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Tragic Shooting Underscores Problems at Department

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Tragic Shooting Underscores Problems at Department

Early Sunday morning, a Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy shot and killed, Andrew Lee Scott 26 at his apartment in the Blueberry Hill II complex.  Initial statements by Lieutenant John Herrell from the Sheriff’s Department suggested that the victim was a serial drug user and the deputies had identified themselves at the door.  Subsequently, a narrative is coming forward that the victim Andrew Lee Scott was a hard-working soul who was no threat to the community, and multiple witnesses have come forward that the deputies did not announce themselves when they pounded on this door.

The story narrative by the Sheriff’s department has now changed that Scott pointed the gun at the deputies, but witnesses on the scene are disputing those facts.  This shooting has inflamed emotions in the community about the conduct of the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, and it appears to us that the Sheriff’s department is spinning the story to create a narrative that can justify the unjustifiable.  What happened that night may never be known because the primary witness to the event is dead.

If the standard for a citizen to get shot in his own home by a Lake County Sheriff‘s Deputies is answering their door at 1:30 in the morning with a weapon then there will be a lot of killings of innocent people in this county.  This is not the wild west and deadly force should be the absolute last resort.  A thorough investigation needs to occur and it appears to us there is a total lack of command by Sheriff’s Department.

This horrific shooting comes on the heels of a bad twelve months in which the reputation of the Lake County Sheriff’s Department has been severely damaged because of misconduct of its deputies.

  • June 2012- Deputy Robert Mosley is arrested for shoplifting at Walmart.
  • April 2012- Deputy John Waldrop is arrested for stealing gas from the Sheriff’s Department.
  • November 2011- Deputy Andy Hernandez is arrested on drug charges.
  • June 2011- Deputy Robin Douglass is arrested for domestic violence against a co-worker Deputy Robert Meyers.

What is going on with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department?  It appears to us based on this shooting and these arrests that institutional control has been lost.  With all the high paid leadership at the Sheriff’s Department how can these things happen?

We have two questions that we would like to get your comments and responses to?

  1. In your opinion was the shooting and killing of Andrew Lee Scott by Lake County Sheriff Deputies a tragic accident, justifiable response or over zealous law enforcement?
  2. Do you believe Sheriff Borders and his commanders have lost institutional control of the Sheriff’s Department?

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Finally, the Citizens for Better Government LLC wishes to express our condolences to the family and friends of Andrew Lee Scott.  This tragic situation underscores the need for reform and restraint because we can never allow another innocent person to be shot and killed by law enforcement for just answering his door.

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45 Responses to “Tragic Shooting Underscores Problems at Department”

  1. Name says:

    Incompetent police officers should spend the rest of the lives in prison for the criminally-mentally handicapped. They cannot be taught how to do their jobs because they are unteachable. When a crisis arises they go with instincts instead of training. The officers that did not do any shooting are obstructing justice. It might make sense as much as possible to boycott businesses in that county and cities. Drive out side the county to shop and even purchase gasoline. Tell the supervisors that they will prosecute these cops or the county and its cities will go bankrupt. when the merchants yell loud enough something will be done.


  3. Breaking News ——–Leesburg, Fl –


    Update on the tragic shooting of Andrew Lee Scott by Lake Sheriff’s Deputies.

    For two weeks now the question on the streets of Lake County has been why did the Lake County Sheriff’s Office intervene so quickly to assist Leesburg Police in what was a reported BATTERY.

    Leesburg PD case #2012-31240 called in July 15, 2012 at 12:51:57 AM. Called in as a fight on the sidewalk involving four persons at 713 Marietta Street, Leesburg- where eventually two of the assailants fled the scene. One on a motorcycle and the other driving a Chevy truck.
    Hundreds of Lake County residents have shown their concerns over the revelations that an innocent man paid with his life as a result of this unfortunately everyday occurrence right here in Lake County.

    Why would a sidewalk fracas between four people receive such immediate and intense response and intervention by the Lake Sheriff’s Office when most reports of crimes of Assault, Battery, Child Abuse, Child Sex Abuse, Burglaries, Domestic Violence receive nothing more than an original report taken and forwarded to Detectives in CIB for a later follow up?
    An excellent example of this is the arrest of Kenneth M. Hagins B/M DOB 12/7/1971 on July 20, 2012.

    Beginning around July 11th, 2012 it was reported to the Lake SO that Hagins was alleged to have sexually abused an 18 year old handicapped male at a Sunrise Arc facility. Soon it was revealed he had also sexually abused a four year old boy and possibly another at a Eustis Day Care. Approximately nine days later he turned himself in to the Lake County Jail. No hurry here! He was just sexually abusing a few kids!

    So what brought on the firestorm to seek out the two aggressors involved in the Leesburg street fight?

    Come to find out what everyone forgot to mention is the victim of the “originally reported as a battery” crime was Justin James Jackson DOB 4/19/1988; the 24 year old son of none other than LCSO Lieutenant Gregory (Scoop) James Jackson aka Lake 89.

    Did these overzealous deputies know at the time they were searching for someone who had just whipped up on the son of one of their lieutenants? What was the hurry here? That motorcycle come back to Jonathan Brown of 3001 Northland Road Mount Dora, Florida. They found it parked in front of apartment 114 Blueberry Hill Apartments. An apartment with only one door on it. What brought on the hurry that cost an innocent man his life? Sheriff Borders said there was dirt on the bike and dirt tracks leading towards the apartment door. Did they save that evidence? Probably not. Was it the fact that Deputy Richard Sylvester was looking for the man who had attacked Lieutenant Jackson’s son?

    After the death of Andrew Lee Scott this report of “battery” only on suspect Jonathan Brown suddenly elevated to a charge of “Attempted Murder.” Co-Defendant and fellow suspect Anthony Michael Rodriguez was charged “Felony Battery” and allowed to bond out of the Lake County Jail for $2000.

    Brown was arrested on July 15, 2012 @ 3:12 AM was held on $100,000. Bond until he received a bond hearing before Judge Nacke on July 23; at which time his bond was reduced to $20,000. And he subsequently bonded out with Belton Bail Bonds.

    Interestingly at this writing Anthony Michael Rodriguez’s booking report is showing on the LCSO website however, no arrest and booking report is showing for the attempted murder suspect Jonathan J. Brown.

    Sequence of events that ultimately led to the death of Andrew Lee Scott.
    Justin Jackson and his former live in girlfriend Megan Kristine Smalt spent the day at Daytona Beach. About two months prior to this Megan had moved from Jackson’s house back to her parents house on Boyleston Street in Leesburg. They went to a restaurant to eat before returning to Leesburg. Megan went to the rest room and left her cell phone on the table. Justin Jackson checked the phone and found she had been talking to her old boyfriend Anthony Rodriguez. They apparently had a verbal altercation on the way back to Leesburg which escalated into Justin Jackson slapping her while she was on the phone with Rodriguez reporting the abuse she was receiving from Jackson to him.

    Apparently Rodriguez summoned his friend Jonathan J. Brown to meet him at 713 Marietta Street to confront Justin Jackson about his physical abuse of Megan Smalt. Quite naturally the actual altercation between the individuals on the sidewalk in front of 713 Marietta Street differs depending upon who is telling the story. But, the physical facts conclude that no matter what occurred Justin James Jackson refused EMS medical attention (Lake EMS# 23434)
    Leesburg Police Department took a Domestic Disturbance complaint from Megan Kristine Smalt against Justin James Jackson. ( LPD case# 12-07-0224)

    Justin James Jackson the original aggressor of abuse against Megan Kristine Smalt is Lieutenant Gregory “Scoop” Jackson’s son. . ( LPD case# 12-07-0224)
    Megan Kristine Smalt is quite possibly the neice of Lake Deputy Sheriff Michael Smalt.
    Jonathan J. Brown is a former Groveland Police Officer and reportedly a half-brother to Tavares Police Officer Billy Harper.

    Anthony Michael Rodriguez is the former boyfriend of Megan Kristine Smalt.
    The shooter of Andrew Lee Scott one Deputy Sheriff Richard Sylvester is a deputy sheriff under the rank of Lieutenant Greg Jackson and may or may not have been a direct report to Lieutenant Jackson at one time or another.

