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Former Top Lake County Deputy Makes Stunning Allegations Part 1

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Former Top Lake County Deputy Makes Stunning Allegations

Part 1

Retired Lake County Sheriff’s Captain

Mike Ford

After 21 years of service with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, Captain Mike Ford retired last September from a job he loved.  When we asked him why, he said, I took my own advice- if you don’t like it leave.  When we asked Ford if he had sour grapes or was a disgruntled former employee he said, Absolutely correct!  I’m also a disgruntled citizen.  They got tired of going around me so they came after me.

Retired Captain Mike Ford, by his account and according to public records, served the Lake County Sheriff’s Department honorably for more than two decades with promotions from Deputy, to Sergeant, to Lieutenant, and, for the last five years of his career he served as Captain.  According to Ford, he has never been given a written negative review, never violated the law, and has never been reprimanded for a policy violation. Ford contends his departure from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office had more to do with him crossing Deputy “friends” of then Major Borders and Borders’ willingness to protect them while Sheriff.  Ford said, The reason why I left was because our Sheriff’s department no longer had the best interest of Lake County- the motto was “Protect the Sheriff.

Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. understands this is an election year, and the Sheriff’s race between Sheriff Gary Borders and Captain Sandy Carpenter is going to be very contentious with a lot of mud being slung in all directions. For many years, there has been a whisper campaign against Sheriff Borders questioning everything from his lifestyle to his ethics.  Our newsletter has ignored such innuendo, because no one could be attributed to the accusations.  Despite this, Sheriff Borders has been a frequent target on our blog comment page.

When Retired Captain Mike Ford came forward to us to discuss the Sheriff’s Office, and we found out that he had a long history with Sheriff Borders dating back to a time when Borders was a Major in charge of the jail, his comments and concerns held a higher degree of veracity.  Prior to our interview with Ford, we reached out to several citizens who had firsthand knowledge of Ford’s character, and we were told it was impeccable.

Before this interview was released, we reached out to Lieutenant John Herrell from the Lake County Sheriff’s Department-Office of Professional Standards, and he confirmed that Mike Ford retired in good standing with no major criminal or ethical violations.  We informed Lieutenant Herrell that our group had talked to Ford, and that he had made serious employment allegations against Sherriff Gary Borders and the Sheriff’s Department.  Lieutenant Herrell felt Ford was politically motivated; however, he offered no other plausible reason why the former 21-year-retired captain would come out against his former boss.

We realize this is election season, and the race between Sheriff Gary Borders and Captain Sandy Carpenter is in full throttle; however, Ford raises some serious issues that go well beyond campaign mudslinging.  Ford’s willingness to interview on the record adds credence.  In addition, he is doing so despite his belief that he and his family could face reprisals from members of the Sheriff’s Department who are loyal to Sheriff Borders.  We sure hope his fears are unfounded.

In this The Right Side of the Lake newsletter, as well as the next one, we will present a series of questions we asked Retired Captain Mike Ford.  Some of his responses suggest possible criminal, civil and ethical concerns.  We did not discuss the interview or responses ahead of time with Sheriff Borders, because of Ford’s concerns of retaliation; however, we will give Sheriff Borders the opportunity to rebut or answer any of the charges.

Statement from Retired Captain Mike Ford

The reason I have decided to do this interview is not for political motives.  It is because so many employees at the L.C.S.O. are suffering.

This interview needed to be done whether there was an election this year or not.  When I retired, I had no intention of ever working in public service again.  I take offense to Lieutenant Herrell’s accusation that my comments are politically motivated.  This is a personal issue I have with the administration of the L.C.S.O.

My family has been hurt and discriminated against due to my employment at the L.C.S.O.  Most command staff members do not put their families first.  I’ve done many things in my life I am not proud of.  I have hurt people who loved me.  My God and my family have forgiven me.

After this interview is released, the L.C.S.O. damage control team will begin a smear campaign on me and my family.  The “anonymous” bloggers will have a real good time at my family’s expense.  The Sheriff and his staff may not say anything publicly, but they will use their resources against my family.  I would hope that the Sheriff and his staff would look at themselves and see what 90% of the L.C.S.O. employees see. 

I am a citizen of Lake County simply voicing my concerns about how “our” L.C.S.O. is using the money we the taxpayers work so hard for.

Q: Have you ever been interviewed by the FBI in connection with an investigation of Sheriff Borders for allegedly giving a car to an inmate as a gift? 

Ford:  Yes, the FBI has interviewed me, but I really didn’t know anything about it.

Q:  We understand you were  the subject of an Internal Affairs investigation based on a complaint made by Sergeant Lee Piper, who is reported to be a close friend of Sheriff Borders? 

Ford:  Borders tried to get me fired.  He is absolutely vindictive of anyone who messes with his friends; he goes after you.  He will send people after you.

Q:  What happened between you and Sergeant Piper? 

Ford:  We had a shakedown of the jail, because of a missing knife, and Lee Piper never helped once.  When I asked him why he didn’t help, he told me because no one asked him.  At that point, he began calling someone from his cell phone, presumably Borders, and I told him to hang the phone up because I was his boss.  He later filed a complaint stating I had slapped the phone from his hands, but it was dropped because there was no truth to it.

Q:  Do you know for sure if Sheriff Borders has participated in personal relationships with people in the jail? 

Ford:  Are you asking me about inmates or officers?

Q:  What about both?

Ford:  Relationships – yes.

Q:  Let’s define relationship – physical relationship? 

Ford:  I don’t know.

Q:  Do you believe Sheriff Borders had inappropriate relationships with men who worked with him?

Ford:  What leads me to believe he had inappropriate relationships is anybody that  Borders took an interest in-mostly young and new hires-he would spend lots of time with them going to stores, vacations and his home. Within a short period of time of those relationships, they would be promoted or put in desirable positions which were above discipline.

Q:  We have been told by sources of an incident, while you were a Lieutenant in the jail, that then Major Gary Borders had with an inmate whose brother, Deputy Scott Stone, currently works at the Sheriff’s Office.  Do you know anything about this incident?

Ford:  Scott Stone is Borders’ current “favorite” deputy. Two officers in the jail told me that (Scott Stone’s brother-inmate) was being ridiculed by other inmates in his unit because Borders grabbed his butt.  I went to Major Borders and said, “I’ve got two officers telling me that (Scott Stone’s brother-inmate)  told them  you grabbed his butt and the other inmates saw it and were making fun of it.”  Borders response was, “This is great-right here at election time.”  I said, “What would you like me to do?”  Borders told me, “Make it go away.”  I sent him to the Seminole County jail.  It was a courtesy hold that local Sheriff’s Departments do all the time.

Q:  What do you know of the relationship between Scott Stone and Sheriff Gary Borders?

Ford:  Borders has been friends with that family for some time, and he (Stone) has become his favorite employee-favorite Deputy.  Scott Stone did not have to use the chain of command, just as the other employees he took interest in.

Q:  Did you know about Sheriff Borders’ actions and alleged allegations at the Green Isle Boys Ranch?

Ford:  I worked for 15 years as a supervisor for Borders, and I never heard anything of the Green Isle Boys ranch.  I now know he participated in it.  I would never send my boy there if I knew he was in charge. 

I don’t want my children to go to schools where Lake County Sheriff Resource Officers are, because Borders makes all the decisions on student charges based on who the child is and who their parents are. 

Q:  Is it selected prosecution?

Ford:  Absolutely.

In Friday’s The Right Side of the LakePart 2,  our interview with Lake County Sheriff’s Department Retired Captain Mike Ford continues, and he discusses whether Sheriff Borders has been compromised; corruption in the department; wasteful spending; and, a special position for a person he believes is grossly unqualified.  Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. allowed Retired Captain Ford an opportunity to review the questions and responses he gave prior to publication, and he acknowledges all of his published responses to be accurate, and he stands behind each one of them.

If true, we find the incidents described by Retired Captain Mike Ford very troublesome, and it concerns us that there are Deputies in the Sheriff’s Department who cannot speak out because they are afraid to speak their mind due to reprisals.  We believe that Lake County government should take the comments of Retired Captain Mike Ford very seriously, and the Lake County Board of County Commissioners should appoint an independent ombudsman who can confidentially speak to all employees to ensure against a hostile work environment at the Sheriff’s Department.

This is not a lifestyle issue; rather, this is a serious employment issue that could lead to millions of dollars in claims, if it is found that a hostile work environment exists at the Lake County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Borders should welcome an ombudsman to ensure Deputies below him are not misrepresenting his direction or relationship.  One way or another, the truth will surface, and Retired Captain Mike Ford will either be the “Norma Rae” of the Sheriff’s Department or deemed another campaign hack.

