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The Private Dinner with School Officials

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Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, a conservative or a liberal, people realize and agree that government transparency, “Government-In-Sunshine”, is vital to our democracy.  We are going to inform you about possible ethics violations, stonewalling, influence peddling, and the withholding of public information.

Our investigation began when we heard from a source close to the Lake County School Board that a high-ranking school official warned district leaders to not advocate for local contractors because it could be in violation of school policy.  That disturbed us, as it indicates a bias against local contractors and workers.

We began our investigative process by looking at which companies were awarded the building contracts from the School District and determining if the School Board’s decisions were being unfairly influenced.  We believe local contractors and workers can compete with any company in America; if the playing field is level and fair.

The Private Dinner

During a particular conversation about this issue, by happenstance, a comment was made that caught our attention.  It was about a private dinner with large contracting companies and School Board members.  It seems that the Educational Foundation of Lake County, Inc. held a private sponsors’ dinner on October 4, 2012 for the Scott Strong Golf Tournament at Mission Inn Resort & Club.  According to information we obtained directly from those who attended the dinner, it may have been influence peddling at its worst.

So, we emailed each current and former Lake County School Board member and asked if they were invited to the private dinner; if there were any school construction contractors there; if there were discussions with these contractors; and, if there were discussions with any other School Board members.

Here is the summary of the initial responses:

Dr. Tod Howard

I was invited but I did not attend.  I was aware of the sponsors.  I try to keep as much distance between potential contractors and myself as possible.  I would not allow you to buy me so much as a Coke and I am surely not going to sit down to a meal with vendors where I am not being charged.  Dr. Moxley is aware of my concerns regarding the appearance of impropriety.”

Kyleen Fischer 

Yes, I was invited.  I could not attend because of a family member being diagnosed with a critical, potentially life threatening issue.  No, I did not know in advance who would or would not be attending.”

 Bill Mathias

Yes, I was at the dinner.  I was elected, however had not taken office.  Carman called and invited me, I accepted.”  

“My sense is that this is an appreciation dinner for the major sponsors.  I am terrible with names, the president of CPPI, president of Welbro Construction, and I think one other construction management company.  Steve Strong and his wife, Carman and her husband were there.  There were several others associated with the sponsors.”

“From the district, Dr. Moxley, Rosanne Brandenburg, Jim Miller, and me.  I sat next to Dr. Moxley, Rosanne sat across from me, and Jim was at the far end of table.  The dinner was uneventful; it mainly focused on the support of the foundation and education in Lake.”

“I looked around the table and became very uncomfortable with what was going on.  I decided to leave early.”

 Debbie Stivender

“I did not attend the dinner and I did not know who was invited. The dinner was organized by the Educational Foundation as is the golf tournament the next day.”

Jim Miller

“At our end of the table, I sat with Steve Strong and Stephanie Joiner of ESI, Paul and Lisa Jodray (Lisa is my assistant and Steve & Scott’s sister), Mr. Weldon of Allstate(?), and a young couple, who I can’t remember why they were there.  I also met Mr. ?  of CPPI.”

“I remember Rosanne Brandeburg, Bill Mathias, and the superintendent sat with the CPPI guy.  John Davis and Gary Parker may have been there.  Carol McLeod the CFO may have been there.  I am not sure.”

“We didn’t talk about business at our end of the table and I don’t think anyone talked about business at the other end of the table.  I only exchanged pleasantries with my fellow board members.”

Rosanne Brandeburg

She would not respond to our questions.

Dr. Susan Moxley

We asked Lake County School District Superintendent Dr. Susan Moxley about the dinner, whether a public notice had been done, for a list of dinner attendees, and the policy of the School Board when it comes to lobbying by outside contractors.

Dr. Moxley’s response was:

“I have received your email which appears to be a request for public records from Lake County Schools.   In response to your three questions, to the extent they are a request for public records, the response is:

(1) None

(2) None 

(3) None, but School Board Policies can be found on our district website at www.lake.k12.fl.us.”

