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MacLeod Must Go!

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Carol MacLeod

Lake Schools Chief Financial Officer

Sources close to the Lake County School Board have told us that several School Board Members are growing weary of the bad decisions, poor advice and lack of financial accountability by Lake County School District Chief Financial Officer, Carol MacLeod.  The calls by many in the community for an independent, outside auditor, which reports directly to the School Board, are growing louder as money transfers and expenditures make very little sense.  We agree, there is very limited transparency of taxpayer’s money and there have been blatant attempts to hide information.  This is a problem for the Lake County School Board and especially Superintendent Dr. Susan Moxley who appears to be condoning these types of financial shenanigans.

The latest revelation of financial incompetence is delivered by new School Board Member Bill Mathias who revealed Lake County Schools are being shorted almost $8 million in transportation funding through the Florida Education Funding Program (FEFP).  According to state officials, as much as $5 million were available to the District had the proper claims been made by the District’s financial office.  Sources revealed that current Lake County State Representative Larry Metz questioned CFO MacLeod on this issue over four years ago while serving on the School Board, and she dismissed his concerns.  On this issue, CFO MacLeod has cost the District countless millions of dollars.

This was not MacLeod’s only failure as Chief Financial Officer for the District.  She has a history of costing the District money and giving bad advice to the School Board.

All of the above does not include the bad advice and poor operating projections CFO MacLeod gave the Lake County School Board on budgets and new school openings.  Huge budget shortfalls are the result of poor operating expense projections for Lake Minneola High School.

So, the real questions are simple, “Why is Chief Financial Officer Carol MacLeod still in charge of finances at the Lake County School District?”  What does it say about Superintendent Dr. Susan Moxley’s leadership to retain such an incompetent Chief Financial Officer?

It is our view that CFO MacLeod must go.  She should be replaced with a competent Chief Financial Officer who can manage the complexities of the Lake County School District.  If the District had all of the money it has lost due to CFO MacLeod’s financial incompetence then our school workers would not be one of the lowest paid in the State of Florida.  How much longer will the Lake County School Board entrust the finances of the School District to someone who has such a miserable track record?

Next, the Lake County School Board needs to hire an in-house auditor that directly reports to them, and not to the Superintendent.  Superintendent Dr. Moxley has not shown the ability to properly manage the finances of the District, and her lack of transparency gives the preponderance she has something to hide.  The in-house auditor needs to be the eyes and ears of the School Board to ensure everything is transparent and operating at an extremely high standard.

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13 Responses to “MacLeod Must Go!”

  1. You say we are:

    “Trying to force your thoughts of all the other elected officials into every unrelated article in this blog….if it continues I may have to quit reading, as it is very annoying.”

    But the truth is you just want to shut everyone up because way to many facts have seen the light of day and this might everntually get serious. Some places even in Florida they are still arresting criminal politicians and government employees!

    It is the criminals in charge of the hen houses that force their thoughts on folks. Play their control games and steal our hard earned money. Then they expect us with brains enough to see it to sit idle by and keep our mouths shut.

    It ain’t going to happen!

    There you guys go again trying to manipulate the word. You communist inspired hoodlums will say and do anything to stop the truth from being told.

    The people who own and pay for this website at the present have the authority to make their own decisions as to what they place on their website; after all they are solely responsible for its content.

    The problem of it is there is no such thing in Lake County as elected officials being unrelated in articles in this blog. In Lake County they are all connected to the culture of corruption that runs this county or they are gone, like being pregnant, there is no in between.

    For instance regarding this Carol MacLeod article; one of the bloggers points out that she had been terminated and the self anointed godfather Bob McKee made them reinstate her!
    Do you suppose that Bob McKee has also been able to have his superintendant of public instruction Dr Susan Moxley remove and destroy the Robert (Bob) Kenneth McKee employment records from 1988-1993 in her possession in which he used multiple dates of birth?
    Is this article the proper place to point out these discrepancies?

    This is an excellent and truthful article calling for the termination of the Chief Financial Officer of the Lake School Board for well established reasons.

