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Justifiable Shooting or Sheriff’s Office Cover-up? Disturbing New Information

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Justifiable Shooting or Sheriff’s Office Cover-up?

Disturbing New Information

A couple of weeks ago, we reported on the tragic shooting and death of Andrew Lee Scott, 26, by Lake County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Richard Sylvester at the front door of his home at the Blueberry Hill II apartment complex in Leesburg. At the time, we criticized the Sheriff’s Office for trying to create a false narrative in which Scott was painted as a drug dealer and user, and that the Sheriff’s Office Deputies had identified themselves before pounding on Scott’s door.   According to witness reports in the media, there is a very big question if Scott was holding his weapon in a threatening position.  It was obvious to us that the Sheriff’s Office was spinning the event instead of being forthright.

What Started This Nightmare?

Unfortunately, we have obtained evidence that goes straight to the heart of the credibility of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office in regards to this shooting, and it appears there may be an orchestrated cover-up.  Here are the troubling facts we have uncovered:

  • A copy of the Leesburg police report shows the incident, which ultimately led to Scott’s death, was triggered by Justin James Jackson, the alleged attempted murder victim who got into an argument with his girlfriend after he reviewed an unattended cell phone.  Later, it led to a phone confrontation with Anthony Rodriquez, who was called by Jackson during a heated argument with the girlfriend.  Allegedly, at that time, Jackson struck the girlfriend in the face, which resulted in Rodriquez and Jonathan Brown going to Jackson’s residence to physically confront Jackson.
  • When Rodriquez and Brown arrived at Jackson’s home a fight commenced.  A neighbor in the area heard the ruckus and immediately called the Leesburg Police Department.  We have obtained a copy of the audio dispatch from the Leesburg Police Department.  During this nearly 27-minute audio you will hear in detail what happened and what information was known at the time Scott was shot.

Disturbing New Facts and Details

The reason why it is important to understand what happened during the initial incident, which resulted in Scott’s death, is because the information suggests the Lake County Sheriff’s Office is not being forthright with all of the facts in this tragedy.  Here is what is important:

  • The alleged attempted murder victim, Justin James Jackson, is the son of Lake County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Gregory “Scoop” Jackson.  Is all of this spinning of facts being done to protect a ranking officer in the Sheriff’s Office?
  • The Leesburg Police Department audio from that night always characterized the incident as an assault and battery (Signal 33)–it was never referred to as an attempted murder.
  • According to the audio, Jackson only received lacerations on his eye and elbow.  Our information is that Jackson required very little medical attention.  According to our sources, the attempted murder charges were developed almost two hours after the shooting and an expert in this field said these charges will not prevail.
  • Jackson should have been charged with Battery-Domestic Violence on his girlfriend for striking her in the face.  Why wasn’t he arrested?  Once again, is this a professional courtesy for a member in the Lake County Sheriff’s Office–Lieutenant Greg “Scoop” Jackson?
  • Before the shooting, there is no evidence that the Leesburg Police or Lake County Sheriff’s Office knew who was on the motorcycle.  It was later determined to be Brown’s “crotch rocket.”  Deputy Sylvester initially was in pursuit of a fast motorcycle but was told to break it off by superiors before Leesburg Police told them of the possibility that it was a suspect in their case.  When Deputy Sylvester pounded on the door and shot Scott to death, he really had no evidence that was the correct motorcycle or the correct apartment.
  • It is unclear; however, it appears just before the shooting Lake County Sheriff’s Deputies were told by Leesburg Dispatch they believed the suspect was possibly armed.  This was because Leesburg Police before the shooting determined that Rodriquez, who was pulled over in a pickup truck, was armed but had a valid Florida concealed weapon’s permit.  According to reports, Rodriquez cooperated with the Leesburg Police and there was no incident.

This information paints an entirely different picture of the events leading to the shooting and death of Andrew Lee Scott.  More importantly, it is disturbing to see how the facts have been withheld from the public to protect the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Andrew Lee Scott Had No Chance

Sources familiar with the investigation told us that Lake County Sheriff’s Deputies fired between eight to eleven shots at Andrew Lee Scott at point blank range when he answered the door; and, our best source says it appears Scott was hit no less than five times.  If this information is correct, Scott had no chance.  What is more alarming is the facts listed below do not justify the type of force used that night.