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77 Responses to “Former Top Lake County Deputy Makes Stunning Allegations Part 1”

  1. Since the RSOL pulled one of his failure to post links if you want to read the emails re: “Wouldn’t you just love to know what is under those black lines says:” you can do so on the Tavares Topix.

    Someday perhaps bloggers will figure out who and what is protected from being posted on this website.

  2. Wouldn’t you just love to know what is under those black lines in these two emails sent by Former LCSO Finance Dircetor Lewie Wise to Borders and his brass? These emails much like the Captain Mike Ford and other information concerning the criminal allegations within the Lake Jail and LCSO call for an outside criminal investigation of Sheriff Borders and his staff right now!

    Very Interesting! Wonder just what Robin Johnson told her that he got from Major Longo when he stopped by his house? Why did Robin Johnson keep making comments about Lewie Wise being accused of the budget problems every few months.

    Wonder what she means in the May 2, 2011 about not reporting something to Robin Johnson because she was afraid he would tell his brother then Circuit Judge Michael Johnson about the “internal matters” and get Borders into more more trouble?

  3. “Politicks” makes strange bedfellows for sure. I have seen Gary Borders compared to Obama on several blogs around the county. And then I got to thinking just how much they are really alike.

    They have all the same friends. Gary Borders and John Morgan are friends. Charlie Crist works for John Morgan. Morgan even had a fund raiser for Borders at Mission Inn much like he had a fund raiser for Obama at his Heathrow home.

    Back in 2006 before Gary Borders become “the sheriff” Borders had dark hair. After he become sheriff and made friends with white haired Charlie Crist – Borders hair also turned white overnight!

    Borders, Charlie Crist and Obama all have the same funky sexual history rumors hanging around their necks! Every one of them by people who have come forward and out of the closet and used their real names
    Just two or three weeks ago Obama was running ads on all the TV stations about how his single mother would wake him up and get him ready for school.

    Now this week Obama is running ads on TV about how he was raised by his grandparents. These people do have one hell of a lot in common.

    They will tell any lie at any time if they think it will get them re-elected. What is this country coming too?

  4. Name says:

    Back To Name WTF EVER says:

    Hey Jeff Taylor – I though your drinking buddy Peyton Grinnell (the one who fired your other drinking buddy for stealing gas for his wife and his girlfriend) already told you and Pelton both to stop picking on them pesky bloggers?

  5. Name WTF EVER @ May 31, 2012 at 8:34 pm says: if the FBI was involved why wouldn’t they find anything?

    They found plenty trust me! The same people run them out of town that run the IRS out of town at about the same time. When you sling millions of bucks around to politicians on both sides of the aisle you can make plenty go away.

    Now it looks like it would have been cheaper to let Borders take the fall for what he has done. But. the problem is the schemes will come to light about all the missing money and all the others that will have to go when he goes!

    Now thats the problem. When all the well heeled was wanting him for sheriff they might have known he was funny but they didn’t know how really sick and funny he was!

  6. I don’t really know about everything that has been posted here. I will say a lot of information has been posted, but most of it appears to be just talk.

    If you really want to know what is going on, just ask a real deputy…that would be everyone below a sergeant. Everyone above is just looking for an easier ride.

    Those who are in the trenches will tell you no raises have been given out in quit a few years; insurance continues to go up; we have lost money, no fault of the Sheriff, thanks to that idiot in Tallahassee, yet the Sheriff has done nothing to help; positions continue to be created (paid corporals) which cost more money; positions seem to be cut from everywhere and yet everyone is expected to continue at the same pace; overtime is not allowed unless you are some of the chosen few; top heavy with supervisors (a sgt over weather, a sgt and lt to talk to the press; a lt to supervise ? in road patrol (its called an admin lt, but why is it needed-that capt already has four lt’s (one for each shift) makes one wonder what the capt is doing, besides working on his second retirement; and if Capt. Ford’s position was so vital, why was it never filled after he left?;oh and not that he is a supevisor, but why is there a fulltime janitor when the inmates are brought over daily to clean the offices?

    So if you really want to know what is going on, ask those who really know and appear to have been forgotten…the troops!

  7. Hey David Pelton – you might want to recheck with Gary before you really ask the question about the FBI investigation in November 2009. December and in to January 2010.

    That was about among other things an inmate by the name of Washburn that Gary bought a Toyota p/u truck from the Sheriff’s auction and give to him for keeping his mouth shut about their sexual relationship when Washburn was a prisoner in the Lake Jail. Some of the witnesses lied to the FBI about delivering him to Major Borders jail office in 2004 or so because they had been told they could face federal charges for doing so because they did not immediately come forward and report the crimes Borders committed against the inmate. (also, there was others)

    However if the reports are true some of those who were interviewed by the FBI concerning Borders and his jail sex among other things did tell the truth. Insiders say the Villages political powerhouse was able to shut down the investigation. People with brains know for sure someone did. You can stick your spin in your ear for all I care, the truth will either set you free or put your butt behind bars for life – either way it will be a relief for some of you nuts.

  8. Tony Burke says:

    WTF EVER……U talk all this crap, yet can’t leave your name?? LOL. What are you scared of, bad a$$??? LMAO
    When you can do more than call the citizens of Lake County names, makes me wonder about your character. Oh and what superior intelligence you have over everyone. Must take a genius to hide and not post their name for all to see!

  9. The following is answers to questions poised to Gary Borders by an online magazine – many of his answers are simply not the truth and leads those who know to truth to wonder if he simply has a bad memory or, if his answers are designed to mislead the public –

    Gary Borders says he was born in Kentucky, Home of the Wildcats, he definitely bleeds blue. Moved to Florida at 18 to help his brother with his carpet cleaning business in Kississimee. Sheriff Borders joined the Osceola Department of Corrections in 1980 for eight and one-half years. He started in Lake County Jail in 1989.

    What made you want to be sheriff?

    “I was happy as Chief Deputy but after Sheriff Daniels was killed in an unfortunate accident, I was sworn in by Governor Jeb Bush in November 2006. I have been in law enforcement 32 years, over 23 years in Lake County”.

    THE TRUTH: Gary Borders was never “The Chief Deputy” under former Sheriff Chris Daniels. He was the jail administrator under Daniels just like he was under the previous sheriff’s going back to his original hire date. When Daniels became sheriff of Lake County on January 5, 2005 he changed the titles of Major Wayne Longo and Major Gary Borders from MAJOR to CHIEF. On that date Major Longo’s title was changed to Chief (of Law Enforcement.) On that same date Major Borders title was changed to Chief (of Jail Administration.) Borders was not sworn in by Jeb Bush. He was appointed by Jeb Bush in October 2006 to fill the unexpired term of the late sheriff Daniels. He was sworn in November 2006 by Bob McKee at the Lake Sumter Community College. He has always the jail administrator plain and simple; just under some different titles! Everyone around here wonders how he can lie through those pearly whites about being the chief deputy under Daniels when all of us even his friends know he is lying? Why does he lie?

    There was over 700 people here then including other agencies and people who know Daniels didn’t have a chief deputy – he had Chief Longo over law enforcement and Chief Borders over the jail – period!

    From a local publication before Borders received the appointment ~ Acting Sheriff Gary Borders has received widespread support from law enforcement officials and community leaders who sent e-mails to Gov. Jeb Bush’s office, urging him to appoint the “veteran Lake County Jail director” as the county’s top cop.

    What was your greatest accomplishment?

    “First law enforcement agency to get an accreditation in 2007, re-accredited 2010. First time jail
    was accredited was 2006. Has received it successfully for 3 years since cyber-crime was established
    in 2007. Set up stings to catch sexual predators in June 2011. Caught 32 predators in 4 days”.

    THE TRUTH: If he considers this his greatest accomplishment then once again he is taking credit for achievements of his predecessors! Gary Borders had nothing to do with the accreditation of the jail or the Law Enforcement side of this agency. The jail received accreditation originally under Sheriff Chris Daniels. The picture of Daniels receiving the plaque includes then jail administrator Gary Borders. (picture available) Not a smiley face on Borders by any means. Why wasn’t he proud and taking credit of his great accomplishment then? Because he didn’t have one thing to do with it that’s why!

