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Gun Rights and the People Won Fear Tactics Lost

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In the immediate aftermath of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, the calls for gun control were loud and persistent from liberals who finally believed momentum was on their side to restrict the Second Amendment.  Instead of blaming the shooter, they blamed the gun.  President Obama and members of the anti-gun movement played every heart string and paraded out every sympathetic victim they could find–they even used children in their political messaging.

Well, it didn’t work.  Yesterday, President Obama blamed the National Rifle Association (NRA) for killing gun control legislation in the United States Senate even though it is in the control of the Democrats.  If the size of the lobby really meant the power, as President Obama bemoaned yesterday then the Chamber of Commerce lobbying group, which is one of the biggest on Capital Hill, would probably not lose a single vote; however, they do.

The reason why Obama’s gun control legislation failed is that the majority of the people understand the importance of the Second Amendment and they want the ability to defend themselves.  Don’t blame the NRA for defeating something the American people are smart enough to understand.

Let’s bring this locally to Lake County.  After the tragedy in Newtown, School Board Member Bill Mathias called for voluntarily allowing school staff to carry weapons on campus, provided they passed extensive requirements and training.  At the time, fellow School Board Member Rosanne Brandeburg called School Board Member Mathias an embarrassment and several local liberal groups bashed him for a reckless idea and media hyping.  During that time, we came out in support of Mathias and simply said, “You can’t stop crazy.”  We pointed out that millions of people have been killed with other instruments of death and that the largest mass killing at a school in United States history was in Bath, Michigan in 1927, and the instrument of death was a bomb.

This week, in the Florida House of Representatives, HB1097 which allows designated school employees to carry a weapon after significant training and extensive background checks, passed the Judiciary Committee on a vote of 11-7.  Whether this becomes law is still in the air; however, it is becoming more evident every day that people must take more responsibility for their personal protection.

On Monday, the country witnessed insanity kill again with the bombing during the Boston Marathon.  This time, the instrument of death was primarily a pressure cooker converted into a bomb.  This horrific event has been a human and emotional tragedy for everyone–Americans across the country are horrified as this senseless loss of life.  The perpetrators of this heinous act found a way to kill without using a gun, because a gun would have been easily detected.

The epiphany everyone must have is that we live in a society where “You can’t stop crazy” and we should be encouraging everyone to take some role in their personal safety.  Actions like fences around schools, bullet-proof doors and windows, and armed school personnel are our only defenses. Instead of liberals making fun of people who support the Second Amendment, maybe they should be thanking them, because ultimately gun owners will be your last defense.

School Board Member Bill Mathias, we are proud of you and the stance you took.  In our view, you were far ahead of most in your thinking.

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8 Responses to “Gun Rights and the People Won Fear Tactics Lost”

  1. you put your trust and faith in the lake county sheriff. i will not! the command staff at the lake county sheriff’s office has developed a perverse and dishonest culture under the leadership of sheriff gary borders. i will not say that all of lcso is caught up in this culture, but when the policy of the command staff dictates this culture, the deputy either conforms or is gone. mr. name, if you are extremely tired of this rhetoric, why dont you march right into the lcso and demand that the culture of deceit and perversion be corrected. when the dishonesty of public officials costs the taxpayers millions in lawsuit settlements then we the taxpayers have a right to voice our displeasure.

