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Lake School Board Votes for New School Impact Assessment

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On Monday night, Stanley Gerberer of Fishkind & Associates presented multiple capital funding options to the Lake County School Board, and the Board voted 3-2 to send a letter to the Lake County Board of County Commissioners recommending that the County implement a new county-wide $10,292 School Impact Assessment instead of the typical School Impact Fee.

The School Impact Assessment would be become part of a new home’s property tax bill. School Board Member Bill Mathias introduced the motion authorizing Lake County Schools Superintendent Dr. Susan Moxley to send a letter to the Lake County Commission, requesting the change in funding. Mathias’s motion was supported by School Board Members Tod Howard and Rosanne Brandeburg with School Board Members Kyleen Fischer and Debbie Stivender opposing it.

Gerberer told the School Board that old-style School Impact Fees have pitfalls, which include the following:

  • Hinder economic growth.
  • Artificially raise home prices.
  • Impact Fees are not bondable because they are not an assured revenue stream.
  • Most importantly, they are always in arrears to needs, which constrict planning.

The School Board and Gerberer discussed other options for funding capital needs in the schools, which include setting up General Obligations Voter Approved Bonds, Community Development Districts, large area Municipal Service Benefit Unit (MSBU), Educational Facilities Benefit Districts and possible special districts or assessments.  These different options in school funding could be in lieu of standard School Impact Fees or possibly used to give builders, homeowners and developers an option in paying.

The epiphany by the Lake County School Board is that an impact fee cannot be added to the price of building a house because projects will not be able to get appraisals.  School Impact Fees must become part of the new home’s property tax bill for an extended number of years.  In short, if government wants money for new homes being constructed they will have to finance the fees in property taxes.  The huge advantage for the School Board is that these assessments then become a guaranteed revenue stream which can be bonded and used to properly plan schools.

During the discussion, it was noted many times by several School Board members that getting these various funding options would take a lot of hard work and time to get approved, but they have no option–to get the funding they must change the current structure.  School Board Member Mathias in his motions gave District Staff 30 days to get working on various options.  This is the time for bold thinkers to come forward, because it will be very easy for the naysayers.  It can be done!

Our group continues to support the abolishment of old-style impact fees on all levels, because they are an unstable funding source, which has a punitive effect on jobs and artificially raises construction costs.  Moving to a School Impact Assessment places the burden on the eventual property owners and forces the government to collect and finance its own money.

This is a moment to shutdown a fight which has gone on for more than a decade on impact fees.  Bold leadership by the Lake County School Board and County Commission can get something done to move Lake County to a much better place while not impeding economic growth and jobs.  Here is the challenge–do these politicians have the guts and will to get something done that is going to be hard to do?

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2 Responses to “Lake School Board Votes for New School Impact Assessment”

  1. Yea! Don’t you bet old Tod Howard finally met with Bob McKee for a face to face and I guess Bill Mathias finally got him some of that “concensus training” Welton Cadwell is always talking about over at the “bored of country commissioners” huh?

    Oh and, name Lake County Voters, that’s an excellent idea but, it will never happen. You see once they get these people “concensus trained” they become “like family” like one of those VD’s that you just can’t get rid of. You see, we the voting public do not really elect them, the computers do.

    Now-a-days the voters go into a polling place and select the candidates they think they are voting for and slide that paper ballot into an “optical scanner” for tabulation. Jeb Bush passed an administrative order against a manual recount once the paper ballots have been machine scanned. The people must accept the machine count as the gospel.

    The optical scanner does not go by the name of the individual candidate but goes by a code number for each candidate instead. The handlers of the machines can program those scanners to give “their choice” a certain percentqage of the total votes cast thereby determining the winner of the election. These computer vote fixing chips were invented by Clint Curtis on the orders of Tom Feeney for Jeb Bush while both men were employed by NASA. You can find the video testimony of Clint Curtis regarding this matter before a congressional committee (not a hoax but real congressmen) on the internet as well as the affidavit he furnished them. It is still supposed to be against the law to lie to congress so if he lied they should have put him in the federal pen, right?

    The political maipulators have been able to simply make these facts evaporate.

    But, when you do your research on this matter it makes it easier to see how people like Borders, Baker and Graves got elected in the first place.

    Example: Last years August 14th Republican primary election was what they call an OPEN PRIMARY in the sheriff’s election and the public defenders elections here in Lake County. That means since the Republican candidates did not face a write in or other party challenge in the November 19th general election; all registered voters in Lake County were afforded the opportunity to vote in those two elections.

    The total of votes cast in the Graves election was (40,980) of which Graves got (33,848)

    The total of votes cast in the Borders election was (44,431) of which Borders got (29,778)

    Both were OPEN PRIMARIES every registered voter in Lake County could vote in these two elections they were both right there on the same ballot SO, why did (3,451 more people vote in the sheriff’s election than they did in the public defenders election???)

    Does anyone out there with one eye and half sense really believe that Michael Graves election (in Lake County only) received (3451 less total votes) cast than the sheriff’s election but received (4070 more votes than Gary Borders did ) when he had been the sheriff of this county since 2006?

    In the sheriff’s election there was reportedly a total of (44,431 votes cast) and Borders only got (29,778 of them) You could say “well he had good competition” but, that still does not explain how Graves got (4070 more total votes than Gary Borders did!) Only computer programer manipulation would cause such a numbers discrepancy!

    The computer chips do not know how many registered voters are voting in any given election. They are simply set by the handlers to give a specific percentage to the target candidate and spread the remainder among the competition. Clint Curtis warned this would sometimes cause more votes to be calculated than actual voters registered to vote. Some say this is how Obama received 140% of the total votes cast in St Lucie County, Florida on November 19, 2012.

    In the August 2012 primary career politician Carey Baker had a write in candidate so as to block all but the Republican votes in the primary. Baker barely beat long time opponent Ed Havill with (13,872 votes received) Baker was ultimately elected to the post of property appraiser on Nov 19th with a total of (113760 to his write in who received 1449 votes.)

    Borders and his buddies had tried to secure a write in candidate so as to block all votes in their August primary except the Republicans; however that want to be candidate was too dumb to qualify and showed up at the voters supervisor’s office with a personal check which was refused. this action should have made both the sheriff’s and the public defenders elections comparable as to total number of votes cast since both elections were open to all registered voters.

  2. Well Mr. Bill Mathias, Mr. Tod Howard and Ms. Rosanne Brandeburg, enjoy the remainder of your power trip in the positions you hold since when your terms are up, you all are going down.

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