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Jimmy Nussbaumer’s Closing Statement

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Jimmy Nussbaumer’s Closing Statement

Jimmy Nussbaumer


Lake County School Board

District 1

Online Candidate Forum

Lake County School Board District 1

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Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. hosted an online candidate forum between Lake County School Board District 1 Seat candidates Bill Mathias and Jimmy Nussbaumer.  Each candidate has been given an opportunity to present a closing statement, which they can use to dispute a claim made by another candidate or make the case for their own candidacy.  The closing statements were written and edited by each candidate, and this newsletter concludes this forum with the final closing statement.

Jimmy Nussbaumer’s Closing Statement

First let me say as a graduate of a Lake County School, I had no problem placing my three children there to be educated. My youngest is still in Gray Middle. Being an active part of children’s education, I have spent thousands of hours volunteering at the local schools in South Lake County.

Over the years being part of the schools advisory councils, I have spent countless hours working with department heads, administrators and principals building budgets, analyzing expenses, and developing school improvement plans. During this time I have learned many great things going on in Lake County Schools and also learned where many weaknesses are. However, most importantly, I learned how the policies and procedures implemented by the school board impact the local schools and our children’s education.

As a businessman for over 24 years I understand financial crunches, shortfalls and struggles to balance the budget and believe my experience will greatly benefit the Lake County School System. However my experience at the local level will greatly help me when making decisions that are to impact the education of our children.

I believe:

1.) We must enforce the policies and procedures LCSB has in place.

2.) Hold administration accountable for their responsibilities.

3.) We must be fiscally responsible and live within our means.

4.) We must create open communication from the board to administration to the principals and to the teachers and staff.

Vote August 14th, Jimmy Nussbaumer for School Board District 1.

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4 Responses to “Jimmy Nussbaumer’s Closing Statement”

  1. N/A says:

    I would rather have some one who has to deal with possible fires and electrocutions plus have the job work. He’d probably add up the figures before making a decision.

  2. Name No name says:

    I was employed buy Mr.Nussbaumer at his family’s company South Lake Electric some years back.MR Nussbaumer wasn’t a very good employer and not very good at handling money.I really don’t think he is qualified for the job yet alone my children’s education.

  3. So much goes unsaid, unoticed, covered up, scapegoated, CYAd and swept under the rug. Those that are working in the system everyday, that would be staff, maintenance (that department is possibly the worst; 9 workers doing the job that only two should handle, 1 worker doing the work that 10 should help with, and then there is the bullying and threats!), and the teachers (and Admin) see this truth going on everyday. Those in District top level and the Board do not have a glimmer of the truth Nor do they want to see it or know about it!

  4. Name bg4evr says:

    Mr Nussbaumer you never responded to this post ” Do you really think you are qualified to be over a $600 million budget when you couldn’t even do your business budget of say less than $500k? You defaulted on loans and settled with others not paying any of them in full. I don’t think the school board needs your type of budgeting!! We had enough of that with Connor charging up the credit and then running away to hide at BCC.”

    I researched your business and found you are “D” rated by the Better Business Bureau in addition there are judgements that give credit to the question of how good a businessman you really are.

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