    Andrew Lee Scott, a Pizza deliver man for Hungry Howie’s Pizza is dead. Mr. Scott is dead and his death leaves us more questions than we have answers. How many professionally trained and seasoned law enforcement officers have knocked on doors announced or not that were answered by residents gun in hand simply concerned for the safety of themselves and their family and lived to tell their tales? Thousands I would venture to say!

    The family and friends of Andrew Lee Scott and the people of Lake County should get the truth about this tragedy right now. What did everyone know and when did they know it? Why didn’t Leesburg Police arrest Justin Jackson for domestic violence as a result of her case reported (12-07-0224) Since he had already slapped her wasn’t there a possibility post this fracas that Justin Jackson could pose a severe threat to the well being of Megan Smalt?

    After the shooting of Andrew Scott some folks say LCSO took the time to call Tavares PD and enlist the help of Brown’s half-brother Billy Harper to talk Jonathan Brown out of apartment 214 in a building next to the death scene. That action prior to the immediate, intense and unannounced knocks on Mr. Scott’s door at 1:30 AM would most likely have saved the life of Andrew Scott. It would have also most likely saved the taxpayers of Lake County and Sheriff Borders personally the pain and suffering of the long drawn out civil lawsuits costing us untold millions of dollars, that will no doubt come out of this killing of an innocent man. People can spin this story any way they want too but, Andrew Lee Scott was home sleeping in his bed when all these folks were fighting on the streets of Leesburg and then running from the scene. He didn’t even live in the city of Leesburg, he lived out in the county. When the deputy sheriff’s chasing the suspects found the motorcycle they were looking for parked in front of Andrew Lee Scott’s apartment; they banged on his door with flashlights, guns obviously drawn without announcing they were the law or without saying one word. When Scott answered the door gun in hand Richard Sylvester opened fire killing him. Crime scene numbers shown on television affixed to the bullet holes in the door number as high as eleven (11).

    How in the world is any lawyer ever going to justify the killing of an innocent man (not a felon) in possession of a firearm in his own residence used solely for the purpose of the protection of him and his family? They never will as long as this is the United States of American and we the people don’t give in to the Hillary Clinton United Nations small arms treaty that will allow the majority of foreign nations to demand every member nation of the United Nations surrender all private weapons to the government.

    That day has not come yet but, it is fast on it’s way if the people succumb to the Gestapo tactics of many of our police agencies. Stand Up For American – She Has Stood Up For Us for well over 236 years

  4. AMEN!!! What a blessing to see your post. Please continue.

  5. Enjoying your posts. Thanks.

  6. What is the significance of the story of the tower of Babel? Why did it cause God to confound the language of people, giving them each a new tongue? What message does the story have for us today?

    The story of the tower of Babel is about disobedience and arrogance and the human need to erect symbols of our achievement. The story takes place after the flood that destroyed all but Noah and his family. The world was still united by language and probably tradition. “And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.”

    However, this was not a temple for God that they were building; it was a monument to themselves. Their intention was to reach heaven with it and proclaim themselves gods. This didn’t please God in the least. “And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded. And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.

    By disrupting the Babylonians speech, God was able to slow down more than just their progress on the tower. It effectively split up their entire society. “So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.” (Genesis 11:8) Common language is a key element in commerce, relationships and every other important aspect of life. Without that common ground, their common society couldn’t function.

    We may wonder what the big deal was in this story. What kind of problem could a tower possibly be? There was never any chance that it could actually reach heaven, so what was God’s big worry? With sin, it’s seldom the actual deed that is the big problem; it’s the attitude that is troubling. The Babylonians were arrogant believing themselves to be creators and denying the power of the Creator. We don’t have to look far to see similar arrogance in the modern world.

    Destruction and devastated lives are harvested every day from seeds of arrogance sown by humans believing that there are no boundaries.

    Life must have boundaries to continue safely. In everything, we have to come to a point where we say, “This is too far,” or we risk destroying ourselves, on a personal or global level.

    Scientists play with the building blocks of life like they were children’s toys even when they don’t have clear-cut understanding of the consequences of their work. This is not to say that we shouldn’t learn, experiment and develop but we must do so with humility, bowing to a knowledge greater than our own.

    Each of us is guilty of this kind of pride to a degree. All of us at one time or another have built a personal tower of Babel as a symbol of our greatness. For some, the tower is fancy homes or cars; others have towers built on a string of “˜good’ deeds. These things are not bad, it’s when we use them to define who we are and show others how special we are that the things become personal towers of Babel. It’s our attitude, not the tower that is a problem.

    Arrogance is our way of telling God, “I don’t need you and I don’t have to answer to you.” We put ourselves on the throne and we suffer for it. God confounded the language of these early people to try and spare them the consequences of their behavior. It certainly must have been a wake up call to them proving that they were not gods. By dividing them, God reminded them who they were and Who He is.

    Similarly, God gives us wake up calls when our arrogance gets out of hand. If we look closely at our lives, we can see times when we have been slapped off of our own pedestals and reminded that we weren’t “˜all that’. Sometimes it takes a big slap before we get the message and that can be very painful. We’re better off keeping a check on our attitude and being on the look out for signs of bricklaying in our own backyard. Once we get started on a tower of Babel it’s easy to get carried away with the project and forget that we’re not the master builders we believe we are.

    Was the death of Andrew Lee Scott another one of God’s wake up calls? Whether or not it was as well as all other tragedies we should all heed its warnings. Not the warning that it is dangerous for us all to be prepared to protect our homes and families from unknown intruders but’ the warning that we reality don’t know who our enemies are. The warning that we can meet our death from friendly fire. The warning that we no longer require the best trained personnel to attend to our live and death situations. The warning that in our present world many services and products are provided by the lowest bidder.

    Who do we hold accountable for these actions? The head; the boss; the one who asked for the job and said they would be accountable to the people to do us a good job. What do we do when they fail in their job? If they don’t quit and beg our forgiveness for the heartbreak they have allowed to be brought upon the masses we are left with no choice but to fire them. Such is the case with sheriff Borders. He should have accepted the responsibility for the death of Andrew Lee Scott. He should have demanded his people tell the people of Lake County the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

    He took the cowards path and not only did he allow his spokesman to lie to us, he himself in an edited television release lied to the people of Lake County about the tragic death of Andrew Scott. This is a sin committed against the people of Lake County for which Borders must be held accountable.

  7. God hates it when people use fear and intimidation to control others. Although he has given leaders the freedom to lead as they see fit, he doesn’t stand back and ignore their abuse of power and influence. When abuse of power occurs, God will sometimes intervene directly and destroy the tyrant, but more often he uses other rulers or even the oppressed people to remove the tyrant from power. If you must live or work under an abusive leader, take these verses as a message of hope.(proverbs 22:8 22-23). God has not forgotten you and does not overlook your leader’s abuses. If you lead or have any authority at all-either at church, work, or home-remember what happens to tyrants. Leadership through kindness works better and lasts longer than leadership through force. Fear and intimidation are the human way, not God’s way. Jesus never led by fear and intimidation and neither should we. Forcing officers to pay into the sheriff borders’ campaign fund and forcing them to put up signs in their yards, will not go unnoticed by God. The pressuring of businesses to place Borders’ signs on their property will not go unnoticed. supporting sheriff border for fear of losing money will not go unnoticed by God. If you are a local pastor and will not take a stand against homosexuality for fear of losing that tithe from wealthy people in your congregation, you will not go unnoticed by God. God will bless those who take a stand against those who flaunt their perverse lifestyle in the face of God. Woe unto them and those that support them. The pale horse cometh.

  8. What is being called the Colorado tragedy in not just the Colorado tragedy it is just another American tragedy. The reason it is do tragic is because of the numbers of deaths and injuries committed by one assailant at one location. The gun control lobby loves an excuse to expound on these tragedies.

    Those who want so badly to destroy America use tragedies like this one to build their cases for gun control. This one could not have come at a more opportune time for them since Hillary is about to sign the United Nations Small Arms treaty which will effectively allow the United Nations to insure that all guns on American soil can and will be confiscated by United States Homeland Security forces or others designated by President Obama to carry out these orders. Notice we are hearing nothing about this issue because they know it is a hot issue and will receive great resistance from the American people.

