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Spooky Prognostications

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Daily, writers and pundits make predictions, especially at the start of each New Year.  Very seldom do they have the fortitude to check their accuracy at the fact. In The Right Side of the Lake on January 3, 2012, we made our predictions for 2012.  It is downright spooky how accurate some of our prognostications were.

In last January’s column, the predictions were broken down by local and national prognostications.  Here is a recap of all of our predictions, and the actual results.

Local Predictions for 2012

  • The economy of Lake County – and Florida – will continue to improve. By year end, unemployment will drop to 8.8 percent while local home values increase 2.5 percent.

Prediction Accuracy – Close NumbersLake County’s economy continued to improve; Lake County’s November unemployment rate was 8.4%; and, according to the Orlando Realtors Association, Lake County’s home prices increased 4.4%.

  • The new economic hot spot in Lake County will be Leesburg.

Prediction Accuracy – Real Close Leesburg is reviving and new businesses are coming to town every day.  The city just announced Wipaire will be opening a new aviation business at the Leesburg airport, which will add 80 good-paying jobs.  The new Beacon College building in downtown Leesburg will also be a huge economic draw.

  • Lake County, through its new economic plan, will land a major employer by year end (250 plus jobs).

Prediction Accuracy – A MissLake County was not able to secure a large employer (250 plus jobs).  The closest thing to this was all the outside Lake County contractors working on the new courthouse, paid for by Lake County taxpayers.

  • Because of money woes, there will be only two county-wide races contested. In both cases, the incumbent will lose.

Prediction Accuracy – Very True Money woes kept many locals out of politics in 2012; only two incumbents lost county-wide races–Ed Havill and Jim Miller.

  • Money woes will intensify for the Lake County School District. In 2012, the school board and administration must begin the process of consolidating schools.

Prediction Accuracy – Still Pending Lake County School Board members started discussing the issue of student stations in the wrong schools; it appears a tight budget is putting school closures on the table.

  • Lake County’s proposed Emergency Operation Center will be postponed indefinitely due to budget restraints.

Prediction Accuracy – Completely Blown We figured no money coupled with a political year in which local Republicans were going to run as real fiscal conservatives would have killed this turkey.  On the contrary, common sense lost in the end.  One good thing– Lake County awarded another outside Lake County contractor work at the expense of Lake County taxpayers.

  • A prominent local official will be indicted for serious violations of the law.

Prediction Accuracy – A Stretch Yes, a local official in Fruitland Park got in trouble on a serious accusation, but that is not the one we anticipated.  It is believed the investigation is ongoing.

National Predictions for 2012

  • Nationally, unemployment will remain high and end 2012 at 8.2 percent.

Prediction Accuracy – Unbelievable We predicted a national unemployment number of 8.2, and it actually came in at 7.7 in November.  We must admit–this is unbelievable.  Yes, the government numbers are unbelievable, considering the number of people who have dropped out of the workforce.

  • It will be a good year for the stock markets as investors flee Europe’s recession.  The Dow will end above 12,500, the S&P above 1,300 and the NASDAQ will break 2,800.

Prediction Accuracy – Wall Street Sign Us Up The Dow is over 13,000, S&P is above 1,400 and the NASDAQ is above 3,000.  Maybe we should become a financial advice newsletter.

  • Oil will end the end year at $105 per barrel with the average price of regular gasoline around $3.55 per gallon.

Prediction Accuracy – So-So Brent Crude is above $108 per barrel while the oil market hovers around $90.  The current average price for a gallon of regular gas is $3.25. 

  • The best investment in America in 2012 will be Florida real estate.

Prediction Accuracy- Follow the Money Ask any local realtor and they will quickly confirm huge sums of Wall Street money are buying every viable, low-priced piece of property in Florida.  The country’s real investors must have read our predictions last year.  

  • The Supreme Court will rule some portions of the Obamacare mandates unconstitutional but allow others to stand. A big fight will follow over the severability of the legislation.  In short, it will be kicked down the road until after the elections.

Prediction Accuracy – Unfortunately Mostly True At the time, we never thought that Justice Roberts would sell-out the country, although we figured one of the Supreme Court Justices would.  After the election, it has become very clear that Obamacare is on its way. 

  • The Supreme Court will rule the Arizona (and other states) immigration laws unconstitutional because they violate the federal government’s authority on immigration.  They will rule that states cannot form individual immigration policies.  The ruling will be a huge boost for Democrats in the national elections.

Prediction Accuracy – True and True In June, the United States Supreme Court delivered a split decision on Arizona’s immigration law.  While upholding some portions of the law, the Supreme Court ruled others unconstitutional on the grounds the state overstepped its authority.  Yes, the Democrats also used the Arizona immigration issue to beat up Republicans in the fall election.

