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Captain Sandy Carpenter’s Closing Statement

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Captain Sandy Carpenter’s Closing Statement

Last week, Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. hosted an online forum for the two announced candidates running for Lake County Sheriff.  This week, each candidate will present their unedited closing statement, which they can use to refute remarks made by other candidates during the online forum or make their case for being elected.  Their closing statements have remained confidential, so not to give one candidate an advantage over another.  Today’s newsletter is devoted to the closing statement of Captain Sandy Carpenter.

Captain Sandy Carpenter’s Closing Statement

First I would like to thank The Right Side of the Lake and Citizens for Better Government for the opportunity to participate in this online forum. I would hope that most people take the opportunity to read through this forum and carefully consider where Lake County has been over the past few years with appointed and elected Sheriff’s. I’m doing this because I have a passion to serve others.

I have the satisfaction of knowing that I am currently doing something with my life that God put me here to do. If it is meant for me to be the Sheriff of Lake County, God will open that door and I will be in that position for many years to come. If it is not to be, then I know that God has other plans for my life. I have been lucky in my lifetime to face few losses other than losing my father when I was young and my brother who was a deputy and only lived to be 53 years old.

I am encouraged by the great folks I have met during this campaign. We have been blessed to feed over 500 children during the Christmas holidays and have helped many other families in their time of need. I think most people expect me to take this opportunity to throw dirt towards my opponent. That’s not me. I pride myself on being a good person and try to live by the rule of live and let live. I focus on living a positive lifestyle and trying to help as many people as I can during my lifetime. I married someone who shares that philosophy and has been taking care of Orlando’s homeless since the day I met her.

I am running for Sheriff because it fits my philosophy of living to help others. I won’t be retiring and moving away. I’ve invested in Lake County by purchasing land for my children so they can raise their children and our grandchildren in Lake County. I have built several homes in Lake County during my lifetime and have contributed over $45,000 of my families own money to move the historic Kearn house in South Lake County. I don’t just talk about being committed to the community; I am committed to the community. These events occurred when I was not running or considering running for public office. I’ve had a stake in Lake County most of my adult life.

As your Sheriff, I will not spend tax dollars on billboards, signage or trinkets to hand out at events that are emblazoned with my name all over them so you will remember who I am. If that billboard or other item doesn’t somehow equal personal security for you or your family, you won’t see it. You won’t see my name written all over patrol cars, every taxpayer owned facility in town, or taxpayer purchased items for community affairs. Your money will be spent directly on items and programs that provide a safer community for all of us to live in. Your money will be spent on employees who serve the community proudly. From the communications dispatcher to the corrections employees to the deputy on the street, your money will go to support the law enforcement personnel and programs that you pay for and deserve.

So please remember this August, you have an opportunity to elect a Sheriff that wants to serve you for the next 12 years of his life, someone who has a stake in this community with you.  I’ve dedicated my life to serving others. Remember my commitment and promises to each and every taxpayer in Lake County.

  1.    I will not purchase any vehicle that exceeds state bid unless it is used for surveillance or narcotics operations.
  2.    I will purchase as many items from local vendors as financially possible.  Keeping Lake County money in Lake County.
  3.   There will be a bidding process if you wish to serve the citizens of Lake County. There will be no special favors for someone who gave to my campaign.
  4.   I will not plaster my name all over every vehicle and building that belongs to you, the taxpayer. It is your property, not mine.
  5.  I will not allow my staff to operate any vehicle that does not fit their job description.
  6.  I will drive a marked vehicle like the ones driven by our deputies, so you will know where your Sheriff is in the community.
  7.  I will treat each and every employee of the Lake County Sheriff’s office as if they were a member of my family. In return, if you are a victim, I will insist that they treat you like you are a member of their family.
  8. When the community suffers a great loss, your Sheriff will be one of the first ones there and one of the last ones to leave.

Please join me in making Lake County the best it can be for our future.  I am asking for your vote on August 14, 2012, Sandy Carpenter, Republican for Sheriff of Lake County. 

Sandy Carpenter

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9 Responses to “Captain Sandy Carpenter’s Closing Statement”

  1. Can somone tell me why Borders has so many X’s still working around here? We can name every one of them and the last blogger named two; but there are a lot more. Normal people even the ones with alternative lifestyles; if you want to call them normal, usually only go through 1-3 partners in a lifetime. The only one that we know of that don’t work here is the one Borders was playing footsie with at the Paddock Mall one time while wearing the black leather pants; you know the one whose dad gets most of the jail bonding business all the rest we know of works right here, the courthouse or the road. Wonder what makes Scott Stone think he’s special? Wait until another really young one comes through the police school and Borders will drop him like a hot potato. Several of us remember the first time Borders met Stone at the school; it was love at first sight! Why can’t Borders just settle down and keep one? And the even bigger question is how can so many X’s work and survive around this place? They all know they have the upper hand on everything. They answer to no one, most come and go as they please. So, new ones are standing in line waiting for a chance at a personal relationshiip with the boss so they can hold it against him too? That makes for a very funky workplace for those of us working here for the good of the people and trying to do a good job for the people. As the previou blogger said Borders don’t give a flip about Lake County or it’s taxpayers he wastes millions and some even say millions are gone and unaccounted for in his budgets.

