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School Board Slams Door on Construction and Jobs in Lake County

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On Monday, the Lake County School Board voted 5-0 to recommend to the Lake County Board of County Commissioners the reinstatement of school impact fees on new homes. The convoluted recommendation was based on a 2010 Henderson, Young & Associates study, which recommended a $10,292 school impact fee.  The School Board’s recommendation calls for 25% of the study impact fee, or $2,573.  The impact fee would increase to 50%, or $5,146, if unemployment falls below 7.0%.  However, the School Board failed to define for what period of time the unemployment must fall.  As a result, Lake County could have an ever-fluctuating school impact fee.

Two weeks ago, the Lake County Board of County Commissioners voted to reinstate a transportation impact fee for South Lake County in the amount of $3,194 for any home 2,500 square feet or more.

As of January 1, 2014, the following is the breakdown of impact fees that will be charged in South Lake County and North Lake County for a new 2,500 square foot home:


Impact Fee Type                        South Lake County          North Lake County

School                                                                 $2,573                                $2,573

Transportation (Road)                                  $3,194                                 $0

Fire                                                                         $390                                 $390

Parks                                                                     $222                                 $222

Library                                                                $191                                 $191


Total                                                                    $6,570                            $3,376


Unemployment at 7%                                                                  

Adder Transportation                                   $2,573                            $2,573


Desired Total Impact Fees                          $9,143                             $5,949


Understand if unemployment goes to 7.0% the school impact fee in both sectors jumps another $2,573.

It has been reported that most of the homes in Florida are being sold on cash deals because financing cannot be obtained due to low property appraisals.  How is adding a potential $9,143 in impact fees going to spur growth and jobs?

What Does Sumter County Know?

According to the Florida Department of Education, the Lake County School District has a “C” grade while the Sumter County School District is one grade higher with a “B”.  Plus Sumter County does not have a school impact fee; it is zero not just suspended; they have never had one.  Yet, Sumter County is one of the fastest growing counties in America.  How can that be with such growth?

It is real simple.  The amount of school taxes greatly expands with growth.  For example, in Lady Lake, there are two one acre lots on the same road, and the only difference is one has a house on it.  The vacant lot pays $281 in property taxes while the lot with the house pays $2,778.  A house on a vacant piece of property increases the tax revenues to local government by almost ten-fold.  It is a bogus argument and financial lie to say growth does not pay for itself.  Sumter County proves this and the problem with Lake County is the massive spending and self-indulgence problem by its politicians.

On a side note, all impact fees in Marion County have been waived.

The Unemployment Numbers Scam

Basing any impact fee on unemployment numbers is absurd, especially given these numbers are revised monthly.  The other factor is how can any project owner plan?  If at the last moment $2,573 is added to the project’s cost because the unemployment rate ticks down a tenth, where is the money going to come from?

The phoniness of unemployment numbers can be best demonstrated by Lake County’s August 7.3% unemployment rate.  The rate declined three-tenths in August because there were 905 less people counted in the labor force–not from more people working.  In actuality, the survey showed 395 less people working. Yet, the Lake County School Board is going to base the collection of impact fees on this type of nonsense data.

Everyone Is Now A Certified Tax Raiser!

The vote on these new school impact fees was 5-0, which means every self-proclaimed, fiscally conservative Republican on the School Board is now branded a “Certified Tax Raiser”.  School Board Member Bill Mathias who stated during his 2012 campaign, “I am against impact fees for schools.  One of the biggest cons played on the public was that school impact fees would pay for growth.”

This week, Bill Mathias voted for a con.


As usual, Lake County politicians look to take the most expedient way out.  There are ways to have broad based funding, but they know it would take effort or be voted down because the vast majority of the citizens of this county do not support the waste and overspending by local government.  Just think, we are spending a half billion dollars for a “C” rated school district.

It is time to defund government via the people.  You can defund government by voting people out and not supporting initiatives like the penny sales tax.  Why should the citizens of Lake County vote to support a penny sales tax when the local governing bodies waste money; sock us all with debt; and, even worse, use our tax money to hire out-of-county companies.  It is time to defund government at all levels; they need to remember that it is the people’s money, not theirs!

