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Jonathan Brown Cleared–Leaves Troubling Unanswered Questions

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The tragic shooting and death of Andrew Lee Scott by Lake County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Richard Sylvester stemmed from a domestic incident between Jonathan Brown and Justin Jackson, the son of Lake County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Gregory “Scoop” Jackson.  Scott was gunned down after Sylvester and other law enforcement personnel mistakenly went to the wrong apartment in search of Brown.  After the unjustified shooting of Scott, an attempted murder charge was trumped up against Brown in an effort by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office to divert responsibility.

A month after the shooting, the Florida State Attorney’s Office reduced the charge of attempted murder to aggravated battery against Brown.  At the time, we wrote, “If Brown has a skilled lawyer, we believe those charges won’t stick because they can easily prove the investigation was biased and conducted to achieve a predetermined outcome.”

As we predicted, Brown hired a highly skilled lawyer, Laura K. Hargrove of Gause and Hargrove PLLC.  On Wednesday, November 21, 2012, all charges against Brown were dismissed after Hargrove filed a Motion to Dismiss, following a deposition of the alleged victim, Jackson.  Based on his deposition, Jackson admitted that he struck Brown twice in the head causing a scar on his hand, probably from Brown’s teeth.  Jackson also admitted that Brown never threatened him with a concrete block.  The state was forced to concede the facts and Judge Mark Nacke dismissed the charges.

Based on this new information, a troubling picture is emerging.  First and foremost, Scott was killed for absolutely no reason.  During the entire incident involving Brown and Jackson, at no time did the Leesburg Police dispatch suggest this was an attempted murder issue.  We believe it is time to bring in an impartial agency to launch a serious investigation into this matter, based on the troubling questions we believe exist and the apparent attempt to cover up information.  The troubling questions that remain are:

  • Who trumped up the attempted murder charge and why was Brown incarcerated for those charges when it is apparent that Jackson, the son of a Lake County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant, was the aggressor?  In our view, Brown has a cause for a legal action.
  • Who is responsible for smearing Scott’s name by releasing information about what was allegedly obtained during, in our view, an illegal search of his home?  Immediately after the shooting, high ranking Sheriff’s Office officials alleged that Scott was a drug dealer, because marijuana was allegedly in the apartment.  Who approved releasing this information?
  • Why were so many law enforcement personnel eager to arrest and pursue Brown over an ordinary weekend fight?  Did the fact that Jackson was the son of a Lake County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant influence the aggressive nature of the incident?
  • With the information gleaned from the deposition, why did the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) whitewash the shooting of Scott?  The facts from Brown’s deposition and the omission of this information from the FDLE report tells us that a serious, unbiased investigation was not completed.
  • With the millions of dollars spent on technology for law enforcement, how did law enforcement personnel knock on the wrong door?
  • If the situation was so dangerous, why weren’t surrounding neighbors evacuated?

There is one fact not in dispute in light of the information which has surfaced–Brown would probably be in a coffin today, and Scott would be alive, had Deputy Sylvester knocked on the correct apartment door.

High-powered attorney Mark NeJame of Orlando is representing Scott’s family, and this new development opens the door even further to a huge lawsuit.  More importantly, expect NeJame to conduct a real investigation into the incident with sworn depositions and independent evidence–unlike the FDLE’s whitewash investigation.  The truth will come out–expect it to get uglier, because it is time to find out who orchestrated this cover up!

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18 Responses to “Jonathan Brown Cleared–Leaves Troubling Unanswered Questions”

  1. Apparently from what we hear a lot of business people subscribe to this website. Facts are facts and usually business people inheritably have something going for them that the average person doesn’t have or they would be working for wages somewhere. Maybe they pay a little more attention to details or something.

    Somebody out there has got to have the answer for and a solution for this obvious problem we have with Lake County and this Lake County Sheriff. A whole lot of something here don’t make any sense. Maybe it could be that our state attorney Brad King’s office is in Ocala and he don’t know what’s going on here in Lake County. For some reason he has taken a great interest in investigating the new sheriff just elected last month in Marion County.

    He has exhibited so much interest in who the Marion County sheriff is or will be that it leads people with some smarts to wonder why. Is Brad King really that ethical or does he just want a Marion County Sheriff he can control?

    First he publicly endorsed Marion Sheriff’s candidate Dan Kuhn in a flyer mailed to Marion County voters. Then when an extra-marital affair surfaced and Kuhn was forced to resign from the Marion County Sheriff’s office and drop from the race and before the Marion County Republican Executive Committee met to select a replacement for their candidate Kuhn state attorney Brad King took the unprecedented approach of making disparaging remarks to the Ocala Star Banner a public print media in Ocala, Florida. In his release State Attorney King outlined his distaste for Chris Blair’s investigative techniques and such in an obvious effort to dissuade the Marion County Republican party from selecting Chris Blair as their stand in candidate for Dan Kuhn. Both State Attorney Brad King’s written endorsement of his former employee Dan Kuhn on the mail outs to Marion County voters as well as his interview with the reporter at the Star Banner appear to be separate incidents of violations of Florida Statute 104.31.

    The actions of State Attorney Brad King did not achieve his goal of dissuading those who chose Chris Blair as the Marion County Republican candidate for Sheriff. Subsequently Chris Blair was elected Sheriff of Marion County on November 6, 2012 with 72% of the votes cast.

    Mr. King had already fielded complaints from his friends and former candidate Dan Kuhn’s supporters concerning campaign finance irregularities and the allegations that candidate Blair was writing bad checks from his campaign account. An investigation was launched which found that candidate Blair had been given some checks for his campaign account which subsequently bounced. Candidate Chris Blair was the victim. Imagine anyone giving a candidate for sheriff a bad check. At this time of this investigation it was said that State Attorney Brad King has subpoenaed Chris Blair’s entire campaign records and found absolutely nothing wrong with them.

    Still, immediately after Chris Blair was elected sheriff on November 6, 2012 the local Crime Stopper’s received an anonymous tip concerning allegations surrounding Sheriff Elect Blair. The head of the FDLE Gerald Bailey notified the present Marion County Sheriff to place on hold for thirty-days any process in change of administration and refuse Sheriff-Elect Blair access to the sheriff’s office while they done a speedy investigation into these new allegations.
    Again through his spokesman Ric Ridgeway, State Attorney Brad King acknowledged there was an investigation taking place on Sheriff- Elect Blair.

    After all this involvement in the Marion County Sheriff’s debacle from the beginning. After violating Florida Statute 104.31 at least twice to achieve his goals; on November 21, 2012 State Attorney Brad King asked Governor Rick Scott to appoint a special prosecutor to oversee the FDLE investigation into Sheriff-Elect Chris Blair. His reasoning is a conflict of interest. In the 1970’s he worked at the Marion Sheriff’s Office along with Chris Blair. The Governor has appointed the 8th District States Attorney to handle this case.

    Why now? After both a public failed character and political assassination attempt on Chris Blair and after delving into Chris Blair’s campaign finance bank records; now Brad King thinks his involvement in attempting to find any reason for Chris Blair to never be sworn in as Sheriff of Marion County is a conflict of interest.