  • The Lake County Sheriff’s Deputies really had no identification on the motorcycle owner or who was driving it.
  • The Deputies were advised that the incident was only an assault and battery.
  • If the Deputies were so concerned about an armed suspect then why weren’t the surrounding apartments evacuated?
  • As a K-9 handler, why didn’t Deputy Sylvester use his K-9 to track the motorcycle driver to his apartment?
  • Experts in the field of law enforcement tell us that law enforcement personnel are trained to fire their weapon twice, then to re-asses the threat to determine if further deadly force is needed.  Why were so many shots fired?
  • Sources who know Deputy Sylvester tell our group he is an aggressive, gung-ho deputy who just days earlier was next to the officer who shot and killed a suspect in Eustis in the stalker killing at Advanced Auto Parts.  A professional law enforcement officer told us that Deputy Sylvester should have been on paid administrative leave to investigate the earlier shooting and to ensure he did not suffer from Post–Traumatic Stress Disorder, including more than 40 hours of overtime in previous weeks.
  • According to reports from WFTV, the Sheriff’s Office payroll showed Deputy Sylvester had worked a significant amount of overtime prior to the incident, which could have frayed his judgment.

According to reports from Andrew Lee Scott’s family, it is a miracle that his girlfriend was not shot, given the large number of bullets flying through their home.

Two More Victims?

Bad things and tragic accidents happen, and we may never actually know what happened in the seconds leading to the death of Andrew Lee Scott.  However, we do know what happened afterwards.  It appears to us that within an hour or so of the shooting, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office realized a huge tragic event had taken place, which resulted in the death of an innocent man.  Instead of Sheriff Gary Borders coming forward and being forthright that a tragic mistake had been made, he and his Office went into spin cycle to the detriment of the real victim–Andrew Lee Scott.  That is the reason why we think the attempted murder charges were levied against Brown for the fight he had with Jackson, the son of Lake County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Gregory “Scoop” Jackson.

Some may say today’s newsletter is about politics and the heated Lake County Sheriff’s race that Sheriff Borders is currently embroiled in.  In our view, if anyone has been playing politics with this story it is the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.  An event of this magnitude is a direct reflection of the leadership, protocol, and organization of the Sheriff’s Office, and it appears this topic is a conversation Sheriff Borders is unwilling to have three weeks prior to an election.

It is time for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office to come forward with the facts and stop blaming Andrew Lee Scott for answering the door to his home with a weapon in his hand.  We call on Sheriff Borders to release all of the facts; and, more importantly, if attempted murder charges have been trumped up against Brown that they be immediately reduced.  There very well could be two more victims of this tragic event–Brown and Rodriquez–who could be facing unwarranted charges to distract people from this tragedy.  We find it troubling that charges of this magnitude have been pressed against these two men when the Leesburg Police coded the incident as an assault and battery, and that the victim did not require significant medical attention.

Finally, at the end of the audio tape when Scott had been shot, a Lake County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant said to dispatch, “Did the guy come out with a frigin gun?” Shortly after, a Leesburg dispatcher said in despair, after receiving confirmation of the shooting, “Jesus Christ that is what I thought.”  These two statements describe the state of panic law enforcement was in after realizing excessive force had been used in a simple assault case.

After you review the documents and listen to the audio tape, tell us what you think.

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26 Responses to “Justifiable Shooting or Sheriff’s Office Cover-up? Disturbing New Information”

  1. Tell you what i think?, LOL, OK, I think Lake County has gone to hell via a Sheriffs election.

  2. This poor guy being killed could be any of us or any of our kids. I probably would have voted for Borders, but no way now. I want to feel protected by our LEOs not intimidated and afraid of them…

  3. Name Jules says:

    For anyone interest there is a protest scheduled for this Saturday August 11, 2012 across from the Lake County Sheriff’s office. With the election next week this is the time to make our stand. Please go go “Justice for Drew” (Andrew Lee Scott) on facebook for more details.

  4. Name says:

    You can be sure that FDLE will not release any information in this incident until after the elections. The sheriff’s office will not release more than they have too due to the election and the public will be left in the dark until after the election. The reason is out of sight out of mind. Look at all that has happened with employees at the department in the last few months alone, doesn’t that make your mind up. The employees have no leadership under the current one. I know I work there.

  5. As far as the law enforcement side of this investigation it’s probably already over and covered up by the friends at FDLE as per usual. It’s that thin blue line where FDLE fails to legally and honestly investigate anything against Lake County, it’s employee’s and officials.

