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Former Top Lake County Deputy Makes Stunning Allegations Part 1

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Former Top Lake County Deputy Makes Stunning Allegations

Part 1

Retired Lake County Sheriff’s Captain

Mike Ford

After 21 years of service with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, Captain Mike Ford retired last September from a job he loved.  When we asked him why, he said, I took my own advice- if you don’t like it leave.  When we asked Ford if he had sour grapes or was a disgruntled former employee he said, Absolutely correct!  I’m also a disgruntled citizen.  They got tired of going around me so they came after me.

Retired Captain Mike Ford, by his account and according to public records, served the Lake County Sheriff’s Department honorably for more than two decades with promotions from Deputy, to Sergeant, to Lieutenant, and, for the last five years of his career he served as Captain.  According to Ford, he has never been given a written negative review, never violated the law, and has never been reprimanded for a policy violation. Ford contends his departure from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office had more to do with him crossing Deputy “friends” of then Major Borders and Borders’ willingness to protect them while Sheriff.  Ford said, The reason why I left was because our Sheriff’s department no longer had the best interest of Lake County- the motto was “Protect the Sheriff.

Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. understands this is an election year, and the Sheriff’s race between Sheriff Gary Borders and Captain Sandy Carpenter is going to be very contentious with a lot of mud being slung in all directions. For many years, there has been a whisper campaign against Sheriff Borders questioning everything from his lifestyle to his ethics.  Our newsletter has ignored such innuendo, because no one could be attributed to the accusations.  Despite this, Sheriff Borders has been a frequent target on our blog comment page.

When Retired Captain Mike Ford came forward to us to discuss the Sheriff’s Office, and we found out that he had a long history with Sheriff Borders dating back to a time when Borders was a Major in charge of the jail, his comments and concerns held a higher degree of veracity.  Prior to our interview with Ford, we reached out to several citizens who had firsthand knowledge of Ford’s character, and we were told it was impeccable.

Before this interview was released, we reached out to Lieutenant John Herrell from the Lake County Sheriff’s Department-Office of Professional Standards, and he confirmed that Mike Ford retired in good standing with no major criminal or ethical violations.  We informed Lieutenant Herrell that our group had talked to Ford, and that he had made serious employment allegations against Sherriff Gary Borders and the Sheriff’s Department.  Lieutenant Herrell felt Ford was politically motivated; however, he offered no other plausible reason why the former 21-year-retired captain would come out against his former boss.

We realize this is election season, and the race between Sheriff Gary Borders and Captain Sandy Carpenter is in full throttle; however, Ford raises some serious issues that go well beyond campaign mudslinging.  Ford’s willingness to interview on the record adds credence.  In addition, he is doing so despite his belief that he and his family could face reprisals from members of the Sheriff’s Department who are loyal to Sheriff Borders.  We sure hope his fears are unfounded.

In this The Right Side of the Lake newsletter, as well as the next one, we will present a series of questions we asked Retired Captain Mike Ford.  Some of his responses suggest possible criminal, civil and ethical concerns.  We did not discuss the interview or responses ahead of time with Sheriff Borders, because of Ford’s concerns of retaliation; however, we will give Sheriff Borders the opportunity to rebut or answer any of the charges.

Statement from Retired Captain Mike Ford

The reason I have decided to do this interview is not for political motives.  It is because so many employees at the L.C.S.O. are suffering.

This interview needed to be done whether there was an election this year or not.  When I retired, I had no intention of ever working in public service again.  I take offense to Lieutenant Herrell’s accusation that my comments are politically motivated.  This is a personal issue I have with the administration of the L.C.S.O.

My family has been hurt and discriminated against due to my employment at the L.C.S.O.  Most command staff members do not put their families first.  I’ve done many things in my life I am not proud of.  I have hurt people who loved me.  My God and my family have forgiven me.

After this interview is released, the L.C.S.O. damage control team will begin a smear campaign on me and my family.  The “anonymous” bloggers will have a real good time at my family’s expense.  The Sheriff and his staff may not say anything publicly, but they will use their resources against my family.  I would hope that the Sheriff and his staff would look at themselves and see what 90% of the L.C.S.O. employees see. 

I am a citizen of Lake County simply voicing my concerns about how “our” L.C.S.O. is using the money we the taxpayers work so hard for.

Q: Have you ever been interviewed by the FBI in connection with an investigation of Sheriff Borders for allegedly giving a car to an inmate as a gift? 

Ford:  Yes, the FBI has interviewed me, but I really didn’t know anything about it.

Q:  We understand you were  the subject of an Internal Affairs investigation based on a complaint made by Sergeant Lee Piper, who is reported to be a close friend of Sheriff Borders? 

Ford:  Borders tried to get me fired.  He is absolutely vindictive of anyone who messes with his friends; he goes after you.  He will send people after you.

Q:  What happened between you and Sergeant Piper? 

Ford:  We had a shakedown of the jail, because of a missing knife, and Lee Piper never helped once.  When I asked him why he didn’t help, he told me because no one asked him.  At that point, he began calling someone from his cell phone, presumably Borders, and I told him to hang the phone up because I was his boss.  He later filed a complaint stating I had slapped the phone from his hands, but it was dropped because there was no truth to it.

Q:  Do you know for sure if Sheriff Borders has participated in personal relationships with people in the jail? 

Ford:  Are you asking me about inmates or officers?

Q:  What about both?

Ford:  Relationships – yes.

Q:  Let’s define relationship – physical relationship? 

Ford:  I don’t know.

Q:  Do you believe Sheriff Borders had inappropriate relationships with men who worked with him?

Ford:  What leads me to believe he had inappropriate relationships is anybody that  Borders took an interest in-mostly young and new hires-he would spend lots of time with them going to stores, vacations and his home. Within a short period of time of those relationships, they would be promoted or put in desirable positions which were above discipline.

