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Don’t Take the Bait!

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The pressure is mounting to raise property taxes.  The Lake County Board of County Commission officials that are not up for re-election in 2014, staff concerned about jobs, and liberal members of the community are putting the pressure on Commissioner Sean Parks and Commission Chairperson Leslie Campione to raise property taxes to solve this year’s budget gap.  Our advice is simple – don’t take the bait!

There are certain elements of the progressive wing of the local Republican Party who would like to see Commissioners Parks and Campione gone.  Call it a test, a trap, or bait, if these two Commissioners vote to raise property taxes, the very same people who encouraged them to do it will use it against them in the 2014 election.

Being a Republican tax raiser will be political suicide in 2014.  Understand, Obamacare, along with all of its tax increases, is going to be fully implemented in 2014.  In addition, taxpayers are going to get hit with jacked up fees on all levels.  Primary voters in off-year elections tend to be very conservative and very ornery, especially in the area of taxes.  This major voting block will not support anyone that has added to this onerous financial burden.

Politicians and some citizens will try to justify their tax increases with all sorts of nice superlatives.  Conservative Republicans must avoid the temptation and concentrate on a smaller government that lives within its means.  Just remember President George H. W. Bush’s famous “read my lips: no new taxes” pledge and the fallout he received for not sticking to that promise.  Don’t be bullied into raising taxes.  Don’t compromise your integrity and trustworthiness.  Don’t take the bait!

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11 Responses to “Don’t Take the Bait!”

  1. Everyone with their heads above ground and old enough to listen “remembers President George H. W. Bush’s famous “read my lips: no new taxes” pledge and the fallout he received for not sticking to that promise.

    What no seems to remember his infamous quote by Sarah McClendon (White House Reporter) in her June 1992 Newsletter. In that publication she quoted then President George H.W. Bush, quoted as saying “If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched.”

    People don’t remember this because we have been lulled into senerio where we must believe what we are told and when it comes to politics we must accept the lesser of two evils. The fact is the evils come from the same nest.

    No truer words ever come from his lips!

    Unfortunately they have been able to manipulate the media for all these years. They have the uncanny ability to to tell the people what they should believe and what they should not believe.

    More recently thanks to the so called social media and releases from the federal archives and other documents the people have learned of the Bush family connections and involvements going way back before world war two.

    Even people who have to take their shoes off to count to eleven shold now be able to see the connections between the Bush’s and Obama.

    Two eye openers for a quick study are the immigration bill being pushed by both Marco Rubio (Bush) with strong support from and the democrats – strongly opposed buy some republicans who can see it for what it is.

    Common Core is the common core between the Bush’s New World Order push and Obama’s support of a new world order. They all have the same goals!

  2. Name Where? says:

    Hey Budget shortfall @ June 25, 2013 at 2:29 pm says:
    “Where would you like to see budget shortfall money come from then??”

    I for one would like to see if come from the hide of the criminals that has stolen this county blind!

    Hope that clear enough for you??

    And don’t start all that where is the evidence stuff it’s everywhere and even the FBI has had it for years!

  3. Where is Bob McKee? Why doesn’t the Board of County Commissioners bring him into this money shortage equation? After all he was the driving force behind all this construction of schools and county government buildings we the taxpayers did not authorize the debt of most of it as required by law in the first place.

    The last school bond issue that was put before the voters of Lake County was in 1988 and the voters flatly turned it down.

    Then these hornswagglers created something they call (COP’s) Certificates of participation and starting back around 2004 began to use this method to borrow over $550 MILLION bucks to build schools in hidden places all over the county.

    As for the blogger who said “Have you seen Clermont elementary? It should be condemned!!!”
    Well; have you seen Lake Minneola High School built by the same (PPI now CPPI) company that has built every LCBCC recently?

    It kind of reminds people with brains of someone who has a two car garage with a Lexus in one bay and a Yugo in the other doesn’t it?

    Both the Lake School Board and the Lake County Board of County Commissioners have played right into a scheme to defraud the taxpayers of millions and millions of dollars in building projects we could have lived quite well without.

    Yes we could have even remodeled Clermont elementary school. In fact for OVER ONE-HALF A BILLION DOLLARS we could have done a lot of things; but we didn’t!

    Let us not forget even though WE SEE ALL THESE MONSTROUS BUILDINGS IN DOWNTOWN TAVARES but all the LCBCC THREE MILLION $$ Fire Stations and other constructions over recent years; while the Public Words Department and Bob McKee’s Eustis Tax Office (just a hop, skip and a jump from his Tavares office) are in rented buildings.

    We succumbed to this major scheme to defraud us spearheaded by our tax collector Bob McKee. The same man who has used at least FOUR DIFFERENT DATES OF BIRTH on government applications and documents some of which was applications for teachers certificated to coach baseball right here in Lake County. Always seemed to use a different DOB when it come time for him to be fingerprinted. In fact he was never fingerprinted by the Florida DOE.