    This is not true in many Florida counties but you must remember a huge number of Orlando FDLE agents are former Lake Deputies, most of them with little or no credibility at all.

    Just yesterday, Mark Nejame. the attorney for the victims loved ones announced he would be giving a press conference from the death scene apartment at Blueberry Hill on Monday August 6th 2012 at 3: PM.

    This will be the only credible information that will come out about this tragic event. Just as common criminals do “the sheriff” and his staff immediately went into defense mode when the committed this crime. Remember lying John Herrell first reported “we announced we were law enforcement!” (then an eye witness come forward and reported they nit not announce. Then lying John Herrell reported “we did not announce we were the law because that gave us a “tactical advantage!”

    Then the “shuriff” got on Channel 9 and even though he was coached and edited by Kathi Belich he still looked like death warmed over and stumbled and fumbled and fizzled in his explaination of how we law abiding citizens do not have any rights in our own homes to answer our own doors with our own guns in our own hands when whom ever is beating our door down (and especially at 1:30 AM) is to narcissistic and incompetant to announce who they are!

  6. And again this morning already. Interesting that they also got a comment from Lying John Herrell regarding the unaccompanied INMATE gasing up the patrol car. Among other remarks Lying John stated regarding this “loose convict” he said “the deputy did not violate any policies.”

    Hum! That is because LCSO has not policies. They also have no policy makers!


  7. Current status of investigation says:

    Just wondering what’s actually happening in this investigation. This incident will alter my vote for sheriff, but I would really like to know what’s happening. As mentioned above, there is virtually no media coverage on this and I can’t understand why!
    Has Sylvestor been suspended? When will the investigation be finished? Will Borders dismiss Sylvester?
    These questions have a huge impact on my vote (and probably many others) in the upcoming election.
    Does anyone have credible details?

  8. Name RSOL Should be ashamed says: August 3, 2012 at 6:16 am –

    Now this blogger should get a “pullet surprize”

    You hold the Sheriff responsible for the actions of a young, dumb kid 1000′s of miles away in Baltimore.

    Earth to idiot blogger @ RSOL Should be ashamed. The sheriff hired this “young, dumb kid” aka Deputy Sheriff. the sheriff owns him and is totally responsible for his actions.

    Who knows; for all we know Garrett Merting might even be one of Gary’s GREEN ISLE BOYS.

    One thing for sure a man old enought to tote a Deputy sheriff badge and a gun should have better sense than go weenie wagging even 1000 miles from home!

  9. Name RSOL should be ashamed says: August 3, 2012 at 6:19 am – You mean Like the Orlando Slantinel and the Leesburg Comical or the smoke and mirror articles Brendt Peterson does of the multi- STINGS the LCSO does. Sounds like Borders support staff has got down to Pelton and Ritchie Blogging now. this must be getting serious.

    The socialist-communist media loves the sick lifestyles of people like borders. You didn;t see any articles about Chick Fil A and the millions that visited the 1600 nationwise stores did you.

    Now they claim about one-hundred-thousand sicko’s will be kissing at chick Fil A’s tonight.

    Do you know what the call a male chicken who has had his social standing changed? They call him a Capon!

    They sure as heck is nothing reputable about Gary Borders and his sick gay friends. One escaped from him and got all the way to Baltimore, MD and got caought and arrested why don;t you explaing that.

  10. Your writer provides a link to a 27 minute audio. At the 21:25 portion of the tape you can clearly hear the Leesburg dispatcher say “they tried to kill this guy” referring to the initial Leesburg “battery” victim. But I guess those facts dont coincide with all the unsubstantiated innuendo in this article.

  11. One last observation for the editor; why are the names of your writers not published with the articles they write, like all reputable media and websites?

  12. The editor of RSOL should be ashamed that he allows some of these articles to be published. It is clear the writer of this article has an agenda! The writer is probably one of the same few posters who constantly posts unsustantiated drivel! To RSOL, look at the type of posters your articles are attracting and who supports your nonsense. Folks who are “jailhouse lawyers” thinking they know everything about law enforcement, when in fact they know nothing! Folks who spell Governor as “Guviner” (by “Scrutinize every last one of the suckers,” August 1, 2012 at 7:24 am, written three times in the article, not a typo). This article is so of falsehoolds and inuendos that I would have to write several pages to address each one. Editor; you have allowed your personal biases, as well as those of your writers, to turn RSOL into a non-credible rag one step BELOW the National Enquirer. You hold the Sheriff responsible for the actions of a young, dumb kid 1000’s of miles away in Baltimore, by the same standard you should be held responsible for articles posted on your website, and if one of your employees goes out and commits a crime! It is a shame, because a factual, articluate RSOL website would have a much larger following.

