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Freedom Flag

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Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. supports the efforts of the City of Tavares to raise funds for a 60 foot flagpole and oversized American flag for their new downtown roundabout.  Millions of Americans gave their lives for our flag, and we believe there is no better place to put it.  Please support the Freedom Flag program in Tavares.

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  1. No wonder people with brains do not pay any attention to today’s so called MSM aka by Bernie Goldberg as the lame stream media. Just yesterday on channel 9 Vanessa Echols announced work will begin today on the Round-A-Bout in downtown Tavares. That was the sum total of her announcement. Those of us working around this “Rube Goldberg” are well aware it’s been going on for a while.

    Now today the local mullet wrapper makes an announcement regarding the “Rube Goldberg.”
    Last of the round-a-bout work starting. The first phase of construction began in August 2012.
    The final construction stage of the roundabout at the intersection of W. Main Street and Sinclair Avenue in downtown Tavares will begin on Wednesday. Construction is expected to be complete by mid-December.

    Now please don’t take this to mean that the local mullet wrapper is not as guilty as all the rest because they are. Stories disappear all the time. Blogs just don’t make the light of day as with the great article about all the reasons not to reelect Obama written by the publisher of this site. But this time they were allowed to print the truth about the goings on of this project.

    Big difference when you get the beginning of the story and the update of the story. Guess one could call it the facts pertaining to the Tavares Round-A-Bout from beginning to present.
    But, what can we expect from ABC (The All Barack Channel) They pick the best meat from the bones and leave the rest for the vultures. They leave off the Alpha and write the Omega to suit their causes.

    The sad news is there are a lot of people out there that believe every word they say!

  2. And ain’t the effects of that white powder and the profits from that white powder by the well conected wonderful? As some other blogger said ” I haven’t seen any above ground Taiwan investors around” but those midnight profits are going through the roof.

  3. Name jim d says:

    You nameless bleeding cowards are gonna love this 90% of homeless are just plane lazy looking for handouts and if they have children that makes them irresponsible parent’s.if going through tavares makes you ill then MOVE! Extortion= blocks of county buildings that pay no tax you people that hate paying tax can find joy in that.and finally,tavares has and will be the best place to live so if you don’t want to DONATE then don’t but when you drive buy realize you live in one of the greatest city’s in America

  4. Well that’s $425K that didn’t need to be spent. It wasn’t needed. There was no great ‘traffic problem’ in downtown Tavares that the traffic light didn’t solve. And just when will this thing be finished? As for the flag pole…don’t you dare make it sound like anyone not donating to this project is unpatriotic. God bless the USA and all of her protectors (USAF, US Army, USN and USMC) Some of us just can’t afford it because of all of the govt. spending. If you have a job you are taxed to death with no raises in quite some time. (except for the upper levels of management) Tavares is still trying to pretend it is a ‘big city’ when it is just a little town. We are not and never will be NYC or anything like it. Just get over it and enjoy the small town that it is.

  5. Is this Robert Wolfe Mayor City of Tavares the same guy who had to get his wife off probation so he could take her on the free trip to Taiwan or someplace that was going to help our Tavares economy? If so were is the fruits of that scheme? I haven’t seen any above ground Taiwan investors around Tavares all I see is a bunch of bureaucrats borrowing money on my credit and spending it like Moochelle Obammy on one of them free trips she made to New York or Lord only knows where else. No matter how small the government entity that all seem to go to the same schools to learn how to best defraud the taxpayers. And they for sure know how to milk every dime out of their retirement and benefit systems. all we have to do is look at which union is supporting them to know where to follow the dollars anymore.

  6. Mayor,

    You need to go back and check your facts. Actually it was yur city who demanded we build this round a bout in the first place and demanded we spend $3.1 million to do it.

    Someone in the county government (could have been Jimmy Conner) balked at your outragious demands and got the city to allow the cost to be dropped to the million figure. This was nothing more than extortion by your city to begin with for sanctions on other wants the county had in its building blitz.

    We are glad the city has a patriotic employee with this great nation on his mind. We have many like minded people in both the [ublic and private sector, however we the real peole are suffering from a full blown depression and as previously stated by a very intelligent blogger we have homeless and hungry children going to school right here under our noses that should come before any other project whatsoever.

