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Bainter Makes Metz a Political Clown

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Bainter Makes Metz a Political Clown

Bainter Files New Lawsuit against Metz Legislation

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On March 29, 2012, North Lake Hospital District member, Marilyn Bainter, and her husband, Stan, filed a lawsuit against the new law recently passed by the Florida legislature mandating a November 2016 citizen referendum vote to determine if the North Lake Hospital Taxing District could continue to assess a 1 mil ad valorem tax to pay for indigent hospital care in Lake County.  In 2010, Bainter and her husband filed a similar lawsuit against the hospital taxing district, which was legally unsuccessful, as Judge G. Richard Singletary ruled that the hospital tax was constitutional.  The hospital and district representatives have indicated that the Bainters’ first lawsuit cost more than $500,000 to defend-money that is sorely needed by local hospitals for soaring indigent care needs.

In their new lawsuit, the Bainters contend they are being injured by an unconstitutional tax, which is allowed to stand until the November 2016 election.  They seek immediate relief to stop the North Lake Hospital District and the funding for indigent care provided by Leesburg Regional Medical Center, Florida Hospital Waterman and LifeStream Behavioral Center.  The Bainters also seek to strike down the new law’s limit to only allowing indigent care payments to the hospital.  Most importantly, in their lawsuit, the Bainters are asking Lake County taxpayers to pay them for filing the lawsuit. Yes, Marilyn and Stan Bainter filed a frivolous lawsuit and they want you to pay them and their lawyers for doing so.

Larry Metz a Political Clown

For the last year-and-a-half, Representative Larry Metz has pushed for the takeover and elimination of the North Lake Hospital District to appease his political friend, campaigner, and fundraiser-Marilyn Bainter.  In the last legislative session, Representative Metz jammed through new legislation (with the help of Governor Rick “Mr. Hospital Takeover” Scott), which dismantles the current North Lake Hospital Taxing District.  The new law gives the North Lake Hospital Taxing District members immediate authority to eliminate the funding and it requires a citizens’ vote for 2016.  Metz and Bainter won-they took a huge step in eliminating healthcare funding for the poor and indigent in Lake County.

After many laughable bill introductions, Representative Metz finally has a legislative victory to tout with his anti-hospital political friends; and, now, his partner in this crime against the poor has filed a lawsuit against Metz’s anti-hospital bill.  After all of the begging, political spit swapping and backstabbing Metz did to get his premier piece of legislation passed, Bainter filed a lawsuit against it because it is not good enough.  On top of that, Bainter wants the taxpayers to pay her the money back for filing the lawsuit.  Send in the Clowns, because Lake County has a new political clown-Representative Larry Metz.  Does he know how really ridiculous and callous this makes him look?

Short of euthanizing the poor, what does Bainter want?

The main selling point to the Lake County Legislative Delegation was it would settle the lawsuit against the North Lake Hospital District because Metz basically gave the Bainters everything they wanted.  However, something probably occurred to Mrs. Bainter-the only way she could stop funding immediately for children, the poor and elderly was to win at the ballot box.  Her track record hasn’t been too good at that.  Plus, don’t forget, she wants the taxpayers to pay her back for filing this frivolous lawsuit.  It’s all about the money.

Metz in Cahoots with Bainter

Through a public records request, Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. uncovered damning evidence that Representative Metz and NLHTD Board Member Marilyn Bainter have conspired all along on the lawsuit and new legislation.  The documents show a close relationship between the two, and it appears to us that Representative Metz must take responsibility for costing the hospitals, the hospital district, and Lake County taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Additionally, we have uncovered inconsistencies in our public records search, which indicate that Representative Metz tried to shield his activities with Bainter from Florida’s Sunshine Law.  It appears to us that Metz has abused his office to gain a political victory at any cost.

The moral high ground Metz tries to portray to voters is just a façade of a politician who is beholding to his anti-hospital group that has bought and paid for him.  What he has done in the back channels on this lawsuit and bill demonstrates to us an unethical behavior that would probably be punishable by law if it involved a company from the private sector receiving such preferential treatment.

In Thursday’s The Right Side of the Lake, we will begin to share the questionable behavior and conspiracy between Bainter and Representative Metz in trying to stop funding for the North Lake Hospital District.  We will detail in Marilyn Bainter’s own words how they conspired on the lawsuit and legislation.  You will begin to see how these two people are systematically trying to destroy Lake County’s hospital systems.

