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It’s On!

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For the last several months we’ve heard that Captain Sandy Carpenter was going to challenge Sheriff Gary Borders for his job and the announcement below makes it official.  Supporters of each candidate have expressed passionately why they believe their man is the best for the job and it appears that it is creating a real split in Lake County’s law enforcement community.  There is not much doubt this will be a bare knuckles bruising campaign and after tonight – It’s On!

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5 Responses to “It’s On!”

  1. The recent announcement of long time Lake County resident Sandy Carpenter of his intentions to once again seek the office of Sheriff of Lake County reminds us locally that the race is on. Mr. Carpenter was a candidate for sheriff in 2004 and then was only edged out of the republican nomination by former sheriff Chris Daniels by a measly 1400 votes. This was Lake County’s last honest election.

    Much like his former political opponent sheriff Daniels, Mr. Carpenter comes from old Lake County roots. He is not a transplant nor is he a cull from some other agency who winds up being hired without vetting and nurtured by a culture of corruption who can use him and his shortcomings for their benefits.

    It is easy to see, over 30 years ago, how a fine young man, especially one who lives in south Lake County which many old timers always though should have been given to Orange County anyway, would seek a career in law enforcement in a neighboring larger county. Likewise it is also easy to understand how that same person after witnessing the actions of modern law enforcement as Mr Carpenter did regarding the death of his cousin would take the stance, enough is enough and I am in a position to help bring this broken system back into reality and I stand ready to serve that cause.

    For those who have watched parents of failure as their children grow up without proper supervision and defy those parents in an escalating manner as they get older, it is easy to transfer that scenario to our very own Lake County government. By circumstance and happenstance Lake County government has become that spoiled child that has now reached maturity. Like the neighbors kids the parents never said no too, Lake County government wants everything and they want it right now.

    While Lake County taxpayers and voters were busy earning a living, we left “our child” the Lake County government at the “sitters.” When we got home at night we were just to tired and busy to question “our child” as too who was visiting them and tutoring them at the sitters. We had no ability to take off work regularly and attend the meetings of “our child.” Don’t think the sitters didn’t know that!

    Soon “our child” was grown and took on a personality of their own. Our child was keeping company with all the wrong people. The faces of some our “our child” began to look like those hanging on the wall of the post office. Perhaps if we’d taken the time to double check would have found a few of “our child’s” faces there. Just like that spoiled kid next door wound up with his picture on the post office wall, now it’s our child’s picture hanging on the post office wall.
    How do we get Lake County governments “wanted” picture off the post office wall? There is only one way. We have to stand together to rid the county of the criminals that have infiltrated Lake County government. Everyone who has been listening and watching for the last few years has a list of Lake County’s most wanted public servants. For those with a short memory or who prefer to ignore things and hope they go away, we can start with “the sheriff” and work our way through the system.

    The good, honest, moral people of Lake County are standing together and gaining in numbers and strength everyday. Thank You Mr. Carpenter. Please put your resume out there for all to see. Don’t worry about college degree’s and such , Borders didn’t have any 4 years ago either. Now he has both a 2 and 4 year degree. He got his from his jail professor Scott Kirkland, he didn’t really earn them. Then he promoted Kirkland to a real road deputy. We the taxpayers paid for it all.

    If the people of Lake County take a little look see into these organized criminals that have infiltrated “our child” it will demand not only a total house cleaning but handcuffs for their criminal actions.

  2. Nicely parlayed facts on the Bob McKee EOC project and the newest employee of the Lake County Tax Collector; the Orlando Sentinel. Looks like McKee made a call to the Chicago owner of the Sentinel. Nicely played Albert.

    There are a few key facts and comparisons left out from your informative article. So if you please, allow me to provide you with a few more details on the McKee – CPPI Project.

    Not that long ago in the height of the building boom in 2006, PPI constructed Flagler Co. a new EOC building. This occurred when materials and labor where at an all time high. The inside deal cut between the management of PPI and Flagler officials spared nothing. From beds to plasma TV’s, the pleasures presented within the building design were top notch all the way. The new building even included a centralized 911 call center for the Sheriff‘s Office, just like your Bob McKee model. The similarities between the Flagler EOC and the Lake EOC are strikingly close, right down to the square footage.

    Although McKee’s model is 28,000 square feet, that’s only an additional 2,000 sq. feet more than ours here in Flagler. Putting 2,000 square feet into perspective is like visualizing 10 parking spots. Not much difference at all. Here is where my point is to be made.

    Our Flagler EOC / 911 call center built in 2006 with 26,000 square feet of floor area cost Flagler tax payers a whooping $ 3,500,000 dollars. That was accomplished during the highest priced building boom in the history of the United States. In comparison, your Bob McKee model EOC has a cost factor of 9 MILLION dollars during a depression and prices have plummeted. I’ll bet you that McKee and Dom will reach 10.5 MILLION on this project.

