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No Justice for Andrew!

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Andrew Lee Scott

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) released a report on their investigation into the July 15, 2012 shooting death of Andrew Lee Scott by Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy Richard Sylvester.  The FDLE report tries to justify the shooting and is a total whitewash of the actions of law enforcement personnel.  It does not even address the countless errors in protocol made by Deputy Sylvester and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

It is obvious the FDLE report was written by former law enforcement officers for the benefit of law enforcement officers.  Many have complained to our group that the FDLE is no longer a credible organization to investigate matters involving other law enforcement agencies in the state.  Based on this report–we agree.  Of course, getting the State Attorney’s Office to question this report and investigate this incident is not feasible, because that office is in the back pocket of law enforcement.

In our view, what was missed is the “cowboy” mentality of these officers and the complete disregard of the safety of surrounding residents.  How can an innocent man be blamed for coming to his door armed with a weapon because someone is pounding on it and not identifying themselves?  The officers had ample time to identify themselves because Scott had to go to his bedroom and get his pistol from a safe place while his girlfriend was getting dressed.  Based on their own statements in this report, the officers admit that there was a period of time between Deputy Sylvester pounding on the door and Scott answering it.

For those who have visited the site of the shooting, you would have to suspend belief to think that Scott opened his door from the opposite side of Deputy Sylvester and pointed his pistol point blank at him.  That is the reason Deputy Sylvester was on the side of the door to get the drop on the suspect.  Of course, there was no questioning the veracity of Deputy Sylvester’s statement to the FDLE–it was accepted as the gospel.  Deputy Sylvester had all of the advantages–he was like a hunter in a deer stand just waiting on his prey.

It is time to get real.  If Scott was somebody other than who he was–a plain, ordinary Joe who was scratching out a simple life–this report may have been different.  If Scott were a minority gunned down in this manner would the state not be holding special government sessions with the Lieutenant Governor heading them?  Would there be special prosecutors? Would there be marches, national television vigils, and calls for justice by charismatic leaders?  If Scott was the son of a well-known politician, would there be such a whitewash of this tragic shooting? We do not think so!

What should really scare every citizen in Lake County is the possibility this could happen to them.   Using parallels to Nazi Germany is usually unwise, but isn’t this how the Gestapo handled things?  Based on this incident, the policy in the Lake County Sheriff’s Office is to shoot first and ask questions later.

What is also sad in this case is the attempt to justify the unjustifiable by leadership in the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and FDLE.  We have not seen or heard one word on what Deputy Sylvester did wrong, because it is circle the wagon time.  One would think somebody would be forthright.  All we are seeing and hearing is what Scott–the innocent bystander in this entire ordeal–did wrong.

CNN Analyst and nationally recognized attorney Mark NeJame is representing Scott’s family in this tragic event.  Unfortunately, it is going to take someone of his caliber to find justice for Andrew Lee Scott.  Justice cannot be found in the Lake County Sheriff’s Office or at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Office, because it is all about protecting their own. For ordinary people, there are two evident things that come out this case:

  • First, this case is a prime reason why the world needs lawyers like Mark NeJame.
  • Second, there is no wonder why so many people distrust law enforcement.

Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy Richard Sylvester killed an innocent man.  Through his friends at the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and the FDLE, they are going to attempt to blame Andrew Lee Scott for his own death.  How sinister and dishonest is that?  This injustice should not stand–there should be justice for Andrew Lee Scott!

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Mark NeJame

32 Responses to “No Justice for Andrew!”

  1. As this writer says “getting the State Attorney’s Office to question this report and investigate this incident is not feasible, because that office is in the back pocket of law enforcement.”
    In fact this office is a waste of time and the taxpayer’s money. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of cases Brad King and his office have improperly handled.

    For starters just two cases will prove that point, One the case of JAMES PATRICK LANIER who thanks to Brad King was on the streets to carjack and kidnap folks. One elderly man in Leesburg was able to fight him off by another was not so lucky. When the Leesburg Police was responding to the carjacking call one of Leesburg Police Officers was hit head on by the fleeing Lanier. This officer almost lost his life that day, Turns out James Patrick Lanier had a 90 page rap sheet and thanks to King’s office they had lollygagged around and failed to prosecute him properly leaving the public at his mercy. Mr. Lanier is finally located in the Florida prison system where he should have been all along for the many previous crimes he had committed which continually resulted on various stages of probation.

    The second case. That of one DONALD OTIS WILLIAMS. In 2000 this man carjacked and kidnapped a young female from the Walgreens at 441 and 473. He took her to an area near a church where he was caught red handed by law enforcement committing the act of rape on this young lady. Brad King was so inept in his prosecution of the person this convicted served around nine years and was released on state probation. By 4/9/2010 Williams was back in jail on misdemeanor theft charges which violated his probation but Judge Michael Johnson decided to forgo that and on 6/4/2010 turned him loose again. Just four months later on 10/24/2010 Williams was arrested once again for carjacking and kidnapping. This time from the Publix near Lake Square Mall just down 441 from his 2000 crimes. This time his victim was not so lucky. In a few days Ms Lillian Patrick was found buried in a shallow grace in Polk County Florida. Again they have all the evidence in the world necessary to convict Donald Otis Williams for the carjacking, Kidnapping and murder of Ms Lillian Patrick. But, TWO YEARS after Williams was once again arrested for heinous crimes including MURDER he is still sitting in the Lake County jail awaiting a fair trial. When this man carjacked, kidnapped and raped the lady in 2000 a prosecutor should have demanded nothing less than life in prison. Brad King’s failure to do so cost the life of an innocent elderly lady at this monster. Even now two year after here death Brad King has not seen fit to fast forward this monster a fair trial and send him to the Florida State Pen forever. Makes people wonder who this guy is kin too?

    Judge Michael Johnson walked the halls of the judicial center for weeks worried that the fact he released Williams instead of violating his probation and sending him back to the Florida pen would get media attention. As usual they escaped the facts ever seeing the light of day. They even waited quite a while before arranging her funeral hoping everyone had forgot about it.

  2. On Tuesday October 9th a lawsuit was filed in Marion County Circuit Court against The City of Leesburg and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office regarding the allegatons of excessive force and abuse during the incident of arrest of the plaintiff Ashleigh Rae Davis in April 2011. The defendants are listed as follows:


    Recognize the name of the last defendant on this list? RICHARD SYLVESTER the lone shooter of Andrew Lee Scott.

    Those who are organizing for JUSTICE FOR DREW should be aware of theinvolvement of shoorter Richard Sylvester and this prior history of human abuse involvement.

    Remember every last one of these defendants named in the suit are being sued personally as well as their agenices who failed to properly train and supervise these defendants.

    Justice through civil actions is a slow process. It is however the only possible legal recourse victims of abuse at the hands of out of control law enforcement officers have.

    When the police refuse to police themselves it is up to the people to stand up, demand justice and enforce the laws through the civil courts and the wallets of those who somehow think they are above the law. Good Luck Ms. Davis – your lawyer was smart to file you case in Marion Circuit Court. While it is still in the 5th Circuit it will not endure the pressure it would from those who run the Lake County just us system!