    On the other hand it is not hard for anyone to see that Brad King obviously has a personal vendetta against Sheriff-Elect Chris Blair. King does not exert any energy to investigate the well documented crimes of Lake County Sheriff Gary Borders. In fact it appears Brad King might even be a party to Obstruction of Justice by Sheriff Gary Borders. A real investigation will reveal that Sheriff Borders has in fact halted, stopped and covered up many major crimes against certain individuals. The reports of the crimes are there, they will show the documents and timeline of the investigations are nothing more than stalling.

    In the case of the last known Green Isle rapes. They were reported Nov 21, 2009 – some fumbling with the Det Poitevent faking interviews and by Dec 16, 2009 she was through. Meanwhile the rapist Tyler Anthony Jackson was partying with his friends. Nothing more was done until the news of the rapes was made public. Then in February 2010 the cover up of the cover ups was put into place. Private Investigators have pictures of the rapist with his friends at Wet and Wild on Nov 25, 2009. Investigators have pictures of the rapist once again with his friends on May 13, 2010 exactly one week before the FDLE claims he pled guilty to four sexual battery charges; lewd and lascivious and battery! On March 3, 2011 just ten months later he was still out battering people and getting court injunctions for protection against dating violence. In what probation program would this not violate the terms of a persons probation and cause that person to “go straight to jail?” None that we are aware of!

    Our illustrious State Attorney Brad King doesn’t seem to see anything wrong when the victims of violent sexual acts are finally able to report those acts to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office only to find the sheriff takes no action and in fact halts, stops and suppresses the investigation in to the crimes committed against them. But then at the time the victims were not aware of Sheriff Borders 20 year commitment to the Green Isle Boys Ranch and his friends Don Brown and others either.

    In late 2009 there was credible evidence that by then sheriff Gary Borders when he was the jail Major and Commander had had sexual activity with jail inmates. Several jail employee’s and corrections officers are said to have provided indisputable evidence concerning these allegations. At least two witnesses reportedly had been approached by one of the victims who provided the gory details of his encounter in the office of then Major Borders. He told people Major Borders had given him a pickup truck for his silence but he still had to tell someone what Borders done to him. This is said to be what is keeping now Sheriff Borders from making an arrest on Ralph Bowers- he knows these people have the details about the jail sex. Now private investigators have found out this alleged jail sex victim has been released from out of state parole five years early! Really? Do they think this will keep him quiet this time? The facts are indisputable and they are there.

    Around 2010 a couple of high ranking Sheriff’s employee’s reportedly provided federal investigators with documents proving certain criminal activity under the control and direction of Sheriff Borders. It is unknown why they failed to arrest not only Gary Borders but several others as well. The federal investigators told people their investigation would be available to the governor upon request. The governor was made aware of this but did he ever proceed or act to further the investigations?

    In an email exchange sent by a former financial Director to Sheriff Borders, Chief Grinnell and others she pointed out discrepancies in the budget that she feared she would be accused of after they terminated her. She even made references to the fact that Robin Johnson had been sharing some of the goings on within the sheriff’s finances with his brother (the now retired) Circuit Judge Michael Johnson. These emails are available online. Why didn’t someone check out the credibility of these allegations?

    Everybody around Lake County has heard of these allegations. Failure to enforce the laws on friends even if the crimes are rape or even worse!

    Regarding the jail inmate sex, parents were calling and complaining about Borders and their young sons in the Lake Jail. Calling and complaining that Gary Borders would even call their sons at home after they were released from jail wanting to “date them.”

    We’re got an obvious Obstruction of Justice on Sheriff Borders by failing to make an immediate arrest of the Green isle Rapist. Some say a through investigation of Gary Borders 20 plus years of volunteering at the Green Isle Boys Ranch will uncover a lot more than just obstruction. We’ve got a former disgruntled employee from a couple of years back worried about the missing funds and the fact that Robin Johnson was talking to his brother.
    All rumors start somewhere and where there’s smoke there’s fire. Between the facts that the Lake Sheriff can’t seem to solve some sexual crimes and hides and lies about others to the media something is bad wrong her.

    Private Investigators have uncovered government documents from the 9th State Attorney Office and the Florida Department of Education where the Lake Tax Collector Bob McKee used at least four different dates of birth on fingerprint cards and other application documents in an apparent attempt to avoid detection of his true identity and criminal history. These documents are posted on line and can easily be located with a simple google search. Why is Brad King not concerned about an elected official who handles millions of our tax dollars using four or more dates of birth on legal documents?

    Brad King is either involved in all this and the cover ups as well or he’s the dumbest thing that ever passed the bar exam. This goes further than prosecutorial discretion authority; this borders on Obstruction of Justice. Public officials somehow seem to believe that are above the law. Everyone can be charged with the various elements of obstruction.

    If Brad King is not going to do his job in Lake County it is past time the business people of this county demand the governor appoint a special prosecutor to cause a real investigation into all these long standing allegations surround Gary Borders. If King doesn’t like the people coming forth to insist the governor bring in a special prosecutor then may Mr. King should get off is duff and enforce the laws; something his friend the Lake Sheriff has refused to do since taking office!

    We need to encourage economic growth in Lake County. How can we expect to attract new people, businesses and jobs when they google Lake County and find all this information about the culture of corruption we are now known world wide for? Before we can restore Lake County to a vibrant economy we must sweep around our own back doors and rid this county of this organized corruption. Doing so will bring national attention to Lake County – then when the people see we are no longer going to tolerate this massive corruption they will be more receptive to moving their families and businesses to the most beautiful county in Florida- Lake County – the home of a thousand lakes.

    It is apparently Brad King has an ongoing vendetta against Sheriff-Elect Chris Blair of Marin County. It is also blatantly clear that Brad King knows the dept of the corruption within the Lake Sheriff’s Office and Lake County government at large.

    Even though he has for years been able to intimidate any possible political competition his office is still an elected position funded by the taxpayers of the local counties and Florida. If Mr. King refuses to participate in the criminal clean up of Lake County and refuses to be a part of the solution, then he is a part of the problem. His actions demand immediate scrutiny!

    For years now he has decided who he will prosecute and who he will let go under his broad prosecutorial discretion authority. He has even used this power to allow those who are somehow involved in gross cases of murder and other human abuses as well. Remember Jessica Lunsford was alive and in the closet when the cops first went to the trailer John Couey shared with his sister and brother-in-law. They lied about knowing anything about Jessica and John Couey later took her outside and buried her alive. Brad King refused to prosecute them for accessory to the crime of murder. Prosecutorial discretion authority; the ability to pick and chose who pays for their crimes. Pre judging people and singlehandedly making these decision without placing his selected people before a jury of their peers. Brad King done practically the same thing when he used the grand jury and refused to prosecute “the vampire slayer’s” accomplice and daughter of the victims Heather Wendorf; Brad King even going so far as to threaten the sheriff and his investigators with contempt if they ever tried again to charge her.
    Is all these long time questionable actions by Brad King those of a man who thinks he walks on water.? He alone makes the decision as too who to prosecute for which crimes. If he truly believes this it is past time for the people to demand some higher authority investigate Brad King and starting with his attempts to manipulate the Marion County Sheriff’s election a clear violation of FS 104.31 is a good place to start. Of course we all know our governor is likewise controllable people and without being made to do so by the people will never force the honest investigations that it would take to bring this culture of corruption tumbling to its knees.

