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Deputy Shaquille O’Neal – Maybe?

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Deputy Shaquille O’Neal – Maybe?

Deputy Shaq

Former NBA Superstar Could become a Lake County Deputy

There has been a great deal of interest and speculation in regards to Shaquille O’Neal’s participation with the Sandy Carpenter for Sheriff Campaign in Lake County, Florida. Over the last nine months, Shaq has been seen at numerous campaign events with the Lake County resident and Orange County Sheriff’s Department Captain, Sandy Carpenter who is seeking the Republican nomination for Sheriff on August 14, 2012.  Supporters of the current Sheriff, Gary Borders, have quietly been trying to make Shaq an issue in the campaign by decrying his celebrity and link to Lake County.

Last week, The Right Side of the Lake reached out to the Sandy Carpenter for Sheriff Campaign to see if we could ask Shaq some tough questions about his role in the campaign and possible Sheriff Carpenter administration.  We are pleased to report that Shaq agreed to answer our tough questions; and, in his style, he minces very few words.

Q:  Over the last six months, you have made many trips to Lake County in support of Sandy Carpenter for Lake County Sheriff.  How do you know Sandy Carpenter?

Shaq:  We met 20 years ago when I played for the Orlando Magic. A teammate had given me an Akita that needed obedience training and Sandy spent much of his career supervising the Orange County Sheriff’s Department canine unit. Over the years, we became close friends and Sandy introduced me to a career in law enforcement.

Q:  Is your support for Sandy Carpenter real or is it a publicity stunt?

Shaq:  I am busier and more overwhelmed today with requests and demands on my time than I was during my playing career. The last thing I have time for is publicity stunts.

Q:  Why do you think Sandy Carpenter should be elected Sheriff for Lake County?

Shaq:  During the last two decades I have had the opportunity to work for law enforcement agencies from Miami to Los Angeles. I’ve accompanied Sandy on street patrol many times and have seen him deal with people in all kinds of challenging situations. Sandy possesses a rare combination of command presence, instinctive leadership skills and a passion for helping people.

Q:  Sandy Carpenter has told various groups that if he is elected that you agreed to become a special Lake County Sheriff’s deputy for a salary of $1 per year.  What are your qualifications and experience for being a Lake County Sheriff’s deputy?

Shaq:  I have served in various capacities for law enforcement agencies while playing professional basketball in Orlando, Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix, Cleveland and Boston. This includes becoming a sworn peace officer, working as a detective to investigate Internet crimes against children, volunteering to raise money for police programs benefitting inner-city youths and attending police training academies.

Q:  What can Deputy Shaquille O’Neal offer to the Lake County Sheriff’s department and the citizens of Lake County?

Shaq:  I will bring the same level of commitment and dedication to serving the people of Lake County that I did as a law enforcement officer in communities across this great nation. Because of the way I was raised, I know how to deal effectively with kids who are fighting to stay out of trouble and stay in school. These are things that are important to me because I know they enhance a child’s ability to lead a productive life.

Q:  How do you answer critics from Sandy Carpenter’s opponents who say you are an outsider?

Shaq:  I don’t respond to ignorance. I own a business in Lake County. I built a home for my mother to reside in Lake County. I have participated in fundraising events to help the underprivileged and less fortunate in Lake County. The people of Lake County know my record of involvement in the community.

Q:  Through your Shaq-A-Claus program this Christmas, you saw firsthand the terrible effects of Lake County’s double digit unemployment rate on real families.  In your opinion, can a nationally recognized celebrity take a position in public service such as Deputy Sheriff and parlay it for the benefit of all in the community?

Shaq:  During the past 20 years, I have pursued positions in law enforcement for one reason and one reason only—to help people in need. If I accept a position in public service in Lake County, I will use my unique powers to continue working with youths. They don’t call me the real Superman for nothin’.

Q:  You have the means and opportunity to really do anything in the world you want, but yet you seem to have this calling to serve the public in law enforcement- why?

Shaq:  I was raised in a family that regarded law enforcement and the military as a special calling. I’ve learned from watching Sandy and his family over the years become deeply involved in rescue missions and help for the homeless that law enforcement is about much more than making an arrest. It is an honor for me to wear a uniform and a badge to serve people.

Q:  Many people say you are a very serious man, and in the first week of May you will be receiving your doctorate in leadership and education from Barry University in Miami.  In your view, what makes a person a great leader?

Shaq:  A great leader is someone who inspires others to do the right thing.

Q:  Do you think Sandy Carpenter has the leadership skills to effectively operate the Lake County Sheriff’s Department?

Shaq:  Answered above.

Based on the answers we received from Shaquille O’Neal, we believe that he is sincere in his support of Sandy Carpenter for Sheriff and he is serious about serving the citizens of Lake County as a Deputy Sheriff.  Whatever your opinion of Shaquille O’Neal maybe, it appears he has chosen to use his celebrity for good, which is very refreshing in these days.  If Carpenter is elected in August, don’t be surprised to see Deputy Shaquille O’Neal patrolling Lake County streets.

