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Metz Makes Public Hearing a Sham

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District 25 Florida House Representative Larry Metz is making a sham of the Wednesday, November 9, 2011, public hearing on the North Lake Hospital District by trying to ramrod his bill – and direction for the hospital district – without the input or consideration of his fellow representatives, or the people of Lake County.  This is another prime example of Lake County politics where the fix is in.

Our group obtained a copy of the Agenda for the Florida Commission on Review of Taxpayer Funded Hospital Districts (click to view), and on Monday, November 7, 2011, Representative Metz is scheduled from 10:15-11:00 a.m. to present his proposed legislation regarding the North Lake County Hospital District.  What?  Isn’t the point of holding Wednesday’s public hearing to get input from the citizens of Lake County to find out the best course of action?

According to sources familiar with the North Lake Hospital Taxing District minutes and members, Representative Metz has not talked to the board members about his proposed legislative plan, nor has he ever addressed their concerns; rather, it appears his sole source of information is Marilyn Bainter, who lost her court battle to stop funding for the poor and indigent.  According to our sources, Representative Metz is so motivated to strip funding from the poor and indigent in the North Lake Hospital District that he has been aggressively lobbying other members of the Lake County Legislative Delegation behind the scenes.  There’s no other way to put it – Representative Metz is trying to put the fix in.

What about the other members of the Legislative Delegation?  How does it make them look having Representative Metz presenting his plan to Governor Scott’s commission before they have had a chance to voice their opinion or hear from their constituents?  It appears Senator Alan Hays and Senator Paula Dockery along with the other House Members are following orders from Representative Metz and Marilyn Bainter.

This is disappointing to say the least.  In his zeal to win an issue, Representative Metz has made a mockery of the public hearing on Wednesday, November 9, 2011. He has made the entire Lake County Legislative Delegation look as if the people’s voices don’t matter, and this entire process is just a sham.

There is no way to know if the other members of the Lake County Legislative Delegation support Representative Metz and his bill presentation at Monday’s meeting of the Florida Commission on Review of Taxpayer Funded Hospital Districts.  We hope not.  In the past, we have found Senator Hays and Representative Marlene O’Toole as honest brokers who would not endorse a controversial issue until all the facts have been vetted at a public hearing.

We would like to know which members of the Lake County Legislative Delegation have endorsed Representative Metz’s meeting with the Florida Commission on Monday, and those members who have already made their minds up on the North Lake Hospital District, so that good people are not wasting their time on yet another sham public hearing.  There is no other way to cut it: This is wrong!

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17 Responses to “Metz Makes Public Hearing a Sham”

  1. We kind of feel sorry for this Mississippi’s Mud Man Don Macgregor fellow. Just like Tea Parties and other things that are started by well meaning folks we are sure he didn’t realize the depth of the Lake County connections his boss man Robuck has had for years in the community.

    After all RSOL was started to help get rid of over restricting government bureaucratic regulations and has succumbed to the internal corruption and corruption of old Lake County!
    Kind of a sad scenario of the old “between a rock and a hard place” adage! The man has not been here longer enough to know about the old skeletons and connections.

    For instance Don Macgruder probably does not even know that in September 1984 at 131 West main Street, Tavares, Fl. there was a law firm called Cauthen, Robuck and Hennings,
    P. A. – members of that firm included; David E. Cauthen, H. D. Robuck, Jr., Richard W. Hennings, Mark J. Hill ,(now circuit judge) Carla R. Pepperman, and Clayton H. Blanchard, Jr.
    Yep! These old friendships and connections run deep- a good old really conservative feller from Mississippi must be wondering deep down just why it is he’s not representing the people of the North Lake County Hospital district amd fighting their right to vote on this tax issue and instead is representing a bunch of overpaid hospital executives and funding a bunch of lawyers to stop the people from voting on an illegal tax! WHY DOES IT SEEM NO LAWS PERTAIN TO LAKE COUNTY – AND NO PUBLIC OFFICIALS IN LAKE COUNTY ARE EVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR OBVIOUS ENGAGEMENTS IN CORRUPTION?

    The actions of this blog are – Anti-conservative actions to say the least! MISPRISION of a crime against the people maybe! Contempt of the people absolutely! In all actions government, the people are coming! Even the present administration in Washington recognizes the right of the people to engage in the massive corruption that has overtaken our society!


    The Fourteenth amendment was adopted on July 9, 1868 – Its Due Process Clause prohibits state and local governments from depriving persons of life, liberty, or property without certain steps being taken to ensure fairness. This clause has been used to make most of the Bill of Rights applicable to the states, as well as to recognize substantive and procedural rights.
    Its Equal Protection Clause requires each state to provide equal protection under the law to all people within its jurisdiction. This clause was the basis for Brown v. Board of Education (1954), the Supreme Court decision which precipitated the dismantling of racial segregation in the United States. In Reed v. Reed (1971), the Supreme Court for the first time ruled that laws arbitrarily requiring sex discrimination violated the Equal Protection Clause.