In our view, the responses from the school officials paint a picture of a private dinner in which access and influence were given to large contracting companies by Lake County School Board members.  Here is what the responses insinuate to us:

  • Dr. Tod Howard’s statement tells us everyone understood this event was wrong and having multiple board members at a private dinner, which was not publically noticed, is a violation of Florida’s Sunshine Law
  • Newly elected, Bill Mathias had not even taken his seat, but the purveyors of influence already wanted access to him.  Mathias wisely left early, as he was not comfortable with the situation.
  • Jim Miller’s initial comments on the dinner seemed innocent; however,  he painted the fullest picture of the private dinner.
  • Debbie Stivender and Kyleen Fischer were quick to point out they did not attend; it appears they want no part of this scandal.
  • Rosanne Brandeburg, School Board Chairwoman at the time, did not respond.  In our opinion, it is fairly evident why–it was wrong for her to attend the private dinner.
  • Most disturbing of all, Dr. Susan Moxley, Superintendent of Lake County Schools, and Carman Cullen of the Educational Foundation of Lake County, Inc. have ignored our repeated requests for a list of attendees at the private dinner.  They have chosen to cover-up this dinner with a veil of secrecy.

We believe this private dinner was a violation of Florida’s Sunshine Law because it was not noticed; it was not open to the public; and multiple Lake County School Board members were in attendance with people doing business with the School District.  The State Attorney’s Office was notified of the matter, and they did not pursue the issue because it would be difficult to determine if actual business was discussed.  However, the State Attorney emailed the Educational Foundation of Lake County, Inc.’s attorney Meredith Kirste the following, “I told her based on this, our office will not pursue any allegation of a possible violation occurring prior to our conversation, however, from this point on they would be held accountable for any violation which they commit.”    We are very disappointed with their decision because if this is not a violation of the Sunshine Law then what is?

Ethical concerns and violations of established School Board policies in regard to lobbying are raised by the attendance of Superintendent Dr. Susan Moxley and staff members of theSchool Districtwho have direct influence on school contracts.

Based on the information Jim Miller supplied, AllState Construction representatives were at the private dinner.  In May 2013, the Lake County School Board awarded AllState Construction the $12.6 million Eustis Heights Elementary renovation project, which initially overcharged on general conditions by $541,116, until our group alerted the public.  Now, we are being told this project will come in almost $2 million more; and, as of this date, we do not know of any local subcontractors being hired for this project.

Most Disturbing

In our May 13, 2013 edition of  The Right Side of the Lake newsletter we printed the following:

In the discussion of Eustis Heights Elementary, School Board Member Rosanne Brandeburg decided she was going to represent the contractors and literally begged Bill Weldon of AllState Construction of Tallahassee to come to the front and defend his company against the attacks of other Board members.  Bill Weldon never asked to speak nor filled out a comment card, but Rosanne Brandeburg demanded he come forward.  This audio clip is an embarrassment because Brandeburg sides against her own Board and the people she represents.

According to former School Board Member Jim Miller, School Board Chairperson Rosanne Brandeburg and Mr. Weldon from AllState Construction of Tallahassee attended this private dinner.

We were not satisfied with the initial responses about the private dinner, so we followed-up with some of the participants and discovered some very disturbing information about the dinner. In the next edition of The Right Side of the Lake, we will continue the saga of this private dinner with school officials.

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13 Responses to “The Private Dinner with School Officials”

  1. Guess they can arrest juveniles when they want too huh?

    According to a lame stream media report an 18 year old boy took a taser to Lake Minneola HS and handed it off to a 17 year old boy who then tasered another boy with it in the locker room.

    They called Lake County Deputy Sheriff’s to the school shortly after 8:30 a.m. !!!!!

    They promptly arrested both boys. The 18 year old went to the Lake jail on $4000. Bond.

    The 17 year old boy was released to his parents. The news media immediately released the names of both of the boys.

    So, first off why did they have to call Deputy Sheriffs to the school? Where was the School Resource deputy at 8:30 AM? Didn’t they say they were going to beef up school security?

    People should not take this act of violence lightly. Barney Fife says “Nip It in the Bud” and it looks like they did.

    But, let your mind wander back in time. November 21, 2009. Five little boys’ ages 12-15 years report to their school administrator that they have been brutally and repeatedly raped over the summer by a 17 year old student. That student had threatened their lives if they told. His acts of violence included inserting a foreign object into their body cavities, and slapping body fluids in their face and bodies. Redacted hand written statements of these victims can be found online.