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23 Responses to “Deputy Shaquille O’Neal – Maybe?”

  1. Man talking about a histerical event today President Obama announced he supports same sex marriage. Way to Go pres, we always suspected as much and you might as well tell it like it is.

    Now this is getting real interesting and we might even get to celebrate the results of this histerical decision right here in little old Lake County just like we did with the Lake Democrats flying the Obama flag.

    Stop to think about it. Sheriff Gary Borders and “for the people” John Morgan are tight. John Morgan was on his fund raiser list just like he was for Obama. So we have Gary Borders and Obama on John Morgan’s blackberry.

    Maybe John Morgan and Obama will push the law through and call Obama on his blackberry and invite Obama back to Lake County for the nuptials of Sheriff Gary Borders and his finance Corporal Scott Stone.

    What a celebration that could be. The first gay couple married in Lake County and the elected sheriff at that. Man no one in the world could ever match that news coverage. Even Obama could show up with ABC (All Barack Channel) what an event. And it could very well happen at any time. Even if Obama can’t make it legal for them maybe they can celebrate one of those committment ceremonies pledging themselves to each other. Wonder if even that would keep Gary committed to one lover; I doubt that since it has never happened yet!

  2. Leave it to that sheriff who says on his facebook among other things “like our message of reducing the Sheriff’s budget without sacrificing safety” to never, never fail to take advantage of a crisis. That’s like his crime stat statements last year. First crime was down then when they asked him to cut the budget crime was back up! I’m gettin dizzy just trying to keep up with all these lies!

    Insiders around the “county” are saying “the sheriff” is asking for $2 MILLION additional budget dollars right now! That’s about the amount he claimed to cut the budget the same amount he did not need to pay the employee’s retirement after the law changed on that.

    Tom Klinker the new LCSO CEO that the old hag from the out of town rag hired for her friend “the sheriff” wrote the sheriff an email in late January telling him at the current salary rates the salary budget would be $1 MILLION short by September 30, 2012.

    Klinker must have been right. They will probably blame this $2 million on the computer crash disaster.

  3. Four days after the crash, No warning about all the employee’s personal data dumped on the internet so the employee’s could protect their bank accounts and such!

    From: Borders, Gary
    Subject: Computer Issues
    Sent: May 1, 2012 2:09 PM

    Good afternoon……

    As many of you are aware, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office has been
    experiencing some hacking issues. There is an on-going investigation
    involving both local and federal agencies. Our network has gone through the
    necessary changes to safeguard information; however, more issues may
    develop. These concerns can appear in various forms. In addition, we have
    learned that even just accessing files on the internet pertaining to these
    hacking issues may cause further corruption. Please refrain from visiting
    these sites on agency computers.

    CAUTION: If you receive an email with an attachment or link, whether it is
    from someone you know or don’t know or even someone within the Lake County
    Sheriff’s Office, and you are not expecting an attachment, DO NOT OPEN THE
    ATTACHMENT OR LINK. Verify with the individual the authenticity of the
    attachment prior to opening the attachment or link.

    If you have any questions, please contact the IT Helpdesk at 352-343-9512.
    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Sheriff Borders

  4. It would suffice to say that we, not only here in Lake County, but the entire nation are living in the worst of times since the depth of WWII. The suffering is personal to most decent Americans and some don’t even share their pain and misery with their own relatives and friends.

    Then, as if to add insult to injury, they are forced to submit to abuses by various government agencies and their employee’s. This is simply akin to a dog biting the hand that feeds him.
    In the case of Lake County government they have long operated as a closed shop union. Looking at the interoperations over the last twenty or more years; every action was and is either secret or top secret. Under the table deals are cut and the winners are always the poker cards they hold close to the chest.

    Sometimes in this old world when folks get what the pray for they don’t know what to do with it. As with the current sheriff for instance. Almost every Lake County elected official endorsed him in his first election in 2008. One local courthouse media outlet even covered his vehicle in graphics depicting the current sheriff.

    But soon all of these people realized they were like the man who prayed for a barrel of pepper. “He said Oh Lord send me a barrel of pepper.” When he got it he said. “Oh heqq that’s too much pepper.”

    Such is the case of the sheriff they all wanted. They say ignorance is bliss; if that is true they should change the name of Lake County to Bliss County because ignorance is abundant in Lake County.

    Those who control and run all agencies of Lake Government are professionals at the games of smoke and mirrors! They tell the people what they want them to think and believe and the people are dumb enough to accept it.

    A prime example of that is the request someone made to Jimmy Conner to update the taxpayers of Lake County on the current BCC construction projects. He can run his mouth about everything else and take credit for reducing the cost of the judicial expansion and destruction of and replacement of perfectly good courtrooms and such but, he; one fifth of the ruling power of Lake County’s BCC can’t make a public disclosure to the taxpayers of Lake County about where “our” construction projects stand at this particular point in time!