Q:  We have been told by sources of an incident, while you were a Lieutenant in the jail, that then Major Gary Borders had with an inmate whose brother, Deputy Scott Stone, currently works at the Sheriff’s Office.  Do you know anything about this incident?

Ford:  Scott Stone is Borders’ current “favorite” deputy. Two officers in the jail told me that (Scott Stone’s brother-inmate) was being ridiculed by other inmates in his unit because Borders grabbed his butt.  I went to Major Borders and said, “I’ve got two officers telling me that (Scott Stone’s brother-inmate)  told them  you grabbed his butt and the other inmates saw it and were making fun of it.”  Borders response was, “This is great-right here at election time.”  I said, “What would you like me to do?”  Borders told me, “Make it go away.”  I sent him to the Seminole County jail.  It was a courtesy hold that local Sheriff’s Departments do all the time.

Q:  What do you know of the relationship between Scott Stone and Sheriff Gary Borders?

Ford:  Borders has been friends with that family for some time, and he (Stone) has become his favorite employee-favorite Deputy.  Scott Stone did not have to use the chain of command, just as the other employees he took interest in.

Q:  Did you know about Sheriff Borders’ actions and alleged allegations at the Green Isle Boys Ranch?

Ford:  I worked for 15 years as a supervisor for Borders, and I never heard anything of the Green Isle Boys ranch.  I now know he participated in it.  I would never send my boy there if I knew he was in charge. 

I don’t want my children to go to schools where Lake County Sheriff Resource Officers are, because Borders makes all the decisions on student charges based on who the child is and who their parents are. 

Q:  Is it selected prosecution?

Ford:  Absolutely.

In Friday’s The Right Side of the LakePart 2,  our interview with Lake County Sheriff’s Department Retired Captain Mike Ford continues, and he discusses whether Sheriff Borders has been compromised; corruption in the department; wasteful spending; and, a special position for a person he believes is grossly unqualified.  Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. allowed Retired Captain Ford an opportunity to review the questions and responses he gave prior to publication, and he acknowledges all of his published responses to be accurate, and he stands behind each one of them.

If true, we find the incidents described by Retired Captain Mike Ford very troublesome, and it concerns us that there are Deputies in the Sheriff’s Department who cannot speak out because they are afraid to speak their mind due to reprisals.  We believe that Lake County government should take the comments of Retired Captain Mike Ford very seriously, and the Lake County Board of County Commissioners should appoint an independent ombudsman who can confidentially speak to all employees to ensure against a hostile work environment at the Sheriff’s Department.

This is not a lifestyle issue; rather, this is a serious employment issue that could lead to millions of dollars in claims, if it is found that a hostile work environment exists at the Lake County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Borders should welcome an ombudsman to ensure Deputies below him are not misrepresenting his direction or relationship.  One way or another, the truth will surface, and Retired Captain Mike Ford will either be the “Norma Rae” of the Sheriff’s Department or deemed another campaign hack.

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77 Responses to “Former Top Lake County Deputy Makes Stunning Allegations Part 1”

  1. @There has got to be a reason says: I think you hit the nail on the head! But, here is what worries many people. Some of business people who use to be referred too as “pillars of the community” types have offpring and in-laws working at the LCSO.

    One of those names appears in this publication and that family moved out of town to Sumter County a long time ago and left their offspring with Borders. Now we know why! We suspect some others would like to move out of Lake to escape all these truths coming out.

    What worries most people that we know more than anythng is not just the antics of Gary Borders and how he handles the facts about him coming to the surface but, the people who continue to support him and even invite him to be around their young boys and continue to deny, deny and deny the overwhelming facts that this man has a long sordid history hanging around little boys and little boys functions. It is the actions of people like Gary Borders that has brought on the new demand for background checks on people working around children. If they done an honest background investigation in to Gary Borders he would not be allowed to work or even volunteer to work around children; especially boys! This is a sick man and a lot of other sick people in Lake County government and Lake County as a whole continue to support his sickness and deny, deny and lie and lie! Personally I believe they will all burn in hell for these actions and support.

    Remember, with all the support from Conner, Parks, Ralph Smith, Richard Riker and a lot of others it is obvious that Gary Borders has got a lot of company sharing his sicko life style!

    Wonder how many of the people of Lake County contacted Governor Rick Scott regarding these “allocatons?” I hear a few did but that won’t go anywhere even old casper the governor acts like he’s got the limp wrist syndrome and if so he’ll protect his own as well.

  2. Could it be because Borders is a sick nasty pedo fag and most everyone that ‘works’ for him is an a** kissing inbreed?

  3. This is some funny nutty goofy stuff!! Thanks RSOL! LOL

  4. Stop People @ June 12, 2012 at 1:36 pm -If this one is not Gary himself its either Jeff Taylor or David Pelton.

    We have seen these delusional rants multi-times over and over blogs attacking bloggers and begging people to stop telling the truth a few times in the past when the truth was really hurting.
    This delusional rant took some deciphering by cryptic experts who believe it is actually a cry for help. You see there is a method in this madness if you read and study the use of the word “allocations” in this blog. While a great deal of this most recent article hinges on the obviously criminal sex acts within the jail as well as sex acts among the various members of the sheriff’s office as the list grows over the years the definition of the subject of “allocations” itself does very well come into play with the allegations.

    “We all need to get along and stop these allocations because it’s getting us no where. Y’all need to get over Wonder Woman.”

    Your statement can be taken in several ways’ so let’s dissect it like the frog in the Science class.
    Yes! It is important for people to get along. They even have a mark on most report cards “able to get along well with others.” How well does a real gun and badge toting deputy sheriff get along with the criminals they arrest, take their liberties away from and incarcerate? Not very well some times. Even worse if that person/ inmate they arrest finds themselves subjected to unwanted sexual advances by the jail administrator and/or other jail employees. So let’s say “we all need to get along as long as we meet certain standards and are not abusing other people and taking advantage of their situations for their own sexual or personal pleasure or violating any other laws which would lead a normal person of moral character to refuse to “get along” with that person because they are not of moral turpitude. So, good honest people of moral character and turpitude do not have a tendency to get along and or befriend persons like Gary Borders. Plain and Simple!

