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Political Expectations of Core Values

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Online comments in response to our column entitled LCSB Cheerleaders Stay United, featuring School Board Members Rosanne Brandeburg, Debbie Stivender and Kyleen Fischer, lit up as some agreed with us while others thought we were being juvenile and snarky.  Some people don’t understand political satire.  Those who do, understand that truth is its general underpinning in making an absurd point.

There are real political ramifications for the votes by School Board Members Brandeburg, Fischer, and Stivender that cannot be ignored.  There seems to be a real blowback mounting from the community.  Let’s enunciate what these three have voted up for final approval.

By a 3-2 vote, the Lake County School Board authorized the formation of a gay/ lesbian club as well as other controversial civic groups for 11-12 year olds.  Voting in favor of this new club policy were School Board Members Brandeburg, Fischer and Stivender.  On the contrary, each of them professes to be conservative, religious, family first, core value Republicans.  When they ran for their positions on the Lake County School Board, each one of them paraded through churches and conservative groups proclaiming their conservative doctrines and their commitment to traditional values.

The people who voted for these ladies had a political expectation that they would follow the core values they put forward when they were seeking their votes.  During the last election, had Brandeburg and Stivender announced they would support the formation of a gay/lesbian club for 11-12 year olds, both would have been soundly defeated.

This is just another case in which the voters have been duped.  Conservative Republicans in Lake County did not elect liberal Democrats to the School Board, and the vote on this issue by Brandeburg, Fischer and Stivender is a basic betrayal of their core constituents.

Oddly, several School Board Members have told us that ministers and prominent leaders of civic groups gave them cover on this vote, citing the reason that while they really don’t support the formation of a gay/lesbian club for 11-12 year olds, they don’t want their clubs tossed out with a change in policy.  If this is true, this is stunning.  What does that say about their value proposition?

For most parents, this is not a gay, lesbian or straight issue because there are probably very few parents who are okay with the public school system discussing any aspect of sexuality with their 11-12 year old.  Every day, the news reports on a different school pervert featured in handcuffs.  It seems to us, the last thing any school needs is a club that has anything to do with sexuality.  In our view, that is like begging for an ugly incident to happen.

We have always been consistent on one thing–being consistent.  If you proclaim to be a conservative, religious Republican and that is how you were elected then act and vote like one.  If you are a minister who rails against the moral decay of America then stand on the principles by which God has called you.

The real problem in America today is that too many leaders, inside and outside of government, are compromising their core values so they can be liked.  How can we expect our children to have core values and character when they don’t see any examples of it?

We fully understand there are people of good conscience who believe the schools should have open clubs; however, we take a conservative stand which says schools are responsible for educating children not organizing clubs.  When it comes to the point that clubs and civic groups become a distraction to educating children then they should be closed.  That’s our core value.

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11 Responses to “Political Expectations of Core Values”

  1. A recent article in the Orlando paper disclosed that the Lake School Board has voted to renovate the Umatilla Middle School. The article said the cost of the renovations was $1.7 million.

    The article further stated that the contract for the work had been awarded to Gilbane Building Company of Orlando, Florida.

    Everyone including the Right Side of the Lake has questioned why we can’t get some work for our local contractors here in Lake County and why these guys like CPPI of Gainesville and now this Gilbane Building Company always get this work.

    It is easy enough to go to corporate records and see who runs these companies even though their true ownership can easily be hidden with stock the ownership.

    It is true Gilbane Building Company once had a contractor’s license and an office at 925 Pina Dr Orlando, Fl ; but they closed it back in 1992. Just a mere 21 years ago!

    A corporate search will show you Gilbane Building Company is really located in providence, Rhode Island.

    Their Florida General contractor’s license office address in Dacula, Georgia.

    They have a construction business information license registered with DBPR in Lakewood Ranches. Florida.

    Does those people authorized by the school board who hires the superintendent Susan Moxley do any background on these contractors before they award them $1.7 million dollars in the greatest recession since the 1929 depression? No wonder Mr. Bill Mathias voted against awarding this contract saying the profit and fees where to excessive, these people had to grease some palms to get this little job in the middle of this recession.

