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What is Metz Hiding? Part One

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Rep. Larry Metz Florida House #25

On February 3, 2012, Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. made an official public records request of Florida House Representative Larry Metz, and our group requested the following information:

1.     Any emails, texts, letters, meeting notes and information, and other contacts with Marilyn Bainter.  Do not include delegation meetings.

2.         Any emails, texts, letters, meeting dates and information, and other contacts with any members of the North Lake County Hospital District.  Do not include delegation meetings.

A few weeks later, we received from Larry Metz’s office a disc that was supposed to include all of the information we requested.

A few weeks after receiving Metz’s disc, we met with North Lake Hospital Taxing District Member Marilyn Bainter.  During that meeting, we asked Bainter for all documents and contacts she had with Representative Metz.  Just as in the case of Frances Grossi, the information provided by Bainter proves that Metz did not comply with our public records request; and, from the information we see, there has been a coordinated effort by the two of them to destroy Lake County’s hospital system.

Based on the information, the following is just a sample of items that Representative Metz did not include in the public records request:

  1. On 10-25-2011, Metz met with Bainter and a group of 10-12 in his office.  Metz did not disclose the meeting or any notes.  He did not comply with the law.
  2. Metz did not disclose an email on November 29, 2011 from Bainter in which she is giving instruction to Metz on how to write his anti-hospital legislation.  The email says, “On line 151, 152, and 153, page 6.  The provision of such indigent care is found and declared to be a public purpose and necessary for the preservation of the public health of the residents of the district.  Is this necessary?  I am having a problem with this.  Thanks Marilyn.”  Also, this email was sent to Metz’s private email metzlawyer@gmail.com account, which he obviously thought he could conceal from the public.  He did not comply with the law.
  3. On September 2, 2011, Bainter sent Metz an email under yet another email address larrymetz2010@gmail.com with the following message, “Here it is, Friday the 2nd of September, with a meeting coming up on Wednesday the 7th, and we have no agenda or minutes.  What do you think is going on in this taxing agency?  Marilyn.”  He did not comply with the law.
  4. On January 25, 2011, Bainter contacted Metz through his paralegal, Stephanie Maxwell (Stephanie@metzlawyer.com) with an email which said, “352-483-0770- Marilyn Bainter called and would like you to call her when you have a minute.”  Metz did not disclose the nature of the call and Bainter did not disclose the contact.  Both did not comply with the law.

By our counts, there are three different unofficial channels that Bainter has been strategizing with Representative Metz; and, unfortunately for Metz, he was exposed for not complying with the public records request by his fundraiser, volunteer and partner in this conspiracy.

Maybe this is the reason why Representative Metz tried to pass a bill in the last legislative session that would have protected legislators from Florida’s Sunshine Law?  The facts are in clear view:

  1. Metz did not comply completely with the public records request by omitting items sent to him via his personal emails.
  2. Metz did not comply by not disclosing his private office meetings.
  3. Metz did not comply by not disclosing his phone call discussions with Bainter.
  4. Metz is using multiple emails and contacts to do state business instead of his official emails.

With all of the evidence, what is Representative Metz hiding?

Over the last couple of weeks, we have exposed a lot of backdoor contacts between North Lake Hospital Taxing District Board member Marilyn Bainter and Representative Larry Metz to stop indigent care for the poor.

However, in Thursday’s The Right Side of the Lake we will expose something that most people in Lake County had no idea was going on.  It is a link that when included with all of the behind-the-scenes contact really questions the ethics and integrity of Representative Larry Metz.  It bodes the question:  Why do Larry Metz and Marilyn Bainter hate our hospitals and the poor who need care?

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9 Responses to “What is Metz Hiding? Part One”

  1. I for one suspect it was the old liquor peddler trying to make some of his old customers that know what a POS he really is look bad, that’s all.

  2. We says:

    We have had a little too much of the bubbly while posting perhaps? Hahah

  3. “WE” will be right there at that ,eeting. We have been at all meetings of interest to we “the real people” of Lake County. We jut don’t make a fool of ourselves like the RR’s of the owrld.