    You are right when you say “We need to stop these allocations” As you can see from the definitions attributed to allocations below some apply directly to the examples displayed in this great article.

    The best example of the need to stop the allocations is those who are getting the “Lion’s Share -The largest portion. Figuratively, earmarked is often used in regard to monetary allocations although it is heard in other contexts as well.

    So it looks like Gary Borders has “earmarked aka allocated” more of the taxpayers funds to his special deputies who have performed above and below the call of duty.

    As for your remark “because it’s getting us no where” Much of these actions are in fact violations of criminal laws in the State of Florida as well as Federal laws. We suggest the real authorities go to work getting those of you who deserve it at least 20 years to life!

    Moral people will never get over “wonder woman” as you put it. Heterosexual relationships are here to stay. Where in the hell do you little munchkins think you come from anal sex? Every last one of you had a real Moma somewhere and if she had been able to keep you away from the likes of Gary Borders you’d probably be out drooling over a wonder woman somewhere yourself instead of slobbering over 51 year old man that looks like death warmed over all because of the sick lifestyle he has chosen to live and lie about all these years!

    For those of the public who might be concerned that a Lake County deputy sheriff would write a stuttering blog over and over wanting all this truth to stop hitting the air waves and obviously use the word “allocations” when he/she/it most likely intended to use the word “allegations.”

    Fear not; they don’t have to know the proper spelling and pronunciations of words. When they take a call they simply get on their pay per minute Nextel click to talk phone and call a report writer who then writes the reports for them. Hence every deputy who is on the scene of every call simply has his/her/it’s name added to the report by the report writers.

    Maybe they should start authorizing the jail cook Baby Ann and the report writers to submit their blogs for them; they spend all their time on the Right Side of the Lake reading the blogs anyway!

    Allocations –

    Earmarked – Set aside for a particular purpose; allocated for use in specified ways; marked so as to be recognized. This expression, dating from the 1500s, alludes to the practice of marking the ears of cattle and sheep to show ownership. An even older example of “earmarking” comes from Exodus 21:6:

    … his master shall bore his ear through with an awl; and he shall serve him for ever.
    Figuratively, earmarked is often used in regard to monetary allocations although it is heard in other contexts as well.

    I need only earmark sufficient time in the summer for certain people whose hospitality I’ve accepted. (S. McKenna, Happy Ending, 1929)

    Lion’s Share The largest portion; a disproportionately large share; all or most. This expression is derived from Aesop’s fable in which three animals joined forces with a lion for a hunt. When dividing their quarry, the lion claimed three fourths as his: one fourth as his just share, one fourth because of his great courage, and one fourth for his lioness and cubs. The lion offered the remaining fourth to any of the fellow-hunters who was able to defeat him in a fight. The intimidated animals declined the challenge, however, and left empty-handed.

    A piece of the action – A piece of the pie ~ A share in the profits; a portion of whatever is being divvied up and parceled out—usually money, but also applicable to intangibles such as attention, affection, time, etc. This expression probably has its origin in the graphic representation of budget allotments in circular, pie-shaped form, with various sized wedges or pieces indicating the relative size of allocations to different agencies, departments, etc. Webster’s Third cites A. H. Rashkin:

  5. @ Ed Havill says:

    And we went ‘dutch’ to some sad place in Lady Lake in your crapped out stinkin car running on two spark plugs. Your other wifey had recently thrown you out. And then my boss was PO’d at me for bringing you back so you could troll the place and size it up. Creepy day. Yet memorable and funny. LOL

  6. you must be retarded. Thank you.

  7. admin says:

    your other 3 previous post which were repeated were marked as spam, you may comment but please do not repeat comments over and over again

  8. Stop People says:

    This is BULL……… We all need to get along and stop these allocations because it’s getting us no where. Y’all need to get over Wonder Woman.

  9. Truth Shall Set You Free – Speaking of David Pelton and his and “suggesting he pack his bags and move.” I think he and his wife currently live in the former home of Jodie Davis.

    Not the home she was living in when she died but, the one she and her former husband sold a few months before she died. I recently saw someone made mention of the courthouse ghosts; this is really interesting subject to some of us around here. Bears more looking in to. Wonder how David Pelton wound up buying this house? Just lucky I guess.

    Hey, you can’t blame a guy who has brown nosed his way up to Lieutenant by supporting this sickness of Gary Borders; it beats working at Wal-Mart and living in a duplex. At least that way you have a little more privacy when beating your own wife with your own stove wood. Why is it that gutless wife and woman beaters always seem to get to the top of this agency faster than anyone else? There has got to be a reason. There is a reason for everything that happens in the world. So come on what is the answer?