    Those same well established reasons are evident in the lack of transparency with CFO Barbara Lehman Minkoff and the LCBCC and long established discrepancies in the Sheriff’s financial matters as disclosed in emails by his former finance director.

    Some folks think it’s very unusual that neighboring counties seem to have to abide by the laws. Both Orange County and even Marion County have been brought under scrutiny. On the other hand Lake County and it’s criminals in charge are untouchable.

    Among other things special inmates who are supposed to be housed in the Lake jail have been known to walk the streets. Some have been known to be returned from the state prison system to the Lake Jail where they were picked up by the sheriff himself and taken for family visits.
    The problem with this culture of corruption is that it is out of hand. They spend more time lying and trying to hide their criminal activities than they do working at the jobs they were hired for or elected to do.

    They continually have their useful idiots trying to convince people that the “pesky bloggers” are disgruntled former employee’s or some other category of nut jobs but, the one thing you never see is one ounce of evidence that the “pesky bloggers” facts are not straight for the most part every time.

    The real problem here is more and more people are coming to realize the media is not allowed to tell the truth about anything. Everything is set for a spin, filtered for facts or just plain suppressed from the people.

    More and more people are learning to Google and compare facts with fiction. The simple fact that here locally it don’t take a rocket scientist to see something is bad wrong. When these so called local leaders lie and refuse to disclose financial documentation real people tend to realize they are hiding something. When they are hiding something that means our tax dollars have gone astray. When our tax dollars have gone astray that means they have found there way into the wrong hands somewhere.

    So, if the truth annoys people like you “and if it continues I (you) may have to quit reading, as it is very annoying” we suggest you tell your handlers you have tried but failed to suppress the truth from the ears of the people who care.

    Perhaps you would be more comfortable re-reading Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto since that appears to be your ideal “forum app.”

  2. wow! you have got bigger problems than some of us not putting our writings in the right spot. if that all it takes for you to stop reading this website. are you gonna stop driving because you saw someone run a red light. are you gonna stop eating because someone smacks when they eat. life is not perfect, nor is my grammar. sorry we inconvenienced you.

  3. Name says:

    While comments about the sheriff and tax collector may be interesting, the objection I have is to your inserting these comments into every article written on RSOL.I would love to see one day only comments that directly pertain to the subject of the article when I go to look at the comments.
    I pick articles that are of interest to me and look at the comments to see if someone has a perspective that I had not thought of or some facts that I had not been aware of. This is so my opinions can be based in a thoughtfulness with as many facts as possible.
    When I go to an article about schools………………that is what I want to educate myself on. Schools.Period. I wish the administrator of this blog would remove any comments that do not directly represent the topic at hand…..
    There is a place within RSOL for comments about anything and everything. It is called “Whats on your mind” I wish you folks had the good sense to use it instead of trying to force your thoughts of all the other elected officials into every unrelated article in this blog….if it continues I may have to quit reading, as it is very annoying.

  4. the many folks who write about the disgusting things occurring at the lcso are often considered sore losers. i would venture to say that they are not happy with the outcome of the sheriff’s election. however, are these folks supposed to just fade off into the night and never speak of the corruption since borders won the election? just because borders won the election doesnt mean that the issues that embarrass the normal taxpayer should be covered up. obama won, does that make every thing he does ok? since obama won, should herman cain, hannity and rush just close up shop and not discuss whats wrong with the govt ever again. should the republican party dissolve because obama won? NO! these folks who fight the battles against immorality, corruption and waste of tax money need to drive home their message harder and clearer than ever.

  5. Anyone who thinks the “comments about Sheriff Borders or Bob McKee. Can be overdone” is a major part of the corruption running Lake County today.

    Either that or they are just dumb and have no idea what is really going on around here.

