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The Worst!

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Larry Metz
Florida House Representative
District #25

The recipient of Citizens for Better Government’s The Worst Lake County Public Servant for 2011 is District #25 Florida House Representative Larry Metz for his continued efforts to destroy Lake County’s hospital system as political payback for election support.  Metz, former chairman of the Lake County School Board, has a history of failure in elected public service; he was one of the primary players who left the Lake County School District a half billion dollars in debt, over built, over regulated, and with unacceptable academic grades.  There is no other way to say it:  Metz has been a total failure in his political career.

The following are our reasons why we chose to recognize Rep. Metz as The Worst Lake County Public Servant for 2011.  Our points show a politician who is callous, out of touch, devoid of good judgment, and who refuses to listen to reason or facts.

  • Metz has worked tirelessly to stop the 1 mil funding from property taxes for the North Lake Hospital Taxing District, which is used to provide medical care for the indigent and poor in Lake County.  On top of this, he offers no real alternative for providing care for people who cannot pay.  Does he expect us to let people die on the sidewalks?
  • His motivation for these attacks on Lake County’s healthcare is a campaign promise he made to Marilyn Bainter’s anti-hospital group in exchange for support during his last election.
  • Metz has been shown the facts on how critical this funding is for the survivability of the hospitals, and he refuses to accept the facts and reason.  By his action, he is jeopardizing thousands of jobs in the healthcare industry and the health of thousands of poor people who have been crushed by this economic recession.  Despite being shown overwhelming evidence, Metz and the Bainter anti-hospital group and appear to be oblivious to it.
  • Metz was told by medical experts the defunding of $500 billion by Obamacare for Medicare, the dramatically shrinking state budget, and the collapse of the privately insured market because of the recession is leading hospitals into serious financial difficulties.  In fact, Governor Rick Scott announced this month a $2.1 billion cut to state Medicaid reimbursements, which, by our calculations, will cost Lake County’s healthcare industry a whopping $33.2 million dollars.  After being told all of this, Rep. Metz continued his assault on Lake County’s hospital system, and is taking actions that will severely hurt the vast majority of the people he is supposed to represent.
  • All of these cuts, especially under the Metz proposal, could devastate the Lake-Sumter Community College nursing program and along with it the future of hundreds of Lake County’s youth.  In his zeal to appease Bainter’s hard-right group, he is jeopardizing the careers of our young people.
  • Under Rep. Metz’s new hospital plan, he provides no guaranteed funding mechanism, dumps everything on the Lake County Commission, and offers no alternative for the people to keep the North Lake Hospital Taxing District as it is currently structured.  Does Metz believe there will be no more sick poor people in Lake County?  He is playing a shell game – the money will still come from the taxpayers of Lake County; however, it will cost taxpayers millions more in bureaucracy and lost matching funds because Metz wants to add more auditors and bureaucrats.
  • If Rep. Metz’s plan, Governor Scott’s budget, and Obamacare are enacted, the only hospital business model that will work will be a high production, “stack ’em high and selling cheap” model, which means the large hospitals in Orange County will be used as a 24/7 provider of major services.  Hospitals in Lake County will be relegated to large medical clinics, which will take care of minor problems.  Major services, traumas, and surgeries will be done in Orange County.

The real reason why Rep. Metz has earned the dishonor of The Worst Lake County Public Servant for 2011 is that he was elected to represent all of the people and not just some political, hard-right group, whose members are angling for jobs or special favors.  Metz has forgotten he represents the working poor who cannot get health insurance; the indigent, who have no means for basic health services; the nurses, doctors, and medical workers, who depend on their healthcare jobs to feed their families; and the majority of people, who believe government must provide a safety healthcare net for the poor and indigent.  Frankly, we’ve never seen any local political figure go against the will of so many people just to appease a dissident minority.

Then there is the political equation:  For real, common sense conservatives, who seek a better county and country, issues like the North Lake Hospital Taxing District will be used to usher in four more years of liberal leadership in the White House.  What Metz and his allies don’t get is that conservatives, independents, and Republicans are just as concerned about losing their healthcare and know full well they could be among the indigent.  This issue is pushing them straight into the comforting arms of President Obama and the Democrat party.

On a final note, our group and most of our subscribers are common sense conservatives, who support pro-economic policies that lead to greater business activity and jobs.  Most in our group understand that a strong local economy requires a superior healthcare system, and because of the North Lake Hospital Taxing District, Lake County has one of the best healthcare systems for an area of this size.

Rep. Metz should understand this is a conservative group calling him The Worst Lake County Public Servant for 2011, not a union, the Democrat Party, and certainly not Move-on-Dot-Org – Rep. – Metz has let down the people of Lake County.

On a positive note, next week we will announce Citizens for Better Government’s The Best Lake County Public Servant for 2011, and this year the decision is a little more difficult.  Other than Metz, Lake County has some great public servants who are doing everything they can to fire up the local economy and secure jobs.

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7 Responses to “The Worst!”

