government off their backs—except when it is giving them taxpayers’ money. The ranks of the Bush Profiteers include corporate welfare kings, snake oil salesmen, money launderers, tax evaders, tort dodgers, tobacco hacks and toxic waste dumpers.

    The following Bush Profiteer profiles cite the total amount of money that the Profiteers contributed to Bush’s two gubernatorial campaigns (some totals include the contributions of nuclear family members).

    Tom & R. Steven Hicks (Dallas): $146,000
    Tom Hicks is a corporate raider at Hicks Muse Tate & Furst (other name partners gave George W. Bush $58,000). He made GWB’s fortune when he bought the Texas Rangers for $250 million in ’99. After GWB’s election, UT Regents set up the University of Texas Investment Management Co. and made Hicks chair; lucrative UT investment contracts then flowed to firms tied to Hicks and his brother, who headed Capstar Broadcasting.

    And let us never forget Richard (Rick) Lynn Scott was partners with George W. Bush in the Texas Rangers. He is also partners with Jeb Bush in some south American hospitals.

    Doesn’t his remind us of how Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich spent his days as governor. He passed much of his time at his home, ordering two state-paid workers to research future high-paying jobs for him. The secret recordings revealed that the plotting was constant.

    But the real clicker was none of these criminals knew each other. Barack Obama was an Illinois State Senator and Rod Blagojevich didn’t know him, even though he was trying to sell his senate seat!

    Rick Scott using $70 million of somebody’s money he claimed was his own bought his way in to the governor’s office. Just like Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, he didn’t know anybody!

    He started his career with his momma and his donut shops. He and his corrupt friends stole million upon millions of taxpayers dollars with their medicare schemes. Protected from prosecution by his connections and friendships with George and Jeb Bush and their hospital and oil friends.

    You can’t make this stuff up! The paper trail always catches up to these criminals sooner or later. The problem is they have usually got what they wanted and moved on by that time.

    So what does Exxon Mobile care about Common Core? They care about their ongoing common criminal empire with all their well connected friends. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours!

  4. How to Report Someone Posing as a Military Officer (Riker) @ October 6, 2013 at 10:22 pm

    Who do we contact if we want to report someone for impersonating a human being?

    In Riker’s case that would be more fitting. He wouldn’t make a pimple on a slick sleeve recruit’s rear end let alone an Army Officer. lol

  5. Name WHY? says:

    Why does is seem there is their law everywhere except Lake County?

    Polk County judges go to jail for fixing time cards for their employee. Their state attorney investigates the allegations and in his report names names whose doing who and whose doing what.
    Lakeland Police Department sexual scandals so many uncovered the same state attorney plans to investigate the chief of police for malfeasance of office if nothing else.
    Marion County Florida. A married man running for sheriff was caught red handed running around on his wife. Just so happened he was also the number two man at the sheriff’s office at the time. He was made to resign from his job and drop out of the sheriff’s race even though he had already won the Republican primary in 2012. Disgraced, fired and run out of town on a rail for “adultery.”
    Now we see startling revelations regarding the Duval County Public Defender. Action news is digging through thousands of emails recently released from the office of Public Defender Matt Shirk.
    Actions news started making public records requests back in July 2013 following inappropriate behavior by Shirk towards some of his young female staffers.
    But in Lake County Florida as for those young female staffers when they start swelling in the middle they just take a leave of absence until the swelling goes down. Then they come back like nothing happened.
    And then over at the sheriff’s office all those young male deputies have to have a personal lunch with the sheriff and maybe a few dinners as well in order to get those promotions and raises. It is amazing how many young men Borders can interview every week.
    They don’t have to worry about the media pulling emails and making public records requests around here. We don’t have any “Actions news” around here, all we have in inaction news.
    You can hardly blame the females; they get tired of running from the chief. As for the males about the only one not scared of this bunch is Brant Peterson and if you notice he usually keeps his back to a wall.