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15 Responses to “School Board Slams Door on Construction and Jobs in Lake County”

  1. Richard Riker is a piece of work alright. If he was ever in an army at all it was the NAZI army. That’s why he failed to mention rank and serial number.
    A mouth piece for the North Lake Tea Party and now along with several others also a member of the Republican Executive Committee. A useful idiot for the compassionate conservative or aggressive conservative depending on which of the Bushwhackers you are tuned in too.
    There is a long history of pedophilia in some of the so called conservatives and those who claim to be on the right of the Republican party. The Franklin Scandal exposure of the 1980’s brought some of it to light as hard as the powerful politicians threw sand on it it kept on coming back. The Franklin Scandal is part and parcel of the reason The Penn State Jerry Sandusky history of pedophilia was finally brought to light. And for those who are not familiar with that there is still a missing District Attorney whose body has never been found who had been looking into this case for some time.
    The Florida government has spent years covering up the crimes committed by state employee’s at the Marianna (Dozier) School for boys. Likewise they spent years covering up the sheriff’s Boot Camps horrors that come to light when Heb Bush was governor.
    It is long been said you are known by the company you keep. Who knows for sure what makes someone like Riker tick anyway? There is something bad wrong with a person who defends people who abuse their fellow humans of animals. That requires a bottom feeder for sure.
    What we do know is when anyone takes up for child molesters and pedophiles and the people who protect them, there is something bad wrong with that person or that group of persons.
    Just like ignorance is no defense in the commission of a crime, likewise the claim of ignorance of the character of the people you associate with and go out of your way to defend proves you to of the same character.
    Maybe Riker was involved in these boys ranches and farms over the years and is afraid it will come to light. You can bet if that is true it is coming to light at lightening speed.
    Why else would someone like Richard Riker be so adamant that the folks pushing for justice for the Green Isle Ranch victims “have no evidence?” That is a strange remark unless it is coming from a potential defendant!
    Why else would Riker have his nose so far up Sheriff Borders behind he can probably see those rubber balls one of Borders little boy toys says Borders like to put in his mouth, whatever that means.
    While he didn’t spell the name right before noon on the morning after the last election some robo blogger using the name Richard Riker was posting the below blog on every website he could find.

    Name Richard Riker says:
    August 15, 2012 at 10:37 am
    Lake county was a big winner yesterday with the reelection of Sheriff Gary Boarders. The voters got it, if it’s not broke don’t fix it, if you have a great sheriff don’t place him. CONGRATULATIONS SHERIFF GARY BOARDERS!!!!!!

    Maybe Richard Riker is just a paid robo blogger for the American Reich who knows. What we do know is he is not a true American Patriot. He is not someone anyone would want around their children if he publicly those who abuse or children and/ or those who shoot and kill innocent homeowners answering their doors to unknown persons in the middle of the night.
    True American Patriots do not support dirty politicians and their criminal acts and especially those who abuse our children and keep them looked up for months after their friends have sexually abused them for months. That takes someone lower than the fish feces in the bottom of the ocean.

  2. Riker what years were you a military officer, what branch were you in and what rank were you. Listening to you babble I find it unbelievable that you were a military officer. Most military officers I have known are more independent thinkers able to think outside the box. They would not associate with or defend dirty politicians over the citizens of the Country that they fought to protect. And they would not allow themselves to used the way you have done. Tell me it is not so, I’m embarrassed for you if its true.

  3. One of the bloggers on here mentioned the fact that Sheriff Borders was whispering sweet nothings in the ear of one of his old boy toys Sgt **** *** in the dining room recently trying to console him for some reason, probably having to do with the goings on about Green Isle ranch.

    Well guess what? Gary Borders has got more trouble brewing. Another one of his victims is in dire need of help as well. Remember that inmate that the detention deputies told everyone they had delivered to Borders office for sex when he was the jail major? Some even said they saw what Borders was doing through the crack in the door.

    Everyone around here sees how Sheriff Borders rewards his old lovers and former boy toys with raises, gifts and special deputy status and they don’t have to go through the chain of command, they can just go straight to the man and get what they want. And we all see these wants just get bigger and bigger and they get more cocky as time goes on.

    In the case of the jail inmate taken to Borders jail office when he got out of jail he told this neighbors what then major Borders had done with him in the jail office. He also told them back then that Gary Borders had bought him a Toyota pick up truck that was sold by the sheriff’s office at auction in Zellwood as a reward for keeping his mouth shut. Obviously that didn’t work too well.

    This victim of Borders got into trouble again and got mucho years of parole from another state. Gary Borders used his friends and their influence to get five years knocked off this guys out of state parole.

    And now again as of this morning this guy is in a county jail in Florida. Not Lake County, but no matter It won’t be but a matter of hours or days until this guy will be calling on Gary Borders for yet another one of his get out of jail free cards. Who knows, the tide is changing little by little around here and if this dude goes back to singing about his old days in the Lake Jail and what major Borders use to do to him Borders might have to call on his old buttie the lying fat round man once again to cover all this up because for some unknown reason it just keeps on bubbling and bubbling over and over. They just can’t seem to make this one go away..

  4. Richard A. Riker flies the symbol of the white chicken with an American flag background on some of his emails and blog posts. The symbol of the Chicken hawks who for the most part never served, but still pretend to be rough tough psychos. A perfect symbol for a faux patriot like Richard A. Riker.