    Your borrow and spend, spend, spend projects spearheaded by Bil Neron is nothing more than a farce for a city with champaign wants and a beer pocketbook. Thanks to people like you and others on the council you have got us millions in debt already for nothing more than something to look at.

    As too the history of the round a bout you probably don’t really know the facts since all this was going on about the time you were suffering from your personal crisis’ over and over.

  7. In response to :sure for a worthy cause,marty egan, or who knows.

    Let me give you a little facts,
    1. Round a bout project the county was to build was a 1 million dollar project.
    2. There was never a plan for a flagpole.
    Those are the facts going into the project back in 2007 2008 time,

    Now let me fill you in on the facts as of today.
    1. Round a bout cost is 425,000. That is for design,engineer,and build,
    2. The flagpole idea came from a Tavares City Employee.Chris Thompson came to a Tavares City Council meeting requesting the idea of a flag in the center of the round a bout. Mr Thompson stated how he had seen this type of idea work in a town up north,.

    Now in a nutshell what is going on with the Freedom Flag fundraising:

    Chris Thompson a USMC veteran went out of his way to try to help establish in downtown Tavares a unique and monumental showcase. This entire project is being done with donations of cash and in house services from those who can assist.Yes the estimated cost of the project is 28,000 dollars. Now those of you who are so upset with government spending can relax and take it easy ther is no money coming out of your pocket. This project is simply for those of us Americans who love this country and our FLAG, Thank You Mr. Thompson for bringing this up and taking charge, Semper Fi

  8. How in the world did that brown top building to the right of the flag pole in this picture get built there in the first place? A private mecca selling jail bonds and lawyers right at the front door of the county jail. There has got to be a story behind this one.

  9. who knows says:

    Speaking of our great illustrious Tax Collector Bob McKee where is he hanging out at nowadays anyway? When Ed Havill passed away everyone put their two cents worth in about him except Bob McKee and Carey Baker, nothing seen of either of them much since then. Wonder how Baker can face the public after what him and his insider friends done to Havill? Absolutely void of conscience for sure. Oh well, Jeb Bush probably taught him to just keep licking and grinning.

    Seems they have run into a block wall these days trying to convince the people how hard they are working for them and every thing they do is in the best interest of the people on one hand while destroying the life of one of the best true public serviants Lake County has ever had with the other.

    They say you can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.

    Like Obama with all those questions about college records and such with Donald Trump putting up a Five Million reward that expires today at 5 PM for Obama to release those records and Obama totally ignores the offer for Trump to donate that Five Million to charity. That means Obama has got something to hide. Same thing with all those dates of birth on Bob McKee. A man that uses four or more dates of birth on job applications and stuff has either got something to hide or don’t even know who he is or where he come from his ownself, one or the other.

    Maybe Bob Mckee and Obama are half brothers who knows? That would explain a whole lot about the things going on here in Lake County. Maybe they want that tall flagpole to fly that Obama flag on after the election when they get more flexibility, who knows.

  10. Are you suggesting that the round a bout 3.1 million dollar budget does not already include a $ 28,000 “Freedom Flag”?

    Tell you what 2xdippity4;

    Cash Reward of $28,000 American Made dollars to the first person who can get Bob “convict” McKee in a set of handcuffs, prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to life in federal prison.

    That is a great investment and money well spent; not a $ 28,000 Flag on “Convict Row’s Roundabout” …….just saying

    Lake County Tax Payers have been blead dry and you want us to donate a hundred dollar bill for a flag pole so the “Courthouse Mafia” can pole dance on main street. Good luck with that handout while we trying to feed our familys and save the roof over our heads.

    Marty Eagn

  11. “One judge’s chamber (not courtroom) that has more square footage than the house I raised my 3 kids in. That is shameful.”

    You are kidding us about this statement right? If this is trure This was in the original plan somethng like 1600 square feet per judge for chambers alone.