    So, we don’t really know who Bob McKee is because we don’t really know if any of these dates of birth is the real Bob McKee.

    We don’t even know “who’s that masked man.” All we know is that Lake County has been robbed by professionals with a smile on their face. Wouldn’t you smile too if you could rob everybody and get away with it “Scott free?”

    Obviously government does not police itself any longer. Government is akin to the mafia except in the old days there was “honor among thieves.”

    Today there is no honor among these scoundrels. Now they are beginning to realize they are scraping the bottom of the barrel. There is an Alpha and Omega to everything. Therefore everything is always some where in between until it reaches Omega.

    In this case Omega will come when all the money is gone. Meanwhile everyone will continue to live large deny, deny and lie, lie about everything.

    By the way, the oldest date of birth used by and disclosed on the internet for tax collector Bob McKee is July 14, 1942 which would make him seventy-one years old next month. Past time to retire and join his criminal friends in their make believe Utopia in the Caribbean where they can live happily every after on the untold billions they have scammed from the taxpayers local, state and federal.

    The least these blood suckers could do is turn the lights off in all these empty buildings at night. It would be cheaper to pay a maintenance employee to do that than pay for all the wasted electricity. Al least the poor ripped off taxpayers could drive by at night without getting their blood pressure up.

    When they have stolen us blind and there is not even enough “coins” to pay the light bills all these leeches will be gone. All the wiggling and squirming that’s going on right now simply means they are closer to the Omega.

    Since they protect their culture of corruption and refuse to police themselves the people are forced to set tight and allow nature to take it course. Greed, jealousy and scorn develop into malignant discourse and malicious activities from those who believe they are not receiving their fair share of the entitlements. Soon the vultures’ from the heavens will descend upon them and devour all their slimy leftovers.

    Maybe if their is a next time around and the people learn from their mistakes they will become more concerned about who is given their purse stings and their check books!

  4. Name why says:

    All of these so called elected officials that stood up there before the county commission in place at the time (the only ones left now are cadwell and conner) and threatened what they would or would not do like state attorney brad king did (make his customers come to ocala) should be held accountable for fraud against the taxpayers.

    Now by not using these building they are proving they didn’t need them in the first place!

    it is bad enough that we could not afford all these building in the first place but why do they have to leave all the lights on all night long?? seems their goal is to bankrupt the county and put themselves out of work like the rest of us. if so they are doing a good job.

  5. No doubt the sheriff’s budget has got the fattest in it and especially the jail. The only reason all the sheriff’s of this county ever put up with that headache was because they could always fatten up the jail budget because the commission (who really is in charge of the county jail) don’t want the headaches and they will anyone anything they ask for not to have to fool with the jail. Once they get the money they can move it around to pay all those pet projects that the previous blogger mentioned.
    Funny how Jimmy Conner has got his nose so far up this sheriff’s butt. He announced on his look at me Jimmy website that the sheriff has reduced his budget again this year for the third time. That is all smoke and mirrors with a little BS for icing. Conner has been trying to clean out the historical society from the ground floor for his sheriff buttie every since he got elected. In fact the article on his website last before the sheriff’s budget one was a copy and paste Leesburg Commercial article titled “New Leaders Should Steer Historical Society to a Better Place.”
    Can anyone in this county in their right mind thank of a more appropriate place to house the Lake County Historical Museum than the ground floor of the Lake county Historical Courthouse??? Of course not! It’s just another manipulation to achieve another goal instead of just coming out and telling the truth!
    Maybe there is something to all those conspiracy theorists. Maybe those ChemTrails in the sky are not just jet plane tracks. Maybe they are designed to drive people nuts after all. If so they are dong a good job!
    Notice how everybody seems to be going crazier and crazier. More domestic and other violence and murders shown on TV everyday. But the Road Rage violence is staggering. Recently they even showed a retired cop and lawyer fighting in the road.
    But you ain’t seen any rage until they county commission really cuts the sheriff’s budgets and all those spoiled narcissistic brats that Gary Borders calls “deputies” don’t get all the perks they demand from their “daddy.” This place will come apart at the seams – vengeance is theirs.
    You are right that “if the sheriff needs a chief deputy then he doesn’t need to be sheriff.”
    The last sheriff that had a “Chief Deputy” was Sheriff Knupp. He had Dave Hall and, when Hall voluntarily retired he didn’t replace him.
    Most likely Gary Borders decided to recreate the position of “chief deputy” because of his lies about being the chief deputy to Sheriff Daniels. In reality Borders was chief of criminal justice and Wayne Longo was Chief of Law Enforcement. Borders with the help of then School Board Chairman somehow out politicked Longo to be appointed sheriff by Jeb Bush.
    But why Borders bypassed his former equal authority chief Longo and retitled his position to major and brought Grinnell up past Longo to chief deputy is still a mystery. In reality now major Wayne Longo should have been named the sheriff of Lake County but for the politics.

