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Retired Lake County Sheriff’s Captain Mike Ford Interview Part 2 Hostile Work Environment

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Retired Lake County Sheriff’s Captain Mike Ford Interview

Part 2

Hostile Work Environment

Retired Lake County Sheriff’s Captain

Mike Ford

This newsletter is part 2 of an interview Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. conducted with Lake County Sheriff’s Department Retired Captain Mike Ford about Sheriff Gary Borders and the Lake County Sherriff’s Department.  For 21 years, Retired Captain Mike Ford was an integral part of the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, and he worked directly for Sheriff Borders when he was a Major over the jail.  (Click here for Part 1)

Ford has a long history with the Sheriff’s Department and a keen awareness of how it works.  He retired in September 2011 as a five-year Captain; and, according to Lieutenant John Herrell from the Lake County Sheriff’s Department-Office of Professional Standards, Ford retired in good standing with no issues of poor conduct or illegality.

Retired Captain Mike Ford-About the Department

Q: Is the Sheriff’s Department in danger of EEOC lawsuits for a hostile work environment? 

Ford:  Absolutely.

Q:  Do you think Sheriff Borders has been compromised and is he in a position to be blackmailed?

Ford:  Yes, because of his past relationships.  He made me Captain to shut me up.  I owed him, he gave me a chance, and I covered for him for 21 years.  One reason he got elected as Sheriff was people like me covered for him.  My debt is paid-we are squared.

Q:  How bad is the morale at the Lake County Sheriff’s Department?

Ford:  Horrible-it’s bad.  It’s nothing anyone can do, no one cares.

Q:  Do you believe the Lake County Sheriff’s Department is corrupt; and, if so, why?

Ford:  Yes, because getting elected and keeping their job is more important than helping the everyday citizen.  It is a 24/7 365–days-a-year campaign in which they have forgotten public service. 

Q:  Is this corruption widespread?

Ford:  Absolutely.  The command staff has gravy jobs they are trying to protect, and things like the recent Waldrop arrest for illegal use of the department gas cards is widespread.  They all claim they are on call. I know, because I have done it.

Q:  We have heard of allegations in which a High Ranking Officer in the Sheriff’s Department paid one of his subordinates to do his college papers while he was attending the Administrative Officers’ Course at the Southern Police Institute at the University of Louisville in Kentucky.  From what we understand, it cost the taxpayers approximately $12,000 for this Officer to participate in the program, and he is now receiving incentive pay for this education.  Do you have any knowledge of this?

Ford:  I reported it to Peyton Grinnell.  Peyton Grinnell said it was not a fire-able offense and nothing was done about it.

Q:  A lot of people have been very critical of the Sheriff’s budget and spending.  In your view, how wasteful is the budget?

Ford:  First, the Medical Director of the jail has no medical certifications, no medical certificates-he is not even a nurse; but, because he is friends with the Sheriff he is making medical decisions every day at the jail.  He is a friend of the Sheriff who brags about going to supper with the Sheriff and hanging out with him.

I’ll give you another example of how money is being wasted.  Sheriff Borders has something called community meetings and he has 6-7 full-time employees who all they do is set-up meetings in gated communities.  These meetings are really campaign meetings for the Sheriff.  If he really cared about the citizens, he would put these 6-7 people on the road instead of his campaign. 

Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. hopes (as well as probably the majority of our readers) that Retired Captain Mike Ford’s concerns of retaliation by the Sheriff’s Department are unfounded, and we will keep you informed.  The allegations of a hostile workplace and questionable employee relationships against Sheriff Gary Borders are very serious, and we encourage that investigative action be taken.

In regards to the Medical Director for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Kevin Lenhart, we contacted Lieutenant Herrell about the allegations made by Retired Captain Mike Ford, and he responded via email with the following:

No medical licensing is required for his position.  On a smaller scale, I liken Kevin’s position to that of a President or Chief Executive Officer of a local hospital. 

As the Health Services Administrator, Kevin oversees the day-to-day administrative operations of the jail’s medical unit to insure that we are providing statutorily-required medical care for the inmates.  His duties include, but are not limited to, overseeing the contracts for physicians, dentists, psychiatrists, and hospitals, and insuring proper staffing of medical personnel. 

The medical-related functions within the unit are carried out under the guidance of a contract physician, Nurse Practitioner, and Director of Nursing.   

In a conversation with us, Lieutenant Herrell admitted that the Medical Director has been investigated for giving medical treatment without a license and indicated he had been cleared.  Our question to the Sheriff’s Department is simple:  With budgets being slashed and money being so tight, how can they afford to have a “President” or “Chief Executive Officer” of a small medical facility who can’t even give a shot?  This suggests either the Sheriff’s Department is not good stewards of the taxpayers’ money or the position is being filled for friendship or political reasons.

As we stated in Part 1 of our interview with Retired Captain Mike Ford, we will offer Sheriff Gary Borders an opportunity to rebut these allegations.  We understand that political season usually ushers in silly season in politics; however, these allegations by someone so high ranking in the Sheriff’s Department is not a laughing matter.  Somehow or another they must be addressed.