  6. It was the great know it all robo blogger himself that when his friend Gary Borders was reelected sheriff in 2012 announced “The voters got it, if it’s not broke don’t fix it, if you have a great sheriff don’t place him.” (He probably meant REPLACE instead)

    Guess they feel the same way with Emogene Stegall.

    Some people don’t know nothing; she don’t even suspect anything when it comes to how they control the optical scanners right under her nose. It is not even detectable by computer experts!

    Ms. Stegall is a fine lady. Funny how she thought her predecessor was much to old to be holding that job and Stegall said her former boss was keeping all the office cash receipts and only turning in the checks. Just imagine if someone could do that way back then what they could do today.

    Ms. Stegall is nothing more than a figure head of the office of supervisor of elections. The operations are actually run by he second in command Jerry Foster. Close friends with Sheriff Borders – need we say more? And yes the underground tunnel where they store the absentee ballots before they run them through the optical scanners runs from the sheriff’s office to the back of the supervisor of elections office.

    August 14, 2012 Primary Election- Compare the results of just TWO of the Lake County results.
    Both the Lake Sheriff and the Public Defender had no opposition in the Nov. General Election , so both of these elections were OPEN PRIMARIES – meaning every registered voter in Lake County could vote in these elections.

    Admittedly some people do vote for some candidates and not vote at all in other races.
    The total number of votes cast in the Lake Sheriff’s election in 2012 was…………..……44,431
    The total number of votes cast in the Public Defender’s election (In Lake Co only)…… 40,980
    A Total of 3451 (THREE-THOUSAND AND FIFTY-ONE) more people voted in the Sheriff’s election than voted in the Public Defender’s election in Lake County on August 14, 2012.

    Even though 3451 less people cast their vote in the Public Defenders race than the sheriff’s race the Public Defender candidate Michael Graves received a total of 33,484 votes in his first ever election or 3706 more votes than the man who has been sheriff of Lake County for almost six years!

    Sheriff Gary Borders has his name written on every possible sign and everything owned by the Lake taxpayers and under his authority with enough space for his name received a total of 29,778 votes.

    The inventor of the vote fixer software Clint Curtis admits one of the problems with the program is since the codes are set for the target candidate or issue at hand by percentage of the votes cast it is possible in some cases to have a total of more votes cast than actual registered voters in the precinct. Diebold operates there own vendor vote fixing services in some counties.

    Originally the standard I a two person race was set at 51% to 49% for the winner. But winners got greedy and wanted not just to win the races but to receive enough votes to declare a mandate from the people. As with Obama every time we turn around we hear “we had an election and Obama won.” We have seen the exact same comments applied to those who dare tell the truth about Gary Borders and his cronies.

    Perhaps the most publicized (except for the lame stream media) voter discrepancies revealed in the 2012 elections come from St Lucie County, Florida where in November they garnered a historical 141% voter turnout. Gertrude Walker the Supervisor of Elections said “she had no idea why turnout was so incredibly high. She was flabbergasted, saying, “We’ve never seen that here.” And then there was that little “6,000 votes mysteriously “shifted” from Mr. West to his challenger.”

    11/10/2012 – St. Lucie County, Fl – Out of 175,554 registered voters, 247,713 vote cards were cast in St. Lucie County, Florida on Tuesday. Barack Obama won the county.

    When faced with the astronomical figures, Gertrude Walker, Supervisor of Elections for St. Lucie County, said she had no idea why turnout was so incredibly high. She was flabbergasted, saying, “We’ve never seen that here.”

    Coincidentally (or not), St. Lucie County is also in Allen West’s district, where 6,000 votes mysteriously “shifted” from Mr. West to his challenger.

    Guess of Richard Riker the robo blogger is right after all “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    As with the case of the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections. It is hard to replace someone so talented they can stand before the public even when they are “flabbergasted” when 72,159 more people voted than St. Lucie County has registered voters and say “she had no idea why turnout was so incredibly high.”