  2. What you are tired of is the fact that you are too ignorant to see the truth and understand the facts being told or, you are a part of the sickness and madness that runs and controls the Lake Sheriff and his office and want to “just make it go away!”
    You are right: the fine men and women of the LCSO would absolutely step up to the plate and protect us, that is if they are allowed too by their corrupt and morally challenged leadership.
    “The good law abiding citizens of Lake County would do what was asked of them. Thankfully many in Lake County have the means and ability to protect themselves, their families and assist local law enforcement agencies.”
    Why is this? Because “the good law abiding citizens of Lake County” have long known the deficiencies and lack of integrity and morals in Gary Borders, the sheriff of this county. When the leadership of any organization is rotten to the core a few good men and women always seem to never give up and somehow hold things together. This is not politics these are just facts!
    In your blog you say “My concern is the Feds had investigated the older brother and what— just erased his name…never told the folks in Boston to look out for him. Why wasn’t his name popping up the minute the bombs went off?”
    Well guess what? A lot of people share those same concerns right here in Lake County.
    In late 2009 and early 2010 the Feds investigated some serious crimes right here in Lake County as well.
    One of those crimes was reportedly the fact that Gary Borders while running the Lake County Jail as Major Borders had had sex in his office with certain “favorite inmates.”
    Now called Detention Deputies; then called Corrections Officers who were employed under Borders as jail major for years were spilling their guts about what they had seen through the crack of the door of Borders office. One was a high ranking officer who is still in a high position. He was so sick he had to take off work for several days. Another one left the Lake County jail and went in the Army after sharing the gory details with those he trusted.
    But, amazingly some of these very people lied to the Feds about what they had seen and documented to keep their jobs. Others who were already gone from the jail employment were excellent witnesses. Still for some reason the Feds tucked their tails and just “made it go away.”
    They never interviewed two of the very best witnesses at all. Someone had the power to make them drop this investigation and leave town.
    As everyone knows it is not against the law to be homosexual. But, it is against the law to be in a position of authority in a penal institution and use that authority to select the ones you want to have brought to your office for sex. It is also against the law even for a powerful sheriff to cover up sex crimes just because he wants too – more particularly when those sex crimes are against children under the age of 16 years! Gary Borders has a history of refusing to arrest and prosecute those who commit sex crimes against children! Is this why so many of his powerful friends think he is a wonderful sheriff?
    By March of 2010 about the same time the Feds were run out of town; it was discovered that Gary Borders and some of his well connected Florida Department of Corrections vendor friends had been running a boys ranch in south Lake County for over 20 years called the Green Isle Boys Ranch. It was also discovered this ranch had a history of rapes reported and covered up almost from the beginning. Some were alleged to be house parents, yet and still no one was ever arrested or charged with a sex crime.
    That was only discovered after news leaked that five little boys had been brutally sexually abused by an older student over the summer of 2009. Because they were afraid for their lives they waited until November 2009 until they were sure he was gone from the ranch to report the crimes. Borders had his people take the report and stop the investigation while his friend the rapist was partying his life away.
    Once the news of the rapes broke in March 2010 Borders with the help of State Attorney Brad King faked up an arrest and prosecution of Tyler Anthony Jackson while documents prove he was actually living like a king in Citrus County and continuing to abuse other people.
    Extremely tired of this rhetoric huh? Well “the good law abiding citizens of Lake County” are damn tired of having a “joke” a well known pervert “ruining” the sheriff’s office too.
    The problem is those”really ruining” Lake County don’t want an honest person in the Sheriff’s Office – they would have to figure out a way to “make them go away.”
    They have got exactly what they want. A morally challenged, mentally deranged person – one who has so much well known baggage they can control him just like they have always controlled Gary Borders since they anointed him to this powerful position.
    You see “My concern is the Feds had investigated Gary Borders for crimes of having sex with inmates in his jail office; and what— just erased his name…never told the folks in Lake County to look out for him. Why wasn’t his name popping up the minute every sex crime is covered up in Lake County?” Because after all; he is the man that just “makes it go away!”
    The blogs and other articles people see on this website and many others about Gary Borders is not rhetoric. While sometimes they might be a little crude for the most part they are 100% factual – In other words notice to all parents of small boys in Lake County – don’t let the sheriff get anywhere close to your little boys – he has had an affinity for young boys his entire adult life.
    As the lawyers say “if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck; then it must be a duck!”
    Thankfully the good law abiding citizens of Lake County in Lake County have the education about what Borders and some of his minions are; means and ability to protect themselves, their families (especially the boys) from some of those within our local law enforcement agencies.

  3. Why bother locking your house and car? A determined and skilled thief can break into your car and drive it away in less than a minute. Why lock your house? In fifteen seconds, someone can get in through a window.

    Locking your house and car will not stop a professional, but it will make the crime a little more difficult and will reduce crimes of opportunity. Universal background checks will do the same. Think about that the next time you lock your house or car.

  4. Name says:

    The fine men and women of the LCSO would absolutely step up to the plate and protect us along with all of the cities, towns, state police and the feds and the good law abiding citizens of Lake County would do what was asked of them. Thankfully many in Lake County have the means and ability to protect themselves, their families and assist local law enforcement agencies.
    I have faith in the officers and the sheriff of this county and am extremely tired of this rhetoric.
    My concern is the Feds had investigated the older brother and what— just erased his name…never told the folks in Boston to look out for him. Why wasn’t his name popping up the minute the bombs went off?

  5. the people of boston are very fortunate to have had a professional law enforcement presence in that city. if the massive manhunt had been conducted here in lake county, there is no telling how many innocent lives would have been lost. it was obvious that the boston law enforcement command staff was completely in charge. the lcso command staff only takes charge when it is time for a damage control cover-up. our lcso command staff are too busy chasing young men around or chasing secretaries. its sad when you have to defend yourself from foreign AND domestic terrorists.

  6. Name says:

    Regardless of the registry or of a data base of all legal gun owners, how would any of these new gun laws that are proposed help reduce criminal behavior or keep guns out of the hands of crazy people? How does trampling on my right to bear arms end the violence committed by those who by definition do not obey laws?Can you imagine the royal pain in the buttocks it would be to get a background check when selling firearms from one private citizen to another. Why not make anyone selling a car be responsible for doing a background check on the driving record of the potential buyer…hey, they could have a DUI

  7. The Senate Gun Bill PROHIBITED gun registration. Made registration illegal. However, the NRA and some conservative legislators frightened gun owners by proclaiming it a first step towards registration. Once again, lies and propaganda outweighed the facts.

  8. Obama could have gotten a common sense bill through that would have helped stop school shootings. He decided to go for the liberal wet dream of gun control and registration. He left out the obvious contributions of movies and video games becasue they were donors. His cohorts kept claiming this was a good start and indicating they were going to be adding on. Chuckie Schumer was especially vocal. He used the Newtown Children as props. He called in a lot of favors and demonstrated to the American public what a liar he really is. This huge defeat is going to mare the rest of his term.It really gets down to a matter of trust. When somebody gets up and repeatedly lies about things like 90% of the public agreeing with him and 40% of gun show sales are without background checks, he is pandering only to the idiots. His universe of idiot must get getting smaller.

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