    The politics is over around Lake County for another four years. The culture of corruption was able to fill every office with “controllable people.” If they continue to lie and cover up for each other no doubt they will continue to thrive their corruption. If real law enforcement and the judicial system continues to turn their heads to this massive corruption the people’s only alternative is to continue to file civil lawsuits.

    Already the civil lawsuits against Gary Border are piling up like cordwood. The taxpayers of Lake County will get stuck in the end with the cost of turning their heads while he commits malfeasance and misfeasance of office and a thumbs up from every other elected official and others with their hands out around Lake County . Ultimately it is we the taxpayers that pay for our mistakes of ignoring the obvious and; the goings on within Lake County government and the Lake Sheriff’s administration in particular is obvious to anyone with their eyes open!
    Naturally these people think they are Teflon and know they control their environment. It becomes a different subject when they find out like in the cases of Gary Borders he is personally liable for not only his own actions but the actions of his deputies as well. 2013 will no doubt be the year of the civil suits against Lake County. Let them begin now! Huge settlements will be hard for the media to ignore even with as much influence as these people have to keep the media run out of Lake County.

  2. The Fire Marshall in Sumter County was arrested yesterday after a now 16 year old female victim said he had been fondling her ever since she was 12 years old. They took her word for it and immediately arrested this sicko. Shown on CH 9 TV he admitted to about two years of it.
    When the judge asked him what his income was he said it use to be $1200. per week but now it’s zero because he was immediately fired and not just suspended with pay like those in Lake County and even Orange County are.

    Now that he immediately made a partial confession; maybe he can get a fast track court appearance (aka Rocket Docket) and get some of that same probation that Brad King got for Gary Borders little friend Tyler Anthony Jackson for pleading guilty to four counts of sexual battery plus Lewd and Lascivious on the Green Isle Boys Rapes. Then, maybe he can go to work for the Lake County Fire and Rescue, that way if he ever has another problem with kids reporting his perverted sexual actions on them Borders can just have his Sexual Detectives launch one of those long investigations while suspended with pay things and drag it out and soon it will all disappear. That’s Lake County style! Remember we still haven’t heard what happened about the Leesburg Cop who was accused of stopping with the arrested girl on the way to the Lake jail for sex behind the Verizon Wireless building. But Orlando has arrested a 20 year veteran cop for the same thing! If the girl lied on the Leesburg Cop she should be arrested and charged. If she told the truth he should be arrested and charged. Either way the lame stream media will never be allowed by Borders news suppression team to get the truth about anything.

    Speaking of which, the taxpayers should find it interesting that the Lake Sheriff has TWO highly paid PIO’s (Public Information Officers) James Vachon and John Herrell and a fancy website for news releases and the ability to email out to media sources all the breaking news from that website. Not to mention that Lt “lying John” Herrell is about to get promoted to Captain and insiders say he is being groomed for the next sheriff- with all this money spent as of today the only breaking news showing on their website for the past 30 days is:

    View Media Releases
    showing past 30 days

    11/28/2012 – Local Car Dealership Shut Down and Seven Arrested in Major Lake County Drug Bust; 12 Vehicles Seized

    11/07/2012 – Suspect Sought In Armed Robbery

    Pretty pitiful for all the money these people cost we the taxpayers. They don’t even give a description on the armed robbery suspect. And they have never released the Sunday Quale Grove Road rape that upset the entire neighborhood – juvenile female raped, elderly father of rapist beaten, charges include resisting deputy sheriff and battering a K-9. All top secret!

    This poor Sumter County dude was just working in the wrong county that’s all. He should have been working here in Lake County in the first place. After one month Real Fruitland Park City Manager Ralph Bowers is still on paid suspension (vacation) and still under investigation by Borders Sexual Detectives and as a local columnist says “they are still doing nothing!”

  3. Borders only hires mutual friends of Lauren Ritchie like tom klinker,(who thought he was going to be the CEO of the LCSO) laura bott,and stevie graham, and maybe a few more here and there. She don’t like Isaacs and ralph bowers. Funny this time she hasn’t even mentioned FP should turn their PD over to Borders like she did when Isom was the problem, of course she might have changed her mind now that its obvious something happened with this fake investigation and they didn’t “have a chance to burst the bubble and step into the reality where the rest of us live.” By now, the Sheriff’s Office should have finished its fake investigation; it’s only been a month tomorrow! And as a result for the??? Time, no reliable independent information about what happened will be available to commissioners, the media or the public.

    Nothing changes around here we have a jailer with no law enforcement experience running the Lake Sheriff’s Office and this county into the ground.

    They control the elections and as long as the weak people don’t care or have brains they will continue to do so.

    There are plenty of crimes committed by these people to take them down but nothing happens here in Lake County like it does in other places.

    A prime example is; do you think the Sumter County fire Marshall who was arrested just yesterday on lewd and lascivious on a juvenile now sixteen would have been arrested if she and DCF had reported the exact same crimes to Sheriff Borders Office?

    Of course not! It would be put under investigation and remain under investigation until everyone forgot about it. Remember these goons of Borders claim to be investigating Bowers for a month now! That should sent up a red flag even to their insiders like Lauren Ritchie that something is bad wrong! They have other cases “under investigation” and going no where as well one because a protected employee of another constitutional officer is involved and should have been jailed immediately upon receipt of the complaint just like Sumter County arrested the Fire Marshal yesterday. Gary Borders covers up crimes and especially sex crimes for friends and people in their clique.

    Why in hell did he keep the violent rape of a female juvenile on Sunday Dec 2 out of the media? The rapist a career criminal just got out of the state prison on 10/14/2012. Apparently the screaming and noise alerted the entire neighborhood, his elderly father come from next door and tried to stop the rape; he beat the hell out of his father and was charged with all this as well as resisting the arresting officer and the K-9 Dog and this was kept a secret from the media. As late as yesterday its still top secret.

    Lake County has become the Moscow of the Soviet Union. They lie, fail to abide by the spirit of the law of the land and protect those within their little bubble. Meanwhile as a product of their goals they bring on board more and more morally challenged criminals and run off anyone they suspect of being ethical and moral and having sense enough to see them for what they

  4. Lauren Ritchie’s column today makes an honorable mention of the Fruitland Park debacle. In the “Fruitland Park sidesteps issue” section she says “There they go again — doing nothing.”

    The Chief got reprimanded for violating Fl St 104.31 (influencing an election) by the City Clerk acting as City Manager. She says “Fruitland Park’s real manager is suspended while Lake County sheriff’s detectives investigate whether he committed a sex crime against a female employee.” How long does it take to investigate a sexual battery in Lake County?

    On November 25, 2012 she said “This week, however, commissioners will have a chance to burst the bubble and step into the reality where the rest of us live. By then, the Sheriff’s Office will have finished its investigation, and for the first time, some reliable independent information about what happened will be available to commissioners.” What happened? Guess this high tech investigation stalled.