    The LCSO law enforcement side was well into the process of becoming accreditated and had actually been pre-approved at the time of Sheriff Daniels death. After his death a follow up visit by the accreditation team discovered that certain employee status and titles had changed causing a delay in their process. One of those changes holding up the process was the fact that Law Enforcement Chief Wayne Longo’s title had been changed by the new sheriff’s administration back to it’s previous status as Major. The deletion of the “Law Enforcement Chief” title of Wayne Longo actually held up the accreditation process by several months. Insiders say Borders deleted this “Chief” title so as to deflect attention to the fact that both he and Chief Longo had the same status. Setting up stings to catch sexual predators in June 2011 likewise was nothing more than smoke and mirrors because the facts about Borders long time affiliation with the Green Isle Boys Ranch and the cover ups of the rapes of the five little boys by Borders friend was supposed to be under investigation by the FDLE – Turned out to be nothing more than a cover ups of Borders cover ups! OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE! By Borders.

    Where do you see law enforcement in four years?

    “To do more with less manpower, continue to do a good job. Want to establish new Emergency
    Operations Center in 2013. All Emergency Operation such as fire, EMS, etc. under one roof.
    Promise to meet the standards”.

    THE TRUTH: Since he calls his 1980 to 2006 assistant jail administrator and later jail administrator jobs law enforcement we certainly hope if Gary Borders sees law enforcement any where in four years it will be from the inside of a prison cell for the crimes he has committed against inmates and other in his custody. His support of the grossly overpriced ($8.6 million) and not needed EOC building is simply another farce by Bob McKee and his builder friends. Having LCSO, Lake Emergency Medical and the Lake Fire under one roof will no doubt result in a cat fight among leadership of all the now independent organizations. Interesting!

    Tell me about the D.A.R.E. Program

    “D.A.R.E. is taught to all fifth graders, it reaches out to children to teach them about dealing with
    pressure situations like alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Confiscated drug money funds the program.
    We have 6 D.A.R.E Officers”.

    THE TRUTH: For several years Gary Borders tried very hard to interject himself into the Dare Program. Obviously this is another opportunity for Borders to interact with young males. For reasons now very understandable Sheriff Daniels did not want Borders involved in the Dare program!

    How are you dealing with the “Meth” Labs in Lake County?

    “Florida led in “Meth” Labs in 2010. We developed a Proactive Drug Enforcement which lead
    to a massive clean-up. We went into communities, taught people what to look for, getting them
    more involved. Mostly in rural settings, the labs put out a strong ammonia smell. The money
    Confiscated goes to the Boy Scouts of America and helping with children’s education”.

    THE TRUTH: And likewise Borders and his people led the state in BS and mostly smoke and mirrors! Good automatic breaking news events. Many of the so called meth labs taken down by the LCSO are found in abandoned sheds around vacant homes. Many are simply regular household cleaning products left by the homeowners when they could not long afford to remain in the residence. Very few of these news worthy incidents were actually true!

    If lies were gold – Gary Borders would have gold enough to pave all the streets of Tavares. Ask yourself one question ~ how could this liar ever be put on the witness stand under oath and expected to tell the truth about any subject when it is a documented fact that he has lied his entire life about every subject he was required to face? A man who claims to have been in law enforcement for 32 years who obviously even lies about is alternative lifestyle!

    So attention all hoodlums – Don’t worry about your sheriff arresting you – he will lose the case because his testimony would be impeached in a court of law for lying! The documented evidence proves he’s lying about having been “the chief deputy.”

  10. Tony Burke says:

    WTF EVER……U talk all this crap, yet can’t leave your name?? LOL. What are you scared of, bad a$$??? LMAO
    When you can do more than call the citizens of Lake County names, makes me wonder about your character.

  11. Tony Burke says:

    WTF EVER……U talk all this crap, yet can’t leave your name?? LOL. What are you scared of, bad a$$??? LMAO

  12. if the FBI was involved why wouldn’t they find anything? come on F*&^sticks get real? little ole lake county florida can fool anyone right?? what a shame all these jobless, POS, desperate souls grasping at broken straws trying to find a way back in! This is all BS and no I’m not on the inside, I’m on the outside looking in! The only difference between me and the negative bigots…………I’m intelligent, you are worthless.

  13. Name Tony Burke, I don’t think you are disgruntled, maybe angry sounds more like it and by all rights you have that right. It seems to me you are looking for an apology from Mike Ford. Not sure if an apology would help matters, however, I believe what does matter is that people are coming forward. You may not want to hear that, but the truth is you obviously have some truths you would like to share. Mike Ford was probably not able to discuss all of his wrong doings, but maybe he truly is sorry for being a part of that corruption. Not everyone has the courage to stand up to corruption. If all these people who are serious about ending corruption on this blog, then they need to stand up and not fear the reaper (Borders). I listed a website where people could contact this organization who’s motto is to stop corruption. The funny thing is I’m not sure if those who say they want it to end will actually do the right thing. By the way, contacting the Governors office was a complete waste of time. They actually forwarded the email to Brad Kings office which was a waste of time. The reason I posted the website was that the man I spoke to said that if local and state wouldn’t investigate then the would go federally. If I thought it was a waste time to list that website, I wouldn’t have done it. You can lead a horse to water, but you cant make it drink. The only people who are going to end this corruption are the ones who have first hand knowledge and have participated in it or been subjected to it. I like helping people, but if they don’t want to help themselves then I cant help them. Doing the right thing is what people should do and anyone with any values, morals and a conscience would do the right thing.

  14. The previous blog sounds just like Lt David Pelton making one os his little spins like whats being said on here is not the truth – if not Pelton its one of his little trainee’s -The problem is the low life at the LCSO know they are fighting for their very existance if their man “the sheriff” loses a good. moral. honest person will not keep them or better yet they would probably jump ship likes rats on a sinking sailboat. These criminal allegations against sheriff Border demand an investigation right now – this is criminal not political-

    To: Tony Burke – The real people of Lake County are glad you came onboard to bring out the rest of these facts. We realize that at least some of those who were interviewed by the FBI told them the truth. It seems others may not as been as truthful as they should have been but, looking back now we believe it would not have mattered if they caught Borders and the inmate red-what evered and Borders signing the truck title over to him; the investigation was shut down and the FBI run out of Lake County by the powerhouse that runs Lake County. Too bad ole Richard Nixon couldn’t control the FBI like that he would never have had to resign over Watergate. At least one of the other persons interviewed by the FBI around January 2010 must have given them some gorey details about Borders office sexcapades with inmates and maybe even some of the CO’s because that person was so upset over this ordeal they were literally sick and off work for a period of time.

    For the longest time everyone was saying the inmate that Crotty took to the closet sued and got a $1.2 million settlement over the incident. His initials are S>>>>H>>>> and we do know that he has been seen in public sporting a “Mister T” starter kit! Both the SO and the BCC won’t admit to a settlement with him. What’s a lousey few million bucks here and there all for the abuse of the human race at the hands of the powerful? After all it’s the taxpayers and insurance companies footing the bills not the abusers.

    I notice David Pelton continues to throw a few short two or three liners around on here and the Tavares Topix hoping to muddy the water enough that people with brains won’t believe all these truths that are self evident. Funny how the facts are all right in from of everyone’s eyes. All people have to do is look at Gary Borders to see he is a sick troubled man. Sadly he looks like death warmed over.

    It is very hard for the average voting, taxpayer to understand just how far our government has gone to hell and just how lacking our government is in enforcing the laws against these government workers. It is hard for people to read and believe that the sheriff of this county could be playing grab-butt and even worse with males in the jail and the FBI would know that and fail to arrest or act on it. Unfortunately that is where our society is this day and time. The law only applies to those who demand justice against the oppressors it no longer applies to the well connected government hacks and oppressors of the people civil rights and such.

    We don’t know about other but we certainly wouldn’t mind you being a little more specific and naming a few names and incidents for the public who might be having a hard time believing all these truths. The Right Side seems very willing to help get the truth out about these issues and the Tavares Topix is always wide open for the truth and some good old meaty specifics.
    Today everyone has to have a label. We are not disgruntled we are simply disengaged from the culture of corruption that is eating Lake County Florida alive.

  15. Name says:

    Well now this gets more and more interesting as time goes along….. everybody better get their hip waders on because its getting deep … the crap that is …. wonder whats next

  16. My Name is Tony Burke and I was a Corporal at the Lake Conty Jail. I was employed there from sept.6th 1995 till Dec 19th, 2009………I don’t even know where to begin with this, but I find it interesting that things don’t get mentioned by Mike Ford for one. Mike, lets start with the fight you had at a party at Billie Jo’s & Gene Perkins house where you were intoxicated and beat the crap out of a guy because he “got on your nerves”, “wouldn’t stop talking”, deputies came out, but nothing happened to you! Why it is that again???