    Richard Riker infiltrated the North Lake Tea Party for his real supporters within the system of the ruling empire. He is a government hack labels people who actually believe in the US Constitution and the protections it provides. In the case last year of the shooting by deputies of Andrew Lees Scott on the Sentinel blogs Riker labeled those bloggers who believed that the victim had the right to protect his home against unannounced intruders as ANTI-SOCIAL and ANTI-LAW ENFORCEMENT.
    As a so called Chicken Hawk Richard Riker is a useful idiot of the Nazi like movement that has absorbed the US over the last few decades.
    What then is a Chicken Hawk?
    Definition of “Chicken hawk — A person enthusiastic about war, provided someone else fights it; particularly when that enthusiasm is undimmed by personal experience with war; most emphatically when that lack of experience came in spite of ample opportunity in that person’s youth.

    Why are Republican leaders almost all Chicken hawks?
    In these days where republicans act like they have such a monopoly on patriotism I thought it might be good we take a look at their record.
    Top Republican Chicken hawks!

    George W. Bush – claimed to have served and “seen” war but never did. Did not report for service from 1972 to 1973. Avoided Vietnam by serving in the National Guard which his rich daddy worked in for him.

    Donald Rumsfeld – turned 18 when shooting started in Korea, stayed at Princeton University while the war was on then flew jets for a couple years in peacetime.

    Karl Rove – too involved in politics to serve.

    Dick Cheney – had “other priorities.”

    Sen. Saxby Chambliss – this is the worst of ‘em all. Prime example of what Jesus would define as a hypocrite. He got elected here in Georgia by beating Democrat Max Cleland who he colored as unpatriotic because he criticized the plans for the latest war. Cleland served in Vietnam and lost three limbs, to call such a man unpatriotic is sickening, especially when you look at Saxby’s record. It was Saxby who avoided the draft by claiming to have bad knees, all the while he was a recreational jogger at the time.

    Dan Quale – came from a rich family, served in the Indiana National Guard, avoided Vietnam.

    Trent Lott – did not serve, unsure of reason.

    Dick Armey – did not serve.

    Tom DeLay – did not serve. (And recently Delay was back in the news when they made all his criminal convictions just go away!)

    John Ashcroft – the man who lost his bid for the senate to a dead man avoided Vietnam. Hey, if he is scared of calico cats then you know he’s scared of war, give the poor guy a break.

    Newt Gingrich – an adulterer who is known for his highly moral tone now claims the Vietnam war was a great idea but avoided going to war or enlisting when it was going on.

    Rush Limbaugh – had anal cysts. (yes its almost too funny to be true but do some investigation and you’ll see for yourself.)

    Rep. Dennis Hastert – avoided Vietnam claiming to have bad knees regardless of the fact that he was a wrestler in college.

    Chief Justice Antonin Scalia – dodged the draft

    Remember the Democrats like Bill Clinton the Rhoads Scholar who fled to Russia to avoid the Vietnam War was labeled a draft dodger. The difference was Clinton was opposed to the war period. Chicken Hawks love the war and love to start wars as long as they can avoid being directly involved in the fighting.

    Richard Riker is simply a propaganda mouth piece robo blogger for the government and it’s goons and Gestapo.

    What his comments anything to do with the government and it’s agents he is in total support of. Remember when he infiltrated the Tea Party it was on the pretense that one of his issues was to oppose the Lake County hospital taxing authority. At the time his handlers actually believed the push to overturn the tax was go great and so organized they put Richard Riker in the running for the board member seat as a double agent like board member. If he had been elected he would have been just one more member of the taxing team. Turns out they did not have to worry about it they won even though Riker lost his bid for a seat on the hospital tax board.

    This is why Riker runs his mouth and supports any and all issues that raise revenues for the system even using “outdated empirical studies.” Riker is a government man plain and simple.
    Recently Richard Riker once again applied for a seat on the Lake County Tax “Value Adjustment Board.”
    On the application Riker states under Education: College graduate, BA with New Jersey Teaching Certificate to teach Social Studies in secondary schools. Retired from: Walgreen’s (Manager)

    Actually liquor store manager. Note: Female employee who was fired and arrested for stealing from this liquor store swears she was not guilty and was in fact sit up by someone. She soes not name who she believes sit her up, but is emphatic that she never took anything from that store.
    On the Tax Adjustment Board application responding to the question: Training or experience related to activities of boards or committees to which appointment is sought:

    Riker responds: This decision requires accurate decision making, my background as an Army officer and retail manager in such businesses as Macy’s and Walgreen’s, where my good decision making always made a profit qualifies me for the position.

