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Sheriff Gary Borders’ Closing Statement

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Sheriff Gary Borders’ Closing Statement

Last week, Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. hosted an online forum for the two announced candidates running for Lake County Sheriff.  This week, each candidate will present their unedited closing statement, which they can use to refute remarks made by other candidates during the online forum or make their case for being elected.  Their closing statements have remained confidential, so not to give one candidate an advantage over another.  Today’s newsletter is devoted to the closing statement of Sheriff Gary Borders.

Sheriff Borders’ Closing Statement

Dear Lake County Citizens,

I want to thank you for allowing me to serve as your Sheriff. I am honored to work for you and I take the responsibility of keeping you safe very seriously. I am also honored to represent over 700 of the finest men and women that anyone could hope for. These dedicated men and women do a tremendous job to insure that you and your loved ones are protected.

From the time I took office, I let it be known that this is YOUR Sheriff’s Office, and that I was fully committed to improving the quality of life in this county so that people will want to live, work, and visit here.  As evidence of my ability to fulfill such a commitment, I would like to point to just a few of our greatest accomplishments achieved thus far during my tenure as sheriff:   

  • We created and implemented a Street Crimes Unit, which has been very successful at targeting hot spots and problematic areas to reduce crime county-wide.  
  • The agency obtained its first-ever law enforcement accreditation from the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation in 2007, and passed its first reaccreditation in 2010. 
  • The agency maintained its corrections accreditation through the Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission by successfully passing three-year reaccreditations in 2009 and again in February of this year.
  • We created and implemented the agency’s first-ever Cyber Crimes Unit to aggressively seek out and apprehend those predators searching for sexual activity with children over the internet.  For example, this unit conducted a highly-successful sting operation in the summer of 2011 during which 32 sex predators were apprehended in five days.
  • Our vice unit gained state-wide attention when it led the state in 2010 in the number of meth labs that were located and dismantled.  The unit continues to aggressively and proactively seek out and dismantle these highly-combustible labs in our community as they pose a very significant threat to our citizens. 

Also, our agency conducted the largest drug warrants sweep in Lake County history in late 2011 when 111 dangerous drug dealers were taken off our streets following a year-long investigation to identify and locate those responsible for littering our communities with illegal drugs. 

In addition, we have taken an aggressive and proactive stance against the prescription pill epidemic by arresting those who distribute them on our streets.  We have also partnered with the Safe Climate Coalition of Lake County to collect unused medications in our lobbies through the organization’s prescription lock box program.

  • We opened a new district office in South Lake County to better serve the citizens in that area.
  • Our grants coordinator has obtained approximately $2.25 million in grant funding since 2007.
  • We increased our Crime Watch program to a record number of citizens (approximately 650) in an effort to reduce crime county-wide.
  • We have partnered with the County Commissioners and established a liaison to promote ongoing communications so that we can work closely together during the budgetary process. 

As one can see, we have accomplished a great deal together and are very in tune to the needs of this community. Such accomplishments were made possible through a strong partnership with the community we serve and by relying upon caring and concerned citizens to help us in this endeavor by getting involved.   

Managing a law enforcement agency with over 700 employees is no easy task, especially during a dismal economy.  We have faced budget cuts that are not unique to Lake County and as we look forward, more tough economic times are looming on the horizon and additional cuts will have to be made.  With my experience and proven leadership abilities, as evidenced by the accomplishments outlined above, we have what it takes to successfully get through these lean times and continue delivering quality law enforcement services to our citizens.  As a matter of fact, we recently cut $3.5 million off the current year’s budget and did so without sacrificing those services.  

We must also consider the role that public safety plays in improving our economy.  It is my belief that in order to improve the local economy, we must strengthen our tax base by attracting new residents and business owners.  This can only be accomplished when people feel confident that public safety is a priority in Lake County.  Public safety and the safety of all law enforcement officers are both, without a doubt, at the very top on my list of priorities.        

