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As predicted, Brown’s charges reduced and statements from Attorney NeJame

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Jonathan Brown

As we reported in the Right Side of the Lake story on July 31st “Justified Shooting or Sheriff Cover Up”, the circumstances that led to the shooting death of Andrew Lee Scott started with an altercation between Justin James Jackson, Anthony Rodriquez, and Jonathan Brown.  Justin Jackson is the son of Lake County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Gregory “Scoop” Jackson and Rodriquez and Brown are friends of Jackson’s girlfriend.  Immediately following the altercation, Leesburg police reported the incident as an assault and battery.  The assault and battery charges were also reported when they engaged the Lake County Sheriff’s Department for assistance in locating Jonathan Brown.

At no time during the 27 minutes of dispatch recordings, which we released with our previous story, was the incident ever referred to as an attempted murder.  After Lake County Deputy Richard Sylvester pounded on the wrong door—the door of Andrew Lee Scott’s home; and fatally shot an innocent man, the charges againstJonathan Brown were upgraded to attempted murder.  In our story in July, we questioned the veracity and motivation of these charges.

According to a report in Friday’s Daily Commercial by Millard Ives it appears the State Attorney’s office does not buy the trumped up charges againstJonathan Brown either.  Assistant State Attorney Emily Brinkman found no intent by Brown to kill Justin James Jackson and believes the state cannot prove a case of attempted murder.  Instead, the state decided to pursue aggravated assault and battery charges against Brown.  If Brown has a skilled lawyer, we believe those charges won’t stick because they can easily prove the investigation was biased and conducted to achieve a predetermined outcome.

The Right Side of theLakecontacted high-powered lawyer and CNN analyst, Mark NeJame.  Attorney NeJame represents the Scott family in a wrongful death lawsuit against the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.  We asked him for his reaction to the decision by the State Attorney’s office to lower the charges againstJonathan Brown and whether he thought there was an intentional cover-up by the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

NeJame issued the following statements, “I believe that they clearly overstated the charges to the press and regarding the arrest, from the information I have.  Apparently, the State Attorney also agrees that Attempted Murder was not the appropriate charge. Listening to the tapes suggests that they were seeking someone who was fleeing. Never once was there a call for an attempted murder that I’ve heard. Only after the shooting does it appear that a discussion of attempted murder come out.  It appears that much like the 1 oz. of marijuana…which was never seized or properly identified and the changing stories from Lake County about what happened, that the overstated charges were brought up as a distraction to take attention away from the unjustified killing of Andrew Scott…an innocent man in his own home.”

We asked NeJame if he thought the charges against Brown were politically motivated due to the election, and he said, “I wouldn’t know about the politics. I do think it was a diversionary tactic, meant to quell and distract the public that Lake County deputies were seeking an attempted murderer, making it appear that their efforts were more justifiable. We were critical of this from the onset and it’s gratifying to see the truth about what actually happen start to unfold, as we knew it eventually would.”

Two weeks ago, Dan Daley, an 86-year-old man whose neck was broken in an incident with Orlando Police, was awarded $880,000 in damages by a jury for the 2010 incident.  Attorney Mark NeJame represented Daley in his civil suit against the City ofOrlandoand he chided the Orlando Police Department for “faulty policy” in regards to the incident that led to Daley’s injuries.

And, Finally—Not Again

Honestly, whether you like Sheriff Borders or not, his leadership and support staff seem to be doing everything they can to torpedo his reputation and emphasize the faulty policies of the Sheriff’s Department.  We have detailed the litany of crimes, foul-ups, and missteps by his staff and this week, his Chief Deputy, Peyton Grinnell, added to the Sheriff’s embarrassment.  It seems a high-powered rifle was taken from his Sheriff’s vehicle parked inside his garage.  Understand, Grinnell’s daughter left the garage door open but Grinnell is the one who put the patrol car at risk.

Okay Grinnell, don’t blame your daughter for this foul-up.  Do you, the Lake County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy, not understand basic gun safety?  It sort of gets to the point you feel bad for Sheriff Borders with all the inept acts being carried out by the very people who are supposed to support him.  This only adds to the narrative that Attorney Mark NeJame is going to paint if the Andrew Lee Scott case ever reaches a jury.

As we stated earlier, this can only get uglier for Sheriff Gary Borders and his department.  We suspect the leadership and lawyers for the Lake County Sheriff’s Department will do everything they can to settle out of court and avoid a trial because an open court proceeding would bring all of the ethical landmines from the Sheriff’s Department into view.  This is going to cost the taxpayers ofLakeCountya huge amount of money and yet, no one from the Sheriff’s office has been cited or disciplined for killing an innocent man.  Dropping the charges against Brown to aggravated assault and battery is a huge blow to the case and credibility of the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

The bad news continues for the Lake County Sheriff and his department.