    3 TIMES MORE than ours in 2006!

    There is another factor to consider. We are on the coast and Lake is not. Why is a push for a 160 mph wind load being made for Lake? Flagler’s EOC is at 140 mph. If you check the inside deals between McKee and Dom (Domenic Scorpio), you’ll get your answer. It is well known over here that Lake is the center of organized crime and it all begins and ends on Bob McKee Boulevard. Between Mickey Mouse to the south and the Villages to the north, stands the Godfather McKee.

    One last thought for Dilly & Dally. If you look closely at the so called “Grant”, no such thing, you’ll see the skim just as pure as day. The bottom line is this, the numbers don’t add up and the cost of 9 million being shoved down your throats should be considered criminal. The total cost in today’s economic woes should hold at $ 3,000,000 dollars for a 28,000 square foot building. The state “Free Grant” and the federal free grant that Cadwell and Campione did not mention, places a very nice finders fee in McKee‘s pocket & the 5 hemorrhoids called commissioners.

    I will leave you with this; take a real close look at Ruggie Wealth Management and Robert Q Williams. Those are two of Bob McKee’s accumulated wealth brokers.


  3. You are Right for sure, It’s On. Yesterday the local bird cage cover released a lying article concering the announcement of Sandy Carpenter to challege Gary Borders. The first thing they done was say Gary Borders come to Lake County with 9 years of experience as an Osceola County Deputy Sheriff. The local bird cage does not print truthful blogs or any blogs that tend to correct their lies and deceit of the public. We the people would simply like to challenge them to learn to report the truth and stop their communist/ socialst agenda of suppressing same.

    Thank You Right Side of the Lake for providing the decent people of Lake County a place to disclose the truth to others who are left at the mercy of the systems control of other local media outlets.

    Comments regarding yesterdays article in the local rag.

    A couple of things really stand out in this story. Gary Borders was a jailer in Osceola County for nine years. He worked his way up to Lieutenant and assistant jail administrator. He was never a real badge wearing, gun toting call answering Deputy Sheriff in his life, either there or here in Lake County. This man has created a history from fantasy. All he has done since 1989 is run the Lake County jail and hang out with the juveniles at the Green Isle Boys Ranch when he was a board director. He was appointed sheriff in 2006. He and his friends, the Brown’s closed the Green Isle in March 2010 because they got too much heat for covering up the rapes and sex abuse of the boys. A grown man with an affinity for hanging around young boys since he was twenty years old. Documented evidence to prove it. Go figure.
    The other issue that stands out in this story is the fact that Lieutenant John Herrell the agency spokesman is speaking to political issues on behalf of sheriff’s candidate Gary Borders. If Borders chooses to run for another term as sheriff, he can do so outside the confines of the taxpayers buildings, vehicles and employee’s as the Florida Statutes require regarding collecting political races, donations and such. He can also learn to be his own mouthpiece. The taxpayers of Lake County are not required to pay the salary of campaign workers on behalf of any political candidate.

  4. We must admit we have been wondering just how the ole hag from the out of town bankrupt rag is going to handle all this political stuff for her friend. She’s got to keep writing those save the EOC articles for McKee, Borders and the Scorpio connections for fear that Sean Parks will get enough support for halting the project now that everyone knows how Lake County controls and runs it’s building projects. At the same time she’s got those coward, lying, libelous bloggers putting the truth about her friend “the sheriff” all over the internet in places she can’t control. I saw a little something about her Ex-Husband Roger Roy that most people didn’t know she ever had that popped up in the Sumter County divorce records. Guess she slipped out of Lake County and had A. J. Rohe pull that off for her back in 2005. Who knows maybe the poor guy just didn’t want the embarassment of the public finding out he was Mr. $itchie. She has got her work cut out for her this time. The truth is coming out from all directions. Since paper and ink no longer control the information available to the public at the discretion of liberal idiots if the public remains stupid it’s only because they haven’t learned to google yet. It’s so simple just go to google dot com and type in the subject you want to get educated on. You can start with Lake County Florida and google your elected officials. You will be amazed at the education you receive free of charge.

  5. The MONEY PIT by Dilly & Dally

    EOC – Emergency Operations Center – has hit the high alert button once again.

    The promoter of the EOC is interesting and odd; The Orlando Sentinel has dedicated one of their employees and extensive resources to promote the idea of building the 9 million dollar plus building. A building clearly not needed with the current vacant amount of county owned floor space. The EOC push is for a reason and that reason begins w/ Bob McKee. The following will explain why the Orlando Sentinel has been hired by McKee but first lets fix the Sheriff’s Office and 911 call center lack of space problem; and that will be accomplished Tax Payer Style. Its basic arithmetic and common sense.