    The real American tragedy is the combined numbers of atrocities committed on people in the United States on any given day. For Instance on the same day the Aurora, Colorado tragedy occurred how many people in the USA were killed at the hands of other people, no matter the reason or relationship?

    Just here in Central Florida look at the number of child abuse cases and the number of sex abuse cases committed on children. Especially those children who are supposed to be in child care or other safe havens who are found to be sexually abused by those who should have a through level two background investigation run on them before they were allowed around our children.

    Last week we learned that Florida’s DFC will give second chances to criminals to obtain Day Care licenses to operate facilities. Where is the mentality in these government decisions and actions? Why is it necessary to allow criminals an open door to our children when we are at the highest level of unemployment of good, honest, educated available employee’s since World War II ?

    The fact that good people can not find jobs is a leading factor in the destruction of the morals of our society. Educated, energetic young people tend to find amusement for a past time that is many time destructive not only to others but themselves as well.

    The never ending decaying state of the economy of the USA has fueled the greatest escalation of crimes against persons since the great depression beginning in 1929. The physiological effects of joblessness or the inability to meet ones obligations and more especially to otherwise former successful people is devastating.

    In today’s society it’s the criminals that are ruling the roost. Check the court records, you will find that almost every case you look at will take a year or longer to get to court. When you finally get a disposition 99% of the time it’s nothing more than probation. The male nurse working for the Lake County School Board on the dead man’s license was sentenced to nothing more than probation.

    He knew what he was doing. In a criminal act he took a dead man’s license and practiced as a nurse on our children right here in the Lake County School system. When he got caught what did LCSB Officials do? They tried to lie and cover it up! We don’t know how many children this unlicensed person treated. What we do know is in Florida his crime committed was a third degree felony. All the court system done was turn him into a cash paying customer at the probation office.

    We turn our heads and do nothing to the criminals that should be made to pay for their crimes. The least this man should have got was one year in the county jail. He could help fellow unlicensed Medical Director Kevin Lenhart practice medicine in the jail.

    We medicate persons who look and act funny and turn them loose on the streets. Not to worry Medicare and Medicaid pay for this and the doctors and the pharmacists make out like bandits.
    We do not make anyone in our society pay for their actions unless they are brave or dumb enough to question the way society is run. Then we quickly affix a name or label on them and that’s the end of that.

    Pick out a government official. Better still pick out a bunch of government officials, city, county, state, federal congressman or senator If you can get too them . Ask them what they think led to our country getting in the mess it’s in? Ask them if they have any suggestions as to how we can improve our economy or make life a little better for ourselves and our loved ones? Then ask them if they can tell you whose fault it is that we have sunk this low? Not one of them will take an ounce of blame for anything. The Democrats are still blaming George W. Bush. The Republicans are blaming Obama.

    Every last one of these overpaid public employee’s will either ignore the question or lie. Every last one of them will tell you it’s not their job to cut expenses in the budgets or do anything creative to adhere to a real budget. They all say; It’s not their job!

    It’s not my job to drive the train, The whistle I can’t blow. It’s not my job to say how far the train’s allowed to go. It’s not my job to blow the horn, nor even clang the bell. But let the damn thing jump the track and see who catches hell.

    It is we the people catching hell. Trying to find or keep a job; trying to keep an old car running and insurance on it to stay legal. Dreading birthdays because it means tag buying time. Trying to put enough gas in it to get back and forth to work. Trying to pay the rent and light bill. Lord how did these water and sewer bills get so high in the cities? Thank God for Save-A-Lot and Aldi’s and weekly specials at Publix. Weekend breakfast trips for the kids to McDonald’s or Burger King is history.

    Everyone’s nerves are on edge. People are so rude most don’t even hold a door for you at the convenience stores anymore. If you look at them the wrong way you are afraid they are coming out with a switchblade or something!

    It’s hard to understand how supposed to be streetwise people like some Deputy Sheriff’s can’t see what we the people are living every day. Can anyone imagine what the victim Drew Scott must have witnessed as a pizza delivery man everyday knocking on hundreds of doors never knowing if the boogie man was behind that door? Bet he could write a lot of books on folks answering their doors. Then early one morning he gets a bunch of knocks, bangs, whatever on his door and he’s awaken from a hard sleep not knowing who or what in the world was going on outside his door. It would take a brave man to answer those knocks even with a gun in hand not knowing what he was facing. Next he was dead!

    And that too they claim is nobody’s fault! He should have known better than point a gun at a deputy sheriff. How was he supposed to know there was deputy’s sheriff’s knocking on his door when they didn’t announce their presence?

    So now along with everything else we have to do to survive in this decaying world we have to try and develop a third sense. We have to learn to see through doors. But, soon Obama will fix all of this and law abiding, honest folks will once again be safe around over-zealous trigger happy law enforcement officers. For you see, remember Obama send a message to the Russian President Putin that when he is re-elected he will have more flexibility – among other things that means to take the guns from honest working people like Drew Scott. At last we will be safe from death at the hands of the Gestapo because we will no longer have any guns that they can mistakenly take as a threat to their safety.

  9. ………….anyone ever done an analysis of the “combined” education levels of the sr staff at LCSO?

    Yea! Four years ago right now Borders only had a high school diploma (that is more than Bob McKee has right now) and Borders was working on a 2 year degree at Vincennes!

    Since the 2008 election he has finished Vincennes and got himself a four year degree at Columbia. And according to him done so many other wonderful things! Interestingly a lot of them have got Columbia Degrees. Some many in fact they even give Borders a graduation party and several of his fellow employee’s and fellow Columbia graduates were all there.

    Problem is former corrections deputy Scott Kirkland and now road deputy done the work for them just like he done the work for Major Mass when he went to school.

    But we the taxpayers paid for all of it. Do public Records requests and see how much money the taxpayers has paid for all these fake degree’s everyone is hold around here including borders. Why does the taxpayers elect someone and them pay for their education???

  10. The unfortunate and untimely mistake by the lcso to “shoot first” is an error in judgement in my opinion. the “cover up ……………..trashing the dead victim and disrespecting his surviving family is
    absolutely unnacceptable. unnacceptable.

    Perhaps Borders has lost control of self and thereby cannot control his staff. When “civilians” watch the news and see people getting shot in the face at an ATM machine, or hearing the daycare in downtown eustis had a child molester( male employee) arrested, or witness kids walking down the street with “a gun”……………let’s think a moment………………answer the door at 1:30 in the morning………… was his right to answer the door armed! BUT…….DO NOT “IRRITATE” LAW ENFORCEMENT………THE FAMILY ……….WILL PULL TOGETHER AND POSSIBLY HARRASS A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN. They will and can lie. AGAIN………….anyone ever done an analysis of the “combined” education levels of the sr staff at LCSO?

  11. Nick Gear says:

    So you have “Sergeants” giving rectal searches on the side of the road and now these green pickes blast the wrong guy who opened the door at 1:30 A.M. by the same deputy involved in a shooting a few days earlier? Was this deputy cleared by a shrink to be back on duty? I wonder how much these lawsuits are gonna cost me?

  12. Name says:

    Some of the video’s showed yellow numbers on the door up to # 11. Also one video shot had what looked like dowels in the bullet holes at angles which would show the door was partially open.

    If the FDLE took the door it may never be seen again. Some of them seem to have a hard time keeping up with evidence. Especiall if their name is Giddens.

  13. even worse than the lies being told by our sheriff and the lcso is the giggling thats going on here. the way some of the command staff and their cronies stood at their windows watching the protesters. the way they made fun of the protesters. the secret back-slaps for a job well done for sylvester. i am sick of this place. its disgusting. i dont care if i get demoted or even fired if carpenter wins, we need a change.

  14. Name says:


    Maybe he did ask. I haven’t read anything that said he did NOT ask. If he asked and got no answer, then that would explain a lot.