    I worked at the Lake County Jail since 1995 and I was fired by then Capt Ford coming into the jail at all hours of the night getting inmates to make statements against me and threatening the inmates with protective custody or losing any gain time earned. This all stemmed from an incident between Detention Deputy Crotty and a known gay inmate. Crotty took the inmate into a janitors closet and had him remove his jump suit to “look at his breasts!” The inmate complained to me, I reported it to my supervisor who had me write it up. Against the jail policy, State and Federal law (P.R.E.A. Act) no person of position within an institution can make an inmate disrobe for his own personal gratification. The inmate wrote a statement and Officer Crotty admitted doing this act ( I have all the paperwork, taped interviews etc..) but per policy at the Sheriff’s Office, there was to be an internal investigation done. No I.A. was done, witnesses statements were written by Sgt. Leslie an the inmates (witnesses) were told to sign their name to it. So I kept asking why no I.A. was done on Officer Crotty and I ended up pissing off Mike Ford & David Mass. Before I knew it, A story circulated that I was harassing the gay inmate involved with Officer Crotty and an I.A. was started on me. I was terminated, I appealed it and the ruling decision was that I should have quit asking questions.

    Now a few things to cover is Officer Crotty’s father was shot in the line of duty in 2005, it was the same incident On February 9, 2005 Deputy Koester died. So now his father worked as road patrol deputy and then his uncle is Mayor Richard Crotty of Orlando/Orange County. So guess who lost that battle from the start. i tried to fight the termination (Todd Rowley told unemployment office I was fired for harassing an inmate, they have it documented at the unemployment office)

    I went to William J Sheaffer Attorney at Law concerning my issue of termination. he said since I had been involved in so many I.A.’s from the Sheriff’s Office, it would look like I was retaliating against them for firing me. But I didn’t do anything wrong, I always told the truth. But I couldn’t prove what Capt Ford did to set me up for this firing. I even went into Sheriff’s Borders Office during my I.A. and told him flat out “If you think I am lying or guilty of any wrong doing, you can have my badge , ID and radio right here and now!” Borders told me to calm down and just let him see what was going on with the I.A. I called FDLE, I went to the State Attorneys office to complain about what was going on in the jail. They would not do anything, unless they had an affidavit from a law enforcement officer.

    The FBI (2 agents) at the beginning of January 2010 came to my home and sat in my living room concerning Gary Borders and allegations of Civil RIghts violations and they wanted any other information I could give them. I gave them names, incidents, witnesses but never heard from them again.
    I even told the FBI about a situation where a inmate was beaten by Detention Deputies and Sgt. Leslie got everyone together (officers) to insure their stories were straight on why they beat the inmate. The inmate had mental issues and would not stop yelling and screaming, so the officer opens the door to tell him to quiet down and the inmate took swing at him. The beating the inmate got was far above what was called for.

    One more thing and please Mike Ford correct me if I am wrong, were you given a choice or offered a choice to resign or have charges placed on your son for fighting with Major Grinell’s son? It’s either right or wrong, you tell us since your coming clean!!!

    Mike, did you elicit statements from inmates concerning my I.A. to have me terminated, either by your choice or from David Mass or Borders???? Be honest now………

    Mike, also tell everybody how you locked me up in the conference room by Cathy Lee’s desk, told me to sit my ass down and listen to what you had to say. You told me not to say one F’in word and told me if you had the chance or power you would fire me that minute. But after about ten minutes of being ridiculed, belittled, threatened…you told me that if I told anyone, that you would call me a liar to my face and deny you said anything like that. I reported the incident to David Mass and he blew me off in the parking lot and told me, I needed to learn how to keep my mouth shut!

    Last thing, you can still ask the officer’s that are at the jail now, I went through probably 7-8 I.A.’s for things other officer’s lied about or inmates claimed I did wrong. I was never suspended, punished, wrote up in any way (in all those I.A.’s) until Mike Ford got pissed at me for the Crotty and the gay inmate incident. i was known for knowing the rule book, policies and procedures so well that supervisor’s would call me and ask me if an employee could do this or that or if they as supervisor could do something. (Sgt.s and Lt.’s) I also have been told recently from a recently retired Capt. that during one I.A. he was involved in, they wanted me terminated, no questions asked. But he knew it wasn’t fair so he didn’t agree to terminate me as the higher ups wanted (not sure if it was Mass or Borders).

    Oh how about trustees helping Borders move with jail vehicles or trustees doing work at Borders home? Nobody mentioned that yet!

    Has anybody asked Chris Belton (from Belton Bail Bonds) about Borders sexual orientation or if they ever had any “relations?”

    As it stands right now, there are to many Captains, Lt’s and Sgt.’s at the Sheriff’s office eating up the budget. Kind of like a Leesburg police Officer (MARDEN, I believe the last name was) who retired from Leesburg PD and was given a job as a Deputy with certain duties as soon as he retired. His son worked at the Sherifff’s Office.

    There are some very good people at the Sheriff’s Office and I miss them dearly and wish I had my job back. After 15 years, you become close to alot of people, they become like family, brothers and sisters. To be fired for standing my ground, telling the truth and “somebody” wanting to cover it up, is wrong, no matte how you want to put it, MIke Ford!! If you remember Mike, I offered to take a lie detector test and if I failed I would quit and if you failed you had to quit (this was a challenge I made to Mike)! Wonder why you never took it or at the least, gave me the lie dectector test??????

    Another good question would be how Belton Bail bonds got the old County Health dept. building that is located within ony a 200 – 300 ft radius of the jail?

    I almost forgot how Mike Ford had relations with a booking clerk, had the jail pay for her corrections officer school and was then hired as an officer. not sure if you mentined that yet on here, just wanted you to be sure to come cean about everything.

    Please do say I am disgruntled about losing my job, because I am. For telling the truth and not backing down!!!

  17. Back to: Name bottom line May 29, 2012 at 11:19 am -!

    Borders proved he is a bleeding heart liberal when he crawled in the sack with John Morgan Obama’s chief financial supporter and fund raiser. John Morgan was on Borders Host Committee at the Mission Inn – Birds of a feather flock together. Obviously John Morgan has Obama on his Blackberry; obviously John Morgan has Gary Borders on his Blackberry. The common denominator Mr Central Florida ambulance chasing chief Democrat hmself John Morgan.

    If you checked Gary Borders voting records he has probably never voted much. and may not have even been registered to vote for long. We do know that in 2004 during the election which was ultimately won by whom he later said was his “Best Friend” Chris Daniels ~ Borders actually supported Sandy Carpenter in that race against his own best friend. I’m sure Sandy Carpenter would verify that!

    Wonder why Borders did not support his best friend? Why would he support someone he didn’t even really know?

  18. Why don’t you little misfits be a little more specific about what is false and or misleading that is being posed by these so called labeled “nutjobs?” It is the truth that is scary to you. Especially those of you who could be facing a lot of years behind bars for the crimes committed against inmates and juveniles.Now that is scary!

    It’s one thing to have been same sex abused as a child and develop an alternative lifestyle as a result of that abuse. But when you excersize the same actions against the incarcerated or juveniles in your custory it becomes a variety of crimes some now which have no statute of limitations. Now that is scary; especially since we now hear victims are coming forth and talking!

    Maybe this nightmare will be over sooner than some realize.

  19. a vote for gary borders is the same as a vote for obama. borders is a democrat thru and thru. he is a big govt., pro-choice, gay rights candidate. he has admitted to many folks that if he wasnt in lake county he would run as a democrat. his actions prove it,

  20. Name says:

    Ewwww. There’s a lot of scary nutjobs that post on here Mr. RSOL. Hope we don’t ever meet none of em.

  21. Name @ May 28, 2012 at 11:49 pm says: “What you don’t read is that he will be brought back to run the jail should Carpenter win the election.”

    You people really amaze me, you really do! Your kind has been destroying governments and insitituions around the world for centuries with your honor challenged rhetoric babbling one thing or another like a true marxist – never any credible rebuttals to stand against the truth just little short sound bites that your marxist leaders have well instructed you to make.

    Not that anyone presently in power in Lake County gives a hoot about the laws of the land but, the only candidate for political office in Florida that can legally hire someone before being elected is the Governor. The governor can choose his or her running mate to run for election.

    No other political candidate can promise anyone a job or “hire” anyone for any position until such time as that person is the declared winner of the general election.

    We know people violate this and other elections laws all the time. For instance Gary Borders always runs and promises his sole purpose for doing so is to make sure “his people” get to keep their jobs! Borders also demands and receives political contributions from employee’s at work and in our buildings and vehicles. They also spent the greater parts of two months getting the voter cards signed (for the candidates in their clique) within our public buildings and vehicles. (I believe there is some video of this!)

    As previouls stated laws mean nothing to the marxist trained comrades. They can spin a lie from the thin air on any necessary subject. The only way to tell when LCSO PIO John Herrell is lying is when you see his lips moving!