  • Because the Democrats must defend 23 seats versus the Republican’s 10 seats, the Republicans will narrowly take control of the Senate with a two seat majority. Republicans will lose about 20 seats in the House, which will keep them at around a 10 seat advantage over the Democrats.

Prediction Accuracy – Halfway RightThe Republicans lost seats in the House of Representatives, but they retained power.  In the Senate, Republicans narrowly lost control, because too many of their candidates could not stop talking about abortion and rape.

  • The Tea Party purity test, which is currently devouring the Republican Presidential candidates, will continue. This is shaping up to be like the 1992 election in which Ross Perot and the Reform Party gave the election to Bill Clinton.  If the current direction does not change, President Obama will be elected to another four-year term based on the alienation of the Latino voter and Republican immigration stances.

Prediction Accuracy – Bingo on the Big One Barack Obama was re-elected President.  Many political experts contend that Republicans lost because Latino voters rejected the party’s hard line stand on immigration policy.

There are some predictions we would gladly like to be wrong on; unfortunately, reality cannot be changed.  On January 3, 2013, we will release our predictions for 2013, and it should prove to be a provocative reading.

Finally, tell us what you think about our predictions–do you think we are somewhat on the mark?  Also, what are your predictions for next year?

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8 Responses to “Spooky Prognostications”

  1. Name says:

    The Sheriff’s office showed a complete lack of professionalism with the shooting of Andrew Scott. This organization needs a lot of re-staffing and re-training of their deputies to eliminate the “cowboy” attitudes that have been displayed this year. Reorganization is needed from top to bottom. The people deserve better.

  2. Boat? says:

    I never got boat and I got scr**** by my boss a bunch.

  3. City manager Ralph Bowers admitted to having an affair with a city employee, paying her money, medical bills and buying her a boat, according to an investigation from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

    The State Attorney’s Office is reviewing the results of the criminal investigation and expects to make a decision next week.

    So what happened to the “sexual battery?” Did they let Bowers turn it into an office love affair?

    Maybe those pesky bloggers was right again.

    Sheriff Gary Borders might as well admit to “having an affair with a with his employee” Scott Stone and Lee Piper and a slew of predecessors because it’s a fact and even Scottie introduced Gary to a temporary neighbor back in July as his gay partner. Maybe Gary is ashamed of Scottie but not the other way around! Paying him money? Yep! Gary give Scott Stone a 10% raise (more than the others) with our tax dollars. What about that Gray pick up truck did Gary give that to Scott Stone or just let him drive it?

    Gary Borders likes to give away pick up trucks. Remember it was jail inmate Andrew Washburn that told everyone that then Jail Major Gary Borders give him a Toyota pick up truck to keep his mouth shut about the jail sexcapades. How did that work for Gary Borders? Not to well but it sure worked for Andrew Washburn. Gary Borders got him off out of state parole five years early.

    What in the hell will happen to Gary Borders when he runs out of favors to do for all his victims and they come to realize that simply being abused by a man in his position is a lawsuit of all lawsuits.

    Every last one of these victims is a potential millionaire. And they don’t need to use the excuse they are afraid of retaliation or they can’t find a lawyer, as a previous article on this website reminded us all 2013 is going to be the year of the lawsuits and Orlando lawyers will sue their own grandmothers!

  4. Man that was everybody’s guess. A lot of folks around the courthouse thought it might be Bob McKee because everyone has seen all those documents with the different dates of birth he has used to acquire government jobs over the years. By the way next Monday December 31st will be the last brithday Bob McKee has to celebrate this year. Using that DOB he claims he was born in 1949. then he can start over.

    Bob McKee has a biirthday coming up next month on January 29th when he claims he was born in 1950. then he used another one (7/14/1942) on a finger print card in Orange County trying to avert them locating his New York criminal history.

    But when the Florida Department of Education inquired into a 8/23/1970 Happauge, NY DUI – Bob McKee replied by saying “Regretful incident, I didn’t drink much back then and don’t drink at all now. I was 18 years old and attending the wedding of a dear friend. We can’t seem to escape our pasts.” By making this statement he was implying he was born sometime in 1952.

    Some folks say Bob McKee has got some more dates of birth he’s used as well. We don’t see much of Bob McKee around anymore. His wife retired by the Lake School system earlier this year. Maybe they are making arrangements to relocate to New Utopia who knows?

    We have more than our fair share of prominent officials that need to be indicted for serious violations of the law right here in Lake County.