    No mention of this great top secret sexual investigation in progress by her friend “the sheriff” and his highly trained Colonel Schultz Detectives whose motto is “I see nothing” wrong.
    Maybe those pesky bloggers are right after all maybe the morally challenged sheriff has met his match with Ralph Bowers and his connections with all the jail house inmate sex evidence. We wouldn’t want to start an avalanche of well connected perverts going to jail for all there crimes when they can just stay free by “doing nothing.”

    Oh Yea! We do have a “big deal” in Fruitland Park that reprimand to Isaacs for violating Fl St 104.31 it stated that he failed to follow the direct orders of a supervisor and that his behavior was “conduct unbecoming an employee of Fruitland Park.” From here on, the letter said, Isaacs must behave or he could be subject to increased discipline.” Maybe if he keeps this up they will put him on “hard probation” or something. Kind of reminds us of these modern day parents we see at Wal-Mart reprimanding their kids over and over for failing to do right. Usually it’s just threats to make those around with brains think they are really parents or just put offs like Borders fake sexual investigations. If they were going to do a real investigation and make an arrest or do anything they would have done it immediately. Maybe Lt Linda Green, Sgt Thompson and Detectives Marcie Poitevent and Amber Warren don’t know what a crime is when the see one! They are just patiently waiting for the short term memory public to forget about all of this and soon they will file it in the“ it never happened category” file.

    Then, later when someone inquires about it they will look at them like they are idiots and ask where did you hear that from.

  5. Well, if the Lake County Taxpayers watched the “flicks” from the Lake County Sheriff’s Budget hearing meeting from yesterday those who have done their homework can see –“ IT’S LYING TIME AGAIN!”

    Gary Borders said his people hadn’t had any raises in four years! The RSOL done a very good analysis in July 2012 showing the raises Borders has given his leadership team since 2008 – A link to that very informative information is provided below. Gary Borders also stated he had fewer employees than previous budget years. In fact the LCBCC did cut his allowable full time employee head count from the 766 which LCSO had carried for years down to 724 in budget year 2012.

    It seems those who claim to be n the know do not really know of what they speak. The great mouthpiece “Hollywood” aka Vance Jochim seems to believe the LCBCC has little or no control over the sheriff’s budget. Perhaps “Hollywood” should consult that mostly locally ignored thing called the Florida Statutes. We suggest everyone start with FS 30.49 (Sheriff’s Budgets) but we also suggest taking a look at FS 30.07 (Sheriff’s Liability for his deputies)

    It is the responsibility of the Board of County Commissioners to establish an annual budget for the sheriff of the county based on their ability to provide the funds and their beliefs that the amount they declare is an amount sufficient to provide for the safety of the people of their county. PERIOD! If on the other hand “the sheriff” feels the amount of funding they provide is inadequate to achieve that job or goal “the sheriff” has the right to appeal that budget to the Florida Legislature.

    Somehow over the years it seems “they” have encouraged the tail to wag the dog! It was Welton Cadwell when he was Chairman of the BCC who told “the sheriff” at the time to simply present his budget request in letter form. That method has continued though the budget year 2011-2012 when on June 1, 2011 – Sheriff Borders presented Chairman Leslie Campione with his letter form budget request.

    “Hollywood” aka Vance Jochim has mentioned several times about wanting to get an audit of the LCSO performed by the Lake Clerk Internal Auditor on the sheriff’s budget. This man has been nosing around Lake County government long enough to know “infernal audits “by insiders around here never find anything wrong. If the auditors do report problems or attempt to tell the truth, they are immediately gone. It seems its top secret that over the last summer and during the election season supposedly a professional audit was done on the LCSY by Moore Stephens Lovelace; P.A. (“MSL”) is one of the largest Certified Public Accounting and Management Consulting firms in the Southeastern United States. Orlando Office; 1201 South Orlando Avenue; Suite 400, Winter Park, FL 32789

    Constitutional Offices BUDGETS 2010-2012
    Expenditures by Office

    ……………. FY 2010 FY………. 2011 FY……………………..2011 FY ……………2012 FY
    SHERIFF ….62,291,151 ……….. 62,995,605……………. 61,679,606 ………….. 60,094,199

    RSOL ON LCSO RAISES – Over the summer these well documented facts by RSOL was called politics. Today it is called reality. The lame stream media continues to report that the Lake Sheriff’s 2012 budget is “nearly fifty-million dollars” when in fact the 2012 budget is at least $60,094,199. (That’s sixty-million-ninety-four-thousand-one-hundred and ninety-nine dollars.) And still might not include federal grants and income for services he provides to the cities of Minneola and Montverde!



    RSOL ARTICLE – Since Last Election, Sheriff’s Department Leadership Enjoys Big Pay Increases –



    ——Original Message——
    From: Grinnell, Peyton
    To: _everyone
    Subject: Important Information for our Employees
    Sent: Jun 13, 2012 3:42 PM

    Dear Employees,

    I have recently been contacted by several employees regarding information
    that is circulating around the agency that alleges certain employees have
    been given pay raises. The first thing I want to do is insure you that no
    employee in this agency has been given a pay raise over the past
    three-and-a-half years, unless they were promoted through our promotional

    The second thing I want to do is explain to you how this inaccurate
    information came about.

    Recently, the website FloridaOpenGov.org posted figures that were
    purportedly the annual salaries of agency personnel and it appeared as
    though employees have received a salary increase during this fiscal year.
    Those figures are not in the least bit accurate and are actually about 3.85
    percent higher than our actual salaries. Here’s why:

    The information contained on the Florida Open Government site for “2011” is
    actually for the State fiscal year beginning July 1, 2010 and ending June
    30, 2011.

    As you may recall, the significant changes to the Florida Retirement System
    enacted by the Florida Legislature during their 2011 sessions became
    effective on July 1, 2011. Among others, these changes included the
    requirement that employees make contributions to their pension plan.
    Coincidentally, a regular payday was scheduled to occur on Friday, July 1,
    2011. In order to save employees the required 3% employee contribution, we,
    along with many other public entities, made the decision to move the payday
    scheduled for Friday, July 1, 2011 back one day to Thursday, June 30, 2011.
    As a result, an additional biweekly payday occurred during the twelve-month
    period beginning on July 1, 2010 and ending June 30, 2011, bringing the
    total number of pay periods to 27, as opposed to the normal 26.

    By itself, changing the number of pay periods occurring from 26 to 27
    results in an apparent increase of 3.85%.

    I hope this answers any questions you may have had. Should you need more
    clarification on the above information, please feel free to contact me

    Thanks for all you continue to do.

    Peyton C. Grinnell
    Chief Deputy
    Lake County Sheriff’s Office

    This above email brings out another good point. As Peyton Grinnell says the new retirement fund contributions law took effect on July 1, 2011, At that time the sheriff’ budget had been funded fully for the 3% contribution to be made from the 2010-2011 LCSO budget. The sheriff did not have to pay the 3% contributions for July, August and September of 2011 which should have left a considerable overage in the salaries budget for 2011 – what happened to this money?