    State reasons you are interested in appointment which is sought:

    Riker responds: Two years ago I was appointed to this board, HOWEVER I DID NOT MEET THE REQUIREMENT FOR THE PARTICULAR SLOT, THEREFORE I DID NOT SERVE. (I DID NOT OWN A BUSINESS) However I did receive all the information about the position and earnestly desired to serve. I still want to serve and feel my background is a good basis to enable me to give back to my community and help my county to remain the awesome place which it is to live in.

    Based on the facts that only in the last couple of years private investigators have released government documents and application proving that Bob McKee has used at least three and maybe as many as five different dates of birth and Bob McKee has been floating around various Lake County jobs and offices from DCF; The 5th Circuit Public Defender (he wanted to go to work for the 5th Circuit State Attorney as an investigator but once again that would have required fingerprinting and law enforcement certification and he couldn’t pass the fingerprinting) ; The Clerk of the Circuit Court; Lake BCC where be became assistant County Manager for a short stint until it was learned he had lied on his resume concerning his education among other things. Even though people smelled a rat for years it took a while to uncover all the documents which prove that Bob McKee is and was a total fraud from the start which has now been over 35 year ago. He left the LCBCC in 1993 went to Lady Lake as Town Manager and was recycled and returned all squeeky clean in 1996 to run for and be elected our Tax Collector.

    The people around here need to ask themselves some pertinent questions regarding this blow hard Richard A. Riker who seems to have a dog in the hunt of every issue as long as it favors the culture of corruption that “ruins” Lake County. He supports shooting innocent homeowners who come to their doors armed when they have no idea who is beating their doors down. He supports our sheriff refusing to arrest and protecting and covering up for a personal friend who raped five little boys here in Lake County. Richard Riker support everything that most intelligent, real Christian, moral people do not support.

    Why would a man with a New Jersey teachers certificate move to Florida and wind up with a job as a Walgreen’s Liquor Store manager? Why wouldn’t this man get a Florida’s teacher’s certificate years ago when he come here and get on the Florida State Retirement system ans start milking the government gravy train?

    Why would Riker mention on the Tax Value Adjustment Board application “my backgound as an Army officer?” Why isn’t Riker more specific” You know like his real name, rank and serial number so to speak? Probably because he is lying like so many of his Chicken Hawk butties. Hey man if you are proud of it strut it. But an “honorable mention as Army officer?”

    Is this a statement like Bob McKee made to the Sentinel Reporter Bill Bond in 1993 when it was discovered he had lied about his so called Master degree’s when McKee said something to the affect of “ this is the worst I have been betrayed by a government entity since I left the Navy and got back from Vietnam” prompting Bill Bond to obtain a copy of Bob McKee’s DD-214 which proved McKee has only been in the Navy for a total of something like 52 days – not quiet long enough to make a round trip to Vietnam.

    And for refferences on his Value Adjustment Board application Richard Riker provided Debbie Stivender; Roseanne Brandeburg and Bill Mathis.

    You would think if Richard Riker is the mouth piece for the North Lake Tea Party he could have at least provided the names of a few of his fellow tea baggers some of which are also his fellow Republican Executive Committee members and probably some fellow Chicken Hawks as well.
    More than likely Riker has long ago worn out his welcome with Colonel Klink at the Tea Party.
    Today of all days, people with brains are looking at the two parties who bounce the future of our youth back and forth between themselves like they are the only ones on this earth who count or whose opinion about anything counts.

    It is past some local private investigators waste a little time on this all mouth and no brains blundering idiot know it all mouth piece and find out what he was running from when he changed professions and stopped teaching – who knows maybe the answers to all of that will explain why Richard Riker is so fast to jump to the defense of Gary Borders and his cover ups of the rapes of the boys at his Green Isle Ranch.

    And by the way; we sure do hope that this offends Richard Riker as usual the truth always does.

  5. It is what it is. No matter if it’s a few years old the concept of impact fees and their impact on buyers is still the same. You can’t blame the fact that buyers are not purchasing houses on impact fees. Look elsewhere for reasons, like the horrible economy, banks not giving mortgages, or people not wanting to invest a great deal of money in anything due to the economy. A fact is a fact, impact fees have very little to do with weather or not people buy homes.

  6. Mr. Riker – do you mean the “Impact Fees and Single-Family Home Construction” report written in 2006? In case you aren’t aware, a lot has changed since then. A little common sense goes a long way and would serve us better than an outdated empirical study.