    The victims immediately identified their attacker who was pictured with Sheriff Borders (a founding board member) on the school flyer – the picture taken during the time frame these brutal attacks were occurring. By the time the victims felt comfortable to report the crimes the 17 year old suspect was going to school and living in Citrus County, Fl.

    Absolutely nothing constructive occurred when these rapes were reported to the sheriff’s office. The school administrator was unemployed within 48 hours of placing the 911 call.

    These victims remained in custody at the school, some even attempting suicide and they covered that up too! Finally on February 3, 2010 new house parents who learned of the plight of these boys were able to get breaking news of these crimes on all local lame stream media outlets. Even then the school had tried to label these new house parents as former disgruntled employees.

    Just four days after the original report the 17 year old rapist friend of Sheriff Borders was pictured at Wet and Wild living it up with his junior class.

    The breaking news was immediately stopped on all networks. (per reporters one of whom was terminated over this issue) According to the report after the breaking news Sheriff Borders sent two detective teams to Citrus County on February 4, 2010 to interview the rapist.

    Then they claim they arrested him on February 9, 2010 and he pled no contest on May 20, 2010 to 4 counts of sexual battery; one count of lewd and lascivious; and one count of battery.

    Just one week before they claim he pled no contest he is pictured living large with his friends at a pool party. They claim he was sentenced to community control on May 26, 2010. They claim every thing about the case of this rapist is top secret. Yet every move in the Edwin MacFarlane case of rape on a school bus was immediately reported by the media. In a public records request the state attorney would not even release his name even though he was named in the faked up sheriff’s office report.

    After going on fake Community Control in May of 2010, In October 2010 he rammed his truck into a vehicle occupied by the parents of a juvenile he was dating. Soon he was committing acts of violence against that child at their place of employment witnessed by several persons who called the Citrus County Sheriff on at least two occasions. Absolutely nothing happened to this rapist on so called community control. This rapist received protection from the entire 5th Circuit Judicial system because he was friends with Sheriff Gary Borders. What will they do when this rapist escalates his violent capacities due to the fact that he is a “protected species” and commits the act of murder? They will continue to lie and repeat over and over that there is no evidence that Sheriff Gary Borders protected the Green Isle rapist. As Joe Biden would say “that is malarkey!”

    But, they can immediately arrest juveniles who commit acts of violence at schools if they want too. Or, they can let them go to continue to commit repeated acts of violence on persons at the mercy if they want too. No wonder some people call this the criminal “just us” system.

  2. Back to: courtroom drama no media coverage. As you say “cant do that, they are on the same team. elected officials stay true to each other for life.” The Jail major has long been known to have a serious gambling habit. Don’t forget about the jail inmate who alleged the sexual violations by then jail major Borders. This same victim on Tuesday of this week was jailed in another county under no bond status and was out within ten hours. Did he use his Gary Borders get out of jail free card? More than likely he did. In Dec 2009 “they” were able to run the FBI out of town while investigating these allegations and several jail employee’s and former employee’s reportedly told the FBI they had witnessed then major Borders actions with this inmate. They never did talk with Fruitland Park’s former City Manager’s relatives (you can bet this was his stay out of jail card) who reportedly had the scoop directly from the victim! “They” just made it go away.

    If they would dare to break that “team” work and fail to “stay true to each other for life” and if their was any honesty anywhere around here in the “just us” system, a lot of people would be going to jail for a very long time. They all know what the others are doing and with whom. And when the time comes they don’t mind reminding each other either.

    Judge Briggs is not in a position to charge a Lake Jail major and captain with perjury because either they or some of their friends would be quick to remind him of an upcoming anniversary.

    Just seven short years ago this month another judge’s judicial assistant died according to judge Briggs, in the bed with him. No allegations were made regarding the untimely death just nine days after the untimely death of Sheriff Chris Daniels, except the local courthouse rumor mill were saying at the time that she had died at Briggs home and the body was moved to her home to be discovered. Maybe these were just vicious rumors started by those who have a bone to pick with this judge. But then again who knows because there was also blogs floating around about the courthouse ghosts and mysterious death of her sister some years before and the parking garage being a memorial to them.