    Furthermore, I am not sure that he even opened the door. Sometimes police pound on doors so hard that they open up. Maybe that happened here. The Sheriff says that Deputy Sylvester said that Scott opened the door. However, I don’t trust either one of those men to tell the truth. They both have a strong incentive to lie

    Reply; Agreed, maybe he didn’t get an answer if he asked. Another thing, I heard that FDLE took the door away as “evidence”. Any truth to that?? In one of the videos it looks like 3 bullet holes in the door. Maybe just a bad video. Did anyone else see that?

  15. Lake County corruption has long been protected by all local lame stream media outlets. Only recently since the various social media and availability of we the people to tell the truth and present evidence of this corruption on various website has this culture of corruption come under any serious scrutiny.

    It is very sad when those who claim to unite to save this country from the likes of Obama and his socialism are in fact to dumb to see the corruption right here in Lake County that has sucked them right into their little schemes. Note: Mostly Tea Party leaders and their close followers who can’t see the forest for the trees. Look at who they endorse. Many long known to be well entrenched in local to Tallahassee corruption. They simply don’t know any better!

    Most people of faith believe that no matter what everything happens for a reason. Sadly, the young life of Andrew Lee Scott was snuffed out by, at the least, an act of ignorance on behalf of someone who should have been better trained to protect and serve. The worst problem with the likes of Richard Sylvester is their malicious attitudes. An example of which can be seen by blogger Deputy Sheriff “Chris” on the Right Side of the Lake website.

    As previously stated all local media has protected this sheriff every since he has been in office. Over these years many other issues of wrong doing should have been brought to the public but was suppressed. The most serious was of course the rapes covered up by Borders at his boy’s ranch; which were immediately pulled from the air when bosses arrived at channel 9 and all the others.

    However, this time for some unknown reason this atrocity not only reached most local media outlets it has also received national media attention. For the first time ever many Lake County residents got to see their current sheriff close up and personal. Not the glamour shots from his campaign ads and website but; the real Gary Borders. Not a very impressive response from someone who is sworn to protect and serve us.

    This is not about just one incident where another innocent young man lost his life to an over zealous system. This incident just happened to be the one which rose to so much human right abuse issues they were not able to instantly sweep it under the rug and cover it with their standard approach of lies.

    Over the last 6 years and even longer many critical human right abuses and down right crimes that have been committed by both Gary Borders and members of his staff have reportedly been reported to agencies which are supposed to have investigative authority over these crimes. So far it appears these agencies have done nothing more than continue the cover ups put in place by Borders and his lying staff.

    If it is true everything happens for a reason; then the unfortunate death of Andrew Lee Scott was meant to bring to light the history of all of the real atrocities that has been committed upon the innocent people of Lake County at the hands of Gary Borders just in time for the people of Lake County to see the truth about their sheriff and his operation. Every person in Lake County who is registered to vote has the opportunity to VOTE ON AUGUST 14, 2012 no matter their party affiliation. For the first time in 36 years the Democrats will be able to vote for someone who has a chance to win. Lake County’s Republican insiders will not be able to control this election like they usually do because there is no candidate running for sheriff in November. THE SHERIFF OF LAKE COUNTY WILL BE ELECTED ON AUGUST 14, 2012 AND NOT IN NOVEMBER! Gary Borders has abused both physically and verbally every segment of our society except his well connected friends and money people who stand to gain by him being sheriff.

    Let’s not miss this opportunity to put him on his retirement plan and let him go back to his Momma in Kentucky with his big fat monthly retirement checks. The good, moral people of Lake County will have a safer place to live and raise their children, especially the young boys with him and his friends gone from Lake County. A new honest sheriff will at least be a start at cleaning up Lake County’s Culture of corruption if the honest, moral people of Lake County will stand behind and support him!

  16. what a JOKE says:

    They were originally looking for Jonathan Brown, for an assault charge. After these idiots murder an innocent man… And yes it was MURDER.. they then trumpt up Browns charges to attempted murder to justify their massive mistake. Anytime someone comes to my door after 10 pm I will meet them with a gun. I have that right as an America citizen. The ignorant Employees of LCSO need to remember that they are CIVIL SERVANTS and that they were sworn to protect not murder. They all need to be fired. None of this surprises me. All of the law enforcement in lake county is corrupt. They protect their own at all cost. Even when it makes them criminals. They get away with it. It’s time to clean house. There are plenty of LAW ABIDING citizens that could and would do the job properly.

  17. There is actually five more Chris’ at LCSO. Irby; Pelton; Sloan; Spann and Wade. And, they wouldn’t necessarily have to be on duty either. They can take their SO computers in the house. Who knows maybe this one was just having a restless night thinking about all the rotten things they have done to innocent people.

    Remember the guy that Scott Stone arrested down south of Leesburg a couple of years back for frantically dialing 911 while Stone had him stopped on a traffic stop? They even showed him frantic on TV and mumbling about something Scott Stone was trying to do to him. Well guess what come to find out Stone was trying to do one of those Shawn Vance type anal drug searches on this guy and apparently he was like Scott Stone’s Brother Larry Stone, Jr. when Borders was playing grab butt with him in the jail – this dude din’t go for that stuff either. Another case of dropped the charges and just make it go away!

  18. It appears as some bloggers have suggested in the past that when someone blogs on this site from the Lake County Sheriff’s computer system the bloggers name is the same color as the blog and does not highlight into the brown color of other bloggers names. It does the same thing when the admin blogs on his articles.

    Ladies and Gentlemen of Lake County Florida let us assure you that the possibility of the below blog coming from a highly trained protected species of Lake County Deputy Sheriff of obviously the lowest possible character is extremely possible. Particularly upsetting to long time honest, moral citizens of Lake County should be his remark.“ If you don’t like lake county move on.”

    Thousands of us was here a long time before these scum of the earth people invaded and over took the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and we suspect a lot of us will be here long after they are gone.

    Remember the below remarks made by a deputy sheriff of Lake County Florida while on duty and using our computer can most likely be attributed to one of the following Chris’ at LCSO but more particularly to one who was on duty at 12:09 AM this morning!

    This list of suspects are CHRIS; Berry; Comis, Delibro, Ellis, Huskey, Loyko, Robertson and Stevens.

    Disgusting excerpts from the blog:

    “Well sounds like typical American bulls*&$ everyone cries because some guy was stupid enough to open the door in middle of night with someone beating on it. The point of announcing yourself is regardless. Quit trying to put blame on the officer/department. I personally would like to thank the LCSO for a job well done. Keep up the good work. If you don’t like lake county move on. And to the idiot that said many people would be killed for answering the door with a weapon, you are right.”

  19. Chris says:

    Well sounds like typical American bulls*&$ everyone cries because some guy was stupid enough to open the door in middle of night with someone beating on it. The point of announcing yourself is regardless. When you make bad decisions, bad things happen. If he feared who was at the door then why did he open it!!!!!!!!! Quit trying to put blame on the officer/department. I personally would like to thank the LCSO for a job well done. Keep up the good work. If you don’t like lake county move on. And to the idiot that said many people would be killed for answering the door with a weapon, you are right. As stated above bad choices equal bad things.

  20. All that is necessary for the triumph of EVIL is that good men do nothing

    are there any (good) men willing to do anything in Lake County ?

    NOW ! is the time

  21. Instead of “To Protect and Serve” LCSO vehicles should be marked with “To Protect Ourselves First.”

    “He brings a gun to the door because someone is knocking?” Borders said.

    Sorry, Sheriff, but when someone you aren’t expecting is pounding on the door at 3:00 a.m. that is a reasonable response. Under the circumstances, I would have done the same thing.

    Borders said the sheriff’s office does not have a policy on when deputies should knock on a door of a suspect without identifying themselves.

    “It’s on an individual basis,” Borders said. “We want to do whatever is the safest.”

    Safest for WHOM? It may be safer for Deputies, but it’s fatal for civilians.

  22. Why does law enforcement always run a criminal history on those they come into contact with? Mostly because everyone has always said the history of a person will predict their future actions. Even Dr Phil has always been emphatic that past behavior will lead a prudent person to predict future behavior.

    The point is everybody around here with 1/2 a brain has seen the history of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office go down the drain ever since Borders took it over. And take it over he did!