As your sheriff, it is my desire to continue working with you and leading the dedicated men and women of this agency to provide the level of law enforcement services you have grown accustomed to.  By working together as we have in the past, we can continue to enjoy the quality of life Lake County has to offer.      

Again, this is your Sheriff’s Office and I have been extremely honored to serve you for the last 23 years.  Lake County is a beautiful and safe place to live, work, and visit and you have my continued, unwavering commitment to keeping it that way!

Thank you,

Gary Borders

Sheriff of Lake County

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9 Responses to “Sheriff Gary Borders’ Closing Statement”

  1. This is additional pay above and beyond the regular pay these employee’s received for working. This is no union workplace and in fact I believe if one bothered to check the Florida statutes covering these practices it may actually be illegal for a sheriff to pay anyone bonus’ period!

  2. I just wonder what else he has gifted away with our money over these five years! I see no transparency with this guy only things that are secret or top secret. I smell a dead rat here and that means the whole corn crib has been contaminated for me. I don’t know the other guy but I will vote for him just to give him a chance to change out the stinking rats I can smell.

  3. From: Wise, Lewie
    Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 2010 10:58 AM
    To: everyone@lcso.org
    Subject: Holiday Gift

    To All Shift Employees who are required to work either Christmas Day or New Year’s Day:

    As a holiday gift, Sheriff Borders has decided to compensate all shift employees who are required to work either Christmas Day or New Year’s Day. Each of you will receive one day of Administrative Pay for the holiday you are required to work. For example, if you work a 12 hour shift on Christmas Day, you will receive an additional 12 hours of Straight Time as Administrative Pay. The same circumstances hold for working on New Year’s Day.

    For your time sheets, please submit a leave request with the number of Administrative Hours to be reimbursed noted. Your supervisor will sign off and complete the time sheets appropriately for computation of the bonus to be added to your paycheck. For all supervisors, please ensure these hours are reported separately on the time sheets so the Finance Department may process payroll accurately.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at x9539 – and Merry Christmas from Sheriff Borders to you all.

    Lewie Wise, CPA
    Senior Director – Finance and Human Resources
    Lake County Sheriff’s Office

    Under Florida Law, e-mail addresses and the contents of the e-mail are public
    records. If you do not want your e-mail address or the contents of the e-mail
    released in response to a public records request, do not send e-mail to this
    entity. This e-mail and any files transmitted with it are confidential and
    intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to which they are

  4. Correction on “Working closely during the budgetary process” Should have read (he had already agreed on “10/26/2010” to give up over $400 thousand annually for vehicle purchases to get the money to go with the CAD GRANT)

  5. Oh well says:

    He’s a creep. Period.

  6. Excerpts from Borders statement include “Managing a law enforcement agency with over 700 employees is no easy task, We have faced budget cuts; As a matter of fact, we recently cut $3.5 million off the current year’s budget and did so without sacrificing those services”

    He is of course speaking to the 2011-2012 present budget year where in reality he cut the budget just over the $2 MILLION dollars he no longer needed to send to Tallahassee for the employee 3% retirement fund contribution. The contribution employee’s now have to pay in payroll deductions. In some cases he gave close friends raises to offset this decrease in take home pay!

    It’s interesting in an election year he makes out like he has cut the budget as requested by the Lake Board of County Commissioners. This present budget year they wanted him to cut off $5 MILLION’ he actually cut almost nothing except the no longer needed retirement money!
    (he had already agreed on 10/26/2012 to give up over $400 thousand annually for vehicle purchases to get the money to go with the CAD GRANT)

    In the 2010-2011 Budget year Gary Borders GOONS were out threatening people and strong arming everyone to block the boards request for a $3 MILLION budget cut! Below is the email circulated from the taxpayers email system by Lt. David Pelton on behalf of Sheriff Borders

    This does not have an aire of an agency run by someone who gives a HOOT about the taxpayers dollars or anything else and wants everything for themselves period!