    Why can’t these so called news paper reporters let their fingers do the walking and come up with a little truth for the people now and then?

  2. While everyone was whizzing and fizzing about the gay straight club School Board members approved about $1.7 million worth of campus electrical and air-conditioning improvements at Umatilla Middle School.

    The antique school, which was built in 1977, has had no major upgrades since then and wasn’t designed to handle todays electrical needs, said Gary Parker, district facilities director.

    The project is aimed at upgrading the campus electrical infrastructure and fixing faulty air-conditioning to improve students and teachers technology use. Faulty power infrastructure has made state computer-based testing a challenge.

    Ah so there it is all this little pocket change $1.7 million is really to update the school so they can better give the FCAT testing.

    Once again the contract was awarded to an out of county contractor. Orlando-based Gilbane Building Company will serve as the construction manager.

    School Board member Bill Mathias voted against the deal, saying some of the fees and a 6-percent profit margin, was too expensive. Good for you Mr. Bill.

    What we really need to save our Lake county School system is at least one more person with some business sense to go with Bill and Tod – but it will have to be one with enough big ole nads to stand up to the culture of corruption that runs Lake County, lock, stock and barrel.

  3. Get out those glasses and read these LCSO values” right after the mission statement.

    You don’t have to be very smart to see this is “bovine droppings” from start to finish.

    Obviously protecting child rapist’s, setting up fake arrests and prosecutions to protect friends; protecting old city manager’s who commit rape against an employee he supervises at least FIVE times; and protecting other child sex abusers for friends of the clique do not come under the ” effective crime prevention, law enforcement and judicial support” statement.

    Even people who have not personally suffered the abuse at the hands of sheriff Borders and some of his goons are intelligent enough to realize these statements found no the remnants of their hacked (cleaned up) website are not true and are in fact all smoke and mirrors!

    We will continually strive to maintain and enhance the quality of life in Lake County through service to the community, by working together to provide effective crime prevention, law enforcement and judicial support.


    Integrity: We value the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles and professional standards. Integrity implies honesty, truthfulness, honor, veracity and reliability.

    Professionalism: We value the skill and competence exhibited by a highly trained professional, characterized by pride, self-discipline, a thirst for higher education, and a customer service oriented approach.

    People: We value all people. Our relationships with others should be respectful and fair. By valuing people, we also value diversity, the spirit of teamwork, and open and honest communication. We believe people are our most valuable resource.

    Leadership: We value leadership as the ability to guide, direct, and influence people toward the proper course of action. Leadership implies the ability to provide purpose and motivation. Even those who do not serve in a formal leadership role can lead by example.

    Loyalty: We value loyalty as an unfailing devotion to a cause despite our personal likes, dislikes, hopes and desires. Loyalty implies faithfulness, devotion, allegiance, trustworthiness, and fidelity so that a common cause might prevail.

    Commitment: We value commitment to the mission of the Sheriff’s Office. Commitment is the sense of responsibility to the people we serve, the law enforcement profession and the oath of our office. Commitment is kindred to loyalty and is exemplified by courage, dedication, and persistence.

    Community: We value our community and believe to be effective we must be a part of those we serve. We support efforts to enhance the quality of life in Lake County by encouraging community involvement, believing it to be a responsibility of citizenship.

    Accountability: We value individual and collective responsibility for our mission and core values. We believe it is our duty to be answerable for our actions both internally and externally. Accountability is achieved through relentless follow-up.

  4. Conservative Republicans in Lake County did not elect liberal Democrats, or did they?

    How can we tell when we know we are dealing with chameleons?

    Governor Charlie Crist was probably the best known for saying one thing and doing another.

    When he fell from grace of the Republican Party and become an independent he lost the US Senate race to Rubio.

    When he become unemployed he ran to the open arms of Central Florida’s Chief Obama supporter Orlando Attorney John Morgan. He has since changed parties again and is now a Democrat threatening to run for governor again. Recent polls indicate he has a major lead over Rick Scott. Not hard to accomplish since Adolph Hitler would probably poll better than (what can I do next to buy votes) Rick Scott.