    If this was the first questionable incident the people might not be so quick to judge. I hear tell some people have a list of the incidents that have wrongfully been done to the innocent public and it is a long list.

    Things like pulling an autistic girl off a school bus for contempt of cop and charging her with resisting. Charges dropped she could not understand anything.

    Deputy Shawn Vance (1493) stopping men on the road and doing an anal search for drugs so severe that one victim had to go to Florida Hospital Waterman on 6/13/2010 for treatment and reported the sexual assault to the LCSO (case# 10098841) Case disappeared!

    Then there is the man who was home asleep at 3 AM with his family on acreage near Eustis when he noticed a trespassing wrecker on his property. He went to confront the trespasser who had no legitimate business on his property. After they spoke the trespasser left and the man went back to bed. At 5:30 AM this homeowner was awaken once again from a deep sleep by FIVE LAKE COUNTY DEPUTY SHERIFF’S knocking on his door. When the man answered the door he was summarily arrested for aggravated battery.

    The man tried to hire an attorney who would represent him to pled not guilty – He demanded a jury trial by his peers! On the scheduled trial date in July 2008 his case was postponed but, on that date John Herrell announced to Channel 9 TV in the lobby of the Lake Courthouse that this man had pled nolo contendre and would be sentence in August 2008. Lying John Herrell didn’t just start lying, Lying John Herrell just like his boss Lying Gary Borders can not tell the truth; he never could and he never will. If you want honest, moral people you have to raise them to be that way. What we have here in authority at the Lake County Sheriff’s Office is a prince of satan. By the way; since yesterday was the first time the public has seen a recent video or picture of Gary Borders did you happen to see the wrinkles on each side of his forehead that resembled HORNS? Somebody is trying to tell and show you something if you have sense enough to see and understand it.

    There has been many deaths at the hands of this agency in the last few years. This is not the first questionable death. This is only the first one that has received proper media attention.

    God Bless these victims and their families! For those who would like to dispute these facts we will be glad to give incidents, case numbers and other information they lied about and whitwashed.

    This is nothing new. This time Channel 9 did not run in and lie and cover it up for them immediately. Wonder what changed at Channel 9 to allow them to begin to tell some truth?

  23. “Two, if someone is banging on your door in the wee hours of the morning DON’T open the door without asking who is there first.”


    Maybe he did ask. I haven’t read anything that said he did NOT ask. If he asked and got no answer, then that would explain a lot.

    Furthermore, I am not sure that he even opened the door. Sometimes police pound on doors so hard that they open up. Maybe that happened here. The Sheriff says that Deputy Sylvester said that Scott opened the door. However, I don’t trust either one of those men to tell the truth. They both have a strong incentive to lie.

  24. Toast says:

    He is history I hope. He is cold and rude to decent folks, to very nice people, I have observed this first hand several times. And so ill equipped for the job. How in the world did this happen, bet he is wondering the same thing. I don’t even give a darn who he raped at this point! Or if he is gay! Go away! Get him out for God’s Sake! And Buttafinger to you too buddyrow, in your face. PLEASE leave quickly. Before I or a family of mine member gets shot. Thank you.

  25. Q1: This was at least manslaughter … there is no way the deputies could have felt in fear for their safety and fired unless they were ready to do just that before the door opened and they saw an innocent citizen who had been awakened at 1:30 in the morning by unidentified individuals and reasonably came to the door armed.

    Q2: The department is under exactly the control that the citizenry will tolerate, no better and no worse.

  26. Name shookem says:

    This is a total outrage and the fact that the Mass Media has not picked up on this tragic story is because the victim (that is right–victim) was not African American. This tragedy should scare the hell out of anybody since it could have happen to anyone. Who knows if the victim upon being woken up albeit in a still dazed moment might have thought that there was a home invasion being committed? Or, that perhaps this victim may have had a previous burglary at his home or others for that matter that would account for his sudden reaction? I hope his family sues the hell out of that county and that the taxpayers, who will pay a heavy burden, will no doubt demand that the head of the Sheriffs department steps down. Al Sharpton…Where are you when we need you.

  27. He finally made a statement to media this evening sitting on his butt hiding behind his desk. What the HAIL?!!!!! He didn’t even say sh** about anything. WHY do we enable this BS???? Will this continue???? probably. Bunch of Dumb-Massess!

  28. Name says:

    Who the hell are these people the Sheriff’s Department are swearing in as Deputies??? What rock did they crawl out of?

  29. Where is Chief Grinnell? maybe he’s in rehab with Richard Riker. Grinnell has sure been losing his drinking buddies fast. Waldrop caught stealing gas for his wife and girlfriend and now his old turkey and beer hunting buddy Jeff Taylor has got retarded right in the prime of his life. Just in time to put a good old fashioned July the 4th whopping on his female cousin while pushing his poor old moma out the door. Wasn’t that her own home?

    Never a dull day around this neighborhood.

    Oh well they said Jeff got to keep his puppy and his gun. Imagine that a redneck idiot with a dog and a gun. And someone done called the Sheriff’s office on him at moma’s house on the 4th. He better hope that new wife don’t have to call his former sheriff buddies. Cause everybody already knows he’s got a gun.

    When is somone going to let the cat out of the bag why this sucker took early retirement?

    Juan, right over here on Michigan Av just waiting for the fit to hit the shan.

  30. Please be advised that the Lake County Sheriff’s Office does not have an occupant who can fulfill your request at this time ” It would be more meaningful to the people of the county to here from the elected leader of the Sheriffs Office and not a representative.”

    That’s what we got when we tried to take a jailer and make a law enforcement officer ut of him!

    Likewise he then took a lot of his former jailer friends and put them on the road as well. No porper training brings on devastating results!

  31. The Michael Ray Green Story – From Court Dockets to Cover Ups of Failures at the Lake County Jail- Originally sentenced on 11/23/2010 to one year probation for misdemeanor battery. Re-arrested for violation of that probation on 8/18/2011 and dead on 8/23/2011

    Docket Date
    Ref. 14
    Docket Text
    Docket Date
    Docket Text
    ALERT ISSUED VIOLATION OF PROBATION issued on: 08/15/2011 For: GREEN, MICHAEL Bond Amt: 5000 Bond Type:
    Docket Date
    Ref. 16
    Docket Text
    Michael Ray Green Arrested 8/18/2011 @ 11:50 AM
    Booked Lake County Jail @ 12:07:39 PM
    Docket Date
    Ref. 21
    Docket Text
    Docket Date ( Michael Ray Green was removed from the Lake County Jail
    8/22/2011 on 8/22/2011 in an “unresponsive” comatose condition booked out at 1:59:32
    Ref. 17 PM.
    Docket Text
    Death Notice from local newspaper:
    Michael R. Green, 48 of Leesburg, died Tuesday, August 23, 2011. Harden/Pauli Funeral Home, Eustis.
    Docket Date
    8/23/2011 ( Michael Ray Green died on this date!)
    Docket Text
    Docket Date
    8/23/2011 ( Michael Ray Green died on this date!)
    Ref. 18
    Docket Date
    8/23/2011 ( Michael Ray Green died on this date!)
    Ref. 19
    Docket Text
    Docket Date
    8/23/2011 ( Michael Ray Green died on this date!)
    Ref. 20
    Docket Text
    Docket Date
    8/23/2011 ( Michael Ray Green died on this date!)
    Ref. 22
    Docket Text

    Docket Date
    Ref. 23
    Docket Text
    Ref. 24
    Docket Text
    Ref. 25
    Docket Text
    Docket Date
    Docket Text
    Ref. 26
    Docket Text

    Belated news release from Lake County Sheriff’s Office:

    A 48-year-old Leesburg man recently became ill at the Lake County Jail and later died at a local hospital, a sheriff’s department spokesman John Herrell said.

    Michael Ray Green, 34541 S. Haines Creek Road, was arrested on Aug. 18 and charged with violating his probation. Four days later, on Aug. 22, Green was found “unresponsive” in the cell he was placed in, which is used for people having withdrawals, and he was transported to the hospital, according to Lt. John Herrell, PIO for the sheriff’s department. Green died at the hospital on Aug. 23.