    Exactly the same has been happening in the sheriff’s office. The BBC has been funding some items for the sheriff directly from the general fund bypassing the sheriff’s budget. So, the sheriff gets 1/12 of his annual budget amount every month but, if he needs something on the side they might just fund that directly from the county general fund. By doing this how do we know what the sheriff’s budget really is?

    The waste of money in Lake County is astounding. County leaders are running schemes to defraud not only Lake Taxpayers but dragging state and federal taxpayer’s monies into their schemes as well.

    Of all the problems and ongoing schemes and scams run by Lake County officials nothing overshadows the current sheriff and his band of malcontents.

    Like the spoiled little children he attracts they are never happy. They are constantly demanding new expensive toys. TAXPAYERS WATCH – The cell phone “pay per minute for use” billings from last weekend until the website gets back up. Just recently it went from $15 to $20 thousand in one month! No telling what this crisis will cost the taxpayers of Lake County as an unforeseen expense!

    Everything that is wrong at the LCSO can be blamed on one cause and effect. The current sheriff, plain and simple. While he is not totally responsible for the culture of corruption Lake government has become he is responsible for failing to do anything to bring it to an end.
    His total lack of experience in Law Enforcement was no doubt an asset to his support of the “system.” “They” knew he would be easy to manipulate, the un-experienced sheriff who had instantly attained his greatest stature in life. And they ere right!

    Apparently what they didn’t know or simply chose to ignore was his history. Then again why would they bother to care about the history of a sheriff when Bob McKee has been hanging around some Lake government job or another for over 35 years and no one ever bothered to look into his history either?

    Bob McKee can’t even make a public speech without announcing he holds a Masters Degree in something. Once it was criminal justice; then when that was proven to be false he waited a while and changed it to public administration. He should just tell the truth and brag that he is an expert in Public Corruption if lying about his education is that important to him.

    Gary Borders has a lifelong penchant for young boys. So much so that at age 27 he and some of his like minded friends started their own boy’s ranch for abused and troubled boys coming mostly from broken homes.

    Here is where you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out. If a young man is so concerned with helping young boys that he and his friends go to all the trouble to develop a boy’s ranch for the boys benefit, why then as the sheriff of Lake County in 2009 at age 49 would he not immediately arrest the rapist identified in the original report of the rapes of five little boys ages 12-15? This was not a mystery crime. It is not like this rapist was on the run. They knew immediately who he was and where he was. But all this case got was some lip service and shut down. Only after the disgruntled former house parents leaked the rapes to the media 2 ½ months later did he create an arrest and solution. More smoke and mirrors! A secret arrest and secret court sentencing and back on the streets of Citrus county getting traffic citations and injunctions filed against him by an older male partner.

    Insiders say “the sheriff” done this hoping to cover up the 20 plus years of horror’s that are hidden at the Green Isle Ranch. It does not take much sense to figure out no matter what the reason , he sure didn’t do it in the best interest of the five little victims for whom one would think their care and security should be job one for the sheriff of any county!

  5. Well, the final downfall of Sheriff Borders came from an unexpected direction, but it has come. Such a massive hack could only have come from remarkable incompetence. His final act should be to fire all of his IT staff. Sic Semper Tyrannis.

  6. Thanks RSOL says:

    This is some crazy amazing eye-opening and almost hard to believe stuff!! Just hope nobody tracks my address. LOL

  7. No one in their right mind should condone the actions of cyber terrorism. That description best fits the hacking and theft of sensitive information from the Lake County Sheriff’s website over the past weekend. Below is what the local lame stream media does not tell the public of Lake County. While sick minds might have sick reasoning the facts remain that the Lake County Sheriff’s Office has been a haven for Human Right’s Violations from all aspects of human contact from the streets to the jail.

    A direct quote from the facebook political page of Sheriff Borders says: “If you’re new to our page, and like our message of reducing the Sheriff’s budget without sacrificing safety and the fact that Lake County is one of a few in Florida deporting illegal aliens from our local jail, please share our page on yours to help us increase our “likes” and spread our message!”

    More information from these alleged hackers can be found by googling Lake County Sheriff’s Office Hack.

    Here is their reasoning for their actions which will not be published on all the local media outlets.

    AntiSec/Anonymous hactivist group along with the links to the leaked confidential data, wrote about LCSO that,

    Their coercive tactics are shown in Operations like Op Inmate Intelligence Gathering, which encourages snitching in return for favors from the police, and LCSO’s upcoming Operation Screen Savers, whereby citizens are entrapped in sex crime investigations, and arrested at pretextual traffic stops even
    if the don’t commit a crime. Even innocent defendants then undergo special conditions of pretrial release that prohibit all internet communications, so the cops can continue to entrap others, while judges set inflated bond by sealed administrative order.

    Sprint Nextel Corporate Security IPDR reports, which shows how the
    telecommunications providers hand over our private info, even without #CISPA and other draconian enforcement provisions. Telecommunications providers are already in the pocket of the law enforcement and intelligence community.