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11 Responses to “As predicted, Brown’s charges reduced and statements from Attorney NeJame”

  1. Apparently this type of murder by cop is rampant here in the state of Florida. Information available on at least three Lake SO shooting deaths in the last year alone prove they are trigger happy. This of course does not include the recent Eustis not doubt for sure good shooting. Two of these shootings were located in the northeast of Lake County in the last half of 2011.

    Like Lake County, Palm Beach County also has a criminal sheriff in their office. And also like Lake County they have recently had a very questionable shooting death. Their sheriff Bradshaw has linked up with his friends at FDLE to once again cover up crimes of some of his employee’s. Some of the former deputies who have refused to follow the orders of this criminal sheriff have resigned and or retired and some have also formed a website and radio talk show to get the truth about these crimes to the unsuspecting and unbelieving public. People can search for their website and gain some valuable information as too how the good law enforcement officer are demanding justice and truth prevail.

    Just like thr RSOL and other Leesburg folks have started their petions against the city raising taxes the Palm Beach County folks are circulating petitions asking for a real outsider investigation into the corruption of their sheriff and his office. They are also suggesting people contact the governor to demand a real investigation. This seems to always fall on deaf ears since the governor of Florida is as corrupt as the rest of the hooligans.

    The petition idea sounds good and has been used a lot in the past with postive results. Even if it falls on deaf ears it is still a tool to educate the people as to the depth of the corruption that controls their government. It seems as always the Andrew Scott shooting has now fallen into just another history story of abuse of the people by the powerful.

  2. What do you expect when the jail medical director is an old same sex lover of Borders? Their kind “don’t know nothing bout birthing no babies!” They always think they come from someplace else.

    Besides that they don’t care nothing about momma’s and babies unless it’s their momma and in most cases they don’t even care about her until they get in trouble..

    Everybody in the USA with a computer hand held or otherwise knows that Lake SO is the most gay friendly law enforcement agency in the USA even percentage wise more so than San Francisco. Now that’s a big statement but according to the stats it is true.

    So momma’s and babies and straight folks should take heed 67% of the voters in lake County support and love this kind of lifestyle; the rest will just have to learn to live with it or move.

  3. Who knows for sure if it was Richard Sylvester this time or not? If so I’d bet it’s wasn’t an Obama political party this time for sure. John Morgan has probably done told Borders to pull his dogs off those Obama supporters this time around they are all on equal terms.

    You see back on July 13, 2008 some folks were having an Obama political get together on Veech Road. Some of these goons decided to set up a party crash and had someone call the SO and report they heard shots fired in the area of Veech Road. About six to eight Lake Deputies showed up light on and crashed the party. The property owner called his attorney who was as verbally abused by the on duty Sgt Kelly Wadkins (remember her husband was the former Lt. from Lady Lake who took his own life and reportedly left a 12 page suicide note of which only 2 pages were ever released.)

    Sgt Wadkins either let or ordered K-9 handler Richard Sylvester after he warned the lawyer what a bad dog he had to run his dog through the building chasing party goers out without the owners consent. They reportedly kept reminding the lawyer and others that someone had heard shots fired in the area and they were looking for possible victims.

    A complaint was filed and an internal investigation aka WHITEWASH was completed as per usual UNFOUNDED.

    Listen up folks; this is the kind of Gestapo police force the majority of the voters just voted for on August 14, 2012. Don’t be surprised if the brain dead don’t return Obama to office after Borders and Morgan’s friend and Borders look alike and act alike Charlie Crist gets done brown nosing Obama at the DNC. It’s all about relativity, all this scum of the earth is related some how maybe they escaped hell and eked their way back into the world through the cracks in the ground who knows?

    We live in a lawless county, a lawless state and a lawless nation. (Remember 300 people died because of Eric Holder and his Fast and Furious and they have stopped even mentioning it)

    The game of so called law enforcement today is to cover up the screw ups for the well connected and to heck with the real people. The only ones who are subject to prosecution are the ones who dare bring this to the attention of those suffering attention deficit disorder. To awaken the brain dead would possibly bring catastrophic results.

  4. female inmate almost has baby at jail. nursing staff thought she was faking labor pains again. they did not immediatly respond to medical emergency..mom nor baby doing well. when will this incompetence at the sheriff’s office be looked upon by those who can change things. no media coverage on this either.