  2. This North Lake Special Hospital Tax District Board is nothing more than a sham to cover up lack of need Waterman and LRMC have for our tax dollars. If this were not so serious an issue I would have laughed my head off at the special semi-secret board meeting last week, semi-secret because the two board members opposing the tax weren’t informed about it until the last minute. The men on the board, did I say men?, the male members of the board while discussing how to water down Representative Metzs’ bill flashed winks toward the hospital representative in obvious anticipation of a hearty “well done”. I was ready to see them run to the hospital representatives, which included CEOs of both hospitals and give them nudges and high fives every time they said something they thought was clever. These male members, some of whom have long records of serving the hospitals,never the tax payer, all discussed ideas that someone else wrote for them, they went so far as to practically finishing each others sentences. But no matter, this meeting confirmed one thing even the hospitals and the board are conceding, that new legislation needs to be enacted and that legislation is that proposed by Representative Metz.

  3. admin says:

    Unfortunately you are wrong again. Only one comment in the last 30 days has been rejected and for that person we had posted a comment earlier being critical of this site.

  4. What’s the matter RSOL, I know of at least 10 people who commented negatively on your article the last couple of days and you haven’t printed the comments yet. Are you beginning to fold under the weight of the people?

  5. Name says:

    How many ways can we say pay off. This hospital board is a joke, they all are in bed with the hospitals and their lawyers. Larry Metz is some one that is willing to put himself out there to help the people of Lake County. Only the ignorant can not see that, Stop paying the hospital executives more than they are worth. If the Lawyers and execs are so concerned then let them foot this self serving bill and leave the tax payers alone. Open your eyes people and don’t let these so called men take money that doe’s not belong to them. Fight for your right to vote on this bill, don’t let them steal our money. Larry Metz is trying to help all of us, it is time we give him all our support

  6. Chicken says:

    Hoax blog!!!

    Post the truth i previously wrote about the owner of this blog in reference to his garbage connection,Minkoff connection, Duncan defense and his old law firm connection!!!!

    Must be hiding something, Like the TRUTH!!! There wasn’t any vulgar language. You are just scared people might find out the true about the people behind this site.

  7. I feel that before people make any comments they should know what they are talking about, It seems to me that no one with any common sense has read Larry Metz’s bill. This bill will save our community alot of money and the Hospital will have to work in their budget like the rest of us, meaning not spending our money on whatever they want. Perhaps the Hospital should cut back on executive pay and put that money to good use.

  8. Don’t worry about State Rep Larry Metz, what we want to hear is State Senator foot in mouth Ala Hays! We want to hear what his take is on these here “hospital speaking people.” We want to find out if he thinks maybe some of these hospital speaking people are illegal!

    He seems to recognize those “illegal hispanic speaking people” maybe if he squints his eyes good enough he was be able to find all these “illegal hospital speaking people.”

    He shouldn’t have much trouble identifying them a few are dark suited hospital CEO’s and the rest, the majority of them, is their lawyers they have been paying to fight the taxpayers rights to vote on whether or not they taxpayers have the right to vote on this issue!

    Dad gum it, I’m getting a mygracious headache just wondering why it is we elect people to tell us what we can and what we can’t do! In days of old they use to call them law makers; today the best name to call them is law breakers! Not only that, most of them are deaf and dumb, they can’t hear the taxpayers and never in the history of the US of A has the taxpayers and voters ever screamed this loud!

  9. Name says:

    I get it.

    We are such rubes here in Lake County. Who are we going to believe, our common sense, or the quick to respond Bainter faction?

    Fact: There is a Legislative Delegation public forum to gather all points of view regarding the Hospital Districts on Wednesday in Tavares.

    Fact. Rep Metz is delivering his opinion about the Hospital District at a state commission hearing in Tallahassee on Monday.

    In common sense parlance, this is what is known as having the cart before the horse.

    After he delivers his opinion to the state commission the rest of us are supposed to suspend our common sense and believe that the legislative delegation meeting is something other than a sham. That it is an opportunity to get the input that will give our elected representatives the information that will inform their opinions and help shape their understandings.

    On what planet does thinking like that make sense?

    By the way, as I understand it, Mr. Metz is going to offer his expert analysis of the Hospital District without ever having attended a meeting of that district, nor ever having talked to anyone on that district board except Marilyn Bainter.

    Now everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if Mr. Metz chooses to proudly broadcast an uninformed opinion, that is certainly his right.

    But lets call a spade a spade. A meeting to take public input is a sham if it occurs after the lessons that are supposed to be learned have already delivered to Tallahassee.

    Finally, there is something basically undemocratic about Mr. Metz’s approach to problem solving. He doesn’t trust the voters, and so wants to substitute his opinions – biased as they are – for the opinions of the electorate.

    News flash Mr. Metz and all of the Bainter acolytes who have posted hereon: elections are supposed to have consequences. Last election three people ran on a platform of killing the hospital district and two out of those three lost. Rather than accepting the will of the people Metz denigrates the voters, saying in effect they didn’t know what they were doing and he knows best.

    The democratic response to the defeat of anti-tax district candidates would be to mount a more vigorous campaign next November, not side step the voters and seek to remove the democratically elected board members through back room deals in Tallahassee.

    Sham Meetings? You betcha.