    Financial Crimes phone list, which lists the warrants division of domestic and international air carriers, and law enforcement liaisons of corporations like Amazon. Shows the spreading National Security State.

    Intelligence bulletins from FBI that indicates prison inmates are targeted for identity theft. They cannot protect the data within their own systems. While they prosecute identity theft elsewhere, the theft committed by their own employees runs rampant.

    These documents show that rather than blind cooperation with the security state,the common people of the United States and elsewhere would do best to arm themselves with both the words and theory behind the sentiment “Workingmen arm yourselves and
    appear in full force.” Appear on the steps of Capitol Hill. Appear in Bluffdale, Utah at NSA’s Utah Data Center. These are the places where your liberty is being sacrificed, and the constitution is being raped.

    Disciplinary actions against police officers show how statist forces protect government workers while the unemployed and downtrodden are left to their own devices. There is no
    mercy for them, but the police keep working even when they break the law, conduct illegal surveillance and seizure, and prepare evidence for your long-term sentence in prisons for profit. We are all political prisoners now.

    The Lulz Knights.

    Also, the Anonymous hackers added some softwares that are stolen from LCSO internal network into the leaked documents. In addition the hackers were capable for cracking out the username and password of a mail account that belongs to LCSO and leaked those account details too.

    These actions are wrong but, years of non-compliance and non-enforcement of the laws regarding human rights violations of this agency brought about. No truth ever escapes Lake County Government through the local media. The real people hope this disaster will somehow bring to light these years of human abuse.

  8. People who can read can see how you brought yourself from the jail with absolutely no law enforcement experience and fictionalized your life into the greatness you perceive to be today.
    In the 2008 sheriff’s race you didn’t even have an AA degree, that’s nothing to be ashamed of but, today thanks to your jailhouse internet school specialist you not only have an AA from Vincennes but, you have received your Bachelor’s degree from Columbia.

    People do not really care about that, what the people care about more than anything is the job you do and the way you treat your fellow human race. In both of these categories you have failed miserably. Naturally since you had no law enforcement experience in the beginning and still don’t, you have continued to bring your jailhouse experience and mentality into the daily operation of the sheriff’s office. This experience includes the mighty power to control all of your surroundings at the flick of a finger. If an inmate is causing a problem you have him or her put into solitaire or the hole, end of problem! As in the case of inmate Larry Stone, Jr. who was alleging you were feeling him up when you were notified of his allegations by the captain you simply ordered that Captain in charge to make it go away, thereby authorizing the captain to have that inmate moved to another county jail in central Florida. (At great expense to the taxpayers we might add)

    We believe the problem is that you have abused so many people that they are coming out of the woodwork to haunt you; maybe not in reality but at least in your mind. Just from the stories we have heard over the last four or five years the numbers of people you have abused or allowed others whom you control to abuse, is many.

    While your jailhouse mentality probably leads you to believe you can totally control your environment when you moved into the office of sheriff all the jailhouse rules you have applied to issues for 20 plus years changed. When you took the oath of office you swore to not only uphold the constitution of the United States of America but, also the State of Florida as well. Among other things you swore to uphold and enforce the laws. Instead you have chosen to violate the law on so many occasions most people have lost count! If you are so wrapped up in your own little world as to believe that thousands of people don’t know who you really are, what you are and your total lack of character you are sadly mistaken. You have taken the people’s silence as a vote of confidence and acceptance of the things you do and condone and nothing could be farther from the truth.

    As in most cases involving narcissistic people like you it is your friends who turn on you and bring you down and not you enemies. The trail of past friends in the last five years has grown long for many reasons. You see, even your friends see how you use one person against another, and another and even then when you are finished using a person you continue to try to keep them in your sphere of influence with your gifts and favors. Even your friends gossip and wonder why you do this. Why do you portray this fatherly image to so many young boys and men? Why do you keep them close even though your intimate relationship is over? “O, what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive!” Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832)
    Herein lies the problems that you are blaming on everyone else. You have abused and deceived so many people including the families of the victims whose lives you have destroyed that you now have literally thousands of enemies. Your actions and favors for your friends have had a negative impact on hundreds of people as well. The simple favor of hiring a friend of a friend and ordering Major Longo and Captain Theobold to give that friend of a friend the special assignment they wanted had a major impact on others lives and practically led to the destruction of those others lives. You don’t care and even your friends see that! Over the last five years you have spent untold millions of our tax dollars to appease so many of your “friends” that you think you have bought them off. However, money can’t buy you real love. Money will only buy you liars and fellow dregs of humanity from whom you buy the words you want to hear. Sadly you are using our tax dollars (other people’s money) to buy your friends! The moment your back it turned your “friends” are telling their “friends” what a rotten person you really are, how do you think all your little secrets wind up on the internet? So you are wasting our tax money!

    You have brought all your problems on yourself. You alone are to blame for whatever comes your way. Your jail secrets have long been the talk of Lake County, Your lifestyle alone has made Lake County the laughing stock of Florida, especially at the Florida Sheriff’s Association meetings and conventions where one past president said all you done was show up and disappear with the boys.