    Having said this; I would imagine if an honest person was somehow miraculously elected to the office of sheriff they might very well be looking for an experienced moral and honest jail administrator to run that jail. Remember they might also with the flick of a finger refuse to run that jail and turn it back over to the Lake County Board of County Commissioners whose job it is to really run that jail. Typically sheriff’s have run the jail and Borders has intergrated the jail employee’s into corrections deputies; gun toting and blue light using and all simply for status elevation. The sheriff’s run the jail because the BCC don’t wnat any part of it and the sheriff can pad the jail budget with all kinds of waste with no questions asked then flip the money over to the real law enforcement side for toys and such for his boys.

    I noticed a blog last week that mentioned the gambling debts owed by major Mass to some jail employee’s. That young couple that works in the jail that loaned Mass $26-30 thousand dollars was named Lupos I believe. While people are checking on all this stuff someone should check and see if Mass has repaid the couple out of his pocket or if he’s fudging the overtime for them like he did Judy Swails to pay her back with our money!

    If Sandy Carpenter somehow gets elected sheriff of Lake County and decides to continue to run the Lake Jail he can hire anyone he wants to to run it.

    That’s what all previous sheriff’s have done. The current problem is the present sheriff has hired people to run it in the ground right along with the entire sheriff’s office and he’s got the whole thing right at the brinks of hell today.

    The best reason I can think of to vote for Sandy Carpenter is the decent people of Lake County deserve a sheriff they can be proud of.One who will hire honest, moral, credible employee’s for us because after all that’s what the people have a sheriff’s office for; to meet the public’s need for law enforcement. Not to create and fund an entity with millions of dollars to buy toys for inmature individuals whose only real training has been watching the Keystone Cops on Television.

    Yes I for one will cast my vote for Sandy Carpenter and hundreds of others I know say they are going to do the same thing. Not just because of this information from Mr. Ford but because of the massive evidence of the abuse of children, females and inmates of the human race by Borders, his friends and his underlings!

  22. Name says:

    What you dont read is that he will be brought back to run the jail should Carpenter win the election

  23. Guacamole says:

    I was making a joke …that is why I spelled MORONS wrong. Get a sense of humor.

  24. Truth Shall Set You Free says:

    Guacamole, you say it was a joke but yet you say morons. So maybe I didnt spell the word correctly, however, I wanted to make sure the gang knew what I meant. They may have thought I was speaking French and would have not known what I was saying. Also, it can be a transitional verb meaning to stick together which is what the clique does. It really doesnt matter about the misspelling because in the end it is the truth that matters. Im glad you think corruption is funny because to me it shows you have a warped sense of humor. I hope your maker thinks its funny for your sake.Salem

  25. There are literally hundreds of victims who would love to just wake up one morning and see this joke be over. This sad world we live in no doubt needs some comedy from time to time but the people who were raised to know right from wrong and appreciate living in a world that espouses those values don’t find any comedy surrounding the actions of a sexual deviate like Gary Borders. He first arrived in Sanford. Florida and no one seems to know why or how he got connected to the Osceola County Boys Clubs and other events that attracted young boy but even back then he spent all of this spare time hanging around young boy. Always able to hide just below the surface, he was just there on the back burner like the bottom feeding scum he is. Picking up victims at boys athletic events until he and his friend Don Brown and some other formed the Green Isle Boys Ranch in Clermont. Planning started around 1987 and the Ranch opened in 1989 the same year Borders was fired from the Osceola County Jail and come to work at the Lake County Jail.

    People have known for years that Gary Borders was “funny” and lived an alternative lifestyle. They have known for years of his infinity for young boys. The proof goes all the way back to his first wife “Beata” in Ashland, Kentucky and he fled to Sanford, Florida with a carpet cleaning job with his half/brother.

    The facts of a man who has spent his entire adult life hanging around young boys athletic events and joining with his well connected friends to start their very own Green Isle Boys Ranch (the fact of which is not mentioned in any of his personnel records anywhere) and the many accolades he received for those endless efforts (with the exception of Green Isle) can be found in letters from both Osceola and Lake County located in the 77 page Green Isle Summary on the internet.

    Now we have a career Lake Jail Captain Mike Ford come forth with what should be perceived by every moral resident of Lake County, Florida stunning allegations of Gary Borders sexual deviate behavior within the walls of the Lake County Jail. Mr. Ford served out his sentence for the people of Lake County with dignity. What else is a dignified man or woman to do when culprit is the one in power? What else is a person to do when the higher powers only serve to continue to cover up the crimes of the powerful friends and associates? Even though some of the witnesses lied, the FBI had credible evidence of Gary Borders jail sex with inmates as far back as 2009 and failed to interview all of the witnesses, some of which had direct evidence and contact with the victim. Back then they spinners spin was that it was consensual and much like Captain Ford’s remarks about Gary Borders being friends with the Stone family that was supposed to make it alright. Let’s remember at that time Gary Borders was the jail major, his victim was an inmate and one with some brains might be led to believe an inmate might consent to anything at the hands of their captors! No matter what else it is what about a Civil Rights violation? If a female was in jail and a male jailer took her out for sex what would they call that?
    The problem here is everyone has always known something was not right with Gary Borders. A lot of people just tried to ignore him and turn their heads on his sickness. Many, many others saw an opportunity and used him and covered for him. No one in their right mind ever though it was possible for this sick sexual deviate to become the sheriff of Lake County, but he did! That opened more opportunities for him with the young boys. It also opened a lot of opportunities for the criminals in Lake County, Florida to have a sheriff they can control. Lake’s culture of corruption has been like kids in a candy store ever since. It’s hard to believe that as seriously corrupt as Lake County is its leaders actually knew what a sexual deviate Gary Borders really is and just how much heat he would eventually bring down on their little kingdom. They say all good things eventually come to and end and this JOKE (nightmare) has worn out it’s laughablity with the good, honest, moral people of Lake County who were raised to know the difference between right and wrong even if it’s not written in a law book somewhere!

    Count the victims of Gary Borders going all the way back to 1980 in Osceola County. County the victims of Gary Borders at the Green Isle Boys Ranch from 1989 until the last 5 rapes which caused him and his Bridges of America friends to close the ranch in March 2010. Now count the victims brought forth by Captain Mike Ford. The numbers are in the hundreds! And this is the man who is the sheriff of Lake County.

    This, the man whose powerful channel 9 friends never air the truth about anything in Lake County but, will do for him an over and over repeating and repeating how many sexual predators the Lake County Sheriff’s Office took off the streets in June 2011; almost one year ago. What did they do? Get on the computer and invite sexual deviates to mean young underage girls. Almost everyone of the arrests were from outside of Lake County! Inviting sexual deviates to Lake County when our own sheriff is one of the highest caliber! At the time of the sing in June 2011 it was simply designed just like the over the weekend instant replays to try and convince Lake County people that their sheriff is tough on sexual perverts when in fact he is one!

    A spin designed to offset the truth about the sickness of the one sexual predator that is still at large in Lake County and that predator is Sheriff Gary Borders himself. The facts are there and the witnesses are there – we have allowed a sexual deviate to elevate himself to the office of Sheriff of Lake County with the help of a culture of corruption run but the likes of Bob McKee who uses four different birth dates!

    This make honest people who know right from wrong wonder just why in the hell Gary Borders, Bob Mckee and a lot more of Lake County’s career criminals are not in jail where they belong!

  26. Truth Shall Set You Free says:

    Guacamole, you say it was a joke but yet you say morons. So maybe I didnt spell the word correctly, however, I wanted to make sure the gang knew what I meant. They may have thought I was speaking French and would have not known what I was saying. Also, it can be a transitional verb meaning to stick together which is what the clique does. It really doesnt matter about the misspelling because in the end it is the truth that matters. Im glad you think corruption is funny because to me it shows you have a warped sense of humor. I hope your maker thinks its funny for your sake.

  27. Guacamole says:

    I was only making a joke.

  28. Dat Gum theres that dude or duddette with the itchy trigger finger again. “Guacamole says:
    May 27, 2012 at 6:23 pm It is “clique” not “click” you maroons.. LOL

    So if you are right I guess that also means some of the folks are cliqueer and like clicks instead of chicks! You idiots can do everything except defend the truth. You have no defense of the truth. I have really enjoyed channel 9 reminding us of how many sexual predators Lake and Polk Countiies tool off the streets one year ago. Even one year ago when Lake SO done the sexual predator sting like the recent rehash that too was a spin brought on by the Green Isle Boyrs Ranch rapes Gary Borders covered up for his little friend Tyler.

