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In Her Own Words

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In Her Own Words


Marilyn Bainter

Marilyn Bainter

North Lake Hospital Taxing

District Board Member

In Tuesday’s Right Side of the Lake, we promised to detail the conspiracy between North Lake Hospital District Board Member Marilyn Bainter and Florida State Representative Larry Metz.  They are conspiring to destroy the district that funds healthcare for the poor and indigent of Lake County.  We will show, in Marilyn Bainter’s own words, how she and Metz have orchestrated an attack on Lake County’s hospitals.  If they are successful, they will deprive people truly in need of healthcare, reduce the quality of healthcare in our County, slash jobs in the medical field, and possibly lead to the selling or downsizing of Lake County’s hospital system.  Never before have two people put so much effort into hurting so many people.

Here is a brief recap.  The district assesses a 1-mil ad valorem tax for poor and indigent healthcare in Lake County.  This equates to literally pennies a day for most homeowners, but for the local cash-strapped hospitals, it is worth $11 million.  This tax has been around for forty years and the amount collected does not come anywhere close to the real cost hospitals are paying for indigent care.  This cost has increased dramatically due to more people being unemployed and without insurance.  Like hospitals across the nation, Lake County’s hospitals are suffering tremendously as they deal with reduced funding and increased indigent care.

During the last legislative session, Rep. Metz successfully enlisted the help of Governor Rick Scott to aid in the mission to destroy the hospital district and weaken the hospitals.  Bear in mind that Governor Scott made his millions taking over hospitals like Leesburg Regional Medical Center and Florida Waterman Hospital.  Through their efforts, they passed a bill to dismantle the current district.  The measure is up for a vote in 2016, as even those who supported the bill said time was needed to prevent financial shock to Lake County’s healthcare system—don’t forget we are in an economic recession/depression.  However, the hospital district could actually be defunded now, even before the citizens get a chance to vote, as it gives the district’s board members the immediate authority to eliminate the funding

That victory is not good enough for Marilyn Bainter.  She wants to speed up the process, so she filed another lawsuit similar to the one she filed in 2010.  The first lawsuit cost the hospitals and district board upwards to $600,000, and it was money squandered during a time when it was sorely needed for healthcare.  We think another part of her motivation, other than trying to stay in the news, is her desire to get her attorney’s fees reimbursed.

To prove that Representative Larry Metz and Board Member Marilyn Bainter have conspired to take down Lake County’s hospitals, we will present Bainter’s own words, which were obtained through a Florida Sunshine law public records request.  After reading what they said, we feel you will agree with us—this was an orchestrated attempt by Metz, Bainter, and some mystery group.  Folks, its time for sunshine— time to find out who all the players on the other side are.

The following is a summary of what was said in contacts between Rep. Larry Metz and Marilyn Bainter, as documented by Bainter.

Bainter –I served as a volunteer on his campaign in 2010.”

Our response:  This is why our group contends this is political payback for Bainter and her group.  In the private sector, such quid-pro-quo buying of a house bill would be subjected to an ethics violation, especially given her personal lawsuit against the district.

Bainter –On 1-19-2010 I met Lance, Rep. Metz aide, to provide material from the district lawsuit to copy.”

Our Response:  Larry Metz was not elected to House District 25 until November 2, 2010 and according to Bainter’s own words, she met with him some 10 months earlier to provide material about her lawsuit.  He has been fully involved in the lawsuit from the beginning—he probably should have joined her in the suit.

Bainter –I attended a fundraiser for Rep. Metz, as a campaign volunteer on 9-29-2011.”

Our Response:  Seven months ago, Bainter freely admits helping Metz financially and on the website “Project Vote Smart”, Marilyn Bainter is listed as a Top Contributor with a donation of $550.  Follow the money and you will find the truth.

Bainter – “I attended a group (10 to 12 persons) session in Rep. Metz office on 10-25-2011 to receive briefing on his health care bill.”

Our Response:  Okay, that was six months ago—who are the 10-12 people?  It is time to publically name the people who are a part of this mysterious group that is trying to shut down Lake County’s hospital system.

Bainter:  “I have provided 3 copies of emails sent to Rep. Metz that I never received an answer to, nor expected to in two cases.” 

Our Response:  This gets very dicey for Bainter because we have uncovered discrepancies in email communications between Metz and Bainter.  We plan to expose this later.