    For many years your involvement in organizations that attract young boys and men has been scrutinized by people. People have whispered when you get around young boys you look like a kid in a candy store. Again, your very own actions have for years brought about suspicions of your lack of character regarding your actions with and around young males.

    While you have circled the wagons and empowered all your friends and associates to find out who is blogging things and telling the truth about you, we suspect that will be a very large task and not really worthwhile in the end. For you see, so far in the USA the truth is protected by federal law even though you violate federal laws almost daily. From most all the information we have seen on the internet about you and you’re carrying on you and you alone have brought on yourself. You have developed a relationship with local news outlets whereby you control breaking news articles with 48 hour delays concerning Lake County events pertaining to the sheriff’s office and other Lake government agencies. Some say that is to filter the content and make sure certain people are protected. Anyone who violates these orders is fired immediately.
    On the subject of the Green Isle Boys Ranch rapes reported November 21, 2009. At that time few if any people knew how involved you were with the board of director’s. What the people did know from the beginning was that the management of Green Isle Ranch did not like the fact that these rapes of five young boys by an older student was reported to authority’s period. The man who reported it and demanded some help for the victims was gone within 48 hours after filing the report. The people also knew that you had aided in the suppression of a criminal investigation on behalf of your fellow friends and board members of Green Isle in 2000-2001 concerning the multi-brutal rapes of a nine year old Sumter County boy at Green Isle. The real people who really care about the children and their safety was watching this and waiting to see if the boys would be treated fairly and protected from further abuse at the hands of Green Isle management even though they had run off the man who reported the crimes.

    What the people saw regarding this report of rapes was stalling on the part of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. After one victim interview on November 25, 2009 and the other four interviewed On December 16, 2009 the case come to a dead stop. All the while these victims were still at Green Isle; threatening suicide and screaming for help.

    The original complainant and former Green Isle Executive Director Reverend Steve Zepp has told people he believed God sent him there to protect these victims!

    After Reverend Zepp was forced to leave the ranch God apparently replaced him with Clayton and Angie Berkey as house parents for these victims. The reason we say replaced him is because the Berkey’s like Reverend Zepp went to bat for these victims who were not receiving treatment for their abuse and in fact being told by Green Isle management to keep quite and not tell their stories. At the time little did Clayton Berkey know that the Sheriff of Lake County was a founding board member of the Green Isle. Just like Rev. Zepp the Berkey’s lost their jobs also!

    Clayton Berkey was demanding help for these victims so adamantly that by February 3, 2010 while he was off on break from Green Isle he still had the plight of these victims on his mind. On that date he called, texted and emailed the Green Isle new Executive Director Paula Whetro several times prompting her to call the LCSO to report that a former disgruntled employee was threatening her. At 4:07 PM on that date Deputy Walker arrived to take the complaint.

    Later that date, amazingly, Clayton Berkey got the attention of the Orlando TV stations and his breaking news stories about the five rape victims hit the airwaves on February 3, 2010 on several outlets. It was apparent to many watching the Green Isle debacle unfold that the call earlier that day from Paula Whetro was nothing more than an attempt to discredit Clayton Berkey who by his actions in describing the events surrounding the victims was surely telling the real stories of the victims! Insiders at some of these media outlets later told everyone that you had exercised your power to stop these breaking news exposures and they couldn’t figure out why you would not want this made public and would not want these victims to have the support and medical and mental attention they deserved. It was then that some honest media people really begin to look at the makeup of the Green Isle management and found out your involvement from the beginning in 1987. They paid dearly for their efforts to bring this to light. Like Zepp and the Berkey’s, they were fired as well.

    After the original Green Isle Boys rapes report on November 21, 2009 (LCSO case #: 09 191988) and according to the report on file prepared by Detective M. Pointevent the last action she took on this case was on December 16, 2009. After the Clayton Berkey breaking news reports hit the airwaves on February 3, 2010 on the early morning hours of February 4, 2010 she hit the ground running.

    On that date not only did she and her partner Det. Yoho interview the suspect Tyler Anthony Jackson at the Crystal River High School at 10 AM but, another Det. Team of Fawn Tomon and Mike Miller also interviewed the suspect at his residence on that same date!