  13. Willis Virgil McCall (July 21, 1909–April 28, 1994) was a sheriff of Lake County, Florida, serving seven consecutive terms from 1944 until he lost his bid for an eighth term in 1972. Known for his no nonsense attitude for enforcing the law, several racial incidents during his career made national headlines. During his 28-year tenure as sheriff McCall was investigated for many civil rights violations and abuse of inmates, but he was never convicted. Deputies would drive through black town announcing that everyone had to be in their house before sunset. The movie theater in Mount Dora had the blacks sit in the balcony, fine we’ll just spit and spill down below on you lousy dumb white folks.

  14. Please inform the voters that the sherrifs election will be decided in the primary on August 14th, voters are not being given that information by the media

  15. I’m not boarding up my windows and I an not cowing down to a bunch of slimey gun happy sicko’s that Borders has sucked up at the SO and has the ignorance to his his deputy “shuriff’s.”

    Borders can’t even say SHERIFF let alone be one. My God where is CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST aka GUVINER SCOTT? Scott’s has got people jumping ship on him almost daily now.

    Voter lady leaving before election. This morning Department of Education bigshot leaving without and explaination.

    LT Guviner trying to convince everbody she’s not a lesbian because “black ladies that look like her are not lesbians.”

    Jut think everybody all these idiots are on our payroll and retirement system! We leave this idiots on the job because their bosses won’t hire intillegent people who will make them look bad.

    I am not boarding up my house and living like a criminal because we the people have allowed the criminals to take over control of our government.

    I would rather spend my tiime getting rid of the low life leeches living off the public teet.

    Scrutinize every last one of the suckers. Most have commited crimes which will remove them from office anyway. All are too lazy to work a real job they have been leeches all their lives and probably their ancestors as well. An acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.


  16. Untouchable says:

    Name JWOW July 31, 2012 at 10:33 pm AND Name July 31, 2012 at 9:40 pm
    You people are to dumb to walk and chew gum! Especially the one who claims to be a crime fighter?

    You have absolutely no proof that DREW was selling drugs. COPS like you and many others that Borders has drug up here wouldn’t know where to start in CRIME FIGHTING. If you did you would arrest about half of the LCSO deputies right now instead of letting them get out of their protected area’s and get arrested in Sanford, Baltimore None of you people can spell nor type. It’s a good thing LCSO has report writers. Maybe you should have Gary get his report writers to write the blogs for ya’ll.

    The killing of Andrew Lee Scott is not the first questionable shooting under Borders watch. It is also by far not the first other type questionable death under his watch. Several jail deaths are questionable. The jail death of a young female who was choked to death in the jail when Borders was jail major jail because she was strapped to a board and he had added a leather strap to hold her down. That strap choked her to death and Jacobs and Goodman sued Lake Taxpayers and got half a million bucks for Borders stupidity that cost that life. Case was settled in 2007.

    The innocent lives that have been destroyed by you crime fighters total in the thousands. I can assure you of one thing, if the victims of those killed, injured or abused at the hands of Gary borders and his employee’s decide to take their revenge out at the voting places, this man will lose at a much greater percentage than his friend Obama won in 2008. Oh Yes! For those who just come on board after the tragic death of Drew Scott and have not been following politics; Gary Borders and Barack Obama have a mutual friend, supporter and fund raiser – none other than for the people John Morgan. And if you have been a victim at the hands of Borders and don’t know that John Morgan and Borders are close friends and call Morgan for representation he will stall your case and just like Borders with the jail sex and whatever Morgan will just “make it go away” too. Then the victims get discouraged and never follow through with the suits!
    For whoever that was that thinks the Lake Judges are calling the media and keeping them off Borders until after the primary. That is possible because none of the Orlando Stations do a real fact finding mission on anything Lake County but, remember John Morgan spends millions on TV ads and since he is a Borders supporter is the best suspect for suppressing the truth about Borders.