  3. Based on the actions of this Sheriff’s Office and its record of human and human rights abuse you have got to wonder if Borders and his staff have ever bothered to read there own recycled website.

    This fiction did not come from a far away place in la la land this come directly from the LCSO website. A person can take this one issue at a time and realize it’s nothing more than more lies. Unfortuntly it is we the taxpayers that have to pay for all these worthless statements. Just more of our wasted money.

    Just yesterday the news media reported that neither the Lake Sheriff’s Office or the Leesburg Pokice Department would return their phone call regarding the suit filed against them on Tuesday for excessive force. Does this mean these agencies are going to force the press to start using FS Chpt 119 to get public statements from the Public Informatin Oficers?

    Here is what the claim to be their core values:

    Integrity: We value the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles and professional standards. Integrity implies honesty, truthfulness, honor, veracity and reliability.

    Professionalism: We value the skill and competence exhibited by a highly trained professional, characterized by pride, self-discipline, a thirst for higher education, and a customer service oriented approach.

    People: We value all people. Our relationships with others should be respectful and fair. By valuing people, we also value diversity, the spirit of teamwork, and open and honest communication. We believe people are our most valuable resource.

    Leadership: We value leadership as the ability to guide, direct, and influence people toward the proper course of action. Leadership implies the ability to provide purpose and motivation. Even those who do not serve in a formal leadership role can lead by example.

    Loyalty: We value loyalty as an unfailing devotion to a cause despite our personal likes, dislikes, hopes and desires. Loyalty implies faithfulness, devotion, allegiance, trustworthiness, and fidelity so that a common cause might prevail.

    Commitment: We value commitment to the mission of the Sheriff’s Office. Commitment is the sense of responsibility to the people we serve, the law enforcement profession and the oath of our office. Commitment is kindred to loyalty and is exemplified by courage, dedication, and persistence.

    Community: We value our community and believe to be effective we must be a part of those we serve. We support efforts to enhance the quality of life in Lake County by encouraging community involvement, believing it to be a responsibility of citizenship.

    Accountability: We value individual and collective responsibility for our mission and core values. We believe it is our duty to be answerable for our actions both internally and externally. Accountability is achieved through relentless follow-up.

  4. In your recent article titled No Justice for Andrew you brought out the facts that “It is obvious the FDLE report was written by former law enforcement officers for the benefit of law enforcement officers. Many have complained to our group that the FDLE is no longer a credible organization to investigate matters involving other law enforcement agencies in the state. Based on this report–we agree. Of course, getting the State Attorney’s Office to question this report and investigate this incident is not feasible, because that office is in the back pocket of law enforcement.”

    Based on revelations from statements made last date by our State Attorney Brad King it might very well be possible that some law enforcement is actually in the back pocket of Brad King instead. And if they are not he goes to great lengths to get rid of them and find someone he can control.

    While it should be totally unethical for any of these elected officials to endorse each other for public office, Brad King endorsed his former assistant State Attorney Dan Kuhn for the Republican candidate for sheriff of Marion County. As most people in central Florida know by now he was forced out the office and the sheriff’s race due to the surfacing of an extra marital affair last week.

    Yesterday in an unprecedented move by State Attorney Brad King publicly attacked the history of investigative results while Chris Blair was Marion County Sheriff’ Major over Major Crimes Investigations. In an obvious last minute attempt to dissuade The Marion County Republic Executive Committee from selecting Chris Blair as the fill in candidate to replace Kuhn as the Republican candidate.

    State Attorney Brad King Marion County’s top prosecutor expressed reservations about the possible selection of Chris Blair, the former lead investigator into the worst crimes handled by the Sheriff’s Office.

    Brad King said he was troubled that some criminal investigations managed by Blair, the former head of the major crimes unit, had holes that risked prosecuting suspects who could have been innocent, or letting the guilty go free.

    King said Blair mishandled “several” cases but could not give a definite number. But he said it occurred often enough that he went to Sheriff Ed Dean with his concerns.

    “It was disconcerting to me that we were not being told the facts. We had to go back constantly and find out what we’re being told was not actually being said,” King said. “It really concerned me.” “That attitude and method of doing business flows down hill,” King added.

    Blair responded that he could not recall any specific problems with investigations he handled. He attributed issues that did arise to “conflicts” between investigators and prosecutors, or inexperienced detectives or to training issues. Blair also believed any problems had been ironed out.

    “We had a 95 percent clearance rate. We had one of the strongest major crimes unit in the state. We built a helluva team over there. And when I left we were rock solid with the State Attorney’s office,” Blair said.

    The solution negotiated between King and Dean was to allow Jim Phillips, a retired prosecutor who worked with the Sheriff’s Office’s cold-case unit, to review the files before the meetings and then present them to King.

    “I had no information that led me to believe that the investigations were being short cut,” Dean said. “However, I wanted to do everything I could to give Brad assurances that the investigations would be satisfactory to him.”

    Dean described Blair as “aggressive when given a mission,” but noted that he never had to “rein him in,” or take action because it appeared a suspect’s constitutional rights were jeopardized.

    Phillips, a 24-year veteran of the state attorney’s office, said prosecutors and detectives will disagree at times.

    He, too, could not recall widespread shortcomings but said they likely resulted from the detectives under Blair not being familiar with procedural rules or still trying to learn the job.
    “All I can say is that I worked with Chris and was very impressed with everything he did,” Phillips said.

    King, a Republican, had endorsed Kuhn in the primary contest. Kuhn, a former prosecutor, had also worked for King for several years.

    King said if Blair becomes the nominee, and eventually sheriff, he could work around their past differences. For one thing, Blair would not bring the cases himself.

    Secondly, King said his office would have to “double” its vigilance in handling the cases that do come forward. Beyond how individual cases might be affected, King worried about a broader loss of respect for the criminal justice system.

    “That’s why I’m very particular about the cases I bring. We don’t want to go forward with a case that can’t be proven against somebody who was probably innocent,” King said.
    Blair countered that King’s concerns were “politically motivated.” “He has to lash out at me because he endorsed Dan Kuhn and his choice didn’t work out,” he said.

    Many insiders question why Brad King chose to attack the most viable candidate for Marion County Sheriff at the eleventh hour?

    One has to question the motive for these comments that the powerful decider of who is prosecuted and who is not has made at the last minute to dissuade the REC selection of this man.

    If Brad King’s concerns were so important to him at the time why didn’t he bring this up when Chris Blair was running against the candidate he endorsed?

    Many people believe this is nothing more than a panic reaction from Brad King. Obviously King and Jeb Bush and some others would prefer the Constitution candidate who Jeb Bush knighted his hero after serving 19 years in the state pen for armed drugstore robberies over a man with thirty-five years experience as an aggressive crime fighter.

    These remarks by State Attorney Brad King have started a firestorm in Ocala and Marion County. Why would the prosecutor go to such great lengths to stop this man from becoming sheriff? Many people are beginning to entertain their options on how to handle this obvious abuse of political power yielded by King.