    The problem is most of the citizens are as dumb as she is and they can’t see anything wrong either. They just believe the hard working politicians got the voters out to vote in record numbers. The problem is the record numbers out number the number registered to vote!
    The only so called “left wing” bloggers on this site are the “aggressive republicans” like ‘Riker. Some call them RINO’s. Call them what you like but when you have people like former Florida Governor Jeb Bush going around the nation pushing his Common Core New World Order training for our youth while at the same time pushing charter school takeovers some of which are Muslim owned and managed (Guelen) Houston, we have a problem!

    And if you think the so called “left” is going to solve this problem think again because it is run by exactly the same string pullers as the so called “right.” Politics got us into this mess and it will never get us out until we can have honest elections. Jimmy Carter might have been the worst president in American history before Obama come along, but he once went to Haiti to insure they had fair, free and honest elections. You don’t see him sucked up to Obama like the Clinton’s and the Bush’s do you? He knows full well they are not going to ask him to perform the same task here in America.

  7. Impersonating an Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine officer is a serious offense that is punishable by law. If you have witnessed someone who has committed this offense, it is imperative that you contact the proper authorities immediately. In this case, the proper authorities include the U.S. Army Criminal Investigative Command (CID), which should be called for someone impersonating an Army officer, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), which should be called for someone impersonating an Air Force officer, or the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), which should be called for someone impersonating either a Navy or Marine officer.

  8. With all the eyes on our politicians behavior and all this scrutiny how could our Elections Supervisor Emogene Stegall never be mentioned or caught up in a scandal? Its also an easy question to answer, She has ethics. She does not answer to contractors, always looks out for the best interest of the citizens of Lake County, and as evidenced by her longevity she does not have a bad bone in her body. That is why she gets support from all political parties in Lake County. Not all bloggers on this site believe in the vote rigging conspiracy. I, as many Republicans do, believe if we did not have Emogene Stegall looking out for us that may be a concern.

  9. If all of these allegations regarding our elected officials are correct, and if the allegations regarding the votes being dummied are correct; then why is the only elected official in Lake County that I have never seen smeared or even mentioned in these blogs Emogene Stegall our Supervisor of elections. Could it be that the bloggers on the site are all actually left wing democrats that do not like that Lake County is a right leaning conservative Republican County and so Emogene is their shining light.Just wondering…..

  10. Fred – we the voters did not elect these criminals to their offices. We know it is practically impossible for good, honest, moral people to accept the fact that their votes do not count, but they do not. Google vote fixing. In one state a county elected official was locked out of his office by Diebold for standing up against the vote counts on the Diebold voting machines. An elected official literally thrown out of his office by a private vote counting vendor. Google Clint Curtis who invested the vote fixer software for Tom Feeney and Jeb Bush.

    This is not more “bovine droppings” this is the cold hard facts. The people who run everything from the dark side do not want honest qualified people to run and when they do they will usually lose and if they somehow get elected they will take them out one way or another.

    They control the vote count with the optical scanners that can be programmed to select their candidate of choice. They claim there is a law in place that forbids anyone to look at the paper ballots or recount them once they have been counted by the machine.

    Look at just the governors race back in 2010 and look at how is is shaping up for 2014.

    The GOP refused to support a primary in 2010 and at a news conference in Orlando Jim Greer announced Bill McCollum was the only authorized candidate for governor. They refused to support Charles Bronson and a primary to chose between the two.

    Apparently there was some discord over Bill McCollum and Jeb Bush and his gang slipped their old Dallas Oil and hospital lawyer friend in the race with $70 million of his own money to by the governors office.

    Sorry, but honest people can not survive in politics. They either sell their souls to the company store or they make them go away one or the other.

  11. Name Fred says:

    You are missing the biggest thing. Go back and look at all former board members. You may find more ? Donations. The only way you change this is at the voting both. We need qualified people to run. It is time for voters to learn what that means, qualified.