    Herrell said Wednesday the Medical Examiner’s Office in Leesburg has yet to determine the cause of Green’s death, “but it is very possible that he died from an underlying medical issue.”
    “Herrell also said Green was not an inmate at the time of his death since he was credited for time served and released from jail in order to get medical attention.” Green has been in jail several times over the last 13 years — in 2010 for battery, in 2009 for violating his probation on a DUI charge, and in 1998 for domestic violence, records show.

    However, bookings since 5/28/2000 show – he was in Lake County Jail from 11/7/2010 to 11/23/2010. Arrested for violation of probation on 8/18/2011 and released “unresponsive” on 8/22/2011 at 1:59:32 PM. A total of 20 days spent in the LCJ in the last 11 years!

    Not quite the criminal the Sheriff’s Public Information Officer John Herrell would have you believe!

    Insiders at the jail say Michael Green was actually found “unresponsive” by “DAN COUSE – C SHIFT” (whose Supervisor is Lt. Robert Tretter) the oncoming shift at head count for shift change in the early morning hours of August 22. 2011 – These insiders also say according to the log no entry was made that anyone from “B SHIFT” Supervisor ZEKE REAMS (385) had not checked on Mr. Green since midnight even though they had placed him in a cell with a padded chair which is used for people having withdrawals!

    Now we have yet another cover up in progress! Once again they bring the judicial system into the cover up instead of just telling the truth! Another family has lost a loved one to this corrupt system and even worse they try to mutilate the character of the lost loved one!

    This death begs for a full scale independent investigation of the management of the Lake County Jail. Not another manipulation of covering up the cover ups by friends and insiders !

  32. Name says:

    This is an issue in which law enforcement and citizens will stand divided. The question of if the shooting is justified is multi faceted. If the victim did in fact point the gun at Deputy Sylvester or was even holding the firearm muzzle up on target, then I must say that the Deputy reacted as he was trained. LCSO has held multiple in service trainings in order to demonstrate that action is faster than reaction. If the Deputy truly recognized a threat and responded as he was trained, it makes it difficult to assign fault. I personally know the Deputy in question and I would vouch for his credibility any day of the week. He is a good man and dedicates himself completely to the Sheriffs Office and the community he protects.

    The issue that I hold personally is how things unfolded leading up to Deputy Sylvester approaching the door. Time is always on your side if you believe you have a possible attempted murder suspect confined to a residence or area for that matter. The supervisor on scene should have reviewed all information provided by the Leesburg Police Department in their probable cause affidavit before even agreeing to provide mutual aid. The Sheriffs office would typically then identify the suspect, identify local addresses and contacts and practice necessary due diligence. With information that I have read, ( which may or may not be factual), the Sheriffs Office had access to the suspects DMV records, knew he was the brother of a Tavares Police Officer,( who they contacted prior to apprehending the suspect after the shooting of the victim), and could have identified the correct address before proceeding. In normal circumstances once the location was confirmed and identified with an alleged crime of that nature, a perimiter would be established and a score sheet would be completed based on known information to determine the possibility of violence from the suspect based on the nature of the crime, known weapons, and criminal history. If deemed necessary a SWAT team trained and equipped to handle situations such as this would have been activated. If necessary a warrant for the suspects residence for his person would have been obtained. The Sheriffs Office would then have proceeded as defined in their own policy and procedures.

    Complacency is not an uncommon occurrence. People get caught in the heat of the moment and move to quickly to resolve calls in order to circumvent all the necessary steps of research and evaluation and the time and head ache that come with it. I have personally rushed in to situations in which I should have slowed down and conformed to policy for both my own personal safety as well as the safety of people such as the shooting victim in this case. I was lucky, Deputy Sylvester was not.

    The Sheriffs Office had assets available to handle difficult situations such as these. Pride, time, and not wanting to be the person who activated resources on the off chance that they are not needed generates the feeling of need to handle it yourself.

    My hope is that the Sheriff himself will address this issue instead of putting a putting his press information officer out to answer the questions. It would be more meaningful to the people of the county to here from the elected leader of the Sheriffs Office and not a representative..

  33. andrew says:

    Was armed according to the police statement? Only a fool would take it at face value. When is the goon Herrell going to be let go? His public address could not have been any more awful

  34. Everyone on earth makes mistakes. This incident which resulted in the death of Andrew Scott was not in itself a mistake; it was the result of a mistake the people and voters of Lake County made when they did not stand up against the appointment of Gary Borders as sheriff of Lake County in 2006. It is the result of the mistake the people and voters of Lake County made when they didn’t question the primary election results in the August 2008 primary election. Simple math should have been an indicator of fraud. 17,000 absentee ballots was requested and mailed out. A whopping 9,000 of them were never returned to be counted. Does anyone in their right mind really believe that 9,000 people suddenly got so upset at politics they just decided not to vote? Many people also saw Bob McKee and Welton Cadwell in and out of the computer networking room on election night which leads some to wonder if they had access to the Jeb Bush – Tom Feeney computer vote fixing software which only requires some well trained monitoring to manipulate the voting results. The existence and use of this program is well documented.

    This Republican primary win led to Borders November landslide simply because Lake County is a Republican County and Adolph Hitler would have been elected sheriff of Lake County if he had been the Republican candidate in November 2008. Even John McCain won Lake County! Therefore all the politically knowledgeable people had to do was work Borders through the Republican primary knowing no one could beat him in November.

    Upon the untimely death of Sheriff Daniels Gary Borders by all acceptable standards should have been the least likely person in Lake County to assume that job. He had absolutely no law enforcement experience. He had a 1998 cross-over training corrections law enforcement training. He only had a high school diploma. He had no 2 year degree let alone no 4 year degree. He was not second in command he was one of two chief’s equal in rank. Wayne Longo was Chief of Law Enforcement. Gary Border was Chief of Jail Operations.

    So how did Gary Borders bypass Chief Wayne Longo and others who were much more qualified to be appointed sheriff of Lake County in October 2006? Connections by those who knew he was a controllable person. In essence with these connections they were able to have Jeb Bush appoint the least qualified applicant as sheriff of Lake County.

    What concern did then Chairman of the Lake County School Board Jimmy Conner have in the appointment of a sheriff? Gary Borders kept telling everyone Chris Daniels was his best friend. Yet, Borders had never been to Daniels home. Borders never attended any of Daniels functions. Actually Borders didn’t even support his friend in the 2004 Republican race for sheriff of Lake County. Gary Borders supported Sandy Carpenter.

    Conner like Borders claimed to be best friends with Sheriff Daniels ; in an email he even told Governor Jeb Bush he knew Gary Borders would be the man Daniels would want to succeed him. ReallY! How did he know that? Did he ask Daniels who he would choose to succeed him in case of his untimely death? Hell no he didn’t. In fact obviously Jimmy Conner didn’t have a clue what was going on in Sheriff’s Daniels Office. At the time of Sheriff Daniels death he was investigating a complaint from the father of a former jail inmate who had called Daniels to complain Borders had had sex with his son while he was jail administrator and was at the present calling the man’s son at home and trying to meet him for a date. Jimmy Conner, did your friend Sheriff Daniels tell you about this? If not you were not his friend because he confided these alarming allegations to a lot of friends and people close to him. He was very upset about this and wanted to make sure he brought about a through investigation into this. Quite obviously these allegations were true because they were substantiated by some former Lake Jail employee’s and witnesses– this investigation was halted, stopped and suppressed by some well connected members of this culture of corruption.

    Bob McKee was also a supporter of the appointment of Gary Borders. What has the tax collector to do with the sheriff’s office? Why would the tax collector care who the sheriff is?
    Sheriff Daniels also actually solved this question by sharing some things with his friends. Wonder if he told his good friends Borders and Conner about this?

    When he finally announced as a Republican candidate for Lake County Sheriff in 2004 Bob McKee offered to take him under his wing – show him the ropes. After all Daniels was a career Law Enforcement Officer well liked by many but, not a polished politician.