    Now that the governor’s demand for all employees on the state retirement system to fund 3% directly from their paychecks is under attack and might very well be overturned where will all that money come from to reimburse all these employees who have been paying this 3%?
    Effectively that amount of money equals 3% of the total gross salary amounts paid to all Lake County employees since July 1, 2011. What is going to happen when the LCBCC and the LCSB is ordered to refund all of Rick Scott’s 3% deductions for a year and a half? It could happen. But also let’s not forget many of these government entities slipped their employee’s a 3% raise about that time to cover they 3% they were being forced to pay directly to the Florida Retirement System. So, they got a raise to pay their retirement. Now if the employing agencies are forced to repay all those “ducts” there is going to be hell to pay!

  6. Why is it the people of Lake County are in a total news vacuum bubble? Why doesn’t the people deserve to know the truth about what is going on around them?

    Dec. 2, 2012 Man accused of raping, beating woman in Osceola County home
    A 41-year-old man has been arrested after he allegedly raped and beat a woman in an Osceola County home Thursday, leaving her in critical condition.

    The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office said they have charged Carl Capers with sexual battery and aggravated battery.

    The alleged incident happened in a Kissimmee home where Capers and the victim were renting rooms, according to deputies.

    Around 11:00 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 29th dispatchers received multiple 911 calls regarding a disturbance inside the home. When deputies arrived, they said Capers was found sexually battering the victim, who had to be airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center.
    The victim suffered head trauma and is in critical condition, according to investigators.
    Capers is a convicted felon from North Carolina, where he spent time in prison for a similar incident, deputies said. He was released in January and moved to the Kissimmee area.
    Authorities said deputies are familiar with Capers and has been admitted to a mental health treatment center twice since living in the area.

    According to an arrest affidavit, Capers told investigators he had no remorse and he would do it again. He is being held in the Osceola County jail with no bond.

    But, in LAKE COUNTY practically the same crime happened and it’s SECRET NEWS!

    Dec. 2, 2012 a Lake County man accused of raping and beating a young female juvenile at his home in LAKE COUNTY home On Sunday – Dispatchers received multiple 911 calls from neighbors regarding a disturbance inside the home on Quale Grove Road in rural east Lake County. One neighbor even reportedly ran into the local convenience store hollering for them to call 911 regarding a violent rape in progress. A 38 year old male beating and raping a reportedly juvenile female. The elderly father of the rapist apparently heard the attack and tried to come to the aid of the victim only to be attacked and beaten by his own son.

    James Beecher Denissen, a career criminal just released from the Florida Department of Corrections on Oct, 14, 2012 and still on Conditional Release Supervision until Jan. 2, 2013 (another month to the day!) was arrested by Lake County deputies on an array of charges.

    Sexual Battery victim over 12 years; Aggravated Domestic Battery Victim over 65; Battery on Police Canine; Resisting an officer with violence; Simple Battery and Parole Violation. Not one thing concerning this violent act was aired by any of the media even though some were aware of it!

    Twenty year Veteran Orlando cop arrested for sexual battery on a female on the way to jail. Lake County secret news – No recent mention of Leesburg Cop accused of stopping on the way to the Lake Jail for the same thing! One way or the other – if she lied it’s breaking news! If she told the truth why is this Cop not under arrest? It only took two weeks in Orlando.

    The great Fruitland Park sexual debacle. Is it true that suspended city manager Ralph Bowers has people close to him holding gory details of the jailhouse inmate sexual encounters of Gary Borders over the sheriff’s head? If this is true then we all know why nothing is being done! If not; why then has it taken the sheriff and his sexual detectives a month to do nothing?

    But, just yesterday an elderly Clermont man and his wife have a domestic fight. Naturally she called the cops. They stopped him down the road when he was leaving home like she instructed him to do and per the information she provided cops he was legally in possession of a collection of firearms. They arrested him immediately on her say so for battery and plastered pictures of his gun collection all over the breaking news television for all to see. The guns had absolutely nothing to do with his charges and should have simply been put in safe storage until the man bonded out on his misdemeanor charges. But, no they made a media specticle of this man and his guns and showed this breaking news over and over yesterday and today as well.

    Is there a method to their madness or is it simply stupidity? One would think the Lake Sheriff would like to get the good publicity of arresting a rapist in the act who not only battered his victim and his own father, but apparently the K-9 and at least one deputy who responded to the scene. Maybe not; maybe they are ashamed of how many times the system has given this now rapist a chance over and over and over again for him to just commit violent crimes like this ten weeks after being released from the state prison system.

    If the Lake County sheriff insists on continuing to fail to enforce the laws against those who commit sexual crimes and when forced to “enforce the laws” by such violent acts as those committed by Denissen insist on keeping these crimes a secret from the public the people might just be forced to demand laws be passed to notify the public by some means of all convicts that are released form state and county penal institutions instead of just the sexual offenders and predators. How else can the public expect to be protected from the criminals?

    Borders failing to enforce the laws on his friends and in cases like this one forced to enforce the laws while keeping it a secret from the media and public is no way to run his so called law enforcement agency! again like many people say Borders is still running the entire county like it was his jail and not the Lake County Sheriff’s Office charged with protecting all these hundreds of thousands of innocent people who are not fellow jail inmates of these criminals he protects like his jail house mentality apparently feels they are.

    Every County and its citizens deserve honest, moral, transparent law enforcement agencies. We are the ones paying the taxes that are paying these salaries and bills not Gary Borders.

    If we can’t trust our law enforcement who can we trust?

  7. you can leave the retired captain out of all this stuff. he is old news and glad of it! happen to met up with him a few days ago, he was hanging out with his two best friends, his sons. never seen him happier, but i gotta admit, they were a rough lookin bunch, must be nice.

  8. Well it looks like those Fruitland Park movers and shakers can and do make their own rules for their little town and that everyone living in the little bubble — and outside — has gone along with them. They were right. Wider community standards do not apply, and we the taxpayers are about to learn that in a financially painful way. It might not be responsible to ignore such accusations as those made officially on November 7, 2012, but as all can see the results are exactly what those pesky bloggers have been saving all along. Ralph Bowers is close to some people who have the nasty details about Gary Borders jail sexcapades and “the sheriff” just like he does with “IA’s” (Internal Affairs Investigations) when protecting his friends within he department he’s letting it drag out and hoping the people will forget about it.

    The key is always; if the suspect is not on the protected species list they are arrested immediately regardless of the amount of sustainable evidence. If they are protected the investigation is drawn out and the results with an IA will come back “not sustainable” while a supposed to be criminal investigation will come back usually using Brad King’s favorite excuse for not prosecuting those he protects; “there is not enough to obtain a guilty verdict in this case!”

    In her article on November 25th even the sheriff’s close friend and local columnist said:
    “So far, Fruitland Park commissioners have acted as though their little city exists in a bubble. When Commissioner Jim Richardson — who was defeated for re-election by Chris Cheshire in a runoff last week — told his colleagues in that June public meeting that he had received information that Bowers might be involved with the same employee, they shamefully did nothing.”

    “This week, however, commissioners will have a chance to burst the bubble and step into the reality where the rest of us live. By then, the Sheriff’s Office will have finished its investigation, and for the first time, some reliable independent information about what happened will be available to commissioners.” Well, it’s December 2, 2012 – This week has come and gone and where is that “finished investigation, and that first time, reliable independent information about what happened?”