  12. Moxley’s response was outrageous. She seems to forget who she works for. There are all kinds of Doctorate Degrees I take hers is not in common sense. If she believed that it was a private dinner meeting then it was not a public information request and she could have answered the questions directly. If it was not a private dinner party then it may have been a public records request. She cant have it both ways. Since she felt it was a public information request then it would indicate it was a public meeting and a violation of the open meetings act. Accepting gifts from Contractors that you awarded contracts to is prohibited, this event was non other an attempt reward the school for awarding them the contract and many more to come. As is the thousands of dollars that these companies donate to the candidates that are for sale such as Jimmy Conner. I have to say I’m truly impressed with Tod Howards response.

  13. Our local media is letting us down.:

    There was a time when these types of stories would make the mainstream media. The reporters were on the front line confronting our political leaders helping to keep them honest.

    Reporters use to report the news, not put an editorial slant on each story and only cover the stories that meet their editorial slant. We granted them Freedom of the Press in our Constitution so that they could be the protector of the people, so that they could get the truth. In Lake County our reporters have let us down. They, for whatever reason are afraid to seek the truth. The Freedom of the Press that we granted them is not being used and it shows by the low readership in Lake County. You want your readership to improve, start using that freedom of the press and write for your readership..

    1, Ask the School Board about the meeting, what did their meal cost, was it free, what was discussed at the dinner?
    2, Did the Contractors donate money to your campaign?
    3. Mr. Mathias what made you uncomfortable that caused you to leave the meeting?
    4. Mr. Miller what drugs were you on that caused you to forget the names of the guy from CPPI that fed you that night?

    There are so many questions that the people of Lake County would like to hear the truth about. And when your done asking about the School Board Contractor Appreciation Dinner, ask the Lake County Commission about the Garbage deal and policy on collecting money from contractors. Next, ask the Sheriff to comment the sexual harassment of his young male deputies he has been repeatedly accused of.

    Start acting like a newspaper reporter or hire a reporter that is not afraid to do the job.

  14. This is a critical time in our nation’s history. Citizen’s of the United States of America have perhaps only one last opportunity to stand together to inform not only the Obama administration but all their cronies as well who take advantage of the lawless nation we have become that we are a free people and will not tolerate tyranny and despotism and ultimately their slaves.

    What every American citizen does from the city halls, county commissions and school board officials within the next two months will shape our country for generations to come. US Citizens will either remain silent and march head downwards into oppression with the likes of Common Core and other initiatives created by the one world government movement; or, Citizen’s of the United States will stand up, be counted and demand our governments local, state and national be held accountable for their tyrannical, despotic, unconstitutional, oppressive, illegal, immoral, unethical and deplorable actions.

    Florida and other states have systematically removed moral, ethical members of the law enforcement communities over the last several years. Recently the FDLE arrested the Liberty County, Fl Sheriff who was just elected in 2012 for his stand on the constitution. Governor Rick Scott suspended Sheriff Nick Finch and replaced him with a retired FDLE Agent.

    Recently a police authority in Louisiana was granted a court order to shut down a website which was created and ,manned by former disgruntled police officers to expose the crimes and corruption within a police agency. The disgruntled former officers appealed the order and an appellate court over turned the order citing their right to free speech in the USA.

    Police agencies and sheriff’s departments all over the USA are said to be on the moral decline so much that the good, moral, honest employee’s are fed up with what the see and quiet naturally the good has to go to make way for the slimy, immoral rats preferred by the leaders of this modern movement of social destruction.

    Many people believe the placements of immoral perverts like Sheriff Gary Borders into positions of high authority such as sheriff’s etc. has long been the plan so as to have in place when they declare Marshall Law only those whose allegiance is to the government and not the people.

    People like Glen Beck have been telling the American Citizens this for more than five years now and the recent minor 17% shutdown of the federal government some fell will escalate the movement.

    Meanwhile they steal the taxpayers blind and pull off there schemes knowing full well they are untouchable because their is no real law against public officials stealing all they can get.

    It ain’t politics! How can anyone call it politics when they control the system. They recruit their own, the elect their own and they lie for and cover up the crimes of their own.