    Neither the present Sheriff of Marion County who like Brad King also originally endorsed Kuhn nor King’s former assistant now retired Jim Phillips, a 24-year veteran of the state attorney’s office would back King up in these allegations.

    For one who knows anything about what is actually going on around the fifth judicial circuit of Florida you would have to question yourself as to why King is attacking Chris Blair over this. After all an elected sheriff is an administrative position and surely if the professional prosecutor Brad King finds fault with the criminal investigation coming from the Chris Blair administration as grown men they could work out those differences as Brad King claims he and the present sheriff did.

    If Brad King is so against Chris Blair becoming the Sheriff of Marion County because he doesn’t like his investigations why then doesn’t Brad King have a problem with Lake Sheriff Gary Borders?

    Surely with Kings great investigative team he must know most if not all of the truths about the years of sexcapades of Gary Borders all the way from Osceola County over thirty years ago; his twenty years with he and his friends running the Green Isle Boys Ranch and the well documented testimony about Borders sex with Lake Jail and inmates and jail employee’s as well.
    Sure Brad King knows all about this. Especially the reports over the years of rapes and other abuse of the little boys at Green Isle Ranch. Brad King could never see any wrong for any of the abusive acts committed these boys. In 2000 he could see no wrong in the multi-rapes of a nine year old boy. He even knew Borders friend Don Brown lied to the victims parents and encouraged them to return him to Green Isle which they did and both Green Isle employee’s and fellow students raped him again.

    In 2008 State Attorney Brad King with the help of Sheriff Borders and his crew whitewashed an investigation into Green Isle once again. This time it was over child abuse because the school management was found to be feeding the boys rancid food including frozen maggots. Once again Brad King could find no wrong.

    On November 21, 2009 when the Green Isle Executive Director learned of the five little boys who have been raped by the then seventeen year old little friend of Borders he immediately called 911 and reported the crimes. Gary Borders in his dual role as 20 year Green Isle Board member and as the Sheriff and Chief Law Enforcement Officer of Lake County stopped any and all actions on these cases and did not arrest his friend the rapist. On February 3, 2010 when the facts of the rapes of these little boys was leaked to the media Gary Borders put his Detectives into gear for an extended cover up of these crimes. Insiders say they faked an arrest and prosecution by Brad King’s elite we don’t really want to prosecute anyone team and took him before Judge Takac for a secret sentencing. Obviously no probation or registering of a sex offender because just months later he was back in Citrus County Court for a dating violence injunction filed against him by a much older male lover.

    In Brad King’s zeal to “not forward with a case that can’t be proven” the facts are well documented and so voluminous regarding the cases he has whitewashed or failed to prosecute with his lame excuses.

    Brad King refused to prosecute the sister and brother-in-law of John Couey who did not tell officers who knocked on their trailer door that Jessica Lunsford was in the closet alive. Couey later took her outside and buried her alive. She would still be alive today if they had told the police she was in their closet. Brad King could see nothing wrong with their actions. Bill O’Reilly attacked Brad King over this and to this day O’Reilly continues to be a major supporter of other states enacting Jessica’s Law.

    Heather Wendorf recruited her boyfriend to come to Florida and murder her parents. When the crime was over she left the state with the murderer Ferrell. Her relatives and friends had communications to prove she was guilty of recruiting Ferrell to commit the murders, Twice the sheriff at the time tried to take the evidence of her complicity before a grand jury for and indictment. Brad King was adamant she would never be charged with a crime. He was reportedly friends with grandfather an attorney for the Billy Graham Ministry. King even threatened the sheriff with legal actions if he ever tried again to prosecute Heather Wendorf.
    This is the same sheriff that Brad King took before a grand jury to investigate his policy of disposing of sheriff’s department vehicles. The grand jury could find no wrong doing on the part of this sheriff with his vehicle disposal policies (in fact the present Sheriff Gary Borders is reported to have purchased one of these vehicles) however, Brad King charged this sheriff with perjury because King said the sheriff’s testimony did not match the testimony of two other witnesses regarding the same incident.

    And let us not forget the governor once appointed Brad King as a special prosecutor to investigate the absentee ballot fraud of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and some of his Democrat friends. Brad King took the case before a grand jury and got an indictment on Buddy Dyer. Red faced Dyer was forced to step down and was replaced by former convict Vice Mayor Earnest Page (he had been convicted of stealing IBM typewriters from city hall served his sentence and then elected again)

    After Brad King got the indictment from the grand jury on Buddy Dyer and well before any real prosecution of the crime was under way Brad King single handedly decided that he had made a mistake and the Buddy Dyer was really innocent because he had no criminal intent when he was doing the absentee ballot thing- low and behold just like his unprecedented remarks from yesterday he dropped the charges on Buddy Dyer like a hot potato.

    So since Bernie DeCastro the convict who served 19 years in the Florida prison system and who is Jeb Bush’s hero is probably about as qualified to be the Sheriff of Marion County as Gary Borders the one Jeb Bush appointed Sheriff of Lake County six years does this mean Brad King supports the most morally challenged persons available to run for sheriff so he can control them?

    Even though Brad King tried hard to keep Chris Blair from once again becoming a candidate for Marion County Sheriff he failed. Blair was nominated overwhelming last night. Brad King is not the sharpest knife in the drawer to begin with. His former boss Ray Gill said the biggest mistake he ever made was not terminating Brad King when he (Gill) was elected to state attorney.
    Chris Blair will be on the chopping block with the spoiled brat Brad King if he’s not careful. E can only hope that enough people will rise to the occasion, watch carefully and document every action of Brad King. We now live in a lawless society where people like King and his so called law enforcement friends spend more time covering up they cover ups than they do performing the jobs that was created for them to do; the jobs we really pay them for.

    When someone like Brad King goes to all the trouble he went too yesterday to discredit a man he obviously has no dirt on whatsoever that means the culture of corruption in Central Florida is afraid of this man. Good luck Chris Blair and watch your P’s and Q’s if they can’t control you you are in dangerous territory.

    We have allowed this culture of public officials who believe they are untouchable to propagate. Someone in Ocala questioned why no one ever runs against King; that’s because number one you have to be a lawyer. Number two if you dare run against this organized culture of corruption you will never work around here as a lawyer again. Everyone knows there is really nothing the people can do about this except educate themselves and work to protect the victims when possible. That is why so many actions by law enforcement end up as civil actions because that is really the only place the victims have a chance of finding justice.

  5. The Marion County Republican Executive Committee Wednesday night selected Blair, the runner-up in the GOP’s August primary for sheriff, as its replacement nominee for Dan Kuhn, who was driven from the November election last week by a sex scandal.

    Just one little sex scandal brought to light by one little woman who has this week also lost her job as principal of a Christian School.

    Here in the Lake County Sheriff’s Office regarding adultrious relationships even within the agency everything goes; no holes barred so to speak. It’s even worse with the gay brigade because as the old saying goes monkey see, monkey do, and everyone sees the sheriff sleeping around with the love of his life Scott Stone. When Borders looks at Stone he looks like a kid in a candy store!