  7. Most home buyer’s especially new and first home buyers have enough trouble coming up with the required down payment to purchase a home.
    Abuse and corruption within all home mortgage programs over the years have crippled peoples ability to obtain financing.
    In the so called good old days most mortgage financing come from the savings and loan associations. Rarely if ever did a bank and especially a home town ban get involved in long term financing. Even ten years was long term to them.
    The brother of George W. and Jeb, Neil Bush with his Silverado Savings and Loan scandals eventually led to the nationwide destruction of the old savings and loans associations.
    The Farmer’s Home Administration at one time had some low income money available. Other programs were “invented” with names like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Programs were established that included down payment insurance premiums for those who could not come up with even the five percent down payment requirements.
    Everyone got so greedy eventually local banks were offering 125% loan to value. During the real estate boom the big banks were known to be making mortgage loans to persons without social security numbers. Anyone and everybody could get a loan. Many people bought several homes for investment and flipping was popular because during the boom values were rising faster than closing dates.
    All those leeches on the government payroll could see was money and more money and more money. They stayed up all night with the friends and families trying to think up schemes to spend all this new found cash flow, never stopping to think that it would end just as abruptly as it had started.
    But it did. And before he left office George W. Bush was forced to concoct the greatest bail out in US history. He was forced to use the full force and credit of the USA to borrow money from the Federal Reserve System a privately held corporation of Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s and bail out Wall Street including insurance giant AIG; all likewise owned by the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s.
    Kind of like borrowing from Paul to give to Paul; except we the US Citizen Taxpayer’s are stuck with the interest payable to the Federal Reserve for the gifts of free money.
    All this free money that was supposed to go to re-start and fire off the economy has gone to those investments that pay the most return for the least liability and potential for loss of revenues.
    That of course is not the current housing market. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is literally untold thousands of homes in one stage or another of foreclosure. Why fund more of them?
    So, when persons apply for mortgage loans today they are scrutinized like never before. The homes they want to buy for the most part unless it is some mortgage holder trying to dump an asset are scrutinized like never before. The value of that home is established beyond a shadow of a doubt and on the lower end of that appraisal. There is no room to squeeze one dollar from the process including such things as loan fees. Today an appraisal is as true a statement of value on a home as has ever been in modern history of real estate and home appraisals.
    Impact fees do absolutely nothing to enhance the value of a home. In fact it is exactly on the contrary.
    Even a $2500. Impact fee will stop the purchase of a new home dead in its tracks! Why? Because that $2500. Had got to come from the pockets of the new home buyer and not from their ability to adjust a home appraisal upwards enough to cover that $2500. It’s got to be “cash on the barrel head!”
    First of all, most of the leeches in government don’t have any business experience or the mental capacity to understand a deal killer. And then, as we know with the Lake School Board they are still trying to figure out how to enhance the current cash flow to pay off the $30 Million a year payments still owed on the 2004-05 School building boom.
    They have factiously tried hard to create and establish what they want the people to believe as fact that the housing market is somehow rebounding. It is slowing creeping its way back, not rebounding to the point that the leeches can come out and start blood sucking on it again.
    These klepocrats in the government will never stop seeking the money to cover up their past abuse of our tax dollars while hoping to skim off enough to pull off a few more little schemes before they retire, or retire and or maybe even some of the triple dippers retire for the third time.
    Defund everything. Stop the people money from bleeding in to the hands of friends and families of the well connected bureaucrats. They same one who want even look us in the face or speak pleasantly to us when we see them at work or in public.
    When the corn is gone so are all the rats!
    When the money is cut off and gone so will be all of the government bureaucrats!

  8. the reason borders and his friend don brown and the ones that owned the green isle ranch has got away with all this over all these years is because this is the same prison vendors that run the state prisons called bridges of america. they also claim to be a prison ministry as well. some ministers these people are. They have these contracts with the state of florida and its all about money nothing else.

    they are also involved with pushing to privatize prisons and rick scott and a bunch of legislators are right in the sack with these people.

    they can do anything they want to and get away with it. that’s why gary borders is so protected.

    maybe some day something will happen to change that. if so it will be when something finally happens to the wrong kid or something/

  9. There are two sides of the coin on this issue. One side, the selfish side, is represented by this article. However, there is the other side. The other side is one which the selfish, the ones looking out for themselves, don’t want anyone to have knowledge because it casts too much doubt on their claims. You have to consider who’s writing this article and who has a financial stake in and is supporting this blog, pitting the builders against the better interests of the citizens. It’s very easy to understand why they are running around disseminating less than the truth, it’s hard to understand why they are so shortsighted. The claims they make are anecdotal, based on their limited observations, and biased by their own self interests.
    Like I said there are two sides to this issue. There are studies done which refute the claims made in this article. Gregory Burge, associate professor of Economics at the University of Oklahoma, whose main fields of research and teaching interest are urban and public economics along with corresponding author, Keith R. Ihlanfeldt, professor at Florida State University- College of Social Science and Public Policy arrive at a very different conclusion regarding impact fees. They don’t arrive at their conclusion using anecdotal observations or biased viewpoints. Their study is an empirical one which eliminates all bias. Their paper “Impact Fees and Single-Family Home Construction”, concludes , “Our results strongly contradict conventional wisdom,… regarding the effects of impact fees on housing construction. The results show that non-water/sewer fees increase the number of construction of all sizes of homes within the suburban area and medium-size and large homes within outer suburban areas.” Why is this? Because, “Impact fees decrease the fiscal deficit imposed on existing residents.” This means buyers understand that they pay an impact fee initially but in the future new buyers will be paying the impact fees and that payment will keep the existing residents property taxes lower.