    She wrote a report on February 8, 2010 and another one on February 9th. Neither indicating any arrest or real actions being taken against the suspect who committed these heinous crimes. All nothing more than smoke and mirrors to cover up the fact that you wanted to sweep these crimes under the rug and turn your head on these victims all for your friends and co-board members to protect the facility from any more possible lawsuits. Then mysteriously the word on the street is the suspect went before Judge Takac in May 2010 and received adjudication withheld. The suspect Tyler Anthony Jackson has received speeding tickets and even a domestic dating violence injunction filed against him on 3/3/2011 by an older male lover and more recently a careless driving accident citation – that don’t sound like probation does it.
    Don’t blame others for your shortcomings and your faults. Like the post turtle you are you should never have been elevated to the position you hold. “They” were simply looking for someone they could control but we don’t think they realized how much baggage you are carrying. Untold numbers of people have suffered at your hands because of your inability to manage the power your position holds. Hundreds if not thousands of people know what is going on in the agency owned by the public and “ruined” by the likes of you. If you are so dumb as to believe that you can control what the people say and write through threats and intimidation against people from your friends you are even dumber than we thought. We are well aware that this great country is on a downward spiral heading straight to hell. But, if the likes of you believe you will stop the people from telling the truth you are mistaken. Interesting in that everything we have ever seen or heard not once have you ever denied all these things are true. All you want to do is stop the people from telling the truth just like you can do with the Sentinel, the Commercial, Channel 2, 6, 9, 13, 35 and others.

    Honest Christians and other decent people will always work to protect the abused and downtrodden. Many people believe you have a lot of old clandestine relationships lurking out there in the dark. Having your friends out threatening people and accusing people of things they have not done will only encourage these people to dig deeper and work harder to bring to light all these atrocities in which you have been involved over the last twenty plus years.
    This is not about politics – This is about you and your abuse of power and people. People you come into contact with from all walks of life. People abused by you in your jail! The cover ups of the child abuses and child sex abuses for over 20 years at the Green Isle Boys Ranch. Allowing some of your employee’s to abuse others at your directions and sanctions and covering up same as well. Employee’s you have protected by encouraging them to lie and abuse their fellow employee’s and former friends and associates. Even those you call your friends say this is all about what a really rotten human being you are!

    Having said all these truths- We encourage you to look deeply into your being. While we do not believe you could possible ever make a real honest leader because we do not believe you have the soul it takes to treat all humans equally and with dignity- we do believe it is possible for you to ask for and receive forgiveness on a spiritual level for all the abuses and atrocities you have brought on people. We really wish you had taken the opportunity that fell in your lap and put it to work doing the right thing for the people who need and deserve the right things to come into their lives. It was your choice to succeed or fail in this endeavor and you chose the latter, no one else is to blame but you.

    Your “friends” are saying you are having second thoughts about running for this second term. They say you are basically being pushed and forced to do so by staff. They are concerned about your health. Not the friends you are rewarding or paying for their friendship but you do actually have a couple of people who never seem to give up on humanity. Even some of them are saying – all good things have to come to an end. Once the dust settles everyone at the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and the voters and taxpayers of Lake County will be better off.

  9. Now what’s up? Did someone “blow” the sheriffs website off the air. Nothing is working. Better get out the pencil and paper again I guess. Talk about having everything under control it don;t seem like the sords are matching the actions around here. Now that “the sheriff” has proven he don’t protect his friends by dropping the ball on Waldrop maybe he’ll go aheard and clean out the rest of those gas theives and abusers and put them in jail as well.

    What difference does it make if you put gas in your wife’s car on the taxpayers $$ and she gets pi**ed and rats you out and/ or you put taxpayers gas in the taxpayers vehicle and drive it to pull your boat and go boating and turkey hunting? The only difference I see is not only are you stealing the taxpayers gas but you are stealing the taxpayers vehicle to burn it up in as well. That should be a more serious offense. Remember returning stolen property does not forgive the crime. so just because the bring the truck back needing more gas for work does not mean you did not commit a crime of using the taxpayers vehicle for personl use.

    Also, don’t forget the IRS has already had a problem with employee’s personal use of sheriff’s office vehicles because the employee’s were not being made to pay the federal taxes due on that use! The sheriff’s office paid that for us and solved that probelm. But it could resurface with no policy control on personal use of assigned vehicles.

  10. Name boopity says:

    What is going on around here? Central rumors has confirmed Chief Grinnell has applied to FDLE for a job. Why would he do that? A man making somewhere around $115,000. dollars a year, new truck to go gobbler hunting and pull his boat with, along with all the gas he can burn, getting things straight between him and the TV and news reporters and other women coming at him from everywhere and he’s not happy. It’s probably a good thing he don’t gas up all those girlfriends like Waldrop that would break the county. Wonder how they missed all that gas he was getting and how many girl friends did he have anyway? They all worked right here. I don’t think they were doing much work just taking the money and the gas.

    So, Grinnell has applied for a job where his new boss will be a former Lake Deputy Sheriff who has been employed by FDLE for ten years next month and still only makes around $61,000 a year. If he went in at that salary he’s still losing $54,000. A year. Not to mention his wheels will probably be some old car already wore out that he has to drive to Orlando 100 miles round trip from Lady Lake. Sounds like progress to me. At least the Lake taxpayers would be rid of one leech.

    One thing for sure his character will fit right in with the rest of his co-workers; they make used car salesmen look like find upstanding characters. We’ve got one guy here that already went to FDLE and come back. Don’t know why, maybe he’s not rotten enough to fit in the crowd over there.