    Why is it the people of Marion County demand morals and integrity in their sheriff office employee’s and candidates and here in Lake County it’s anything goes?

    Have we really become such a bedroom community for the Metro Orlando area that we have closed our eyes and accepted the spead of the cancer that has destroyed that area over the last forty years? Is this why so many young men go Metro Sexual look and shave all the hair off their body just so folks will get confused about their sexuality and accept them? Around here if you ain’t Gay, Metro Sexual and Down Low you are on the outside looking in.

    What a difference a few morals and a few miles can make!

  6. Today we learn we the taxpayers are once again left holding the bag for incompetance of local law enforcement.

    A young lady by the name of Ashleigh Davise has fiked an excessive force lawsuit against Leesburg Police and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

    Apparently Ms. Davis was arrested by a slew of officers from both agencies at the Leesburg Bike event. Hog tied, drug she says like a suitcase after her bikini top fell off before dozens if not hundreds of spectators and thrown like a bag of garbage onto the back of a golf cart.. She can be seen in the video hog tied on the floor at the Leesburg Police Department where she says she was still naked with what looks like dozens of male officers around her. Her face was beaten into the floor and her teeth was broken.

    Ms. Davis’ lawyer does not dispute the fact that sher should have been arrested. The lawsuit is brought on by the excessive force, due to no leadership in with of their agencies.

    Some law enforcement officers were complaining at some of the recent events that the powers that be aka Leesburg Partnership had ordered them not to make any arrests. Maybe this is why.

    There are dozens and dozens more lawsuits in the works against LCSO and some of the other local police agencies as well. Since the people do not have arrest and prosecution powers the only recourse the people have against the wrong doing and corruption of our police agencies iis the filing of civil lawsuits.

    If the Lake County Sheriff’s Office alone was suited for every case of human rights abuse and human rights violations they have committed in the last five years people like Scott Hindman would not be wanting to insure them for anything and especially liability.

    How long does it take Florida’s finest law suppression agency to cover up a sex act by a Leesburg Police Officer reported last week?

    Long enough for everyone to forget about it and they will anounce it was unsustained.

    If the average Lake County male or female resident was accused of forcing someone to commit a sex act on them, that person would be immediately arrested and booked into the county jail. Post a bond for cash or obtains the services of one of the local well connected bondsmen. (which money they will never see again) They would then either have to hire an attorney if they had the money or depend of the services of the Public Defender (which they newly elected one does not even give adequate representation to the paying clients he has, can’t wait to see his level of service for free) Then for untold numbers of months or years they will be at the mercy of the Just Us system.

    Most of the time as a result of all this they are added to the list of probationers who must pay big dollars for random drug tests sometimes more than once weekly and mail in those checks to the Lake County probation department. In Sumter and Marion County the Salvation Army runs their probation. In Lake County the culture of corruption runs our probation system.

    That’s why 99% of those on probation who stroke those cheks on time always seem to get violated just before they are due to get off probation.

    No wonder some of these people fight the cops; some of them have been abused by the system so many times they don’t want to go back (and most people will say why don’t they start doing right and stay out of jail) but these cops know who is the easy pickings and the system knows who will strike those checks and that’s really all they want.

  7. The Marion County Sheriff continues to push for a transparent investigation into the allegations of sexual misconduct by his now former second in command no matter where it goes.
    A day after two high-ranking Marion County Sheriff’s Office officials were suspended with pay pending the outcome of two investigations into an affair involving the former undersheriff, a third staffer also has been caught up in the scandal.

    Deputy Robert Youmans was suspended Tuesday with pay, pending the outcome of the Internal Affairs and Florida Department of Law Enforcement agency investigations.
    The suspensions are related to the probes into whether former Undersheriff Dan Kuhn violated department policies during an extramarital affair with the head of a prominent private school in Ocala.

    On Monday, Maj. David Sperring, head of the Sheriff’s Office’s special investigations unit, and Capt. Chip Wildy, county director of emergency management, were suspended with pay pending the outcome of the investigations.

    Sheriff Ed Dean said last week he would discipline any staffer who had knowledge of, or facilitated, Kuhn’s 18-month relationship with Melissa Cook, headmistress at Hale Academy, whose revelations pushed Kuhn to resign and abandon his campaign for sheriff.

    Cook has alleged the two of them had sex inside the agency’s headquarters and the Emergency Operations Center and that Kuhn used government vehicles to meet her for, or transport her to, their trysts, including at least one trip to Jacksonville. She also maintained she and Kuhn met in the homes of deputies.

    Press releases issued by the Sheriff’s Office on Monday and Tuesday both state that the agency will not comment further as the investigations are ongoing.

    Isn’t it amazing just how an honest moral sheriff runs his department? Right here in our Lake County Sheriff’s Office among other things we have a Chief Deputy who has carried on numerous affairs over the years. The one which stands out the most among other staffers is the on again off again affair he had with another top ranking member of the sheriff’s inter circle, not to mention the well known media personnel with which he had affairs over the years; especially the one under the counter at the Leesburg Commercial Office. Hey , just the next county north Adultery is apparently a crime under Fl Statute 798.01. But here in Lake County our gay sheriff has had so many affairs with the boys in his office even though that is not against the law he can’t afford to “man up” and enforce moral conduct within his department because he is the biggest violator of them all.

    We have reelected a sheriff than can not properly supervise his staff of over 700 employee’s because they all know who all of his gay lovers are. So, therefore this agency has no real supervision and is running wild in Lake County. No wonder these people think it’s a laughing matter when they kill someone!

  8. They don’t care about charges, they were only looking for excuses to cover up their blatant mistakes just like they always do. They screw up, lie and fix it later. This comes from the jailhouse mentality of their esteemed leaderless scorpion.

  9. Sorry but you must have been listening to Lake Sheriff’s PIO John Herrell because you have got your facts a little distorted. Please allow us to set them straight for you.

    Andrew Lee Scott was called “Drew” by his friends. He was a Hungry Howie pizza delivery man. He was not a cop he was a man who knocked on more doors in one week than most cops do in a year. By doing so he was also a man that never knew what he was going to face when that door flung open. In Leesburg some years ago a pizza delivery man was shot dead and robbed and left in the street to die while delivering a pizza off thomas Road area.

    In reality you are probably John Herrell or some of the other misfits from the LCSO just trying to muddy the facts which you liars have become so professional at but againt just to set the facts straight.

    Two guys had gone to the home of the son of Lake Sheriff’s LT Scoop Jackson earlier in the evening before midnight to teach him some manners while dealing with females and a fight ensued in front of his home on the sidewalk. Neightbors hollered and the two assailants fled the scene. One was caught almost immediately and the other was Jonathan Brown a former cop who worked at Mascotte one time.

    It was Brown who parked his motorcycle (his SUV was also parked next to the motorcycle) near the apartment of innocent victim who had nothing to do with anything, Drew Scott.