    Get your head in the daylight. When is the last time we got an update on the downtown construction projects? Why don’t the buiilder Domenico Scorpio get some publicity off all these millions of our tax dollars he has turned into buildings? Where is channel 2, 6, 9, 13, 35 doing all those truthful breaking news alerts? Why don’t they just do a TV special and show the Lake TaXpayers what they got for their moneyon the judicial expanson and the emergency operations center and round-a-bout? Not to mention the old news about the $9 million offices in front of the $20 plus million parking garage!

    What’s wrong with a little transparency around here if everyone and everything is so honest and above board?

    Please don’t tell us they are keeping this all secret because those judges chambers got built after all and those courtrooms that Conner tried to save got replaced after all. And where is that final bill for all this anyway? Everyone around here is so honest they should put those checks on their website. The sheriff should put his real budget on his website instead of the one from 2008. But then again they don’t even use their PIO breaking news section of their website to make news releases anymore. That’s because they have to play like the AFLAC duck in the sinking boat and plug all their leaks!

    Sorry old pal but when you have criminals like Gary Borders in the sheriff’s office and Bob McKee with at least four dates of birth on his government documents the real honest people with brains don’t feel there is enough being said until the law that is supposed to enforce the laws against all criminals comes in and does real investigations into the culture of corruption that we all know runs everything Lake County.

    If you think Leesburg looks blight ridden now just give these county criminals another 2-4 years and our entire county will make Detroit look like The Eiffel Tower.

    We can’t build an ecomony and start new growth in this county when we have elected officials stealing money faster than we can make it.

    Everyone with their heads in the daylight around here knows what is going on; they just can’t find anyone honest enough to fix it.

  6. Looking in on the blogs to see what is happening. Seems everything posted has always some comments about Sheriff Borders or Bob McKee. Can be overdone I think. Regarding the School Board, it appears no one doing comments likes what board is doing or even supports Public Education for that matter. Here you are attacking this woman who has a difficult and important job and no one seems to care to even give her the time of day. Seems like a lot of other things that this story and the comments go back to supporting business in some way at the expense of education. So the theory goes, I guess, that if you can take dollars from education or make public schools look like a joke, no one will want to fund them then and that therefore is great for business. If that is it, then you all need to step back and see if your goals are actually helping business or hurting business in Lake County. This is all about No Impact Fees on Home Builders. Nothing else compares to that. Learn that at some point the self interest of a few attacking education in our County will be seen, just as people are now seeing that President Obama is playing games with the people of the USA, this site loves to play mind games with the people of Lake County. It is about Lumber and Home Builders and nothing else. Of that I am certain. The comments in the original story here could never be substantiated but to plant the bad thoughts in the minds of readers is the goal and in that they always succeed. Shame on you.

    By the way, I am a woman and I do think for myself and more thinking and less bomb throwing might help more than what you serve at this site.

  7. well maybe when ya’ll get somebody doing those audits you might want to look hard at the sheriff’s money around september 2012. seems number one sheriff’s boyfriend deputy moved into his new house he bought last september and put about $60,000. cash down on it. that’s a lot of money for a poor boy in his twenties to come up with all at once even if he’s been getting free rent at the USDA house for a few years. seems he was one on the raise list your guys had on here last year making around $50,000 a year or so.

    what’s that old saying, if things seem to good to be true they probably are. If borders give him that money from his own pocket that’s one thing, but from what we hear borders always pays off his lovers with the taxpayers money.

  8. The school board might deserve to have the wool pulled over their eyes but a lot of honest taxpayers don’t.

    The problem with some of these bhoard member is they are honest people who can’t see the forest for the trees. They don’t know their history so to speak. There are some of them that know where the bones are buried.

    The same people that pull the superintendant’s strings are doing the same thin with the BCC and LCSO budgets and check books. Barbara Lehman is Sandy Minkoff’s wife and you won’t get any transparency from them. Borders drunk iin chief deputy Grinnell has run off two from their finance department that knows where their bones are buriedn now he’s got the CEO that Lauren Ritchie hired to run his finance department in charge.

    Lake a previous blog on here said people just don’t want to believe that Bob McKee runs everything Lake County, but those are just the people that’s too dumb to know what’s really going on around here.