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29 Responses to “Retired Lake County Sheriff’s Captain Mike Ford Interview Part 2 Hostile Work Environment”

  1. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be book-marking
    and checking back frequently!

  2. When Michael Green was found unresponsive by the oncoming shift in that cell with the green chair in it he had not been checked since before midnight. Someone destroyed the records. We hope his family got them a good lawyer and will sue. Just the John Herrell stupid “former inmate” news release statements should be worth a million bucks. I mean they found this man comotose in a medical cell. Loaded him out to the hospital. Then immediately took his case before Judge James Baxley for a sentence reduction to time served after he was already dead and then Herrell calls him a former jail inmate. Did Baxley know this man was already dead?

    If these people are that rotten and coniving wonder what they have done that people haven’t found out about yet?

  3. Name says:

    I worked under Kevin Lenhart in the medical department at LCSO. He is a horrible person. He yells at the nurses, changes medical files, slips medication to “special” inmates in the jail, and if you are onto him he will bully you until you can’t take it anymore. Kevin is very underhanded and gets away with unauthorized activity within the medical department. Nurses witness many things at the jail. Contraband is passed to inmates by jail officers, including illegal drugs and cell phones. The work environment at the jail is hostile towards those who are not in the clique.

  4. I have been treated in the same way as Cpt. Ford says: June 6, 2012 at 1:26 am

    You need to document not only your treatment from August 2010 to present but you should also document every “incident you witnessed” which was a crime committed by others in the agency. Once each of you coming forth document your own information you should figure out some way to meet and have a get together among witnesses. Even though some of these witnesses seen to have issues with each other always remember the enemy of my enemy is my friend! There is strengh in unity and once this group of witnesses is organized they will be able to demand the governor open an investigation into the evidence of wronf doing presneted by the witnesses. Remember Gary Borders is only the sheriff of Lake County. He might have John Morgan and Obama in his hip pocket with him but we live in a country where no one is supposed to be above the law including those three!

    At some point you will want to turn your documentaton into an affidavit and sign it before a notary.

    In order to make this happen you will have to band together much like the Trayvon Martin cases where Jessie and Al come together to bring about an outside of jurisdiction investigation. That’s the problem here in Lake County with Borders and the rest of these corrupt hoodlums – when they are investigated its by their friends like Mike Giddens and others who are just as rotten as they are!

  5. In Aug. 2010 after writing up my supervisors for failing to allow me to go home and change out of a uniform that an inmate I was helping vomited blood on me soiling my uniform and boots, I was basically being attacked by the Sheriff’s Office. The work environment I was subjected to was: my job evaluation went down drastically, I was continuously placed in high stress units that were out of control, and eventually they forced me to resign over allegations in which I had no knowledge of or participation in. I was told I had three options when I entered that office and none included me keeping my job. I was also told that if I resigned there would be no further investigation on me (criminal or internal), that was a lie for in two weeks time I received a letter from the Sheriff’s Office stating I was under internal investigation. I was a faithful employee of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office for 12 yrs then I sent a simple e-mail to Sheriff Gary Borders stating the above incident. Soon after I found myself attacked, out of a job, and black listed to where I cannot find a job any where in Lake County. My personnel file for 12 yrs. of service had no write ups or grievances and my job evaluations did nothing but progressively get better. I also had a reputable military career with no discrepancies. I have done nothing to deserve these attacks on my person nor my family, I just want what every other man, husband, and father wants and that is to know that the Sheriff’s Office is there to protect me and my family not to make up malicious lies to ruin their lively hoods because of some ” GOOD OLE BOY SYSTEM.” I can also confirm some of the statements that Capt. Ford has made for I have witnessed some myself.

  6. Integrity Florida is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research institute whose mission is to promote integrity in government and expose public corruption.

    Very good! One heck of a lot of research has obvisously already been done on Lake County corruption because it is available on line already. Lake County already has a public corruption website. A lot of these statewide groups are infiltrated by those with their fingers in the corruption and use that information simply to find out what people know so they know which pile to cover up next. For instance Bob McKee’s FOUR dates of birth on government documents alone are proof he is running from something. These documents are available online and obviously real law enforcement could figure out very quickly what his real DOB is and what he’s running from if they wanted too!

    The best way to promote integrity in public officials is to enforce the laws and put these criminals who commit crimes against humanity and steal from the taxpayers and others as well in jail and then on to long, long prison sentences! But, some law enforcement and the states attorney’s and judges are as corrupt as the rest of the criminals that have infiltrated our government agencies.

    If we did in fact enforce the laws and arrest these criminals their replacements will get the idea the people are not going to tolerate theives on their payrolls and “the system” will soon be sparkling clean. This is not rocket science just plain old fashioned common sense! Only then will you promote the culture necessary to replace these harden criminals in our public offices with honest people of integrity.