    It was Drew Scott that had someone beating at his door at 1:30 AM not identifying themselves , a door with no peephole who went to the door with every right afforded by the US Constitution carrying a gun in his hand. There are conflicting statements about whether or not Scott pointed the gun at anybody. From the position of the door and the shots fired immediately by Sylvester and his position in relationship to the evidentuary established position of the door and Drew Scott it it clear Scott’s weapon was not in an offense or defense position when he was shot. If it had been and the fact that he was able to stumble back to fall on the couch he could have very well emptied his gun on these deputies if he had been so inclined.

    This is a plain case of murder by cop. Manslaughter in the least. And you can bet your bippy if Drew Scott was the same color as Trayvon Martin there would have been thousands and thousands of important people from all over the United States demanding justice for Andrew Lee Scott. Heck with the political season in full swing the president of the United States would probably be saying “if I had twin boys one of them would look like Trayvon and the other one would look like Drew.” John Morgan has probably already called Barack on his Blackberry and told him their mutual friend Gary Borders has got a little problem with this shooting just to have him set the stage for cover ups just in case this thing should get out of hand.

    Anyone who refers to themselves as an x-cop is either from New York or they don’t have much respect for themselves. Cop is yankee slang for Constable on Patrol and they have used this slang title to degrade the profession to what it has unfortunately become today. A bunch of lying misfits who protect each other al all cost even when the commit murder; mostly cowards with no real education ,most degree’s bought off the internet with the surses completed by the jailhouse professor along with a handful of certificates for the dozens of seminars they attend (really just social networking events) at the expense of the taxpayers and a lot of goofing off and butt kissing to get where they want to be. That is the underlying cause of the death of Drew Scott. Sylvester was in a hurry to get the guy that whipped up on Lt Jacksons son so he could get him some brownie points! Haste makes Waste! In this case it was the waste of a young human life who no matter how hard the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and their lying morthpieces try was loved by a lot of people. All the victims of death and abuse at the hands of this sheriff and his deputies have loved ones and everytime they murder or abuse someone the list of disgruntled people suffering their abuse gets bigger and bigger. Someday soon that list will be bigger than they are!

    A sad state of affairs for a nation who onced bragged there was honor among theives!

  10. why waste the time and effort to charge a dead person for drug charges?? riddle me that jack man!!

  11. Name x-cop says:

    The world isn’t a perfect place.Having been a police officer I can tell you that you are amiss when you try and judge what happened because you were not there period.Only the persons present really know what happened that night. I understand that Scott was a former officer. With that training I am surprised that he made the error of pointing his weapon at the officers on the other side of the door. The officer that shot Scott will have to live with that the rest of his life right or wrong. That doesn’t bring Scott back but, Scott bears the responsibility for his demise. You never point your weapon unless you intend to pull the trigger at anyone. If you do it’s all history. All the naysayers should ride with a cop on a Friday or Saturday night and put their little whinnies on the line.

  12. The Multiple Rapes are Covered Up / 23 Page Summary on that link just below the 77 page summary is for sure Green isle Rapes cover ups for dummies.

    It takes you through every step of the cover up and shows you what shuls have happened to the rapist if the Lake Sheriff had not tried so hard to cover up the rapes.

    No new laws will ever really protect the little children until we have honest law enforcement agencies that enforce the laws even if they are doing so against their friends. When they cover for their friends and refuse to enforce the laws they then become lawbreakers themselves and should be held accountable. This is why the taxpayers suffer so many lawsuits on theie corrupt employee’s.

  13. 10/08/2012
    On October 1, 2012 the Lake County Sheriff’s Office was awarded a $100,000 grant from the Florida Department of Transportation for added DUI enforcement. The grant will fund extra DUI patrols throughout Lake County including checkpoints. Deputies taking part in the special enforcement project complete a week long advanced DUI enforcement course, so far 44 deputies and local police officers have completed the course.

    The Sheriff’s Office just completed a $60,000 grant for DUI enforcement; that grant period was from April 19, 2012 to September 15 2012. During this period deputies made 179 DUI arrests and several drug related arrests.

    The reason Sylvester had worked some many hours that week as well as some of the others involved in this early morning shooting was because they were working this DUI detail. That is also the reason they were reportedly not wear their green deputy sheriff clothing!

  14. Sounds like the only thing this CONCERNED CITIZEN is concerned about is getting sued.

    A concerned citizen with common sense would be concerned that people who think they are law enforcement officers can come to your home in the middle of the night, beat on your door, then immediately no questions asked, shoot and kill you becuase you are excercising your right to bear arms given to us in the US Constitution.

    Wasn’t that Riker and his Tea Baggers that was giving those classes on the Constitution? Well apparently if it was Riker must hve failed the class.

  15. New Florida Child Abuse Mandatory Reporting law fs 39.201 is a SHAM! It turns the individual reports back over the local Sheriff’s Office for their discretion to investigate as the see fit. This is what happened in the Green Isle Boys Ranch Rapes when the local sheriff protected his friend the juvenile rapist!

    Florida Lake County Sheriff Gary Borders and his friends ran the Green Isle Boys Ranch at the same time Jerry Sandusky and his friends ran the Second Mile. For over twenty years this place was a house of horror’s for the little boy victims of rapes – most under the ages of 15 years. The sheriff covered up all the reports of rapes and abuse of the boys. The ones he could not keep hidden from the public he had the help from 5th Circuit State Attorney Brad King and the judiciary to help him cover them up! When the last five rapes finally became public he and his friends covered up his cover ups. State Attorney Brad King faked a prosecution and an unidentified Circuit Judge faked an appearance and sentencing of the rapist. This rapist is on the street s of Citrus County , Fl and continuing to abuse his male lovers one of whom has filed a dating violence injunction against him. Florida authorities including Federal authorities in Florida continue to cover up these abuses and to this day not one person has ever been sent to prison for these untold numbers of sex abuse crimes committed against the little boys of Green Isle Ranch.

  16. Actually Richard Riker loves dumb cops. When he worked at the liquor store in Mount Dora and the money went amiss he was able to convince a dumb cop someone else done it. That someone passed a lie detector test but Riker walked scott free anyway. Some folks never forget anything do they? And yes his stepmother was young enought to be his daughter but that’s another story!

  17. Larry Campbell murdered an old blind man who picked-up a gun after Larry and his SWAT team busted into his mobile home. He is a real scumbag.

    @ Concerned Citizen: The only bad bad decision the young man made was to live in a county where a corrupt pedophile is sheriff.

  18. Richard Riker is the mouthpiece for the North Lake Tea party. He and his leadership team of
    VunGunten aka Colonel Klink and the Frenchman Dubois have long ago signed on with Lake’s courthouse mafia aka Culture of Corrutpion. They support Borders, Conner, Baker, Bob McKee, Graves and all the other courthouse mafia crowd or those the courthouse mafia have put into place to finish their takeover of all county and state offices.

    Maybe a good place to show the people we need support for Justice for Andrew would be at the next North Lake Tea Party gathering at the Tavares Civic Center.