    They say politics makes strange bedfellows. So why would John Morgan be on the host committee for Sheriff Gary Borders March 27, 2012 political meet and greet at the Legends Ballroom at Mission Inn? What does a liberal Obama supporter have in common with Gary Borders?

    This is the same Attorney John Morgan who has recently announced if he has to he will spend up to $3 million of his own money to get the medical marijuana issue on the Florida ballot.

    So how do we know who their people really are and to whom they owe their allegiance! The only thing we know for sure is they don’t seem to owe it to what is really in the best interest of the American people. They all seem to have personal agenda’s they are pursuing. But they all seem to join forces when it comes to destroying family value’s by any method they can.

  5. Name Why? says:

    Can you folks believe the political movers and shakers and clergy in power in Umatilla recently had Sheriff Borders throw out the first pitch at the Umatilla Babe Ruth baseball event?

    Are these people that stupid? Or is it that just don’t care that someone like him is glorified in the presence of the children?

    This is some of the same people that support the school board in the moral destruction of out children.

    If our leaders refuse to protect our children from people like Gary Borders it is time for the parents to take charge and educate themselves on these matters.

  6. I could not agree more with The Right Side of Lakes take here. The 3 ladies need to go. if they arn’t brave enough to stand on principles they ran on they are frauds. Shame on you ladies. Your children and grandchildren will see you as well for your wishy washy stand… How do we build up morals, values and integrity in our youth if they dont see it in our elected officials?

  7. Trying to argue the birth of Christ and the beginning of Christianity is somehow politics is absurd. You are confusing human political correctness with blasphemy!

    When it comes to the creator and the creations there are just some things the mortal soul will never understand.

    You should have seen the two theologians on Bill O’Reilly last night; one was Catholic and one was Jewish.

    The two things they have in common are they both devoutly believe in God Almighty and they both believe in the evil spirits, the demons and or the devil.

    In the latter they believe they evolve from various sources.

    They both agree evil people do evil things to themselves and other people; destroy and abuse their fellow man and woman, while somehow enjoying themselves and claiming pride in the acts, and they both agreed those people must pay for their actions; they will bust hell wide open!

    Because the most important function of the Holy Spirit is to testify of Jesus and tell us what he is told by God, this means that a stubborn refusal to listen to God is another form of blasphemy. Of course, this also results in a stubborn refusal to obey the commandments of God.

    But how can you know that the author is correct in his understanding of this issue? You do need to be sure because Jesus makes it very clear that this is an important issue. Guessing wrong won’t be an acceptable excuse on the judgment day, so it has to be right.

    Matthew 12:31 : Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.

    Mark 3:29 : But he that shall blasphemy against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation.

    This form of blasphemy is persistent, stubborn refusal to repent of sins, so is said to be committed by a person against the Holy Spirit because he is the divine agency which convicts of sin and leads a person to repentance. Refusal to ever listen to him prevents conviction of sin and blocks repentance, meaning that a person who does this can never be forgiven of their sins. Therefore, the stubborn refusal to listen to the Holy Spirit is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

    Evil spirits abound every where. Since they are lost and wandering their only goal is to victimize and destroy as many other souls as they can. The atheist corpse is all dressed up with no place to go!

  8. FACT: Mary was married to Joseph. God impregnated Mary, and she had a child. Since Mary and God were not married, that makes their offspring Jesus a b—–d.

    Check the dictionary. The term b—–d is defined as a person born of unmarried parents. My statement is undeniably true.

    Does my statement offend you? Do you object to my stating a fact? If so, you are a supporter of politically correct speech.

  9. The original, official acceptance of homosexuality in contemporary society occurred in 1973 after a three-year long jihad of outrageous public insults to American psychiatrists by an ad hoc army of gay activists. This army has been marching forward every day since!

    As we found in a previous post on this blog, Read it slowly over and over until it sinks in!