  1. If you say he is the worst, then he is no doubt the best. But I already knew that no better representative exists in the whole county at any level. He is truly a man of the people amongst many pretenders. His fight against the unconstitutional hospital district tax is proof positive of that. Here is hoping that he is successful sooner rather than later. One buffoon who has personal stakes in this issue will not be able to stop him or even slow him down. He has thousands on his side and his easy reelection next year if he even gets an opponent will be the best sign of that. With few obviously bad politicians in the county anymore after the 2010 elections, this tax has become our Lukashenko–or Mugabe–or Assad Jr.–or the new fatty in North Korea. Yes, they must go but so must this tax and just as urgently.

  2. Enough is Enough………
    I worked for Larry Metz while employed at the Lake County School Board as a Risk Manger.
    I was interviewed by this Rag of a Web-site when I ran for County Commissioner against Leslie which I knew from the start that I had NO chance. She is a first class lady and I only wish we had four more like her to shake things up in this County.

    Now I see why you took everything out of context about then former Chairman of the School Board Larry Metz. YOu have a personal agenda against him for some reason and you use others to attack Larry Metz.

    He is by far the most honest and caring politician I have ever known, if he did not help me in trying to save millions of tax payer dollars it would have never happened for this school district.

    Yes he saved millions of dollars but you will not give him one ounce of credit instead you used me in slamming him and now I can see the hatred you have for him.

    He did not cause this school board to have huge building debts, he is just one of five school board members and if you recall the people who were leading this building charge was Jimmy Conner and Scott Strong with PPI getting alot of the building business.

    Larry Metz is doing all the right things representing you the taxpayer..you the taxpayer should be able to decide how your tax dollars are being spent in Lake County, when you have NO accountability of millions of tax dollars then it is time for the tax payer to decide.

    Mr. Metz keep doing what your doing except don’t outlaw P.E. in the Middle Schools it will have long term effects on our children.

  3. The attack on Larry Mets is not accurate and distorted. The question is not shall we let the poor die at the door of the hospitals? The question is should the hospitals get over ten million tax dollars and not have to account for how these dollars were spent.
    At the last hearing Senator Shay seemed to think that the cost of auditing the tax dollars was an unneeded expense. Does he mean that all auditing of government spending is not needed? Is a financial report that says “Trust me, we did good” enough?
    At one hearing there was a long line of hospital employees who spoke about how much the hospital needed the money. However, there was only one speaker who told how much his family needed help.
    I just noticed the visceral comments to the right of the screen. Is this what passes for reasoned dialogue in Lake County?

  4. Dad Gum Little Richard! If the ole Hag from the Rag hadn’t written that for you I’d see if we could get her to get your ISPee address and stop your blogging. But remember Sean Parks had his nose right up her buddy the sheriff’s butt and she casterated him. She’s a lot late to do that too you they done fell off.

    An before you come back with your BS. no one paid me one dime to type that; I done it a as public service to people who can walk and chew gum at the same time.

  5. Lets review class.

    This is what might have passed as acceptable political discourse if not for the wise voters of the North Lake County Hospital District in the last election.

    “junior blogger… terminally ignorant … self absorbed and self serving … exaggerated estimation of his own importance…. light fantasy reading … the same ignorant ilk as he …the writer not understanding an issue due to his lack of intellectual acumen….”

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But the fourth grade name calling is the sign of a woefully deficient education. No wonder we disagree on almost everything.

    For the record I think Metz, if he is successful, will be the cause of great misery and suffering in Lake County. I couldn’t agree more on the recognition he is getting. There is an old saying, “tell me with whom you are walking and I’ll tell you who you are…”

    If you are on the fence or otherwise undecided about Representative Metz, just re read the screeds Mr. Riker posts on this site.

  6. When I consider why I still read this junior blogger I arrive at one conclusion, that’s because it affords an opportunity to voyage into the world of the terminally ignorant, self absorbed and self serving as it relates to the writer of this blog who harbors an exaggerated estimation of his own importance. This combined with the unintended humor he provides is worth a few minutes of light fantasy reading. If all this were not enough he continually adds dashes of hyperbole, what more could a reader want?

    The writer spares no words when, in this blog, he gives the readers an early Christmas present of hyperbole gems:
    1.-Destroy Lake County’s hospital system
    2.-Anti-hospital group
    3.-The facts on how critical this funding is for the survivability of the hospitals,
    4.-All of these cuts could devastate the Lake-Sumter Community College nursing program
    and along with it the future of hundreds of Lake County’s youth.
    5..Hospitals in Lake County will be relegated to large medical clinics.
    6.-All the lakes in Lake county will dry up and the land become fallow.(No I made that one
    up, just kidding)
    Don’t let the humorous aspect of his hyperbole fool you. He actually thinks people are the same ignorant ilk as he and they take his exaggerations seriously. Now there’s a real laugh.

    This article is just another example, and there have been quite a few in the recent past, of the writer not understanding an issue due to his lack of intellectual acumen. He really should stop writing or at least get his facts straight. People can have differences of opinions and when they do they discuss them civilly but a difference of opinion only brings out the venomous streak in this writer. If he tried a little self introspection he might find, as we all know, he and his views are really no where as important as he thinks.

  7. Name says:

    Seems I remember some blogger wanting you folks to run an honest politician contest for Lake County. Guess you couldn’t find just one to qualify. Sad that the taxpayers have this level of corruption right under their noses and no one to come to their rescue. When will it end? Just like buzzards on road kill. All the corruption will cease to exist when all the money and possibility of obtaining more money is gone and ot before.

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