The following are two emails provided to us by Bainter-

September 2, 2011 email from Bainter to Metz – “Here it is, Friday the 2nd of September, with a meeting coming up on Wednesday the 7th, and we have no agenda or minutes.  What do you think is going on in this taxing agency?  (Bainter attached a memo for District Board Members)

October 31, 2011 email from Bainter to Metz –Can you believe this?”  (Bainter attaches an email and document that details refinements to current legislation from North Lake Hospital District Board Chairman Carpenter)

Our Response:  These emails demonstrate that Metz and Bainter were in cahoots to undermine the North Lake Hospital District.  Her passing a draft proposal to Metz on refinements on the legislation is not only betraying her board members but is a sinister effort to give Metz an unfair advantage.

The Citizens for Better Government, LLC has obtained other documents that suggest that Marilyn Bainter may have abused her position on the North Lake Hospital District Board to enhance her ability to win her lawsuit.  We have documents that show Bainter, as a member of the District, contacted state agencies directly to obtain information.  Usually all document requests by a board such as the North Lake Hospital District Board would come through its Chairman.  It appears that Bainter circumvented the District’s Board members in conjunction with Larry Metz.

During the legislative session, Rep. Larry Metz tried to pass a bill to shield legislators from the sunshine laws of Florida.  We have evidence that suggests Rep. Metz did not completely comply with our group’s sunshine law document request.  Next week, we will show how we believe Metz is trying to “shield” his involvement in the hospital district.

Here is the bottom line.  If a business person influenced a Florida legislator to gain personal benefit to the extent that Bainter has done with Metz, there would probably be serious ethical investigations of both parties.  Bainter is mixing her full support of Larry Metz with her own lawsuit crusade against the hospitals, while serving and circumventing the very board that governs the funding of the North Lake Hospital District.  If that isn’t a conflict of interest then someone better redefine the term.  The  District Board should investigate Marilyn Bainter’s actions to determine if any laws were violated.

In both Bainter and Metz’s zeal to destroy the healthcare industry in Lake County, they have taken a treacherous path of ethics, which stinks of political corruption.  Just to think, all of this effort by them to stop a poor person from getting basic medical care in Lake County—why?

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18 Responses to “In Her Own Words”

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  3. pesky anonymous bloggers are gutless morons living a sad life! a delusional life of fear and blame.

  4. Yea! “pesky anonymous bloggers are gutless morons living a sad life” because they are loaded with the facts of life and crimes of those who seek to destroy their way of life by stealing the taxpayers blind one bite at a time like the termites they are! No matter what the truth is always easy to telll and it;s easy to tell over and over because it’s the truth and one doesn’t have to pause to remember what lie they told last!

  5. pesky anonymous bloggers are gutless morons living a sad life!

  6. You who say “pesky anonymous bloggers are morons!” waste your finger energy. Because it is those “pesky anonymous bloggers” who have the truth and nothing but the truth so help them God! ~ Herein “lies” the truth because the truth don’t lie! Just documented facts!

    For once; just once why don’t someone prove that those “pesky anonymous bloggers” facts are wrong? You can’t that’s why! You are just like the Richard Rikers of the world, not intelligent enough to defend the truth but just enough energy to babble, bubble and frough at the mouth..

  7. pesky anonymous bloggers are gutless morons!

  8. Question:
    Why does every issue of the RSOl feature several commentaries of Richard Riker in opposition?
    The answer depends on the perspective.
    From Mr. Riker’s persepctive it gives meaning to his life. The guy stands by his email inbox waiting for the next edition of RSOL so he can scream “nobody reads this stuff!” What are there, 3 separate “rebuttals” by Mr. Riker on this post alone? Methinks the man doth protest too much. (I suspect he is a closet RSOL supporter.)
    From the persepctive of the RSOL, what could be better than to publish the usually incoherent sputterings of Mr. Riker. I suspect they would give Mr. Riker his own column as long as he promised to be on the opposite side of them on every single issue. He is that persusive.

  9. Hey Richard Riker; “they” invented a special category for people like you who assist the Oligarchs as they entrench their power structures. That is the title of “useful idiots.” You fume and fizzle about insignificant things while Rome burns. Once again the is still the USA no thanks to people like you. The people who own this website can do and print or refuse to print anything they want too. Why they put up with idiots like you be beyond me. All you do is attack them for their stance on the North Lake Hospital Debacle. If you don’t like this website and the people who blog on hear why don’t you and your other “useful idiot” friends start your one website.