  7. For all those who are sick of the corruption, after a little research, I found Integrity of Florida. This is a watch group set out to end corruption. I am going to give you the website as well as the founder’s information who advised he would love to hear from you. He will be in the Orlando area around June 10th and is willing to meet with those who can give him information regarding the corruption. You can also email him with the information if you would like to stay anonymous. You can also contact him via telephone and he will answer the phone. I hope for those of you who are truly serious about ending this corruption in Lake County that you will contact him.

    Contact Us:
    (850) 321-0432
    715 N. Calhoun St., #4
    Tallahassee, FL 32303

  8. It seems a lot of Borders supporters would like to make this a gay issue. It is not a gay issue because it would not matter if he was straight and running around the county jail and feeling up the female inmates or “handling” the little girls at the Girl Scouts.

    Disney’s Gay Days has brought a lot of attention to “their issues.” Just today they will present a petition with 280,000 signatures demanding the Boy Scouts reinstate a lesbian den mother.

    Most of the gays and lesbians I know do not afford protection or support to those who do not come out and admit to the public that they are in fact gay or lesbian. To them it’s all about the lying – obviously the real people have no problem with alternative lifestyles as long as they leave the juveniles and those of whom they excercise power over alone.

    Gary Borders might as well admit he is living with Scott Stone in Eustis. All of the neighbors know it and some have even put it on their facebook welcoming them to the neighborhood.

    I mean does Gary Borders really think the people of Lake County is that stupid? If so I think we need to vote him out unless of course some real law enforcement agency comes along and arrests him for his heinious crimes!

  9. Confess call the governor and resign and throw myself on the mercy of the people and the courts and get my good friend Michael Graves to work out some kind of pre-trail intervention (PTI) so I can keep my retirement and go back home to Moma.

    Get my friends at channel 9 and Lauren Ritchie to air and print some more good stories about what a good job I’m doing to combat sexual predators and rid the county of those peskey meth labs.

    Remind Peyton to tell David Pelton, Jeff Taylor and their friends to stop counter attacking those pesky bloggers; every time they do those truthful bloggers just come out with more and more credible evidence about my penchant for little boys and I’m afraid people are going to begin to believe what they see and hear.

    Remind everyone that I was the Chief Deputy when Sheriff Daniels got killed in that horrible accident and even though I didn’t really want this job it was forced on me by Governor Bush!
    Don’t forget to tell Peyton to tell Major Wayne Longo to stop telling everyone that when Daniels got killed we were both equally “Chief’s.” Longo was Chief of Law Enforcement and I was Chief of the Jail.

    Longo thought he was going to get this job but, if you remember; Bob McKee called Gary Lester at the Villages and Gary Called Jeb Bush and boom I was the man, “the sheriff’ of Lake County.

    Longo is trying to make me look like a fool now since I told everyone I was the “Chief Deputy” under Sheriff Daniels. He’s mad because I didn’t let him continue to use the title of Chief and made him go back to being Major Longo. I couldn’t admit we were both “Chief’s” especially since he was the only one of us with real law enforcement experience.

    Continue to remind everyone that I have thirty two years of law enforcement experience. Don’t let anyone know from July 1980 to October 2006 every day of it was working in a county jail.
    Hope I don’t hear anymore about Captain Todd Luce being loose at Silver Glen Springs this weekend.

    Back to reconsider my first thought of the day I am a sick man and I don’t really need all this pressure and looming consequences. If I am convicted of a felony my retirement is gone with the wind.

  10. Name says:

    For over twenty years the Green Isle Boys Ranch near Clermont and the Lake County jail provided Gary Borders with an endless supply of boytoys.

    Everyone including Border old friends and so-conspirators is concerned alright because more and more people throughout Lake County and the entire state of Florida are now finding out the truth about the Green Isle Ranch. The Bridges of America group who actually owned Green Isle Ranch continues to operate as vendors for the Florida Department of Corrections collection over $1 MILLION per month for various prison services. These are the same people who owned Green Isle Ranch.

    Remember when State Representative Marleen O’Toole asked Gary Border about mentoring some boys involved in her Take Stock in Children organization she said Borders asked her if he could take the boys home; when she replied No! his reply was why would I want to waste my time then.

    That statement alone leads a prudent person to wonder why did Gary Border waste his time for over 20 years at the Green Isle Ranch? Did he take the boys home from there also? How many other well connected deviants might have also taken boy from the Green Isle Boys Ranch to their home or other outings?

    The answers to these questions is what makes the Green Isle Boys Ranch such a hot potato! The people know a lot of powerful people were involved in the horror’s and nightmares of the Green Isle Ranch.

    If not, why then would someone like Gary Borders work at least five days a week as a major face to face with an employee (now retired Captain Mike Ford) and never mention the Green Isle Boys Ranch? Yet at the same time pictures prove that then Sheriff Gary Borders was at the Green Isle with his jail cook Baby Ann; Captain Steve Moss and Sgt. Chip Ray? The answer here appears to be Gary Borders didn’t share his secrets of Green Isle except with his certain friends he could trust.