    Now who do you believe. Those who have a selfish reason to keep much needed money from the schools or those professors who have no dog in the fight other than arriving at the truth. Builders and this blog being opposed to impact fees is an enigma but one that can be explained by their shortsighted view of the subject.

  10. For those who so love the rewards of being members of this culture of corruption that has overtaken our so called society in exchange for all those little perks and freebies that come along with being in the “right clique.” You will never stop the people from disclosing your corruption.

    You are the same people who have sold their souls to the company store for peanuts because you believe those peanuts to be worth more than the lives of your supposed to be loved ones. What about the legacy you are leaving for your children? You obviously don’t care. Just lie and cover that up too.

    You say the facts concerning the truth about Lake County “actually hinders our county” when searching for information on Lake County this lovely blog shows up right away and according to the author is a horrible place to live. As far as I know not one blogger on this site has ever indicated this “is a horrible place to live” but what they have done is tell the truth about the culture of corruption that runs amuck here in Lake County.

    Those parties truly interested in “searching for information on Lake County” will also find that the State of Florida is presently #ONE in public corruption in the USA, so why should we concern ourselves with covering up and lying about the distinct possibility that Lake County might very well be the most corrupt county in the most corrupt state in the USA?

    After all we have a governor who along with his $70 million of someone’s money and his long business connections with the Bush family (oil and medical interests) bought his way into the governor’s office. We have a corrupt legislature who concocts and appoints one of their father in laws (also a former legislator) to manage the BP Oil Spill funds. State Senator’s like Charlie Dean go into the land fill business and work with local governments to suck them into his deals. We cold go on and on and on!

    You are concerned about those who know and dare tell the truth by using useful idiots like Richard Riker. You attempt to make a mockery of the truth by insinuating if people are so intelligent they should run for public office and save the world.

    In reality your goal is to flush out those who dare speak the truth and hope to place them in the Daniel in the lion’s den scenario so to speak. Everyone who knows what is really going on today knows that politics is the root cause of our problems and will never be the solution. It’s a closed shop Union!

    Only those who have sold their souls to the company store and are already indoctrinated to the political process can successfully run for political office. Only those endorsed by the political power house that controls the computers that control the outcomes of the electoral process will be elected.

    No outsiders need apply!

    It takes a really special kind of scum of the earth to protect some of these people who have brought so much pain and suffering to so many people and especially the children. People like Richard Riker who would protect and serve this house of horrors just to be in the “clique” no matter whose child they abuse, or no matter whose child they kill.
    How would you like it if God forbid you had a child or grandchild who wound up (in this case) in a boy’s ranch for some reason or another? And;
    How would you feel if that boy child was between twelve to fifteen years old and you found out months later that someone had held that child down and inserted a foreign object into his rear end over and over and over for months on end and he was afraid to tell anyone because his abuser had threatened to kill him?

    After the abuser had left the ranch and the boy felt safe to report the crimes committed on his little body for the past several months he immediately told the school administrator that he and several others had been the victim of a horrible summer of sex abuse by an older boy at the ranch. The administrator immediately called the Lake Sheriff’s Office who dispatched a deputy and found a total of FIVE little boys had been sexually abused by this older boy who they immediately named. The responding deputy took an excellent report including hand written statements from the five victims and the administrator. He also called DCF from the scene. The sheer brutal violence included in these reports call for the perpetrator to be immediately arrested and incarcerated, but that did not happen.

    The sheriff’s office assigned a detective to the case who claimed to interview one victim within days and the other four almost one month later. Fifty-two days later these five boys was still at the ranch. By this time some had attempted suicide and absolutely nothing had been done for these victims. The criminal cases of five rapes committed against them had been stopped dead in its tracks months earlier.

    How do you like this so far?

    Will what if you the parent or grand parent of this child is just now finding out that your child reported he had been raped over 52 days ago and you are just now finding out? Even though they don’t name names disgruntled former house parents are on every television in Orlando with breaking news about the five little boys raped at Green Isle Ranch over the summer of 2009. Your kid is there and you haven’t heard one thing about this from the ranch or the sheriff’s detectives that were supposed to be working these crimes. Now you even hear some of the boys had attempted to commit suicide as well.