  5. a k-9 officer’s dog bit a high school boy at a party over the weekend. the boy might lose sight in an eye. he has extensive damage to an arm. bites on his shoulder also. will we the taxpayers be paying for this also. these dogs are called bite dogs for a reason. im tired of my tax dollars being paid out for stupid and illegal things these deputies continue to do. i wonder who the k-9 officer is. could it be sylvester? it dont matter, nothing will happen. where is the media coverage on this?

  6. “””Will Borders supporters pay for lawsuits and damages?
    Of course not. But the cost to Lake County taxpayers from electing this idiot should be divided-up among all that cast a ballot for him.””””

    That is the best F’en idea i have ever heard!!! I wonder if we can do that with the people that voted for Obama?

  7. Of course not. But the cost to Lake County taxpayers from electing this idiot should be divided-up among all that cast a ballot for him.

  8. Look at what happened to Sheriff Daniels. Celebrating his birthday. Driving in a school bus race. A lot of his friends was there cheering him on. Next thing you know the person Lauren Ritchie called the best sheriff Lake County Lake County had ever had was dead. If she was right, It must be true the good die young huh? If so we are going to have to put up with a lot of people around here for a long, long time.

  9. Regarding “Look at what happened to Knupp. We can only hope. Then maybe we could get in a decent, moral and honest man (or woman) to lead the agency.”

    That was nothing more than a takedown because Bob McKee and his cronies couldn’t control Knupp. They had big building plans and Knupp wouldn’t got along with McKee so he had to go. Even when they took him to a grand jury they did not find one thang wring with his actions. Then as a last ditch effort when Brad King realized he was not going to get Knupp indicted he set him up for a perjury charge. Brad King alleged two people testified to a specific incident one way and Knupp testified another way. All the testimony was secret so who knows. Now all three of the alleged testifiers are dead.

  10. This should never be about “whether you like Sheriff Borders or not” or whether you like or dislike anything or anyone else. That is the main reason our system is broken. People protecting their friends because they like them and they belong to the same circles, clubs or societies. The thin blue line; one cop protecting another no matter how bad the crimes they committed. Law Enforcement and other government officials sign oaths to uphold the U S and Florida Consi\titutions which includes enforcing all applicable laws of the land and now violate those oaths on a daily basis. If not Gary Borders would have been in the federal pen long ago.

    This entire voluminous list of issues having to do with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and Lake County government as a whole should have always been simply first about right or wrong and then about following all of the laws in place at the time. Trying to always be politically correct only leads to more lies and cover ups and feeds their lines that all truths are somehow negative and everything negative is always about politics and somehow comes from disgruntled former employee’s and/ or their political opponents.

    Nothing could be farther from the truth but that is the method they use to title those who dare to tell the truth about them. Some folks will always prefer to just tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

    Gary Borders and the Lake County government as a whole can not afford to do that. Even though we live in a lawless nation and more particularly a lawless state and county the facts of the Lake County government’s criminal empire and history over the better part of twenty years now would bring about such an enormous public outcry it would more than likely call for an entire overtaking of the local government by the state. Which by the way is just as corrupt thanks to the continued involvement of Jeb Bush with his nose in all the politics and his connections to the little vote fixing computer programs and refusals to allow us to count the paper ballots. As many people know the Obama Justice Department is looking into voting in five counties but, not Lake County.

    Gary Borders is nothing more than a puppet. Every time he gets elected he is more surprised at the results than everyone else is. He knows the elections are fixed and he still can’t believe he won.

    The reason there is so many reoccurring problems at the LCSO is because the staff is the scum of the earth. Honest, moral people might be there because they have been there for years and can’t afford to abandon their jobs and retirement. But you will not find any honest, moral people in the command staff. That is because people of integrity and character would not work as a direct report to the likes of someone like Gary Borders without someday coming forward.

    The criminals who run Lake County have to have Borders in place in order to stay out of jail. Borders in turn has to have the scum of the earth to surround him and tell him how wonderful he is in order to fuel his sick ego, and the beat goes on. Thank God there is enough good people to hold this place somewhat together. Too bad one of them with brains was not the one looking for Jonathan Brown that fatal night. All Sylvester would have had to do was slow down and use the tools available to him, put dog on scent from motorcycle, the tongue and mouth God gave him to say “POLICE” as he beat on the door, and so many other possibilities. He knew he was looking for a guy that just had an altercation with a Lieutenant’s son and he wanted them brownie points. His overzealous actions cost a young man his life. The actions of so many other misfits from the LCSO over recent years has also cost the lives of others loved ones.