    It’s hard to believe the orgainzation started by Misses Mom Patricia Sullivan would not be receptive to the statements of Ms. Scott concerning the wrongful death of her son.

    But then again Patricia Sullivan and her group have been aware of the last 5 child rapes that Sheriff Borders covered up at his Green Isle Boys Ranch for over two years now and she apparently see’s nothing wrong with that since they all supported Gary Borders. I guess it all depends on whose child is raped and murdered before the tea baggers decide whose side they are on! And they keep telling us they are going to save the USA from Obama and they don’t even have sense enought to know that Borders, John Morgan and Obama are all in the same sack together!

  19. “Somewhere along the way the perpetuation of this nonsense needs to stop” and you are totally correct! It is we the people and not you the Gestapo no matter how lacking you infidels are in logic and training that determine just how much abuse we are willing to take in return for your so called PROTECT AND SERVE!

    Let’s see “this young man made a bad decision and it cost him his life!” And that decision would be answering his door at 1:30 AM even though he could not tell who he was facing as he done so because the Gestapo were so narcissistic they thought everyone in the world should know who they are.

    At least until November 6, 2012 at which time we well know which direction this country will travel; into more lawlessness and aggression by so called loose cannon authorities further into the lower pits of hell or hopefully the majority of we the people will see fit to stop this lawless state of affairs and return morals and civility to our government agencies including law enforcement.

    Meanwhile since you the lame brained , sickened and morally challenged have been led to think you run everything presently our only legal alternative to battle your war against right and wrong is civil lawsuits. And sue we are. LCSO and their employee’s have several in the making right now!

    And by the way for those of you like Peyton Grinnell whose favorite phrase is “let them sue” you won’t think that’s too funny when you realize how many of these suits are not only “deep pocket” suits against the LCSO but also, suits against individuals as well who have no immunity for their wrongful acts.

    Remember the suit that Mr. NeJame just won in Orlando for the narcissistic cop who broke the man’s neck; a little ole 800 tho was against the office and not the department!

    A young dead man who worked everyday and was in his own home when cops come beating on his door at 1:30 AM for no legitimate reason they failed to announce they were cops. Why? Because they were in a hurry to catch the dude that whipped Lieutenant Scoop Jacksons boy and make some brownie points. Then when everything went wrong they kept saying they were looking for an attempted murder suspect!

    As for “any money they “may” get will be gobbled up in ridiculous attorney fees anyway.” That’s none of your business. Lawyer fees in cases such as this are usually around 30%. A young dead man who worked everyday is worth a lot more than an 84 year old live man with a broken neck!

    Most of these public servants spend more money than they make and don’t have tow nickels to rub together but, they have assets such as retirement. They can’t take your homestead if you have one but remember when Ron Goldman took everything from OJ including his Heisman trophy?

    The Lake Sheriff’s office has no credible, intelligent leadership. It is run by a group of misfits of society to prey on others for the existence. Killing innocent people! Sitting up and beating up innocent people and destroying taxpayers property in the acts. When the feces strikes the aerator the results are not always distributed in equal proportions!

  20. Richard Riker it’s 1:30 AM and five deputy sheriff’s just turned off Wolfbranch Rd into you tin can mobile home park amongst the palmetto’s where mosquito’s use to stand flat footed and make love to turkeys.

    Somebody’s knocking, no they are beating hte hell out of that thin metal front door of yours with no peep hole. What choo gona do big man as round as you are tall? Yo gona run to the door ans snatch it open? It might be some of them boys that followed you home from the seven eleven just wnating to pick up you stuff. What choo gona do big boy if you got an heat in the house and one lick of sense you are going to that door with the heat in your hand.

    If there is a trigger happy deputy on they other side and sees that gun and fires before the thinks your old lady will be a widder!

    Just wondering as mush as you go out of your way to protect Borders and every wrong thing he does are you involved with the sick sex over those 20 years that Border and his friends was renting out the little boys from Green Isle Ranch? You sure as heck sound like one.

    No man could possible live to be your age and support people who anuse the human race like Gary Borders over thrity years total abusing little boys and his goons have murdered by shootings alone over three young men in just over a year. Maybe your old butt will be next vecause they don’t like you either, they talk about you behind your back. Borders loves to be behind your back you know.

  21. mr.riker, if it was your innocent child that was killed, i dont believe you would be calling mr. scott’s friends and family malcontents! i dont think you should be voicing one single opinion unless you have ever been in their position. you sir. are lucky that the family of mr.scott is not a vengeful group or you would probably be receiving a visit, due to your calloused and biased statements about their son and the family. you should really just shut up.

  22. Somewhere along the way the perpetuation of this nonsense needs to stop….. this young man made a bad decision and it cost him his life … end of story …hopefully any judge or civil jury runs this nonsense right out of court. any money they “may” get will be gobbled up in ridiculous attorney fees anyway. ……. shame on them for even attempting to put a dollar value on this mans life by suing anyway.

  23. With articles like this one it’s not difficult to see why some of the people who post here read this blog for no other reason than they themselves believe in ridiculous conspiracy theories. The article reeks of conspiracy theory on steroids.
    “The FDLE report tries to justify the shooting and is a total whitewash of the actions of law enforcement personnel…getting the State Attorney’s Office to question this report and investigate this incident is not feasible, because that office is in the back pocket of law enforcement…Using parallels to Nazi Germany is usually unwise, but isn’t this how the Gestapo handled things?” ARE YOU KIDDING????
    An irresponsible article like this does nothing except feed the malcontents in our society. To them it justifies their ridiculous paranoid ideas. Paranoid ideas with which the RSOL is also infected. If you wanted to do an article on this story your readers would have been better served with some facts and not just suppositions and charges. Mark NeJame is an attorney who makes his living through law suits and representing disgruntled clients, there is nothing more or less altruistic or honorable about his profession than any other, it’s business plain and simple, so don’t laud him with praise because he is representing some of these malcontents.

  24. We heard someone was putting together some petitions on this matter. We don’t do facebook and we heard that is where a lot of the communications concerning this is.

    If anyone out there knows what’s up with the petitions and what we can do to get thsi show on the road please let us know on here.


  25. Hey, “This site is garbage” there is no honor among theives in this old world anymore. They will use you are reward you until you do something they don’t like then you ‘ll get a visit from the goon squad and you will become the victim. Just look around and wonder what happened to all those Borders special people that have disappeared from the scene. He will have someone put a knife between your shoulder blades in a heartbeat when it comes to you or him. Remember he is good at giving people Ultimatum’s. Where do you think all the disgruntled people come from? they are victims of this Borders sickness in one way or another. There is nothing colder than ashes after the fire’s gone out.

  26. Lies of Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell –

    Since Tallahassee is the Capitol of Florida we thought it was interesting to see what goes with their sheriff’s office in comparison to our Central Florida sheriff’s. As everyone knows here in Lake County Sheriff Gary Borders lied every step of the way regarding his “Chief Deputy” status before he was appointed sheriff in 2006 and even had his jailhouse professor obtain both two year and four year degrees for him and some of his “staffers” at a huge cost to we the taxpayers. It now seems lies and deceit are the norm in Florida sheriff’s offices rather than the exception. If the people are to survive this abuse of the laws of the land it is imperative that we bring these criminals to justice and return law and order to our law enforcement agencies thoughout the land.

