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Representative Larry Metz Shows the World He’s Nuts

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Representative Larry Metz has now come out against children’s health by sponsoring a new bill that would remove state physical education requirements for middle school students in Florida.  Rep. Metz’s bill would allow localities and students to decide if physical education classes were needed.  In an article posted on The Huffington Post, a nationally circulated internet newspaper (Click here for Link) , Metz was quoted from an email he wrote to ABC News that stated, “Simply because an idea may have merit for some does not mean that we should use the power of government to mandate it for all.  Some physically fit and active middle school students might rather use that time in their school day to take another elective.”

Think about the nuttiness of Metz’s statement.  Is he advocating for anarchy?  The problem with government these days is all of the “ideas” that have no merit.  The man has gone nuts.

The response to Metz’s proposed bill, nationally and statewide, has been swift and stinging.  In the Mountaineer, a newspaper out of Haywood County, North Carolina (Click here for link), columnist John Taylor wrote, “Larry Metz, you have now officially become public enemy No. 1 for those who fight childhood obesity.”

Pediatricians and medical groups across the nation are decrying Metz’s proposed bill as irresponsible, noting that most states are elevating physical education requirements in an effort to lower obesity rates and assist in the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  The Mountaineer blistered Metz far worse than our group – and they don’t even know him!

Republican leaders from the state of Florida, and across the nation, are dismissing Metz’s proposal as goofy.  Last week, Governor Scott stated he thought the idea was a bad one.  Republican State Senate Leader Mike Haridopolos told The Palm Beach Post he hadn’t even heard of the bill asking, “Who said that?  Who filed that one?”  He finished by saying that bill wasn’t on his “to do” list.  It is never good to blindside your political leadership with goofy ideas.

Now, Rep. Metz has shown he’s against children’s health and physical education in addition to being against indigent healthcare for the poor, Lake County’s hospitals, and thousands of healthcare workers in Lake County.

Metz failed as a Lake County School Board member by putting the Lake County School District in a half billion dollars in debt.  Now, he’s failing as a Florida Republican Representative by proposing goofy legislation that does nothing but distract from the real economic issues of the day.

The only positive from this physical education issue is that it magnifies how out of touch Rep. Metz is with the voters and reality.  It is obvious that Rep. Metz does not have good judgment, and his proposal to eliminate the North Lake Hospital Taxing District, which provides critical funding for the poor and indigent, highlights his callous regard for others.  The negative from Metz’s proposed bill is these types of goofy ideas continue to brand Republicans as Right Wing Nuts.  Politicians like Metz will lead to four more years of liberal leadership.

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10 Responses to “Representative Larry Metz Shows the World He’s Nuts”

  1. Rest in the peace that at least you can spout off and bill the hospitals and we the taxpayers will have to pay for your services. It’s the American way. Create a controversy, call the lawyers, have them bill for any part of a minute. All the while they (like doctors) are practicing and don’t have a clue what they are doing. ie. practice

    At least in my field PHD ( pile it higher and deeper) I am required to prove that I am professionally competant and know what I’m doing. The only time you can do that is when you are on the throne.

    Have a Happy New Year! Take one Aleve every twelve hours and start your crap back early on Monday morning!

    Ed Zackery

  2. You say the anti-hospital crowd doesn’t exist, and yet there you are proving yourself wrong at every turn.

    “We the people deserve our representatives to represent our concerns within the frame work of the law.” I agree wholeheartedly. That’s why we have elections. We elect our representatives. You choose to disavow democracy by claiming the winners don’t really represent your will. On that point you are correct. They represent the will of the majority who elected them. What’s your beef? Is this anti-hospital rhetoric just a loud losers lament?

    And please don’t bring up constitutional rights to vote on the hospital district without mentioning the complete denial of any such claims by the court your anti-hospital crowd filed suit in to make an end run on honest election results.

    Your complete lack of faith in the electoral system is astounding for someone who continues to wrap himself in patriotic colors. I guess elections and the constitution and all that “stuff” all go out the window if you disagree. Interesting thoughts from a “patriot”.

    Regarding the $6 a month, I am guessing you are wrong on two facts: the average home price (today) in Lake County: not sure if you noticed but there has been a lot of downward movement in real estate values in the past couple years – creating more indigent and uninsured in our county who need the hospital tax by the way – and most homeowners have a homestead exemption on their property. Factor both of those “facts” in and the number is much closer to my $6 a month than your $12.50. I’m just saying.