  10. Dear Mr. Pelton, I find it interesting that you seem to think that some of these findings are nothing more than a smear campaign. Obviously, you have no clue what is going on in your agency. Well how about I help you out with some facts that can be proven. Please explain to the taxpayers why it takes a deputy so long to respond to an animal call. Here is one incident that is documented on your cad system. About a week ago a lady called to advise there was a cow in the road, this was about 5 or 6 am in the morning. The deputy was put enroute to that call. Twenty minutes later and no deputy on scene yet, a man calls to advise he has hit the cow. 17 minutes later 3 of your finest deputies were clocked going about 90 mph to a dead cow. Now let me see if I got this correct, 37 minutes to respond to an animal call. Lets see, had they responded when they should of and dont throw in they were busy because they were not, just maybe there would not be a dead cow or a wrecked vehicle. That is just one documented incident, which Im sure if we pulled your cad system and your calls, the citizens who pay the deputies to respond to calls would find that the response time isn’t that great. Also please explain how fast your deputies should go to a dead animal. Im sure FHP was called because your deputies dont work wrecks. All this mess could have been avoided but it wasn’t. I got another one for you, lets pull the tape where a Sgt. has called off his deputies 5 times on a high speed pursuit and was ignored. Could it be because one of the deputies happens to have the Sheriff on speed dial and was most likely involved in that high speed pursuit. Don’t you have policies on that? Or does you agency pick and choose who can be involved in a high speed pursuit. Don’t come on here claiming that everyone has an agenda when it is obvious you have an agenda to move up the ladder if your beloved Borders stays Sheriff. Trust me I pray to God every night that the devil doesn’t succeed. I also want you to know that everyone I talk to, I tell them about the corruption that is involved with your agency. There are some good deputies out there but then you also have some bad seeds and you want to know why that is. Because those deputies have dirt on the upper staff and feel like they are untouchable because if their boss can do it so can they. By the way, you may have forgotten that everyone here lives in America and it is their right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH….Please don’t forget that we are not Russia, North Korea or any other county that doesn’t allow the people to have a voice. If that is what you would like then I suggest you pack your bags and move.

  11. The only reason homosexual issues matter with Gary Borders is that has put himself in the position for it to matter. Being open about this makes him able to resist blackmail. Just what else was he willing to compromise to keep the the people in the past from coming forward.

    One has to wonder why John Morgan is always the common denominator with these perverts. It is easy to find out that Obama is very gay. His 3 gay male lovers who also attended Jeremiah Wright’s Church were shot to death in Chicago in late 2007, early 2008. A 1999 gay boyfriend Larry Sinclair has made a You Tube Video and a book detailing Obama’s sex and drug exploits entitled, Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair available on Amazon.

    The reason these actions and deceit is important is that it speaks to one’s character. In short, apparently he lied (lying can also include being silent on the truth). When one is sworn in lawful court, they take an oath that they will “…tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…” as this cuts off ALL avenues of deception. As a PUBLIC SERVANT, he is held to a standard of being honest and open (“aboveboard”) as he is elected to be ‘our’ spokesman, not just in words, but also in deeds.

    When a person becomes an elected official, they are no longer in the ‘private sector’; they are accountable to all their constituents on everything in their life. They become an icon to the public for all people in their governance. After office, the events of their life are of note because of their past position. When it involves scandalous behavior (especially while serving), it is sure to be news worthy.

    There is no disputing we are all sexual creatures, the problem is that there is also something called “sexual perversion”, which is a mental illness. One who is homosexual, bisexual, or transgendered is in fact mentally ill (in this reference, there is no difference), and ‘gay’ is a term applied to the broad umbrella of the sexually perverted (“sexual deviant”). Being ‘gay’ is a choice made by 1.7% of those 18 and over in the US. The aforementioned figure is the proper figure, not the deceitful figures ranging between 4 and 15 percent that are touted by the homosexual community, such as some have attempted to do. This is a psychological ploy of deceit to force acceptance on the general public of the perverted lifestyle.

    Just as there is still something called “adultery” (which used to be against the law in times of wholesomeness), would you deem it acceptable of your illegitimate mate to lie and hide from you about sexual encounters with others? What if Gary Borders were a drug dealer in his youth, would it be OK with you if he did not reveal it before the election? What if Gary Borders had hidden a record of embezzelment from the past? What if Gary Borders were a person who secretly had sex with animals (Zoophilia) ten years ago, would that be OK with you? What if any of these things happened while he was in office? Do you feel that there is no wrong a person can do as long as physical pain is not involved?

    This person is allegedly deceitful, and therefore is not to the standard held to those seeking public office. He would be a very poor reflection on the Republican’s who voted for him (which I did, not knowing he is an alleged sexual pervert), and the conservatism our party is -supposed- to reflect.

    Just because you are a registered Republican (if indeed you are) does not automatically make you a ‘sound person’, or in fact a person who espouses the Republican way. It is not just words (like con men), or a card you may carry (there are many double agents in the world), but also deeds and actions that form the truth of our being.

    Hence the reason for demanding answers to the allegations of the perverted lifestyle of Gary Borders.

    If you respond to this, your rebuttal answers will likely be very telling of your character, so I caution you in advance. I’m just trying to be fair; I don’t want to be thought of as a person who ‘trolls’ but to bring in poor saps who will be made minced-meat of.

  12. As an expert in Law Enforcement once said – rumors start somewhere and we have one that needs to be followed up on and ASAP.

    There is a lot of talk around the Lake County Jail concerning the following incidents that is alleged to have occurred in January 2012.

    For a refresher course we have attached excerpts from a recent interview by the Right Side of the Lake publisher with now Retired over 20 year Jail Captain Mike Ford. We do not know what election year Borders was referring too but obviously Borders was still the Jail Major and Administrator at the time which means this incident was prior to October 2006.

    Question: We have been told by sources of an incident, while you were a Lieutenant in the jail, that then Major Gary Borders had with an inmate whose brother, Deputy Scott Stone, currently works at the Sheriff’s Office. Do you know anything about this incident?

    Captain Mike Ford: Scott Stone is Borders’ current “favorite” deputy. Two officers in the jail told me that (Scott Stone’s brother-inmate) was being ridiculed by other inmates in his unit because Borders grabbed his butt. I went to Major Borders and said, “I’ve got two officers telling me that (Scott Stone’s brother-inmate – Larry Ray Stone Jr.) Told them you grabbed his butt and the other inmates saw it and were making fun of it.” Borders response was, “This is great-right here at election time.” I said, “What would you like me to do?” Borders told me, “Make it go away.” I sent him to the Seminole County jail. It was a courtesy hold that local Sheriff’s Departments do all the time.

    Question: What do you know of the relationship between Scott Stone and Sheriff Gary Borders?