    The previous blogger is wrong about one thing. When Borders come to Florida in 1979-80 he worked for his 1/2 brother in the Stanley Steamer business in Sanford for a short time. You know running one of them big sucking machines. All that time he was traveling to Osceola County every weekend to “coach and handle the children” (his own words taken from his OCSO application) at the Osceola boys clubs, now known as the Central Florida Boys Clubs! He went to work at the Osceola County jail and continued his boys clubs events; married a woman with two little boys one of which he adopted and no one seems to know what happened to the other and younger one. With his friend Don Brown they opened the Green Isle Boys Ranch near Clermont in 1989. Borders was fired from the Osceola County jail and come to work here at the Lake jail that same year! He slowed his boys clubs attendance down and started to “coach and handle the children” “boys” at the Green Isle Ranch from 1989 until it was closed in March 2010 with the breaking news of the last five little boys rapes by an older boy at the ranch pictured smiling with Borders in the summer Islander 2009 ranch publication. Insiders say Borders covered up the rapes because the known suspect was a friend of his! What does this mean given Borders history? Nothing was ever done for the victims but at least the leaks brought the story of the mighmare of Borders Green Isle Boys playhouse to an end in that the ranch closed in 2010. If you know him; did you know that?

  2. what a hypocrite sheriff borders is. his new slogan ” save millions without compromising safety” what does he know about saving millions. he and obama have only known government jobs where they spend other peoples’ money. the only safety he is concerned with is the safekeeping of his job. he could care less about the citizens of lake county. i know him, he is a joke. the only people clinging to him are the ones he has bought and paid for. that includes preachers like mark douglas. another hypocrite. douglas turned against his own church so he could jump on the spend happy wagon of the borders/obama train.borders is pro-abortion, just ask the inmate he allowed to be let out of jail 5 months early so she could have an abortion. of course this was done because the family. big supporters of his, called him and demanded. he claimed to deny it at first, but then allowed his ex-boyfriend kevin lenhart to write a generic letter to judge briggs who in turn effected a release based on sly words from lenhart and mass. i dont think judge briggs realized what he was signing onto. why dont you tell the people why lee piper was fired from sumter county. he was fired for bonding out his gay lover. not fired for being gay, but fired for being involved with a known criminal. did you feel sorry for him when you used to meet him way out in the country. in the little town of linden. did you not think ppeople would know.

  3. One simple thing to remember … If he is elected he will bring his own den of snakes with him … a den of snakes that will put us back 10 yrs in progress … not sure we want that

  4. First off; if he does at least they will be straight and not gay! Being the “most” gay friendly law enforcement agency in the southeast has got us just a little overbalance on diversity!
    Just who is running for sheriff anyway? Gary Borders of the employee’s of the sheriff’s office? From his openly gay representation at the opening day of the Lake Fair he was represented by recently come out of the closet and now admittedly ******** and his former fiancée and now openly lesbian School Resource Deputy *********!

    I guess you mean OLD SCHOOL will put us back 10 yrs in progress. That might not be a bad thing 10 years ago this was a good place to work! Ten years ago this was the most professional and the best disaster prepared agency in the southeast. Little old Lake County even loaned the City of New York communications devices for the 911 disaster. Where do you think those choppers come from? Gary Borders air force brigade. Where did Gary get all of that? I can tell you where he got it! It was obtained not by millions of FREE FEDERAL GRANT MONEY with strings attached it was obtained by an administration with the future of Lake County and the present ability of the taxpayers to provide in mind!

    Don’t know who “WE” are but, Probably you speak of the gay brigade, you know the segment of this agency that is like the tail wagging the dog; I’d say if Carpenter is elected and you come to work and do your job professionally and stay in your zones and stop wolf packing to calls and coming to work just so the whole shift can go to breakfast and act like fools in public and refuse to answer the calls (that the public overhears) they receive while at breakfast; even for backup of other deputies , and really learn the true definition of PROFESSIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS even an old school lawman would keep them on, he will need good deputies!

    And by the way those fake Vincennes and Columbia degree’s that jailhouse professor Scott Kirkland got Borders and the rest on the taxpayer’s dollars does not a PROFESSIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER make!

  5. Name says:

    One simple thing to remember … If he is elected he will bring his own den of snakes with him … a den of snakes that will put us back 10 yrs in progress … not sure we want that

  6. Anonymous says:

    Very well spoken. I have met Captain Carpenter and find him to be a sincere and honest person. He is concerned about the position of the Sheriffs Office, but more importantly he is concerned about every citizen residing in Lake County. I found his honesty and truthfulness a breath of fresh air. I like the fact that he professes his christian faith which weighs heavily in my evaluation. He has the knowledge, experience, and vision that guarantees he will get mine and my families vote this election. God bless Captain Carpenter and his family because I am sure this will be an ugly election year.

