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The Spoils of Defeat

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The decision by Florida Governor Rick Scott to bow to the will of the Obama Administration’s preferred Medicaid expansion in lieu of developing a specific state plan should come as no surprise to anyone, especially our brothers and sisters in the Tea Party movement.  Social media has lit up with stinging criticism from Tea Party groups and supporters of Governor Scott for his caving-in to Obamacare.  However, he really had no option, because conservatives lost the Presidential election.  Let us say it again-we lost!

Just three months ago, Governor Scott as well as many other conservatives were assured by political experts that Mitt Romney was going to win the Presidential election, so there was not any reason to set up a Florida program.  Now that President Obama was re-elected and the Republicans unable to wrestle control of the Senate, the conservatives have little power.  Face it, whether you like it or not, the people spoke.  Unfortunately, the people who depend on a government check spoke the loudest.

Governor Scott really had no choice.  He could be stubborn and fight the federal government on Obamacare, which will only result in more burdens on the taxpayers of Florida.  In our view, Governor Scott threw in the towel on this issue because he knew his side has been beat.  Rehashing losses serves no purpose if the same strategy remains in effect during the next fight.

Obama won the Presidency and the Democrats kept the Senate.  They get the spoils of victory and conservatives get the spoils of defeat.

There is one point that must be said out loud to some of our conservative friends.  Bad primary candidates in the last two election cycles cost the Republicans the Senate.  In each case, conservatives were quoted as saying, “I would rather lose an election than compromise myself to an establishment Republican.”  Can we ask you a question?  How is that working out for you now?

If the Republicans had a 51-49 vote edge in the Senate with establishment Republican Senators who voted 80% of the time with the conservative movement do you think Governor Scott would have been forced to swallow Obamacare?  You can’t blame Scott for a loss that everyone in the party created.

We feely admit there is much Governor Scott could be criticized on.  However, when the election was lost in 2012, so was the argument against Obamacare.  The only way Obamacare will be changed, reversed or made fair is through winning elections with candidates who can stay on message and avoid the pitfalls of the last election.

If Florida conservatives don’t tap down this situation and compromise with Governor Scott on this issue they could easily have Governor “Coppertone” Charlie Crist back in charge in 2014.  Winning elections actually does matter.

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3 Responses to “The Spoils of Defeat”

  1. Yes Sir!

    The tea baggers are the elite of the dumbest people in the USA when it comes to politics. They don’t believe anyone but the politicians. They are bound totally by political correctness. They can hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil and they set out to save the USA from the very politicians they crawl in bed with.

    Maybe they are not as dumb as they look and act – maybe the politicians are just experienced at manipulating people and wrapped them around their fingers – who knows? The results was the same! They were neutralized!

    That was one heck of an election I have to say. The Republican experts Karl Rove and Dick Morris were predicting a landslide for Mitt Romney and the Republican candidates for congress and senate as well.

    The results was so opposite their expert predictions as well as Scott Rasmussen’s with a long history of right predictions you would tend to think this guys were on another planet doing their polling.

    Fox News even dropped Dick Morris – he don’t know what he’s talking about they said.
    Funny they said the same thing when he come to Howey and met the lake County Republican bigwigs and invited them to come to New York and tour the Fox News Studio – he didn’t have inviting power they said.

    You can’t argue with success and Obama won the White House with historical numbers. In St Lucie County Florida 140% of the vote is called a landslide! Hell, he even had better turn out and results than George Dubya did when his brother was the guviner.

    Everybody with one half a brain has known for several years now there is no such thing as honest elections in the USA. The democrats have perfected the absentee ballot scams and Jeb Bush, Tom Feeney and their Bushmen have perfected the voter computer chip elect who they want to schemes.

    With all the RINO’s in the Republican party today they have access to both methods of election fixing; some fix the absentee’s and the computer specialists make sure their candidate gets at least 51% of the vote in a two person race.

    All of these people know the average person on the streets are to dumb to walk and chew gum at the same time, but get some fresh air and ask yourself this?

    How in hell was all these experts so far off base in Obama getting re-elected? The polls didn’t even say it was close! They all said just like this RSOL article did about Governor Scott not worrying about ObamaCare because everyone thought Obama was a goner. How many more voting locations did Obama get 100% or more of the vote?

    You could look at Obama in the debates and tell he was worried. Well he won anyway! Maybe the “nicklemen” (the ones who make all the fake ID for illegal’s) was working overtime making up fake voter cards for illegal’s and maybe when Jebbie Bush took old Daddy GHW to the White House on that un announced visit with Obama in January 2012 they done that New World Order body hug and set him up with Diebold and those chips that do the voting for them.

    One thing is for sure. The people may not have sense enough to realize it but when something happens that is against all odds – you better smell a rat – somebody made it happen!

    Yes there is a lot of idiots in the USA that want something for nothing and he promised them the world, but in order for him to have won this elections like he did every last one of them had to vote for him four times!

  2. If the Medicade Expansion is about 3 years of free decicit increasing money, how is that OK, but building a roundabout with already budgeted federal road dollars, paid for by gas taxes is not OK. Your hypocracy is getting a little obvious!

  3. Your right we took a beating, we forgot we are Republicians first and Tea Party members second.
    We cut off our nose to spite our face, in other words we would rather lose than compromise our values.
    That is a noble thing we do, we stand firm, no compromise and now we suffer the conquences.
    We are a point that the party may do damage to ourselves which will lead to Democratic domination for many years to come.
    Therefore we must descide, do we unite and win and then duke it out amoung ourselves to descide how to compromise amoung ourselves or do we divide and are defeated by those which will not compromise on few if any of our desires.
    We must rebuild our commentment to the causes that made the Republican Party great, to be what we use to be when honesty, intigerty and doing the right thing for the right reason was the norm and not the unusual,when the TRUTH mattered, when deception and lying was not tolerated, we must return to our core values.
    Scott did the right thing,I was really ticked off when I first heard about it,however after some though,I understood.
    The man isn’t stupid, he has made more money than most of us will ever make and business wise he make the right choice to let the Federal Govt. pay 100% for the next 3 yrs. and 90% the 4yr, which saves Florida taxpayers some serious money.
    So it’s time to fish or cut bait, which will you do?

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