    We know the ansser to that question already, you have nothing constructive to put one a website all yu can do is try to refudiate all the truths other people state; even those with the documented evidence strting you right in the face. That is for sure the definition of a fool.

  10. No wonder Ms Bainter lost her lawsuit and no wonder the Tea Baggers went sour. They were loaded with people like you who can’t stop tooting their own horn long enough to see we are up to our butts in aligators and it’s way past time to drein the swamp.

    See ya at the Graveyard BBQ at 4 PM, at least that $8 BBQ deal sounds good even though you folks are nothing more than a social club devoid of any education as too what is going on around you at all. Why is that? Because idiots like you already know everything and your head is so swelled you have no room to learn anything.

  11. The anonymous comments posted on the RSOL can only be characterized as rude and contentious. The person posting anonymously may have a valid opinion but posting anonymously just shows that person is ashamed of it or just to cowardly to stand behind it . It’s easy to hide and take cheap shots from the shadows of anonymity, it’s hard to stand in the light and let the public judge for its self the veracity of the post when knowing who posted it.

    Bloggers are never pesky if they let those who read their comments know who they are, ie. weather they’re Joe the Genius or Joe the Idiot. Otherwise, it’s best to read their comments with a grain of salt or better yet pass right over them all together. The only reason anyone blogs anonymously is because they can claim anything, even if it’s a lie the commenter remains immune from any punitive action. It’s amazing to see just how many bloggers do nothing but parrot other blogs they pass misinformation from one person to another as if what they were writing facts. By the way, when commenting get your story straight. Example, don’t write “Pesky bloggers are not politicians…”, then a few lines later describe them as, “…former state and local lawmakers;one is actually a former honest congressman…” Contradicting yourself isn’t a good practice.

    Who comprises the cadre of pesky “Deep Throat” bloggers? Could one find among it’s ranks, spies like James Bond, newspaper editors like Perry White of the Daily Planet, Congressman Beauregard , oh wait, these are all fictional characters, but what the heck they fit in with all the rest. There are many good internet news blogs that can be trusted to report the truth and none of them post anonymously. They have the courage to stand up for their convictions and that which they write. When you talk about the networks of anonymous bloggers and websites all over the country what you are actually talking about are the malcontents occupying their parents basements, their Game Boy on one side and their computer on the other. Better be careful, the RSOL doesn’t like mysterious groups and they may even “investigate” for a future rant.

  12. Richard – Even your protégé Marilyn Bainter has got sense enough to realize Lake County government is loaded to the hilt with corruption. Everybody with brains knows all about it. There is even some websites documenting and outlining step by step the corruption and showing the millions and millions of our tax dollars that has gone to habitat and other free houses and rehabs, schools, courthouses and other government buildings and all kinds of taxpayer money abuse right here in little old Lake County. Actually these are networks of anonymous bloggers and websites all over the country that expose taxpayer money abuses in all categories. It’s just that right here in Lake County we do in fact have a very organized culture of corruption. As for Ms. Bainter we feel sure she won’t lie to you and will in fact name those co-conspirators for you in great detail.

    You see it’s really sad when folks get so deeply emotionally involved in issues they can no longer see the forest for the trees. But even sadder is the fact that people like you goes out and run your mouth and fingers about things of which you know absolutely nothing. Then when the education is made available to you don’t even have sense enough to absorb it. All you want to do is attack the messenger.

    The establishment long ago tried to attack those pesky bloggers using all their professionals not just their liquor salesman. They used the lies of the Tavares bobbsy twins Ralph and Vance and then for good measure the had on sue your own employer and then try to get a city job Randy Wiseman to attack those pesky anonymous bloggers. Soon the bloggers had dubbed them the three Wiseman.