    A lot of people are still saying the boss might not really even run this time. They are saying it was Peyton and the staff that wanted him to run all along. Now if they are jumping ship who’s going to protect him? I don’t think Mass and Longo will and Moss and Montalvo have already got their own little things going on that don’t include the boss.

    Can’t help but wonder how many more around here are looking too. Some are smart enough to keep it quiet. Why would Kristy Marden be looking for a job right now? Wonder if that has anything to do with the color of the boss’s skin? I’ve seen corpses in the morgue with better skin tint than he’s got. Some of them guys had better get tested if you know what I mean.

  11. Why Not? says:

    He lies about his alternative lifestyle and his 30 years of secrets with the “boys” why would anyone expect that he might not lie about his “best friends?” For starters just look at all his “best friends” that have disappeared from the scene since his 2008 election.

    After all he flushes best friends like most folks flush towel paper and for the same reason.

  12. At "Why" says:

    He did?! Really? Did not know that. I don’t get it at all.

  13. Name Why says:

    Ask Gary Borders why he supported Sandy Carpenter for Sheriff in 2004 instead of his best friend Chris Daniels.

  14. Name Why says:

    Why was the jail sex FBI investigation on Borders in late 2009 and early 2010 shut down? Word on the street is the witnesses hard the facts dead to right and most of them told the truth. So what happened? If this had been properly handled the people of Lake County would not be going through this disaster now and this criminal would be serving his time and forfeited his penson. Instead he’s running for reelection. In order to stop something like this and protect Borders somebody had to have some major power in Washington or somewhere. Anybody got any suspects for that one? Their has got to be more to this than the people around here know about. Nobody in their right mind would protect someone who would do this.

  15. The things you learn on this website are astounding!
    Thanks, Shaq, for all you do for kids right now. If you choose to come to Lake County, all the better. Maybe there’s something we can work on with you!
    We followed your career in Orlando and were embarrassed at the way you were treated there! So glad you went on to become the mega-star person you have become.

  16. They have released the financials at the supervisor of elections website. Whats with all those old Umatilla inbreds giving Borders money? Some not much but some give the $500. max.

    Every last one of them knows what he is including his campaign treasurer. She ought to ask him what happened to his campaign treasurer from 2008. Not a one of them would trust him around their young boys. Several of them has been making jokes about him for years but, I guess they are afraid they’ll fix the election and he’ll win again and they just waant to make sure they’re on the winning side.

  17. Name says:

    I’m susposed to be on Borders side if you know what I mean. We are all expected to back the boss. Most are not coughing up the money they did the last time and even more than that are ready to see him gone. All this funky playhouse stuff don’t go over well, especially when they are throwing their weight with the boss around. Now they are feeling cocky and saying they have go someone who’s going to do a hatchet job on Carpenter soon and that will put an end to all this mess. I went on that Tavares Topix thing and it said 17 people was viewing it right now. Interesting stuff and other websites with all kinds of facts attached. If people pay any attention to that whatever they come up with on Carpenter will be like peanuts. I already know about all the jail sex stuff that was covered up and so does everyone else around here. What could Carpenter have ever done that’s worse than that. In fact if Carpenter had ever done anything close to that he’s be long gone to the federal prison for sure.

    Now I’m wondering how Borders has got away with all these crimes all these years?

  18. Name says:

    You really want the truth about Gary Borders check out TopixTavares.com

  19. I for one do not believe Mr.O’Neal would lower himself to work for someone who lacks morals acceptable to a real Christian society. As for where he has been. He has been working for and at what he choses to work for and at. One thing for sure he hasn’t been involved in a little boys school letting them get seual abused by his friends and then covering it up for the friends.

    “moral turpitude” a gross violation of standards of moral conduct, vileness, such that an act involving moral turpitude was intentionally evil, making the act a crime. The existence of moral turpitude can bring a more severe criminal charge or penalty for a criminal defendant.

  20. Name says:

    If Shaq is so interested in being a Lake County deputy why hasnt he asked Sheriff Borders? If he has no time for publicity stunts, where is he going to find time to be a Lake deputy? If he cares so much for Lake’s children, where was he before Carpenter started campaigning? Hmmmm

  21. Lake Sheriff’s candidates bring out the all time heavyweights of Central Florida’s media attention getters!

    In this side of the ring we have Shaq O’Neil – nationally famous not only for his achievements on the basketball court but, even more so for his achievements in bringing good things to light for children across this great nation. His striking presence even more so than his “gifts” to children in need seems to bring a sparkle of hope for their little lives. Especially those who have no hope to live for; those 2600 and growing homeless children who live right here in Lake County. Some living in cars and trucks with their family and its meager possessions; others in tents and cardboard boxes, bathing and preparing for school in local business restrooms, many not even that lucky and depending solely on the school cafeteria meals as their only source of nutrition for the day. What will they do this summer for something to eat? These are hard facts not some politicians fake numbers.