    You guys can pick up the phone and have channel 9 dance around the roses for the sickness of Gary Borders. They have always done it, they have actually fired good, moral, honest reporters who dared to challenge their suppression of the crimes of Gary Borders and his friends. The real people of lake County and the state of Florida as well know the sick games that are being played and have long been played. . They also know the players. No scheme, scam or monoply stands in corruption for ever. Your little dynasty will fall and soon. The people know more about Lake County and its government criminals today than ever before in history.

  29. Guacamole says:

    It is “clique” not “click” you maroons.. LOL

  30. Guacamole says:

    It is “clique” not “click” you maroons. 🙂

  31. Get a life
    May 26, 2012 at 1:22 pm
    Ford is just disgruntled because he was kicked out of the click

    Disgruntled would be an appropriate word if Captain Ford had been fired, let go, forced to resign…however, none of those seem to apply here. It seems that Captain Ford chose to do the right thing and tell the truth. Clicks are nothing more than a group of people who feel powerful and choose to bully those who dont participate in their bull%%%%. I for one think it’s honorable that Captain Ford realized that being part of that click was on a one way ticket to hell and decided he needed to change his destiny. Maybe the truth is “Get A Life”, you wish you had one and are jealous that Captain Ford my actually chose to live a life he can be proud of. The bashing of Captain Ford is an obvious attempt to discredit this man from telling the truth. The problem you see is that there is a whole lot of people who believe him and that scares the heck out of you. The glorious click that has ran this county for too long is seeing the end of the tunnel and what they see isn’t pretty. When are people going to realize that corruption equals evil and evil never wins in the long run. So maybe Get A Life, you need to get of the “click” train and do right…maybe it’s not too late for you….

  32. Better Times says:

    Not being in that “click” is more honorable. Think really hard about that.

  33. Get a life says:

    Ford is just disgruntled because he was kicked out of the click

  34. Dear Concerned Citizen, you are not a concerned citizen, you are a supporter of Gary Borders, probably in the good graces of him…hmm, it seems to me you can speak your mind, however, others are not entitled to do the same. The difference between me and you is class..Maybe, you should go look that up in the dictionary. On another blog, you accuse people of mudslinging but in the same blog you do the same. It is apparent you are a hyprocrite and think you are the only who can mudsling. I for one don’t care about Mr. Borders lifestyle as I have stated many times. My problem is the corruption, something I dont participate in. I take my job seriously and strive to be the best I can be. You are most likely very upset that someone on these blogs has hit the nail on the head and the gig is up. Corruption in any form is purely evil and you must relish in it. Maybe the good Lord will give you forgiveness if you ask for it. Believe me when I say this, what goes around comes around and usually in ten fold. Hope you distance yourself quickly because it is only a matter of time before it all goes down. I also can say that looking from the outside in, gives me some comfort knowing I am not associated with the Sheriffs office. I would be ashamed to say I work there. I do feel sorry for those employees who have to work under the current Sheriff. Hopefully their hostage situation will be resolved by the election. All I have to say to you is may God have mercy on you.

  35. This has disgruntled employee written all over it

  36. Dear Name, I can appreciate that you wanted to point out that Captain Mike Ford is no saint, however, if you read the entire interview, you would see where he says that he has done some things that are not good, but at least he has come clean and he is willing to speak the truth. You on the other hand sound like someone who has some axes to grind. You say you don’t support Borders, however, you underlying tone says otherwise. I for one am aware of the corruption at the Lake County Sheriffs office and guess what, I don’t work there. I have no axe to grind, not a disgruntled employee, but I am a law enforcement officer. There is a code of ethics that a Law Enforcement officer takes when he becomes a law enforcement officer and it is quite obvious that Gary Borders and quite a few of his employees have forgotten that. It dismays me that anyone who allows corruption to exist is nothing more than a criminal himself. I am not moral police and really dont care about Borders personal life, however, it does concern me when that personal life interferes with the professionalism of being a law enforcement officer. So since you might not know the code, I am going to post it for you. I really would like for you to read it carefully. You will see where that Gary Borders has not followed any of it.

    As a Law Enforcement Officer, my fundamental duty is to serve mankind; to safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation, and the peaceful against violence or disorder; and to respect the Constitutional rights of all persons to liberty, equality and justice.

    I will keep my private life unsullied as an example to all; maintain courageous calm in the face of danger, scorn or ridicule; develop self-restraint; and be constantly mindful of the welfare of others. Honest in thought and deed in both my personal and official life, I will be exemplary in obeying the laws of the land and the regulations of my department. Whatever I see or hear of a confidential nature or that is confided to me in my official capacity will be kept ever secret unless revelation is necessary in the performance of my duty.

    I will never act officiously or permit personal feelings, prejudices, animosities or friendships to influence my decisions. With no compromise for crime and with relentless prosecution of criminal, I will enforce the law courteously and appropriately without fear or favor, malice or ill will, never employing unnecessary force or violence and never accepting gratuities.

    I recognize the badge of my office as a symbol of public faith, and I accept it as a public trust to be held so long as I am true to the ethics of the police service. I will constantly strive to achieve these objectives and ideals, dedicating myself before God to my chosen profession…law enforcement.

    I for one applaud Mike Ford for coming forward, because too many people have been intimidated and or fear that some kind of reprisal will be done if anyone speaks against Gary Borders. I for one thinks its disgusting and a shame that this county is being ran by a Sheriff who has forgotten what the true meaning of being a law enforcement officer is. You obviously are either a law enforcement officer or were one and probably have first hand knowledge of the corruption. Maybe you should find forgiveness and seek to find some salvation in your life. I for one will be definitely placing my vote for Sandy Carpenter and will make sure that I express that to all my friends and family and anyone else who cares to listen. I will place a bumper sticker on my car for Sandy Carpenter and hope that a deputy doesnt decide to harass me for my right as an American to have freedom of speech. If that does happen, I guarantee you that the Sheriffs office will look at a major lawsuit. Feel free to respond to this post, as I can put up a debate all day long, 24/7, 365 days a week. The truth will come out and when it does there will be some heads that roll. Have a Blessed Day….

  37. well, the damage control team is up and running. commissioners, judges, local attorneys and command staff. all afraid that they may lose power in this county are uniting to begin the retaliation and/or smear campaign on a guy who simply exercised his God-given american right. tell the truth to a public that is uninformed. believe it or not there are folks monitoring this situation that do not care about the power vaccum in lake county. they actually care about citizens. the everyday taxpayer is not a consideration with the borders’ crowd. why is it such a big deal that a captain would tell the truth. the underlying problem is right there in front of us. everyone is so shocked that a lcso captain would tell the truth. it should be a normal thing for a captain to be truthful. 55 million or 65 million dollar budget belongs to the people of lake county, not the sheriff’s allies , friends and his powerkeepers in government. rewarding firends with 80,000 dollar jobs is not part of the equation when it comes to fiscal respnsibility. a local pastor gets fired from his church for supporting borders, borders then gives him a job. lots of people get fired everyday out here in the real world. life is tough. these folks at the lcso who run it have never worked in the real world. there money is guaranteed every two weeks. then they use taxpayer money to reward supporters during a campaign. michael tart gets a 60,000 dollar a year salary from the county to run a “charity” all he has to do his help campaign for borders. on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

  38. The Sheriff’s friends at Channel 9 Brendt Peterson and George Spencer have just done a story on the Child predator arrests made in Lake and Polk County with the focus mostly on Lake County and the great John Herrell telling everyone how many child predators they have arrested and got off the streets.

    Thats their retaliation for this story. Problem is no matter how many “sick suckers” they have arrested they have still missed the most important one, Gary Borders.

    This ain’t BS this is documented evidence. The witnesses are available and chomping at the bits to tell the truth. The ones that want to continue to lie need to go to jail also.This man needs to be in jail right now instead of spending his time with his friends cooking up old spins.

    They are experts at manipulating the system and they know the pubic is dumber than a box of rocks. I have been present live and seen John Herrell look right into the Channel 9 camera and LIE LIKE A RUG!

    Never could figure out why Todd Rowley’s last old lady got mad and took off and dumped him when she caught him and John Herrell sharing a friend. Herrell’s old lady didn’t seem to mind, go figure that one!

  39. Has everyone out there heard the story told by State Representative Marleen O’Toole regarding her “Take Stock In Children” organization seeking volunteers?

    Apparently a few years back she had a conversation with Gary Borders about becoming involved with the boys. She said Gary Borders inquired as to whether or not he could take the boys home with him. Apparently she told him “absolutely not” and he replied “then why would I want to waste my time?”