  6. i guess the new courthouse and all the other new buildings will just have to sit vacant until there is enough money to pay for the staffing. you will not raise property taxes!!!! we are taxed beyond belief already. i repeat, you will not raise our taxes. period.!!!!!!! the sheriff can fire some of his boyfriends too make room for the children of this county in schools. the sheriff can get rid of his 60,000 dollar vehicle and that will pay for two teacher’s salaries. how many desks can we fill with chief grinnell’s salary and vehicle. if the sheriff needs a chief deputy then he doesnt need to be sheriff. how much money can the county save if major daviid mass drives his own vehicle to play golf. this is absurd!! the answers are right in front of us but elected officials wont take money from each other, only us taxpayers. how much money would a permit cost to put a drainfield in? there is money right there because bob mckee didnt pull a permit, he had a favor done from shelley’s septic. this is all too much. you better not raise our taxes. .

  7. But the Sheriff, Property Appraiser, Clerk and Tax Collector? Not so much.

  8. Looks like they have already got the ROBO bloggers working on this story. Two blogs with all the same wording!!!

    Sorry but as for the dynamic duo of Campione and Parks that run around gathering up everything they could gather on the goings on within Lake County government and promising to support not only removing the board check writer Barbara Lehman Minkoff’s husband Sandy Minkoff from his acting county manager clean up the Cindy Hall stuff but, also from his job as county attorney but cleaning up the corruption in Lake County. What did they really do? Crawl right in the sack with them instead! They deserve their progressive side of the Republican Party to set them up. Don’t we recall Campione was only going to run one time and clean all this corruption up and not run again? Well we guess it’s akin to being born in a mafia family; it’s hard to get out.
    But it won’t happen with Campione. She has already signed on with the Bush machine to head the panel at a Thursday night meeting In Tavares for the Jeb Bush Common Core movement.
    Common Core Forcing Marxism/Nazism on America’s Children.

    Common Core is a Nationalized Federal government takeover of our Education system which of course is against the law, as the Federal Government is not allowed to set any educational curriculum standards—a right reserved to the States. Least of all do they have the power to create a one size fits all complete take over of education on all levels. This is a States rights issue. The Federal Government has standardized the education curriculum that will apply to all public schools, charter schools, private schools, Christian schools and homeschooling. No one is safe from this new mandate. Common Core Standards are being mandated and implemented by the Federal Government via organizations such as National Governors Association, Achieve, and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO).

    What makes common core so dangerous to our children and us is becoming more evident each day. First of all, it is a one size fits all, education takeover. So, let’s say your child has a learning disorder. He or she will be left behind, as CC has no provision for helping those that can’t keep up.

    The comparison of Nazism and Common Core (CC) are uncanny. One such comparison is that Nazism had Leaders and Master Teachers in the National Socialists Teachers League that visited schools and kept data files on Teachers. The Obama Administration funded 10,000 Master Teachers (MT’S) to train Teachers on CC and the MT’s will keep data files on students and Teachers. Students were taught to spy on parents and teachers. CC will have students as young as 5 participating in the evaluation of Teachers. In Nazism, the curriculum was rewritten to provide a Nazi (government) approved curriculum. Common Core curriculum is being rewritten to provide a global approved curriculum.

  9. Where would you like to see budget shortfall money come from then?? The county and school have cut so much already I do not believe there’s much room to wiggle. Just last night the school board cut busing where next? Property taxes are down, impact fees are gone, everyone yells don’t cut my program. The county and school need funds!!! I am happy to pay a little more if it means the school my children are slated to attend would be replaced. Have you seen Clermont elementary? It should be condemned!!!

  10. Like many Lake County business’s, my business has suffered for the last 5 years, so much that my companies future is questionable. I was elated to see my taxes lowered for this year and now this! Commercial properties are vacant all over town, business’s and homeowners are struggling to keep a job and a roof over there family. We have all made cuts trying to survive these trying times and our fearless leaders can only bring more misery by raising our taxes! Maybe these Demigods should of thought of this when they were busy building their unneeded palaces and shrines over the last five years that could of clearly waited for recovery. It just amazes me how these people running our government are clueless to the results of their actions when it’s other peoples money that they are spending!

  11. Budget shortfall says:

    Where would you like to see budget shortfall money come from then?? The county and school have cut so much already I do not believe there’s much room to wiggle. Just last night the school board cut busing where next? Property taxes are down, impact fees are gone, everyone yells don’t cut my program. The county and school need funds!!! I am happy to pay a little more if it means the school my children are slated to attend would be replaced. Have you seen Clermont elementary? It should be condemned!!!

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