    Now come to find out Sheriff Gary Borders has been a board member of this ranch since it opened and low and behold there are pictures on the ranch flyer showing Sheriff Borders pictured with the rapist. Pictures also surface of the rapist living it up at Wet and Wild with friends four days after the rapes were first reported by the boys.

    Then the next day after the news of the rapes leaked on all the local media Sheriff Borders sends out his detectives to fake up and arrest of the rapist. They even claim he pled guilty and was put on community control. Again pictures surface of the rapist living it up with his friends just one week before they claim he was sentenced to four counts of sexual battery, one lewd and lascivious and battery. Then within just a few months he was committing dating violence and ramming his vehicle into his girl friends parent car. The Citrus County sheriff’s report available on line shows no indication that the rapist was on probation or community control or registered as a sex offender or anything.

    Then you find out that over the twenty plus years of operation of the Green Isle Boys Ranch there had been many reports of child abuse and sex abuse at the ranch. Supervisors who worked in the Lake Jail directly under Gary Borders had never heard him mention the ranch. But, others who work at the sheriff’s office are pictured on the flyer with Sheriff Borders and the rapist. This is the man who is sworn to protect and serve the people of Lake County. If he will cover up the brutal rapes of these five little boys at the hands of his friend Tyler Anthony Jackson what else will he do? What else has he covered up? More sexual crimes committed against children.

    We can guarantee you if any one of these little victims was your child or grand child you would have a defined interest in the character, ethics and lack of morals of the man called “sheriff” the chief law enforcement officer of Lake County, Florida.

    And, by the way there is more information available concerning the personal involvement of Sheriff Gary Borders in the cover ups of sex crimes committed against other young children. If people like Richard Riker continue to lie and attempt to distort the truth of the crimes committed by his friend “the sheriff” we will be more than glad to share some of that evidence as well. It has long been said a fool is known by the company he keeps!

    We suggest cleaning up the corruption in Lake County by the people demanding honest investigations into this organized criminal empire immediately. Handcuffs for these criminals starting with Sheriff Gary Borders and working your way with on down until every last criminal and their involvement is exposed, documented and real prosecution is brought about.

    Perhaps if we put enough pressure on our corrupt governor who should also be on this list we can get him to appoint Polk County State Attorney Jerry Hill who seems to have no problem doing his job even when he prosecutes corrupt circuit judges and investigates chief’s of police for incompetence in office.

    In fact maybe we should just check with SA Jerry Hill and see if he would perhaps run for governor of Florida against these two hand picked bozo’s who will be running the Rick and CharLIE comedy circuit any time now.

  11. Name the trouble – nailed it on the head!! Good ole Jimmy Connor loaded up the board with debt and then hauled butt to the county commision, leaving the LCSB holding the tab! But you’ll never see the admin go after his good ole buddy Jimmy! Previous board’s poor planning and mismanaging of funds have left our schools in a mess. Horrible school locations, too many portables, 50 year old schools crumbling before our eyes and no money to pay for anything! I love having low tax rates but how can we expect an A district when Lake is one of the worst funded districts in the state, teachers are making an exodus, parents are outraged and this blog does nothing to help. IMO it actually hinders our county, when searching for information on Lake County this lovely blog shows up right away and according to the author it’s a horrible place to live! Instead of always complaining about what is wrong with things why don’t you step up and help in some way or better yet since you’re the know it all of all things why don’t you run for office! Put up or shut up!!

  12. Correction, that should have read: “totaling almost ONE BILLION DOLLARS.”

    Like obama and his trillions these government bureaucrats spend money faster than the people can make it and count it.

    The only ones who don’t make mistakes are the ones who don’t do anything and we are up to out eyeballs in them.

  13. Yea Mr Bill, that so called “enormous growth we experience in the mid 2000’s” was nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Bob McKee and his friends got together and pulled off this major scam that we will be paying for for years. Now these same hoodlums come back with a wish list of nearly twice the last scam totaling almost ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

    Just a “bucket list” of the Lake County movers and shakers to borrow, borrow and borrow some more; spend, spend, spend as long as it’s spent where they can enjoy the boomerang effect and have some kickbacks on it. That is why they always use out of town contractors with connections to the big wheeler and dealers like CPPI.

    Back in may 1988 Lake County voters flat turned down a $110 Million Bond issue to build more schools. That was before the organization could count their own votes.

    So, their solution was manufacture this (COP) Certificates of Participation and build and buy them on the lease purchase plan. Now who in the heck do you think is getting their palms greased on this. You can start with Jimmy Conner and some other old School Board members and work your way though the contractor’s and architects. They done this just like they done the recent garbage deal, behind closed doors and all.