    Captain Mike Ford: Borders has been friends with that family for some time, and he (Stone) has become his favorite employee-favorite Deputy. Scott Stone did not have to use the chain of command, just as the other employees he took interest in.

    If you have been keeping up with anything going on around the Lake County government you would remember a July 2011 breaking news story that got national attention from right her in little old Lake County titled:

    Inmates cash in big on Lake Jail’s phone glitch – Inmate Larry Stone discovered the phone system was mistakenly depositing money into his account, so he took advantage of it, deputies said.

    Larry Stone made a phone call from the Lake County Jail that would typically cost about $20, but it didn’t go through. The charge was supposed to be refunded to his inmate account. But, the 32-year-old checked his balance and discovered his account now had more money than before the call. He made another call and hung up to test his luck. Again, more money magically appeared.

    He actually made so much money using this scam that he was able to bond himself out of jail. When the scam was discovered he was re-arrested and returned to the Lake County Jail. On September 1, 2011 he was sentenced to four years in the state penitentiary for the phone fraud and other charges which had landed him in the Lake County jail this time to begin with. He was placed in the Central Florida Reception Center on September 22, 2011 to begin serving his four years.

    You guessed it! This is the same Larry Ray Stone, Jr. that Captain Ford says he had to move from the Lake County Jail to the Seminole County Jail because he was complaining about Borders grabbing his butt. The difference is by this time Gary Borders and Larry Stone Jr’s brother Corporal Scott Stone have been an item for a few years! In fact at this time they are sharing a very expensive home together on Indian Trail Shores in Grand Isle. The taxes alone on this home are over $6,000. Per year. That is $500. Per month not to mention insurance and rent or mortgage payments – How much money does these corporals make anyway?

    The issue at hand concerning the present rumors around Tavares is this.

    Larry Ray Stone, Jr. was returned to the Lake County Jail from the Central Florida Reception Center on Tuesday January 17, 2012 at 8 AM for a court ordered deposition. Records indicate he was incarcerated in the Lake County Jail from that date and time until he was returned to the Central Florida Reception Center East on January 26, 2012 leaving the jail on that date at 4:12 PM.

    However the talk of the town has a different story. They say he was not in the Lake County Jail all this time. Rumors which have in fact been run through and cleared through central rumors say Sheriff Borders ordered jail employee’s to dress Larry Ray Stone, Jr. in street clothes and Sheriff Gary Borders himself picked up Larry Ray Stone, Jr. from the jail for a family visit.

    Borders ordered Corrections Deputies to alter the head count so as not to show that Larry Ray Stone, Jr. was missing from the Lake County Jail.

    This is the actions of the man who is titled “the sheriff” of Lake County Florida! These are really the actions of a criminal because, honest, moral and ethical people do not commit these kinds of atrocities.

    For those of you who like to label the questionable actions of Gary Borders just politics; instead of doing that why don’t you simply ask him for his side of the story regarding this and other allegations such as his 20 years at the Green Isle Boys Ranch and his direct report now Retired Captain Mike Ford never heard of his long time involvement in Green Isle, Why is this?

    Shouldn’t every honest person be proud of what they do for little boys less fortunate than they are? Maybe not when the secrets are so many!

    Just ask Gary Borders about all of this the next time you can corner him. He likes to show up at all the political events with his entourage – he likes all the questions to be asked of him to be pre-screened sometimes demanding they be written on 3 X 5 cards. This man is your employee. You have the right to ask him anything you can conjure up the guts to ask him – have at it! This is the man you have hired to enforce the laws of the State of Florida. If you like your employee to enforce laws on those he sees fit and not enforce the laws on his friends and connections you have got the right man for the job.

    If on the other hand you would like someone to honestly apply the laws of Florida as they are intended to be applied equally to all persons; you might want to take a real hard look at the history of Gary Borders because he does not fit this bill.

    This is not a political advertisement paid for or otherwise for any candidate for sheriff of Lake County. This is simply an assimilation of facts from people, some of whom have had a constant presence around Gary Borders for many, many years. Every story depicts sickness and deceit.

  13. “will the true writer of dave pelton’s speech please stand up?” Me thinks that would be the old hag from the bankrupt out of town rag! She is taking a little time off from the rag so she can gather her communistic thoughts and fight all this evil truth that has surfaced on her friend “the sheriff.”

  14. Where do these people develop these mentalities? Just the crazy emails from these two Lieutenants it is obvious to professionals in not only law enforcement but other public safety sectors as well that there is zero leadership in the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. Oh Yea! They can can it politics; they can all it anything they like but, the facts remain neither of these emails have one thing to do with a legitimate law enforcement agency function of doing the job for the people simply defined as to protect and serve! Pelton’s email was designed to intimidate the Lake County Commission with their unity and numbers; Just two days ago John Herrell’s email was sent out to calm the storm caused by remarks make by the sheriff to the media for political purposes. And John we the people would like to inform you

    Lieutenant John Herrell; Office of Professional Standards

    @ cell: 352.267.0410; Sent from “my” BlackBerry® smartphone with Nextel Direct Connect

    That the last time we checked that cell phone and the pay per minute billing for same belongs to we the people, voters and taxpayers of Lake County and is not your personal property to be used for political purposes!

    We do however understand since as previously mentioned you have no leadership and we admit an employee thinking the company phone is their personal property is not nearly as serious a violation as Chief Peyton Grinnell pulling his personal boat to the west coast of Florida and going hunting in Georiga with the taxpayers truck and burning our gasoline as well.

    All of these actions come full circle to prove monkey see monkey do. When the bosses waste our money on their personal pleasure and when the bosses send out personal political emails on the taxpayers owned equipment you can hardly expect the troops on the ground to do any better.

  15. will the true writer of dave pelton’s speech please stand up. hats off to dave pelton and the courage to place his name under the speech, however he did not write it. this is just more obama style smoke and mirrors. dave, are you telling us that you did not get permission or have the chief and sheriff proofread this first. or maybe they just got permission from you to use your name for their lawyers’ speech. come on dave, you are a good guy, you are a family man, why would you allow yourself to be used by these politicians? they do not care about you, or your family.