  4. Name r says:

    See what I mean “juvenile “. That’s the kind of people that believe what this juvenile blog prints. No backbone, insecure, immature, people that are scared to back up their silly rants with a real name. That’s really pathetic. If they had any backbone they would show up at the next North Lake Hospital Board meeting on May 16, 5:30 at the BCC chambers in Tavares and maybe get a chance to voice their opinions before that board but they won’t, they’ll find some excuse to stay home in their parents basement.

  5. Poor Richard, where’s your almanac? We are not just anonymous, can’t you tell. We’re the drunks that use to buy liquor from you. We’re the underage kids that collected up enough money to have someone with fake ID buy that keg from you; remember! You know who we are and you knew what we were doing but you sold it anyway! Why? MONEY remember. Money is not everything in this old world but it comes was ahead of what ever is in second place. It makes people do funny things remember!

    We are the bus riders riding 2 and 3 at a time on those buses from Willow Street right past Wolf Branch and the 7-11 to Eustis Plaza and points beyond. Using our laptops and notebooks to read and post on the RSOL Jimmy Conner hates us because we are poor and he don’t like poor folks. Don’t tell him we’re also hungry and homeless because he like his look alike Orlando Mayor friend Buddy Dyer hates not only those who need transportation but also the homeless and the hungry as well. We the anonymous of Lake County and and Central Florida.

    Please master can yo help us get back on our feet so we can once again find our self respect and gain our places in society. Thank You Suh!

  6. I have to correct one comment I made and that is that the RSOL is good for a laugh, Actually not only is the RSOL good for a laugh but also good for a laugh are the courageous people(wink, wink) who comment ANONYMOUSLY from the shadows probably because they know they’re wrong and are ashamed of their comments, as they should be. As I say, follow the money, it’s quite possible finances tie the ANONYMOUS ones to the RSOL, it sure isn’t a belief, unless the person making the comment has a real low IQ, that the RSOL is anything other than a juvenile attack blog.

  7. RSOL not only get’s it right most of the time, they have the cojones to allow the Rikers of the world free uncensored access to their readership.

    The Sentinel’s idea of fair play is to research the computer ID of posters with whom they disagree and then out them with a florish.

    But every RSOL post seems to include a comics page, starring Richard Riker.

    Keep up the good work guys.

  8. Richard, since we don’t travel in the same circles; sewing circles and tea bag circles like you do we get real scoop on whats going on in Lake County and not the soap opera addition.

    It’s interesting how people like you float in here from “Jersey” and work in a liquor store for a few years and have the answers to everything Lake County. But ignorance has company; its also interesting how people like Ralph Smith and Vance Vochim become instant Lake County experts on all issues as well. Seems Ralph Smith migrated over here from Pine Hills (now know as crime hills) and Vance Jochim is Lake County’s gift from Hollywood glasses and all.

    Each one of you has claim to fame of doing your part to save something from someone or something for someone and not one of you has intelligence enought to know defacation from shinola!

    You *itch and gripe about conspiracies between the owner of this online publication somehow being connected to those big corporate giants of hospital owners with statements like “Your going to get even for yourself and your friends at the the Private Tax Exempt Corporations (aka hospitals).” and “The comments describing this blog were, geared toward those who are looking for conspiracies”. So which is it Richard you can’t have your cake and eat it too! Although it looks like you have already done that way to many times.

    So, the question to you is what in the hell are you looking for? The only answer for those with your pitiful little life would obviously be 30 seconds of fame like your buddies Ralph and Vance get on their little radio shows and websites! If either of them ever got hit with the right questions they would flop over like a bunny!

    The problem with youse guys is either your too lazy to research the facts before you open your mouth or like Ralph Smith your on the take from the system with a sweet little deal from the jailhouse vehicles and know the truth but being a co-conspirator can’t tell on himself, or like Vance Jochim throwing just enough darts at Lake County government hoping he can get a sweet little deal somewhere within as a make believe auditor. He just hasn’t figured out yet in Lake County you need to first be a Mormon and next be kin to the click for those jobs!