    Shame on Representative Metz and his anti-democratic followers.

  10. Name says:

    If the new Bill passes, how much of the taxpayer money that is now used to help the indigents of this county going to be used to “enforce” the new Bill? And, I wonder how much money it cost taxpayers for the tax district to defend against Bainter’s lawsuit. More legislation, more bureaucracy – guess who pays?

  11. If the lawyer-owner of the Right Side of the Lake and RoMac Lumber Company wasn’t in bed with the hospital Ceo’s and lawyers you could issue a statement of We’re not taking sides on this illegal hospital tax issue like the Useless Chamber of Commerce Did after they were caught red handed siding with Ken Mattison! Difference is we can band together and put the Useless Chamber of lack of Commerce out of business! They don’t want that necause they have just bought the old Wells Fargo building from Dr. Eikler and they want us to help pay for it!

    Dear Members and Friends:

    We have received some responses with regards to the North Lake County Hospital District email blast that was sent from our office this morning and we would like to clarify our non-position on this issue.

    The chamber is not taking a stand on this issue. We are simply fulfilling a member’s request to send out information. The other side of this issue will be sent out on Monday. By consistently applying chamber policies to all members, we are able to keep our members informed and connected to the issues. During this year we have made a concerted effort to keep you informed on what, when and where topics are being discussed and what is at stake.

    If you as members do not want to receive this type of information from us we need to know. If you, as a member, have any suggestions, send us your thoughts and they will be brought to the Board of Directors for discussion and action.

    We appreciate your membership and value your thoughts and we are especially pleased that you are reading the information we distribute.

    Useless Chamber of Commerce

  12. Name says:

    Oh stop, RSOTL. Your arguments supporting this tax have always been without fact and now you are sounding very whiny, nobody listening and all.

    So, one meeting is two days before the other, so what. More importantly though, think about it, why is it that the Governor created a Florida Commission on Review of Taxpayer Funded Hospital Districts in the first place?

    Something going on in Taxpayer Funded Hospital Districts the Governor wants investigated?

    I’m just saying it appears our “Jr?” Legislator has courage and conviction to work from beginning to end, whatever it takes, to get to good government reform. I guess he has to attend the Commission meeting two days before the workshop because that is how they were scheduled and that is how he believes he will get to good government reform.

    Don’t know, maybe “a little more then mediocre” time is up . . . maybe we cannot afford mediocre . . . maybe we’re tired of waiting on “mediocre” to catch up. Don’t know, think about it.

  13. When you read this blog you need not wonder why the RSOL is known as a sophomoric junior blog. Again, as so many times in the past, the facts that are presented are not facts at all but fantasies created by the writer to support his prejudicial point of view. His fantasies do a real disservice to the indigents of this county who will finally receive the help they need when this bill is passed. It seems the RSOL is more interested in siding with and supporting the the Tax Exempt Public Corporations, that’s the hospitals, than the taxpayers and the indigent people of this county who need the help. It’s really easy to kick someone when they’re down and that’s what the RSOL is doing to the people who need the medical care. The RSOLs crass portrayal of Representative Metz and his bill, which will guarantee that tax dollars go for indigent treatment, not to egregiously huge salaries, shows the RSOL is just another puppet controlled by LRMC and Waterman.

  14. Name says:

    Wake up tax payers! You are paying a few private tax-exempt corporations (hospitals) to provide “continued hospital services” – not necessarily “indigent care”. In exchange for their tax exempt status, they are to obsorb indigent care costs – that’s the deal! Instead, they want you to believe if this “corporate welfare” is taken from them the indigent in Lake County will be left without care. That is simply not true! Show up at the public hearing (November 9th, 5:30 p.m., Lake County BCC Chambers, Tavares) if you want an education on this issue!

  15. The only thing Alan hays is waiting on is his last foot in mouth incident to blow over! First it was the gays, now it those hispanic speaking people, next it will be those poor sick folks that can’t afford hospital insurance. One ithing it will never be is anything to do against the North Lake County hospital tax. Florida Hospital’s Tallahassee vote buyers has already give him $1000. for his support! He comes cheap, PPI bought him for $2000. and they stole that much in one hour from the Lake taxpayers!

  16. Name says:

    I have spoken to Senator Hays and his reply to your comment regarding his participation in this issue is that he is “in no way committed to support Rep. Metz proposal”. He is waiting to hear the testimony from all sides at the upcoming meeting on Wednesday before making up his mind.

  17. Name says:

    The fix is definitely in and it appears to me it is the Right Side of The Lake taking the fix. All along the RSOTL has held the hospital banner on the hospitals providing indigent care. In fact, the legislation as it currently stands has nothing to do with indigent care.

    When a bill is being considered that will correct that malady all we hear from the RSOTL is a cry of foul. It is empirically clear that the RSOTL is in favor of private tax exempt corporations being subsidized by property taxes than they are indigent care. Why is that?

    Why do we not hear from the RSOTL about exorbitant compensation to executives at the hospitals, particularly Waterman, being subsidized by property taxes? Who backs the RSOTL and what is their connection to the hospitals? The old adage of follow the money still holds true.

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