    Later a now long gone former bailiff and courthouse guard was reported to be stalking a female who was close friends with the same judge. In fact this bailiff was stalking several females and everyone around here knew it. So they had one of the judges talk to him about it and just made it go away. Later he got into a really serious altercation and being an old buttie of Sheriff Borders from his jail days Borders helped him lie his way out of that one. Eventually ole karma come along and he got his long past due comings.

    Everyone around here knows about the Peyton and news media reporters, especially the one from channel 9. They disappear like flies anyway over there. Especially the ones who want to tell the truth about Lake County. One thing for sure someone around here has the ability to stop, halt and “just make them go away” for sure. Or, take some silly arrest and spin it over and over to make some point.

    Then we see circuit judges being investigated, arrested and charged by their very own state attorney in Polk County for falsifying time sheets for their employee. We see that state attorney in his report making it plain as day that circuit judges do not actually walk on water. He even acknowledged that the judges judicial assistant was only really a glorified secretary. Here in Lake County even their judicial assistants walk on water! We see one sex scandal after another come to light at the Lakeland Police Department and the Polk County courthouse as well and they are doing some thing about it. In Marion County Florida they wouldn’t even allow a person who was running around on his wife to run for sheriff. Come to find out he was a former employee of Brad King and King was so much supporting him he tried to persuade the Marion REC not to replace him with the current sheriff. Some say even committing a violation of FS 104.31 in an attempt to achieve that goal. But, here in Lake County we have seen Sheriff Borders cover up the brutal rapes of the little boys at his Green Isle Ranch. We have seen then run the FBI out of town over Borders involvement in jail sex with inmates. They were reportedly investigating a lot of shady deals and missing money as well including how that Bail Bond office got to be right at the front doors of the jail.

    Lake County is a special place. It is far worse than the old saga of “Peyton Place.” Everyone around here is either involved in one way or another including a lot of the cities. The ones who are not are praying for retirement so they can get the hell out of here.

  3. chief peyton grinnell must really be satisfying the women of the local media and sheriff borders must be satisfying the men because our local media will not cover any drama coming out of the lcso. i am calling for all folks fed up with the local media’s bias against taxpayes to give up on local media. we in lake county this week had perjury from captains, gaintime incentives for inmates to lie about officers in the jail and new details about the jail major owing thousands to employees and then giving them cushy jobs as part of the payback. must also be the jail major that used ten thousand taxpayer dollars to get a degree from the southern police institute by having his employees do all his work and email it to him. what a fake and a fraud. why wouldnt judge briggs slap the captain and major in jail for lying under oath. cant do that, they are on the same team. elected officials stay true to each other for life.

  4. Name says:

    It is curious why Mr. Riker is wasting his time reading and commenting on TRSOTL blog page. It appears from his input that he may be more at home at Moveon or Libdems.org websites.

  5. It does not take much Googling to see this female is of the higher echelon super elite of Lake County. And if she is not she thinks she is. She comes back with connections to the Lake co Education Association and the Children’s Services Council as well.

    That is the group that Borders sex crimes cover up specialists Poitevent claims helped her cover up the Green Isle rape victims stories and made it all go away.

    All these people are connected in one way or another. As long as everything is in it for them and their friends they don’t give a hoot about anyone else.

  6. So called conservatives are calling for tax-funded school choice via vouchers, and they know exactly what they’re doing. However, they fail to tell you that, “what the government funds, the government controls!”

    They also support charter schools which are tax funded public schools with no elected boards. The very definition of a charter school is “an alternative education system where a school receives public funding and operates privately.”

    We now have tax supported Fethullah Gulen charter schools, Chinese charter schools, (Chinese investors are putting millions into Florida Chinese charters) Waldorf charter schools, etc..

    When the state legislatures accept voucher/choice proposals, ALL receiving federal, state, and local tax money, MUST conform their curriculum, etc., to FEDERAL/INTERNATIONAL standards. There won’t be any elected boards to complain to about sex, drug, and death education in the schools, or the politically correct “green” nonsense.

    “Our guiding principle in the design of a choice system is this: Public authority must be put to use in creating a system that is almost entirely beyond the reach of public authority.”
    Please read that again slowly. Get it in your heads…they want a choice system that is beyond the reach of the taxpayer and parents!