    And, low and behold, what did we find in Tallahassee? We found out that the present sheriff of Leon County who is seeking reelection like so many others today suffers from the “Bob McKee syndrome.” He can’t tell the truth!

    Like Bob McKee especially about his military service and his education and work history. Why do these people insist on lying about everything? Are they so rotten lying is the only way they can survive? It appears so!

    We expect our elected officials to be truthful; especially the position of Sheriff. Everyone from ordinary citizens to the entire judicial system depend upon law enforcement officials to be straightforward and accurate. It is imperative that the sheriff set the tone for honesty and integrity at the Leon County Sheriff Office (LCSO). and here in Lake County as well!

    As a retired Colonel with other veterans who have served our country with pride and honor, we pay close attention when people running for office invoke the name of a military branch of service or advertise how they served our great country.

    Sheriff Larry Campbell has verbally stated that he was a “Platoon Sergeant” on many occasions. The most recent being on the September 25, 2012 WFSU Perspectives Radio Show when Mr. Campbell stated”…I was a Sergeant in the Marine Corps “

    Mr. Campbell has also documented on official LCSO, Florida Sheriff’s Association and his campaign websites that he was a “Platoon Sergeant” in the United States Marines Corps.
    We decided to validate Mr. Campbell’s “Platoon Sergeant” statement using a Freedom of Information Act inquiry. The inquiry revealed that Mr. Campbell served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve from October 25, 1959 to October 24, 1967 and that Mr. Campbell attained the rank of Corporal (E-4) and not “Sergeant.” For those that may not know, the rank of Sergeant is higher and more prestigious than that of a Corporal.

    In other words, Mr. Campbell was Never a Sergeant. His military records indicate that his highest rank he attained was Corporal (E-4). We want Sheriff Campbell to explain his actions on why he felt that it was acceptable to embellish his rank and state he was a Sergeant. We also want to know if Mr. Campbell ever asserted he was a Marine Corps “Sergeant” when testifying under oath. We assume Mr. Campbell would not condone LCSO deputies embellishing their rank during official business.

    The embellishment of Mr. Campbell’s military rank is not the only area we found a problem. Again, Mr. Campbell has stated and documented on official websites that he completed a “double major” at FSU in “Criminology and Abnormal Psychology.” However, official records from FSU demonstrate that Mr. Campbell did not complete coursework to obtain a double major but has a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree awarded on August 12, 1965 in Social Welfare.
    To make matters worse, on Facebook, one website and in a previous verbal statement Mr. Campbell said and/or inferred that he has a Master’s Degree from the University of Virginia while on other websites Mr. Campbell does not include the Master’s Degree. There appears to be clear information that Mr. Campbell received some college credits only (unknown if graduate level) for the FBI National Academy class he attended in 1972. Documentation from a degree verifier shows Mr. Campbell attained no graduate degree from the University of Virginia and had “enrollment only.”

    This pattern of untruthful behavior is unacceptable and has us wondering what other areas Mr. Campbell has been dishonest about.

    Colonel Cedric F. Wingate, Sr., USA (Ret)
    William “Cobra” Staubs, U.S. Navy (Honorable Discharge)

  27. Why is it the morally challenged are also the brainless? Because people who have brains know right from wrong. For the FDLE to find anything wrong with the actions of their fellow law enforcement officers would be like Colonel Sanders pardoning a chicken! The FDLE is about as credible as John Herrell and all his documented lies with their documented lies over and over.

    Just wondering if any of you deputies aka daddy Borders lovers and supporters are some of the ones he raised at his Green Isle Boys Ranch? It looks like some of those victims are coming forth and lawyering up now. It will be interesting to see how he tries to lie his way out of some of these things. All good things have to come to an end no matter how powerful or important people think they are.

    Civil courts are not like criminal courts controlled and manipulated by criminals like Brad King and Michael Graves. Civil courts try cases on facts and truths without suppressing those facts and truths. Remember Ron Goldman’s father got a civli conviction on OJ Simpson even though they had manipulated him a not guilty in criminal court. They don;t call it criminal court becuase they are supposed to be trying a criminal; they call it criminal court because it is run by and manipulated by criminals who have already decided who is guilty and who is not before their victim is ever tried.

  28. This website is complete and total garbage. You knowingly print false and misleading statements to get the few people who comment here fired up. You gutlessly hide behind your “admin” nic and never put your name behind anything you write. Deputy Sylvester was exonerated by the FDLE report because he took the actions that any reasonable person would take. It is clear you have a personal axe to grind with the Sheriffs office and all who work there. It is shameful that you slander a good and decent man for the justifiable actions he took. NeJame is a media seeking blowhard who conveniently misrepresented facts of this case prior to the election. You haven’t heard much from him lately have you? RSOL is a complete and utter joke.

  29. If Andrew Lee Scott was a drug dealer you idiots sure didn’t have enough sense to find his stash after you killed him. The total lack of mentality within this sheriff’s department is amazing. When you read their reports most of these people can’t even write. But then we find out they don’t write the reports they have professional report writers on duty and they just call in the reports by pay per minute cell phones. This makes the incompetence evidenced in these reports even worse.

    This” dud” that calls himself Jack shows the mentality of one of these so called deputy sheriff’s on Borders side. There are two totally separate factions operating within the Lake Sheriff’s Office. Thank God there is still some honest, God fearing people around there because the other faction is nothing more than a criminal element who deal s in drugs and commits other crimes, spend most of their time thinking about sex as well with the full support of Borders, Grinnell, Moss, Mass,Theobold and others because they all do it.

    The death of Andrew Lee Scott is a full blown case of “murder by cop.” Not that Sylvester premeditatedly murdered Scott but, in his haste to catch the guy who whipped up on Lieutenant Scoop Jackson’s son he coupled with the atmosphere and lack of supervision Sylvester committed in the least the crime of Manslaughter! It is the cop who always claims to be the professional and who is sworn to “protect and serve.” Even if they don’t go along with it everyone around here knows there are no morals in the leadership of this sheriff’s office and that alone causes a trickle down loose cannon effect and especially on those who are not the sharpest knife in the drawer to start with because they know there are no consequences for their actions.

    If they could have proved Andrew Lee Scott was a drug dealer thy would have immediately defended Lt John Herrell’s lies he made the first news releases concerning Scott’s so called criminal history and don’t forget his lies about how “we announced” until the witnesses told the press they did not announce.

    Borders and his friends have almost totally controlled channel 9 news immediately halting any negative stories until the big boss Bob Jordan left for Seattle. Thank God that happened around the time of this tragic incident because it was channel 9 who done some of the best coverage on this case. It was funny when Kathy Belich come to town to interview Borders because she hadn’t been doing anything in Lake County since her affair with Peyton Grinnell blew up a few years back. It was also funny that some of the bloggers mentioned their affair and they fact that it would really have been funny if Kathy Belich showed up at Peyton’s house to a live story on the burglary of his home and truck were he lost the AR-15 with 30 rounds in the clip.