    As to the Chief Grinnell missing gun. We hear it went missing on a Friday night and was quietly reported by him on a Saturday morning. Apparently August 18th. Channel 9’s Jeff Deal done a story on it on around the morning of August 23rd . By that afternoon they were announcing the gun had been recovered at the suspects house in Marion County, The Marshall’s Service somehow got involved and one person was arrested and another one was about to be. However they never released that “secret suspect’s name.”

    Everyone who knows the Chief knows about his drinking, drunk driving in the county owned pick up truck and out of town boating trips to Homosassa, other secret places and Georgia for BEER HUNTING.

    Interesting features of the stolen gun report first announced are. The truck as RSOL says was in the garage. But, later they announced the truck was actually parked in the driveway, the keys were left hanging in the garage and when the daughter comes home she left the garage unlocked. Maybe Chief Peyton come home drunk as usual and didn’t know where he left the county truck. The question is why would a juvenile daughter be coming home after the bars closed and her drunk father had found his way home? Was she perhaps out looking for him? What kind of father would implicate his daughter in such a matter anyway?

    Lying John Herrell (this boy could not tell the truth if his life depended on it) announced to channel 9 that there was other like burglaries in the Grinnell neighborhood. Later determined once again to be a lie. There were no other burglaries in the neighborhood.

    So, when and where did this gun really go missing? If they were so smart why did it take them from Saturday morning to Thursday afternoon to recover the gun from the suspect? Who is the suspect? Why is he or she top secret? Do they really exist and was the gun really recovered or; is this just more LCSO smoke and mirrors to cover up the fact that a gun belonging to the taxpayers of Lake County was lost due to the negligence of the second in command at the sheriff’s office.

    Better yet is Gary Borders running a contest with Obama and like Obama with Joe Biden is Borders trying to prove that he can hire and keep on his staff the most inept, incompetent of individuals no matter what the public might think of him or them?

    If there was any law in this lawless state it would be nice to get the serial number from the gun assigned to him (if they even bother to keep up with that) and compare it to the one they claimed to have recovered. You can likely bet one of two things. After the report went public some of his drinking buddies suddenly remembered they had the gun and called him or, they manufactured the recovery of the gun and the AR-15 is still missing and in the hands of God only knows who.

    The only facts that you can totally depend on is you will never get the truth out of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office about anything! Just ask yourself how would you like for yourself or your loved ones to be arrested and charged with a serious crime by this bunch of criminals who never tell the truth?

    It is hard to believe that just under thirty-thousand idiots live in Lake County and voted for Gary Borders. Insiders say they didn’t; that in fact the elections for all the anointed ones were somehow fixed. No matter the truth about that the fact remains that this sinful regime remains in power and as long as it does a lot more innocent peoples lives will be affected. Maybe the ones they kill are the lucky ones; the ones whose reputations and such they destroy still have to figure out how to eke out a survival somehow.

    The 2011-2012 budget year will be coming to a close on September 30th. The dollars don’t make any cents! They can only hide that for so long before the end shows. The BCC can only cover for Borders gross abuse of our money for so long. They have literally bled every penny from every possible source available. All good things must come to an end; maybe some day all the rotten things will likewise come to an end. Until then honest, moral people just need to keep on keeping on. Keep praying that those preying on the innocent of our society will some day get their just dues. We don’t have to be judgmental just tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

  11. I’m sure the Sheriff’s Office will try very hard to settle out of court. Borders really doesn’t want this screw-up plastered in all of the local media (and possibly the national media). Where is Nancy Grace in all of this? Really, 1 ounce of marijuana never seized and identified? What a mess. Just one more smear tactic on the part of the Sheriff’s Office against an innocent man. Try checking out the homes of some of our judges and lawyers of Lake County and see what you find. I’ll bet you find more than a little marijuana.
    I’m glad Mr. Nejame won the case for Dan Daley in Orlando. But it really was a no-brainer. A young, athletic officer that could bench press the weight of Mr. Daley (and then some) was in fear for his life?? Really??
    As for Grinnell, well was the patrol car unlocked because he felt it was safe in his garage? How about putting that high powered rifle in the house if you can’t be sure your garage door will always be closed.
    No, I don’t feel sorry for Sheriff Borders because of all of the screw-ups of his staff. I can only hope that the ax will fall on his head, even though he won the election. He can be removed / arrested. Look at what happened to Knupp. We can only hope. Then maybe we could get in a decent, moral and honest man (or woman) to lead the agency.

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