    Where was McKee’s public remarks when Ed Havill died? Why didn’t McKee swear in all the constitutional officers like he has for years?

    Because the evidence of all his dates of birth have been revealed on the internet. His criminal history and all the DUI’s he had hid. Why would someone like him use so many different dates of birth? He has got to be running from something really serious in New York. Yet this criminal is collecting our taxes and fixing and running everything in Lake County.d

    Everyone around here knows Borders and Brad King and a bunch of thoers are in McKee’s hip pocket and they won’t do anything, but why don’t the FDLE and FBI do something about this criminal activity engulfing Lake County? Some say the Villages and the Bush family are still running Lake County, but I thought Obama was running the FBI and he should be tickled to death to take this corruption apart at the seams.

    No matter what these board members SB and BCC as well need to get themselves an education becuase some day someone will have to pay the piper and like GW Bush said about Iraq you’re either with us or against us – the real criminlas always go free – it’s ususally the ones on the fringe that’s barely involved that gets the longest sentences. Something has got to give around here and we all know it, and soon. More victims causes more people to realize the dept of this culture of corruption everyday. Way too much smoke and not enoght mirrors.

    The people need to demand audits (SB; BCC; LCSO) of all our money in the hands of Lake officials going back to pre-2000. They will find hundreds of millions of our dollars missing. I know because a little birdie told me so!

  9. Name says:

    The Superintendent wants people in place to do her bidding NOT the what School Board desires. Macleod know’s where all the money is hidden and you are just finding the tip of the iceberg. Go back and compare the beginning of the year budgets with the end of year budgets. Unless the school board is willing to do a zero-based budget where every dollar needs to be justified, they will continue to have the wool pulled over their eyes – and they deserve it.

  10. For some unknown reason people just don’t seem to want to believe that Bob McKee is the bossman and king maker of all Lake County government and even many other functions with dollars attached to them. He’s such a nice guy. Most con artists are, how else can they pull of their schemes?

    You would think that an elected official that handles all the tax money and Cornerstone Hospice medicare and medicaid and private donations of millions who has used so many different dates of birth would come under somebody’s scruitney if no more than some investigative journalist.

    Guess thats the problem nowadays there is no such thing as ethical people and real “Bob Woodards” left in ths world.

    wonder what the flakes will do when Bob McKee and his friends finish off the coffers of Lake County and disappear to the new Utopia in the south seas/

    Most are involved in one way or another, but the few that are not and too dumb to see whats going on will be left scratching both ends and wonding just how in hell everone could have been so stupid and missed all these facts.

    Look at all the debt Bob McKee’s old BBQ buddy and partner Bill Neron has got the taxpayers of Tavares in. Never seems to get a firm bid, everything costs 2-3 times as much as originally thought. And man what about those FREE Boats they spent all that money on that won’t go under the bridge. Oh, I think they announced here altely they were going to be able to seel them because they just happened to be not originally purchased with federal grants.

    If there is a dollar anywhere to be had these blood suckers will find it. And sure they all have the best interest of Tavares and Lake County at heart. Funny how most of them seem to have landed here after being run off from somewhere else.

    The good news is when all the money is gone just like buzzards from picked bones all these blood suckers will hopefuly be gone as well.

  11. However, the Godfather, Bob McKee, ordered her reinstated. Out of county contractors say she is good for business.

  12. wonder why a dingy white ford tarius station wagon with a a lake school board
    emblem driven by a white female driver was going through the mcdonald’s
    drive through at 10:20 am this morning? not just once but twice. the number
    on the vehicle looked like 0055. don’ t these people eat brakfast before they
    come to work? or do they ever really work?

  13. “The bad decisions, poor advice and lack of financial accountability by Lake County School District Chief Financial Officer, Carol MacLeod” is no accident and it is not incompetence. Those actions are all cool, calm and calculated. It has also long been happening at the LCBCC and The Lake County Sheriff’s Office as well. When these people create enough confusion it makes it harder to follow the money trail and they darn well know that.