    If “the Sheriff’s Office has finished its investigation they placed it over in that “top secret file” and failed to notify the public of their findings. Guess she just didn’t realize how someone close to Ralph Bowers is a witness against Gary Borders and the jail sex incidents when he was the jail major.

    This is not a joke! It’s not even politics, no one is even disgruntled; it’s just pure documented facts and if anyone thinks Borders is going to allow his detectives to bring charges against Ralph Bowers knowing that will cause all this jail sex stuff to come back to light they are nuts.
    The time when “male bosses could randomly hug or even touch female employees will never be over” as long as we have the chief law enforcement officer of the county with so many skeletons in his closet that he can not possibly do the job of enforcing the law that he is sworn to do.

    Every which way he turns he is expecting a victim or a witness to come forth with information concerning all the sexual crimes he has committed over the years. His survival hinges on his ability to manipulate his environment by suppressing the truth, rewarding and/ or when necessary intimidating the witnesses to those crimes.

    It’s not politics; this man was never a politician to begin with. He is a “post turtle” elevated to his position of power by circumstance. Chosen by the powerful, who knew or thought he was a “controllable person” because of his dark side. We do not believe some actually knew just how dark that side was. In the end no matter how much the powerful continue to protect Gary Borders from his crimes – it will be him; their prized possession that brings the light of day to the culture of corruption of Lake County – when Rome falls and the walls come crashing down around them.

  9. well, do ya believe the retired captain now? all his predictions are coming true. its funny to listen to the butt-kissers start complaining about borders , grinnell and mass now that they have been passed over for promotions. they were promised the world for their support, then they are forgotten. you people crack me up.

  10. We can see the breaking news headlines of coming attractions. Breaking News Lake Sheriff’s Sexual Crimes Unit Detectives announces there is not enough evidence to charge Fruitland Park City Manager with any sex crimes! State Attorney Brad King concurs and says it’s just politics and Ralph Bowers is really just a nice old man who likes to hug the ladies! and, those people that know Ralph Bowers don’t really know anything about Borders and the jail sex after all. Is Lake County a great place to work and raise your family? You bet it is if you’ve got the right connections!

    But, how in the world are they going to explain away that crazy police chief waving signs on duty with city car running and lights flashing trying to effect a political race? They can’t!

  11. Well, I see Sheriff Gary’s “dialing for dollars” infamous brother in law Larry Stone, Jr. is “home for the holidays!” Returned from the Gainesville FDOC as a witness. Maybe they are getting his testimony about when Major Borders was running the jail and played grab butt with him and Larry Jr. was being kidded about it and complained to Mike Ford and Borders told Ford; “this is nice right here at election time; just make it go away!” So, Ford transferred Larry Stone, Jr. to the Seminole County Jail.

    But, now that Larry’s brother Corporal Scott Stone and Sheriff Borders are an item; Larry gets special privledges. Home from the state pen for the holidays. picked up by “the sheriff” under the carport in plain clothes and taken home to visit the family!

    Man oh man it is rewarding to be on the right side of all this!

  12. Chris Delibro, might actually be a nice guy, but he had to do a lot of hiney licking to get where he’s at and stay there. Just like the guy that went from Lieutenant to Major in two giant steps for double crossing his friends. Back stabbing will get you everywhere around this place. Just ask Skott Jensen how that works he can tell you. Oh! We should have said just ask Rev. Skott Jenson how they use you. It was Rev. Skott Jensen that married Gary’s little English boy friend Jamie back on June 11, 2012 because his green card was expiring. You can’t help but wonder if Skott knew what he was doing; even worse did the bride know she was just a stand in for Gary Borders to keep his little boy friend in the USA?

    For instance, in the case of Delibro, he knew exactly what they done to his father in law George Knupp. He knew that what happened to Knupp was a set up by the so called courthouse mafia because George wouldn’t cow down to all the things they wanted him to sign on with. He knew damn well that Mark Hill, Bob McKee and Brad King set out to get rid of Knupp any way they could. When the grand jury come back on Knupp’s car trading and couldn’t find any wrong doing on it. (Remember if Knupp’s car dealings were a crime so was Gary Borders because he bought one of those vehicles to) but this is never mentioned.

    Then when the grand jury comes back and Brad King couldn’t manipulate them into a true bill, he concocted up a perjury change on Knupp to get him out of office. Courthouse rumors said Brad King charged Knupp with perjury because he claimed two other grand jury witnesses testified differently to the same issue as Knupp. It was said that was Major Claude Gnann and Major Chris Daniels. But all that testimony is sealed just like every other thing (crime) that Brad Ling commits is sealed.

    Remember when Chris Daniels run for sheriff and all this crowd was walking around muttering under their breath (ABCD) “anybody but Chris Daniels.” Remember Gary Borders was one of the ones doing that. Then remember when Chris Daniels got killed Gary Borders was faking those tears and telling everybody that Chris Daniels was his best friend? Can you say Bull U Know What? Ask Sandy Carpenter and he will tell you in 2004 Gary Borders was supporting him for sheriff against Chris Daniels. Gary was never at any of Chris Daniels parties with his friends. Look at how Gary Borders abused Chris Daniels widow. Borders stole all of Chris’ personal files and possessions from the office including some criminal cases that Chris was working on personally. Now we hear Borders blames all that on Kristin Spears Carter “Marden” because she was in charge of Chris Daniels estate or something.

    Well, all these criminals in the courthouse mafia finally got what they wanted when they got Gary Borders for sheriff. They got someone who is so morally challenged he can’t refuse to do their biddings. He has a trail of little boy pedophile victims going all the way back to Osceola County for over thirty years. And don’t forget the Green Isle ranch where he played with the little boys ever since he come to work at the Lake County jail in 1989 but even his next in line captain didn’t know what Borders was doing on the weekends. Don’t you think if a man was doing something really above board for the little boys he would be proud of it and tell everyone and ask them to help him help the little boys? Not Gary Borders it was one big secret unless you were one of his perverted friends.

    Hang on Lake County; all you people who have had your noses up Borders behind for a few dollars here and there this bubble is about to burst. And when it does you are right on the list with Gary and Goons. The journalists have been documenting this massive story of crimes and corruption for years now. It makes Chicago and other well known cultures of corruption look like a fairy tale. Funny how someone might just win a “Pullet Surprise” on the goings on within Lake County, Florida. It makes Dallas and “JR” look like a saint. Anyone out there old enough to remember Peyton Place? Well, maybe even old Peyton Grinnell will have a new place after all the dust settles. And a lot of these politicians deserve one more term – we suggest 20 to life!

    Funny how Cadwell and Conner looked like they were taking the oath to testify in court instead of getting sworn in to public office. Couldn’t tell who that was that swore them in this time. Was it Bob McKee? His Notary license seems to have expired unless maybe he’s using another one of those dates of birth he has. Mark Hill swore in the General with Jennifer holding the Bible! How nice making it a family affair.