    The Gestapo controls a lot of what goes on here in Lake County. Anyone who has a problem with anything Lake County has got to go far away to get a lawyer that won’t either be threatened or bought off. In this lack of an economy its bad news that the taxpayers will be facing this major lawsuit over the lack of honest, moral leadership in our sheriff’s office. But remember somehow, the voters condoned these corrupt actions not only when they elected this well known to be sick pervert the first time but again recently after all the news coverage of this murder by cop was everywhere.

    So all the taxpayers of Lake County is on the hook for this one. And don’t be stupid enough to think this will be the last one with what these goons are continuing to de everyday there will be more. They will keep on lying, stealing, selling drugs, killing and beating on innocent people until that magic day when they do something so horrific that even their professional liars like John Herrell can’t lie them out of it.

    Just imagine the guy who was set to become the next sheriff of Marion County was taken down by one little affair by one woman. One woman who carried a journal and documented everything. But, just like Richard Nixon and Watergate; it was not just the extra-marital sexual encounters that led to his demise it was his cover ups of the crime that brought him down. The woman’s husband paid a private investigator $1500. To get pictures of them. Then the PI turned the pictures over to Kuhn and used the pictures to get him a job at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. Damn it man! You can’t trust anybody these days!

    We can’t wait to see all this defense evidence the LCSO and the FDLE have. But you can bet it will probably never go to court. Maybe it will the Orlando City cop who broke the man’s neck went to trial and won 800 thousand and he was in his 80’s. What is the life of a young man worth in Federal Court where they don’t have the protection of Florida’s cap on wrongful death placed there by the criminal element running our state legislature? Only time will tell.

  30. Name Jack says:

    ANDREW LEE SCOTT was a drug dealing thug who answered the door with a gun thinking one of his “clients” was on the other side. he was wrong and he paid with his life, it’s the cost of doing business, illegally at that! His lying girlfriend is to blame that the lawsuit is even going forward. it will come out during mr nejames’ attempt to look good. hope you like eggs!!

  31. Name says:

    The Right side of the Lake is to be commended for keeping this horrible abuse of power issue before the people who care.

    You likewise should be commended for the truthfulness of this article by pointing out the shortcoming of not only the Lake Sheriff’s Office and the FDLE but Brad King’s office of the States Attorney as well.

    The criminal prosecution side of the Fifth Judicial Circuit of Florida is in a shambles and has been since Brad King wormed his way into this powerful office. If you remember Mr. King was instrumental in bringing Bill O’Rielly into the Jessica Lunsford case. Mr. O’Rielly was furious at Brad King because King refused to charge the sister and brother in law of John Couey the man who kidnapped, sexually abused and later buried Jessica Lunsford alive. Investigators wanted to charge Couey’s relatives because they say when they knocked on the mobile home door searching for Jessica she was alive and in the closet and Couey’s sister and her husband knew it and disclosure of those facts would have saved the life of Jessica Lunsford. How could the family of Jessica Lunsford ever forgive Brad King for refusing to prosecute the two people who could have saved her life?

    Brad King made a similar decision not to prosecute Heather Wendorf the daughter of the victims of the Vampire Slayer. The very same slayer whom she recruited to come to Florida to commit the murders of her parents. The evidence was available and in fact after the murders she fled Florida with the slayer and was caught with him. Reportedly her maternal grandfather was an attorney for Billy Graham and insiders say it was his influence that drove Brad King to refuse to prosecute her after taking the evidence to a grad jury twice. In fact even with an abundance of evidence threaten anyone and everyone who would dare to attempt to bring her to justice with prosecution themselves.

    Let’s not forget that famous special prosecutor appointment by the governor to investigate Orlando Democratic Mayor Buddy Dyer. Brad King took the case to the grand jury in Orlando, got an indictment and then in an amazing turn-a-bout made the decision Buddy Dyer had done no wrong and dropped the indictment before taking it to trial.

    Do we need to mention the thousands of ridiculous plea bargains Brad King has agreed too? Do we need to mention the fact that he threatened the Lake County commission to make Lake County people drive to his Marion County office to do business with him if Lake County didn’t build him the swanky pad he and his co-harts in the judicial center demanded?

    His predecessor Ray Gill for whom Brad King worked before he ran against Gill and won the job told everyone who cared to listen the worst mistake he ever made as 5th Circuit States Attorney was not firing Brad King. A lot can be said for that. Some folks are just to good for their own good.

    In Orlando it took a long time assistant state attorney to beat 9th state attorney Lawson Lamar. Not that the winner is any more credible than Lamar because like Lamar he suffers from narcissism.

    The people have been way to complacent for way to long with the hired help that have somehow decided they can walk on water, are untouchable and do not have to answer to no one. Remember there is no union protection for elected officials they can be terminated at the ballot box without just cause. The problem is they threaten potential candidates who would like to run against them. They pull every trick in the book just like they tried to slip Michael Graves into the Public Defender’s Office without competition.

    Honest people should not have to suffer because the system they are paying do dearly for is corrupt and working to further the careers and retirements of the people employee’s rather than protecting and serving we the people.

    Brad King as cut plea deals and turned many violent career criminals back on the streets to rob, rape and murder innocent people. One man alone with a 90 page rap sheet while fleeing from Leesburg Police hit a Leesburg Police Officer nearly head on a couple of year back and almost killed him. If we had had a real prosecutor this convict would have been spending life in the state prison. The Lake County Sheriff Gary Borders and his select deputies arrests and abuses who he wants to arrest and abuse and charges them with what ever he wants them charged with, because as the RSOL says Brad King is in Law Enforcements back pocket.
    When something goes astray they call in the FDLE (several of which started their career at LCSO) for a major whitewash and cover up. Just like they all got together including FDLE and Brad King and covered for the Green Isle Rapist. The same rapist that can be seen standing right next to daddy Borders in the Green Isle Boys Ranch flyer with both of them grinning like a possum eating briars.

    The honest, moral people of Lake County do not have an excuse for failing to know just how deep and organized the corruption is in Lake County. In fact little ole Lake County is becoming well known as one of the most corrupt counties in the United States. Everyone knows and everyone talks. Other counties make jokes about where the stand in comparison to Lake’s corruption. And they always seem to throw in the fact that we have the most gay friendly law enforcement agencies here in lake than any other area in the eastern United States.

    So let’s all join the RSOL in demanding Justice for Andrew Lee Scott and let’s not stop there, let’s demand justice for every last man, woman and child and animal in Lake County. Including all the victims of abuse at the hands of Gary Borders personally and professionally along with same in regards to several of Borders personal friends and employees.

  32. Name says:

    I was told by a source in the LCSO that the autopsy report would back-up the contention that Scott had his gun raised/pointed @ the officer. The bullet trajectory of the rounds that struck Scott’s arm would bare this out yet nothing I have been able to find in the reports addresses this @ all. Am I missing something?

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