    The sad truth is corruption has overtaken everything Lake County government. There is no honest “crime fighters” (with the exception of a few in some city police departments) in Lake County, the FDLE and the FBI are all closed for honest business around Lake County.
    Nothing seems to rise to the level of a crime with any of these agencies anymore if cops or government bureaucrats are involved. Nothing will ever be done about all this corruption until it rises to the level and personally affects enough people who are willing to stand up and say enough is enough.

    We are witnessing these actions every day in Clermont with the corruption fighting to save their criminal empire against a group of “former disgruntled employee’s” who are actually good, honest, moral people who caused problems in their workplace because they were non-conformist to the demand of superiors to join the culture of corruption.

    Gary Borders, John Herrell and every other person who conspired to cover up the facts surrounding the death of Andrew Lee Scott should first be arrested and charged with OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. More than likely an honest investigation into the death scene (which you will never get one in this circuit) will warrant charges of in the least manslaughter in the actual death. Every participant in the death should be charged equally with the man’s death. But, remember this is Lake County and as Bob McKee the self proclaimed godfather says we are untouchable!

  17. @ JWOW says:

    You are Law Enforcement?! You are scary as he**! Look out the window?!! What?! I am boarding mine up soon.

  18. Name JWOW says:

    I cant believe all the low life people who would post such idiotic comments based on none other than sayings “heard round the camp fire”! talk to anyone………..whether it’s that guy on the corner asking for a little bit of change or that doctor you pass by in the hospital parking lot. They feel safe based on what we have in LAKE COUNTY NOW. If the cops come knocking at my door at ANY hour………….and I show up and open the door with a gun pointed at them…..i would hope they take action. Common sense proves otherwise………if you have it!!!!!! I guess if you’re a drug dealer you should be exempt?? I’m certain the money he was making dealing drugs made more sense to him than it does to those who try to defend those actions now that he’s dead. It’s a bittersweet symphony to us crime fighters if you ask me! Next time folks, look out the window, ask who is there, and then as a last resort……….since you’re a drug dealer……..open the door with a gun drawn since it’s a daily/nightly practice for you anyway!!

  19. Name says:

    Not trying to take sides here, but there are several points of misinformation in this article.
    First of all, you can’t trust RSoL any more than you can the Slantinel- if anything they are even more biased.
    Much of the article is based on
    unsubstantiated hearsay.
    The minor tactical difference between attempted murder and aggravated battery (the block could be considered a weapon) would have no impact on the pursuit of the suspect. If there is a possibility a suspect is armed you take the same precautions.
    Unless there is an eyewitness or a physical mark, there’s no PC to charge Jackson with the domestic battery.
    “Experts in the field of law enforcement tell us that law enforcement personnel are trained to fire their weapon twice, then to re-asses the threat to determine if further deadly force is needed. Why were so many shots fired?” -Not sure what experts they talked to, but I was taught to shoot until the threat is neutralized, whether it’s 2 shots or 2 mags.
    “As a K-9 handler, why didn’t Deputy Sylvester use his K-9 to track the motorcycle driver to his apartment?” – He’s not a bloodhound handler, it’s probably not a trained tracking dog. Most K9s are trained for drug sniffing and/or takedowns- not tracking.
    “he really had no evidence that was the correct motorcycle or the correct apartment.” – How many motorcycles in a small complex would be still hot from high-speed riding? The MC was parked in front of Scott’s apt.
    Those are just the few things I noticed on a quick read-through. I know there is a lot more we need to know about the situation, but this article has so many problems it should never have been posted. The writer clearly had an agenda and filled his post with suppositions and ill-formed conclusions rather than simply reporting the facts.

  20. A Lake County deputy sheriff has been suspended after he was arrested for” indecent exposure” in Baltimore, Maryland, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

    Deputy Garrett Merting (Lake 2093) was arrested on the “misdemeanor” charge during the weekend while on vacation in Baltimore, said Lt. John Herrell, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office.

    “He has since been “suspended without pay,” pending our internal affairs investigation,” Herrell said today.

    Merting joined the Sheriff’s Office in March 2011. The agency is still working on getting more details from the Baltimore City Police Department, Herrell said.

    This is facts google this name and you will find the breaking news of his arrest in Baltimore while on vacation. Just another pervert from the LCSO enjoying his vacation and missing his daily workouts with his little fellow perverted friends.