    So, everyone is concerned. The caught have now really been caught and they are concerned about more and more facts of sex abuse charges coming forth. Good, honest people of morals are concerned because the find it hard to believe that sexual abuse of children has been ongoing and covered up by the highest law enforcement authority in Lake County, the sheriff himself!

    Everyone shoe be concerned enough to demand these crimes committed by whomever is guilty are brought to justice immediately. Haven’t we have enough victims at the hands of Gary Borders?

  11. WoW says:

    You sure is shakin’ up things RSOL. LOL

  12. Thanks for doing what you are allowed to do. Guess we didn’t realize the vote computer fixer guy was protected. Maybe he’s another X-husband of the local politically protected heiress who’s had so many we can’t keep count, we don’t know and we don’t care! The problem is the protected among us is how Lake County got to the level of corruption it is today. The truth and nothing but the truth is what it will take to cure this nightmare we are living in.

    Anyone who cares to learn about the Republican methods of vote fixing can find the same information on Tavares Topix.

    Speaking of which we notice many of the bloggers who post here also post on the topix to ensure their comments are not only monitored but their contents suppressed.

    The same treatment bloggers get from all the communist news media outlets!

  13. Don’t know exactly who the blogger calls Dobruck but we can tell everyone who is concerned; a very large group of people is sick and tired of Lake County’s organized crime syndicate running Lake County and stealing the taxpayers blind. We don;t need to waste this blogs space on the evidence and details of same. The criminal evidence is well documented and NO! those people who have dedicated their lives to bring this corruption to an end will never give up until the criminals are in handcuffs and hauled off to a real jail; and we are many more than you will ever realize. See you in court!

  14. Name at May 26, 2012 at 1:12 pm and Anonymous at May 26, 2012 at 1:11 pm is the same double blog and blogger – seems as though they are as nervous as the ole gal that gave herself two enemia’s trying to take a douche. Just calm down you have the right to remain silent and we’re sure you have stolen enought to hire a good lawyer! Your turn will come!

  15. Everyone in Lake County should not only be a concerned citizen they should be very concerned about the devious sexual encounters reported to have been going on between the current sheriff and little boys and jail employee’s and inmates for years. Furthermore, they should also be concerned as to how a well know sexual pervert (not just gay) could be elevated to the office of sheriff of this county without any serious background investigations on his long questionable behavior around young male juveniles. Prior to becoming the powerful sheriff of the county his sexual encounters were confined to the Lake County Jail employee’s and inmates and the Green Isle Boys Ranch with the exception of his Chris Belton affair which was more about Belton’s access to receive all the bail bond business possible from the jail as well as help in getting the county to trade off the property Belton had where McKee and Havill’s offices and the parking garage is now located for the land at the front door of the Lake Jail. For some time now he has had a mostly gay lover deputy Scott Stone although friends of Chris Belton say they still have an occasional day fling especially when Chris Belton wants to get some insider information for his friends such as who ratted them out and caused them to get busted and stuff.

    A little education on the political process here in Lake County will show the people with brains just how this thing works.

    The August 26, 2008 Sheriff’s primary election had a total of four candidates; votes received.
    Gary Borders – 15,685 votes
    Tom Mysinger – 5,593
    Patty Wells – 2821
    George Knupp – 1326


    Lake County is primarily a Republican County. In recent history with the exception of the supervisor of elections race most all county offices are virtually elected in the primary election. In most cases as with the 2008 Sheriff’s General election the opponent is put into the race by the Republican candidate and/ or their friends to block or close the primary election to anyone who is not registered as a Republican. This is also the case in this years sheriff’s election. Candidate Thompson was placed in the race simply to block and close the primary election. He has put up over $5,000 dollars and has absolutely no chance what so ever of being elected sheriff of Lake County if there is a Republican on the November ballot!

    The fact is Gary Borders was really elected in the August 26, 2008 primary election through the manipulation of the computer votes as well as the disappearance of 9000 absentee ballots that had been requested and never got back for county by the supervisor of elections.) You can see the affidavit from the man who made the program this is how they manipulate the voting machines here:

    Read the part where those who know what and how to do so can enter the networking room and manipulate the machines to communicate directly with the precinct scanners!
    c**** ****s’ affidavit that he made the program for Bush friend Tom Feeney who is now employed by a lobbying group in Tallahassee known as Associated Industries of Florida.

    Then it was off to the General Election for Gary Borders – Absolutely no competition, just a name on the ballot for the purpose of closing the primary election to all voters! it’s a landslide for any Republican whose name appears on the ballot. The smoke and mirrors culture of corruption goons always love to use this figure to make everyone who does not know how it works thank the elected criminals where elected by a landslide.

    In the November 14, 2008 General Election the votes were;
    Gary Borders – 109,408 or 80.90%
    Dan Sells – 25,843 or 19.10%

    Smoke and Mirrors – Just like the one year old Child Predator arrests stores on Channel 9 yesterday!