    These career criminals have controlled their environment including what is supposed to be law enforcement, the judiciary and the news media for several years now. As a previous blogger said Borders sends out his goons “to hunt down and “silence” by whatever means necessary any and all who attempt to expose the organization for the corrupt, crooked, deceitful, and self-serving agency that it is. These LEO’s oath to “protect and serve” in their case applies to borders and borders only and God help the innocent citizen and taxpayer who they perceive to be “in their way.”

    Let’s see. This reminds us of one of the guys shot by deputies in the Lake Mack area that was trying to get someone to do something about two deputy’s reportedly selling drugs from their marked sheriff’s cars. Even the kids in the area were reporting this to anyone who would listen at their church. Locals say this guy got to vocal and was complaining about the Lake Deputies selling drugs to these kids. The next thing they heard was he went bezerk and was threatening his wife all and mysteriously died in a shoot out with deputies. Allegations were he even shot himself. Who knows, but now it sounds fishy!

    Naturally all of this sounds crazy, but when you see the facts that these people manufacture crimes to cover their butts like this Andrew Scott shooting thing it makes you wonder how much more of all these things are true. All this had to start somewhere, but it’s easy to see it has got out of hand since the morally challenged sheriff has been in charge.

    This is what the culture of corruption that runs Lake County wanted. A sheriff they could control. Well, it might just be no matter how much control they think they have over him. It will be him that brings their little organization crashing down.

    The taxpayers of Lake County can not insure themselves against their stupidity for those they elect or those they allow their bureaucrats to anoint to powerful positions. Legal fees are paid in cash. Many settlements will be over the insured limits. So brace up, tons of lawsuits are coming that Mark Hill can’t hide in the pile on his desk; these are going to Federal Court and while Sandy Minkoff has been able to control some federal lawsuits against Lake County even he will have a problem covering up all of these!

    Nothing political here, this is simply about cold, hard facts concerning an ongoing culture of corruption that has engulfed Lake County for several years now.

    It’s no secret, it’s massive and even for the most part the Orlando media knows everything there is to know about Lake County. They report everything in some other counties. They even reported the Clerk of Court in Osceola County being criminally charged. They don’t report squat about Lake County!

    Don’t you think an elected official like the Tax Collector Bob McKee using at least Four dates of birth on public documents should be news worthy? Well, if he was not a member of the protected species it would be breaking news on all channels. But, since he is protected the news media says all those documents are fake. Well, he resigned as Assistant County Manager in 1993 because he admitted his mater’s degree was fake. Now we know that was one of those “limited hangout’s”, a public relations , political or propaganda technique that involves the release of previously hidden information (aka truth) in order to prevent a lot more truth from being discovered. Like the energizer bunny; they take a lick and keep on ticking hoping that no one ever discovers all the real lies and crimes they have told or committed.

  13. Name says:

    Kudos to Laura Hargrove–attorney extraordinaire and a champion for the little guy—who would otherwise get quickly trampled by the sheriff’s gestapo. Hargrove was screwed over by the LCSO–she was an exemplary deputy there years ago but left becaue she actually has a backbone and morals and values and ethics, and none of those traits are welcome at the lsco. She left that corrupt agency and went on to obtain her law degree and bar certification and ever since has been fighting for those wrongfully treated (and the list is long and growing longer by the day) by the lcso as well as other corrupt agencies; many of which are alive and kicking in lake county, and most if not all of which are inextricably entwined with the sheriff and his henchmen—whose only job duty, for which they are paid, and well paid at that, by you the taxpayers, is to hunt down and “silence” by whatever means necessary any and all who attempt to expose the organization for the corrupt, crooked, deceitful, and self-serving agency that it is. These LEO’s oath to “protect and serve” in their case applies to borders and borders only and God help the innocent citizen and taxpayer who they perceive to be “in their way.”

  14. Isn’t it funny how John Herrell, yes the same John Herrell who dropped the ball on this is now being promoted from Lieutenant to Captain in January. As a matter of fact if you saw the Sheriffs re-election TV commercial all those in it are being promoted to Captain. They cry broke and give no raises to line troops but they make the agency even more top heavy by promoting Herrell(PIO thay drops the ball), Glen Hall (Daddy in Law is Joe Nollette of the car dealerships that line 441 and big time campaign contributor to Gary Borders), Dave Pelton (yet another Gary brown noser) and Chris Delibro, who is actually a nice guy. But all these unfunded promotions, at a time when we are told to cut the budget……really!!!!!!!!!!!! The Lake County Sheriff’s Office runs the good old boy system better than any sheriff in the past. I guess we will just drag more positions (In other words not hire needed road deputies in order for Gary to promote all his little buddies). Oh and as far as the Scott shooting, I really hope they depose a lot of people because there were a lot of things lied about or deleted from so called witness statements. But I can assure you this will come out in time because unbeknownst to Gary and the staff there are members of his organization working on getting the truth out to the proper authorities (if we can find one thats not beholden to Gary and his goons). Surprise Gary, you are fixing to get a taste of your own lying medicine. And you know how you are worried about that leak in your top staff, you haven’t plugged it yet!

  15. Name hope says:

    I think something that most people don’t realize is this sheriff and his people appear to be the greatest people in the world until something happens and you get on their wrong side. Then they become very vindictive. My sister in law works there and until recently she had aways defended every thing they have done. She hasn’t said what yet but I think she has changed her mind about all this and I fear she’s getting on the wrong side of them. Hope she don’t lose her job over it. I have tried before to tell her there is a dark side to these people but she always defended them until now.

  16. This is the true definition of “a tragedy.” What set this turn of events into motion that caused the life of a young innocent man who had just got home from work?

    It is obvious with Justin Jackson’s testimony that he was the aggressor. In some information released shortly after the death of Andrew Scott it was said that Justin Jackson had been slapping and abusive to his girlfriend all the way back from Daytona Beach that evening. She called her former boyfriend who was a friend of Jonathan Brown he asked Brown to meet him at her house in Leesburg to check and make sure she was alright. Jonathan Brown complied with the request of a friend and his life changed forever.

    The so called attempted murder victim hid from the police and did not immediately come out of hose house when they arrived in response to a neighbors 911 call. You would think an attempted murder victim would be lying there at the scene awaiting EMT’s or something. He hid from the Leesburg Police because he had been beating up on his girlfriend all afternoon. Now we can see by his testimony he also beat up on Jonathan Brown as well.

    But somehow someone found out, knew or was told that Justin Jackson was the son of Lake Sheriff’s son Lieutenant Gregory “Scoop” Jackson. Immediately the Gestapo went on the hunt with a vengeance. Witnesses to their door approach and actions describe an animal hunt like approach. An innocent man died as a result of these actions by a blood thirsty trigger happy cop. One who routinely works an average of 20 hours overtime every week he can. “A real gung ho cop.” In a real law and order world Sylvester should have been charged with manslaughter. In this lawless society we live in today his fellow goons slap him on the back “high five for a job well done.” What have we come too in Lake County?

    Another innocent victim of these cops gone wild is Jonathan Brown. The sheriff’s new “protect the cops” website does not show his booking sheet. How is the public supposed to know when cops are arrested and put n the Lake Jail anymore? They don’t.