    These people know exactly what they are doing. Like the pork butcher who saves everything but the pigs squeal, they don’t waste any opportunities to take advantage of the money flow both coming and going.

    No doubt Carol MacLeod needs to go; she should have been gone long ago, but another former disgruntled employee who knows where all the bones are buried is not a good thing right now. Especially when she is combined with a woman scorned. That could be dangerous.

    They have the Carol MacLeod’s and Doctor Susan Getford Moxley’s in place because they are disposable. When all else fails “they” play the incompetence card and the so-called law enforcement and justice system won’t be able to find any criminal intent in their actions. All the while they have overpaid our bills by double and triple billings by their well-connected friends and contractors. Well greased and got kickbacks from the bond sellers, the insurance people like Jimmy Conner’s friends at Brown and Brown.

    Special employee’s can even take advantage of those major employee discounts from special vendors at the LCSB, the LCBCC and the LCSO for car insurance and other little necessities of life.

    Everybody gets a piece of this pie! But the catch is you have got to be in their clique.

    Remember when Jimmy Conner spent all those years screaming at Anna Cowin and convincing everyone to vote to give up the ability to elect the Superintendent of Public Instruction? He said they needed one that was more in consensus with the majority of the school board. Hum! What he meant was they needed someone who would follow orders and keep their mouth shut.

    Then when they managed to get voter approval to abolish the elected position of Superintendent of Public Instruction and after this massive nationwide search they decided to hire Doctor Susan Getford Moxley because they were all familiar with how each other worked and all. They even hired her before Anna Cowin’s term expired and it just so happened that;

    The self-anointed untouchable God Father of Lake County Tax Collector Robert (Bob) Kenneth McKee had some extra office space which he graciously allowed Doctor Moxley to set up her interim office in. Meanwhile she got educated as too double billing contractors and vendor kickbacks and such. Just for good measure Bob McKee’s wife was elevated by Doctor Moxley from assistant to full principal in Umatilla. Nice little raise and retirement enhancement.

    It is good to see that both Mr’s Howard and now Mathias have taken a serious look into the finances of the LCSB. It is true Lake County had growth during the boom period and some construction was needed. It should suffice to say that the taxpayers were taken to the cleaners by the out of town contactors and the double and triple billings which are said by county insiders to be normal business dealings with Lake County. Remember the auditors found double and triple billings on the parking garage and sales taxes being paid on the steel that went into the judicial center expansion. Just like the actions of Carol MacLeod at the LCSB nothing was ever done about all that missing money.

    It’s a little late to close the barn door after the horse is out, but it is never too late to make the corrections necessary for the preservation of our county and country for the future. Without honesty and integrity within all our government functions we can not survive.

    In order to do so we must demand honest audits, reviews and investigation into not only the LCSB but the LCBCC and Sheriff’s financials as well.

    We are facing a lot of unfunded liabilities here in Lake County right now. For all intents and purposes the fire tax lawsuit has been lost – the county coffers will have to cough up some monetary solution to this suit.

    Now we hear that FEMA is looking for over $320,000. in refunds from the $20 million in cleanup costs they funded Lake County in 2004.

    Remember insurers will not fund all of the legal fees in all these pending and potential lawsuits against the sheriff and the county. And just how much money do you suppose the Florida Sheriff’s Association insurers are going to fund on all these major lawsuits against Sheriff Borders and his deputies. Rumor has it there is now several major suits in progress including at least one wrongful death in the Andrew Lee Scott shooting.

    Now we have our new county manager Mr. Heath telling everyone they have to lower their budgets by 6% – last month we had the public works director, Jim Stivender wanting Lake County to put 5 more cents per gallon tax on gasoline.

    Who in the hell is running Lake County anyway? If it is really Bob McKee don’t you think it’s about time we find out which one of those birthdays he’s used is really him and what in the heck he is running from? Maybe if we find that out we can find out where all the double and triple billing money and vendor kickbacks have found a home?

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