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2 Responses to “Bainter Makes Metz a Political Clown”

  1. Richard, you make a good point about all this spinning! Even bringing in the Al SharpDumb equation. For you see all the political spinners are getting just what they want. The RSOL no matter if they are the chicken or the hog in this breakfast has always been the spinners trying to save these millions in lottery winnings their hospital friends.

    All the while everyone does what everyone is doing’ Bainters filing suits; lawmakers making laws; RSOL wrtiting blogs; Richard Riker spouting all his know it all’s and such. But meanwhile back in Washintgon there looms the solution to all these hoptial taxing problems. It’s called ObamaCare. Obama met personally with 8 of the 9 Justices on the Supreme Court to tell them what they were going to think and say about his fake birth certificate and eligibility! So, is everyone dumb enough to think there is any possibility they will rule against ObamaCare?

    While everyone around here has Al SharpDumb stirring the races and trying to incite a race war and folks arguing and fighting over $2-5 bucks a month in illegal taxes that goes to these big hospitals; the federal fix is one that will solve all the problems for all of ya’ll.

    Ya’ll just keep on falling for that old divide and conquer while the master of deception takes over everything you think is important to your life! Hey, Mr. know everything Riker; did you know that in late 2011 George Soros acquired the controling interest in CVS Pharmacies? Did you also know that the breaking news stories about the DEA crackdown on Oxycodone at two CVS pharmacies in Sanford, Fl was immediately overturned by an appeal court in Washington, DC before the cases saw the light of day? Did you know the DEA went back and done the same thing alst wseek to Walgreens stores in the area? No federal appeals court decisionon those actions yet!

    Ya’ll just keep on arguing and fighting and fueding and spitting and spuddering and soon ya’ll will wake up one morning and George Soros and his goons will own all these local hospitals as well. Did you know beofre Michelle Obama was disbarred she was the official patient dumper at Chicago General. Take old people and match them witl old wheelchairs and dump them at public transportation terminals and depot’s.

    I think I will settle for an illegal tax before I will settle for an illegal takeover of all medical facilities and pharmacutical companies by the likes of George Soros and his cronies!

  2. Well, well, well, I see we have our own Lake County version of an “Al Sharpton” in the writer of this blog. Just like the other Al this blogger distorts the truth for his own gain. His building business has undoubtedly done big business with these local Private Tax Exempt Corporations(aka LRMC and Waterman) and not wanting to jeopardize any future business from these corporations he is willing to throw taxpayers of Lake County under the proverbial bus. Both his blog and writing are sophomoric and lack any intellectual credibility. What a hypocrite. As usual this blog is 99% spin, in this case it’s all about the money his company might loose in the future if he wrote an accurate story without spinning the facts to protect his cash cow the Private Tax Exempt Corporations.

    He’s learned his lessons well from his idol “Al”, for just like his idol he is long on rhetoric, short on facts, and totally devoid of truthful conclusions.:

    “Short of euthanizing the poor, what does Bainter want?
    ……she could stop funding immediately for children the poor and elderly…”

    Rhetoric like this is used for one reason and one reason only, to agitate and excite the readers to get them thinking with their emotions instead of their brains.

    “Metz did get his premier piece of legislation passed. Bainter filed a lawsuit against it because it is not good enough.”

    Really? As a pupil of Al Sharpton has he never instructed you to read before you write? No where does it state that the suit is against the Metz legislation. As can be expected of this blog, short on facts again.

    “Plus, don’t forget, she wants the taxpayers to pay her back for filing the frivolous lawsuit.”

    Where did this blogger ever come up with this conclusion? This is just one more example of his writing which comes up with conclusions that are devoid of truth.

    With writing that contains so much spin it’s no wonder this blog has become the joke of the county. With a blogger, who is a disciple of Al Sharpton, who’s looking out for himself first, never mind about any alleged concern for the taxpayers of Lake, there is no hope that this blog will ever amount to anything more than a rant for the uninformed.
    FYI, At one of the meetings an attorney for LRMC let it slip that the hospitals were fighting the law suit with Lake County taxpayers tax money, meaning the Private Tax Exempt Corporations weren’t out any of their own money. This just shows how disingenuous the Private Tax Exempt Corporations are that the RSOL is protecting .

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