    Notice according to this email it was sent by Lt. Pelton on behalf of GARY S. BORDERS, SHERIFF! SO, HOW CAN BORDERS NOW SAY THEY “promote ongoing communications so that we can work closely together during the budgetary process.”


    The “@” in these email addresses has been edited so as to not make a direct connect email address. these rest o fthis email is as it was forwarded around for supporters!

    From: David.Peltonatlcso.org
    Sent: 5/17/2010 11:38:01 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time

    Please forwarded this to everyone in your group.


    I am forwarding important information to you regarding requested cuts to the budget of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. The members of the Board of County Commissioners have requested that Sheriff Borders cut the agency budget by $3,000,000 dollars. This will result in a reduction of pay or quite possibly some may lose their jobs.
    Now is the time – Those who support the Lake County Sheriff’s Office must show the Lake County Board of County Commissioners our size, strength and unity. Please join us in flooding them with thousands of professional and polite phone calls and emails opposing cuts to the Sheriff’s Office Budget.

    In a show of unity, we need all of you to blitz the commissioners with phone calls and emails with this simple message:I support a Lake County Deputy Sheriff/Detention Deputy who has risked his/her life protecting Lake County citizens from the worst in our society. Now, I need you to protect them. Deputies earn their pay everyday by putting their lives on the line for us. When they walk out their doors to go to work it might be the last time they see their families. It is an insult to even consider asking them to do it for less. They have earned their benefits and salaries the hard way through years of sacrifice by them and their families. Please don’t destroy their ability to provide for their families by cutting the salaries that they have worked so long and hard to earn. I most definitely do not want any employee to lose their job. As a citizen of Lake County, I do not want a reduction in public safety and as an elected representative of the community it’s your responsibility to ensure that this does not happen. Thank you for supporting the employees of the Sheriff’s Office that serve and protect all of us – everyday.

    (Copy and paste the above message and sent it via the e-mail links below)
    Please pass this on: Please send this to everyone that you know that lives in Lake County!

    The Lake County Board of County Commissioners
    315 West Main Street
    Post Office Box 7800
    Tavares, Fl. 32778
    Phone: 352-343-9850
    Fax: 352-343-9495
    District #1 Jennifer Hill:
    E-Mail mailto:jhillatlakecountyfl.gov

    District #2 Elaine Renick
    E-Mail mailto:erenickatlakecountyfl.gov

    District #3 Jimmy Conner
    E-Mail mailto:jconneratlakecountyfl.gov

    District #4 Linda Stewart
    E-Mail lstewart@lakecountyfl.gov

    District #5 Welton Cadwell
    E-Mail mailto:wcadwellatlakecountyfl.gov

    Lt. David Pelton
    Road Patrol
    Administrative Lieutenant
    Lake County Sheriff’s Office
    360 W. Ruby St.
    Tavares, Fl 32778
    Gary S. Borders, Sheriff
    Office 352-343-9481
    Cell 352-267-5254


  7. From what I am reading on the internet about Gary Borders and it has documented back up to prove it is a fact. he is not qualified to be a baby sitter especially for little boys. And it looks like him and his friends like Ralph Smith need to do a lot more praying and stop making fun with the Bible and God Almighty. John Lennon made fun of God Almighty and you see what that got him.

  8. Don’t folks with brains wonder how people like Borders and Ralph Smith can just totally ignore the facts of the five little raped boys at Borders Green Isle Ranch begging for help 2-3 months after they reported Borders friend had brutally raped them over and over and Borders was doing nothing to help them.

    Decent people don’t even lockup animals and allow them to get abused without giving them care or taking them to the animal doctor!

    Gary Borders just totally ignores the Green Isle Boys raped by his friend Tyler Jackson! He may not think little boys being raped with drumb sticks stuck up their butts and urine and semen slung in their faces is a crime. Maybe he was raised in a life of sexual abuse as a child. Perhaps that;s the reason he apparently does not now right from wrong nor truths from lies.

    For sure he is totally devoid of any of the moral, honest and ethical atributes necessary to be allowed around young people and especially males!