    Regarding the business community’s silence on the hospital tax issue, you attribute it to the ability to “pass it along to the consumer”. That’s an interesting theory in this economy. Not sure if you have noticed, but this is a “raise prices at your peril economy.” And yet the business community doesn’t come to the NLCHD meetings demanding relief. I submit it is because they understand and appreciate the value that tax provides to the local economy, and therefore ultimately to their property values.

    Finally, I am not sure what “educated beyond their intelligence” means, but at least we are in agreement that there is no proof under heaven that would change your mind about the hospital tax: (“yes you are right I don’t believe a one of them”).

    I guess that makes me the greater fool for even discussing the matter with you.

  3. The “the anti-hospital crowd” you refer to does not exist. That is a misnomer created by you and your “minions” to label the people who are doing nothing more than demanding their rights under the Constitution of the State of Florida to vote on matters regarding special taxing districts. Pretty plain and simple. We the people deserve our representatives to represent our concerns within the frame work of the law. When the law does not afford us a remedy for addressing those concerns the law still gives us the right too pursue those concerns. What you support, taking out money for special interest private corporations with no strings attached is a socialist as ObamaCare. You can’t have your cake and eat it too!

    As for “very competent majority of the NLCHD board understand, when the tax is “X” and the indigent care dollars expended is “3 times X” there is no crisis. This very competent board you refer to for many years was controlled by Frank Gaylord and his friends in closed shop fashion. Everyone knew what was going on but 1 mil on the average $15 thousand dollar assessed home in 1973 was pennies and the hospitals were not paying their administrators and lawyers hundreds of thousands in salaries bonus and benefits either.

    As for your $6 per household remarks it don’t hold water, 1 mil equates to one dollar for every dollar of assessed value on a home or any property within the designated district. A $150,000 assessed home divided by $1000. Equals a $150. Annual tax which equals $12.50 per month tax.

    So to reach your $6 tax figure we would have to be living in $75,000 homes. Not many people are and for sure not the “minions” with their hands out for this tax money. Let me inform you of something you continue to ignore in your articles; all commercial, industrial and other zoned properties. The owners of those properties including the grocery stores, drug stores, gas stations, Romac Lumber, Lowe’s and Homo Depot all pass that cost of doing business on to their consumers. If they don’t they close the doors!

    Again! We are not Anti-Hospital. We are simply exercising our constitutional rights to have say so on where our tax dollars and going and who’s spending them for what. If you were not on the receiving end of these dollars you who probably take the same position. It’s all about whose OX is gored! And by the way, accountants don’t count. They move money and figures around according to some scheduled provided to them by some idiots somewhere that are educated beyond their intelligence and yes you are right I don’t believe a one of them.

  4. Love the “As with the Hitler minions” reference. It is reasoned arguments like that that we have become accustomed to from the anti-hospital crowd.

    With the most condescending expression I can summon, I politely decline your kind offer to produce anything in stone or otherwise to prove my assertion regarding the average $6 a month hospital tax issue. I have read your postings for the past couple of years and know that if God himself showed you his CPA license, even the one with the “forensic auditor” endorsement, you would not believe. You don’t trust audited financial statements, and seem to believe that your $6 a month tax payment entitles you to personally review every expenditure yourself. As the very competent majority of the NLCHD board understand, when the tax is “X” and the indigent care dollars expended is “3 times X” there is no crisis.

    Finally, Mr. Riker I believe your personal attack style of argument (I figure you didn’t understand the ad hominem references so I’m trying to keep things simple) has reached new lows.

    “…you have no understanding … you misstate facts, make statements that are nothing more than hyperbole and when that isn’t enough you just plain lie. … it would behoove you to utilize the psychiatric portion of it to get some mental help. … Your vitriolic attacks … defy reasonable explanation…. Your blog does nothing except stoke the fires of the ill informed … your blog provides a good laugh, … you actually believe your opinions are important. … check out the mental health provisions in you health insurance.

    All of which calls to mind excellent advice I try to live by, to wit: “do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.”

  5. Once again you’ve done it. You’ve written an article of which you have no understanding but that doesn’t even matter to you because your primary reason in writing it was to once again attack Rep Metz. As always you misstate facts, make statements that are nothing more than hyperbole and when that isn’t enough you just plain lie. I’m sure you must have good health insurance and it would behoove you to utilize the psychiatric portion of it to get some mental help. Your vitriolic attacks on Rep. Metz, by the way he is the very best public official we have in Lake county, defy reasonable explanation. Please stop claiming to be a conservative, you are not, your writing and actions give the philosophy a bad name. Your blog does nothing except stoke the fires of the ill informed as the first commenter proves by his uninformed comment. To the rest of us your blog provides a good laugh, the most humorous aspect of it is you actually believe your opinions are important. Seriously, check out the mental health provisions in you health insurance.