    So, we have Shaq O’Neil whose mother lives right here in Lake County, where Shaq also has a business willing to help an old friend who is a third generation Lake Countian run for sheriff of Lake County! A man with the ability to make things happen for the good of all the people simply by his public appearances and life long desire to help the needy. His services are free. He does not attach a bill to the taxpayers for any services rendered. In fact many of his gifts and programs have been a sigh of relief to other programs designed for those same purposes. Oh sure those who would suffer great economic losses (and maybe even worse) if the right sheriff happens to get elected can find plenty wrong with Shaq! You don’t even have to ask them; some are spreading it on the streets while taking the taxpayers money for salaries and gasoline and driving fancy free vehicles!

    Over here in the other ring we have another famous media face supporting the incumbent sheriff for reelection. That is the face of none other than Orlando’s premier, ambulance chasing, Chief Central Florida Obama Supporter and fun raiser John Morgan and his infamous “For The People” commercials airing somewhere on all broadcast media outlets 24/7/365. The big difference here is John Morgan spends millions and millions airing his “for the people” commercials begging people to call or text him so he can solve all their legal problems, and advertisers love to hire Shaq to “plug” their wares and pay him big money to do so.
    Why does the most advertising ambulance chasing lawyer in Central Florida chose to get involved in a sheriff reelection campaign as a host in his fundraiser? Well, maybe like those other guys, maybe they’ve been friends for twenty years, who knows? Did Morgan have a fundraiser for his Orange County Democrat Sheriff’s reelection campaign? Why then does he have one for a supposed to be Republican Lake County Sheriff?

    The most interesting thing about John Morgan crawling in the ring for an opponent who has the support of Shaq O’Neil is the diabolical difference between the two celebrities.
    Morgan’s friend Gary Borders and some of his friends opened something they called the Green Isle Boys Ranch in Clermont in 1989. They closed it in 2010 after the last breaking news leaks of five little boys being brutally raped by an older student. That student around the time of the rapes was standing next to Borders in the summer 2009 Green Isle publication; both with big smiles on their faces. After the older boy (age 17 at the time) left the school on November 21, 2009,the five little boys reported what he had done to them all summer long to their ranch administrator who in turn called the sheriff office. Borders allowed the boys to be interviewed but stopped any more actions on the case until new house parents got the stories of the rapes on all Orlando TV stations on February 3, 2010. Sheriff Borders then put his detectives back on the case and claims to have arrested the boy and had him sentenced to probation in May 2010. To this day this young man is free and living in Citrus County getting same sex dating violence injunctions and things filed against him.

    When the house parents broke the news for the rapes several well known Orlando TV reporters tried to follow up on the Green Isle stories. Everyone reported the same thing; their bosses blocked them from anymore Green Isle Ranch stories about their history of rapes and abuse. Most of these people are gone now but they could not figure out why they were blocked from reporting these atrocities at Green Isle.

    Some of them even reported the well documented “obstruction of justice” in this case by sheriff Borders to the governor’s office and asked for an investigation. Even that was whitewashed in a timely manner.

    Interestingly, while Gary Borders was not the sheriff of Lake County until October 2006 he was a Green Isle Boys Ranch Board member with a constant presence at the ranch. During all this while there were many sexual abuse cases reported and none ever acted on and no arrests were ever made. The criminal report of the multi-rapes of the 9 years old boy is missing and the civil case was ordered destroyed by Clerk of the Courts Neil Kelly in October 2011.

    Everyone knows about the victims of the Green Isle Ranch at the hands of Gary Borders. Everyone knows! The silence for the victims of Green Isle is deafening!

    But, the victims will not go away! They are the little people who are growing into men every day. Soon to be men who have suffered not only at the hands of their protected abusers but even worse at the hands of those “we the people” hire to care for those in out society who can not care for themselves.

    I’ve got to go, John Morgan is airing a new commercial right now, something about if you haven’t called your loved ones lately, you should do so immediately because you have already waited too long.

    Shaq and Sandy Carpenter can also do their part right now for the victims of Gary Borders 20 plus years at Green Isle. Use the power of the powerful Real Superman to bring the cover ups of these crimes to light. Sandy and his wife are long time members of First Baptist of Orlando, he can; ask Pastor David Ute to contact his old friend Mike Huckabee together they can bring these horrors of rapes and cover ups of rapes of little boys to the light of day. Use the Real Superman to locate these victims and help them get the mental health and other services they so badly need.

    There is so much power among all these players that can be put to use right now to stop the devils work of everyone turning the heads on the abuse of our little ones.

    How can anyone who calls themselves a Christian turn their heads on the victims of Green Isle? What’s that funny sound you are hearing? It’s the 100’s of victims of Green Isle screaming for help. But, it’s the last five that are screaming the loudest!

    For those who want to educate themselves on The Green isle Ranch. A Google search will provide you with police reports and tons of other documents that verify the cover ups and crimes.

  22. Yay you go Shaq ….. Lake county can use somebody like you for the children of lake, we hav two grandsons that are in the school in Lake county and their daddy is a big fan of yours from your Orlando magic days !!!!!!

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