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Leesburg City Commission Seat 1–Hurley vs. Floyd Online Forum Jay Hurley’s Closing Statement

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Last week, The Right Side of the Lake conducted an online forum for Leesburg City Commission Seat 1 between Jay Hurley and Beegee Floyd.  This week, we are publishing Jay Hurley’s closing statement unedited.

Jay Hurley’s Closing Statement

As we close in on Election Day, our minds are full of questions. Questions like: Where will we be in the next four years as a nation, as a community and personally? While we can’t know the answer to those questions, one question we are forced to answer on November 6th is, “Who’s the best candidate?” And the answer to that question is, “The candidate who aligns themselves the most with you and what you want”. So, as a candidate let me share with you what I want for Leesburg.

First, I want it to be a community that provides “Quality of Life” for my family. That only comes when I can live, work, play, and shop in my community. As long as I have to drive to other cities to do those things, quality of life in my community is missing. Leesburg has to become a place where people want to live and raise their families; not where they move away from.

Second, I want to cut the red tape that has stifled new businesses from coming to Leesburg and support the ones that are here. I want to aggressively work on bringing “Economic Development” into our community and putting a solid vision in place for the future.

Third, I believe that Leesburg must be “Fiscally Conservative”. With a continual decrease in revenues and one of the worst economies of my lifetime, it is critical that we take a hard look at our spending, align our priorities and make investing back into our city job #1.

We do not have to settle for the way things have been. So I encourage you to look at me and my opponent, look at our history, our businesses, our properties, and see who aligns themselves with what you want Leesburg to be. Let’s move forward and create a place for our children. Not backwards to the good old boy days of the 60’s with one-liners that have no plan or vision.

This November we can put the city back on a path with a clear vision, and a solid plan for success. As your next commissioner I will work hard to make sure Leesburg is a place you are proud to call home. May God continue to bless and keep us!

Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. appreciates both candidates participating in our online forum, and we hope the voters in Leesburg have gained good knowledge of their positions.  There will be no closing statement by Mr. Beegee Floyd, as he did not submit one–even after our follow-up with him.  Now, please go vote.

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2 Responses to “Leesburg City Commission Seat 1–Hurley vs. Floyd Online Forum Jay Hurley’s Closing Statement”

  1. If I lived in Leesburg I’d vote for Jay if only because he has not aged a day since he last had a uniform on. Kidding aside I do not know his opponent but I feel I do know Jay and the short answer is I’d be proud and secure knowing he represented me. In the words of Stan Lee,…” Nuff said”.

  2. David B says:

    I have done my research and Mr. Hurley is the clear choice. I think he has a good vision for the city.

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