    This ain’t politics this is facts taken right from the stories or this sick perverted gay friendly Lake County Sheriff’s Office daily “you ain’t going to believe what’s next events calender.”

  21. Name Jules says:

    This is beyond horrific. We allow law enforcement to hide behind their badge and rally together to protect each other when they KNOW they have killed an innocent man. It appears to me that they had absolutely no intention of arresting anyone that night, one of their own’s adult son got his a** beat for hitting a woman, and instead of arresting him they went after the guys who gave him what he deserved. They didn’t verify whose house it was, they didn’t verify it was even the right guy on the bike they were following, they went there to take someone out, period! WTH and Sheriff Borders says he stands behind these guys. EVERYONE involved in this incident needs to be held accountable, Sylvester and the two Leesburg Officers should be brought up on murder charges, and everyone else on consipiracy or accessory after the fact for trying to cover it up. Let’s hope that someone in the FDLE has some B***s and tells the truth and holds these guys accountable for their actions.

  22. Not Suprised says:

    What everyone has failed to realize is this continuing criminal conduct by LCSO and other agencies in that county are only possible as a direct result of inaction by the SA, where is the outrage? where is Brad King ? where is Rick Scott, the special investigators, the special prosecutors, Obama , Jackson, Sharpton and on and on. As long as the voting public allows this
    IT WILL CONTINUE, voters must demand better! This is a good time to start, RIGHT NOW!
    The attempt to cover this tragedy by LSCO is a CRIME and everyone involved should be prosecuted PERIOD, in spite of what they believe they are not exempt from the Law.

  23. why no media coverage on this? i just dont get it. is it his lifestyle that the media is scared of? is it because he is not hetersexual that causes the mainstream media to help our lake county sheriff cover things up. or is it a few local judges who are making the appropriate calls to the appropriate people that will keep the media and fdle off of borders’ back until after the primary election is over.damn it, this makes me so mad.

  24. What do you want to bet the FDLE has done cleared this shooting (Murder by Cop) and probably Sylvester is back on night duty where it’s nice and quiet most of the time and no one will notice.

    This article raised some very interesting points but none more important to the good people than the fact that now days Law Enforcement can lie to you to gain entry into your home. Example: Hello Mam we just received a 9-11 hang up call from this location. But Officer I’m the only one here right now and I haven’t even been on the phone. My son is attending night classes at the College. Well Mam; do you mind if we come in a look around just to make sure no one is making you tell us this against your will? Yes you may. I understand how that works. Once Inside they may ask if they can look around more or they may just lie and say you gave them permission. Then went the find Junior’s stash in his drawers they wil charge you and Junior both. These actions have been deemed appropriate by appellant courts. By doing so they are encouraging overzealous officers to lie to gain access to homes and enhance their arrest records to make themselves look good to the brass. These actions are bad enough but real problem is since law enforcement is authorized to lie in the line of duty many don’t have sense enough to know when to stop lying. As with LCSO PIO John Herrell over the years this man has told so many lies he can no longer distinguish his lies from the truth.
    It is so sad for the good people that our law enforcement agencies lie and cover up the crimes of each other right here in Lake County and all over the USA every day over and over. So many innocent people have lost their lives at the incompetent hands of the Lake Sheriff’s Office it’s hard to keep count anymore.
    It will be solely up to the people of Lake County if they chose to allow this human abuse to continue on their loves ones and fellow Lake residents. No law enforcement agencies will ever find anything wrong with anything LCSO does because they are all cut from the same cloth so to speak.
    The Borders supporters always want to make everything negative that comes out about Borders as nothing but politics. Politics has nothing to do with the death of Andrew Lee Scott. Mr. Scott’s death is the result of the incompetence and overzealous actions of deputy sheriff Richard Sylvester who was supposed to have been vetted hired and sworn in in this case by an elected sheriff of Lake County.
    If an appointed Chief of Police hired a person with Deputy Sylvester’s history and who also had just recently been involved in an on duty shooting death and that and that Chief did not follow proper protocol he or she would be held accountable. That is all this is about accountability. The people of Lake County need to vote for the sheriff’s opponent and let the sheriff retire.

  25. So sad says:

    Heartbreaking story. And get that Borders the HE** outta there!

  26. horrible says:

    I can’t get the audios but I don’t need to hear them to know what an an extreme horrible atrocity. This young man’s death must be justified. This is beyond politics, this is beyond good reason, this is the murder of an innocent man!

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