    If Dan Sells (who by the way just like Thompson recently just walked in the supervisor of elections office and plunked down the filing fee in cash) had not been a candidate in the November 2008 sheriff’s election every registered voter in Lake County would have been allowed to vote in the August 26, 2008 primary.

    How would that change the race? Well it would have been a lot harder for them to manipulate all those votes and absentee ballots for sure. Anyone with brains knows the “9000 missing ballots” were not votes for Gay Borders and that for sure! In order to vote in that “closed primary” they had to be registered Republicans. Then you have to factor in the possibility that another 25,843 voters who voted against Gary Borders when they were finally afforded the opportunity, some of which could also be the same voters whose votes were allowed to be given to one of the other three primary candidates on August 26, 2008.

    You can figure it any way you want too but, the fact remains if they didn’t put someone up to run from another party and these races were honest Gary Border would have lost his butt in August 2008 and everyone knows that including him. He had the recent polls results and knew he was a loser in 2008 – when his friends on channel 9 showed him at the victory party that night he was more surprised he won than anyone else. We doubt he even knew they were fixing the race for him.

    Gary Borders sick lifestyle and history of “handling children” as he called it on one job application has been whispered for over thirty years now. Everyone knows he is fond of little boys. This fondness stretches back to the boys clubs of Osceola County, then he and his friends started the Green Isle Boys Ranch in Clermont. He was fired from the Osceola County Jail in December 1988 and come to work at the Lake Jail in January 1989 – all the while he played at the Green Isle Boys Ranch on the week ends. In an interview this past week his 21 year employee (15 years directly reporting to Borders when he was jail major) stated he had never heard Gary Borders mention the Green Isle Boys Ranch. Over 20 plus years several little boys reported being raped – every report was covered up and no one was ever prosecuted! What is a man Gary Borders age doing hanging around and playing with little boys at his Green Isle Boys Ranch? Then when an older boy at the ranch rapes the younger boys why didn’t sheriff Borders immediately arrest the rapist? Some say because Borders and the rapist Tyler Anthony Jackson age 17 were special friends also!

    Borders sick sex life has not just surfaced because he is running for re-election. It has been well known and documented for years. Most good honorable people like Captain Mike Ford have probably long believed that this nightmare would somehow come to an end on it’s on. However thanks to Borders powerful friends at channel 9 and other media outlets just like the spin they done yesterday with John Herrell lamenting all the sexual predator arrest they made almost one year ago proves Borders is somehow not a sexual pervert himself! Nothing could be farther from the truth! Follow the 77 page summary on the Green Isle Ranch story. See where he stopped the rapes investigation and then follow it on back all the way back to Osceola County. He spent every spare minute of his like around little boys and then covers up for one who rapes five other younger then him. Something is bad wrong here!

    Captain Mike Ford did make other stunning remarks about Borders jailhouse sexcapades of which the facts have long been known and at least some of the witnesses lied to the FBI when they investigated those sexual encounters between then Major Borders and jail inmates in his office.

    As for this concerned citizen being worried about candidate Carpenter having had extra marital affairs and such; from the rumors on the street it seems he has admitted to not being totally faithful to his wife of many years at some point in their life. Rumors say they have long ago made up and he was forgiven and their marriage apparently survived the storm. That is by not means unusual behavior for normal heterosexual adults who marry especially at a young age. For some unknown reason it appears normal human behavior between couples who absolutely unequivocally love each other sometimes get wandering eyes at around the age of forty. The important thing is their marriage survived and they forgave each other. The most important thing is his wander eyes were wandering at the opposite sex and not young males!

    The issues with Gary Borders are not politically motivated. Politics is not the solution to a situation where someone as morally challenged as Gary Borders falls into a job which supplies so much cash flow and so many human lives to manipulate. This man is sick! He needs to be immediately removed from office. In fact he should never have been put there in the first place. When he was everyone thought it wouldn’t last anytime. Under normal circumstance it would not have but; with the help of Lakes well connected culture of corruption her we are almost six years later. The destruction of human lives at the hands of this one man is deplorable.
    It is up to the people of Lake County to demand a solution to this madness. Politics usually just replaces one politician with another. They usually just go along to get along. If they make waves their counterparts label them trouble makers and such.

    Just the facts reported this week by Retired Captain Mike Ford should bring about a criminal investigation into the actions of Sheriff Borders immediately. During this investigation the sheriff should be removed from office so as to not be accused of intimidating the witness against him, of which there are many.

    Lake well organized culture of corruption will once again halt and interfere with all such investigations because they know when that happens the walls of Lake County’s corrupt history will come tumbling down.

  16. This is exactly the same thing that Gary Borders done for his old friend and former lover Robert Myers when Myers went bezerk in April 2010 and beat up his girlfriend Robin Douglas who was a road Deputy. He told Myers its either Her or You make up your mind!