  6. Name says:

    All I can say about that is if he comes over here around the sheriff’s office showing something like that could be hazzardous to his health. They take that serious around here. LOL

  7. As with the Hitler minions who were told if you repeat a lie enough times everyone will eventually believe it. We challenge you to prepare a document written in stone to the statement you made HERE “a $6 a month (average) levy that directly aids the poor and uninsured” Ad MEDICALLY before “aids the poor and uninsured” and you can even round it off to $10 a month. But stipulate the money absolutely MUST go to the stated cause and CAN NOT be used to profit the non-profit private corporations and over-paid executives now receiving it.

    Have the left side of the Right People post it on this website and fix a click to see how many voters will agree to this. It’s not just the amount of the money it’s the fact that we were never afforded our rights as voters to vote on the issue and when these receiving facilities receive our free money they can gamble it away in Las Vegas if they choose to. We don’t like that of which the definition is nothing more than Corporate Welfare.

  8. Tod Howard says:

    I do believe PE is necessary but we do not need the state to tell us when and how to implement it. The same goes for our calendar. Would you believe, tourism lobbies are the ones who actually control the start date of our school calendar? All districts are not created equal and state/federal mandates hinder the ability of districts to meet the local community’s needs.

    Lets not forget we have elected school boards throughout the state. There is a concerted effort to reduce state mandates, especially unfunded, and increase local control of our schools. I can assure you, most of the elected the folks in Tallahassee are not well versed on the inner-workings or the effects their mandates have our local school districts. Local school boards are in the best position to make those decisions.

    We need to reduce government, and his repeal bill is a step in that direction. There are several other education related repeal bills that are proposed. I believe we need to support these bills even though some of the politics will be messy.

    Tod Howard, LCSB District 3

  9. Metz’s efforts have nothing to do with increasing obesityand your blog is conveniently leaving out the main reason for his efforts to make PE optional at the local level.

    What you are missing in this article is that Metz’s efforts are due to his experience on the Lake County School Board in dealing with UNFUNDED MANDATES. Unlike your un-named authors, I have attended many School District Board meetings over the last five years, and was at the meetings where unfunded mandates come up. The current law requiring physical education was implemented not long ago by the State, but they provided no funds to do so. That is an unfunded mandate. So, does the School District staff shift teacher expenses and other costs AWAY from existing classes for physical education, charge for it or raise taxes to pay for it.

    You, I and many others may agree that child obesity is BAD, and physical education classes are GOOD, but why don’t you focus on the lack of funding for this and other mandates from the State and Federal governments. Metz is doing so, and unfunded mandates is a problem area his constituents and voters have asked him to reduce. This program is just one of them. Metz isn’t killing the mandate, but just letting Districts decide to fund it or not, since the State won’t fund the newly mandated PE classes. Those that want the PE classes to fight obesity in kids should instead lobby the State Government to stop reducing funding to schools and to PAY for any mandates.

    Gee, maybe we should increase the IMPACT FEES you always complain about to pay for the PE fields needed?

  10. The problem with Representative Metz is that he hurts the conservative brand. He is what liberals have always claimed about conservatives: an uncaring miser concerned only with his own financial welfare.

    As a died in the wool conservative, I have always recognized that the seeds of our downfall lies in our absolute certainty that we are correct on the issues. Armed with that certainty we often fail to reach back and help the next guy, even though in the long run it is to our advantage.

    If we but look at the shortsightedness of the anti-hospital tax crowd we see the world in microcosm. To protest a $6 a month (average) levy that directly aids the poor and uninsured, conservatives allow themselves to be portrayed by the Metz/Bainter/Riker crowd as heartless self-centered tightwads unwilling to give the little guy even the smallest of breaks.

    (In rebuttal, insert all the blather about how much they love and care for the poor but hate the rich over-paid doctors and hospitals here…)

    Metz and his Bainter anti-hospital cohort just don’t get it. Being right on the issues will be of small comfort when we are relegated to minority party status because the political optics look so horribly wrong.

    Big picture conservatives had better start weighing in on these issues, and putting a damper on the Bainter / Metz campaign against the hospital tax. What they are pushing will be seen for the rest of us conservatives as a pyrrhic victory at best.

    With this new anti-physical education bill Rep. Metz has solidified his position as the worst politician in Lake County.

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