    For those who believe this is about politics just let your young son send the weekend with sheriff Borders; but don’t to put a wire on him so you can record the activity!

    Funny how many Lake County people, including Ralph Smith, claim to support Gary Borders while admitting they know what he is. The reason they support him is because of the money they can get from him or the little drug deals and such they can do and get away with. Borders talks about the drug safes in his offices while some of his friends are saying thats nothing more than collection sites for their runners to run that stuff up the I-95 Corridor! Some of those drugs just might be marked who knows!

    Then if they do get caught Chris Belton will just spend the afternoon with Borders and find out who ratted them out. This is dangerous for a so called lawman to be ratting out the rats! One of these days it could lead to someone taking revenge on (rats) confidential informants; and when traced back to the sheriff who ratted them out we are looking a big fat lawsuit settlement.

    So much for that professional lawman! the one who has never made an arrest in his life unless he read a warrant to a convict already in his jail.

    The smoke is gone now and we can see clearly all the things you have done and are doing in the mirrors!

  9. Hey Gary Borders, the needle is stuck on your record! You keep playing the same old song over and over and the people can see the lies in your face. The people want you to stop the lying and covering up the crimes for your friends! If you want to get out in public and read the bible why didn’t you give us some prior notice? The Green Isle Boys Ranch rape victims and their families would love to attend. I’m sure they would join you in prayer in asking the Lord to forgive you and Ralph Smith for failing to come to their aid when they were raped repeatedly month after month by your friend Tyler Anthony Jackson. Maybe even Reverend Washburn would like to come and pray for you about what you done to his son!

    Just yesterday on April 2nd you and some of your friends set up an impromptu Bible reading on county property. By 11:13 AM it was breaking news on the out of town bankrupt rag! The ole hag columnist did not have her name on it but how else did it hit braking news so fast? Then today the local mullet wrapper give you, Herrell and Ralph some more great coverage!
    “The sheriff said he relies on reading his Bible daily in preparation for each workday.” And I suppose this is every morning after you get home on North Dixie Av in Howey; shower and change clothes after spending the night at 23211 USDA Rd with your significant other Corporal Scott Stone ; begging the Lord for forgiveness for your night of sin?

    You might fool some people and especially those like Ralph Smith with whom you share some gravy but, you do not fool the real Christian Conservative people of Lake County. Why do you break bread with John Morgan – Chief Obama Supporter?

    The most important one you can not fool is God Almighty! Ralph Smith, John Herrell and the Liberty Baptist Church preacher pulled off this little scam to get you some attention and try to make the public believe you are something you are not.

    Christianity condemns blasphemy. It is spoken of in Mark 3:29, where blaspheming the Holy Spirit is spoken of as unforgivable—the eternal sin. However, there is dispute over what form this blasphemy may take and whether it qualifies as blasphemy in the conventional sense.
    Blasphemy has been condemned as a serious, or even the most serious, sin by the major creeds and Church theologians.

    Thomas Aquinas says that “it is clear that blasphemy, which is a sin committed directly against God, is more grave than murder, which is a sin against one’s neighbor. … it is called the most grievous sin, for as much as it makes every sin more grievous.”

    The Book of Concord calls blasphemy “the greatest sin that can be outwardly committed”.
    The Baptist Confession of Faith says: “Therefore, to swear vainly or rashly by the glorious and awesome name of God…is sinful, and to be regarded with disgust and detestation. …For by rash, false, and vain oaths, the Lord is provoked and because of them this land mourns.”
    God Bless the little children for the likes of Gary Borders, Ralph Smith, John Herrell and their friends continue to make a mockery of their suffering at their very own hands! Remember the little children do become grown people – Gary you should know that every time you look at Jason and see the pain in his eyes!

    Is staging a Bible reading for the purpose of politics and the purpose of trying to divert the truth about ones lifestyle and history and even more particularly to try and convince people that you are above reproach and would not cover up the rapes of little boys – a false and vain oath before God!

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