    The Sentinel’s own words.

    OrlandoSentinel,0,1211857.column Following excerpts by the Orlando Sentinel:

    The Sheriff’s office needs 911 space. Take the vacant old court house and put the Sheriff’s Office Administration in it. Take the vacated administration at 360 Ruby Street, move a few walls around called remodeling, and expand the 911 call center in its current location. If needed, there is additional area to the rear of 360 Ruby Street for additional expansion if needed, but that’s not necessary any time soon – say 10-15 years or maybe longer.

    OK, the Sheriff Office Admin and 911 has a viable and inexpensive solution to their problems. On to Bob McKee’s EOC building.

    Everybody who was in Florida from 2003-2007 can relate to hurricanes and tornados. Innocent lives were lost in the storms and that cannot be fixed, but the push for EOC buildings quickly followed pursuit as the most wanted item on every counties wish list. An item not needed by most. Coastline counties maybe, but Lake County, absolutely not!

    Look back at the last time the EOC was officially underway in full blown operation; that was on 02-02-2007. The event was the Ground Hog Day tornados 5 years ago next month. The EOC operated out of the vacant floor space of the round building at 315 West Main Street and it worked out just fine. Think about it, the EOC is a part time gig. Maybe it will be activated or maybe it won’t. Mother Nature has the answer as to when, not Bob McKee.

    A current EOC activation would place the operation exactly where it was almost 5 years ago, in the round building. It worked then and will work now.

    The Sheriff’s Admin., 911 and EOC has just been solved with little expense to the Tax Payer. As the Promoter goes, Trump says it best; You’re Fired!

    Orlando Sentinel quotes “commissioners voted months ago to build the center” the key word here is commissioners, not tax payers.
    “The county has spent more than $ 500,000.” This is in design work known as blueprints. The price tag is heavily inflated and for a reason, take a look at the previous commissioner Catherine Hanson and Welton Cadwell – they were an “item” back in the day, then look at the firm who won the county’s vote to draw the plans in 2006.

    Procurement # RSQ 06-104

    By the way, it has been confirmed that the new out of town deputy who came out of the closet last night by announcing he is running for sheriff, has been around Ms. Hanson lately. Maybe McKee and Hanson has given Carpenter a set of plans for a new sheriff’s office. Makes sense, the item has been on McKee’s desk since early 2006 with the South Tavares construction project. Then Sheriff Chris Daniels turned down Bob McKee’s plan for a new sheriff’s office and McKee then turned on Daniels. Never cross the Godfather, it is said.

    Commissioner Sean Parks company has been awarded the Fairground Relocation Project slated for the South Tavares Campus area. Interesting to see what happens with this. This was before Parks has second thoughts about the EOC and become a victim of the blogger deputy sheriff and her antics.

    Back to the EOC.

    “Take the power bill at the historic courthouse. The building has been sitting empty since 2009, when the county tax collector and property appraiser moved to a new building across Main Street from the old courthouse.”

    A Kodak moment always puts things into perspective. Bob McKee’s and Ed Havill’s view every day from inside their $ 30,000,000 project. It must be a site for sore eyes looking across the street everyday at a vacant building such as the old historic courthouse.

    “Tax Payer’s have been shelling out money to pay power bill” basically for a vacant building. The sentinel is right on this fact, it is “waste, waste, waste.” This simply shows how irresponsible all 5 commissioners really are.

    What is more wasteful; the electricity burning at night or the empty parking spots?

    “No valid reason exists to postpone this decision for five more weeks.” In the news business, that remark is referred to as “sound bite.” It is clear and convincing that the Orlando Sentinel is on the Bob McKee payroll. The except came from Lauren Ritchie with the Sentinel.

    Our favorite out of the Orlando Sentinel Paper, “ such dillydallying is unfair to the company handling the bidding process, which is taking a risk for which it wouldn’t be reimbursed if the project were halted.”

    The company is CPPI formerly PPI formerly Charles Perry Construction out of Gainesville, Florida. Previously, their were two companies. One construction management and the other a full blown construction company. They joined as one last year to form CPPI. Of course PPI has been in Lake County almost as long as Bob McKee and has built everything Lake including the School Board. Meaning, they’re not exactly hurting financially. PPI and now CPPI has a great deal of Lake County Tax Payer money. The EOC construction manager position has been given to CPPI by their good friend Bob McKee.

    Until next time, keep your eyes open and your hands on your pocket book. The EOC might just sneak up on you and steal your hard earned food stamps you Tax Payers have been living on. Times are tough and they’re going to get a lot tougher.

    Written by Dilly & Dally

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