    Here is the way this works; pesky anonymous bloggers are actually hundreds of people who volunteer their time, information and expertise to address issues that are important to the survival of our society. In this area they actually string from Washington DC all the way to south Florida. They have the ability to research facts and share those facts with each other and they even write and share blogs on important issues with each other; hence those pesky bloggers!
    Pesky bloggers are not politicians; they have sense enough to know that politics is not the solution to our problems; politics like the love of money is the actually the root cause of our problems! Many anonymous pesky bloggers are former state and local lawmakers; one is actually a former honest congressman; several are attorneys as law! They have “Get out there, run for office, walk precincts for the candidate they supported, made phone calls, join political groups.” You know what they witnessed? They saw local REC’s (Republican Executive Committee’s) for people like you who don’t know what that stands for; infiltrated and overtaken by powerful, illegal and conniving methods of control. They saw absentee ballots illegally ordered, they saw Jeb Bush stop the witness requirement on absentee ballots; in the 2008 primary election in Lake County, Fl. they witnessed two elected officials in and out the elections networking room with their Jeb Bush/ Tom Feeney vote fixing “chip” attachments! Then the next day they found out 9,000 of the 17,000 absentee ballots requested were never returned!
    So, the anonymous pesky bloggers decided they would “make a change, just do something.” Something new and exciting. They would use their new found resources “social media” to share the truth unfiltered by the communist media controllers. They decided they would spend their money, time and energy educating those who do have the time and resources to uncover all the schemes and corruption beginning right at the own little hometown government!
    It has been a very rewarding venture. Remember the pesky bloggers told the world about the pink slime picked up off the floor doctored up and put in our ground beef!

    There is an old saying that goes “it is better for one to remain silent and be though a fool than to open their mouth and remove all doubt.”

    So be it for those who attack anonymous pesky bloggers for you see with them you can only attack the message and not the messenger. That is why clones (little worms who actually work for the destruction of the good of all people on behalf of the communist and others) like you insist on developing means to attack anonymous bloggers because they have the documented facts about which they speak and you do not have any ammunition with which to attack those facts!

  13. Hay folks, here’s another disciple of of the RSOL. This is a huge period to the point I was making. This is another person who obviously believes that all those who run the county are crooks and charlatans. This individual gets this view point from reading the RSOL and listening to those malcontents who are chronically discontented and dissatisfied but will do nothing the change what they perceive as wrong other than post anonymous comments. Get out there, run for office, walk precincts for the candidate you support, make phone calls, join political groups, make a change, just do something.

  14. Richard Riker ~ If you think this blogger is simply writing negative things about Lake County for the fun of it you are full of it!

    Right now no legitimate company would even consider relocating a business to Lake County period! The last one that tried; a water bottler is still filing lawsuits against Havill and the clowns on the board of Lakes Culture of Corruption! They invited them to town behind closed doors and then started filing lawsuits to stop them from coming to Lake County! You were probably still selling and drinking liquor back then and not an expert on social issues like you are today!

    You are two issues deep. First and foremost the North Lake Hospital tax issue mostly because Marilyn Bainter dared to speak and give you the time of day. Something most liquor store employees never get let alone one ounce of respect from decent folks!

    Your other issue on which you claim to be an expert is all things Lake County Schools including the exact locations of the new ones built by CPPI.

    If you think what few issues the RSOL has time to expose on this blog is hurting the economy of Lake County you are badly mistaken.

    The organized criminal element which runs all things Lake County is hurting the Lake County economy. For instance since you are so intelligent why does CPPI build all of our new government buildings without any real bidding process? We still don’t know the square footage cost of the courthouse expansion under construction and now CPPI has started the $8.6 million EOC the same one they built for Flagler County for less that $3 million.

    Why is Sheriff Borders 2012 budget $65 million instead of the $55 million he tells everyone it is? Why is the LCBCC funding vehicles, paying college tuition for sheriff’s employees and other expenses for the sheriff above and beyond and around even that $65 million he lies about? Why does the sheriff even need a budget if the BCC is going to pay so many of his bills?

    How can it be possible Lake County Tax Collector Bob McKee, the man you wrote a check to on January 4, 2012 in the amount of $725.94 has used at least four different dates of birth on government applications and documents right here in Central Florida and the fact is the citizens and voters of Lake County have no way of knowing who this man really; but that don’t bother you, you’re worried about a few dollars going to the hospital elite when Bob McKee and his friends and crones have been stealing Lake County bone dry since the early 2000’s! All this time they are planning a new country in the Caribbean called New Utopia and McKee’s step-son Damon Bentley and his friends are major investment opportunity channels for this new country!

    Yep! The same man you wrote your tax check too and we don’t even know who he really is!

    Why do they do this and how do they get away with doing this? Because they know Lake County is loaded with nutz like you that will turn their heads on the real issues of their corruption and scream and holler over something insignificant while all the while they are stealing us blind, that’s why!