    But, when Jonathan Brown was shown on television last week with his attorney what the people saw was a broken man. A man so distraught from suffering the fact that the Lake County Sheriff and his people had conspired to enhance the allegations against him to cover up for their stupid, overly aggressive, I’m going to make me some brownie points with Lt. Jackson approach to this spiraling out of control incident.

    It was obvious Jonathan Brown feels he somehow was responsible for the death of Andrew Lee Scott. Mr. Brown is as innocent in the complicity of the death of Mr. Scott as many other residents of Lake County.

    For all intents and purposes Jonathan Brown’s career as a law enforcement officer is over. This arrest even though the charges were dropped will still be held on his criminal history report forever unless he hires a lawyer and spends thousands of dollars to have it expunged.

    All the while Andrew Lee Scott is dead and his family will miss him every day of their lives; Jonathan Brown’s future is in the trash all brought on by the actions of a bunch of malcontents. The life of a live man destroyed totally because Sheriff Gary Borders and his crew conspired to destroy him to justify their actions of murder by cop should be worth millions to Jonathan Brown. Because like the family of Andrew Lee Scott not one day in the life of Jonathan Brown will he ever not think about the fact that the Lake Sheriff lied and accused him of attempted murder to cover up their murder by cop of an innocent man.

    Like the family of Andrew Lee Scott is reportedly going to sue Gary Borders and his deputies and others involved who killed Mr. Scott; hopefully Jonathan Brown will get his a good lawyer and sue the same plaintiff’s as well.

    Remember, “Mr. Brown is as innocent in the complicity of the death of Mr. Scott as many other residents of Lake County.”

    This is fair warning to those residents and government employee’s who support and/ or are a party to or continue to turn their heads knowing these crimes committed by the well connected and covered up by the powerful continue to happen almost daily. If you do not stand up and demand justice for these innocent victims of Sheriff Gary Borders in the next death, rape or other crimes he manipulates and conspires to cover up you will be just as guilty of the crimes as Borders and his goons are.

  17. It is absolutely impossible for the decent, honest, moral people of Lake County to understand the lack of moral character of the present Sheriff of Lake County and his management team. Goof, honest, God Fearing people can not think like they do. These people have no consciences. An excellent example is the first media releases made by LCSO PIO Lieutenant John Harrell when he said “Originally, the Sheriff’s the deputies had announced who they were.
    But an email the Sheriff’s Office sent out on Sunday after the shooting revealed deputies “didn’t announce and identify themselves” and called it a “minor detail.” Then on Monday, the Sheriff’s Office told WFTV’s Kathi Belich and old friend of LCSO Chief Peyton Grinnell; that deputies didn’t have to identify themselves at all. A witness who did not want to be identified said Scott had just gotten home from working late when the deputies came to his door. They banged on the door. They didn’t yell out, “Lake County Sheriff!” They weren’t being loud; vocal and obnoxious acting. The guy opened the door at 2 in the morning not knowing what to expect. Who in their right mind wouldn’t have had a gun in their hand under such circumstances? Most people would have probably been afraid to even open the door, but remember “Drew Scott” was a pizza delivery man who knocked on doors for a living; much of the time not knowing who would answer his knock.

    “Certainly, the police will be held accountable for this by way of a wrongful death suit,” said WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer.

    Officials said the incident started when deputies were looking for attempted murder suspect 31-year-old Jonathan Brown at the Blueberry Hill apartment complex on Ryan Drive in Leesburg. “The bottom line is police went to the wrong house. This was an otherwise innocent person, and he was shot to death,” said Sheaffer. He believes it all has to do with the fact that the deputies did not identify themselves when they pounded on the victim’s door in the middle of the night. Sou7nds like Bill don’t believe failure to knock is such a “minor detail.”

    The officers could have surrounded the front and then identified themselves, especially since the officers did not actually see Brown go into the door.

    If the name of the law enforcement agency was announced, do you think this could’ve been prevented?” asked WFTV reporter Ryan Hughes. “Well, based upon what we found inside his home — drugs, scales, pipes, baggies — I can’t answer that. I don’t know what he thought,” It was the middle of the night, so they felt it’d be more tactically advantageous to just knock on the door, and that’s what we did,” said Lt. John Harrell.

    Much of the original lies and deception come straight from the mouth of Lt. John Harrell, a well documented liar. The lies about the amount of drugs found in the apartment were put on the streets by some of these badge wearing scums of the earth in hopes of covering up their crimes. They spend more time trying to figure out how to prosecute their enemies for fictious crimes and covering up the crimes of their friends and criminal allies.

    As for the remarks concerning the FDLE whitewash more than likely that was handled at least in part by FDLE Agent Michael Giddens a former LCSO Deputy with a well known history for running interference on anyone’s attempts to bring justice to Lake County if it involves the local culture of corruption.

    Remember it was Giddens who ratted out the Clermont Officers who originally went to the Orlando FDLE Office to report the crimes committed by Chief Steve Graham. Now I noticed just last week Steve Graham is a courthouse guard or bailiff in a sheriff’s uniform.

    Based on this new information, a troubling picture is emerging. First and foremost, Scott was killed for absolutely no reason. During the entire incident involving Brown and Jackson, at no time did the Leesburg Police dispatch suggest this was an attempted murder issue. “We believe it is time to bring in an impartial agency to launch a serious investigation into this matter,” based on the troubling questions we believe exist and the apparent attempt to cover up information.

    Many people are totally tired of the obvious corruption here in Lake County. A blind person can see what they are doing, all the lives they have destroyed and Lord only knows how much money they are stealing from us It would be wonderful to have “an impartial agency” in here not only for this Andrew Lee Scott murder by cop but the entire element of corruption that is Lake County.

    Some folks content this will never happen. They know the personal connections the FDLE and judges and states attorney and all the other have. Remember the FBI was reportedly in here in November and December of 2009 and into 2010. They had plenty of evidence to haul off the dozens in handcuffs starting with Sheriff Gary Borders. Some say they left with their tails between their legs. Everyone with one eye and half sense knows darn well they didn’t leave because Lake County is a shining example of integrity. Especially with a sheriff like Gary Borders and a Tax Collector like Bob McKee with at least FOUR Dates of birth in his own handwriting on applications and other public documents he had filed for employment purposes since the early 1970’s. The FDLE is crooked as a rattlesnake all the way to the top. They protect their agensts like Giddens no mattwe what they do just like Borders and his cronies protect the criminals in their flock. Apparently the Governor don’t care or is too scared or dumb to do anything about it. All he knows is how to steal hospitals and try to privatize the state prisons system for his friends.

    Maybe you guys should think about starting one of those online petition drives to force the governor or some higher power to bring a “transparent impartial law enforcement agency” in here immediately. Remember if they always tell you everything is “still under investigation” that meand COVER UP IN PROCESS.

    A lot of folks around here don’t know what to do about all this. It is much worse than most people are aware of. One thing every moral person we know agrees on is it time for it to stop post haste! People are being sexually, physically, emotionally abuse and murdered at the hands of these rogues.

  18. I was dumb struck when I saw this on the news. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. I should be very interesting to see how this plays out.

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