    Borders ordered Corporal Evan Rosenstein to write the victims statement for Robert Myers who later admitted he didn’t even know was in it. Then when Robert Myers was arrested by Marion County deputies in 2012 Borders furnished him Mike Graves. Myers fianlly resigned and the LCSO claimed he was under an internal investigation at that time for lying to get Robin Douglas arrested and fired by what become of the IA? Nothing because it was Gary Borders that done the lying and the firing!

    They don’t like women. The only woman Gary Borders likes is the old hag from the bankrupt rag and that’s only becuase he uses her to run his errands and do his dirty work!

  17. Name says:

    Let me guess. Looks like Dobruck and his conspiracy theorists will never give up. All they do is sling mud with nothing to back it up. If there was a cover up then Capt Ford was part of it and has no credibility. Walt I’m sure you’re right that FDLE, LCSO, and the FBI are all involved in a cover up. You’re such an idiot.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Let me guess. Looks like Dobruck and his conspiracy theorists will never give up. All they do is sling mud with nothing to back it up. If there was a cover up then Capt Ford was part of it and has no credibility. Walt I’m sure you’re right that FDLE, LCSO, and the FBI are all involved in a cover up. You’re such an idiot.

  19. Thanks to all the bloggers who are speaking out on these issues…..

  20. Captain Ford says:

    Mike Ford’s courage and his determination to stand his ground has caused his career to be beset with conflict. He was loyal to the current dministration as long as he could be; but he is a man with the kind of values that existed in the previous centuries and when he could no longer maintain that loyalty, he did the honorable thing and left. People delight in pointing out his flaws; nobody is quicker to acknowledge those human flaws than Ford. Because of his staunch faith, he has the backbone and the humility to acknowledge them. An upright man is one who walks the straightest path he can in a fallen world.

    Mike Ford is an upright man.

    He is a natural leader. His command was perhaps more loyal to him than to their administrators, because they knew Ford would back them, protect them and look out for them and the administration would not. He is a passionate supporter of what he feels is right. He is a rock in a crisis. he has no tolerance for underhanded dealings or evil. And perhaps first and foremost, he is a protective father, husband, son and brother; he is a loyal friend and a gentleman in the old southern sense of the word. And when those he loves are attacked, he is dangerous man, as every protector should be.

    His enemies have tampered with that deep love and loyalty to try to bait him into doing something that would cause him to be dismissed or arrested. It was his vulnerable area. He left when he could no longer tolerate this cat and mouse game…not only the damage it was doing to him, but the damage it was causing the people he loved.

    He himself is pretty much without fear, but leaves behind many of us who are fearful, who have been threatened, who do fear – every day- for the jobs that mean survival. He leaves behind as well those of who still love what we do,who love law enforcement and are heartsick about the problems that beset our department.. His mission is not to destroy LCSO but to bring it back home to the community, without the secrets and lies and fear. The weapon he is deploying is the truth.

    ‘Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak.’….Winston Churchill

  21. Name says:

    I was an employee at the jail a few years ago. I was called names by my superior in front of co-workers. I wrote a formal complaint and submitted it to (at the them “Major Borders”), It fell on deaf ears. Shortly after, I had no job. Oh yes, by the way..I am female. I was treated like a piece of crap during the time I was employed there. I saw other women cower and keep their mouths shut at all the proceedural discrepencies taking place. It is definetly a man’s world at the Lake County Jail. They are very clickish. C.O’s would beat inmates in the shower and then claim it was out of self defense. They would all meet in the Sgt’s area behind closed doors and get the stories all straight for the report..This is one of the most disgusting and horrible places that has been allowed to keep it’s doors open. There were disease and deaths at the jail and we were told not to tell anyone about what was going on. This is where I got my first look at corruption at it’s finest…

  22. And likewise blogger, thank you for bringing these things to light as well! Interesting that everything around here always points directly to Bob McKee. But, we also need some more whistleblowers to come forth on Welton Cadwell, Sandy Minkoff and the Board of County Commissioners. I understand several have already provided evidence and information that should and eventually will incarcerate the entire bunch.

    Also interesting that Bob McKee can get someone a favor to get into the University of Florida when he himself does not even have a real high school diploma. He claims a New York Regents High School Diploma which requires a battery of five tests to achieve. He simply whited out one of the diploma’s and provided it for a HS Diploma. Naturally, every one of the other degree’s of higher education he claims to have are also fake!

    But, he’s connected directly to the U of F. His CPPI buddy Domenico Scorpio and The Landon Bailes (Pennington and Bailes Collegiate Clotheswear) Even thought Scorpio got a trespass warning from UF for his Thanksgiving Day Sky Box Fracus fight Scorpio as president of CPPI still has construction projects going on at UF and has to be escorted to and from those projects. Bailes Pennington and Bailes Company provides “Gator” sportswear to the U of F.
    Scorpio with McKee’s help builds everything Lake County government builds now!

    They bill out the materials like steel and such with the 7% sales tax on the billing. Then they funnel the refunds to a special account.