    “The plain truth is that both the Gay Straight Alliance and Gay, Lesbian, Straight Educators Network (GLSEN), the organization that registers Gay Straight Alliance’s, are part of a vast, interconnected network of Cultural Marxist front groups known collectively as the New Left. For over forty years, the New Left–a collection of Marxists, Stalinists, Trotskyites, Maoists, and anarchist–has been waging a Gramscian style “quiet revolution” for the overthrow of Christianity and America’s Constitution, Rule of Law, sovereignty, and way of life.”

    Absolutely “there are probably very few parents who are okay with the public school system discussing any aspect of sexuality with their 11-12 year olds.”

    But, what they need to realize is if they don’t there are plenty of perverts lurking in the presence of these children just waiting to get the chance to become acquainted so they can groom them and recruit them into homosexuality. They don’t call this movement “the Quiet Revolution” for nothing!

    Yes it is true each one of these politicians (bureaucrats) paraded through churches and conservative groups proclaiming their conservative doctrines and their commitment to traditional values. But, now we see that’s not who they really are; that’s only smoke and mirrors.
    Remember, likewise our sheriff “paraded through churches and conservative groups proclaiming their conservative doctrines and their commitment to traditional values.”
    And all the while he was doing so every last one of them knew he was a lying closet homosexual. They were passing around flyers and emails to each other about his closet lifestyle. Then Senator Carey Baker even joked about the deputies wearing pink underwear, and then he was made by the Bushmen to eat his words and support Borders. Many of the local clergy even made jokes about Borders gay lifestyle to their friends. Remember in 2008 Gary Borders practically claimed to belong to every Baptist Church in Lake County. Borders even hired one of these Baptist preachers after he and his friends bankrupted their church.
    Now everyone is talking about Borders gay brigade out recruiting anyone they can find into homosexuality. Some folks think that is where the idea of this 14 year old kid comes from.

    That’s also how she was able get the ACLU involved so fast. Insiders say Borders little boy toy favorite deputy even has him some kid living with him.

    To many ministers today are scared of the IRS threat to take away their tax exemptions if they are caught rallying against homosexuality and other moral decay of America and refuse to stand on the principles which God called them to do. By doing so they take their orders from the same demons that are infiltrating and destroying our moral fiber. Many are also up to their eyeballs in the ongoing child sex abuse.

    These kinds of distractions are actually very rewarding to them. While the people are busy talking about this no telling what they are actually doing with other issues and our money.
    Meanwhile when they cause enough ruckus they achieve their real goals.

    This will only be resolved when enough parents and supporters show up at the public meetings and demand these bureaucrats refuse to do what their behind the scenes handlers have told them to do. You know as this article says “ministers and prominent leaders of civic groups who gave them cover on this vote.”

    Some of the same ones who act “holier than thou” in public and molest our children every chance they get.

    It is true “Every day, the news reports on a different school pervert featured in handcuffs.”
    But what all these people who are “compromising their core values so they can be liked” continue to turn their heads and lie about is here in Lake County a lot of our perverts are carrying handcuffs, wearing badges and toting guns.

    All with the full knowledge of “ministers and prominent leaders of civic groups who give them cover.”

    Until enough people find enough intestinal fortitude to stand up and stop this it will just get worse and worse until another ugly incident happens.

  10. It is not over, the Lake County School Board has one more vote before the open policy is adopted. I agree with Howard and Mathias to allow open clubs in high school and have academic based clubs in middle schools.

    Based on news reports mostly those in favor of the open clubs came out to speak. If you don’t reach out and let the elected officials know how you feel, then you have no right to complain.

    Your blog should be a call for conservatives to let our voices be heard!!!

  11. When I moved to Florida from Pa. the first priority was the school system my kids would be taught in. i was relatively happy with Lake Co. district, & my kids went to Tavares schools. My kids both were in the band & I was an active parent with the boosters. The problem, as I see it, is wayyy to much political correctness, no one wants to step on anyone’s toes!!! Sorry, that is just stupid. A leader has to take a stand on beliefs that are good for the general population. The schools need to worry about educating the students, and provide a safe envionment in which to do so. To even think about abolishing all clubs that are school related because of some ACLU activity, is showing a lack of leadership by the School Board

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