    Bob McKee done just what he told Daniels he would do. Later Daniels told friends McKee’s support come at a price. Part of that price was certain employee’s that Bob McKee demanded he terminate or relocate. Most of these people were leaving the agency anyway and originally this did not cause Daniels any real disruption. By early 2005 the south Tavares Campus project which Bob McKee and friends had been pushing before Sheriff Knupp was taken out of office resurfaced. Once again McKee demanded the support of this project by all constitutional officers. Completion of this major building project would have literally relocated all Lake County Government offices to acreage at a location near Lake Idamere south of Tavares at a cost of millions and millions of dollars.

    Sheriff Daniels studied the proposed Lake County Sheriff’s Office building plans. These plans included a vehicle service center and absolutely everything a sheriff’s office would need except the county jail. Only the county jail and the present judicial center and expansion and new parking garage would be left in downtown Tavares. Daniels passed these plans out to the command staff for their input.

    One day Sheriff Daniels announced that he was not going to support this massive building project. He collected up all the plans. He even made the remark that he had just made enemies with Bob McKee over this. Everyone whether they will admit it or not already knew George Knupp had refused to support this massive debt and building project. There are still some witnesses who heard Knupp and McKee in Knupp’s office when he told McKee he would not support this project. McKee turned red faced and left the sheriff’s office. Until his death Knupp told people his demise was brought about for failing to support Bob McKee’s building projects.
    No one recalls McKee or anyone else ever mentioning the South Tavares Campus project to interim Sheriff Fred Cobb. The project finally died insiders say because of the failing of the economy and McKee pushed to build new offices for himself and the property appraiser by pushing back the parking garage from Main Street at their present location.

    At the end of the day what Lake County got was a sheriff who was installed by a culture of corruption in Lake County who has the ability to control their environment from connections and media sources.

    Ever since the election of Obama and his obvious questionable direction he wants to take this country the people have worried about the possibility of such events as Marshall Law. They wonder if the government has the power to turn US Armed Forces against it’s people? Many people have long been concerned what direction local law enforcement would take if they were in fact order by the Federal government to take actions against the people. For the most part people well respect and feel comfortable with their armed forces after all that has always been our mainstay to the freedom we enjoy.

    From the onset of the Obama Administration he talked about creating an internal homeland security force.

    The Lake County Sheriff’s Department received a grant of an armed personnel carrier. It is obvious to people with brains that sheriff Borders runs nothing less than a Gestapo. Although Borders is registered as a Republican he lives the lifestyle of a Democrat. In fact he is heavily supported by Central Florida’s Chief Obama supporter John Morgan. Does John Morgan have Obama and Borders both on speed dial on his blackberry? Most likely!

    It has long been said ignorance is bliss. Corruption survives because of the ignorance of the people. Lake County has long been an oasis for ignorance. Lake’s well organized culture of corruption has a way of inviting the greedy and ignorant to “step into my parlor said the spider to the fly.”

  35. Name says:

    No sheriff’s department has the “right” to place the well being of it’s officers above that of the citizen it is sworn to protect. If an office must put his life and limb on the line to assure the well being of a citizen so be it. This was just “murder” plain and simple. Each office of the LCSO needs a copy of the US Consitution and should be required to read same. We see on TV news the backside of the Sheriff disapearing into the sheriff’s office …no word of explaination… no we are sorry … not a word. Very poor… very sad!

  36. June 28, 2011
    Breaking News! – Tavares, Florida!

    Robert Myers – Lake County Deputy Sheriff Court Bailiff Is Arrested For Domestic Battery!

    Lake County Sheriff Deputy Cpl. Robert Myers was arrested late last date on the charges of DOMESTIC BATTERY! Myers was arrested by Marion County Sheriff’s deputies at his home and is being held in the Marion County Jail without bond.

    Lake Deputy Robert Myers resigns amid internal investigation
    August 27, 2011

    TAVARES — Court security deputy Robert Myers has resigned amid an internal probe that focused on conflicting statements he provided to law-enforcement officials investigating a domestic-battery allegation.

    Myers, 43, who began his Lake County Sheriff’s Office career in 1995, submitted a letter to Sheriff Gary Borders, saying he believed his resignation “to be in the best interest of the Sheriff’s Office and myself.” The letter made no reference to the internal probe or a separate domestic-battery charge he faces.

    Myers had been on administrative leave from the department since June, when he was charged with battery, accused of striking his live-in girlfriend Robin Nycol Douglas, a former deputy, at their home in Weirsdale

    A change of plea is scheduled for Wednesday, according to the Marion County Clerk of Courts website. And the least Gary Borders could do was provide Robert Myers the services of his lawyer friend Michael Graves. Beside that Graves needed the out of Lake County exposure; he was planning to run for 5th circuit public defender.

    The Lake sheriff’s administrative probe was related to a different alleged battery — in which Myers accused Douglas of pushing and scratching him, an incident that led to her arrest and dismissal from the Sheriff’s Office.

    Myers later recanted his sworn statement when questioned by an official with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission, sheriff’s spokesman Lt. John Herrell said. The commission was preparing a review of Douglas’ law-enforcement certification. Which resulted in a finding of no wrong doing on her part!

    Myers admitted he did not even write the victim statement which caused the arrest and firing of his girlfriend and deputy sheriff Robin Douglas. In fact in the statement box under do you wish to prosecute the no box is checked. Insiders at the Lake Courthouse say Sheriff Borders come to the courthouse that morning and took Myers into the hall and told him it is either you or her. Borders then had another bailiff deputy write the lying report which caused Lt. David Pelton to call Douglas in off the road, arrest and jail her on erroneous charges. Interesting also is since the sheriff’s website was blown off the air mug shots of Robin Douglas and others illegally arrested by this Gestapo has disappeared from their website.

    In April 2010, after co-workers noticed scratches on his face, Myers, who held the rank of corporal, told his supervisors he had been involved in a disturbance with Douglas. A sheriff’s report said she acknowledged an altercation but described Myers as the aggressor, although she had no visible signs of injury.

    Douglas was charged with battery and pleaded not guilty. The misdemeanor case was later dismissed by County Judge Donna Miller on the condition that Douglas submit to a substance abuse and mental-health assessment. Douglas passed everything with no problems and the charge was dismissed.

    What will never be dismissed is the black mark put on her forever at the hands of Gary Borders and his lying Gestapo. Then everyone finds out that Robert Myers was actually another one of Borders old lovers from his Lake Jail days. This ain’t rumor this is facts! Another young male’s ability to lead a normal life destroyed by Gary Borders. The actual number of lives destroyed by Gary Borders is unknown but including the famlies of his victims the numbers can easily reach into the thousands. How many are we still paying for to get special treatment? Wonder how much this one old love affair with Robert Myers cost we the taxpayers?

  37. Borders should leave no Stone un-turned while investigating this shooting….damn that’s right he flips his STONE over and has his way with it.

  38. To imply that Borders ever had institutional control is nuts. In order to lose something you had to once have “had” it. Since Sheriff Daniels died, Borders has been buddy buddy with employees, and has no control over LCSO. He has been real Buddy butty with some of his subordinates. Borders told everyone what they wanted to hear so that he could get elected, after Daniels died. Since his election in 2008 Borders and his staff idiots have continued to run the department in the ground.

    There are pay differentials for his butties. If you are on the knee pad gang, your pay has risen exponentially. Now we have a deputy shoot an innocent man in his own home. WTF do you expect when you knock on a door at 130am. It is not against the law to have a gun in your own home. I do not believe for one second that the citizen pointed the gun at deputies. Had LCSO deputies been trained properly in officer safety techniques, then they would not have been in a vulnerable spot. Did the deputies see the “bad guy” go into the apartment where they killed an innocent guy? No they did not.

    There has been no leadership at LCSO since Daniels died. Where is Borders? Why has he not made a statement about the shooting? Oh that’s right he has his department talking head John Herrell spouting off misinformation about the shooting. Stand up Gary and attempt to be a leader and a MAN for once!

    As General George Patton stated:
    “Be willing to make decisions. That’s the most important quality in a good leader.” General George S. Patton.

    There are no good qualities in Borders. I’m sure Borders would not quote General Patton, he would prefer to quote Richard Simmons or Ru Paul.

    Borders has only performed the Ostrich maneuver, where he buries his head in the sand to run form responsibilities or leadership; which may be beneficial to him and his BUTTIES.