    You see little man there are no real conspiracies in Lake County! There are however two totally separate clicks. People are either in one click or the other and the only place in between is for those trying to get into one click or the other!

    It has often been said it is better for a man to remain quiet and be thought a fool than to open his mouth and remove all doubt!

    No on agrees with everyone all the time! I’ll bet if the truth be known your wife doesn’t agree with your bumping gums much if any at all. With all your brillience why don’t you try a simple test to see who is really in the sack with who?

    Try blabberinng some of your stuff to the Leesburg Comical and see what they do. If its about hospitals and schools it won’t see the light of day! The old hag from the Orlando rag lets you play around on their blogs as long as your in the sack on her issues. Just cross the line and you’ll be “86’ed” there as well.

    On the other hand RSOL will print all your mumblings and bumblings and attacks against their character for all to see. It is you vertically and mentally challenged but; horizonally in bloom who can not even manage your own personal lifestyle from obesity who provides the entertainment on this blog.

    Why so? Because no matter which one of those little clicks you are in or trying to enter; on this issue this blog is simply providing facts which they obtained from public records requests or othe public sources. These are facts plain and simply no matter who does not like them!

    People like You, Ralph and Vance continually have issues with certain Lake County subjects. Yours seems to be the hospitals and the school construction projects. Having said that, it’s pretty easy to determine what runs your tongue before what should be your brain goes into gear.

    I for one believe we have enough people in this country trying to destroy the USA and her Constitution without anyone participating in the suppression of free speach as long as that free speach is free of vulgar and / or other words designed to incite something.

    Therefore I commend the good folks at the RSOL for putting up with the likes of you who have no rebuttal to the facts presented by this blog except to spit and sputter!

    Intelligent people can read and make their own decisions. They do not need the likes of you telling everyone that the tea baggers and other socially challenged folks you socialize with; those who were totally asleep at the wheel of politics and probably flunked civics as well until their realized this country had just elected it’s first black president, do not read this blog!

    Once again little man, the facts don’t lie! I’ll bet if these folks would like to rebutt your statement on that they might even be kind enough to share some stats with us! I’ll bet everyone will be amazed at the numbers of “hits” on this blog!

    After all it is one of the only places to find the truth about what’s really going on in Lake County. All the rest are filtered! Breaking News from everything Lake County has a 48 hour block on it! Just in case it involves one or some of those in the protected click!

  9. Come on, seriously, is this the best you’ve got??? Some errant emails? Then having nothing further employing your well known SPIN manufacturing controversy using other innocuous events? Dude, you’ll never get your Woodward & Bernstein diploma for investigative journalism with articles like this but you may just be in line to receive an honorable mention award for Yellow Journalism, you know, that type of journalism based on: scare headlines, often of minor news, use of malicious pictures-often imaginary, use of misleading or false facts(the blog is well known for this type of fact).
    It’s time to come clean, you didn’t get any information directly from Rep. Metz, guess you were to ashamed of your actions but you had the courage to stand up to those two intimidating women to get their information. Now that takes real journalistic courage(eye roll).
    Your rants are those of a spoiled child who didn’t get their way. Now, your going to get even. Your going to get even for yourself and your friends at the the Private Tax Exempt Corporations (aka hospitals). So you through every disingenuous idea you have against the wall and hope that some stick.
    I’ve been present at many different meetings in the past two weeks and find that very few read this blog any more and those who do are like me, they don’t take what is written to be truthful, nothing more than rants written by someone who seems to be quite insecure. The comments describing this blog were, “nothing more than an attack blog”, “silly”, “lacks facts but in so doing the blog makes up its’ own”, “once was a good blog but no more”, “geared toward those who are looking for conspiracies”. The best that can be said is it provides a good laugh.

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