    Call it what it is Public Corruption. If they were honest they would have nothing to hide! They would be proud to open their books. On a public records request audit through Lake County last year the goo roo of public records requests was forced to file lawsuits against the Sheriff’s Office and the County Manager’s Office for failure to obey the Public Records laws of Florida. Why? Because they can’t cover up their crimes fast enough to keep an intelligent person from catching them, that’s why. And they don’t care if it cost the taxpayers more money to cover up their crimes!

  15. This influence peddling in Lake County has been going on for years. It soured out of sight not only here buy statewide during the Jeb Bush days in the governor’s office. At present we have just another Bush stand in called Rick Scott in the office who continues to turn his head to this corruption or demand any directives of the statewide grand jury report be enforced.

    Those interested parties should go back and look up the request for proposals on the South Tavares Campus. This was after the one cent tax had been reaffirmed by the voters. At the time it was called PPI (now it is CPPI) Domenico Scorpio. Funny how none of these guys can remember that name.

    This was a Bob McKee brainstorm which he wanted to build down near Lake Idamere which would have relocated every government facility in Lake County except the BCC, Lake Jail and the judicial center.

    The cost of this monstrosity would have been in the hundreds of millions if not a billion. . Plus they were calling for a $100 million judicial expansion and about $15-20 million renovations on the existing courthouse along with the $22 million parking garage. At the time they claimed all the constitutional officers had to support the project. Sheriff Knupp did not support it and told Bob McKee face to face in his office he wanted no part of it. Well it wasn’t long before Knupp was gone. Jeb Bush appointed Fred Cobb Sheriff of Lake County in the interim for about ten months and from what we hear he has never heard of the South Tavares Campus.
    Then Sheriff Daniels got elected and he carried the plans under his arm around the officer for weeks on end until one day he looked at some of us and said. “I don’t want any part of this South Tavares Campus thing.” The grand children of the taxpayers of Lake County will be paying for this thing for years to come.

    Then Sheriff Daniels had an accident. I hear tell FDLE Agent Michael Giddens reported some people told him they suspected a conspiracy surrounding that “accident” and then I also hear tell that folks say Michael Giddens lied about that. So who are you supposed to believe? It is obvious Giddens does not have a history of telling the truth.

    The wind up was of course for some reason they did not build all those buildings at the South Tavares Campus. Bob McKee had them push back the parking garage and build the $9 million offices for him and the property appraiser. Ed Havill did not like that and for those who remember he had a little disagreement with Bob McKee who also took it upon himself to buy new furniture for Havill’s new office. It was the Mission Inn Party man Mr. CPPI Domenico Scorpio who pulled the permits to build the McKee – Havill office building and it was Domenico Scorpio who personally signed off on the Certificate of Occupancy for same.

    Garbage deals that have been being worked on for years according the Leslie Campione; somewhere obviously in the middle of the night and can’t be changed. Now we find out that garbage deal landfill belongs to former Citrus County Sheriff and now State Senator Charlie Dean.

    Gov Rick Scott announcing Florida will not be signing on to Common Core last week. This week Florida Education Commissioner Pam Stewart is going around telling everyone Common Core is here to stay. No matter which it is it is pretty obvious that Common Core is New World Order training for our youth. And it is also pretty obvious that the entire Bush family is right in the sack with the democrats with all these things that just seem to be coming from outer space and take more of our rights away from us; but perhaps the greatest rights they are taking away is any say so at all by parents as to what will be called our child’s education.

    This massive government corruption is so big and so organized no matter how hard you try you will never stop it. There are not enough jails to house all these criminals and where would you find any honest judges to give them a fair trial in the first place/

  16. I heard that the dinner cost $5000 a table. Who paid for the tables? How is it that school officials and some elected officials got to attend for free? Why aren’t they disclosing this as a financial gift?

  17. Name says:

    This is a national problem in the way conservative groups have fought to conceal campaign donations from major corporations. It is large enough in scale that there will be little to no chance the foundation will ever be forced to release this information. It’s one of those situations where your party gets exactly what they asked for, corruption.

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