    Do Lake County a favor and step down! You have systematically destroyed a good agency and have lead the agency down a path of ruin.

    Just leave Gary, you are a disgrace to all law enforcement.!!!!!

  39. In your opinion was the shooting and killing of Andrew Lee Scott by Lake County Sheriff Deputies a tragic accident, justifiable response or over zealous law enforcement?

    The shooting of Mr. Scott was for sure tragic but, it was not an accident! It was a deliberate act of violence committed on an innocent human being who responded from his sleep to an unannounced knock on his door. At the very least this is a cut and dried case of manslaughter! The charges should encompass all three present when the crime was committed as well as all of those up to and including sheriff Borders who was involved in yet another attempt at obstruction of justice for which they are so well known.

    The shooting of Mr. Scott can not be justified in any manner. Law enforcement has many tools available at their fingertips other than guns and tasers. They have computer systems on which they can run tags and such. Granted Jonathan Brown was a former Groveland Police Officer from September 2, 2009 who was terminated by GPD on August 23, 2010 for failure to satisfy agency field training. And it is possible a run of his tag could be blocked. If they done this at least they would have known they were looking for a former cop. What was the hurry? Why not contact the apartment manager? After all this was not some big crime until after they shot and killed Mr. Scott. It was reported over the radio as an aggravated assault. Something even these law enforcement offices commit every day! Richard Sylvester the reported shooter of the three was also one of three present with other deputies who killed the assailant of Rose Nelson at the Advanced Auto Parts Store in Eustis on the morning of July 11th. It is reported he was not a shooter in that death however, was directly present at the time of the shooting and according to news releases (which we now know if they come from LCSO are as worthless as the paper they are written on) like the two other deputies present at this shooting he should have still been off duty and under counseling at this time.

    Do you believe Sheriff Borders and his commanders have lost institutional control of the Sheriff’s Department?

    Gary Borders and his commanders have never had institutional control of the Sheriff’s Department! Gary Borders total experience has been in county jails. Operating jail facilities where you have almost total control over the inmates at all times does not give one experience at facing the public at large! One can easily see that by Borders refusal to address the public he is paid and sworn to serve even on television. His response to all issues is to lie, lie some more and ignore the facts of the issues at hand.

    From the beginning of Gary Borders appointment to the office of sheriff he was never anything more than a POST TURTLE. Elevated to the position of sheriff upon the death of Sheriff Chris Daniels by a well connected culture of corruption with direct connections to Jeb Bush. Borders was the jail chief. Wayne Longo was the Chief of Law Enforcement under Sheriff Daniels. It stands to reason that Longo should have been made the sheriff. With support from the likes of Jimmy Conner, Bob McKee, Welton Cadwell, Sanford Minkoff, Carey Baker and others.
    Every last one of them supporting Gary Borders because they knew he had an alternative lifestyle and he would be easy for them to threaten and control. What they might not have known at the time was Borders penchant for the really young boys and like Captain Mike Ford most of them had probably never heard of Borders Green Isle Boys Ranch 20 plus years connections and the rapes and other crimes he had already suppressed and covered up there over the years!

    Lake County’s culture of corruption as well as a few so called business people (mostly illegal business) and the ones whose histories are so rotten no ethical agency will hire them has no choice but stand behind Gary Borders. That is what we are seeing right now in this election process. We have corruption supporting corruption so when you see a Borders political supporter ask yourself what skin they have in the game? There is gold in it for them there supporters somewhere.

    Lacey Buenfil’s family reported her missing to LCSO on Dec. 29, 2011 after last seeing her Christmas Day.

    According to news releases by Lt. John Herrell Lacey Buenfil has been described a meth user and drifter. Lake Sheriff’s Office spent little or no time looking in the area she was last reported to be!

    But family and friends who know the former Leesburg High School student said she could never just disappear for three weeks.

    According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, an acquaintance of the woman, Terry Kenneth McDowell, 51, who officials say also has a known drug history, told deputies that he was with Lacey in the Ocala National Forest (in the Big Scrub area) on Dec. 27 using drugs when his truck became stuck.

    McDowell added Buenfil left the area to head towards State Road 19 to find a ride and he hasn’t seen her or heard from her since. Surveillance video from a convenience store in the area of the forest shows Buenfil with McDowell on the morning of Dec. 27, 2011. To this day Lacey Marie Buenfil has not been located. But once again the loving memory of a family who lost a loved one has been even more tarnished by the unsubstantiated remarks coming from the mouth of Lake County Sheriff’s Spokesman John Herrell.

    This ain’t about politics! This is about corruption in Lake County supporting corruption that has no regard for human life. If you folks think Andrew Scott is the first and only victim of this madness you are sadly mistaken. And don’t forget according to John Herrell every last one of them was nothing but the scum of the earth. Remember TWO shot and Killed in Paisley; I believe one was complaining about Lake Deputies selling drugs from their marked sheriff’s cars. Not sure what the other one done wrong but Deputy Jicha shot and killed him sitting on his couch in front of his family for contempt of cop. Now they say Deputy Jicha has trouble sleeping at night. Wonder why? It can’t be that any of these maniacs have a conscience or they wouldn’t be working for Gary Borders!

  40. Name says:

    I think this was a tragic accident. One, the deputies had the wrong address (how did that happen?). Two, if someone is banging on your door in the wee hours of the morning DON’T open the door without asking who is there first. I understand why Mr. Scott came to his door armed, I would too at that hour. But please, ask who is there first. It’s safer. As for what the deputy saw when the door was opened…well only he knows and only he knows if he felt threatened. They have a split second to make a decision to shoot or not to shoot. Considering who they “thought” they had, I can see why they would shoot an armed person. Yes, there needs to be a very thorough investigation at all levels. My prayers go out to the family and friends. of Mr. Scott. My prayers also go out to the deputy…I’m sure he is suffering too.

  41. LKP says:

    Andrew, was so kind and loving. The best way I can describe him would be a “gentle giant”. Andrew was in the privacy of his own home when the Sheriff’s department pounded on his door at 1:30 am Sunday morning (without announcing who they were). One of the Lake County Sheriff’s deputies fired his weapon. The result is one innocent young man is dead and everyone that loved him are left to pick up the pieces the best way they know how. A mother no longer has her son/best friend, a brother no longer has his brother, and friends no longer have that warm smile and friendship they knew so well. So many lives have been affected by this tragedy including mine. To see a mother’s heart break for losing a life that she brought into this world and watch grow into a beautiful young man be lost to the individuals that are supposed to protect us, is more than words can describe. I read the other day in an article “The police are here to protect us from criminals but who will protect us from the police?” and it really hit home. Since when is it OK to shoot an innocent person? When will all of this violence stemming from the Lake County Sheriff’s Department stop? Please join in the campaign to make sure the officer that shot Andrew is held accountable for his actions and the Lake County Sheriff’s Department is held accountable for their actions.

  42. Name says:

    I believe that the murder that happened early Sunday morning to Andrew Lee Scott was so damn wrong on every aspect you can think of. Who the hell do the police think they are by just knocking on a door, not identifying themselves, shooting and then OOPS sorry wrong man and wrong apartment. THEN after their blunder they try to turn it around that the deputies felt threatened so they just unloaded their clips, trashed his name and image and ruined so many lives for his family and friends. The Lake County Sheriff’s office needs to clean house immediately if not sooner. What a disgrace to Lake County and society. I believe that the three deputies should be held accountable and brought up on murder charges.

  43. C says:

    You ask for our opinion ” Was the shooting and killing of Andrew Lee Scott by Lake County Sheriff Deputies a tragic accident, justifiable response or over zealous law enforcement?” How can anyone give an educated opinion without knowing all of the facts? Everyone rushes to judgment without knowing the whole story or facts.

    You want to point fingers at the whole department and the Sheriff and accuse them of losing control, when individual people make mistakes or screw up. That would be like accusing a parent, that raised a child to have a mind of their own and make their own decisions, was at fault for bad choices or decisions. PEOPLE are response for their own actions and decisions.

  44. admin says:

    We errantly stated in the release of our newsletter that Andrew Lee Scott was unarmed when in fact he was holding a weapon. We apologize for this misstatement.

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