    As for that $10,000 dollar taxpayers paid for 4 wheeled Pig Barbque grill that Bill Neron had the county shop build for him and Bob McKee it probably went to Corpus Christi, Texas to Bonnie McKee’ son Damon Bentley Jampa’s or Utopia Restaurant now bankrupt Empire business. Who knows, Bentley’s partner in crime Marcio Celis might have sent it on down to Mexico by now.
    Speaking of bonnie McKee and her changing the voter cards’ what I would really like to know is why didn’t someone complain about the 9000 missing absentee ballots that never got back to the super of elections in the August 2008 primary?

    Voters have to ask for absentee ballots to be mailed to them. 17,000 (that’s seventeen-thousand) people requested ballots. 8,000 (that’s eight-thousand) were reportedly returned to the super. Simple math says a whopping 9,000 (that’s nine-thousand) were never returned to be counted.


    This information is not supposition but simple facts! All of these facts can be found on the internet from records and government documents as well as pictures. One picture is better than a thousand words!

  23. Pop the pig says:

    Borders and nathenson. How close are they? Don’t drop the soap by these guys

  24. For your courage to spill the beans on Sheriff Borders. Now what we need is for some top brass to do the same for Ed Havil, Neil Kelly, Bob McKee, and Jim Judge at EMS. Tell us: Why was a certain non-Mormons Gulf War Veteran treated like dirt at the Clerks Office? How did Bob McKee get Jim Judges daughter into U of F even though she didn’t meet the requirements. Why didn’t Bob’s wife get in trouble for changing voter registrations? And most of all, where’s the dam county Barbque grill?

  25. Many of the revelations brought to light in the interview between the Right side of the Lake Publisher and Retired Lake County Sheriff’s Captain Mike Ford against Sheriff Gary Borders are criminal in nature.

    Allegations of crimes made against a person when reduced to writing and made under oath before a person prescribed by law to take oaths and acknowledgements become probable cause to initiate criminal investigations and bring criminal charges against the accused.

    Apparently there are many witnesses to Gary Borders crimes committed in the jail from Civil Rights violations as well as sexual activities with inmates and some employee’s.

    These allegations are not politically motivated and have in fact been the subject of ongoing communications around Lake County for greater than five years now.

    Even within the Lake County jail not all of the occupants are harden criminals however, even the harden criminals are supposed to be protected in the country that claims to police the world on civil rights violations. For years these allegations have surfaced about Borders and the jail and Green Isle.

    The 2009 Green Isle Boys Ranch rapes case alone is a clear cut case of Obstruction of Justice by Sheriff Borders. He shut the case down on December 16, 2009 and made it go away! When he was caught he reopened it and faked a solution as always. Fixing a case of Obstruction of Justice does not absolve the crime of Obstruction.

    The people of Lake County deserve an honest investigation into the crimes which have been committed by Gary Borders. We feel sure that Captain Ford would assist in an investigation of these crimes by possible providing even greater details. We also have reason to believe that many other witnesses will come forth if they are provided authentic whistleblower status – These people need their jobs! They are the good life line to the honest moral people of Lake County. We the people of Lake County need to support our good employee’s and they in turn will help us clean out this corruption.

    Want you join us in politely demanding the Governor Rick Scott order a criminal investigation into the Lake County Sheriff’s Office as well as any other direction of our county government that investigation might take them. Please join us in sending the below email to Governor Rick Scott At: ( And follow up with a phone call at: 850-488-4505)

    Dear Governor Scott:

    It has been brought to our attention by credible sources that over a period of years certain crimes may have been committed by the now present Sheriff of Lake County; Gary Borders. Rumors of certain sexual encounters while jail administrator as well as rumors of the cover ups of sexual crimes while serving as a Board Member of the Green Isle Boys Ranch from 1989-2010 also continue to come into play. While the FDLE claimed to have once looked into the Green Isle Boys Rapes case and claimed to have found no wrong doing the case investigation was obviously stopped by Sheriff Borders. People later learned that the FDLE agents who were assigned to investigate Borders halting of the investigation on December 16, 2009 were in fact friends and former associates of Sheriff Borders. Just Wednesday of this week on May 23, 2012 our concerns were refueled by startling revelations which were brought to light by a 21 year retired former Captain who served directly under then Major Borders at the Lake County Jail for 15 years before Borders become Sheriff of Lake County.

    Governor, we respectfully demand an independent investigation into all of these allegations. They are not as politicians would say politically motivated, they are simply cold hard facts the victims have suffered at the hands of this man for years. All we ask for is an honest independent investigation not run by friends of the sheriff who will continue to cover up his crimes. The facts will speak for themselves and the witnesses will come forth if you promise to provide them whistleblower protection.

    Governor, you have daughters, you must have some idea what it would feel like if someone had the power to abuse them and was then allowed to walk free and be protected by the same system he has sworn to uphold the law in.