  16. Sheriff’s Office to cut 25 jobs


    Responding a request to cut his budget by 5 percent and help Lake County balance its budget, Sheriff Gary Borders will not be filling 25 vacant positions as planned. Just like last year; if LCSO has 25 GHOST BODIES what is Borders doing with that money? He is supposed to return it to the BCC General Fund.

    Not staffing the openings, ranging from jail jobs to civilian-related positions, will contribute to about $2.61 million in savings and reduce the sheriff’s budget request from about $52.2 million to $49.5 million. You do not achieve attrition by slipping friends and relatives into positions like Borders has been doing.

    This is the second year in a row that Borders has made cuts to meet budget demands. The sheriff’s budget last year was about $55 million. (LCBCC records show 2011-2012 budget is $59,606,478.)

    Sheriff’s spokesman Lt. John Herrell said the latest cuts are “positions that won’t be filled” and will not reduce the number in uniforms in the field. (See John Herrell’s email below trying to sooth ruffled feathers among the troops for making these announcements concerning budget cuts.

    “We will ensure we have deputies sheriffs on the streets to respond to emergency calls,” he said.

    And to make that a reality, Herrell said the department has plans to pull deputies from two existing units — the Traffic Enforcement Unit and Street Crime Unit — to handle emergency calls if necessary. Each unit has six deputies who can be used in a pinch. WELL, IF YOU CAN PULL THEM AWAY FROM THESE JOBS YOU DIDN’T NEED THEM THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!

    The county commission asked all departments heads last month to cut their budgets by 5 percent to satisfy budget shortfalls.

    Commissioner Jimmy Conner praised Borders for meeting that goal.

    “Property values are down 38 percent over the last five years, so our revenue is down,” Connor said. “We had to cut $120 million from our operating budget over the last three years. We have a good relationship with Sheriff Borders, and we appreciate the 5 percent cut by the sheriff.”
    Connor added he doesn’t believe Borders’ cuts will jeopardize public safety at all.

    Commissioner Sean Parks echoed Connor’s statements. “I know the sheriff and several deputies personally, and I know they like busting bad guys and are focused on preventing crime,” Parks said. “I don’t see them lacking an effort of preventing crime.”

    ——Original Message——
    From: John Herrell
    To: _everyone
    Subject: News Coverage on Sheriff’s Office Budget
    Sent: Jun 6, 2012 4:41 PM

    Hello All,

    Apparently the recent media coverage regarding the Sheriff’s budget cuts has
    caused a bit of confusion and I wanted to help clarify the situation. The
    25 positions that the Sheriff is eliminating from the budget are vacant
    positions that came about through attrition.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you,


    Lieutenant John Herrell
    Office of Professional Standards

    Lake County Sheriff’s Office
    360 West Ruby Street
    Tavares, FL 32778

    Cell: 352.267.0410
    Office: 352.343.9741

    Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone with Nextel Direct Connect

    Well John:

    The number of full time positions authorized by the Lake County Board of County Commissioners for several years through budget year 2010-2011 was 766. That number was reduced to 724 in budget year 2011-2012. So, this budget year alone we have lost 42 BODIES. Now are you telling us we are losing 25 MORE GHOSTS? If so is the BCC going to cut the body county to 699 this year?

    From 2007 though 2010 Borders raised the payroll head count by going back to the BCC once for 25 and again for 10 new deputies. On all these occasions he took the money but did not hire the people. The cost to hire and set up a new deputy for the first year including equipment is around $100,000. These are acts of FRAUD! This money should have been returned to the BCC general fund.

  17. We taxpayers are also we voters. We find it somewhat appalling that people like this on our payroll spend so much of their time trying to save their jobs and keep their big fat checks and retirements rolling. Notice that this email sent out by Lt. David Pelton from the taxpayers computer system just like the one Lt. John Herrell sent out to calm the fears that people are gong to be laid off. Apparently Borders was lying to channel 9 about cutting positions and the budget earlier this week and got the troops upset. Borders can’t lie to the troops and the public at the same time without getting caught. David Pelton is living proof Wal-Mart stockers can become brass at the LCSO.He is also living proof he can lie like a rug for the cause.

    Sent: 5/17/2010 11:38:01 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
    Please forwarded this to everyone in your group.
    I am forwarding important information to you regarding requested cuts to the budget of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. The members of the Board of County Commissioners have requested that Sheriff Borders cut the agency budget by $3,000,000 dollars. This will result in a reduction of pay or quite possibly some may lose their jobs.
    Now is the time – Those who support the Lake County Sheriff’s Office must show the Lake County Board of County Commissioners our size, strength and unity. Please join us in flooding them with thousands of professional and polite phone calls and emails opposing cuts to the Sheriff’s Office Budget.
    In a show of unity, we need all of you to blitz the commissioners with phone calls and emails with this simple message: I support a Lake County Deputy Sheriff/Detention Deputy who has risked his/her life protecting Lake County citizens from the worst in our society. Now, I need you to protect them. Deputies earn their pay everyday by putting their lives on the line for us. When they walk out their doors to go to work it might be the last time they see their families. It is an insult to even consider asking them to do it for less. They have earned their benefits and salaries the hard way through years of sacrifice by them and their families. Please don’t destroy their ability to provide for their families by cutting the salaries that they have worked so long and hard to earn. I most definitely do not want any employee to lose their job. As a citizen of Lake County, I do not want a reduction in public safety and as an elected representative of the community it’s your responsibility to ensure that this does not happen. Thank you for supporting the employees of the Sheriff’s Office that serve and protect all of us – everyday.
    (Copy and paste the above message and sent it via the e-mail links below)
    Please pass this on: Please send this to everyone that you know that lives in Lake County!
    The Lake County Board of County Commissioners
    315 West Main Street
    Post Office Box 7800
    Tavares, Fl. 32778
    http://www.lakecountyfl.gx x
    District #1 Jennifer Hill:
    District #2 Elaine Renick
    E-Mail mailto:erenickatlakecountyfl.x xx
    District #3 Jimmy Conner
    E-Mail mailto:jconneratlakecountyfl.x xx