  15. What ever made you think this guy is a conservative? The conservatives surely don’t want to be associated with him. Most of the residence of Lake County don’t want any association with him. Read his blog and you’ll see why. He never posts anything positive about the county, all he does is employ his spin to belittle leaders of the county and the county itself. If you were considering moving your company to Lake and read this blog with all it’s criticisms(most of which are nothing but spin) would you still be inclined to move here? I doubt it. The real shame is this blogger doesn’t see it that way, or doesn’t want to because the blog stroke his ego. He doesn’t even understand how much he’s hurting Lake, especially in these hard economic times.

  16. Name says:

    I won’t comment on the political aspect of this post or any others , however towards the Blogger who writes the post on here and his character, I will say you have him all wrong. I might be a liberal but he is surely one of the best conservative people I have had the fortunate chance to meet.

  17. Just a second, just a second, I want to respond to this article but I want to stop laughing first. Spin, spin , spin ,spin , spin, that’s the only thing this blogger knows how to do.
    There, that’s better, now let’s take the RSOL article one points at a time and put each into proper perspective without this spin masters spin:

    Mrs.Bainter – “I served as a volunteer on his campaign in 2010.”

    So what, many people work for a candidate to get them elected(except for the writer of this blog). Why? Because they feel the candidate they are working for will do the best job representing them in congress by passing laws that are beneficial to the area represented. No Sunshine Laws broken, Rep. Metz was only a candidate.

    Mrs.Bainter – “On 1-19-2010 I met Lance, Rep. Metz aide, to provide material from the district lawsuit to copy.”

    The only thing that can be said about this meeting 9 months before he was elected is “SO WHAT”? The writer of this blog seems to want to sit home writing the tripe he prints instead of getting out and meeting people who could change things, in this case a tax that is illegal, unfair, and only helps to fill the pockets of the Private Tax Exempt Corporations(aka LRMC and Waterman) at the expense of Lake taxpayers. Again no violation of the Sunshine Law.

    Mrs. Bainter – “I attended a fundraiser for Rep. Metz, as a campaign volunteer on 9-29-2011.”

    Let me explain something to the writer of this blog, are you listening? When you contribute money to a candidate you contribute the the candidate you support not to the one you don’t support. There, for your benefit I explained it in the simplest way I know how. Again no Sunshine Law broken.

    Mrs. Bainter – “I attended a group (10 to 12 persons) session in Rep. Metz office on 10-25-2011 to receive briefing on his health care bill.”

    Again, “SO WHAT?”. “ Mysterious group”, oh please. I bet you never even asked or tried to find out the names of the other people, if you did, the attempt was very inept. The names of the other people are not secret. Hay but look, again No Sunshine Laws were broken(notice this is getting repetitive).

    Mrs.Bainter:  “I have provided 3 copies of emails sent to Rep. Metz that I never received an answer to, nor expected to in two cases.” 
    Our Response:  This gets very dicey for Bainter because we have uncovered discrepancies in email communications between Metz and Bainter.  We plan to expose this later.
    If what you promise is no better than this column don’t waist your time.

    Like most of his other blogs the writer is coming to conclusions that have no basis of fact. His claims of damning evidence of wrong doing are in truth manufactured opinions which are long on rhetoric and very short on supporting evidence.

    If you want something real to investigate why not investigate the campaign fund raiser for Alan Hayes sponsored by Ro-Mac and North Lake Hospital District Board Member Roger Buyers. Oh wait, you won’t do that because that’s the company for which you work. Wow, just think, maybe someone should be or is investigating you, now that’s something to consider.

    Anyone notice how the cost for the Private Tax Exempt Corporation has gone up from $500,000 to $600,000? By the next article it’s going to be $700,000, wait and see. Remember it was your money they used not their own. In conclusion, I like to point out that these Private Tax Exempt Corporations want your tax dollars out of greed not need.

  18. Name says:

    I feel that poor and indigent people get enough assistance through the government. I recently had a baby without insurance and was denied any type of assistance because, and I quote, “you and your husband both have a job”. No one took into consideration the fact that we both work, but we also pay for our own place to live, our own food to put on the table, child support for my husband’s son, a car payment to be able to drive ourselves to work, gas to make our car go…need I go on?

    What about all the money the hospital spends on paying it’s higher-ups? I’m sure they aren’t suffering when the cash-strapped hospitals lose out on their $11 million. Show me where they have taken a pay cut and I’ll pony up some more change towards my taxes!

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