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Exposed! Bainter’s Daughter Works for Metz Campaign

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Exposed!  Bainter’s Daughter Works for Metz Campaign

Over the last several weeks, The Right Side of the Lake has been chronicling the conflicts of interest and questionable ethics between Florida House Representative Larry Metz and North Lake Hospital Taxing District member Marilyn Bainter in their efforts to defund the tax district, which provides tax monies for the healthcare of the poor and indigent.  We’ve exposed the unreported emails, meetings and phone conversations, which intermingle Bainter’s lawsuit against the tax district, Representative Metz’s legislation to abolish the district, and Bainter’s effort to undermine the hospital district board at every turn.  In addition, Bainter freely admits to Metz campaign fundraising activities as well as being a campaign volunteer for Metz.  From our perspective, there is little doubt that serious conflicts of interest exist in the coordinated attacks on our local hospitals by both Metz and Bainter, and each has acted in an unethical manner which, in most cases, would be investigated.

Last weekend, we discovered something even more disturbing, which adds to the narrative of this unethical alliance.  Dara Bainter, daughter of Stan and Marilyn Bainter, has been registered by the Larry Metz Campaign with the state of Florida as its campaign treasurer.  Official paperwork (Dara Bainter) obtained by our group show that on September 11, 2011 the Larry Metz Campaign officially designated Dara Bainter as Treasurer.

Based on his close relationship with Dara Bainter, the emails, the meetings, and the phone calls-there is little doubt that Representative Metz and Marilyn Bainter have been coordinating efforts in regards to the lawsuit, legislation, and local board actions.  Thus far, the first lawsuit from Bainter has cost our local hospitals more than $500,000 to defend, and now this new suit could double that cost.  A person would have to suspend belief to not believe Metz has been orchestrating this attack against the hospitals, their employees, the poor, and the indigent.

This is not the first time the Bainters have been bit by an ugly disclosure issue.  It seems in an October 13, 1990 article, the Sentinel chastised large donors to the Stan Bainter campaign along with huge expenditures paid to family members.  The article said, “Why does Bainter collect so much money? For one thing, he wants high-priced consultants, like his son Pat. Pat’s help cost his father almost $12,000 as of Sept. 27. Secretarial help from his daughter Dara cost another $2,100.”  It seems it has been a Bainter family tradition to make part of their living at the political money trough.  We speculate that is the reason Marilyn Bainter filed her second lawsuit-to pay her attorney fees for the first one.

Since Representative Metz is a member of the world’s second oldest profession- lawyer-along with his close ties to the Bainter family, who wants to bet he hasn’t been giving free legal advice?  It would not be unreasonable to suggest he may have encouraged this latest lawsuit.

Even if you are a supporter of Representative Metz and district member Marilyn Bainter, you cannot deny this all stinks and it reeks of unethical behavior and political cronyism.  Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. is a conservative organization, which exists for the sole purpose of exposing the dark side of government as well as our political process.  Each one of us must be true to our principals-this is not right.  Can you imagine the fallout if someone in the construction industry purchased Representative Metz to the extent Bainter has?  I am sure reservations would have been made in Starke for them.

Representative Metz and Marilyn Bainter have been waging war against our hospitals, the poor, the indigent, and all of those who depend on the medical community to make a living.  There is little doubt that money and religious bigotry are elements in their motivation.  If Florida Hospital Waterman was being operated by the Baptists instead of the Seventh-day Adventists there is little doubt Metz would be engaged in this attack.

It is obvious that Representative Metz only serves one person in House District #25, and that is Marilyn Bainter.  Bainter and now her daughter, Dara, have bought and paid for Metz.  In the process, Representative Metz has sold out Lake County’s hospitals, their employees, the poor and the indigent.  How much longer can Lake County afford Metz?

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One Response to “Exposed! Bainter’s Daughter Works for Metz Campaign”

  1. True to form, this blogger not only spins that which he writes, he as usual draws false conclusions to add a air of credibility to his spin. If this article were written using the same basic facts the blogger uses, and with the best interest of the citizens of Lake County and accurate reporting as the prime motivator instead of messaging the bloggers ego being the prime motivator, it would have sounded like this:

    Over the past few weeks we have been chronicling the benefits the health care bill Representative Metz wrote and which was passed by a very large margin in both the House and the Senate, it now only awaits the Governors signature. At the same time we also chronicled the previous years of unethical use of our tax dollars by the two Private Tax Exempt Corporation(aka hospitals). We’ve reported how these Private Tax Exempt Corporations spent our tax dollars not on the poor and the indigent but by including it in their General Fund they were able to spend it on anything they wanted, to include virtually spending it on “pink flamingo statues”. We also reported on the valiant efforts of one of the Hospital Special Tax Board members to bring the Boards and the Private Tax Exempt Corporations dirty little shenanigans like stuffing the Board with people who had direct ties with the Private Tax Exempt Corporations and those same corporations depriving the indigent of tax dollars which were meant for their health care and diverting it to subsidize Medicaid patients. That person is Marilyn Bainter, a one woman dynamo who exposed what had been unquestioned use of our tax dollars. From our perspective, there is little doubt that for Mrs. Bainter the deceitful practices of the Board and the Corporations would still be hidden.

    Last weekend, we discovered that public service is not only thought important by Mrs. Bainters and her husband Representative Stan Bainter but also by their daughter, Dara, who has been registered by the Larry Metz Campaign with the state of Florida as its campaign treasurer. The Bainters’ son, Pat, is also involved as a political consultant. Keeping everything in the family Stan has been the fortunate recipient his offsprings services in his past campaigns for the Florida House.

    Mrs. Bainters law suit, which she filled, using her own money, time, and energy in the interests of Lake County taxpayers shook up the “good ol’ boy” club of Board Members and Corporations. In an attempt to squash the suit the Corporations hired not one, not two, not three, but FOUR attorney firms to gang up on her one attorney and smother any case he would bring forward. Didn’t work. Even though the initial case was decided in favor of the Private Tax Exempt Corporations the appeal has a more than good chance to succeed. One of the corporations attorneys let it slip that they were using the taxpayer money slated to provide healthcare for the poor to fight the suit. It seems they diverted $500,000 dollars from indigent healthcare to pay for their expensive legal help.

    Even if you are not a supporter of Representative Metz and district member Marilyn Bainter, you cannot deny they’re actions will make anyone receiving taxes more accountable for it and to use that money, not for “pink flamingos” and attorneys, but for those it was meant to help, the poor and indigent.

    It is obvious that Representative Metz serves not only the taxpayers of Lake County but also the poor and the indigent. No longer will the recipients of our tax dollars be able to use the dollars for “ongoing hospital services” but only to help the poor. The citizens Representative Metz represents have one totally dedicated person to look after their interests. How much longer can Lake County enjoy the representation of Rep. Metz? His commitment makes him a prime candidate to go much further in politics.

    If you want to know the real facts about what’s happening in Lake County the last place you should go is the attack blog, RSOL.

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