    District #4 Linda Stewart

    District #5 Welton Cadwell
    E-Mail mailto:wcadwellatlakecountyfl. xxx

    Lt. David Pelton
    Road Patrol
    Administrative Lieutenant
    Lake County Sheriff’s Office
    360 W. Ruby St.
    Tavares, Fl 32778
    Gary S. Borders, Sheriff

  18. ——Original Message——
    From: John Herrell
    To: _everyone
    Subject: News Coverage on Sheriff’s Office Budget
    Sent: Jun 6, 2012 4:41 PM

    Hello All,

    Apparently the recent media coverage regarding the Sheriff’s budget cuts has
    caused a bit of confusion and I wanted to help clarify the situation. The
    25 positions that the Sheriff is eliminating from the budget are vacant
    positions that came about through attrition.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you,


    Lieutenant John Herrell
    Office of Professional Standards

    Lake County Sheriff’s Office
    360 West Ruby Street
    Tavares, FL 32778

    Cell: 352.267.0410
    Office: 352.343.9741

    Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone with Nextel Direct Connect

    Well John:

    The number of full time positions authorized by the Lake County Board of County Commissioners for several years through budget year 2010-2011 was 766. That number was reduced to 724 in budget year 2011-2012. So, this budget year alone we have lost 42 BODIES. Now are you telling us we are losing 25 MORE GHOSTS? If so is the BCC going to cut the body county to 699 this year?

    From 2007 though 2010 Borders raised the payroll head count by going back to the BCC once for 25 and again for 10 new deputies. On all these occasions he took the money but did not hire the people. The cost to hire and set up a new deputy for the first year including equipment is around $100,000. These are acts of FRAUD! This money should have been returned to the BCC general fund.

  19. Let’s set the record straight. Contrary to what many postings assert, this will be the first and only correspondence that I will post on this site. I would first like to point out that the majority of what is presented as factual information on this site is without merit and this is why you will see very little, if any, comment from those who are targeted. This politically motivated garbage amounts to nothing more than a smear campaign that is ridiculous. The assertions made by these “anonymous” people are motivated by dirty politics and serve no legitimate purpose other than an attempt to discredit those who are the focus of the attack. These statements are not deserving of any response and would only fuel a back and forth communication that would serve no real purpose. I would ask that anyone that reads the postings and blogs on this site to please consider their source. This site represents the epitome of irresponsible journalism and is a disgrace to reputable media everywhere. There can be no validity found in the unsubstantiated, untrue and at times slanderous allegations made in these reports and posts. The editors of this site shoulder the responsibility of ensuring that the information is verifiable and accurate of which they have failed miserably. I am not suggesting the censorship of anything; however, unless the information can be independently verified it should not be validated by allowing its release. Don’t assume that the ranting’s of a few disgruntled employees or from people that are to cowardice to provide their identity as true. Please take the time to research any concerns for yourself and you will find out how ridiculous these allegations are. This posting will undoubtedly provoke response from those who will continue to hide their identity; however, please remember it all boils down to pure ignorance and their efforts to discredit the name and reputation of a great Sheriff, the agency and its personnel. Obviously both the citizens and the employees of the agency are stakeholders and have vested interest in what is suggested about the agency and who is the Sheriff of our County. The one thing that I can state with confidence is that the Sheriff’s Office provides a quality service and the men and women of the Office are dedicated to the citizens of Lake County. This is evidence every day by their commitment during these financially difficult times and the support that is received from the community. I guess both fortunately and unfortunately for us, those who are attacking the agency having nothing negative to draw upon; therefore, this leaves them with only their imagination to concoct and present wild, fabricated and misleading information.
    We should all be focusing on the issues that truly have an impact on the future of our county. This petty he said/she said that is based on false statements and lies detract from any real progress that can be made. This quote pretty much sums it all up………..
    “If they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.”
    -Margaret Thatcher

    David Pelton

  20. Back to David Pelton at Name says: June 5, 2012 at 9:08 pm – That is the same old BS you guys spout over and over – That’s a broken record! When you say “some old faces that return to cast their dark cloud on the agency again” What you should say is “in the history of the Lake Sheriff’s Office no one has ever cast as dark a cloud over this agency as the present office holder.

    Previous Lake County sheriff’s have been criminally charged with such things as abuse and even murder of a prisoner, lying under oath to a grand jury – no previous Lake sheriff has been alleged to have had same sex encounters with inmates who were delivered to his office by corrections officers when he was (major) the jail administrator. Likewise, no previous Lake sheriff is known to have had multiple sexual encounters with his employee’s same sex or otherwise for that matter. (This in itself is not a crime but it leaves the taxpayers of Lake County wide open for millions in lawsuits from jilted lovers!)

    Everything might be wonderful with all the EX’s right now as long as the man has the taxpayers open checkbook to keep them happy but, when the feces hits the aerator and these little jilted ex-lovers realize the game is over look out for the lawsuits about how they were sexually taken advantage of by their employer! All the real gun and badge toters can sue the employing agency and they can also sue the sheriff personally for his actions. And, even better news for those jailers who suffered the same plight; since it is the sole responsibility of the LCBCC to operate the Lake Jail those victims can really tie in some deep pockets and not only sue Borders and the LCSO but they can sue Lake government and the BCC as well.