    Thank You,

    Resident of Lake County Florida

    Those who send this email to the Governor might want to follow up with a phone call. You will probably be put to Rex Newman or Warren Davis. Both of these gentlemen have been employed in the governor’s office for years running interference and protecting several governor’s from the truth sent to them by the citizen’s of Florida. Warren Davis has admitted to some of the governor’s emails being intercepted by FDLE agents in the past. So, if you are onboard and serious about bringing an honest investigation into these crimes you might want to be persistent and make sure the governor gets these emails!

  26. J.E. says:

    Thanks Mike for having enough conos to do the right thing. Unfortunately most lcso employees look the other way and sell their souls for money. I have been around this agency for many years and have lost respect for all of borders buddies .
    Stand up, and do the right thing!

  27. Gary Borders is no doubt the weakest link in Lake County’s culture of corruption. He is totally devoid of any moral characteristics. All these Lake government and courthouse criminals wanted someone that would turn their head and let them do their drugs and steal the county coffers blind so, they got the man they wanted.

    It’s hard to imagine that they really knew just how sick minded this man is. No matter how bad they wanted a criminal sheriff to join their empire you would think at least some of the leaders would have been smart enough to realize the heat his sick male child predator history would eventually bring down on their entire culture of corruption.

    Now they are all in the sack together. Lake’s entire culture of corruption run by the self proclaimed godfather (Four DOB) Bob McKee has no choice but circle the wagons and protect this scum of the lowest possible human nature.

    Gary Borders should have been arrested in December 2009 for the jail inmate sexual encounters, plain and simple. He was protected by this powerful group of co-conspirators with connections.

    Losing the weakest link to this organization could cause some serious problems. If Lake County should get an honest Sheriff this culture of corruption could be brought to it’s knees. Even though Brad King and some of the FDLE agents are right in the middle of this and have always been there to cover up the crimes. Likewise have some of the local FBI agents; an honest Sheriff would be dangerous because even though Brad King would not prosecute his fellow criminals a strong honest Sheriff like Joe Arpaio type would no doubt demand even the weakest and dumbest governor to appoint him a prosecutor who would prosecute these criminals.

    Saving Gary Borders is the top priority right now with Lake County’s courthouse mafia. If Borders goes more and more good people like Captain Mike Ford will come forth with more and more facts. Not just within the Lake Sheriff’s Office buy every county agency including the school board. Bob McKee has had his dirty little fingers in everything Lake County ever since he got his slimey being into the Tax Collector’s job. Hearing people refer to Bob McKee as “the Honorable” makes the good, honest people of Lake County who know the truth want to throw up. There is nothing honorable about this slime. A man who has lied in writing about everything from his Viet Nam 52 days of Navy service, his high school diploma, all of the degree’s he claimed to have are lies. The dates of employment at the 9Th Circuit State Attorney, The Orange County Sheriff’s Office (3 days) – All the while between those two jobs and his applications for a teachers certificate with the Florida Department of Education he used FOUR different dates of birth! (12/31/1949 ; 1/29/1950 ; 7/14/1942 and regarding a Hauppauge Ny DUI in 1970 he claimed to have been 18 years old at the time indicating a DOB in 1952)

    So when the taxpayers of Lake County have these kinds of obvious criminals in elected office whom they do not even really have a clue of their true identity it is necessary to also have the rottenest sheriff possible to avoid exposure to criminal arrests and prosecutions of fellow criminals. That is why Gary Borders is the sheriff of Lake County and why the organization of corruption will keep him in office at all costs!

  28. That rumor you heard “of allegations in which a High Ranking Officer in the Sheriff’s Department paid one of his subordinates to do his college papers while he was attending the Administrative Officers’ Course at the Southern Police Institute at the University of Louisville in Kentucky.”

    That was no rumor that’s cold hard facts! Somebody must have got amnesia and just couldn’t seem to remember that it was Major David Mass who pulled of this one.

    You know the same jailhouse major that borrows money from his employee’s like (now retired)Judy Swalls and then set up a fake job for her husband Randy (convicted of prescription drug abuse) so he could funnel the taxpayers money into paying off his $25 thousand gambling debt to the Swalls
    He also borrowed about that much from another young couple working at the jail and at last report he still has not paid them back on that one. Gambling cost money and losing money gambling cost even more.

    Just another hard day at work around here. The only difference between the inmates and the employee’s is the employee’s get to go home for a break and come back; the inmates get to stay here until the next time.

    Oh! And by the way Mass didn’t pay his subordinate to do his college papers any more than he repaid his loan out of his pocket; the taxpayers overtime paid the jailhouse professor.

    The reason Chief Peyton Grinnell told Captain Ford that having someone else do you college paperwork was not a fireable offense is because Jailhouse Professor Scott Kirkland also done Grinnell’s and got Gary Borders his Vincennes 2 year and Columbia 4 Year degrees – right along with a lot of others andd we the taxpayers paid not only for their fake degree’s but we have to pay them incentive pay every month because they have them.

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