    This story has been floating around Lake County now for a few years! I’m sure Ms. O’Toole wouldn’t lie about it. Maybe some of these people diggin into things should check with here and see if will will confirm the statements.

  40. Lake Deputy Robert Myers resigns amid internal investigation – August 27, 2011

    Court security deputy Robert Myers has resigned amid an internal probe that focused on conflicting statements he provided to law-enforcement officials investigating a domestic-battery allegation.

    Myers, 43, who began his Lake County Sheriff’s Office career in 1995, submitted a letter to Sheriff Gary Borders, saying he believed his resignation “to be in the best interest of the Sheriff’s Office and myself.” The letter made no reference to the internal probe or a separate domestic-battery charge he faces.

    Myers had been on administrative leave from the department since June, when he was charged with battery, accused of striking his live-in girlfriend Robin Nycol Douglas, a former deputy, at their home in Weirsdale

    A change of plea is scheduled for Wednesday, according to the Marion County Clerk of Courts website.

    The Lake sheriff’s administrative probe was related to a different alleged battery — in which Myers accused Douglas of pushing and scratching him, an incident that led to her arrest and dismissal from the Sheriff’s Office.

    Myers later recanted his sworn statement when questioned by an official with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission, sheriff’s spokesman Lt. John Herrell said.

    The commission was preparing a review of Douglas’ law-enforcement certification.
    In April 28, 2010, after co-workers noticed scratches on his face, Myers, who held the rank of corporal, told his supervisors he had been involved in a disturbance with Douglas. A sheriff’s report said she acknowledged an altercation but described Myers as the aggressor, although she had no visible signs of injury.

    Douglas was charged with battery and pleaded not guilty. The misdemeanor case was later dismissed by County Judge Donna Miller on the condition that Douglas submit to a substance abuse and mental-health assessment. Which she did and passed! She had done nothing wrong!

    Amazingly since the LCSO computer crash the April 2010 arrest records of Robin Douglas by LT. David Pelton for Battery on Robert Myers which he now tells FDLE he lied about have disappeared from the LCSO website. According to the website there was 996 arrests in the Lake Jail that month. Many of them appear to be repetitive but, no Robin Douglas anywhere.
    On the morning of April 28, 2010, Robert Myers showed up at work with scratches someone in the courthouse crew summoned Sheriff Borders over to the courthouse where he took his old friend and former jail employee out into the hallway. Before Borders ever showed up at the Bailiff’s office Robert had already selected “NO” and signed in the intent to prosecute box of a statement. But, Myers said Borders took him out into the hall and told him its either her or you, make up your mind. If she reports you as the aggressor you will be arrested and lose your job. Borders then ordered Corporal Evan Rosenstein to write the victims statement for Robert Myers who later admitted he didn’t even know was it said.

    But never the less, Robin Douglas was arrested on that date and jailed in the Lake Jail at 11:59 AM where she remained until the next day April 29, 2010 until 5:21 PM. Arrested and jailed for over 21 hours because of lies concocted by her own boss Gary Borders who then fired her after her release from jail.

    No wonder here arrest records have disappeared off the LCSO website. But wait; When Robert Myers resigned in August 2011 he was supposed to be under an (IA) Internal Investigation for filling a false affidavit and police report to cause her arrest. What happened to that?

    Borders got his friend attorney Michael Graves to represent Robert Myers him in Marion County court. He was allowed to resign amid an internal investigation ( IA-11-22) into his admitting he had lied to affect the arrest and firing of Robin Douglas. And of course that investigation evaporated when he resigned. His co-conspirator in the crime of lying to have someone arrested and publicly destroyed for life Gary Borders once again gets off scot free for his conspiracy to destroy the life of yet another human. The head count of the lives destroyed by one man Gary Borders counting the families of his victims would probably be in the thousands.
    It’s also very interesting that many times the actions of Gary Borders somehow seem to connect almost directly to Michael Graves; just another reason the Lake insiders had hoped to slide Graves right into the public defender’s job without any competition.

  41. Name says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmm……Keep on doing the research people….U are just at the start…Not the finish for sure…There are so many names that can be tossed in the toilet and flushed when it comes down to LCSO…I have seen and watched the several issues and cover ups for LCSO..Been there and wore that shirt *Per Say* But when Your Dog gets treated better then a employee …There is a Big problem!!!!!


    I overheard Gary Borders telling R***** M***s ” I can deep throat it” when they both worked at the jail. I happen to walk near by when I had to stop and pick up my jaw .I didn’t know what to do with that. This is the kind of guy I work for? I never respected him after that moment.But one has to do what one has to do.

  43. Thank You! says:

    God Bless the little children for they depend on us that are supposed to be grown ups for their protection. When they are abused by grown ups they have no other place to turn! They are then sentenced to a life of darkness forever here on earth.

    And God Bless you guys and the good people of Lake County!

    This nightmare needs to come to an end and not just in the elections booth but in a criminal court of law.

  44. We know the RSOL does not like links and we certainly understand why. However we have found the following links on the internet which substanciates and in fact proves a lot of these allegations contained in the article.

    If a person cares to read the entire 77 page Green Isle Summary it is very enlightening as to Borders life history around young boys. The most interesting thing here is as other have been saying all along, follow the timeline on the rapes reported to the sheriff’s office on November 21, 2009 and you will see the investigation stopped dead in it’s tracks on December 16, 2009.

    The investigation did not come back to life until the news of the rapes hit the local TV news then, the next day they went back towork on it and faked up a solution to the cover ups. The rapist is standing next to Sheriff Borders in the front page of the 2009 Islander publication which was published around the times the rapes were later reported by the boys to have started. You can also see by the history of the 2000 multi-rapes of one 9 year old victim this house of horror’s had been going on for years. That case and the DCF request for LCSO to investigate and charge Green Isle with Institutional neglect was never investigated and closed out when the statute of limitations expired! No wonder Gary Borders never mentioned his involvement in this place to Captain Ford!

    Rev Zepp’s 911 call on November 21, 2009

    Rev Zepp and 5 Little Boys handwritten statements

    2009 summer islander


    THE GREEN ISLE BOYS RANCH STORY – 77 page summary

  45. Amazing how cops always use confidential informants to make their big drug, child porn, prostitution, murder, robberies and other cases and their agencies are to damn lazy to answer the phone (did you see the 911 operator story on TV where the operator was asleep and snoring?) So, around here they use CRIMELINE. They are always sure to advertise you can leave them a tip and get a reward and still remain confidential.

    But when it comes to bloggers telling the truth and giving the people REAL TIPS about what is really going on right under the noses and in front of their eyes; not only do they not even get the offer of a reward these goons insist that if they used their name someone would believe them. As with “put a name to your statement and people might take you serious.” Actually that is not “typical cop behavior.” Real cops that their information anywhere they can get it then they get off their butts and investigate and confirm the allegations and turn that information into evidence that ultimately is used to convict the criminals in question.

    As Mike Ford says Borders is a very vindictive person. He ruled the Lake jail for years with an iron fist. His perverted lifestyle has never been in question by those who have been exposed to sickness for decades. Until he became sheriff he could control his jailhouse environment but the stage got to big and the players got jealous of each other. Then he couldn’t seem to satisfy them all with our tax money and favors and gifts.

    Everyone has always known that Gary Borders was not a law man. Never was and never has been. He was always noting but a jailer and jail administrator in Osceola County from 1980-1989 when as a Lt. he was terminated by the incoming sheriff but the sheriff kept Borders Captain Jack Pate on. Figure that one out, it’s usually the top boss that goes and the peon’s that stay.

    Then, he come to work at the Lake jail in January 1989 the same year him and his friends opened the Green Isle Boys Ranch near Clermont. Sometime not too long before he was made sheriff he attended a law enforcement cross training class (missed a lot of it) because he kept reminding the instructors he was a major.

    One thing that has always stuck in my craw is this. When Gary Borders was first appointed the sheriff of Lake County by Jeb Bush since Borders had no road experience he would ride with certain deputies at night. Some of those deputies would set up stops where they would take the occupant or occupants out of the vehicle and beat them up usually alongside the stopped vehicle just for the excitement of the boss. These incidents continued for several weeks or months until the boss moved on to other incidents of excitement.

    Yes the FBI was here around November and December 2009 asking questions about Sheriff Borders and some others. From what I hear they talked to several people. Then as a previous blogger says as far as I know no one knows what happened but the disappeared. It sure wasn’t because Gary Borders and several others hadn’t committed any crimes it was because someone with the power to do so called off the dogs.