    So either way they are protected. And they have plenty of witnesses to their alleged abuse by “the man.” Everyone around here has witnessed the jail part for the better part of twenty years and since he’s been “the sheriff” he’s of course taken his love affairs to new heights!
    So David Pelton; won’t you please defend “your man” on all these “allegations” (which when reduced to writing in affidavit form becomes evidence) of sexual encounters with inmates and employee’s at the Lake Jail as well as improprieties in his 20 years of hanging around the little boys at Green Isle Ranch and by his own admissions of his favorite past time of “handling children?” Just for fun since he told Marleen O’Toole if he couldn’t take her “Take Stock in Children” home; “why would he want to waste his time?”

    Does that mean if he wasn’t wasting his time at Green Isle Boys Ranch he was taking some of those boys home with him? Why don’t you find out if he ever took his friend Tyler Anthony Jackson home with him? There has to be some good reason Borders stopped his detectives from arresting Tyler Jackson in the November 2009 Green Isle Boys Ranch rapes. Borders never made a new releases on the rapes and stopped the ones that leaked on February 3, 2010 in one day! Then had his detectives fake a solution with a restarted investigation fake arrest and secret probation hearing before a judge. Even after all this Tyler gets into more trouble in Citrus County; why would Jackson (born in 1992 ) get served an injunction for protection for dating violence by a man born in 1963 – if he wasn’t use to older men lovers?

  21. Name says:

    Well I can assure you any “new” administration will be a continuation of the good ol boy system with new faces ….. nothing is going to change except there will be some old faces that return to cast their dark cloud on the agency again.

  22. I was unaware of these raises! Like you, I too have not had a raise in years! I too am not one of the “clique.”

    If this is true, this sickens me!!! I have been loyal to this administration and it has gotten me no where! Sounds like it is time for a change!!!

    I am tired of being merely a number and not a VALUED employee!

    Of course Borders lost my vote, and my families, months ago, when he showed the employees are not a concern of his!!!! Most evidently…no raises; yet those in the clique get all the overtime they want and everyone else has to comp their time!

    What these politial officials fail to realize is, we too, along with our family and friends, are the voting public!

    Its time to take this office back!

    If you dont like the current situation in the Office, I suggest you put your vote elsewhere. Nothing is going to change here!!!! Take care of those who take care of you, screw everyone else!

  23. Don’t know where they are right now but ad for “all current or former exes of sheriff gary borders steve moss, jack holder, where are you? are there any men left at the lcso that are sickened by this.”

    Then Retired (remember he got spooked by the DROP attention) laid out one year before coming back on board.) Ca[tain Steve Moss was at the Green Isle Boys Ranch with Borders in the summer 2009 publication.

    As for where Captain Jack Holder he’s just there plain and simple! His Moma Daisy (Duke) Thompson-Waterman (wonderwoman) handles all the incidentials with the politics. She has not only son Jack Holder (from a weekend sporting event) she has CJ and his wife; TJ in the jail and B.E. running the Lifestream and let’s not forget her long time retired husband who unlike Captain Steve Moss only had to lay out 30 days on his drop and come back working on his next retirement. Dad gum I can’t figure out what all you people have against this place and don’t fit into the program that’s all.

    If you are friends with Sheriff Borders he will take care of you. Folks are just having a problem understanding this. Suck up and join the program.

  24. why was it that a captain that was dating a nurse “while he was getting divorced” was ordered to stop dating her or she would have to quit. however, captain chuck theobald can have a relationship with a male dispatcher, even move the young lad in, and sheriff borders does nothing. i can tell you why. heterosexual discrimination. the heterosexual discrimination is a poison around the lcso. scott stone runs patrol, lee piper runs admin at the jail, kevin lenhart runs medical, russ edwards runs the school, chris belton runs the sheriff! theobald runs the boys around. all current or former exes of sheriff gary borders steve moss, jack holder, where are you? are there any men left at the lcso that are sickened by this.


  26. October 31, 2006 – Public Records Request for Governor Bush’s Emails –

    Jimmy Conner’s e-mail was one among 50 pages released Monday after a public records request with Bush’s office. Borders was named a temporary replacement after Sheriff Chris Daniels’ death this month. Conner called him “the person Sheriff Daniels would have wanted to succeed him.”

    “We need the governor to be very sensitive to the need for stability within our sheriff’s department,” wrote Lake County School Board Chairman Jimmy Conner. “Gary Borders is the right person for the permanent appointment given the tragic situation we find ourselves in.”
    But at least one top-ranking state law enforcement official called for Fred Cobb to get the appointment.

    Bush appointed Cobb as Lake’s sheriff for nine months in 2004 when former Sheriff George Knupp Jr. resigned.

    In an Oct. 24th e-mail to Bush, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Gerald M. Bailey wrote, ” . . . FDLE personnel in the Lake County area speak highly of Chief Cobb and point to both his enforcement and administrative experience.”

    Cobb gave his support to Borders in his own e-mail to Bailey, but added that he would want the job if Bush were to look outside the Sheriff’s Office for a replacement.

    At least one of the e-mails the governor’s office received that recommended against picking Borders noted, “Please keep Gary Borders out of Sheriff Daniels position Why do you think he has been kept at the jail? Look deeper or maybe outside, but not Borders.”

    Even then someone was trying to warn Governor Bush about the antics of Gary Borders but. The political pressure from Jimmy Conner, Welton Cadwell, Bob McKee, Gary Lester, Villages VP and others was to just too strong!

    Isn’t it funny how people sometimes get what they deserve? These criminal bureaucrats wanted Gary because they knew he didn’t have any law enforcement experience. They knew he was weak and sick. They didn’t want a real sheriff who would put every last one of them behind bars for their crimes.

    But now a lot of people are beginning to look at their culture of corruption – the glass walls of paradise are not so smokey anymore and the mirrors have cracked.

    It’s time to throw out the trash – it’s past time to put some of the trash in jail where they have long belonged. It’s past time for everyone to stop lying and covering up for each other. We are getting down to the days of dog eat dog now – survival of the fittest –

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