    Jimmy Conner is taking credit for blocking all this and cutting the courthouse from around $95 million down to $50 million- funny thing is all information regarding spending on the courthouse expansion and all information as to how this thing really got built out is top secret until after the election. If this is true we sure hope Mike Odette finds out before this Jimmy the Great reElection and puts it out there to the people on social media sites. The only way the people ever get the truth about anything is when they don’t have to run it through the communist media outlets.

  12. I would not give a plug nickel for anything having to do with this travesty. And believe me I love our Flag. It seems to me the way local, county and state governments are making “improvements” is by using Federal funds in the way of stimulus money or grants etc. and I will not encourage them in any way to waste any tax dollars. That intersection was fine and Tavares was a nice little community before. Now everytime I go through that area it makes me ill.

  13. You said it!!! I agree 100%. The city of Tavares couldn’t squeeze a few more tax dollars out of it’s citizens for the flag pole? The city has delusions of granduer. America’s Seaplane City? Are you kidding me? Everytime I look at all of the wasted money being spent in the down town of this “city” I want to vomit. Sorry for being so crude, but it’s true. One judge’s chamber (not courtroom) that has more square footage than the house I raised my 3 kids in. That is shameful. The county says it is hurting for money but someone has money to build, build, build. Ask the folks that are lucky enough to have jobs when they last got a raise. (And I don’t mean the top level executives) The common working class have no voice in local / county government. I could rant on for hours about all of the waste in government spending (in Lake County) but I’d like to keep my blood pressure under control. Thank you, “this is for sure a worthy cause” for your comment. Love it.

  14. Don,

    We just want to thank you for those wonderful comments as a guest on the local mullet wrapper. They do not share your value’s because every good blog in support of your comments was never posted. Pretty bad when the out of town bankrupt rag has chosen to endorse Mitt romney and the local rag acts like the are neutral until someone tries to post support for the truth.

    Thanks again for a job well done. And every Christian who has been participating in the 40 days of prayer to save this country please put it into high gear for the next week now. It’s time to fish or cut bait!

  15. This is for sure a worthy cause. Nothing could restore the patriotism of downtown Tavares’ government complex faster than a 12 X 18 foot American flag flying atop a 60 foot flagpole.

    If you don’t mind can we please point out a few things? This non-necessary (someone already deemed a Rube Goldberg) round-a-bout become a reality because the City of Tavares Officials demanded the Lake county government Officials build the round-a-bout in exchange for some of the county’s other wants. At the time it was originally demanded they were throwing around soft money numbers of around $3 million bucks. Now they claim its got a lot cheaper to built.

    Wonder if the people couldn’t put up this flag and pole a whole lot cheaper that $28 thousand bucks if they didn’t have to run the project throught the hands of the bureaucrats.

    Remember our local car dealer that the City of Leesburg government just a year or two ago wanted to pass the ordinance to make him take down the flag he had flown over his business for years?

    Since all these local governments belong to the League of Cities and go to the same training schools in what to do next (usually to raise money) this makes people with brains wonder why such a major change in their patriotic views? Do you think four years of looking at the gold curtains behind our nations leader when he speaks has brought about this new concern for patriotism? Maybe, but usually nothing motivates bureaucrats like Dollars!

    We support displaying the American Flag at every possible opportunity, but in good conscience we can not feel proud to have our names displayed on a plaque for that cause while this county admits to having the large numbers of homeless children attending our schools at the same time.

    The people who have $100. or more to donate to yet another government sanctioned cause should be figuring out how to donate that money to honest people to help the homeless school children in Lake County. Winter is coming, it will probably be near freezing in some low lying areas tonight – homeless kids living in tents no way to really bath and many with nothing to eat until they get to school tomorrow morning.

    Remember the construction of the round-a-bout is already a taxpayer expense and there must be dollars in there to landscape this island or something. This $28 thousand dollars is for a flag pole and a flag. How many bids did the City of Tavares get for this project?

    Probably the same number of bids the county got for all that building spree that’s been going on downtown for years, zilch, none. This non-sense has got to stop somewhere and this is just as good a time as any.

    It’s time to help the starving and homeless and time for all these out of control governments to stop their greedy wants and schemes. They never miss an opportunity to spearhead a project to raise money for a good cause just as long as they get to run it through their greasy palms.

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