    When you use the phrase “prominent local official” and “indicted” in the same sentence around Lake County you have just narrowed the suspects down to just under one hundred total. Everyone knows who they are and what they have done now we need to demand some real authories deliver them some justice.

  5. Do you think this Patricia B Benson blogger lady might be Ralph Bowers daughter and maybe just a little biased regardin this so called investigation?

    Patricia B Benson was born in 1967. Patricia currently lives in Jasper, Florida. since 2005. Before that, Patricia lived in Lake City, FL from 1999 to 2005.

    Patricia B Benson is also related to Ralph Bowers, who is 73 years old and lives in Fruitland Park, FL. Patricia B Benson is also related to Connie Bowers, who is 71 years old and lives in Fruitland Park, FL. Patricia B Benson is related to Judith Bowers, who is 48 years old and lives in Jasper, FL. . Patricia B Benson is also related to Christopher Benson, who is 46 years old and lives in Wellborn, FL. Patricia B Benson is also related to Sara Benson, who is 32 years old and lives in Wellborn, FL.

    So, do you have in-home readings? LOL
    Seriously though, good job.

  7. “Yes, a local official in Fruitland Park got in trouble on a serious accusation, but that is not the one we anticipated. It is believed the investigation is ongoing.”

    What are we supposed to believe? This blogger says the Fruitland Park investigation was over by November 11, 2012 – Lauren Ritchie who recruits employee’s for the sheriff (i.e. Tom Klinker, “CEO” and former Clermont Chief Steve Graham- courthouse bailiff and others) should be an insider and know what’s going on with her friend the sheriff, but two weeks later she doesn’t know the investigation was over by November 11th?

    All we know for sure is this sheriff should be in the federal prison serving life by now.

    On November 11, 2012 at 7:28 pm blogger Patricia Benson says on the website eBoss:
    It should also be reported that the Sheriff’s Department has already concluded that the allegations were false and have turned the matter back over to the Fruitland Park Police Department.

    In addition, if the minutes from the Jasper City Council meeting were consulted for this story, they would have reflected that City Attorney, Blaire Payne, stated that all allegations being stated against Mr. Bowers were proved to be incorrect. One of the claims was filed after Mr. Bowers fired an employee for stealing. Another was filed as a result of him asking an employee to stop propositioning men in the office. Both claims were retaliatory in nature.

    I sincerely hope that the city employees and council are supportive of Mr. Bowers, and that charges are filed against the woman who filed a false police report against him.

    If this blogger is telling the truth this so called investigation was over before it started. But, also, if this blogger is telling the truth why are we not hearing breaking news on the felony arrest for the false report on a public official?

    Sounds more and more like those pesky bloggers had the scoop about Ralph Bowers having connections to those Gary Borders jail house inmate sexcapades after all.

    Let’s see maybe it goes like this; Borders won’t make an arrest of Ralph Bowers if Bowers connections will keep their mouths shut about what they know about Borders and the jail sex.
    But then, there was two victims that come forth and said they had been sexually battered by City manager Ralph Bowers, not just one. Right? How are they going to keep them from demanding justice? One has already hired a lawyer and given notice to the city of her intent to sue.

    Won’t it be really interesting when they find out that their alleged rapist is holding things over the sheriff’s head that is keeping the sheriff from doing the job he is sworn to do?

    Even more interesting is that story written by Lauren Ritchie on November 25, 2012 suggesting the Fruitland Park Council wait until later that week for her friend “the sheriff” to complete his investigation into these charges against Bowers., the results of which she believed would give the council just cause for his termination. According to Patricia Benson “the sheriff” had already completed that investigation two weeks before Ritchie wrote that column. Something is rotten with this entire scenario; no matter which way you shake this thing it falls out of the sack upside down!

  8. Dick Morris made his 2012 political perdictions based on the facts available to him through his well oiled polling process. The only reason his predictions were wrong is because someone altered the election process. Likewise your 2012 prediction of “A prominent local official being indicted would have been right one the money if the process had not been altered as well.

    Your 2012 prediction of “A prominent local official will be indicted for serious violations of the law.” was no doubt based on information that the FBI was asking serious questions around town about such things as Gary Borders and the jail inmate sex.

    A lot of witnesses claimed they give them everything they needed to indict Gary Borders for these crimes. For some unknown reason they failed to arrest him. Others are still making allegations about financial discrepencies in the public money running through the sheriff’s fingers. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. All these rumors start somewhere.

    If we had any honest law enforcement here in Central Florida Gary Borders would be in federal custody awaiting a fair trial about this time!

    As long as the people of Lake County will accept this culture of corruption “handling” everything their way, nothing will change!

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