    Do you fully understand the statement? Their plan was to fool the public into believing that school choice was a wonderful idea! What the public doesn’t comprehend is the fact that once school choice/vouchers are passed in a state, there is no more private, religious or home school education, which does not have to follow the rotten federal education requirements.
    Please understand that private schools cannot remain independent once they have accepted federal funding through vouchers/choice.

    Everyone is on the bandwagon believing they are fighting Communist Core and perhaps winning, but it is a grand illusion, and few see the truth of the matter. Common Core has truly been with us since the 70s. Yet, the new people involved in fighting Common Core State Standards can’t see the forest for the trees! THEY CAN’T SEE THE DIVERSION, THEY CAN’T SEE THAT THE LEFT AND THE RIGHT ARE IN BED TOGETHER TO TOTALLY DESTROY ALL PRIVATE AND RELIGIOUS EDUCATION, AND THAT INCLUDES HOMESCHOOLING.

    Do you get it? The goal of this rotten government control of all education is about eliminating any and all private, religious, or homeschooled education. With one cent of tax money going to a private, religious, or home schooled child, comes all the regulations and control of the federal government!

    I want to warn all the wonderful people fighting Communist Core that should they win this battle, their victory may be hollow, since THESE EVIL PEOPLE ALWAYS HAVE NOT JUST ONE, BUT MANY SUBSTITUTE OPTIONS UP THEIR SLEEVES TO OFFER US, CLEARLY DISGUISED AS SOMETHING THEY KNOW WE WILL ACCEPT.
    [This is what happened recently here in Florida when Gov Scott announced he was dropping Common Core. As recently as this Monday the Fl DOE Director was in Ocala Fl informing those who would listen that Common Core has been being phased in for the last three years.]

    They know that Common Core is exactly what they have been doing to our children since the seventies at least. The only difference is, they have decided to be open about it now. They have the technology to implement both the curriculum, assessment, and the ability to share data worldwide, to health care agencies, juvenile programs, corporations, etc. All the components have finally merged for the institutionalization of lifelong learning, under the umbrella of the unelected school board. This is most dangerous! The focus on Marxist curriculum, its standards, outcomes, goals, objectives, behaviors, dispositions, psychological Marxist assessment, etc., all have been with us for many years.

    The desire for total government control of education started long ago. However, back then, we had preachers who told the truth and informed the public. We also had some honest media who told the truth in the old days.

    In 1934, the Carnegie Corporation said we are going to use the schools to change the US from a free market system to a planned economy, as in Communist countries, the administration chooses at an early age what your child will do all throughout their lives. They want your child to decide by 5th grade!

    Every lover of human freedom ought to oppose with all his might the giving of Federal aid to the schools of this country; for Federal aid in the long run inevitably means Federal control, and Federal control means control by a centralized and irresponsible bureaucracy, and control by such a bureaucracy means the death of everything that might make this country great.

    If you truly want to keep private, religious, and home schooling, you’d better educate yourself your friends and family regarding charters, choice and vouchers.

    When you do you will see the only two party systems in the USA is the government elitists and their minions (cronies who ply the system for perks, schemes and deals for friends and family and those useful idiots who work for peanuts to support the goals of the government elitists) against the people of the USA.

  7. Pathetic. says:

    This blog continues to be worthless, ignorant, and disrespectful. First of all, the “private dinner” that you speak of was to honor the late, great Scott Strong. This dinner occurs the night before the golf tournament every year. Many knew Scott and loved his passion for our community. Passion that Don and Dan seem to always look past. So don’t you dare turn a memorial dinner into some attempt to breach the Sunshine Laws. The Educational Foundation and Carman Cullen do not deserve this cowardly act. Instead of always hiding behind the scenes, I would love to see (the Right Side) actually attempt to strengthen our community instead of continually attacking targets whom they feel threaten their own agendas. Quit hiding behind a computer screen and do some good.

  8. Humm… Never heard of Carmen Cullen.

    Sounds like she is connected somehow. Over here on the sheriff’s front it’s usually the old hag from the out of town rag getting all her friends jobs.

    Even if they don’t have an opening. Like when former Clermont Chief of Police Steve Graham was run out of Clermont; magically he appeared as a courthouse guard.

