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Is Commissioner Tim Sullivan a Fiscal Conservative?

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  Tim Sullivan

District 1 County Commissioner

 We got a call from a member who attended a Chamber event, also attended by new Lake County Commissioner Tim Sullivan, asking “Is Tim Sullivan a fiscal conservative?”  Our member expressed utter shock at what Commissioner Sullivan was saying about his support for impact fees, a five-cent gas tax and property tax funding of transportation.  He pointed out that there wasn’t a tax Sullivan wasn’t in favor of.

His words at the Chamber event matched his rhetoric when he made the motion to reinstitute impact fees in last Tuesday’s Lake County Board of County Commissioners meeting.

The short answer to our members question is–we don’t know.  Commissioner Sullivan, a former General in the Florida National Guard, comes from a world of insurance and finance, and it was merely assumed he was a fiscal conservative.  With his early announcement in last year’s commission race, Sullivan was never properly vetted by the voters because most potential opponents were scared away with all the brass and bars.

What concerns us about Sullivan’s initial stances on these issues is that he has done so without trying to change Lake County government’s budget paradigms and he completely ignored the overwhelming negative impact on jobs and business.  With his background, we believed Sullivan would have been very slow in being convinced that taxation was the best route.  Frankly, we expected new leadership that focused on solving problems instead of bandaging broken systems.

We fully understand the challenges facing Lake County are really daunting and that Commissioner Sullivan is but one vote, but he has an opportunity to lead this county in a new direction with entirely new solutions.  He will not and cannot meet these challenges if he utilizes solutions that were the main tools of the failed anti-growth programs of former Commissioners Elaine Renick and Linda Stewart.

If Commissioner Sullivan thinks impact fees and a five-cent gas tax will solve Lake County’s problems then we have a long four years ahead of us.

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5 Responses to “Is Commissioner Tim Sullivan a Fiscal Conservative?”

  1. Col. Sullivan is not allowed to make any decisions , (All the Decisions are made by Fran) the socialite that has no identy, other than Tims wife , however it is Fran who rules the roost and Timmy who is the sitting hen, any questions?

  2. He rose to the top ranks of the largest, most wasteful and bloated bureaucracy on Earth: The US Military. Generals have never met a new gun, tank, aircraft, bomb, missile or armored vehicle they didn’t like. The Air Force just wasted a billion dollars on a new inventory tracking system provided by CSC that doesn’t work. Their response? Oh well; we’ll just have to try again. Give us another billion for another contract.

  3. I just sent an email to Mr. Sullivan about the recent Board Meeting and his stance on taxes and lack of fiscal conservatism. I hope that he takes heed to what we the people of Lake County want and need and will consider it when he votes from now on. I will continue to do my part to be vocal as to what needs to be done for the betterment of our community! Thank you for keeping us informed.

  4. I too agree there is cause for worry. The round-a-bout and the taxes are 180 degrees from where I thought he would be.

  5. Why should we expect anythng more than more of the same? After all he was the hand chosen replacement for Jennifer Hill. Even sworn in by her husband Judge Mark Hill – probably only because everyone has found out that the old stand by swearer inner Bob McKeehas so many DOB’s no one really knows who he is or which date of birth he’s using at the time!


    Wonder when Jennifer Hill gave Sullivan her commissioner job did she also give him the Bob McKee Toyota she’s been driving all the years? Hum! Maybe if Sullivan votes right and keeps the chump change aka TAXES AND FEES coming to the tax collector to keep the wolves away from his door on all this money he’s got us into debt for he’ll get MeKee’s next trade in, who knows.

    Absolutely nothing is going to change around here until enough people demand honest investigations into all the missing money and insiders deals. Remember everybody’s buddy Jimmy Conner has got his Brown and Brown Insurance buddies not only in the School Board insurance but BCC and LCSO as well.

    Until the people demand all these theives be arrested and legitimately charged and convicted of the crimes theyhave been committing for years people like Sullivan will just keep on replacing them and keep on suckering every dollar they can get to apy for what they have already borrowed and stolen.

    What great things did Tim Sullivan do when he was ont he school board? Was he in on all the Jimmy Conner and crew building all those $562 plus million in new schools or not. No one seems to remember what he done on the school board.

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