    Bob McKee has gone around for years claiming he’s connected to the right people. He even gloats when some people call him the godfather. He has actually told people he is untouchable!
    One thing for sure he has used at least FOUR different dates of birth on government applications and documents. Some folks have posted these documents in his own handwriting on the internet for all to see. Just like Gary Borders with all the crimes that Bob McKee has committed he too is still in office, still ignoring the evidence stacked up against him. Why? Because he’s got friends in high places that make telephone calls sometimes in the middle of the night; friends who use those words like then Major Borders did to Captain Ford about the Larry Stone, Jr. butt feeling up incident, “just make it go away” that’s why.

    The culture of corruption within all part of Lake County government is so voluminous even the average really intelligent person can not grasp it. “They” are able to control almost everything including most of the local news media from print to television. These are facts and not supposition! Example: George Spencer at Channel 9 news attacks the powerful including this week he faced off with 9th Circuit States Attorney Lawless Lawson Lamar, yet, he knows and is well informed about everything Lake from the Green Isle Ranch right on. He is not allowed to breathe one word about it.

    He knows a lot of his former colleagues like Ken Moton and others have tried to air the truth about Lake County and its insider antics and found themselves down the road looking back.
    So, where does the good, honest, moral taxpaying people of Lake County turn to bring about cleaning up the massive corruption in their county? The Lord only knows that! There is not one supposed to be called law enforcement agency in authority over Lake County crimes and corruption operating in Florida including Governor Rick Scott that has not had the Lake County criminal evidence handed to them on a silver platter. And everyone one of them turns their heads and supports their fellow government criminals in their crimes while thumbing their noses at the honest people of Lake County who want to save their county from this organized crime.
    No wonder Bob McKee, Cadwell, Conner, Sandy Minkoff, Brad King and the list of criminals goes on and on that likes Gary Borders. They know he’s as sorry as they are and they can commit all the crimes in the world and get away with it.

    I don’t thank Lake’s culture of corruption really knew what a bad apple Gary Border was when they all stuck together to get their friend Jeb Bush to appoint his sheriff. They knew he didn’t have any morals but, they didn’t know the 30 year string of victims left in his path.
    God Bless the Good People of Lake County for they are on their own with no support from higher authorities to police the corruption in our county.

    Nothing will change in Lake County until the decent, honest residents stand up and demand some branch of higher government put a stop to it. The statewide grand jury made a lot of recommendations which Gov Scott received his first month or so in office. He summarily dismissed every last one of them and joined right in with the ongoing Jeb Bush corruption. When are they ever going to give ole Jim Greer a trial? When are they going to let him tell the truth about Charlie Crist? NEVER! Because birds of a feather flock together and every one of these criminals know each other and cover for each other!

  46. you got him, you got the tater. old news buddy. everyone already knows this story. here goes the cowardly anonymous bloggers he talked about. put a name to your statement and people might take you serious. typical cop behavior.

  47. Name says:

    Finally an insider at the sheriff’s office has the guts to come forward and tell the truth about what’s been going on there for years. Too bad decent people have to pay the price for the rotten behavior of others – there is good honest moral people left and Lake County and they should not be forced to turn their heads.

    The decent, moral people of Lake County were lucky to have a public servant like Captain Mike Ford for 21 years. Too bad they lost him over this sickness and corruption that is in power. There is a lot more good people working for the taxpayers and not themselves – I hope to God the people can keep them and get rid of the corruption.

  48. Name says:

    Sheriff Dainels advised me shortly before his death that he received several calls about Gary Borders activity. One in perticular, was a male inmate that was being harassed by borders after he was released from the Lake County Jail.

    Borders had a certain fondness for this person and the father was appalled that he continued to call his residence attempting to contact him, and wanted it stopped. Sheriff Daniels was thinking about how to approach this unusual activity, he never had an opportunity to address this issue, he was killed in an accident.

    I was contacted by the local FBI Office, but I never heard anything else about it. If think Captain Ford is fabricating this activity your wrong, and it goes much deeper, along with other activities.

  49. What kind of a label will the Lake controllers put on this revelation? Man does this ever open up a big old can of worms. These jail employee’s have been sharing the Borders sexcapades for years. If I remember correctly it was corrections officer at the time before he done a tour in Iraq and now real deputy sheriff Eric Wimberly that was telling folks at the firing range about delivering Andrew Washburn to Borders office and peeking through the crack in the door. This is the same guy that told his two neighbor ladies that Gary Borders had bought him a Toyota pick up truck (from the agency auction conducted at the time in Zellwood) to keep quite about their affair. But, apparently when the feds interviewed Wimberly just like this Captain Ford guy he had amnesia and didn’t know anything about it. If you had any real law in this land the whole bunch should have gone to the federal pen for lying to the FBI. But, it don’t really matter because some political powerhouse stopped the feds and run them out of town anyway. After I saw that blog about Villages VP Gary Lester making phone calls to Alan Hays for Jeb Bush I figure you could probably follow that shutdown right back the Villages.

    Everyone of these guys working in that jail has known all along what Borders has been doing both with some inmates and some corrections employee’s. Nothing in that jail is a secret. Even many of the regular inmates like the ones that witnessed Borders patting Larry Stone Jr. on the butt have witnessed Borders and his sickness for years; when they get a break from jail they put this stuff on the streets as well. Gary Borders was the laughing stock of the streets of Lake County way before they give him the sheriff’s job! Everyone always knew he was gay but they didn’t realize his attraction for the really young boys.

    You have to wonder how a guy like Gary Borders gets to be the sheriff. How can they get that far and still be so stupid they don’t believe that everyone around them knows what they are and what they are doing. The remarks that Ford made about being a supervisor under Borders for 15 years and never hearing of the Green Isle Ranch is interesting. Wouldn’t you think a guy spending over 20 years doing good things for little boys would at least mention it to his co-workers and employee’s and want to get a little credit? All indications are Gary Borders is a homo pedophile of the worst kind. He has spent over 10 years hanging around little boys clubs in Osceola County before he and his friends opened the Green Isle Boys Ranch in Clermont in 1989; he spent from then until it closed in March 2010 because he got caught covering up the rapes of the five little boys. Again like Captain Ford says Borders charges who he wants too based on whom the children and their parents are. He was friends with Green Isle rapist Tyler Anthony Jackson and he covered for him.

    I for one appreciate Captain Ford exposing as much as he did but, everyone knows he’s not telling the whole story. Maybe he is concerned about the safety of his family because as he says it is a well known fact that Borders is very vindictive; he still rules by his jailhouse power where he thinks he can send people to the hole or like he had Ford do with Larry Stone Jr. (little Scotty’s brother) to another county jail; who by the way unlike his brother don’t go for that Borders funky stuff!

    This is a good start but unfortunately major crimes against humanity have been committed by Gary Borders for years. He doesn’t deserve to go back to his Momma in Kentucky with a big fat Florida taxpayers funded retirement check every month. His crimes are real, his victims, and they are many, suffer every day while he lives the life of a king.

    Hopefully more people will come forth with the truth about what has really been going on with and around Gary Borders since 1980. Then hopefully Gary Borders will be criminally charged, tried, convicted and sentenced to the many years he deserves in the penitentiary.
    The facts don’t lie and the facts of his crimes are everywhere for the people to see!
    And where is the FBI anyway? Are they still investigating the LCSO computer hacking? If they are they would probably find out Borders hired it done to cover up all the millions in missing taxpayers dollars just in case he somehow loses this upcoming election.

  50. Name says:

    Retired Captain Mike Ford, by his account and according to public records, served the Lake County Sheriff’s Department honorably for more than two decades with promotions from Deputy, to Sergeant, to Lieutenant, and, for the last five years of his career he served as Captain. According to Ford, he has never been given a written negative review, never violated the law, and has never been reprimanded for a policy violation. Ford contends his departure from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office had more to do with him crossing Deputy “friends” of then Major Borders and Borders’ willingness to protect them while Sheriff. Ford said, “The reason why I left was because our Sheriff’s department no longer had the best interest of Lake County- the motto was “Protect the Sheriff.”

    Never broke the law???? What about when you first started working at the jail under Borders and you were arrested by Leesburg Police at the old Chopping Block in Leesburg for a warrant from Hillsbourgh County for Aggravated Battery after breaking a guys jaw while you attended USF…..Borders, your buddy then, told you to get dropped and he could live with that….you then obtained Mike Graves as your attorney and $7000 later he had it dropped to a simple battery. I am no supporter of Gary Borders by know means, but come on Mike, over the years you personally escorted inmates to Borders’ love office, so whatever falling out you guys had, you’re just as guilty of covering for Borders as the rest of em are!!! You were close to Borders early on so Iam wondering if maybe you just got to old and your jealous your no longer in the click…..just saying!!!

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