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The Whiskey Speech

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Today’s The Right Side of the Lake is both a written e-newsletter and on-line production to remind voters how most politicians will say or do anything to get your vote.  In 2012, voters cannot afford to be duped again into casting votes for those who have masked their liberal agendas in an effort to gain power.

The current debate of raising the nation’s debt ceiling amount parallels the demagoguery of legalizing whiskey in the early 1950’s – politicians never change.

The text for our video and audio production is below, and by clicking on the link below you can listen to our presentation of The Whiskey Speech, which demonstrates the two faced nature of most politicians.  This is something new we are trying and we hope you enjoy it.  If you like our presentation, please pass it along to everyone on your email list.


Here is the link to view the video directly on youtube:

In 1952, on the floor of the Mississippi State Legislature, Representative Noah “Soggy” Sweat, Jr. of Alcorn County gave one of the greatest political double-talk speeches of all time on the controversial topic of legalizing alcohol.  This one speech ushered in the modern era of political spin, and it serves as a real example that voters must listen close to all those running for political office.  The speech takes both sides of the alcohol issue without compromising either.

“The Whiskey Speech” by Representative Soggy Sweat was about legalizing alcohol in Mississippi, but these words could easily be given today on a variety of issues from cutting budgets, entitlements, to taxes.  Voting is a right, but being informed is a duty.  This message is from Citizens for Better Government, L.L.C. of Lake County, Florida.  Check us out on the web at

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7 Responses to “The Whiskey Speech”

  1. Hypocrite Valley is located in Downtown Tavares

    The great Welton Gwinn Cadwell aka Cadwell’s House of FREE cribs and one of Lake Counties all time criminals rolls off his Beyers high horse and bellows the boldness of a true convict. When addressing the criminal Gary Borders budget, Cadwell quotes:

    “We have cut all the fat…We are cutting bones now and we still have a budget short fall.”

    Stop the press and all available resources report to CONVICT ROW….

    A definition of cutting the fat as quoted from the Lake County edition of Webster’s dictionary.

    New Courthouse

    1. See the bonds issued and follow the trail – Bondster himself Robert Kenneth McKee

    2. See PPI Construction and triple dipped invoices

    3. See Minkoff for the “cut” and the division factor on the take.

    New Emergency Operation Center

    1. It’s underway with a just spoken budget shortfall

    2. Look closely at the verbage of the proposal and the gray area aka opportunity for increase

    3. See PPI Construction again and the envelope attached to their proposal

    4. Expect the same cut by Lake officials greasing this monster along

    5. Take a real close look at the EOC Director…oh boy….

    Just these two items alone total more than 60 million dollars at last count. Write this in stone, the finish products will be more than 85 million. Just wait and see.

    Miss Lake County “HOT TUB for men only” herself “Jen” Hill weighs in on and supports the sheriffs budget. Talk about telling on yourself…and your husband the judge…..I would suspect that the sheriff has some leverage on this dynamic duo. But again, when you party with the hood, your in for life.

    Look at me Jimmy the “Wonder Boy” Conner weighs in, “we will have to raise taxes”

    Now Jimmy stepped on the barb wire and trespassed into the BOCC from the school board. Along with him came a few buddies who have supported his pockets for years. Odd Howard, call the forensic auditor and you’ll find the missing dough.

    Sean “Kid Parks” has completed his initiation by joining the team. He’s in. More on that later and a complete surprise.

    Leslie “McKee & Me” Campione – we are a bit surprised again but a lot of money is on the table at 315 West Main. Looking back, it really makes one want to snoop a bit in the Shamrock financial file. There is always a trail if you know what your looking for.

    Onward to the himher of the hour. Borders rattles his command and stirs the pot. When speaking of his uncut budget…

    “Do you want us to be reactive or proactive?”

    Either one would be an improvement. Nevertheless, just place yourself under arrest and we’ll call it the day. Nothing worse than a corrupt law enforcement agency. It is the bottom of the barrel. Where does one start with Borders and just about 90 % of his top command. This convict needs to go on his way….. to prison. Yesterday is not soon enough. Make sure Belton goes along as well. Then Dave’s can move from the end of the “Row” to where Belton is now. Better yet, let’s bring Beef O Brady’s back into town and set them up in that spot. A Minkoff refund will be the first order. Barbara can be the chef that cooks up the meal straight from Wachovia’s vault.

    6 and FOX, stay on the door step of Downtown Tavares. Its all right there. You have no competition with channel 9 – they are bought and paid for in Lake County!

    Row Patrol

  2. Name says:

    Kinda like “heads I win, tails you lose.”

  3. Injun say white man speak with forked tongue! The New Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines lying politician and says see Bob McKee for illustration!


    Lake County government admits to a $16 Million budget shortfall! Lake citizens see waste in almost all functions of their government! Within the last two years Lake Taxpayers invested $9 Million in new offices alone for Bob McKee and Ed Havill, Tax collector and Property Appraiser respectively! These offices are located in the south end of the parking garage block! The physical address is 320 West main Street, Tavares, Fl 32778

    For some years now the county has leased Tax Collector, Bob McKee a location at 15733 Dora Av. Tavares, Fl. This office is in a hidden location behind the Sonny’s BBQ on 441 in Eustis! Not that it matters but the owner is one Jack Prickett who is also the owner of the Leased offices of the Lake County Public Works at 437 Ardice Avenue in Eustis.

    The travel time from 15733 Dora Av. Tavares to 320 West Main St Tavares is 2.85 miles and takes seven minutes! The Tax Collector certainly has no argument about the availability of parking for his consumers at his main office! If he argues his office is too small he should have taken that into consideration when they spend the $9 Million!

    Most all facets of Lake County government waste money and cut deals with their friends and relatives just to keep their cash flowing! At the end of the day it is the five people on the Lake County Commission that is totally responsible for all county government spending! It is they who set the budgets for constitutional officers as well as providing capital improvements for same!
    On one hand they promised the sheriff the historical courthouse, all but the first floor! The sheriff doesn’t need this space at all! Then they vote to build an outrageously priced emergency operations center that they have wanted to build since 2005! If the people don’t come forth and stop them PPI will build the over priced building over budget and once again without any bids! When the emergency operations center is opened the county 911 system will be in there, freeing up an entire floor of the present sheriffs building on Ruby Street! Don’t forget when that monstrosity of a judicial center addition is completed the clerks recording will be moving back into the judicial center and the present recording location on Main Street will be vacate! Oh! I almost forgot. Lake County promised to give that building to the City of Tavares for demolition so the big shots at city hall can see Lake Dora and their Seaplane Enterprise!
    We the financiers, taxpayers, shareholders and voters are the no longer so proud owners of this government gone wild. Since most of the people don’t have the intestinal fortitude to fire the abusers our only solution and process to the inevitable , is to simply let them keep spending and spending us into bankruptcy! When the money is gone, just like the rats in the empty corncrib, these rats will be gone too! A painful solution to a problem no segment of our society has the strength to face!

  5. Name says:

    Uh, oh, Jimmy is going to be mad at you.

  6. Name says:

    that video should be shown every time flip-flop jimmy speaks.

  7. Kind of like when a politician rails against the evils of raising the debt ceiling while serving in the United States Senate and then, after becoming President, focuses all of his efforts on raising the debt ceiling to heights never before contemplated in this great nation. Is that the type of double speak that you are referring to?

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