    And that guy that replaced the disgruntled financed director that wanted to make sure she wasn’t going to be accused of all the missing money so bad she even told the circuit judge’s brother that she wasn’t going down over the budget problems. Tom Klinker the one that told the comical he was basically going to be the CEO of the LCSO. Bet he’s found out better than that by now.

    And that other really good close friend that wanted that job as a school resource deputy so she could be close to her kids so bad they set up the demise of the person who held that position and got them fired. Yep! “she arranged for friends to get hired into Lake County SO jobs they were poorly and/ or not qualified for.”

    It’s just how Lake (snake) County operates. Learn to love it or leave it; it is never gong to chance.

  9. OMG, this Drama Queen blog doesn’t get it’s way with impact fees so, like a spoiled child they attack. But the attack is with fuzzy logic and distorted conclusions. So, let’s give this Drama Queen blog a big “SO WHAT” and move on to other blogs which don’t have a self serving agenda.

  10. Great Job ! says:

    Felicitation’s to the Right Side of The Lake for this responsible, important and well written piece on malfeasance within the ranks of Lake County officials.

    This issue and may others concerning misfeasance, malfeasance and non-feasance within the ranks of elected and appointed officials in Lake County would otherwise remain hidden from the taxpayers and voters.

    The type of politics practiced by these individuals regarding this and other issues yet to be discovered, has no place in modern government. The days of crooked politics at the county level must be eradicated by the people through voice, participation and involvement.

    Thank you to the Right Side of The Lake for digging up the dirt and reporting the behind the scenes deceitful and sometimes illegal actions of those in positions of power here in Lake County.

  11. I know of two instances in which she arranged for friends and/or relatives to get hired into Lake County government jobs they were poorly qualified for. There are undoubtedly many more. She is a behind-the-scenes member of the Courthouse Mafia and graduate of the McKee School of Public Misadministration.

  12. If we had any law around this God forsaken place the people should come forth and demand that our fauz State Attorney impanel a grand jury and get some of these lying souls before it to see what they remember about this meeting and see who all was there.

    It was obvious to anyone with brains from the start that Roseanne Brandeburg was well acquainted with the Allstate guy when she addressed him at that meeting.

    Brad King don’t want to make waves because to many of his little plea deals and just plain let offs might come to the surface.

    These people will continue to cut their backroom deals and ignore the sunshine law and every other law there is because they know no one is going to do a thing about it.

    People worried about dinners and stuff with so called elected officials present should worry about those Thursday night circle jerks that Jimmy Conner and Gary Borders and the rest of them have. They won’t tell you the truth about them either. Butt they sure get a lot done.

  13. Man these “selected officials” are something else. Don’t sell Stivender and Fischer short on their involvement either. They are just sly old foxes that have been through decades of consensus training. Remember all of Fischer’s wants on the Eustis remodel project. Why?

    And don’t you just love Jim Miller’s remark ” I also met Mr. ? of CPPI?” Miller can’t be that stupid CPPI built Lake Minneola High School and he has built all downtown government buildings.

    No wonder some of the people call these morons the courthouse mafia. Lawyers old saying; “if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it must be a duck!”

    Mr. ? CPPI’s name is DOMENICO SCORPIO. Google him and his mugshot will pop up right next to the self proclaimed godfather of Lake County, Bob McKee.

    Was old laying low “the untouchable” Bob McKee at this dinner as well? Probably not, but you can darn well bet he knew about it and probably sit it all up.

    We are well past the ignorance stages. All phases of Lake County government is corrupt and run like the organized criminal empire it is. Any one who argues against this fact is aiding and abetting a criminal empire. RICO

    Brad King can never find anything wrong when it comes too his fellow members of the criminal empire. But don’t worry every last one of these criminals are protected just as far as authority in government goes. Like the godfather Bob McKee said “I’m untouchable.” He’s still the tax collector and he has for sure used at least three different dates of birth on government applications and finger print cards!

    Since we can’t get these criminals to police themselves and their partners in crime. We just need to shut the money off. They are squirming like the rats they are in Whooshington DC.

    The so called federal government shut down only affects non-essential services. If they are non-essential we didn’t need them in the first place.

    The federal government was brought to force to do only two things. Deliver the mail and protect the established borders of the United States of America.

    On these two mission they have failed poorly! Because the bureaucrats like the leeches they are, are always creating more non-essential positions, searching for more power and more revenue.

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