    So now these organized criminals have got to invent more schemes to defraud to pay off the debts on the money they borrowed, squandered and enjoyed sharing with the friends and kins.

    CPPI Domenico Scorpio who built the Lake Minneola High School along with everything government in downtown Tavares should be made to go back and build the sidewalks necessary at Minneola so we don’t have to have this big dispute over busing.

    But Sandy Minkoff didn’t ever require Scorpio to go back and paint the parking garage with real DOT quality paint when the arrows wore off in less than six months. We the taxpayers have to pay out over $12 thousand bucks to repaint the directional arrows.

    Yep, here is the real problem. Before we do anything else we have to “pay ($731 per child) to service the debt.”

    Look on the bright side. That’s a heck of a lot cheaper than paying $28 thousand dollars average for every convict in the Lake County jail that requires medical attention.

    Mr Bill you told it like it is!

    “The reality is that today $30,000,000.00 per year ($731 per child) is paid to service the debt ($466 million) from the enormous growth we experience in the mid 2000. We can not follow that same path.”

  14. “This week, Bill Mathias voted for a con.” Yep! as Cadwell calls it over on the Board of County Commissioner’s we need more “consensus.”

    Mr Bill has probably done got his “sir tiffaKit” at the university of Bob McKee Center for consensus training.

    That’s what they do when they get tired of loose cannons having an opinion about their back room deals being made and the ink being dry before the board makes their final decisions.

    You know like that garbage deal with Senator Charlie Deans Bushnell dump, Nobody knows anything about anything except it’s a done deal and like obamacare we got to live with it. Funny how so few people have enough power to make things happen when the majority of people don’t want it in the first place. They control the system to their advantage.

    Hey man the cheese is getting binding around here. The money has got to come from somewhere.

    I hear tell they are thinking about parking school buses at major intersections you know in between when they pick up the kids in the morning and drop them off at school, the bus drivers will be required to work the intersections and collect money from passing motorist until its time to go back to school and take them home. They can’t figure out what kind of vessels to use for money catchers since the firemen already use their boots. They was talking about calling it save our schools but some other non-profit already has that name.

    We have got to do something to keep the money flowing around here and all these virtual things and stuff are for sure going to cost more money and cut public school usage.

    What’s a bureaucrat to do? All the other thieves are hitting the gas stations and convenience stores and stuff the competition is getting tight for bucks.

  15. Bill Mathias says:

    I stand by my quote: I am against impact fees for schools. One of the biggest cons played on the public was that school impact fees would pay for growth.”

    Next month will be my one year anniversary on the board. I have been focused on finding alternative method(s) to pay for growth. One that completely funds growth without incurring debt; that ever tax payer in Lake County pays long after the development is built. The reality is that today $30,000,000.00 per year ($731 per child) is paid to service the debt ($466 million) from the enormous growth we experience in the mid 2000. We can not follow that same path.

    Here are the facts; based on current projections we will need additional student stations in less than five years. We have the Henderson and Young 2011 study that says that a student station cost $10,292.00. I understand that this number is verbally disputed; however no one or group has provided a different amount.

    The challenge is how you get the required funding with out stopping economic growth and most important put the cost on the taxpayers of Lake County.

    Doc Stamps: Attach a fee to every real estate transaction. Based on our current economy charging an additional $1.25 per thousand would pay for growth. That was easy, NOT. The Florida legislature controls Doc Stamps; there is no legislator that would champion this issue.

    MSBU (Municipal Service Benefit Unit): This would allow a new home buyer the option to have the $10,292 to be paid over a period of time. In the event the home is sold the balance, which is attached to the home would continue to be paid by the buyer until fully paid. This initiative was not supported by the county commission. Keep in mind at the end of the day the county commission is the authority that approves impact fees.

    My proposal on Monday was 25% county impact fee, 25% impact fee for South Lake. I acknowledge that I am only half way there, so I added that we would continue to work on a solution, other than impact fees that would fully fund growth and report back in six months. . The proposal that passed was for a 25% county wide impact an additional 25% based on 7% unemployment. The county commission agreed to have a public hearing on 25% only on October 8th ,.

    The “con” I wrote and spoke about is that impact fees pay for growth. If for this discussion you accept that it cost $10,292.00. You impose a 25% impact fee ($2573.00), Simple math shows the 25% impact fee will lead to one thing DEBT, which all taxpayers will be burdened with. This is not the legacy I want to leave for my service on the board.

    I 100% agree that to date I have failed to find an alternate solution. Given one choice only, I voted for impact fee. Not voting for any revenue would have failed the taxpayers of Lake County. If that makes me a” Certified Tax Raiser” then like my momma used to say “then butter my butt and call me a biscuit”.

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