  7. Like says:

    The story of Daniel. Thanks. He’s got my vote, too.

  8. Mr. Carpenter we know full well that you are a good person. Your remarks “ I think most people expect me to take this opportunity to throw dirt towards my opponent. That’s not me. I pride myself on being a good person and try to live by the rule of live and let live. I focus on living a positive lifestyle and trying to help as many people as I can during my lifetime.” IS A VERY HONORABLE STATEMENT. The sad truth here in Lake County is GOOD PEOPLE FINISH LAST!

    The problem the real people of Lake County have is they do not get that warm and fuzzy feeling that you really know what you are getting in to! Some even believe that you are connected to Lakes Culture of Corruption with mutual friends of Bob McKee such as Hope Lamb, Sean Parks and more especially your old friend from Pine Hills; Ralph Smith. WE HOPE NOT!
    What you may not know is you are not just running for sheriff this time; you are running against the entire Lake County government culture of corruption!

    The Story of Daniel in the Den of Lions come to mind when one thinks about good people attempting to pierce the veil of the dirty little secrets of Lake County Government-
    The ancient Middle East was the story of one empire rising, falling, and being replaced by another. In 605 B.C., the Babylonians conquered Israel, taking many of its promising young men into captivity in Babylon. One of those men was Daniel.

    When the lions’ den event occurred, Daniel was in his 80s. Through a life of hard work and obedience to God, he had risen through the political ranks as an administrator of this pagan kingdom. In fact, Daniel was so honest and hardworking that the other government officials–who were jealous of him–could find nothing to remove him from office. So they tried to use Daniel’s faith in God against him.

    They tricked King Darius into passing a decree that during a 30-day period, anyone who prayed to another god or man besides the king would be thrown into the lions’ den. Daniel learned of the decree but did not change his habit. Just as he had done all his life, he went home, knelt down, faced Jerusalem, and prayed to God. The wicked administrators caught him and told the king. King Darius, who loved Daniel, tried to save him, but the decree could not be revoked.

    At sundown, they threw Daniel into the den of lions. The king could not eat or sleep all night. At dawn he ran to the lions’ den and asked Daniel if his God had protected him. Daniel replied,
    “My God sent his angel and he shut the mouths of the lions. They have not hurt me, because I was found innocent in his sight. Nor have I ever done any wrong before you, O king.” (Daniel 6:22, NIV)

    Scripture says the king was overjoyed. Daniel was brought out, unharmed, “…because he had trusted in his God.” (Daniel 6:23, NIV)

    King Darius had the men arrested who falsely accused Daniel, and along with their wives and children, they were all thrown into the lions’ den, where they were immediately killed by the beasts.

    Then the king issued another decree, ordering the people to fear and reverence the God of Daniel. Daniel prospered under the reign of Darius and King Cyrus the Persian after him.
    “King Darius had the men arrested who falsely accused Daniel.”

    If as you say “it is meant for me to be the Sheriff of Lake County, God will open that door and I will be in that position for many years to come. If it is not to be, then I know that God has other plans for my life.” If indeed God chooses for you to be the Sheriff of Lake County who then will be your “King Darius”? You will surely need protection from the lions and the serpents!

    You can “live by the rule of live and let live” all you want too; but the fact remains that you have chosen to run against a prince of satan who has the full backing of an army of satan aka Lake County’s corrupt political establishment. Like many of those who put their heads on the chopping block and got it cut off to run for the GOP presidential nomination “they” consider that an act of war!

    When you ran for sheriff of Lake County in 2004 Lake’s culture of corruption was still beaming from their victory at taking down and destroying a basically honest sheriff that refused to turn his head on or be a part of their corrupt schemes! Lakes corruption was in neutral awaiting someone they could control to re-ignite their schemes.

    Those plans eventually went awry – but in the end “they” got exactly what they wanted all along. A moral degenerate, ethically challenged person; who can not pass a background check to work at a child day care center!

    And, the one thing you can take to the bank is “they” are going to do everything in their power to keep their prince of satan on his throne. Why? Because for the prince of satan to lose and an honest sheriff to take over all those little secrets about all those little schemes and all those missing millions of dollars over the years just might come spilling out and a whole bunch of people could lose their protection and stand to go straight to jail and let’s not forget when convicted of a felony lose that precious big pension they live for!

    So, if you are elected and it is by the grace of God; we pray God will protect you like he did Daniel in the lions den – We further pray that like Daniel you will stand your ground in the face of these lions (some locals who have to work around them call them snakes) Since in 2012 everything is really 180 degrees (exactly backwards) to what they tell you please double check and re-check everything you see; hear or read. The lions and snakes are really good at taking their lies and telling them over and over and over until they believe them themselves!

    God Bless Lake County and the USA!

    And don’t forget to bless the criminals working for (against –remember 180 degrees) us in Tallahassee!

  9. He’s got my vote.

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